Administrative Areas of Wales


The first table below shows the historic counties and their administrative sub-divisions before the first round of changes and lists the successor counties for each, that is the post-change counties which contain some or all of the original county area. The second table shows the counties after the first round of changes and lists their successor unitary authorities. In all cases only the top-tier authority is shown - either the top-tier in a two-tier arrangement or a single tier authority (shown italicised).

Additional information is provided where appropriate and available - the common abbreviation for the area; and the Chapman County Code (CCC), a unique 3 letter code for counties and regions.

For a brief description of the administrative changes in the United Kingdom see - Local Government Changes in the United Kingdom.

The following abbreviations are used in these tables:

(C) County Borough
(U) Unitary Authority

Single-tier local authorities are shown italicised.

The links in the following table are to outline maps showing the location of each county.

Wales - changes of 1974
Historic County Abbrev CCC Administration up to 1974 Successor Counties
Anglesey   AGY Anglesey Gwynedd
Breconshire (1)   BRE Breconshire Powys
Mid Glamorgan
Caernarvonshire   CAE Caernarvonshire Gwynedd
Cardiganshire Cards CGN Cardiganshire Dyfed
Carmarthenshire   CMN Carmarthenshire Dyfed
Denbighshire   DEN Denbighshire Clwyd
Flintshire Flints FLN Flintshire Clwyd
Glamorgan Glam GLA Glamorgan
Cardiff (C)
Merthyr Tydfil (C)
Swansea (C)
Mid Glamorgan
South Glamorgan
West Glamorgan
Merionethshire   MER Merionethshire Gwenedd
Monmouthshire Mon MON Monmouthshire
Newport (C)
Mid Glamorgan
South Glamorgan
Montgomeryshire Mont MGY Montgomeryshire Powys
Pembrokeshire   PEM Pembrokeshire Dyfed
Radnorshire   RAD Radnorshire Powys


Wales - changes of 1996
Administration 1974-1996 CCC Successor Unitary Authorities
Clwyd CWD Conwy (U)
Denbighshire (U)
Flintshire (U)
Powys (U)
Wrexham (U)
Dyfed DFD Cardiganshire (U)
Carmarthenshire (U)
Pembrokeshire (U)
Gwent GNT Blaenau Gwent (U)
Caerphilly (U)
Monmouthshire (U)
Newport (U)
Torfaen (U)
Gwynedd GWN Aberconwy and Colwyn (U)
Anglesey (U)
Gwynedd (U)
Mid Glamorgan MGM Bridgend (U)
Caerphilly (U)
Cardiff (U)
Merthyr Tydfil (U)
Rhondda Cynon Taff (U)
Vale Of Glamorgan (U)
Powys POW Powys (U)
South Glamorgan SGM Cardiff (U)
Vale Of Glamorgan (U)
West Glamorgan WGM Neath and Port Talbot (U)
Swansea (U)


  1. Also known as Brecnockshire.

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