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Pigot & Co South Wales 1830

The information  below relating to  Pembroke, Pembroke Dock (or Pater) and Neighbourhoods was extracted  by Pat Powell from the S.O.G  fiche and verified to the CD of the same title published by Archive CD Books.


Pembroke is a market and borough town, in the hundred of Castle-Martin, and county of its name; 253 miles from London, and 10 from Haverfordwest; advantageously situated on a creek of the harbour of Milford Haven, navigable for vessels of 200 tons burthen up to the town. Although Pembroke appears to be the capital of the county from giving to the latter its name, yet the assizes are not held here but at Haverfordwest. The municipal government of this ancient borough is vested in a mayor and bailiffs, assisted by a common council, in number unlimited: it returns one member to parliament in conjunction with Tenby and Wiston, the right of voting being with the mayors, bailiffs and burgesses of the three boroughs; the present Representative is Hugh Owen Owen, Esq. only son of Sir Jno. Owen, Bart., Lord Lieutenant, and member for this county.

The main consequence of this town is derived from the contiguity of Pembroke Dock, or Pater, where is one of the finest dock-yards in the kingdom, and where some of the largest ships in the navy have been built and are still building, and the Prince William, intended to carry 120 guns, is now nearly ready for launching; upwards of 500 workmen and artificers are constantly employed in the yard, besides officers, etc.

The post office steam-packet establishment will be removed hither from Milford Haven, as soon as the new pier, now erecting here, is completed. There is also a large fort building here; and it is in contemplation to form military barracks on the hills, immediately over the dock-yard.

A large market-place, likewise, has been enclosed; and the several alterations, buildings and improvements, at this place, are of a magnitude to indicate that Pembroke Dock will, in a short time, be a maritime station and arsenal of first-rate importance.

Among the inhabitants of Pembroke and Dock are several respectable merchants, who have a trade with Ireland, Newfoundland, the ports of Cornwall, and others in the British channel. Here are many well-furnished shops, and some good Inns; amongst the latter, the "Angel" may be considered the principal.

Pembroke has three parish churches, respectively dedicated to St. Mary, St Nicholas, and St Michael; besides several meeting-houses, both here and at Dock, for different sects of dissenters. The livings of the several parishes are united, and is a vicarage, in the gift of Sir John Owen, Bart.; and the incumbent is the Rev. Charles Phillips, B.D., Canon and treasurer of St. David's.

The vicinity of Pembroke boasts many interesting ruins of castles: and the general appearance of the country around is highly picturesque - the surface varied by gentle hills and valleys, well tilled and well watered. The market days are Wednesday and Saturday; and the annual fairs are held in May and September, chiefly for cattle. The population of the three parishes, according to the parliamentary returns for 1821, consisted of 4,925 inhabitants.


POST OFFICE, Pembroke, Charles Perry, Post Master - Letters from all parts arrive every morning at seven, and are despatched every evening at six.


  • Adams John, esq. Lydstep house
  • Adams Jno. Phillipps, esq. Pembroke
  • Adams Major-Genrl. Alex. Holyland
  • Allen James, esq. Freestone Hall
  • Allen Miss Elizabeth, Pembroke
  • Bowen William, esq. Milton House
  • Bowling George, esq. Pembroke
  • Bowling John, esq. Bulliber
  • Bowling Nicholas, esq. Bulliber
  • Byers Rev. Jas. Broft, Northdown
  • Cambell Mrs Matthew, Pembroke
  • Cawdor the Right Honourable Earl, Stackpole Court
  • Chace Mrs Charlotte, Pembroke
  • Cocker Mrs, Pembroke
  • Cumming Mrs Mary, Pembroke
  • Davies Mrs Ann, Pembroke
  • Evans William, esq. Upton castle
  • Godench Lieut. Fras. R.N. Pembroke
  • Henderson William, esq. Bangeston
  • Hodges Mrs Mary, Pembroke
  • Holcombe Rev. James R. Cosheston
  • Holcombe Rev. John, Cosheston
  • Humphreys Rev. John H. Lawrenny
  • Humphreys the Misses, Pembroke
  • Jones Mrs Mary, Pembroke
  • Jones Rev. David, Castle Martin
  • Jones, Rev. John, Bosheston
  • Kemm the Misses, Pembroke
  • Lascelles Lieut. Colonel, Pembroke
  • Leach Abraham, esq. Corston
  • Leach Augustus, esq. Underdown
  • Leach John, esq. Pembroke
  • Leach Rev. Francis, St Petrox
  • Leach Rev. Octavius, Corston
  • Lloyd Captain George, R.N. Walker's cottage
  • Lloyd Lieut. Vaughan, R.N. Pembroke
  • Lloyd Mrs. Corbetta, Pembroke
  • Lloyd Rev. James, Pwllcrochan
  • Lock George, gent. Lamphey
  • Mathias Chas. Esq. Lamphey Court
  • Meyrick Thomas, esq. Bush
  • Mirehouse John, esq. Brownslade
  • Morgan Miss, Pembroke
  • Morgan Mrs. Colonel, Pembroke
  • Nangle Rev. Thos. D. Rhoscrowther
  • Owen Hugh, esq. M.P. Orielton
  • Owen Rev. Thomas, Hodgeston
  • Owen Sir John, bart. M.P. Lord Lieutenant of the county, Orielton
  • Parry William, esq. Portelew
  • Parry Wm. Edwards, esq. Portelew
  • Philipps Rev. Charles, Pembroke
  • Phillips John L. esq. Crickmarren
  • Philp Henry, esq. Alliston
  • Reese Rev. -, Carew
  • Roch Mark, esq. Snailson
  • Russell Mrs. Jane, Pembroke
  • Saunders Revnd. Samuel Walker
  • Thomas James, esq. Lamphey park
  • Thomas Miss Mary, Pembroke
  • Thomas Thomas, gent. Pembroke
  • Tucker Charles, gent. Pembroke
  • Vaughan Rev. Thomas, Pembroke
  • Wilson Lieut. Harry R.N. Golden hill
  • Woods the Misses, Pembroke


  • Burt Mary Ann (ladies' boarding & day) Pembroke
  • Free Grammar School, Pembroke- Rev. Thomas Owen, master
  • Giddy Richard, Dock
  • Isaac James, Dock
  • Miller George, Pembroke
  • National School, Lamphey - William Griffiths, master;
  • Margaret Griffiths, mistress
  • National, Pembroke - Peter John, master;
  • Amelia Figg, mistress;
  • Pykes Eliz. (boarding) Pembroke
  • Saunders Revnd. Samuel Walker (gent's boarding) Pembroke


  • Edwards David (marine insurance) at the Bank
  • Marshall Jno. (genrl. & commission) Pembroke
  • Perry Arthur (estate) Pembroke
  • Robertson William (and merchant) Pembroke, & at Milford Haven


  • Bowling George, jun. Pembroke
  • Callen Charles Poyer, Pembroke
  • Lock William, Pembroke
  • Mirehouse Jno. (barrister) Brownslade
  • Paynter William Evans (town clerk.
  • Treasurer of the corporation, and clerk to the magistrates) Pembroke
  • Perry Arthur, Pembroke


  • Caulfield Patrick, Pembroke
  • Fender William, Pembroke
  • Marshall John, Pembroke


  • Chance Richard, Pembroke
  • Davies George H. Dock
  • Hall William, Pembroke
  • Harris John, Pembroke
  • Jones Lydia, Pembroke
  • Rossiter Martha, Pembroke
  • Wogan Wm. (& confcter.) Pembroke


  • Waters, Jones and Co. (branch of Carmarthen bank) - (draw on Sir James Esdaile & Co. London)
  • Savings Bank, Pembroke - Peter John, actuary - open on Saturdays


  • Davies Stephen, Dock
  • George, James, Pembroke
  • George, Richard, Pembroke
  • John James, Pembroke
  • Lewis Thomas, Pembroke
  • Llewhellan, Richard, Pembroke
  • Lloyd James, Pembroke
  • Merriman John, Dock
  • Powell William, Lamphey


  • Barclay Jas. (& library) Pembroke
  • Treble Eliza (& druggist) Dock
  • Wilmot William, Pembroke


  • Carn Daniel, Dock
  • Davies Lewis, Dock
  • Duggan Philip, Pembroke
  • Evans Richard, Pembroke
  • Eynon George, Pembroke
  • Eynon John, Pembroke
  • Futcher Theophilus (dealer) Pembroke
  • Griffiths Thomas, Pembroke
  • Mahany Edward, Dock
  • Mathias George, Pembroke
  • Morris John, Pembroke
  • Phenix John, Pembroke
  • Rowlands George, Pembroke
  • Rowlands John, Pembroke
  • Thomas Thomas, Pembroke
  • Vaughan James, Pembroke
  • Williams & Co. Pembroke


  • Allen William, Pembroke ferry
  • Jones Richard, Dock
  • Palmer Richard, Pembroke


  • Blethyn George, Pembroke
  • Morris William, Pembroke


  • Curtis John, Pembroke
  • Eastlake Thomas, Dock
  • Roch Thomas, Dock
  • Truscott Lewis, Pembroke
  • Webb, James, Dock


  • Barrett Richard, Pembroke
  • Jones John, Pembroke
  • Kenniford William, Pembroke
  • Price George (&glazier) Pembroke


  • Abbott William, Dock
  • Bateman James, Dock
  • Child George, Dock
  • Duggan William, Dock
  • Harries Hugh, Pembroke
  • Herbert William, Dock
  • Lewis John, Pembroke
  • Pritchard Thos. & Wm. Pembroke
  • Richards John, Pembroke
  • Tregenna Richard, Dock
  • Upton William, Dock
  • Yarward Thomas, Dock


  • Barclay James, Pembroke
  • Hird William Tucker, Pembroke
  • Moore Joseph & Thomas, Dock


  • James John, Pembroke
  • Llewellin William, Pembroke
  • Thomas John, Pembroke


  • Asylum (life) & Protector (fire)David Edwards, at the Bank
  • Atlas, Arthur Perry, Pembroke
  • Guardian, Daniel Shewen Thomas, Pembroke
  • Hope (life) David Edwards, at the Bank
  • Law (life) Arthur Perry, Pembroke


  • Barclay James, Pembroke
  • Fender William, Pembroke
  • Luke James, Pembroke
  • Thomas John, Pembroke
  • Williams James, Pembroke


  • Bradley Thomas, Dock
  • Chace Richard, Pembroke
  • Davies Henry (draper) Dock
  • Hallett William (hat dealer & farrier) Pembroke
  • John Benjamin, Pembroke
  • Lloyd Margaret, Pembroke
  • Ormond Richard, Pembroke and at Dock
  • Owen Nathaniel, Dock
  • Palmer Richard, Pembroke
  • Perry Alexander, Pembroke
  • Phelps Thomas, Pembroke
  • Phillips Thomas, Dock
  • Thomas Owen, Pembroke
  • Trewent Wm. Pembroke & at Dock


  • Angel, John Marshall, Pembroke
  • Dragon, Edw. Pritchard, Pembroke
  • Golden Lion, Thomas Thomas (& excise officer) Pembroke


  • Chase Richard, Pembroke
  • Perry Alexander, Pembroke
  • Phillips Thomas, Dock
  • Russell John William, Pembroke


  • Codd John, Sadjeston
  • Jones Richard, Dock
  • Hird James, Pembroke
  • Lewis Henry, Pembroke
  • Morgan William, Lamphrey
  • Palmer Richard, Pembroke


  • Bowen William, Pembroke
  • Elliston James, Milton Mills and King's Mills
  • Evans Benjamin, Orielton Mills
  • Griffiths Thomas, Carew Mills


  • Baker Louisa, Dock
  • Cocks Anna, Dock
  • Evans Sarah, Pembroke
  • Gwyther Mary, Pembroke
  • Hague Martha, Pembroke
  • Hammond Elizabeth, Pembroke
  • Hurlow Elizabeth,Pembroke
  • Palmer Rebecca, Pembroke
  • Parkin Ann, Dock


  • Attwood John, Pembroke
  • Impey Thomas (& glazier) Dock
  • Rowlands William, Pembroke


  • Hird James, Pembroke
  • Lewis Henry, Pembroke


  • Bevan James, Lawrenny
  • Canton Thomas, Lawrenny


  • Allen Charles, Dock
  • Allen Martha, Dock
  • Bowen James (& flour dealer) Dock
  • Bowen Susannah ( and flour dealer) Pembroke
  • Davies William, Dock
  • Edwards George, Dock
  • Glenville Thomas, Dock
  • Hall William, Pembroke
  • Griffiths Thomas, Pembroke
  • Harries Elizabeth, Pembroke
  • John George, Dock
  • John William, Dock
  • Macdonald Allen, Pembroke
  • Oliver Thomas, Dock
  • Rossiter Martha, Dock
  • Thomas Jane, Pembroke
  • Thomas John, Dock
  • Thomas Joseph, Pembroke
  • Tribe Jane, Dock


  • Hallett Samuel, Pembroke
  • Wier Walter, Dock


  • Adams Martha Corey, Dock
  • Attwood Martha, Pembroke
  • Hannaford Jane, Dock
  • Narberth Margaret, Pembroke
  • Surman Mary Ann, Pembroke
  • Trewent Ann, Pembroke


  • Brown John (assistant to His Majesty's Dock yard) Dock
  • Jones Ryce, Pembroke
  • Mansell Thomas, Pembroke
  • Paynter Joshua Whitaker, Pembroke
  • Tobin Richard ( to H.M. Dockyard)


  • Bryant James, Dock
  • Bryant Wm. (& draper) Pembroke
  • Davies James, Pembroke
  • Evans Henry, Dock
  • Gwyther Thomas, Pembroke
  • Lewis John, Dock
  • Lewis William, Dock
  • Llewhellan John, Pembroke
  • Lowless John, Pembroke


  • Fender William, Pembroke
  • Gwyther Thomas, Pembroke
  • Thomas Letitia, Pembroke
  • Truscott Lewis, Pembroke


  • Barley Sheaf, George Wort, Dock
  • Black Horse, James Hancock, Dock
  • Brown Cow, Eliz. Hitchings, Pembroke
  • Bush, Mary Trewent, Pembroke
  • Caledonian, Elizabeth Davies, Dock
  • Cambrian, Henry Williams, Dock
  • Clarence Inn, Anne Jones, Dock
  • Coach & Horses, Theodosia Howells, Pembroke
  • Commercial Inn, William Gwynn, Dock
  • Crown, George Phillips, Dock
  • Dolphin, George Isaac, Dock
  • Farmers' Arms, Richard Williams, Dock
  • George, Thomas Phillips, Dock
  • Golden Cross, Wm. Phillips, Pembroke
  • King's Arms, Thomas Roch, Dock
  • Lion, Martha Morgan, Dock
  • Mariners, Mary Jacob, Pembroke
  • Melville Inn, Michael Woodcock, Dock
  • Navy Tavern, Walter Weir, Dock
  • New Inn, James Vaughan, Pembroke
  • Old CrossSaws, Catherine Millard, Pembroke
  • Packet, Peter Williams, Dock
  • Plough, George Macken, Lamphey
  • Plough, James Truscott, Pembroke
  • Red Lion, James Williams, Pembroke
  • Roe Buck, William Williams, Pembroke
  • Royal George, William Bowen, Pembroke
  • Royal Oak, Nathaniel Owen, Dock
  • Royal William, Saml. Hallett, Pembroke
  • Ship, William Jones, Pembroke
  • Ship, John Oriel, Pembroke
  • Shipwrights' Arms, Wm. Handford, Dock
  • Shipwrights' Arms, Walter Stodden, Dock
  • Sun, Jane Twigg, Dock
  • Union, George Oriel, Pembroke
  • Watermans' Arms, John Belt, Pembroke
  • Watermans' Arms, John Huzzey, Dock
  • White Hart, William Eynon, Pembroke
  • York Tavern, Richard Eynon, Pembroke


  • Hurlow George, Pembroke
  • Robertson William, Pembroke
  • Russell John William, Pembroke


  • Barrett John (& jeweller) Pembroke
  • Lewis George, Dock
  • Price William, Pembroke


  • Moore Joseph & Thomas ( & stamp distributers) Dock
  • Thomas Daniel Shewen ( and stamp distibuter) Pembroke
  • Treble Eliza, Dock


  • Barnakel John, bookbinder, Pembroke
  • Barton Francis, plumber and glazier, Pembroke
  • George Benjamin, tanner, Pembroke
  • Landcastle John, wheelwright, Pembroke
  • Lewis Henry, letter-press and copper-plate printer, Pembroke
  • Lloyd Henry, dyer, Pembroke
  • Phillips William, brazier and tin-plate worker, Pembroke
  • Roch John, currier, Pembroke
  • Thomas Joseph, rope maker, Pembroke
  • Wilcocks John, slop seller, Dock
  • Williams William, plasterer, Pembroke
  • Yeoman John, leather cutter, Pembroke


  • Superintendent of the Works, Capt. Savage, Royal Engineers
  • Master Shipwright, Thos. Roberts
  • Clerk of the Cheque & Storekeeper, Edward Laws
  • Timber Receiver, Thomas Aylen
  • Warden, Samuel Salter
  • Chaplain, Rev. R.R.Bloxam
  • Surgeon, Richard Tobin
  • Assistant Surgeon, John Brown


  • To Carmarthen, Rees & Sons, from the Angel, every Tuesday, go through Coldblow and St Clears.
  • To Haverfordwest, Rich. Thomas, from the Golden Lion, every Wed. & Fri.
  • To Narberth, Walter Harries, from the Dragon, every Saturday
  • To Tenby, William Lewis, from the Angel, every Tuesday


Coasting Traders.

  • To Bristol, the Betsey, William Griffiths, master; the Commerce, John Davies; and the Union Packet, William Lewis.
  • To Newport, the Providence, James Williams, master.



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