How to find a present day house, street or place in the U.K.


This page explains how to locate a present day house, street or place on a map using the Royal Mail web site and the Streetmap site or the Multimap and Bing site.

In order to locate a building or street on the maps on the Streetmap or the Multimap and Bing site, you need to be able to obtain the postcode for the appropriate building/street/place from the Royal Mail site, make a note of it, and then go to the Streetmap or Multimap and Bing site and use the postcode to obtain a map.

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Proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the Royal Mail Postcode finder site and fill in the form as appropriate..
  2. On the page you will need to enter:
    1. The building number or name (if left blank, you will get a list of postcodes for the street)
    2. The Street name (could be left empty if you gave the building name)
    3. The place name.
  3. Press the "Find Postcode" button. You may receive back a selection of possible places - select the appropriate one.
  4. You may get back a request to type some letters into a box - to make sure you aren't a computer.
  5. You may get a list of all the houses on the relevant street - select the appropriate one.
  6. You should then get a page with the complete address and postcode and a map showing the location of the house.
  7. If you need more information copy the post code to the clipboard (Ctrl C in Windows) or write it down.
  8. Go to the Streetmap site and paste (Ctrl V in Windows) or type the post code in the search box.
    1. Select the place from among the options if you are given any.
    2. You will get back a detailed map. Adjusting the zoom out by one will give you a section of the OS Landranger map.
  9. Or: go to the Multimap and Bing site
    1. Select the GB Post Codes from the "Among" list
    2. Paste (Ctrl V in Windows) or type the post code in the "Search for" bar.
  10. If you use Google maps or Google earth (the latter requires a download),
    1. Type a house address in the search and get back either a map or a satellite view of the relevant house.

If I've written confusing instructions or they cease to work, please drop me a line.

Happy Hunting!

Colin Hinson.