Darley Abbey - by Daniel and Samuel Lysons, 1817

Transcription by Barbarann Ayars © 2002
[Included with Lyson's Magna Britannia Vol 5: Derbyshire, page 101: DERBY]
Derley, called, and of late years generally written, Darley, lies about a mile north of Derby; in some ancient records it is called Little-Derby. The foundation and revenues of the abbey at this place have been already spoken of. There are scarcely any remains of the monastic buildings, which appear to have been sold piece-meal, for the purpose of demolition, immediately after the surrender. Robert Sacheverell, Esq., who took possession of the site as keeper of the abbey estate for the crown, purchased the materials. The church with its aisles, the Lady's chapel, St. Sythe's chapel, and the altars, candlesticks, organs, paving, timbers, gravestones, with the metal on them, the roofs, etc. were valued to him at 26 pounds . The site was granted, in 1541, to Sir William West, who altered some of the conventual buildings, or built a new house thereon for his own residence: Darley abbey is mentioned as one of his seats in the Heralds' Visitation of 1569. His son sold it in 1574 to John Bullock, Esq. The Bullocks built the abbey house, and continued to possess the abbey estate about fourscore years. Thomas Goodbehere, who acquired it by two several purchases, made in 1654 and 1656, left three daughters, coheiresses. The Alestreys purchased the greater part of the manor and the hall in 1672 and 1675, and resided some time at Darley. William Wolley Esq. of Derby, purchased the hall in 1709, and afterwards the manor; he rebult the hall in 1727. After being some time in the family of Wolley, this estate became the property of Mr. Heath, a banker in Derby, on the sale of whose estates it was purschased by the late Robert Holden, Esq., and is now under his will the property of his relation of the same name, who resides at Darley-abbey.

At Darley, which is become a populous village, are a cotton mill, paper mill, and red lead mill, belonging to Messr. Evans and Co. Darley-hall, a modern mansion, is the residence of Walter Evans, Esq.

[From Lysons Topographical and Historical Account of Derbyshire, 1817.
Transcription kindly donated by Barbarann AYARS, 19-24th January 2002]