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1665 william waldron charlton wantage brk PCC will 10505
will of william waldron of charlton in the parish of wantage, yeoman dated 28 june 1663
weak in body
to the poor of charlton 10s
to my brother robert waldron 20s
to my cozen elizabeth waldron daughter of my brother thomas waldron 20s
to my neece jane hidden als clidgwell 10s
to my nephew richard bacon 20s, and to my nephew william waldron son of my said brother thomas waldron 20s
all the above to be paid within one year
to my nephew john hidden, als cledgewell one of my cows which my executor shall think fit
to anne my loving wife the use of my household stuff for her life and after her death to be given to my nephew, john smart and anne his now wife or the surivior of them or of any issue of them which shall be then living according to an agreement tripartite bearing date 26 june 1658 made between me and of the 1st part and thomas smart father of the said john smart of the 2nd part and john smart and ann his now wife by the name of ann mathewes of the 3rd part. but if john smart and anne his wife and their issue die before my wife then the household stuff to belong to my wife absolutly.
to anne my wife for her life my house and close and string[?] of gorund in the little bury and 3 1/2 acres of land in charlton field which i purchased of mr lyford of sherborne for the term of 70 years from the day of my death. the reversion to go to john smart and anne his said wife and the survivor of them until their son william smart reaches the age of 21 years ( from which time he is to enjoy premises). if william smart dies before the age of 21 years then the premisies are to revert to such other child of john and anne smart as and when such other child reaches the age of 21 years.
if all the children of john and anne die beofre the age of 21 years then to john and anne for 60 years if they shall live so long.
my bequest of the said premises to be in full satisfaction of the sum of £50 agreed in the said indenture to be paid to john and anne smart on the death of my wife, and in satisfaction for not putting the life of john smart in my copyhold messuage and lands holden of the manor of pryors hold according to the said agreement.
the residue of my estate both real and perosnal to anne my wife who is sole executrix. revokes all former wills [testator makes his mark]
witnesses; john cox, william barr
probate 14 december 1665 to anna waldron relict and executrix named in the will
(1665 folio 160, prob 11/318)

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