UK and Ireland: Military Records



Beckett, Ian. F. W. First World War: The Essential Guide to Sources in the National Archives, The National Archives (2002). [ISBN: 1903365414]
["No serious historian or enthusiast working on the First World War can afford to be without this major reference work. The National Archives, the archives of England, Wales and the United Kingdom - holds the most comprehensive and important collection of official documentary records relating to Britain's involvement in the war. Here, for the first time, within thematically arranged sections, this wealth of material is systematically listed and explained. . ."]

Air Force

Spencer, William. Air Force Records for Family Historians, The National Archives (2000). [ISBN: 1 873162 93 6]
["This research guide is essential reading for those tracing the career of an ancestor who served in one of Britain's air forces. It covers not only documents relating to the RAF and the WRAF but also the Royal Flying Corps, the Fleet Air Arm, the Royal Naval Air Service and also the Royal Engineers' balloonists. The book explains how to use the wealth of records held at The National Archives to trace the careers of both officers and other ranks within these services. . ."]


Spencer, William. Army Service Records of the First World War - Third Expanded Edition, The National Archives (2001). [ISBN: 1903365236]
["Army Service Records of the First World War (Third Expanded Edition) is the latest edition of this best-selling guide, updated to include all of the recent releases of records relating to personnel of the First World War. This title has been one of The National Archives Publications' most successful titles in recent years. This updated edition was published to coincide with the transfer to The National Archives in early 2001 of the British Army Nurses and Indian Army Records."]
Swinnerton, Ian. An Introduction to the British Army: Its History, Traditions and Records, Birmingham, Federation of Family History Societies (1998) 47 pp. [ISBN: 1860060315]
["Not understanding the basic organization, history and tradition of the modern army can be a severe handicap when using military records. An insight into its foundation, commands and ranks, uniforms, identification of regiments, records, portrays clearly how a knowledge of these will greatly assist the researcher."]



Pappalardo, Bruno. PRO Pocket Guide Using Navy Records, The National Archives (2001). [ISBN: 1873162928]
["This revised edition of Using Navy Records outlines the wealth of records available on maritime careers. It explains the main types of records available, where to begin searching and how to develop your search further. There is a huge body of resources available mainly at The National Archives for searching to find an ancestor who was in the Navy. This title will help you begin your search for your relative and then you can find a record of what they looked like, kept to identify him in case of death or desertion. You can also find which ship he served on, where he went and details of his career including punishments and promotions."]
Pappalardo, Bruno. Tracing Your Naval Ancestors, The National Archives (2003). [ISBN: 1903365376]
["This is a new and comprehensive guide for family and naval historians, archivists, librarians and medal collectors. It explains the wide and diverse range of records and secondary sources which can be used to trace genealogical and career information in relation to the men and women who have served in the Royal Navy, and the naval reserve and auxiliary forces formed to assist it from 1660 to modern times. Among other topics, the contents include: service records, ships' musters and pay books, campaign and gallantry medals, casualty records, pensions, court martial, medical records and operational records. With an easy to follow and accessible format, this up-to-date guide provides illustrations of key documents, lists of useful websites, publications and addresses which will help researchers identify key and overlooked sources vital to tracing naval ancestors."]