Francis Eyre, Esq. of Hassop-hall, Derbyshire


Extract from Lysons' Topographical and Historical Account of Derbyshire, 1817 (Magna Britannia Vol 5)

Transcribed by Barbarann AyYARS © 2000
Extract from Nobility of the County:

Upon the death of the late Earl of Newburgh, without issue, that Scottish title being inheritable through heirs female, Francis Eyre, Esq. of Hassop-hall, assumed it, as being the son of Lady Mary, younger daughter and co-heiress of Charlotte, Countess of Newburgh, by Charles Radcliffe, a younger son of Francis, Earl of Derwentwater; Prince Justiniani, son of the elder daughter, being incapable of inheriting as an alien. Francis Eyre is the immediate descendant of Stephen Eyre, a younger son of Ralph Eyre, Esq., of Padley, who settled at Hassop in the reign of Henry VII.

Arms: Quarterly, 1 and 4. Eeyre. 2: Radcliffe. 3. Argent on a Bend, G. between three gillie flowers, slipped, Proper, an anchor of the first, all within a double tressure, Vert. Livingston.

Crest of Livingston: A moor's head, couped at the shoulder, Proper, banded, Gules and Argent, with pendant at the ears, of the last. This crest is borne together with those of Eyre and Radcliffe.

Supporters: On the dexter side, a savage man; on the sinister, a horse, Argent, caparisoed, Gules.

[From Lysons Topographical and Historical Account of Derbyshire, 1817.
Transcription kindly donated by Barbarann AYARS, 30th Dec 2000]