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Surname Index to Robson's 1839 Directory of Buckinghamshire Names P - Z

Indexed by David Kolle, Melbourne, Australia. 1994

    Name                Occupation/Profession            Location    
 PACKER J.               Tailor                   High St, High Wycombe         
 PACKER Wm.              Watch & Clock Maker      West St, Buckingham           
 PAGE Edmund             Blue Ball/Grocer/Cheese  Blucher St, Chesham           
 PAGE George             Baker                    Canal, High Wycombe           
 PAGE M.                 Corn Dlr/Maltster/Coal   White Hart St, High Wycombe   
 PAINE H.                Cornchandler             Queens Sq, High Wycombe       
 PAINE Joseph            Hair Dresser             Bridge St, Buckingham         
 PAINE Susannah          Baker                    Market Pl, Stony Stratford    
 PAINTER Mary            Blacksmith               Slough & Salt Hill            
 PAINTER Timothy         Bell                     Bridge St, Buckingham         
 PALMER Joseph           Ironmonger/Farmer        Market Pl, Olney              
 PAPELL W.               Beer Retailer            Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 PARISH John             Beer Retailer            High St, High Wycombe         
 PARISH Joseph           Queens Head              Haddenham                     
 PARKEN George           Crown Tap                Slough & Salt Hill            
 PARKER G.L.             Linen/Woollen Draper     High St, High Wycombe         
 PARKER J.               Carrier                  Well St, Buckingham           
 PARKER J.H.             Coach Prop/Carrier       Cambridge St, Aylesbury       
 PARKER James            School Master            Ivor                          
 PARKER Jas.             Turner                   High St, Eton                 
 PARKER John             Solicitor                Crown Ln, High Wycombe        
 PARMINTER Chas.         Chalybeate Baths         London Rd, Chesham            
 PARROT Francis          Shoemaker                Blucher St, Chesham           
 PARROTT Geo. Esq.       Agent/Duke of Buckingham Castle Farm, Buckingham       
 PARROTT Josh            Baker                    Walton St, Aylesbury          
 PARROTT William         Bull                     Little Brickhill              
 PARSONS Jesse           Malster/Brewer/Spirits   High St, Newport Pagnell      
 PARSONS Josh            Tailor                   Ivinghoe                      
 PARSONS Thomas          Brewer                   Prince's Risborough           
 PARSONS Wm.             China/Glass Dealer       High St, Stony Stratford      
 PARTRIDGE Wm.           Boot & Shoemaker         Church St, Stony Stratford    
 PASSINGHAM John         Butcher                  Colnbrook                     
 PASSINGHAM William      Wheelwright              Colnbrook                     
 PATER John              Tailor                   Church St, Stony Stratford    
 PAXTON T.               Grazier                  Potsgrove, Fenny-Stratford    
 PAYBODY Thomas          Blacksmith               Dagnell Ln, Olney             
 PAYNE Benjn.            Straw Manuf              Great Missenden               
 PAYNE Benjn. Sen.       Linen Draper/Undertaker  Blucher St, Chesham           
 PAYNE C.                Grocer/Cheesemonger      High St, Chesham              
 PAYNE G.                Beer Retailer            Chesham                       
 PAYNE George            Brewer                   High St, Chesham              
 PAYNE George            Beer Retailer            Stoke Poges                   
 PAYNE J.                Tuscan/Straw Bonnet Manf Chesham                       
 PAYNE John              Currier                  New Rd, Aylesbury             
 PAYNE John              Rose & Crown             Winslow                       
 PAYNE Philip            Currier                  Temple St, Aylesbury          
 PAYNE Philip            Linen/Woolen Draper      Market St, Aylesbury          
 PAYNE S.                Butcher                  Church St, Chesham            
 PAYNE W.                Boot & Shoemaker         Chesham                       
 PAYNE William           Mermaid                  Chesham                       
 PAYNE William           Miller                   Prince's Risborough           
 PEAKS John              Baker                    Little Brickhill              
 PEAKS William           Grocer                   Little Brickhill              
 PEARCE G.               Hair Dresser/Gaiter Mkr. Spital St, Great Marlow       
 PEARCE J.               Blacksmith               Cookham                       
 PEARCE John             Breeches Maker           Walton St, Aylesbury          
 PEARCE Joseph           Wheelwright              Long Crendon                  
 PEARCE William          Glover                   Cambridge St, Aylesbury       
 PEARSONS John           Beer Retailer            Chesham                       
 PEASNELL                Blacksmith/Swan          Little Brickhill              
 PEASON Edmd.            Watchmaker               Church St, Stony Stratford    
 PEDDER G.               Beer Retailer            Langley                       
 PEDDER John             Boot & Shoemaker         Great Missenden               
 PEGG Wm.                Paper/Millboard Manuf    Wooburn Mills, Wooburn        
 PENNEY Jacob            New Cock Inn/Carpenter   Market Pl, Olney              
 PENROSE Charles         Surgeon                  Little Brickhill              
 PERCIVAL Hon.& Rev.     Calverton Rectory        Stony Stratford               
 PERRIN John             Tailor                   Prince's Risborough           
 PERRY Hannah            Hairdresser              High St, Newport Pagnell      
 PERRY John              Parish Clerk             Little Brickhill              
 PERRY T.                Beer Retailer            Langley                       
 PETHITH Wm.             Butcher                  High St, Newport Pagnell      
 PETHS Wm.               Butcher                  Silver St, Newport Pagnell    
 PETTIT John             Butcher                  West End, Newport Pagnell     
 PHILBY Freeman          Beer Retailer            Chesham                       
 PHILBY Sarah            Three Tuns Inn           High St, High Wycombe         
 PHILLIPS C.             Smith &c                 King Stable St, Eton          
 PHILLIPS Jesse          Old Kings Head           Little Marlow                 
 PHILLIPS Thos           Grocer and Cheesemonger  Amersham                      
 PICKERING James         Butcher                  Fenny-Stratford               
 PICKERING William       Academy                  Little Brickhill              
 PIERCE R.               Upholsterer/Cabinet Mkr  High St, Stony Stratford      
 PINCHER J.              Old Bell                 Wooburn                       
 PIPE Hannah             Baker                    High St, Newport Pagnell      
 PITKIN Richard          Crown                    Crown Ln, High Wycombe        
 PITTAM H.               Woolen/Linen Draper      Castle St, Buckingham         
 PITTS George            Grocer                   High St, Olney                
 PITTS George            Lace Manuf               Bridge St, Olney              
 PIZZI & CETTI           Silversmth/Jewelers      Market Sq, Buckingham         
 PLACKET Robt.           Shopkeeper               Silver St, Newport Pagnell    
 PLAISTED Hannah         Robin Hood               Clifton Raynes, Olney         
 PLAISTOWE Richard       Paper Maker              Loudwater, High Wycombe       
 PLATER Benjamin         Boot & Shoemaker         Haddenham                     
 PLATER Rich.            Coach & Horses           Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 PLATO Philip            Grocer/Cheesemonger      Chesham                       
 PLESTED Robert          Beer Retailer            Market Sq, Chesham            
 PLESTER John            Boot and Shoemaker       Amersham                      
 PLUCKNETT James         Flour Dealer             West St, Great Marlow         
 PLUMRIDGE & Son         Bricklayers &c           Spital St, Great Marlow       
 PLUMRIDGE James         Carpenter                Colnbrook                     
 PLUMRIDGE Joseph        Parish Clerk             Horton                        
 PLUMRIDGE William       Beer Retailer            Chapel St, Great Marlow       
 POLLARD Josh            Beer Retailer            Buckingham Rd, Aylesbury      
 POLLDEN Rich            Draper                   Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 POND Francis            Baker                    Colnbrook                     
 POOLE Geo.              Tailor                   Burnham                       
 POOLE J.                Wooden Ware Manuf        Chesham                       
 POOLE Matthew           Black Boy                Slough & Salt Hill            
 POOLE T.P.              Master Brit Boys School  High St, Newport Pagnell      
 POPE Elizabeth          Poulterer                Chenies                       
 POPE James              Tailor                   Chesham                       
 POPE Joseph             Turner                   Chesham                       
 PORKER John             Boot & Shoemaker         Prince's Risborough           
 PORTER Richard          Ironmonger/Brazier       St.Johns St, Newport Pagnell  
 POTTER J.               Auctioneer & Appraiser   Hideheath, Chesham            
 POTTER Jas.             Auctioneer/Appraiser     Great Missenden               
 POTTER Samuel           Grocer & Tallow Chandler Amersham                      
 POTTER William          Plumber &c               Blucher St, Chesham           
 POULTER David           Butcher                  Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 POULTER Sus.            Grocer/Tallow Chandler   High St, Stony Stratford      
 POULTON John            Shopkeeper               Wendover                      
 POULTON R.              Boot & Shoemaker/Reg.B.D.Cookham                       
 POULTON Robert          Boot & Shoemaker         Wendover                      
 POULTON T.              Coal Merchant            Cookham                       
 POULTON Thomas          Grocer/Cheesemonger      Ivor                          
 POVEY Jason             Butcher                  Spital St, Great Marlow       
 POWEL Elizabeth         Grocer/Cheesemonger      Stoke Poges                   
 POWELL Thos.            Farrier                  Calverton End, Stony Stratford
 POWELL William          Cross Keys Inn           Prince's Risborough           
 POYNTER Thos.           Boot & Shoemaker         Tickford End, Newport Pagnell 
 PRAD John               Shop Keeper              Butchers Row, Buckingham      
 PRATT Thomas            Bedford Arms             Chenies                       
 PRETTYMAN John Rev.     Rector                   -, Aylesbury                  
 PRICE John              Miller                   London End, Beaconsfield      
 PRICE Martha            Dress Maker              Great Missenden               
 PRICE Richard           Tailor                   Ivinghoe                      
 PRICE Simon             Grocer/Draper/Tailor     Great Missenden               
 PRICKETT William        Cornchandler             Wendover                      
 PRIEST D.               Draper                   Whitchurch                    
 PRIEST D.               Linen Draper & Hosier    High St, Chesham              
 PRIEST F.               Tailor                   Amersham                      
 PRIEST Francis          Boot and Shoemaker       Amersham                      
 PRIEST Francis          Post Office              Amersham                      
 PRIEST George           Hare & Hounds            Amersham                      
 PRIEST Richard          Old Fox                  North End, Buckingham         
 PRITCHARD -             Swan                     Botley St, Chesham            
 PROCKETT Edwd.          Solicitor/Registrar      Walton St, Aylesbury          
 PROCTOR J.              Woolpack Inn             Well St, Buckingham           
 PROCTOR James           Coal Merchant            Ivinghoe                      
 PRUE James              Cornchandler             Market Pl, Stony Stratford    
 PRYOR S. Esq.           Land Proprietor          High St, Chesham              
 PUDDYFOOT W.            Carpenter                Ley Hill, Chesham             
 PULBROOK Lot            Shoemaker                Burnham                       
 PULBROOK W.             Shoemaker                Burnham                       
 PUNN William            Tailor                   Winslow                       
 PUSEY Wm.               Straw Hat Manuf          West St, Great Marlow         
 PUSEY Wm.               Baker                    Wset St, Great Marlow         
 PUTMAN Giles            Farrier/Beer Retailer    Wendover                      
 PUTNAM H.               Coal Dealer              Amersham                      
 PUTNAM Henry            Grocer and Cheesemonger  Amersham                      
 PUTNAM Henry            Leather Breeches/Gaiters Amersham                      
 PUTNAM John             Cornchandler             Chesham                       
 PUTNAM Thos.            Checkers Inn             Amersham                      
 QUARTERMAIN William     Carrier                  Great Marlow                  
 QUARTERMAN James        Mealman                  Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 QUINNELL M.             Pawnbroker               Chesham                       
 RABAN Elizabeth         Milliner                 Market Pl, Olney              
 RABAN Sarah             Baker                    Market Pl, Olney              
 RABAN Wm. Jun.          Auctioneer &c            High St, Olney                
 RACKLEY James           Coal Dealer              Amersham                      
 RACKLIFF Thomas         Blacksmith               Horton                        
 RADBURN Wm.             Earthenware Dealer       North End, Buckingham         
 RAFFETY W.              Glass/China Dealer       High St, High Wycombe         
 RAHEY Samuel            Adam & Eve               High St, Eton                 
 RAINE Jas.              Red Lion                 Great Missenden               
 RAMSEY & Son            Surgeons                 London End, Beaconsfield      
 RANCE Joseph            Bricklayer &c            London End, Beaconsfield      
 RANCE W.                Butcher                  Taplow                        
 RANDALL Wm.             Guardian Amersham Union  Amersham                      
 RANDELL Benjamin        Plat Dealer              Wing                          
 RATCLIFF J.& R.         Butchers                 Colnbrook                     
 RATCLIFF Wm. George     Coml Inn/Posting House   Little Brickhill              
 RATLIDGE James          Shopkeeper               High St, Stony Stratford      
 RAWLINSON J.            George Inn               West Wycombe                  
 RAWLINSON J.            Mealman                  West Wycombe                  
 RAYMENT Thos.           Miller                   Lower Mill                    
 RAYNER Joseph           Corn Dealer              Colnbrook                     
 READ Ann                Queens Head              Little Brickhill              
 READ John               Bricklayer               Stoke Poges                   
 READ Josh               Backmaker                Cambridge St, Aylesbury       
 READ Thos.              Boot & Shoemaker         Silver St, Newport Pagnell    
 READING C.              Plait Dealer/Job Master  High St, Chesham              
 READING E.              Plait Dealer             Blucher St, Chesham           
 READING George          Retail Brewer/Shoemaker  Blucher St, Chesham           
 READING George          Bricklayer/Builder       West St, Great Marlow         
 READING William         Carpenter/Builder        Wendover                      
 REDDEN C.& Son          Linen/Woollen Drapers    High St, Newport Pagnell      
 REDDEN Chas.            Maltsters/Merchants      High St, Newport Pagnell      
 REDDEN Josh.            Grocer                   High St, Newport Pagnell      
 REDDINGTON David        Grocer/Cheesemonger      Langley                       
 REDHEAD Edw.            Professor of Music       Church St, Aylesbury          
 REDRUP Henry            Hair Dresser & Perfumer  Amersham                      
 REDRUP William          Grocer &c                Stoke Poges                   
 REEVES Thomas           Cooper &c                West St, Great Marlow         
 REEVES Wm.              Grocer/Cheesemonger      Little Marlow                 
 REID David              Draper                   Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 REVILL Edwin            Ironmonger               High St, Stony Stratford      
 REVIS Thos.             Baker                    High St, Olney                
 REVIS Thos.             Fellmonger/Agent         Market Pl, Olney              
 REYNOLDS Nathaniel      Turner                   Chesham                       
 REYNOLDS W.             Grocer/Cheesemonger      Church St, Chesham            
 REYNOLDS W.             Turner                   Chesham                       
 RICH John Rev.          Rector                   Ivinghoe                      
 RICHARD Samuel          Bull Coml Inn            High St, Stony Stratford      
 RICHARDS William        Baker                    Chesham                       
 RICHARDSON Ann          Two Swans                Bridge St, Buckingham         
 RICHARDSON Eliz.        Postmistress             High St, Stony Stratford      
 RICHARDSON Geo.         Admiral Hood             St.Johns St, Newport Pagnell  
 RICHARDSON J.           Grocer/Cheesemonger      Colnbrook                     
 RICHARDSON James        Corn & Coal Dealer       Colnbrook                     
 RICHARDSON Jno.         Saddler                  Bridge St, Buckingham         
 RICHARDSON John         Baker                    Colnbrook                     
 RICHARDSON Joshua       Stone Mason              High St, Stony Stratford      
 RICHARDSON R.           Shopkeeper               Bridge St, Newport Pagnell    
 RICHARDSON Wm.          Maltster                 North End, Buckingham         
 RICKARD Ann             Grocer                   Whitchurch                    
 RICKARD Joseph          Carpenter                Whitchurch                    
 RICKFORD & HUNT         Bankers                  Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 RIDDIFORD               Tailor                   Fenny-Stratford               
 RIDDINGTON David        Bacon Dealer             Ivor                          
 RIDGWAY Ann             Grocer/Tea Dealer        Castle St, Buckingham         
 RILEY C.                Carpenter                Cookham                       
 RISLEY Thomas           Baker/Grocer             Fenny-Stratford               
 RIVETT Thomas           Watchmaker               Winslow                       
 ROACH Robert            Beer Retailer            Colnbrook                     
 ROADS Emanuel           Boot & Shoemaker         Winslow                       
 ROBARTS Wm.             Surgeon                  Burnham                       
 ROBERT Wm.              Carrier                  School Ln, Buckingham         
 ROBERTS Edward          Grocer/Draper            Burnham                       
 ROBERTS John            Kings Arms               West St, Buckingham           
 ROBERTS John            Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Newport Pagnell      
 ROBERTS M.              Hat Maker                Mile End, Newport Pagnell     
 ROBERTS Thomas          Blacksmith               Haddenham                     
 ROBERTS William         Iron Founder             Haddenham                     
 ROBINS J.               The One Pin              Stoke Poges                   
 ROBINS John             Kings Head               Market Pl, Stony Stratford    
 ROBINSON Chas.          Saddler/Harness Maker    High St, Olney                
 ROBINSON H.             Wheelwright              Langley                       
 ROBINSON John           Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Olney                
 ROBINSON Richard        Sefton Arms              Stoke Poges                   
 ROBINSON William        Blacksmith               Haddenham                     
 ROCKSHUTE T.            Silk Mills               London Rd, Chesham            
 RODGERS M.              Smith/Farrier            Chesham                       
 RODNIGHT Richard        Plumber & Glazier        Castle St, Buckingham         
 RODWELL John            Beer Retailer            Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 RODWELL Wm.             Watch Maker              Church St, Aylesbury          
 ROGERS G.               Surgeon                  Silver St, Newport Pagnell    
 ROGERS J.               Surgeon                  High St, Newport Pagnell      
 ROGERS James            Butcher                  Amersham                      
 ROGERS James            Blacksmith               Fenny-Stratford               
 ROGERS Joseph           Barley Mow               High St, Stony Stratford      
 ROGERS Joshua           Ironmonger               Amersham                      
 ROGERS Martha           Grocer and Cheesemonger  Amersham                      
 ROGERS T.               Straw Bonnet Maker       High St, Chesham              
 ROGERS William          Smith/Farrier            Chesham                       
 ROGERSON & ANDREWS      Cutlers                  High St, Eton                 
 ROLFE John              V.Chmn.Amersham Union    Amersham                      
 ROLFE John              Baker                    High St, Stony Stratford      
 ROLLS John & Son        Coal/Timber Mrchnts      Marlow Bridge, Great Marlow   
 ROLLS Joshua & Thos.    Drapers                  High St, Great Marlow         
 ROLLS Susan             Ladies Establishment     High St, Great Marlow         
 ROPER John              Green Man                Colnbrook                     
 ROSE & Son              Surgeons                 High St, High Wycombe         
 ROSE E.                 Milliner/Dress Maker     West St, Great Marlow         
 ROSE G.                 Ironmonger/Baker         Chesham                       
 ROSE John               Butcher                  Whitchurch                    
 ROSE John               Butcher                  Haddenham                     
 ROSE John               Carpenter                High St, Newport Pagnell      
 ROSE Joseph             Solicitor/Agent          Church St, Aylesbury          
 ROSE Joseph             Red Lion Inn/Excise Off. Wendover                      
 ROSE Robert             Carpenter/Joiner         Haddenham                     
 ROSE T.B.               Maltster                 Haddenham                     
 ROSE Wm.                Cooper                   Spital St, Great Marlow       
 ROSE Wm.                Printer/Stationer        High St, Newport Pagnell      
 ROSS James              Grocer                   High St, High Wycombe         
 ROWELL James            Organist                 Well St, Buckingham           
 ROWLES Frederick        Butcher                  Chesham                       
 RUBY R.                 Market Gardener          Langley                       
 RUFF James              Fishmonger               Colnbrook                     
 RUMSAY J.               Solicitor                Crandon Ln, High Wycombe      
 RUMSEY Henry            Surgeon                  High St, Chesham              
 RUMSEY J.M.D.           -                        Amersham                      
 RUSSELL Jas.            Carrier                  High St, Newport Pagnell      
 RUSSELL John            Butcher                  Prince's Risborough           
 RUSSELL John            Butcher                  Wooburn Gr, Wooburn           
 RUSSELL Joseph          Tailor                   Chesham                       
 RUSSELL Kessiah         Half Moon                Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 RUST Benj.              Watchmaker               High St, Stony Stratford      
 RYCROFT Charles         Linen Draper             Colnbrook                     
 RYDE Henry T. Esq.      Bucks Herald Office      -, Aylesbury                  
 SADDLER John            Butcher                  West St, Great Marlow         
 SALIER John             Stationer/Toy Dlr.       West St, Great Marlow         
 SALMON H.               Gen/Furnish Ironmonger   High St, Great Marlow         
 SALMON Josh.            Coach Builder            Tickford End, Newport Pagnell 
 SALMON Wm.              Saddler                  Well St, Buckingham           
 SALTER -                Timber Dealer            Amersham                      
 SALTER Edward           Grocer and Cheesemonger  Amersham                      
 SALTER James            Boot and Shoemaker       Amersham                      
 SALTER Wm.              Mat Maker                Market Pl, Stony Stratford    
 SAMBOURNE Miss          Dressmaker               Winslow                       
 SAMPSON Rev.            Curate                   Langley                       
 SANDERS Bernard         Draper/Grocer            Great Brickhill               
 SANDERS William         George Inn               Colnbrook                     
 SANDERS Wm.             Hatter & Glover          High St, Eton                 
 SANDFORD Wm.            Clothes Dealer           Cambridge St, Aylesbury       
 SAPWELL Geo.            Fishmonger/Shopkeeper    Marsh End, Newport Pagnell    
 SARGEANT William        Building Surveyor        Slough & Salt Hill            
 SARTO F.                Plumber &c               Taplow                        
 SAUNDERS & CAVENDISH    Auctioneers/Appraisers   High St, Chesham              
 SAUNDERS Eliz.          Ironmonger               High St, Chesham              
 SAUNDERS Joseph         Grocer/Cheesemonger      Colnbrook                     
 SAUNDERS R.             Tailor/Beer Retailer     High St, Chesham              
 SAUNDERS S.             Milliner/Dressmaker      White Hart St, High Wycombe   
 SAUNDERS Thomas         Miller                   Haddenham                     
 SAUNDERS W.             Livery Stable Keeper     Church St, Chesham            
 SAUNDERS William        Surgeon                  High St, Chesham              
 SAUNDERS William        Wheelwright/Blacksmith   Botley St, Chesham            
 SAVAGE Edward           Millwright               Wooburn                       
 SAVAGE Elizabeth        Star & Garter            Colnbrook                     
 SAVAGE William          Anchor                   Wooburn                       
 SAVAGE Wm.              Marine/Beer Retailer     Wooburn Gr, Wooburn           
 SAVORY Thomas           Surgeon                  Wendover                      
 SAWYER Jas.             Baker                    West St, Great Marlow         
 SAWYER Robt.            Pork Butcher             West St, Great Marlow         
 SAWYER Wm.              Old Ship                 West St, Great Marlow         
 SCALDIVELL Thos.        Beer Retailer/Boot Maker High St, Stony Stratford      
 SCALDIVELL Wm.          Grocer/Tallow Chandler   Market Pl, Stony Stratford    
 SCHOBELL Dr.            Magistrate               Great Marlow                  
 SCOTT Alfred            Postmaster/Grocer        Prince's Risborough           
 SCOTT Harry             Grocer & Tallow Chandler Amersham                      
 SCOTTON John            Tailor                   Stoke Poges                   
 SCRAGGS Edw.            Cooper                   Cambridge St, Aylesbury       
 SCRIVEN George Esq.     -                        Fenny-Stratford               
 SEABROOK Robt.          Miller                   Stratford Mill, Stony Stratfor
 SEAR John               The Royal Oak            Market Hill, Buckingham       
 SEAR Joseph             Baker                    High St, Chesham              
 SEAR Joseph             Bricklayer               Wing                          
 SEAR Mrs                Straw Hat Maker          Temple St, Aylesbury          
 SEAR William            Glass & China Dealer     High St, Chesham              
 SEATON John             Baker                    Well St, Buckingham           
 SEATON John             Boot & Shoemaker         West St, Buckingham           
 SEATON William          Boot & Shoemaker         Winslow                       
 SEDDING Maria           Baker                    High St, Eton                 
 SEDGEWICK E.            Straw & Leghorn Maker    Chesham                       
 SEEDGWICK J.            Shoemaker                Blucher St, Chesham           
 SEEDWICK G.             Baker                    Botley St, Chesham            
 SELBY Charles           Coach Builder            Amersham                      
 SENIOR James            Post-master              Wendover                      
 SENIOR John             Boot & Shoemaker         Prince's Risborough           
 SENIOR John             Carpenter                Wendover                      
 SENIOR Robert           Boot & Shoemaker         Prince's Risborough           
 SEWARD E.               Hair Dresser             Colnbrook                     
 SEYMOUR B.              Boot & Shoemaker         Langley                       
 SEYMOUR R.              Market Gardener          Langley                       
 SEYMOUR Silvanny        Ironmonger/Brazer        Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 SHALWORTHY Wm.          Druggist/Bookseller/Agnt West St, Buckingham           
 SHARP Geo.              Solicitor                Silver St, Aylesbury          
 SHARP John              Boot & Shoemaker         West St, Great Marlow         
 SHARP John              Schoolmaster             West St, Great Marlow         
 SHARP Richard           Crown                    Winslow                       
 SHARP Thomas            Boot & Shoemaker         Horton                        
 SHARP William           Dog & Pot                Stoke Poges                   
 SHARP Wm.               Bricklayer               Buckingham St, Aylesbury      
 SHARPE Cyrus            Tinman                   Walton St, Aylesbury          
 SHAW Joseph             Slater/Coal Merchant     Walton St, Aylesbury          
 SHEPARD J.              Whitesmith/Gunsmith      Crown Ln, High Wycombe        
 SHEPPARD John           The Crown                Bristle St, Buckingham        
 SHEPPARD John           Whitesmith               St.Giles St, Stony Stratford  
 SHEPPARD Rich.          Bricklayer               Tickford End, Newport Pagnell 
 SHEPPARD Rich.          Builder                  Marsh End, Newport Pagnell    
 SHEPPARD Wm.            Gun Maker                High St, Newport Pagnell      
 SHERRIFF Joseph         Confectioner             High St, High Wycombe         
 SHERWIN William         Baker                    Colnbrook                     
 SHEWEN John             Fellmonger               Walton St, Aylesbury          
 SHILLINGFORD Esther     Poulterer                North End, Buckingham         
 SHORT Edward            Grocer/Butcher           Ivinghoe                      
 SHORT Thomas            Baker                    Ivinghoe                      
 SHORT William           Harness Maker            Ivinghoe                      
 SHRIMPTON Ann           Straw Bonnet Maker       High St, Chesham              
 SHRIMPTON Edward        Needle Maker             Long Crendon                  
 SHRIMPTON Elizabeth     Straw Hat Maker          Long Crendon                  
 SHRIMPTON Emanuel       Needle Maker             Long Crendon                  
 SHRIMPTON Ephraim       Needle Maker             Long Crendon                  
 SHRIMPTON Henry         Boot & Shoemaker         Long Crendon                  
 SHRIMPTON John          Baker/Miller             Long Crendon                  
 SHRIMPTON Martha        Needle Maker             Long Crendon                  
 SHRIMPTON Matthew       Needle Maker             Long Crendon                  
 SHRIMPTON Simon         Boot & Shoemaker         Long Crendon                  
 SHRIMPTON Solomon       Wheelwright              Long Crendon                  
 SHRIMPTON Solomon       Needle Maker             Long Crendon                  
 SHRIMPTON Timothy       Needle Maker             Long Crendon                  
 SHURROCK William        Tailor                   Haddenham                     
 SHUTE Rock              Silk Mills               Chesham                       
 SILLS Benjamin          Grocer/Cheesemonger      Chesham                       
 SILLS W.                Grocer/Poultryman        Church St, Chesham            
 SILVESTER Samuel        Beer Retailer            Amersham                      
 SILVESTER Thos. Rev.    Curate                   Buckingham                    
 SIMMON M.               Baker                    Haddenham                     
 SIMMONDS Joshua         Corn Dealer/Baker        High St, High Wycombe         
 SIMMONS Jacob           Baker                    Prince's Risborough           
 SIMMONS William         Beer Retailer            Prince's Risborough           
 SIMMS William           Beer Retailer            Wendover                      
 SIMONS B.               Baker                    Walton St, Aylesbury          
 SIMONS John             Carpenter                Ivinghoe                      
 SIMONS John             Hair Dresser             Winslow                       
 SIMONS Josh T.          Hair Dresser             Market St, Aylesbury          
 SIMONS Michael          Boot & Shoemaker         Wing                          
 SIMPSON James           Watch Maker              Castle St, Aylesbury          
 SIMPSON Sarah           Grocer/Cheesemonger      Ivor                          
 SIMS R.                 Reg. of BDM              Amersham                      
 SIMS Richard            Watch & Clock Maker      Amersham                      
 SIMS Wm.                Baker                    New Rd, Aylesbury             
 SINFIELD James          Grocer                   Little Brickhill              
 SIPTHORP & ATWOOD       Whrfgs/Genl Mchnts       Sympson, Fenny-Stratford      
 SIRETT Geo.             Chemist & Druggist       Market Sq, Buckingham         
 SIRETT Wm.              Saddler/Harness Maker    High St, Stony Stratford      
 SKELTON Thomas          Red Lion                 Shreedding Green, Ivor        
 SKULL Charles           Broker/Auctioneer        Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 SKULL Edwin             Japanner                 Canal, High Wycombe           
 SKULL Frederick         Tea Dealer/Cheesemonger  Canal, High Wycombe           
 SKULL Walter            Grocer                   New Land, High Wycombe        
 SLARK James             Beer Retailer            Temple St, Aylesbury          
 SLAUGHTER Edward        Boot & Shoemaker         Market Pl, High Wycombe       
 SLAUGHTER Richard       Chairmaker               Prince's Risborough           
 SLEATH John             Printer/Bookseller       Stony Stratford               
 SLIPPER John            Tailor                   High St, Chesham              
 SLOANE Thomas           Tea Dealer               Well St, Buckingham           
 SMALL David             Nursery/Seedsman         Colnbrook                     
 SMEATHMAN L.            Surgeon                  Great Missenden               
 SMITH C.B. Rev.         Curate                   Fenny-Stratford               
 SMITH E.                Boot & Shoemaker         Cookham                       
 SMITH E.W.              Fishing Tackle Maker     High St, Eton                 
 SMITH Geo.              China & Glass Dealer     Market Sq, Buckingham         
 SMITH Geo.              Woollen Draper/Hatter    Market Sq, Buckingham         
 SMITH George            Tailor                   St.Giles St, Stony Stratford  
 SMITH Henry             Duncombs Arms            Great Brickhill               
 SMITH Henry             Solicitor                West St, Buckingham           
 SMITH J.                Butcher                  Cookham                       
 SMITH J.M.              Wine & Spirit Merchant   High St, Stony Stratford      
 SMITH James             Turner                   High St, Chesham              
 SMITH James             Basket Maker             St.Giles St, Stony Stratford  
 SMITH Jas.              Shopkeeper               North End, Newport Pagnell    
 SMITH John              Perfumer                 High St, Eton                 
 SMITH John              China/Glass Dealer       High St, Great Marlow         
 SMITH John              Saddler/Harness Maker    St.John St, Newport Pagnell   
 SMITH John              Horse Dealer             Wing                          
 SMITH Jos.              Beer Retailer            St.Mary St, High Wycombe      
 SMITH M.                Mistress/Newport Inf Sch Dungeon Ln, Newport Pagnell   
 SMITH M.                Beer Retailer            Taplow                        
 SMITH Mary              Shopkeeper               Bristle St, Buckingham        
 SMITH Matthew           Saddler                  Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 SMITH Michael           Bakr/Grocer/Cheesemonger Chesham                       
 SMITH R.                Basket Maker             Church St, Chesham            
 SMITH Richd.            Hairdresser              West St, Great Marlow         
 SMITH Richd.            Boot & Shoemaker         West St, Great Marlow         
 SMITH Robt.             Hairdresser              West St, Great Marlow         
 SMITH Samuel            Grocer/Tea Dealer        Market Hill, Buckingham       
 SMITH Thomas            Coal Dealer              Walton St, Aylesbury          
 SMITH Thomas            White Swan               Walton St, Aylesbury          
 SMITH Thos.             Lathbury Inn             Newport Pagnell               
 SMITH Thos.             Basket Maker             Bridge St, Olney              
 SMITH William           Beer Retailer            Shreedding Green, Ivor        
 SMITH Wm.               Wheelwright              Buckingham Rd, Aylesbury      
 SMITH Wm.               Grocer/Beer Retailer     Hideheath, Chesham            
 SMITH Wm.               Tailor/Habit Maker       High St, Great Marlow         
 SMITH Wm. Jun.          Grocer/Beer Retailer     Hideheath, Chesham            
 SNEATH M.A.             Milliner                 High St, Eton                 
 SNITH J.                Carpenter/Beer Retailer  Taplow                        
 SOAMES Richard          Beer Retailer            Walton St, Aylesbury          
 SOFTLEY Edward          Grocer/Cheesemonger      Colnbrook                     
 SOLOMAN B.              Fruiterer/Oilman         Eton                          
 SOUL John               Baker                    High St, Olney                
 SOUL John Jun.          Baker                    High St, Olney                
 SOUND Emma              Linen Draper             Church St, High Wycombe       
 SOUSTER Robert          Plumber/Glazier          Fenny-Stratford               
 SOUTH Wm.               White Hart               Market Pl, Stony Stratford    
 SOUTHAM & HASLOP        Surgeons                 West St, Buckingham           
 SOUTHEY Wm.             Blacksmith               Little Marlow                 
 SOWERBY William         Carpenter                Stoke Poges                   
 SPARKS T.               Nurseryman/Handle Maker  Cookham                       
 SPARKS Thos.            The Barge Pole           Duck Ln, Great Marlow         
 SPENCER Charles         Surgeon                  Whitchurch                    
 SPENCER Wm.             Parish Clerk             Emberton, Olney               
 SPENCER Wm.             Wheelwright              Market Pl, High Wycombe       
 SPICER F.G.& Henry      Paper Manuf              Loudwater, High Wycombe       
 SPICER FREEMAN GAGE HY. Paper Makers             Glory Mills, Wooburn          
 SPICER Ralph            Solicitor                West St, Great Marlow         
 SPICER Robert           Beer Retailer            Germin St, Chesham            
 SPICER Wm.              Beer Retailer            High St, Chesham              
 SPRAGGS Thomas          Blacksmith               Cambridge St, Aylesbury       
 SPRATLEY J.             Chair Maker              High St, Chesham              
 SPRATLEY Richd.         Butcher                  High St, Chesham              
 SPRATLEY W.             Beer Retailer            Amersham                      
 SPRATLEY William        Butcher                  Amersham                      
 SPRATLEY William        Beer Retailer            High St, Chesham              
 SPRING John             Carpenter &c             Aylesbury End, Beaconsfield   
 SPRINGALL James         Tailor                   Ivor                          
 STACEY Wm.              Bricklayer               High St, Eton                 
 STAINES Josh.           Ironmonger               High St, Newport Pagnell      
 STAINES T.E.            Postmaster/Grocer/Agent  High St, Newport Pagnell      
 STALLWOOD Ann           Milliner/Dressmaker      Church St, High Wycombe       
 STALLWOOD John          Tailor                   Church St, High Wycombe       
 STALLWOOD Wm.           Boot & Shoemaker         West St, Great Marlow         
 STANBOROUGH R.          Bricklayer               Ivor                          
 STANLEY -               Linen Draper             Wycombe End, Beaconsfield     
 STANLEY Henry           Linen Draper             Queens Sq, High Wycombe       
 STANTON W.              Watch & Clock Maker      Market Sq, Buckingham         
 STAPLE Thomas           Bricklayer/Tea Dealer    High St, Chesham              
 STAPLES Joseph          Beer Retailer            Wing                          
 STATFORD Edmd           Wooden Ware Manuf        Church St, Chesham            
 STATHAM John            Baker                    Amersham                      
 STATHAM T.              Sec.Savings Bank         New Market                    
 STATHAM T.M.            Auctioneer               Amersham                      
 STATHAM T.M.            Furniture Warehouse      Amersham                      
 STATHAR T.M.            British Fire Agent       Amersham                      
 STEEDEN William         Crown Inn                Colnbrook                     
 STEEL John              Miller                   Prince's Risborough           
 STEERS George           Beer Retailer            New Land, High Wycombe        
 STEPHENS T. Taylor      Par.Clrk/Reg. BDM        Fenny-Stratford               
 STEPHENSON Stephen      Beer Retailer            Ivor                          
 STEPHENSON William      Auctioneer               High St, Eton                 
 STEVENS Daniel          Carpenter                Prince's Risborough           
 STEVENS Daniel          Bell                     Prince's Risborough           
 STEVENS David           Butcher                  Walton St, Aylesbury          
 STEVENS George          Tailor/Beer Retailer     Prince's Risborough           
 STEVENS Henry           Beer Retailer            Burnham                       
 STEVENS Isaac           Poulterer                Great Missenden               
 STEVENS James           Plat Dealer              Wing                          
 STEVENS Mary            Grocer                   Market Pl, High Wycombe       
 STEVENS R.              Paper Maker              Blackwell Hall Mill, Chesham  
 STEVENS S.              Baker                    High St, Eton                 
 STEVENS Thomas          Saddler                  Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 STEVENS Wm.             Grazier &c               Walton St, Aylesbury          
 STEVENS Wm.             Grocer/Chemist/Druggist  Pauls Ward Row, High Wycombe  
 STEVENS Wm.             Beer Retailer            St.Mary St, High Wycombe      
 STEVENSON William       Shoulder of Mutton       Little Brickhill              
 STOCKBRIDGE Wm.         Tailor                   Common Slough, Great Marlow   
 STOKES Joseph           Beer Retailer            Cambridge St, Aylesbury       
 STONE A.C.              Solicitor                Buckingham Rd, Aylesbury      
 STONE George            Slopseller               Chesham                       
 STONE I.                Baker                    Great Missenden               
 STONE John              Watchmaker & Gunsmith    Market Pl, Aylesbury          
 STONE John              Chair Maker              New Land, High Wycombe        
 STONE Simeon            Grocer/Cheesemonger      Chenies                       
 STONE Steven            Boot & Shoemaker         Blucher St, Chesham           
 STONE Thomas            One Star                 Blucher St, Chesham           
 STONE Wm.               Angel Inn                Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 STOPS Henry             Carpenter &c             Amersham                      
 STORTON John            Cooper                   Market Pl, Stony Stratford    
 STOW Thos.              Eating House Keeper      Market Pl, Stony Stratford    
 STOWARD Mary            Brewer                   Burnham                       
 STOWE Wm. & SCOTT       Surgeons                 Castle St, Buckingham         
 STRANGE C.              Watch/Clock Maker        Queens Sq, High Wycombe       
 STRANGE Thos.           Watch/Clock Maker        Pauls Row, High Wycombe       
 STRANSOM John           Tailor                   Colnbrook                     
 STRATFORD James         Auctioneer & Appraiser   Amersham                      
 STRATFORD James         Land & Estate Agent      Amersham                      
 STRATFORD James         Coal Merchant            Amersham                      
 STRATFORD W.            Wooden Ware Manuf        Chesham                       
 STRATFORD Wm.           Beer Retailer            West St, Great Marlow         
 STRATTON Charles        Agent                    Prince's Risborough           
 STRATTON Henry          Baker                    Burnham                       
 STRATTON John           Butcher                  Prince's Risborough           
 STRATTON John           Boys School              Prince's Risborough           
 STRATTON William        White Lion               Prince's Risborough           
 STRAUKS John            Linen Draper             Ivinghoe                      
 STREETING Mary          Baker                    London End, Beaconsfield      
 STRETTON Jane           Golden Cross Inn         Colnbrook                     
 STRINGER & Co.          Clothiers                Colnbrook                     
 STROUD Hen.             Beer Retailer            Dean St, Great Marlow         
 STUCHBERY J.& J.        Brewers & Maltsters      North End, Buckingham         
 STUCHBERY M.E. & R.     Grocer                   Market Hill, Buckingham       
 STURCH Elizabeth        Haberdasher              Wendover                      
 STYLE Henry             Grocer                   Burnham                       
 STYLES Eliza            Hair Dresser             Market Pl, Olney              
 SUMMERFIELD Josh        Butcher                  North End, Buckingham         
 SUMMERFIELD Thos.       Tailor/Draper            Well St, Buckingham           
 SUNDERLAND Wm.          Dyer                     St.Giles St, Stony Stratford  
 SUSAN C.                Grocer/Pawnbroker        St.Thomas St, Great Marlow    
 SUTHERY William         Surgeon                  High St, Chesham              
 SUTTON Baily            Cow & Castle             Silver St, Newport Pagnell    
 SWABEY J.               Postman                  Burnham                       
 SWAIN Henry             Perfumer/Hairdresser     High St, Eton                 
 SWAIN Joseph            Baker                    High St, Olney                
 SWAIN Thos.             Cobham Arms/Posting Hse  West St, Buckingham           
 SWANNELL C.             Milliner/Straw Bonnet MkrAmersham                      
 SWINDON George          Wheatsheaf               High St, High Wycombe         
 SYKES Isaac             Tailor                   Silver St, Newport Pagnell    
 SYKES Thos.             Green Grocer             Silver St, Newport Pagnell    
 SYMS Thomas             Boot & Shoemaker         Long Crendon                  
 SYRAD James             Beer Retailer            New Rd, Aylesbury             
 SYRED Thomas            The Crown/Boot/Shoemaker Prince's Risborough           
 TACK James              Shopkeeper               Haddenham                     
 TALBOT Richard          Whip Maker &c            Langley                       
 TALLENT Edward          Surgeon                  Amersham                      
 TAME John               Shopkeeper               Silver St, Newport Pagnell    
 TANSEY John             Shopkeeper               Bow Brickhill                 
 TAPLIN R.               Falcon Coml Inn          High St, High Wycombe         
 TAPLIN Stephen          Black Boy                West Wycombe                  
 TAPPING John            Butcher/Grocer           Prince's Risborough           
 TAPPING John            Lace Dealer              Prince's Risborough           
 TATNELL Jonathon        Tailor                   Colnbrook                     
 TATTAM Henry            Tailor                   Whitchurch                    
 TATTAM James            Grocer/Draper            Fenny-Stratford               
 TAYLER Joseph           Baker                    Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 TAYLER S.               Milliner &c              Whitehall St, Aylesbury       
 TAYLOR George           Five Bells               Horton                        
 TAYLOR James            White Lion               Great Missenden               
 TAYLOR John             Mealman                  Great Missenden               
 TAYLOR Joseph           Gardener                 Wendover                      
 TAYLOR Rev.             Curate                   Amersham                      
 TAYLOR Wm.              Chemist                  High St, Newport Pagnell      
 TERRY Chas. M.          Surgeon                  Church St, Aylesbury          
 TERRY Edw               Brewer                   Walton St, Aylesbury          
 TERRY George            Boot & Shoemaker         Wendover                      
 TERRY Thomas            Boys School              Prince's Risborough           
 TERRY Thos.             Bulls Head Coml Inn      Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 TEULON Ebenezer         Master of British School Colnbrook                     
 TEULON Eliza            Mistrs of British School Colnbrook                     
 THOMAS & Son            Shoe Manuf               Wycombe Marsh, High Wycombe   
 THOMAS James            Old King of Prussia      Wycombe Marsh, High Wycombe   
 THOMAS John             Gentlemans Brdng School  Wendover                      
 THOMPSON E.             Grocer and Cheesemonger  Amersham                      
 THOMPSON H.             Tea/Coffee Dealer        St.Mary St, High Wycombe      
 THOMPSON John           Angel                    Market Pl, High Wycombe       
 THOMPSON Nathaniel      Baker                    Crown Ln, High Wycombe        
 THOMPSON Thomas         Butcher                  Stoke Poges                   
 THOMPSON Wm.            Stone Mason              Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 THOMPSON Wm.            Shopkeeper               Loudwater, High Wycombe       
 THOMSON Thomas          Grocer                   Ivor                          
 THORNE Geo.             Linen/Woollen Draper     High St, Stony Stratford      
 THORNTON William        Miller                   Great Brickhill               
 THORP Ann               Butcher                  Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 THORP Henry             Gardener                 Cambridge St, Aylesbury       
 THORP Robert            Grocer                   Temple Sq, Aylesbury          
 THURLOW James           Miller                   St.Mary St, High Wycombe      
 TIBBETS W.H.            Plumber & Glazier        Well St, Buckingham           
 TILBURY J.              Smith                    New Land, High Wycombe        
 TILBURY James           Carpenter                Great Missenden               
 TILBURY John            Blacksmith               Prince's Risborough           
 TILBURY W.              Smith/Farrier            St.Mary St, High Wycombe      
 TILL Henry              Shoemaker                Burnham                       
 TILLEY James Henry      Grocer/Cornchandler      Slough & Salt Hill            
 TIPPER & Co.            Paper Manuf              Horton                        
 TODD James              Carpenter/Cabinet Maker  Winslow                       
 TODD John               Bell Inn                 Bridge St, Olney              
 TODD John               Brickmaker               Bridge St, Olney              
 TODD Josh.              Butcher                  Silver St, Newport Pagnell    
 TODD Robt.              Wrestler                 Tickford End, Newport Pagnell 
 TOLE Thos.              Watchmaker               Bridge St, Newport Pagnell    
 TOLLIDAY Roger          Boat Builder             Broen St, Eton                
 TOMES Rosamond          Plough Inn               Winslow                       
 TOMES Wm.               Stone Mason              Hog Ln, Aylesbury             
 TOMKINS                 Corn & Seed Merchant     London Rd, Chesham            
 TOMKINS W.J. & Son      Plumbers/Glaziers        High St, Newport Pagnell      
 TOMLIN Nathan           Black Horse              Chesham Vale, Chesham         
 TOMLYN Jane             Milliner/Dress Maker     St.Mary St, High Wycombe      
 TOMLYN Wm.              Painter/Turner           St.Mary St, High Wycombe      
 TOMS John               Brazier                  Amersham                      
 TOMS M.                 Stamp Office             Amersham                      
 TOMS Mary               Grocer and Cheesemonger  Amersham                      
 TOOLEY George           Watch Maker              Walton St, Aylesbury          
 TOON John               Grocer &c                High St, Olney                
 TOOVEY Sampson          Chair Manufacturer       Amersham                      
 TOPPING Geo.            Tailor                   Bridge St, Buckingham         
 TOWERS H.               Plumber/Painter/Glazier  High St, Chesham              
 TOWERS Joseph           Repository               High St, Eton                 
 TOWERS Mary             White Hart               Cookham                       
 TOWERSEY Thomas         Shopkeeper               Long Crendon                  
 TOWN Thomas             Cooper                   North End, Buckingham         
 TOWSER Thomas           Carpenter                Ivinghoe                      
 TRACEY W.G.             Pawnbroker/Salesman      Church Sq, High Wycombe       
 TRAVIL James            Butcher                  High St, Olney                
 TREACHER J.             Swan & Castle Inn        Castle St, Buckingham         
 TREACHER J. Lattimer    Cavendish Arms/Grocer    Chesham                       
 TREACHER Samuel         Chair Manuf              Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 TREACHER Thos.          Chair Manuf              High St, High Wycombe         
 TREDWAY S.              Baker                    Windsor St, Beaconsfield      
 TREDWAY W.              Linen Draper/Shoe Wrhse  London End, Beaconsfield      
 TRIPP William           Leather Seller           Colnbrook                     
 TRIPP Wm.               Beer Retailer            Wycombe End, Beaconsfield     
 TROTT George            Painter/Glazier          Wendover                      
 TRUELOVE Hy.            Baker                    Dungeon Ln, Newport Pagnell   
 TRUELOVE Mrs.           Straw Hat Maker          Dungeon Ln, Newport Pagnell   
 TRUELOVE Thos.          Confectioner             High St, Newport Pagnell      
 TRUSS J.                Boot & Shoemaker         Spital St, Great Marlow       
 TUCK B.J.               Chemist/Druggist         Queens Sq, High Wycombe       
 TUCKER Robert           Boot & Shoemaker         Colnbrook                     
 TUCKER W.               Chair Maker              Amersham                      
 TUCKER Wm.              Hat Maker                Chartridge, Chesham           
 TUCKEY James            Beer Retailer            Winslow                       
 TUNN Wm.                Blacksmith               High St, Olney                
 TURNER A.               Currier/Leather Cutter   Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 TURNER George           Grocer &c                Stoke Poges                   
 TURNER John             Surgeon                  High St, High Wycombe         
 TURNER Jos.             Grocer/Cheesemonger      Bone End, Great Marlow        
 TURNER Mrs & Miss       Boarding School          Parson's Fee, Aylesbury       
 TURNER Samuel           Catherine Wheel          New Land, High Wycombe        
 TURNER Thomas           Beer Retailer            Stoke Green                   
 TURNER Thomas           Beer Retailer            Stoke Poges                   
 TURNER William          Linen Draper             Colnbrook                     
 TURNER Wm.              Bricklayer               Blucher St, Chesham           
 TURNEY George           Baker                    Little Brickhill              
 TURNHAM John            Shopkeeper               Prebend End, Buckingham       
 TURNOCK Robert          Tailor                   High St, Eton                 
 TURPIN Thos.            Miller                   Aylesbury Mill, Aylesbury     
 TYBBY Henry             Baker                    Wendover                      
 TYLER J.                Clayton Arms             Quoiting Pl, Great Marlow     
 UPCRAFT Richard         Butcher                  Wendover                      
 UPSTONE John            Draper                   Buckingham                    
 VALENTINE J.T.          Butcher                  High St, Stony Stratford      
 VARLEY John             Tailor                   St.Mary St, High Wycombe      
 VARNEY William          Kings Head               Fenny-Stratford               
 VAUGHAN & Son           Builders &c              High St, Eton                 
 VEAREY Mary A.          Straw Hat Manuf          Oxford St, High Wycombe       
 VENABLES & FROMOW       Paper Makers             Marsh Mill, High Wycombe      
 VENABLES Chas.          Paper Maker              Lower Glory Mills, Wooburn    
 VENABLES G.             Paper Maker              Cookham Mills, Wooburn        
 VENABLES George         Paper Maker              Taplow Mills, Taplow          
 VENABLES George         Paper Maker              Cookham Mills, Cookham        
 VEREY Wm.               Butcher                  Silver St, Aylesbury          
 VERNON G.               Estate Agent/Auctioneer  Crandon Ln, High Wycombe      
 VICKERS Thomas          Plumber/Painter &c       Winslow                       
 VINCENT John            Baker                    Walton St, Aylesbury          
 VINES David             Gents Boarding School    Tickford Hse, Newport Pagnell 
 WADE D.& C.             Milliners                Beaconsfield                  
 WADE Hannah             Bull Inn                 Winslow                       
 WADE M.                 Grocer/Cheesemonger      Beaconsfield                  
 WADE Wm.                Patten Maker             Windsor St, Beaconsfield      
 WAINWRIGHT George       Butcher                  Long Crendon                  
 WALDEN Thomas           Beer Retailer            Stoke Green                   
 WALDEN Thomas           Beer Retailer            Stoke Poges                   
 WALGHT Chas.            Broker                   Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 WALKER J.               Bricklayer/Beer Retailer North End, Newport Pagnell    
 WALKER Joseph           Beer Retailer            Burnham                       
 WALKER Josh             Working Cutler           Temple St, Aylesbury          
 WALKER Thos.            Broker                   Market Pl, Great Marlow       
 WALKER Wm.              Currier                  School Ln, Buckingham         
 WALL Thomas             Lace Manuf               Haddenham                     
 WALLER John             Cabinet Maker            Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 WALLIN William          Carpenter                Slough & Salt Hill            
 WALLIS Geo.             Linen/Woollen Draper     High St, Stony Stratford      
 WALPOLE T.H. Rev.       Vicar                    Winslow                       
 WALTERS Robert          Grocer/Cheesemonger      Wing                          
 WARD Hannah             The George               Langley                       
 WARD Henry              Baker/Beer Retailer      High St, Olney                
 WARD Henry              Kings Head               Market Pl, Olney              
 WARD John               Basket Maker             Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 WARD John               Beer Retailer            Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 WARD John               Beer Retailer            Marsh End, Newport Pagnell    
 WARD John               Carpenter                White Hart St, High Wycombe   
 WARD Josh               White Lion               Castle St, Aylesbury          
 WARD Mrs.               Ladies Boarding School   High St, Newport Pagnell      
 WARD Robert             Shoe Maker               Oxford St, Aylesbury          
 WARD Thomas             Plumber & Glazier        Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 WARE Charles            Baker                    High St, Chesham              
 WARE Charles            Butcher                  Blucher St, Chesham           
 WARE H.                 Boot & Shoemaker/Coal    Cookham                       
 WARR Benjamin           Butcher                  Fenny-Stratford               
 WARR Benjamin           Shopkeeper               Haddenham                     
 WARR T.                 Auctioneer/Maltster      Horse Fair Grn, Stony Stratfor
 WARRELL Eliza           Straw Hat Manuf          Queens Sq, High Wycombe       
 WARREN C.               Surveyor/Brickmaker      Sympson, Fenny-Stratford      
 WARREN Francis          Butcher                  Fenny-Stratford               
 WARREN Jos.             Currier/Leather Ctr.     Market Pl, Stony Stratford    
 WASHBOURN Ann           Cambric Cap Maker        West St, Great Marlow         
 WASHBOURN Saml.         Watchmaker               West St, Great Marlow         
 WATISON J.W.            Boot & Shoemaker         Church St, Stony Stratford    
 WATSON Thos.            Beer Retailer            West St, Great Marlow         
 WATTS Wm.               Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Stony Stratford      
 WAY John                Poulterer                High St, Great Marlow         
 WEBB Benjamin           Turner                   Chesham                       
 WEBB George             Boot & Shoe Maker        High St, Chesham              
 WEBB Isaac              Boot & Shoemaker         West St, Buckingham           
 WEBB James              Carrier                  Stoke Poges                   
 WEBB Jas.               Bricklayer               Burnham                       
 WEBB John               Shoemaker                North End, Buckingham         
 WEBB Josh               Boot & Shoemaker         Market Sq, Buckingham         
 WEBB Robert             Brush Maker              Chesham                       
 WEBB Stephen            Bootmaker                Red Lion Ln, Buckingham       
 WEBB Stephen            Bootmaker                St.Rimlets Ln, Buckingham     
 WEBB Thomas             Corn Chandler            Market Pl, Aylesbury          
 WEBB Thomas             Beer Retailer            Chesham                       
 WEBB Treacher           Beer Retailer            Chesham                       
 WEBB Wm.                Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Newport Pagnell      
 WEBSTER John            Grass Seedsman &c        Burnham                       
 WEBSTER Samuel          Cooper                   Tickford End, Newport Pagnell 
 WEEDON Edward           Wheelwright              High St, Chesham              
 WEEDON Francis          Carpenter &c             Chesham                       
 WEIGHT E.               Grocer                   College, Eton                 
 WELCH Frederick         Butcher                  Whitchurch                    
 WELCH Richard           Carpenter                Whitchurch                    
 WELCH Thomas            Bricklayer               Whitchurch                    
 WELFORD Richard         Boot & Shoemaker         Haddenham                     
 WELLCORNE J.            Painter/Plum/Gla         Spital St, Great Marlow       
 WELLER John & William   Maltsters                Amersham                      
 WELLS Eliz.             Old Angel                North End, Buckingham         
 WELLS Geo.              Clerk                    Walton St, Aylesbury          
 WELLS John              Tailor                   London End, Beaconsfield      
 WELLS John              Blacksmith               Dungeon Ln, Newport Pagnell   
 WELLS Wm.               Blacksmith               North End, Buckingham         
 WEST Ebenezer           Commercial Academy       Amersham                      
 WEST Geo.               Cabinet Maker            High St, Stony Stratford      
 WEST George             Currier/Leather Seller   Winslow                       
 WEST James              Beer Retailer            Prince's Risborough           
 WEST John               Cabinet Maker            St.John St, Newport Pagnell   
 WEST Josh.              Butcher                  Pauls Row, High Wycombe       
 WEST Mary               Butcher                  Queens Sq, High Wycombe       
 WEST Mrs.               Milliner                 High St, Stony Stratford      
 WEST N.                 Butcher                  Ivor                          
 WEST Thos               Baker                    High St, Stony Stratford      
 WEST Thos.              Beer Retailer            Aylesbury End, Beaconsfield   
 WEST Thos.              Baker/Confectioner       High St, Newport Pagnell      
 WEST W.                 Wheelwright              Cookham                       
 WEST William            Blacksmith               Prince's Risborough           
 WEST Wm.                Confectioner             High St, Stony Stratford      
 WEST Wm.                White Swan               West Wycombe                  
 WESTALL Thomas          Grocer                   Ivor                          
 WESTBROOK Rich.         Lion Hotel/Post Hse      High St, High Wycombe         
 WESTBROOK Wm.           Butcher                  St.Thomas St, Great Marlow    
 WESTFIELD James         Furniture Broker         Pauls Row, High Wycombe       
 WESTLAKE John           Currier/Leather Cutter   High St, High Wycombe         
 WESTLEY E.C.            Builder                  North End, Buckingham         
 WESTON James            Saracen's Head           Green End, Aylesbury          
 WESTON PURTON & DRAYTON Linen Drapers            Queens Sq, High Wycombe       
 WESTON Samuel           Plumber &c               Colnbrook                     
 WESTON Thomas           Baker                    Slough & Salt Hill            
 WESTON William          Corn Dealer              High St, Eton                 
 WETHERED Edwin          Linen/Woollen Drapers    Queens Sq, High Wycombe       
 WETHERED Sophia         Old Kings Arms           Wooburn                       
 WETHERED Thos. & Sons   Brewers                  Great Marlow                  
 WHEELER Abraham         Basket Maker             Bristle Hill, Buckingham      
 WHEELER Chas            Baker                    Temple St, Aylesbury          
 WHEELER James           Baker                    Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 WHEELER James           Basket Maker             North End, Buckingham         
 WHEELER Robert          Grocer &c                Bourbon St, Aylesbury         
 WHEELER Robt.& Sons     Bankers/Brewers          High St, High Wycombe         
 WHICHELLO Ferdinand     Hair Dresser             Fenny-Stratford               
 WHITE & Son             Blacking Makers          Chesham                       
 WHITE Archibald         Conveyancer              Great Missenden               
 WHITE Archibald         Conveyancer              High St, High Wycombe         
 WHITE George            Angel Inn                Long Crendon                  
 WHITE George            Grocer/Cheesemonger      Langley                       
 WHITE Henry             Baker/Mealman            Queens Sq, High Wycombe       
 WHITE John              Draper/Agent             Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 WHITE John              Cabinet Maker            Bridge St, Buckingham         
 WHITE John              Upholsterer &c           Well St, Buckingham           
 WHITE John              Grocer/Cheesemonger      Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 WHITE Joseph            Pastrycook               High St, Chesham              
 WHITE Joseph            Baker                    High St, High Wycombe         
 WHITE Levy              Boot & Shoemaker         Oxford St, Great Marlow       
 WHITE Mark              Grocer/Cheesemonger      Chenies                       
 WHITE Richard           Antelope Inn             Market Pl, High Wycombe       
 WHITE Thos.             Carpenter                Castle St, Aylesbury          
 WHITE Wm.               Draper                   Kingsbury St, Aylesbury       
 WHITE Wm.               Red Cow                  Buckingham Pl, Aylesbury      
 WHITE Wm.               Three Cups               Well St, Buckingham           
 WHITE Wm.               Agent                    Silver St, Newport Pagnell    
 WHITE Wm.               Plumber/Glazier          Tickford End, Newport Pagnell 
 WHITE Wm.               Baker                    New Land, High Wycombe        
 WHITECHURCH Caroline    Draper                   Wendover                      
 WHITEHART Wm.           Butcher                  High St, Chesham              
 WHITEHOUSE Josh         Coal Merchant            Walton St, Aylesbury          
 WHITHE Wm.              Reg.BDM Newport Dist.    Silver St, Newport Pagnell    
 WHITING Wm.             Butcher                  Market Pl, Stony Stratford    
 WHITLOCK George         Shoemaker                Fenny-Stratford               
 WHITLOCK James          Timber Merchant          Dagnell Ln, Olney             
 WHITLOCK Josh.          Linen/Woollen Draper     High St, Olney                
 WHITMALL John           Tinman & Brazier         High St, Chesham              
 WHITMARSH J.            Smith/Farrier            Cookham                       
 WHITMEE Samuel          Castle Inn               High St, Olney                
 WHITMEE Wm.             Baker                    High St, Olney                
 WIDDOWS Wm.             Three Cranes Inn         St.John St, Newport Pagnell   
 WIDGINGTON S.           Chair Maker              St.Mary St, High Wycombe      
 WIDGINGTON T.           Timber Merchant          St.Mary St, High Wycombe      
 WIGG P.                 Grocer/Carpenter         Cookham                       
 WIGGENTON John          Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Eton                 
 WIGGINS Joseph          Whip Maker               Colnbrook                     
 WIGGINS M.              Grocer/Cheesemonger      Colnbrook                     
 WIGGINS R.              Boot & Shoemaker         New Land, High Wycombe        
 WIGGINTON Wm.           General Dealer           Spital St, Great Marlow       
 WIGLEY Henry            Stationer/Printer        Winslow                       
 WIGLEY Mrs.             Milliner/Dress Maker     Winslow                       
 WILCOX Jane             Butcher                  Fenny-Stratford               
 WILDING R.              Boot & Shoemaker         Bridge St, Newport Pagnell    
 WILES Geo.              Stone Mason              Wolverton End, Stony Stratford
 WILFORD C.J.& W.        Plumbers/Glaziers        Silver St, Newport Pagnell    
 WILFORD Chas.           Beer Retailer            West End, Newport Pagnell     
 WILFORD J.N.            Butcher                  High St, Stony Stratford      
 WILFORD Jonah           Shopkeeper               West End, Newport Pagnell     
 WILKINSON BEASANT WLKSN Coal Merchants           Wolverton Wf, Stony Stratford 
 WILKINSON J.            Bookseller/Stationer     High St, Eton                 
 WILLIAMS E.P.           Bookseller/Stationer     High St, Eton                 
 WILLIAMS J.             Agent/Corn Dealer        Windsor St, Beaconsfield      
 WILLIAMS Jas.           Bricklayer/Builder       Canal, High Wycombe           
 WILLIAMS John           Reg.of BDM               Burnham                       
 WILLIAMS John           Beer Retailer            High St, Chesham              
 WILLIAMSON C.           Vet.Surgeon/Smith        Beaconsfield                  
 WILLIAMSON Geo.         Baker                    Silver St, Aylesbury          
 WILLIAMSON Mary         Bull                     Wooburn                       
 WILLIAMSON William      Red Lion                 Stoke Green                   
 WILLIS Charles & Son    Solicitors               Winslow                       
 WILLIS Chas.            Agent                    Winslow                       
 WILLISON John           Cabinet Maker            Walton St, Aylesbury          
 WILLMER Geo.            Painter/Glazier          High St, Stony Stratford      
 WILLMER Mrs.            Milliner/Dress Maker     St.Giles St, Stony Stratford  
 WILLMORE E.             Builder/Cabinet Maker    Market Sq, Buckingham         
 WILLMORE John           Draper                   Great Missenden               
 WILSON Geo.             Tailor                   High St, Stony Stratford      
 WILSON John             Saddle & Harness Maker   Amersham                      
 WILSON Josiah           Plasterer/Beer Retailer  Whitchurch                    
 WILSON M.E.             Chemist & Druggist       Amersham                      
 WILSON Thomas           Baker                    Haddenham                     
 WILSON William Henry    George                   High St, Eton                 
 WILSON Wm.              Crown Commercial Inn     Amersham                      
 WILSON Wm. Jun          Carpenter/Joiner         Long Crendon                  
 WINCH James             Grocer/Cheesemonger      Burnham                       
 WINGROVE Daniel         Marine Store Dealer      Chesham                       
 WINGROVE James          Linen Draper             Wooburn                       
 WINGROVE Thomas         Rose & Crown             Wooburn                       
 WINMEN Wm.              Farmer &c                Bristle Hill, Buckingham      
 WINMILL John            Queens Head              Wing                          
 WINMILL Thomas          Wheelwright              Wing                          
 WINSLOW Robert          Miller                   Prince's Risborough           
 WINTER John St.Thos.    Surgeon                  Winslow                       
 WIPPEM William          Grocer/Cheesemonger      Wing                          
 WITNEY & SOWERBY        Carpenters               Stoke Green                   
 WOOD Nathaniel          Tailor                   Bourbon St, Aylesbury         
 WOODBRIDGE J.           Beer Retailer            New Land, High Wycombe        
 WOODBRIDGE Thomas       Tailor                   Amersham                      
 WOODCRAFT William       Tea Dealer               Slough & Salt Hill            
 WOODFORD Thomas         Butcher                  Back St, Aylesbury            
 WOODHAMS Wickens        Brickmaker               Cowcroft, Chesham             
 WOODING Ann             Dress Maker              Prebend End, Buckingham       
 WOODLEY Geo.            The Tankard              West End, Newport Pagnell     
 WOODMAN Geo.            Plumber &c               Castle St, Aylesbury          
 WOODMAN Robert          Baker                    Green End, Aylesbury          
 WOODMAN Thomas          Schoolmaster             Whitchurch                    
 WOODMAN Wm.             Printer/Beer Retailer    Back St, Aylesbury            
 WOODROFFE James         Butcher                  Wendover                      
 WOODROFFE Josh.         Chemist/Druggist         Market Pl, Olney              
 WOODRUFF P.             The Bull                 Ivor                          
 WOODS James             Miller                   Whitchurch                    
 WOODS Nicholas          Grocer                   Slough & Salt Hill            
 WOOSTER Charles         Beer Retailer            Canal, High Wycombe           
 WOOSTER John            Beer Retailer            Canal, High Wycombe           
 WOOTON John             Buckingham Arms Inn      Great Missenden               
 WOOTON Miss             Dressmaker               Fenny-Stratford               
 WOOTTEN W.& H.          Boot & Shoemaker         High St, Great Marlow         
 WOOTTON A.              Saddler/Harness Maker    Pauls Row, High Wycombe       
 WOOTTON James           Saddle & Harness Maker   Market Sq, Aylesbury          
 WOOTTON Thomas          Bear Inn                 Walton St, Aylesbury          
 WORLEY E. Augustine     Solicitor                High St, Stony Stratford      
 WORLEY T.               Solicitor Gas Co.        High St, Stony Stratford      
 WORLEY Thos.            Duke of York             High St, Olney                
 WORRALL George          Millwright               Chenies                       
 WRIGHT & WARD           Attorneys                High St, Great Marlow         
 WRIGHT Charles          Beer Retailer            Ivor                          
 WRIGHT Chas.            Grocer/Cheesemonger      Beaconsfield                  
 WRIGHT E.               Queens Head              Taplow                        
 WRIGHT George Baker     Grocer/Cheesemonger      Chesham                       
 WRIGHT James            Beer Retailer            Wooburn                       
 WRIGHT Mark             Boot & Shoemaker         Slough & Salt Hill            
 WRIGHT P.               Grocer/Tallow Chandler   Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 WRIGHT S.N.             Paper Maker              Wooburn Town Mill, Wooburn    
 WRIGHT Sarah            Straw Hat Maker          Oxford Rd, High Wycombe       
 WRIGHT Thomas           Carpenter/Builder        Chesham                       
 WRIGHT Thomas           Miller                   Amy Mill, Chesham             
 WRIGHT Thos.            Grocer/Pawnbroker        West St, Great Marlow         
 WRIGHT Thos.            Grocer &c                High St, High Wycombe         
 WRIGHT W.& Joseph       Paper Manuf              Great Marlow                  
 WYATT Benj.             Poultryman               Church St, Chesham            
 WYATT Chas.             Pastry Cook/Conf.        Silver St, Aylesbury          
 WYATT Frederick         Original Coach Office    High St, Great Marlow         
 WYATT J.                Fruiterer &c             Cookham                       
 WYATT Thos.             Horns                    Chapel St, Great Marlow       
 WYATT Thos.             Carrier                  Chapel St, Great Marlow       
 WYATT William           Coach Prop./Posting Hse. Chesham                       
 WYKES John              Whitesmith               High St, Olney                
 WYNDHAM William         Magistrate               Great Marlow                  
 YATES W.                Auctioneer/Builder       Tickford End, Newport Pagnell 
 YATES William           Plough                   Bow Brickhill                 
 YATMAN John             Grocer                   Pauls Row, High Wycombe       
 YEATS Wm.               George Inn               Tickford End, Newport Pagnell 
 YELDHAM T.              Grocer/Cheesemonger      Cookham                       
 YOUENS Josh.            Coach & Horses           High St, High Wycombe         
 YOUENS R.& M.           Basket Makers            White Hart St, High Wycombe   
 YOUENS Robert           Eating House             Market Pl, High Wycombe       
 YOUENS Thos.            Basket Maker             Pauls Row, High Wycombe       
 YOUNG J.                Rope/Twine/Sacking Manuf High St, High Wycombe         
 YOUNG John              Tailor                   Wing                          
 YOUNG John              Maltster                 White Hart St, High Wycombe   
 YOUNGMAN Edward         Linen Draper             Pauls Row, High Wycombe