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1666 sunamite waldron baydon wil dean of sarum will inv 10910
will and inventory of sunamight waldron of baydon widow
1) will
probate granted to robert waldron 1 may 1666
will dated 22 march 1665
to son edward waldron
to daughter prisela waldron
to daughter mary waldron
son moyses waldron
daughter ann stroud
daughter susana grende
son robert residue and executor
neighbour robert fynch and my son benjamin stroud overseers
[testator makes mark]
witnesses: robert fynch, benjamin (x) stroud [distinctive mark]
2) inventory
dated 16 march 1666
taken by robet fynch of baydon
thomas gifford of baydon
benjamin stroud of baydon
[RF signs, TG makes mark, BS makes distinctive mark]

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