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1719 richard coxhead hungerford brk dean of sarum bond inv 10620
bond and inventory: richard coxhead yeoman of hungerford
1) bond dated 20 june 1719
nos: jonathan coxhead (signs) of hungerford, berks, renter(?), and joseph mackrell of hungerford berks, renter(?)
admon to jonathan coxhead brother
2) inventory
taken 23 may 1719 by brother robert holloway of hobgrass farm and joseph mackerell of sanden fee (both sign) (mackrell in signiture)
goods and chattals of richard coxhead, late of hungerford, berks, yeoman deceased, son of jonathan coxhead the elder of hungerford deceased
apparell and money £4
his part of goods and chattels of late jonathan coxhead £463
debts seperat £113
debts desperat £5
total £586

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