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Help and advice for Single Male Emigrants on the Lusitania, July/August 1878

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Single Male Emigrants on the Lusitania, July/August 1878

The streamship left Plymouth on 1st July 1878 and arrived in Adelaide, Australia 38 days later.

Made available to GENUKI by George Bell.

From London:-

Ambury, G. 24 Agricultural Labourer
Billingham, J. 27 Pick and Shovel Labourer
Bird, E. 20 Agricultural Labourer
Clarke, H.A. 22 Gasfitter
Collins, J.R. 19 Agricultural Labourer
Cowan, R. 26 Agricultural Labourer
Crooks, J. 23 Agricultural Labourer
Dixon, C. 23 Pick and Shovel Labourer
Freebee, A. 26 Agricultural Labourer
Hetherton, T. 21 Stonemason
Hislop, R. 31 Joiner etc.
Hollow, G. 21 Agricultural Labourer
Johnson, T. 27 Agricultural Labourer
Jones, S. 34 Pick and Shovel Labourer
Kirkwood, D. 26 Stonemason
Lee, G. 18 Agricultural Labourer
McGhie, H. 24 Joiner
Morley, H. 27 Agricultural Labourer
Norcliffe, S. 21 Agricultural Labourer
O'Brien, M. 20 Agricultural Labourer
Panton, H. 24 Carpenter
Parr, T. 24 Carpenter
Rentle, J. 18 Carpenter
Smyth, W.H. 32 Agricultural Labourer
Walker, G.F. 28 Carpenter
Ward, E. 24 Carpenter
Wares, D. 25 Joiner
Watt, J. 34 Agricultural Labourer
Wharton, E. 28 Carpenter
Williams, J.J. 17 Agricultural Labourer.

From Plymouth:-

Edwards, J. 18 Pick and Shovel Labourer
Handcocks, W. 19 Agricultural Labourer
Harris, L. 21 Carpenter
Kennedy, W. 18 Pick and Shovel Labourer
Lambert, H. 24 Labourer
Morris, B. 19 Pick and Shovel Labourer
Park, C. 18 Agricultural Labourer
Price, A. 38 Agricultural Labourer.