Single Male Emigrants on the Lusitania, July/August 1878


The streamship left Plymouth on 1st July 1878 and arrived in Adelaide, Australia 38 days later.

Made available to GENUKI by George Bell.

From London:-

Ambury, G.24Agricultural Labourer
Billingham, J.27Pick and Shovel Labourer
Bird, E.20Agricultural Labourer
Clarke, H.A.22Gasfitter
Collins, J.R.19Agricultural Labourer
Cowan, R.26Agricultural Labourer
Crooks, J.23Agricultural Labourer
Dixon, C.23Pick and Shovel Labourer
Freebee, A.26Agricultural Labourer
Hetherton, T.21Stonemason
Hislop, R.31Joiner etc.
Hollow, G.21Agricultural Labourer
Johnson, T.27Agricultural Labourer
Jones, S.34Pick and Shovel Labourer
Kirkwood, D.26Stonemason
Lee, G.18Agricultural Labourer
McGhie, H.24Joiner
Morley, H.27Agricultural Labourer
Norcliffe, S.21Agricultural Labourer
O'Brien, M.20Agricultural Labourer
Panton, H.24Carpenter
Parr, T.24Carpenter
Rentle, J.18Carpenter
Smyth, W.H.32Agricultural Labourer
Walker, G.F.28Carpenter
Ward, E.24Carpenter
Wares, D.25Joiner
Watt, J.34Agricultural Labourer
Wharton, E.28Carpenter
Williams, J.J.17Agricultural Labourer.

From Plymouth:-

Edwards, J.18Pick and Shovel Labourer
Handcocks, W.19Agricultural Labourer
Harris, L.21Carpenter
Kennedy, W.18Pick and Shovel Labourer
Lambert, H.24Labourer
Morris, B.19Pick and Shovel Labourer
Park, C.18Agricultural Labourer
Price, A.38Agricultural Labourer.