South Normanton Parish Records, Derbyshire.

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Burials 1800 to 1840.

Transcribed by Carol Ryan © 2007


This web page lists South Normanton Burials extracted from both Parish Records and Bishops Transcripts.
28 September 1800John Tagg, aged 70TAGG
9 October 1800Ann Toplis, an old womanTOPLIS
3 January 1801Thos spur son of Sarah FletcherFLETCHER
1 February 1801Mary wife of John PurdyPURDY
21 February 1801Elizabeth da of Ralph & Elizabeth Was aged 28WAS
12 April 1801Joseph Naylor aged 11NAYLOR
15 April 1801Richard son of Charles & Mary MarriottMARRIOTT
25 May 1801Mary da of Jn & Martha KyteKYTE
26 July 1801Joseph Cook aged ?COOK
28 August 1801Wm son of Jn & Mary Boot aged 23BOOT
7 September 1801Thos son of Josh & Ruth Clark aged 24CLARK
13 September 1801Robert Eyre aged 75EYRE
30 September 1801Mary Hall a widow aged 68HALL
5 November 1801Sarah da of Edw & Rebecca MoaksMOAKS
11 November 1801Martha da of Mary Moore aged 24MOORE
8 January 1802William son of James & Sarah SlaterSLATER
19 April 1802Martha wife of John KyteKYTE
19 April 1802Francis son of Jn Kyte an infantKYTE
27 April 1802Ann wife of Thos Gent aged 55GENT
30 April 1802Thomas Wilkinson aged 85WILKINSON
12 May 1802Ann Moaks a widow aged 92MOAKS
10 July 1802Elizabeth wife of Josh WilsonWILSON
28 November 1802Charlotte spur dau of Catherine ElliottELLIOTT
5 December 1802Robert Hollingsworth aged 82HOLLINGSWORTH
17 January 1803Eliz wife of Thos Robinson aged 72ROBINSON
7 February 1803?? Wife of Lancelot Nallor?NALLOR?
14 February 1803Thos Marriott aged 77MARRIOTT
18 February 1803Mary dau of Jonathan and Ann Gaskin aged 2GASKIN
20 February 1803Mary wife of Thos Booth aged 48BOOTH
18 March 1803Sam son of Henry and Mary ClarkCLARK
25 March 1803Thos son of Wm and Mary MarriottMARRIOTT
3 May 1803Rebecca dau of Francis and Ann KyteKYTE
9 May 1803Job son of Thos Booth aged 20BOOTH
25 May 1803Ruben son of Charles and Mary MarriottMARRIOTT
25 May 1803Andrew Witham aged 70WITHAM
26 May 1803John Spencer aged 53SPENCER
7 September 1803Ruth wife of Jos(h) Clark aged 52CLARK
24 October 1803Hannah wife of Jos(h) BarrowcliffeBARROWCLIFFE
4 December 1803Wm Goodall, an old manGOODALL
17 December 1803Mary wife of Jn Marriott aged 67MARRIOTT
2 January 1804Joseph Cook son of Jn & Elizabeth, a childCOOK
4 January 1804Joseph spur son of Ann Gill aged 17GILL
8 January 1804Wm son of Wm and Catherine Ball, an infant.BALL
18 January 1804Jos(h) son of Ant. And Elizabeth Ball aged 18BALL
14 February 1804Ralph Wass aged 64WASS
29 February 1804Patience wife of Henry Shaw aged 47SHAW
14 April 1804John Gaskin aged 61GASKIN
18 April 1804John Marriott aged 63 FarmerMARRIOTT
18 May 1804Rebecca Gaskin aged 67 widowGASKIN
30 May 1804Sarah da of Josh Barrowcliffe aged 18BARROWCLIFFE
8 June 1804Jos(h) son of Jos(h) and Mary Theakson. Inf.THEAKSON
4 August 1804Josh Marriott of Folewood died in the Parish of Pinxton aged 48MARRIOTT
7 Sept 1804Sarah wife of Jn Marriott aged 80MARRIOTT
24 Sept 1804Frederick Eaton an infantEATON
1803/1804Ann Simpson aged 70 a widowSIMPSON
1803/104George son of Mary Spencer aged 18SPENCER
1803/1804Matt son of Jn & Ann Clarke aged 34CLARKE
1803/1804Samuel Swain aged 70SWAIN
1803/1804Eli Amos aged 51AMOS
1803/1804Thos Ball aged 70BALL
9 January 1805Jane dau of Joseph and Mary Eyre aged 3EYRE
5 February 1805John Marriott aged 90MARRIOTT
9 February 1805Mary wife of Jn Melbourne aged 46MELBOURNE
16 February 1805Rebecca wife of Edw Moaks aged 35MOAKS
24 February 1805Grace Ball aged 64 a widowBALL
27 February 1805Eliza dau of Wm & Sarah Goodall infant. (could be Jn?)GOODALL
3 March 1805Wm son of George & Sarah Smedley aged 18SMEDLEY
5 March 1805Robt spur son of Elizabeth MoaksMOAKS
2 April 1805Jn son of Sam & Ruth Gaskin aged 19GASKIN
12 April 1805Martha wife of Jn Eyre aged 67EYRE
12 June 1805James son of Charles & Martha WeightmanWEIGHTMAN
9 December 1805Ann wife of ? Neek aged 26NEEK
3 Feb 1806Robt son of Robt and Ann Hind aged 22HIND
9 March 1806Elizabeth spurious dau of Ann BallBALL
6 April 1806Mary dau of John and Ann Boot aged 2BOOT
12 May 1806Edward son of Edward Moaks aged 12MOAKS
21 May 1806Wm son of John & Ann Boot aged 2BOOT
25 May 1806Robt Wild aged 66 from Dirty HucknallWILD
18 June 1806Eliza dau of Charles and Sarah Slater aged 3SLATER
14 August 1806Ann wife of Wm Fox aged 62FOX
19 August 1806Hannah wife of Thomas Moore aged 53MOORE
13 September 1806John son of John MelbourneMELBOURNE
11 October 1806Mary spur dau of Elizabeth Jepson an infantJEPSON
12 October 1806Elizabeth West aged 93WEST
21 November 1806Wm son of Thos Moore aged 22MOORE
2 January 1807Jane dau of Sarah Cooke aged 38COOKE
15 Febuary 1807Elizabeth Thornhill aged 83THORNHILL
7 April 1807Jarvis Matthews aged 78MATTHEWS
15 May 1807Elizabeth wife of Edw Bentley aged 75BENTLEY
20 May 1807Elizabeth Goundhill aged 32GOUNDHILL
21 June 1807Thos Gent of Golden Valley aged 38GENT
23 June 1807Ruth wife of John Bomford aged 22BOMFORD
4 August 1807Phebe dau of Elizabeth Gent of Golden Valley aged 2GENT
20 August 1807?? Dau of Matt & Sarah Wooam an infantWOOAM
28 October 1807Hannah dau of Elizabeth Gent of Golden Valley an infantGENT
12 November 1807Daniel spur son of Elizabeth NeedhamNEEDHAM
16 November 1807Ann wife of Sam Housley aged 42HOUSLEY
22 December 1807Harriett dau of John & Elizabeth Cook an infantCOOK
30 December 1807Francis Norwood aged 43NORWOOD
29 December 1807John spur son of Elizabeth Moaks an infantMOAKS
8 January 1808Wm Norwood aged 54NORWOOD
17 February 1808Ann wife of Isaac Foster aged 58FOSTER
25 March 1808Wm son of John & Ann Jepson infantJEPSON
24 April 1808Anthony Lee aged 54 school masterLEE
18 May 1808Frances dau of Francis & Ann KyteKYTE
12 July 1808Thos son of Thos & Elizabeth Jepson aged 26JEPSON
12 July 1808Ann wife of Robt Hind aged 51HIND
12 August 1808John Hollingworth from Riddings, Alfreton aged 23HOLLINGWORTH
19 Sept 1808John son of John & Sarah Brown an infantBROWN
15 October 1808Ruth wife of Isaac Frost aged 30FROST
12 November 1808Ann dau of James & Sarah Slater aged 22SLATER
13 November 1808Charles Thorpe aged 33THORPE
23 November 1808Mary dau of Thomas & Sarah Boot inf.BOOT
23 November 1808Sarah dau of Matt & Sarah Wood infant.WOOD
1 January 1809Mary Wilkinson a widow aged 85WILKINSON
10 January 1809Benjamin Goodman, an old manGOODMAN
20 February 1809Thomas & John sons of Sam & Elizabeth Marriott, infantsMARRIOTT
?? 1809?? Of Hannah GentGENT
Note: The rest of 1809 is missing
20 January 1810Ann dau of Michael & Sarah Whitaker aged 4WHITAKER
24 January 1810Rose wife of Wm Hooson aged 38HOOSON
18 February 1810John Flint aged 85FLINT
3 March 1810Hannah da of George and Elizabeth BentBENT
4 March 1810Matt spur son of Eliz MelbourneMELBOURNE
7 March 1810Thos Jespon aged 69JESPON
1 April 1810Mary Moore widow aged 57MOORE
10 April 1810Hannah Ball singlewoman aged 71BALL
19 April 1810Rachel Cook dau of Thos and Ann infantCOOK
7 May 1810Elizabeth Melbourne dau of John aged 22MELBOURNE
13 June 1810Wm Fox aged 68FOX
28 July 1810James Flint spur son of Elizabeth infantFLINT
2 August 1810Wm Barratt aged 56BARRATT
26 August 1810Mary Roe dau of John aged 9ROE
31 August 1810Mary Boot wife of John aged 64BOOT
4 September 1810Wm Roe son of John and Mary aged 24ROE
11 September 1810Felix Wild widow from Chesterfield aged 72WILD
11 September 1810Maria Wass dau of Wm & Ann aged 8WASS
16 September 1810Charles Mountjoy son of George and ElizabethMOUNTJOY
11 October 1810Sarah Cook dau of Thomas and Ann aged 10COOK
11 October 1810Ruth Cook dau of Thomas and Ann aged 5COOK
12 October 1810Sarah Woodwood aged 76WOODWOOD
16 October 1810Charlotte Cook dau of Thomas & Ann aged 6COOK
18 October 1810Joseph Cook son of Thomas & Ann aged 4COOK
18 October 1810Wm Wass son of Wm & Ann aged 10WASS
20 October 1810Lucy Kyte spur dau of Sarah aged 5KYTE
22 October 1810William Haslan son of Richard and Ann aged 5HASLAN
23 October 1810Hannah Cook dau of Thomas & Ann aged 7COOK
30 October 1810Sarah Sampson dau of Wm & Dorothy aged 7SAMPSON
30 October 1810John Bradder son of Joseph and Ann aged 1 yearBRADDER
22 November 1810John Whitaker son of Michael and Sarah aged 14WHITAKER
10 December1810Martha Marriott dau of John and Elizabeth aged 4MARRIOTT
23 January 1811Margaret Heather? Widow aged 84HEATHER?
28 January 1811Martha Holland wife of Matthew aged 45HOLLAND
10 March 1811Hannah Gaskin dau of James & Ann aged I yearGASKIN
13 March 1811John Daws son of Joseph and Alice aged 5DAWS
4 April 1811Joseph Bowler aged 74BOWLER
6 May 1811Thos Gent aged 66GENT
10 May 1811Frances Riley (Piley?) dau of Wm and Frances, InfRILEY (PILEY?)
12 May 1811D'ewes Coke, Rector of this place died at ? on 12 April 1811 aged 64COKE
7 June 1811Thomas Ball son of Joseph and Ann aged 1 yearBALL
23 June 1811John Eyre aged 77EYRE
3 July 1811Jamina Gill dau of Wm and Ann aged 3GILL
8 July 1811Thos Beardsmore son of John & Mary aged 2BEARDSMORE
7 August 1811William Lomas son of Ralph and Elizabeth aged 1 yearLOMAS
13 August 1811Elizabeth Brown dau of John and Sarah, Inf.BROWN
16 August 1811Elizabeth Everingham wife of Samuel aged 82EVERINGHAM
10 September 1811William Wilkinson aged 61WILKINSON
12 October 1811Charlotte Ball dau of Anthony and Elizabeth from GreasleyBALL
20 October 1811Sarah Wass wife of RalphWASS
6 November 1811Saml Ball aged 78BALL
9 November 1811John Mellow aged 82MELLOW
24 November 1811Frances Wass dau of Ralph, infant/WASS
14 December 1811Saml Daws son of Joseph and Alice, infantDAWS
22 December 1811Wm Johnson Slater son of the late Ann aged 7 yearsSLATER
16 February 1812Samuel Hollingworth from Riddings, Alfreton.HOLLINGWORTH
20 February 1812Elizabeth Wilkinson wife of John aged 82WILKINSON
1 April 1812Elizabeth Flint wife of Thomas aged 42FLINT
7 April 1812Sarah Robinson wife of John aged 76ROBINSON
12 April 1812Mary Truman wife of Thomas and dau of John & Mary Slater buried at Blackwell aged 62TRUMAN
20 April 1812Elizabeth Parsons illig. Dau of Sarah by Thomas Moakes aged 3PARSONS
13 May 1812Saml Wainwright son of James & CharlotteWAINWRIGHT
14 May 1812Saml Bamford son of John & Ann. InfBAMFORD
14 May 1812Thomas Parsons illigetimate son of Sarah by Thomas Moakes, Infant.PARSONS
5 June 1812Mary Brown wife of John and dau of Stephen & Ann Wright burial at Alfreton aged 53BROWN
16 July 1812Jonathan Gaskin son of Richard and Ann aged 53GASKIN
11 August 1812Sarah Mellor illeg. Dau of Elizabeth by John Cross, Inf.MELLOR
28 December 1812Lucy Brader dau of Joseph and Ann, Inf.BRADER
17 January 1813Ann Ball, Sth Normanton, aged 40BALL
1 February 1813Wm Wass, Sth Normanton, The Rose Inn aged 72WASS
16 March 1813Dennis Roe, Sth Normanton, InfROE
3 April 1813Samuel Wainwright, Sth Normanton, InfWAINWRIGHT
13 May 1813Lucy Marriott, Sth Normanton, InfMARRIOTT
27 May 1813Ann Moakes, Sth Normanton, aged 71MOAKES
9 June 1813Mary Brown, Sth Normanton, aged 25BROWN
10 July 1813John illeg of Ann Hardy and Rbt Haslem of Sutton in Ashfield. InfHARDY / HASLEM
27 July 1813Mary Marriott, Sth Normanton, aged 37MARRIOTT
13 August 1813Samuel Calice, Sth Normanton, aged 33CALICE
8 October 1813Thomas Boot, Sth Normanton, InfBOOT
23 October 1813William Bamford, Sth Normanton, InfBAMFORD
9 November 1813Sarah Bamford, Sth Normanton, aged 29BAMFORD
16 November 1813Charles Daws, Sth Normanton, infDAWS
26 November 1813Elizabeth Slater, Sth Normanton, aged 30SLATER
30 December 1813Ester Bowler, Sth Normanton, aged 69BOWLER
9 January 1814John Marriott, Newmarket North Wingfield, aged 43MARRIOTT
13 January 1814Ann Freeman, Sth Normanton, InfFREEMAN
22 January 1814Ruth Mellors, Sth Normanton, aged 83MELLORS
6 February 1814Joseph Robinson ,Sth Normanton, InfROBINSON
27 February 1814Robert Smith, Sth Normanton, aged 19SMITH
1 March 1814David Gaskin, Sth Normanton, InfGASKIN
10 March 1814William Moore, Sth Normanton, InfMOORE
24 March 1814Thomas Smith, Sth Normanton, InfSMITH
24 March 1814Thomas Richards, Sth Normanton, aged 58RICHARDS
25 May 1814Sarah Jepson, Sth Normanton, aged 2JEPSON
6 June 1814Lavina Hardy, Sth Normanton, aged 1HARDY
21 June 1814John Robinson, Sth Normanton, aged 77ROBINSON
21 June 1814Hannah West, Sth Normanton, InfWEST
26 June 1814Ann Brown, Sth Normanton, InfBROWN
28 June 1814Elizabeth Brooks, Sth Normanton, aged 1BROOKS
6 July 1814Hannah West, Sth Normanton, aged 26WEST
14 September 1814Edward Bentley, Sth Normanton, aged 82BENTLEY
16 September 1814Samuel Adams, Sth Normanton, InfADAMS
24 September 1814Ann Boot, Sth Normanton, InfBOOT
17 October 1814Martha Stones, Sth Normanton, InfSTONES
24 October 1814Andrew Hodson, Sth Normanton, 75HODSON
3 November 1814Joseph Buxton, Sth Normanton, aged 71BUXTON
13 November 1814John Freeman, Sth Normanton, InfFREEMAN
29 November 1814Geo Hardy, Sth Normanton, aged 62HARDY
4 December 1814John Hardy, Sth Normanton, aged 74HARDY
15 December 1814Joseph Moakes, Golden Valley, aged 46/47MOAKES
28 December 1814John Melbourn, Somercotes, Alfreton, aged 62MELBOURN
26 January 1815John Wilkinson, Pinxton aged 84WILKINSON
28 January 1815Godfrey Marriott, Sth Normanton, aged 64 (interred at Pinxton)MARRIOTT
8 Febuary 1815Sarah Slater Sth Normanton, aged 55SLATER
16 February 1815John Lomas, Sth Normanton, aged 46LOMAS
8 March 1815Elizabeth Flint, Birchwood, aged 23FLINT
13 May 1815Francis West, Sth Normanton, InfWEST
24 June 1815Hannah Boot, Sth Normanton, InfBOOT
6 Sept 1815John Cook, Sth Normanton, aged 47COOK
6 October 1815Mary illegitimate of Sarah Norwood by Edward Butler, South Normanton. InfNORWOOD / BUTLER
24 October 1815Samuel Smith, Sth Normanton, InfSMITH
1 December 1815Sarah Ball, Sth Normanton, InfBALL
9 December 1815Elizabeth Wass, Sth Normanton , InfWASS
28 December 1815Charles Ball, Sth Normanton, aged 36BALL
13 February 1816Mary Spencer, Sth Normanton, aged 64SPENCER
19 February 1816Jane Allen, Sth Normanton, InfALLEN
7 March 1816William Davis, Sth Normanton, aged 56DAVIS
9 March 1816Elizabeth Godber, Sutton in Ashfield, aged 67GODBER
9 March 1816Samuel Everingham, South Normanton, aged 81EVERINGHAM
23 April 1816Thos Stainrod, Alfreton, aged 78STAINROD
5 May 1816John son of ? & Phebe Haywood, Sth Normanton, InfHAYWOOD
6 May 1816Elizabeth da of Isaac & Ann Ball, Sth Normanton, InfBALL
12 May 1816William Ball, Sth Normanton, aged 48BALL
12 May 1816Luke son of Thomas & Mary Moakes, Sth Normanton InfMOAKES
15 May 1816Hannah da of Isaac & Ann Jepson, Sth Normanton, InfJEPSON
29 May 1816Sarah da of Wm & Hannah Brooks, Sth Normanton, InfBROOKS
4 October 1816Mary da of Robert Jepson, Sth Normanton, aged 27JEPSON
14 November 1816Martha Housley, Sth Normanton, aged 75HOUSLEY
25 November 1816Thomas Gent, Sth Normanton, aged ?? MonthsGENT
29 January 1817James Hollingworth, Sth Normanton, InfHOLLINGWORTH
12 February 1817Ruth Gaskin, South Normanton, aged 69GASKIN
15 March 1817Samuel Pool, Sth Normanton, InfPOOL
9 April 1817Hannah Norwood, Sth Normanton, aged 2NORWOOD
16 April 1817Mary Ball, Sth Normanton, InfBALL
2 June 1817Mary Ball, Sth Normanton, aged 67BALL
3 June 1817John Rowe, Sth Normanton, aged 3ROWE
5 July 1817Hannah Marriott, Sth Normanton, InfMARRIOTT
31 July 1817Fortunus Hardy, Kirkby Nottinghamshire, infHARDY
27 September 1817Abraham Kyte, Sth Normanton, InfKYTE
27 September 1817Isaac Kyte, Sth Normanton, InfKYTE
18 November 1817Elinor Edleston, Alfreton, aged 36EDLESTON
28 December 1817Elizabeth Silvester, Alfreton, aged 26SILVESTER
24 February 1818John Cope, South Normanton, Inf.COPE
1 March 1818William Brooks, Sth Normanton, InfBROOKS
4 April 1818Harriett Mokes, Sth Normanton, InfMOKES
5 April 1818John Marriott, Sth Normanton, aged 79MARRIOTT
5 April 1818Martha Marriott, Sth Normanton, aged 10MARRIOTT
5 August 1818Jonathan Hill, Sth Normanton, aged 29HILL
25 September 1818Ann Gaskin, Sth Normanton, aged 56GASKIN
22 October 1818Michael Whitaker, Sth Normanton, aged 49WHITAKER
27 October 1818George Alsop, Sth Normanton, aged 3ALSOP
16 December 1818Mary Bagg, Sth Normanton, aged 11BAGG
22 December 1818John Bettison, Sth Normanton, aged 1BETTISON
25 December 1818Edward Jepson, Sth Normanton aged 66JEPSON
6 January 1819Mary Ball, Sth Normanton, aged 1BALL
14 January 1819Sarah Foster, Sth Normanton, aged 12FOSTER
6 March 1819John Silvester, Alfreton, aged 1SILVESTER
21 March 1819Stephen Mountney, South Normanton, Inf.MOUNTNEY
24 March 1819Hannah Goodale, South Normanton, aged 81GOODALE
24 March 1819Letilia Gill, Sth Normanton, InfGILL
9 April 1819George Clark, Sth Normanton, InfCLARK
9 April 1819Edward Dacons, Sth Normanton, InfDACONS
23 April 1819Mary Mackley, Sth Normanton, aged 35 or 85MACKLEY
27 April 1819Elizabeth Moakes, Sth Normanton, aged 71MOAKES
2 May 1819Elizabeth Truman/Thomas, Sth Normanton, aged 1TRUMAN/THOMAS
2 May 1819Joseph Norwood, Sth Normanton, aged 2NORWOOD
16 October 1819Stephen Gasgoine, Sth Normanton, InfGASGOINE
3 December 1819Samuel Gent, Sth Normanton, aged 9GENT
14 December 1819Ann Clark, Pinxton, aged 81CLARK
31 December 1819Elizabeth Draydens, Sth Normanton.DRAYDENS
8 February 1820Mary Duffield, Sth Normanton, aged 66DUFFIELD
27 February 1820Robert Jepson, Sth Normanton, aged 69JEPSON
6 March 1820Ann ??lee, Sth Normanton, aged 74??LEE
26 March 1820Elizabeth Jephson, Sth Normanton, aged 71JEPHSON
30 March 1820Mary Marriott, Sth Normanton, aged 56MARRIOTT
2 May 1820J Clarke, Pinxton, aged 87CLARKE
28 May 1820Charlotte Mellor, Pinxton aged 59MELLOR
22 June 1820Joseph Stone, Sth Normanton, aged ? WeeksSTONE
22 June 1820George Mellor, Sth Normanton, aged 26MELLOR
19 August 1820Thomas Duffield, Sth Normanton, aged 74DUFFIELD
?? September 1820Hannah Shaw, Sth Normanton, aged 19SHAW
27 September 1820Samuel Bentley, Sth Normanton, aged 9BENTLEY
10 October 1820Hannah Gaskin, Sth Normanton, aged 41GASKIN
21 October 1820Mary Wass, Sth Normanton, aged 1WASS
10 January 1821Sarah W?? , Sth Normanton,W??
23 February 1821Rebecca Moaks, Sth Normanton, aged 3MOAKS
1 March 1821Mathew Bailey, Alfreton, aged 3BAILEY
10 March 1821Joseph Robson, Summercotes, InfROBSON
21 March 1821Hannah Shaw, Sth Normanton, aged 52SHAW
23 March 1821Rosannah Farnworth, Sth Normanton, aged 3 or 8 monthsFARNWORTH
8 April 1821Matthew West, Sth Normanton, aged 2WEST
12 April 1821Patience Daws, Sth Normanton, aged 25DAWS
25 June 1821Benjamin Hill, Kirkby in Ashfield, aged 66HILL
25 June 1821Harriett Daws, Sth Normanton, aged 6 monthsDAWS
18 July 1821Elizabeth West, Sth Normantom, aged 3 monthsWEST
28 September 1821John Moak? Sth Normanton, aged 57MOAK?
29 September 1821Joseph Barrowcliffe, Sth Normanton, aged 66BARROWCLIFFE
2 October 1821W.C. Shemans? Sth Normanton, aged 1 monthSHEMANS?
1 December 1821Ann Roper, Sth Normanton, aged 8ROPER
4 December 1821W Hardy, Sth Normanton, aged 30 or 50HARDY
28 December 1821John Robson, Summercotes, aged 1 monthROBSON
17 February 1822Samuel Markery? Sth Normanton, aged 1 monthMARKERY?
8 March 1822Mary Boot, Sth Normanton, aged 66BOOT
27 March 1822Thomas Moakes, Sth Normanton, aged 83MOAKES
21 April 1822Mary Saunders, Sth Normanton, aged 75SAUNDERS
29 April 1822Mary Ball, Sth Normanton, aged 2 monthsBALL
16 July 1822Elizabeth Bentley, Sth Normanton, aged 44BENTLEY
6 August 1822John Spencer, Sth Normanton, aged 42SPENCER
6 September 1822William Haywood, Sth Normanton, aged 22HAYWOOD
? October 1822Edward Ball, Sth Normanton, aged 76BALL
27 October 1822Mary Wass, Sth Normanton, aged 73WASS
5 November 1822Elizabeth Bacon, Sth Normanton, aged 58BACON
30 November 1822John Wilson, South Normanton, aged 56WILSON
29 December 1822Samuel Hollingworth, Summercotes, aged 29HOLLINGWORTH
6 January 1823Elizabeth Bamford, Sth Normanton, aged 67BAMFORD
13 January 1823Ann Stones, Sth Normanton, aged 27STONES
26 January 1823James Wainwright, Sth Normanton, aged 40WAINWRIGHT
5 February 1823Mary Aden, Sth Normanton, aged 59ADEN
6 February 1823Hannah Gent, Sth Normanton, aged 1GENT
19 February 1823Eleanor Nightingale, Birchwood, aged 3NIGHTINGALE
15 April 1823Elizabeth Foster, Sth Normanton, aged 15FOSTER
21 April 1823Martha Stone, Sth Normanton, aged 6 monthsSTONE
26 April 1823Sarah Slater Sth Normanton aged 1 monthsSLATER
31 May 1823Cleophas? Roper, Sth Normanton, aged 6ROPER
17 June 1823Lucy Ball, Sth Normanton, aged 2 monthsBALL
18 June 1823Maria Ball, Sth Normanton, aged 11 monthsBALL
2 July 1823Hanna Hodson, Sth Normanton, aged 1 yearHODSON
24 October 1823Nathaniel Purdey, Sth Normanton, aged 22PURDEY
2 March 1824Sarah Warton, Sth Normanton, aged 2 monthsWARTON
5 March 1824John Ball, Sth Normanton, aged 3 monthsBALL
9 March 1824William Marriott, Sth Normanton, aged 3 monthsMARRIOTT
12 March 1824Sarah Boweskin? Sth Normanton, aged 2BOWESKIN?
23 March 1824John Bailey, Alfreton, aged 4BAILEY
30 March 1824Sampson Clarke, Sth Normanton, aged 11 monthsCLARKE
16 May 1824Mary Ball. Sth Normanton, aged 18 monthsBALL
21 June 1824Elizabeth Bailey, Alfreton, aged 50BAILEY
28 June 1824Richard Riley, Sth Normanton, aged 22RILEY
29 June 1824Harriett Bates, Sth Normanton, aged 2BATES
11 August 1824Mary Marriott, Eagle Hill Lincolnshire, aged 68MARRIOTT
22 August 1824John Moakes, Sth Normanton, aged 20MOAKES
29 August 1824Elizabeth Alvey, Sth Normanton, aged 69ALVEY
11 October 1824Richard Gaskin, Sth Normanton, aged 2GASKIN
27 November 1824Phebe Haywood, Nottingham, aged 46HAYWOOD
26 November 1824Samuel Allomode, Sth Normanton, aged 7 daysALLOMODE
30 November 1824James Purglove, Sth Normanton, aged 44PURGLOVE
10 December 1824Matthew Eyre, Sth Normanton, aged 63EYRE
25 December 1824Thomas Stone, Sth Normanton, aged 9 weeksSTONE
13 January 1825Richard Boot, Sth Normanton, aged 8BOOT
24 February 1825Ann Slater, Riddings, aged 39SLATER
24 February 1825Martha Pursglove, Sth Normanton, aged 2PURSGLOVE
22 March 1825Martha Moaks, Sth Normanton, aged 24MOAKS
24 March 1825Carrina Simpson, Sth Normanton, aged 21 weeksSIMPSON
4 April 1825William Norwood, Sth Normanton, aged 2NORWOOD
11 April 1825Mary Hill, Sth Normanton, aged 72HILL
13 April 1825Francis Ball, Sth Normanton, aged 49BALL
17 April 1825William Brown, Sth Normanton, aged 31BROWN
20 April 1825William Farnsworth, Hucknall, aged 71FARNSWORTH
30 April 1825Jonathan Ball, Sth Normanton, aged 65BALL
13 May 1825Joseph Holland, Sth Normanton, aged 39HOLLAND
2 June 1825Mouiah ? Haywood, Sth Normanton, aged 7HAYWOOD
26 June 1825Mary Brown, Sth Normanton aged 22BROWN
10 July 1825Mary Ball, Sth Normanton, aged 77BALL
29 August 1825Robert Hind, Sth Normanton, aged 89HIND
1 September 1825Richard Harrison, Chadstone, aged 77HARRISON
1 September 1825Hezekiah Marriott, Sth Normanton, InfMARRIOTT
23 September 1825William Spencer, Sth Normanton, InfSPENCER
22 October 1825Jane Cook, Kirkby in Ashfield, aged 25COOK
24 October 1825Elizabeth Wass, Sth Normanton, aged 60WASS
9 November 1825Rosamond Hodson, Sth Normanton, InfHODSON
27 November 1825Sarah Parsons, Sommercotes, aged 1 yearPARSONS
29 November 1825David Rowe, Sth Normanton, InfROWE
30 December 1825Mary Ball, Sth Normanton, aged 48BALL
2 January 1826Hannah Wood, Sth Normanton aged 2WOOD
4 January 1826George Smedley, Sth Normanton aged 72SMEDLEY
4 January 1826Joseph Barrowcliffe, Sth Normanton, aged 2BARROWCLIFFE
8 January 1826George Purslove, Sth Normanton, aged 5PURSLOVE
13 January 1826George Bamford, Sth Normanton, aged 3BAMFORD
15 January 1826Lucy Robinson, Sth Normanton, aged 10ROBINSON
15 January 1826William Gaskin, Sth Normanton, aged 6GASKIN
15 January 1826Ann Ball, Sth Normanton, InfBALL
17 January 1826Eliza Bacon, Sth Normanton, aged 3BACON
19 January 1826Martha Brooks, Sth Normanton, aged 1BROOKS
22 January 1826Samuel Rowe, Sth Normanton, aged 1ROWE
31 January 1826Joseph Ellis, Sth Normanton, aged 1ELLIS
18 February 1826Edmund Bettison, Sth Normanton, InfBETTISON
26 February 1826Henry Shaw, Sth Normanton, aged 80 or 86SHAW
5 March 1826Samuel Valance, Sth Normanton, InfVALANCE
1 April 1826William Moakes, Sth Normanton, aged 5MOAKES
18 April 1826Sarah Moakes, Sth Normanton, aged 20MOAKES
26 April 1826Sarah Marriott, Sth Normanton, aged 20MARRIOTT
1 May 1826Eliza Bacon, Sth Normanton, InfBACON
7 May 1826Maria Jackson, Sth Normanton, InfJACKSON
18 May 1826Ann dau of John & Mary Green, Sth Normanton, InfGREEN
19 July 1826Harriot Moakes, Sth Normanton, aged 4MOAKES
23 July 1826Fanny wife of William Ryley, Sth Normanton, aged 55RYLEY
23 November 1826Hannah wife of Paul Ball aged 35 & their infant daughter named Ann in the same coffinBALL
6 December 1826Elizabeth wife of Edward Butler, Sth Normanton, aged 42BUTLER
13 December 1826Matthew Seaman, Langton Hall, Kirkby Parish, aged 76SEAMAN
22 December 1826Sarah da of Samuel & Elizabeth Wood, Sth Normanton, InfWOOD
31 December 1826Elizabeth Bates, Sth Normanton, aged 17BATES
12 January 1827William Bates, Sth Normanton, aged 10BATES
21 January 1827Samuel Freeman, Sth Normanton, InfFREEMAN
24 January 1827John Thompson, a traveller, supposed to be between 55 & 60THOMPSON
4 February 1827Edward Moakes, Sth Normanton, 2days oldMOAKES
5 February 1827Hannah Jepson, Sth Normanton, aged 80JEPSON
5 Febrary 1827John Marriott, Sth Normanton, aged 4MARRIOTT
9 March 1827William Jepson, Sth Normanton, aged 21JEPSON
18 March 1827Elizabeth Darrington, Sth Normanton, aged 45DARRINGTON
20 March 1827Mary Bates, Sth Normanton, aged 1BATES
30 March 1827John Beardsmore, Sth Normanton, aged 60BEARDSMORE
3 April 1827Aaron Ball, Sth Normanton, InfBALL
9 April 1827Mary Clark, Sth Normanton, InfCLARK
11 April 1827Ann Wass, Sth Normanton, aged 57 or 67WASS
22 April 1827Elizabeth Bryan, Sth Normanton, aged 18BRYAN
20 May 1827Thomas Bingham, Sth Normanton, InfBINGHAM
22 May 1827Stephen Brown, Sth Normanton, aged 4BROWN
24 May 1827Ann Housley, Sth Normanton, InfHOUSLEY
25 May 1827Mary Stocks, Sth Normanton, InfSTOCKS
10 June 1827Mary Flowis, Sth Normanton, aged 63FLOWIS
17 June 1827Sarah Buxton, Sth Normanton, aged 28BUXTON
17 June 1827Thomas Green, Sth Normanton, aged 8GREEN
22 June 1827An infant 
3 July 1827Thomas Cooke, Sutton in Ashfield, aged 58COOKE
6 July 1827Charlotte Bamford, Sth Normanton, InfBAMFORD
19 August 1827John Gasnley, Sth Normanton, InfGASNLEY
18 August 1827Sarah Brown, Sth Normanton, aged 40BROWN
9 September 1827John Boot, Tibshelf aged 78BOOT
16 September 1827William Fustaia? ,Hucknall, InfFUSTAIA?
2 October 1827Mary Stone, Sth Normanton. aged 35STONE
30 October 1827Sarah Bricknill, Sth Normanton, aged 40BRICKNILL
6 November 1827Hannah Bonham, Sth Normanton, InfBONHAM
January 1828John Alvey, Sth Normanton aged 74ALVEY
14 February 1828Rebecca Baulders? Sth Normanton, aged 21BAULDERS?
18 February 1828Dorothy Hind, Sth Normanton, aged 54HIND
13 March 1828Joseph Clarke, Sth Normanton, aged 80CLARKE
18 March 1828John Ghent, Sth Normanton, aged 1GHENT
18 March 1828Hannah Hunt, Sth Normanton, aged 68HUNT
22 April 1828Hannah Bentley, Sth Normanton, aged 11BENTLEY
30 April 1828James Bettison, Sth Normanton, aged 51BETTISON
17 May 1828Sarah Marple, Pinxton, aged 38MARPLE
21 June 1828Samuel Stone, Sth Normanton, aged 38STONE
22 June 1828George Burnham, Sth Normanton, aged 27BURNHAM
13 July 1828Harriett Bamford, Sth Normanton, aged 14BAMFORD
18 July 1828Job Holland, Sth Normanton, aged 23HOLLAND
20 July 1828John Ball, Sth Normanton, aged 28BALL
16 September 1828William Fustard, Hucknall, InfFUSTARD
17 October 1828Samuel Watersall, Pinxton, aged 51WATERSALL
27 October 1828Ann Cook, Ucknall, aged 51 or 57COOK
13 November 1828John Shaw, Sth Normanton, InfSHAW
28 November 1828Henry Ball, Sth Normanton, InfBALL
28 November 1828John Marriott, Sth Normanton, InfMARRIOTT
2 December 1828William Shaw, Pinxton, aged 54SHAW
1 January 1828Jonathan Hill, Sth Normanton, aged 2HILL
2 January 1829Elizabeth Bacon, Sth Normanton, aged 2BACON
3 January 1829Hannah Hind, Sth Normanton, aged 41HIND
10 January 1829Jonathan Hill, Sth Normanton, aged 12HILL
13 January 1829Joseph Bailey, Pinxton, aged 51BAILEY
20 January 1829Frances Haywood, Sth Normanton, aged 1HAYWOOD
27 January 1829George Simpson, Sth Normanton, aged 25SIMPSON
26 January 1829Joseph West, Sth Normanton, InfWEST
8 February 1829Erza Gaskin, Sth Normanton, aged 2GASKIN
15 February 1829Jonathan Gent, Sth Normanton, InfGENT
21 February 1829James Wainwright, Sth Normanton, aged 9WAINWRIGHT
23 February 1829George Vardy, Sth Normanton, aged 45VARDY
27 February 1829Anne Gent, Sth Normanton, aged 77GENT
19 March 1829Joseph Birks, Sth Normanton, InfBIRKS
5 April 1829Ann Moore, Kirkby, aged 7MOORE
19 April 1829Thomas Stones, Sth Normanton, aged 18STONES
30 April 1829George Parsons, Birchwood, InfPARSONS
8 May 1829Rosamona Hill, South Normanton, aged 13HILL
24 May 1829Mary Riley, Sth Normanton, aged 11RILEY
16 June 1829Thomas Hollingworth, Pinxton, aged 27HOLLINGWORTH
24 June 1829John Gepson, Sth Normanton, aged 4GEPSON
8 July 1829Thomas Vardy, Sth Normanton, InfVARDY
12 July 1829Grames Hmonlas? , Sth Normanton, aged 8HMONLAS?
18 July 1829Hannah Hill, Sth Normanton, aged 15HILL
21 July 1829? Vardy, Sth Normanton, InfVARDY
14 August 1829Mary Spalton, Sth Normanton, aged 66SPALTON
20 August 1829William Hollingworth/ Hollymold, Sth Normanton, aged 29HOLLINGWORTH / HOLLYMOLD
21 August 1829Sarah Gascoinge, Sth Normanton, InfGASCOINGE
2 September 1829David Hollingworth, Sth Normanton, aged 17HOLLINGWORTH
15 September 1829Ann Foster, Ucknall, aged 15FOSTER
1 November 1829Henrietta Ronce, Sth Normaton, InfRONCE
10 January 1830Sarah Cook, Sth Normanton, aged 18COOK
20 January 1830Elizabeth Barrowcliffe, Sth Normanton, aged 78BARROWCLIFFE
7 March 1830Eliza Rowe, Sth Normanton, InfROWE
30 March 1830Henry Glossington, Sth Normanton, aged 59 or 69GLOSSINGTON
30 April 1830William Haywood, Sth Normanton, aged 3HAYWOOD
4 June 1830Elizabeth West, Sth Normanton, InfWEST
6 June 1830Hannah Barker, Sth Normanton, InfBARKER
6 June 1830Edward Antbury ? Sth Normanton, InfANTBURY
18 June 1830Ann Norwood, Sth Normanton, aged 41NORWOOD
27 June 1830Ann Kite, Sth Normanton, aged 41KITE
29 June 1830John Clark, Sth Normanton, aged 92CLARK
7 September 1830Henry Cope, Sth Normanton, aged ?COPE
21 November 1830Hannah ? Sth Normanton, Inf 
8 December 1830John Gill, Sth Normanton, aged 17GILL
21 January 1831Martha Hind, Sth Normanton, aged 29HIND
29 January 1831Matilda Rowe, Sth Normanton, InfROWE
?? January 1831Elizabeth Bacon, Sth Normanton, InfBACON
?? January 1831Hannah Thorpe, Sth Normanton, aged 37THORPE
1 March 1831Jane Kite, Sth Normanton, aged 51KITE
6 March 1831Lydia Newham, Duffield, aged 31NEWHAM
9 March 1831Richard Hind, South Normanton, InfHIND
20 March 1831Hannah Walker, Sth Normanton, aged 23 or 25WALKER
22 March 1831Samuel Housley, Sth Normanton, aged 92HOUSLEY
27 March 1831Stephen Ball, Sth Normanton, InfBALL
27 April 1831Aaron Rowe, Sth Normanton, InfROWE
2 May 1831Elizabeth Vardy, Sth Normanton, aged 1VARDY
15 May 1831Matthew Saunders, Sth Normanton, aged 88SAUNDERS
30 May 1831William Bamford, Sth Normanton, InfBAMFORD
12 June 1831Joseph Cook, Ucknall, aged 15COOK
25 June 1831George Bacon, Sth Normanton, InfBACON
25 June 1831Eliza West, Sth Normanton, InfWEST
17 August 1831Elizabeth Wass, Sth Normanton, aged 22 or 27WASS
29 August 1831William Wass, Sth Normanton, InfWASS
24 October 1831Hannah Farnsworth, Ucknall, aged 75FARNSWORTH
11November 1831Hannah Slater, Sth Normanton, aged 5SLATER
8 December 1831Hannah Hewitt, Sth Normanton, aged 97HEWITT
4 March 1832Sarah Bailey, Sth Normanton, aged 20BAILEY
15 March 1832Lavina Brown, Sth Normanton, aged 23BROWN
30 May 1832Mary Moakes, Sth Normanton, aged 53MOAKES
11 July 1832Ann Jepson, Pinxton, aged 79JEPSON
17 July 1832William Walker, Sth Normanton, aged 38WALKER
13 August 1832Hannah Hill, Sth Normanton, aged 21HILL
28 August 1832Martha Rowe, Sth Normanton, aged 52ROWE
9 September 1832Catherine Walker, Sth Normanton, aged 58WALKER
2 October 1832William Bates or Boles, Sth Normanton, aged 63BATES OR BOLES
26 November 1832William Wilkinson, Sth Normanton, InfWILKINSON
19 January 1833Ann Simpson, Sth Normanton, aged 16SIMPSON
3 February 1833Eliza Rowe, Sth Normanton, InfROWE
19 February 1833Robert Bamford, Sth Normanton, aged 77BAMFORD
24 February 1833Edward Moor or Moax, Sth Normanton, aged 69MOOR OR MOAX
3 March 1833? Battison, Sth Normanton, InfBATTISON
11 March 1833George Gascoign, Sth Normanton aged 33GASCOIGN
24 March 1833Joseph Slack, Sth Normanton, aged 35SLACK
24 March 1833William Ball, Sth Normanton, aged 1BALL
27 March 1833William Spalton ? Sth Normanton, aged 73SPALTON ?
7 April 1833Ann Jepson, Sth Normanton, InfJEPSON
24 April 1833Amelia Ball, Sth Normanton, InfBALL
28 April 1833Charles Gascoign, Sth Normanton, InfGASCOIGN
4 May 1833James Parsons, Sth Normanton, aged 1PARSONS
22 May 1833James Gascoign, Sth Normanton, aged 9GASCOIGN
25 May 1833Lavina Gascoign, Sth Normanton, aged 1GASCOIGN
10 June 1833Hannah Thorpe, Sth Normanton, aged 2THORPE
18 June 1833Ann Moax, Sth Normanton, aged 1MOAX
22 June 1833George Ball, Sth Normanton, InfBALL
25 June 1833George ??tsop, Sth Normanton, Inf??TSOP
25 June 1833George Swain, Sth Normanton, InfSWAIN
27 June 1833William Slack, Sth Normanton, aged 3SLACK
23 July 1833John Holmes, Sth Normanton, aged 67HOLMES
28 July 1833Thomas Mill? Sth Normanton, aged 65MILL?
20 August 1833James Moax, Sth Normanton, InfMOAX
6 September 1833Benjamin Goodman, Sth Normanton, aged 77 or 79GOODMAN
23 November 1833Joseph ? Man, Sth Normanton, InfMAN
23 November 1833Mary Brooks, Sth Normanton, aged 13BROOKS
25 December 1833Thomas Bettison, Sth Normanton, aged 52BETTISON
25 December 1833Elizabeth Vik ? Sth Normanton, aged 58VIK ?
7 January 1834John Riggott, Sth Normanton, aged 67RIGGOTT
24 January 1834William Brown, Sth Normanton, aged 20BROWN
19 February 1834John Burnham, Sth Normanton, aged 77BURNHAM
?? April 1834Edward Moax or Moor, Sth Normanton, InfMOAX OR MOOR
13 April 1834Jeremiah Marriott, Sth Normanton, InfMARRIOTT
25 April 1834? Kitchen, Sth Normanton, InfKITCHEN
27 April 1834Elizabeth West, Sth Normanton, aged 1WEST
4 May 1834James Bacon, Sth Normanton, aged 1BACON
4 May 1834Dinah Moax, Sth Normanton, InfMOAX
4 May 1834Stephen Bamford, Sth Normanton, aged 6BAMFORD
5 May 1834Mary Barton or Buxton, Sth Normanton, aged 2BARTON OR BUXTON
9 May 1834Elizabeth Bartley? Sth Normanton, aged 7BARTLEY?
9 May 1834George Clark, Sth Normanton, aged 2CLARK
11 May 1834Thomas Simson or Timson, Sth Normanton, aged 3SIMSON OR TIMSON
12 May 1834George Riley, Sth Normanton, aged 12RILEY
13 May 1834Mary Machin, Birchwood, Sth Normanton, aged 8MACHIN
18 May 1834Sarah Cook, Sth Normanton, aged 85COOK
5 June 1834Sarah Rowe, Sth Normantonm aged 15ROWE
20 June 1834Hannah Swain, Sth Normanton, aged 4SWAIN
29 June 1834Hannah Brooks, Sth Normanton, aged 6BROOKS
13 June 1834John Calladine, Sth Normanton, InfCALLADINE
14 July 1834Hannah Gascoign, Sth Normanton, 5GASCOIGN
15 July 1834Lydia Page, Sth Normanton, aged 20PAGE
28 July 1834Dorothy Slater, Sth Normanton, aged 2SLATER
3 August 1834Hannah Braddow, Sth Normanton, aged 5BRADDOW
6 August 1834Mary Beardsmore, Sth Normanton, aged 35BEARDSMORE
11 August 1834Lydia Page, Sth Normanton, InfPAGE
12 August 1834William Buxton, Sth Normanton, InfBUXTON
18 August 1834John Barsley, Sth Normanton, 2BARSLEY
24 August 1834Thomas Cope, Portland Row, Kirkby in Ashfield, aged 21COPE
1 September 1834Mahola ? Vardy, Sth Normanton, aged 1?VARDY
7 September 1834Sarah Moax, Sth Normanton, InfMOAX
1 October 1834Anabella ? Sth Normanton, Inf 
12 October 1834Richard Saunders, Alfreton, aged 59SAUNDERS
17 October 1834John Brown, Sth Normanton, aged 75BROWN
28 October 1834George Bacon, Birchwood, Sth Normanton, aged 1BACON
13 November 1834Stephen Gent, Sth Normanton, aged 6GENT
5 December 1834John Ellis, Sth Normanton, aged 8ELLIS
7 December 1834Hannah Ball, Sth Normanton, aged 3BALL
18 December 1834Mary Ballison, Sth Normanton, aged 33BALLISON
5 January 1835Catherin Rawson, Sth Normanton, aged 8RAWSON
16 January 1835Elizabeth Dixon, Shilton? aged 26DIXON
8 February 1835Herbert Gent, Sth Normanton, InfGENT
15 February 1835Fanny Beardsmore, Sth Normanton, InfBEARDSMORE
17 February 1835Samuel Gascoign, Sth Normanton, aged 53GASCOIGN
8 March 1835James Brooks, Sth Normanton, InfBROOKS
26 April 1835Hannah Clark, Sth Normanton, InfCLARK
10 May 1835James Calladine, Sth Normanton, InfCALLADINE
13 May 1835Elizabeth Ellis, Sth Normanton, aged 1ELLIS
9 April 1835William Riley, Sth Normanton, aged 62RILEY
14 June 1835George Corde, Sth Normanton, InfCORDE
10 July 1835Lydia Wilson, Sth Normanton, aged 29WILSON
28 August 1835Francis Norwood, Sth Normanton, aged 38NORWOOD
15 September 1835Mary Hodson, Sth Normanton, aged 48HODSON
17 November 1835Jane Ball, Sth Normanton, aged 6BALL
2 January 1836Elisha Hudson, Sth Normanton, InfHUDSON
19 January 1836Elizabeth Balls or Balis, Sth Normanton, aged 70BALLS OR BALIS
19 January 1836Martha Pursglove, Sth Normanton, InfPURSGLOVE
24 January 1836Samuel Gascoign, Sth Normanton, aged 88GASCOIGN
31 January 1836Thomas Kite, Sth Normanton, aged 26KITE
22 February 1836Alice Shaw, Sth Normanton, aged 61SHAW
23 February 1836Joseph Ball, Sth Normanton, aged 52BALL
25 February1836John Ballison, Sth Normanton, aged 44BALLISON
19 March 1836Hannah Gascoign, Sth Normanton, aged 1GASCOIGN
13 April 1836Sarah Hill, Sth Normanton, aged 2HILL
14 April 1836Margaret Pursglove, Sth Normanton, aged 53PURSGLOVE
20 April 1836Emmanuel Renshaw, Sth Normanton, aged 23RENSHAW
27 April 1836John Clark, Sth Normanton, InfCLARK
18 May 1836David Calladine, Sth Normanton, InfCALLADINE
13 June 1836Mary Jepson, Pinxton, aged 13JEPSON
17 June 1836John Hollingworth, Somercotes, aged 41HOLLINGWORTH
14 July 1836Hannah Spalton, Sth Normanton, aged 72SPALTON
10 August 1836Hannah Swain, Sth Normanton, aged 32SWAIN
3 August 1836Jane Gascoign, Sth Normanton, InfGASCOIGN
10 September 1836Charles Marriott, Sth Normanton, aged 68MARRIOTT
20 September 1836Mary Simms, Sth Normanton, aged 56SIMMS
16 January 1837Samuel Yarnold Sth Normanton, aged 44YARNOLD
1 February 1837Ann Housley, Sth Normanton, aged 69HOUSLEY
1 February 1837Sarah Bentley, Sth Normanton, aged 30BENTLEY
2 February 1837Ann Askew, Sth Normanton, aged 70ASKEW
2 February 1837George Frith, Sth Normanton, InfFRITH
4 February 1837Ralph Lomas, Sth Normanton, aged 66LOMAS
5 February 1837William Marriott, Sth Normanton, aged 74MARRIOTT
13 February 1837Ann Bates, Sth Normanton, aged 54BATES
19 February 1837Chas Burham, Sth Normanton, InfBURHAM
21 February 1837Joseph Braddow, Sth Normanton, aged 20BRADDOW
23 February 1837Richard Daws, Sth Normanton, InfDAWS
23 February 1837William Shaw, Sth Normanton, InfSHAW
12 March 1837Richard Wright, Pinxton, aged 85WRIGHT
23 March 1837Laramus Ball, Sth Normanton, InfBALL
8 April 1837Frances Wright, Sth Normanton, aged 83WRIGHT
23 April 1837William West, Sth Normanton, InfWEST
22 May 1837Elizabeth Clarke, Sth Normanton, aged 75CLARKE
2 June 1837Elizabeth Hill, Sth Normanton, aged 1HILL
6 June 1837William Denenly, Sth Normanton, InfDENENLY
17 June 1837Joseph Bamford, Sth Normanton, InfBAMFORD
28 July 1837Samuel Housley, Sth Normanton, aged 76HOUSLEY
24 July 1837Mary Burnham, Sth Normanton, aged 72BURNHAM
25 August 1837William ? Sth Normanton, aged 23 
1 September 1837Hannah ? Sth Normanton, Inf 
12 September 1837Mary ? Sth Normanton, aged 76 
16 October 1837Elizabeth Duffield, Sth Normanton, aged 1DUFFIELD
25 October 1837Mary Ann Ball, Sth Normanton, InfBALL
26 October 1837Dewes Thorpe, Sth Normanton, aged 2THORPE
28 October 1837Samuel Gascoign, Sth Normanton, aged 2GASCOIGN
30 October 1837Maria Sarah ? Chesterfield, aged ? 
2 November 1837Thomas Thorpe, Sth Normanton, aged 31THORPE
13 November 1837Elizabeth Best, Sth Normanton, aged 28BEST
15 November 1837Hannah Corde, Sth Normanton, aged 32CORDE
6 December 1837Samuel Page, Sth Normanton, aged ?PAGE
December 1837Martha ? Sth Normanton 
24 December 1837Sophia Wilson, Sth Normanton, aged 57 or 59WILSON
13 January 1838George West, Sth Normanton, InfWEST
14 January 1838Stephen Gent, Sth Normanton, InfGENT
19 January 1838John Clerk, Sth Normanton, InfCLERK
23 January 1838Joseph Powell, Sth Normanton, InfPOWELL
27 January 1838Elizabeth Moaks, Sth Normanton, aged 34MOAKS
1 February 1838Joseph Bamford, Sth Normanton, aged 29BAMFORD
25 February 1838Elizabeth Simpson, Sth Normanton, InfSIMPSON
March 1838Elizabeth Alvey, Sth Normanton, aged 44ALVEY
10 March 1838Ann Shaw, Sth Normanton, no age givenSHAW
10 March 1838Sarah Morley, Sth Normanton, no age givenMORLEY
11 March 1838Thomas Burnham, Sth Normanton, no age givenBURNHAM
13 March 1838Catherine Rowe, Sth Normanton, no age givenROWE
8 April 1838Elizabeth West, Sth Normanton, no age givenWEST
13 April 1838Samuel Hind, Sth Normanton, no age givenHIND
13 April 1838Elizabeth Marriott, Sth Normanton, no age givenMARRIOTT
13 April 1838Matilda Hill, Sth Normanton, no age givenHILL
15 April 1838Thomas Simpson, Sth Normanton, aged 73SIMPSON
12 May 1838Joseph Ball, Sth Normanton, aged 14BALL
6 June 1838Hannah Gent, Sth Normanton, aged 1GENT
17 June 1838Hannah Ward, Riddings, aged 38WARD
18 June 1838Elizabeth Hardy, Sth Normanton, aged 94HARDY
1 July 1838Lydia Shaw, Sth Normanton, InfSHAW
5 July 1838Hannah Shaw, Sth Normanton, aged 31SHAW
11 July 1838George West Gent, Sth Normanton, aged 23GENT
17 July 1838William ? Sth Normanton, aged 1 
18 August 1838Ann Brooks, Sth Normanton, InfBROOKS
18 August 1838Eliza Palfreman, Sth Normanton, aged 2PALFREMAN
19 August 1838Isaac Spencer, Sth Normanton, InfSPENCER
28 August 1838Georgina Palfreyman, Sth Normanton, InfPALFREYMAN
28 August 1838Mary Ann Wharlton, Sth Normanton, InfWHARLTON
4 September 1838Harriett Hodson, Sth Normanton, InfHODSON
12 September 1838William Moakes, Sth Normanton, aged 64MOAKES
12 September 1838Ann Boot, Sth Normanton, InfBOOT
25 September 1838William Edward Parker, Nottingham, aged 23PARKER
12 October 1838Joseph Ball, Sth Normanton, InfBALL
16 October 1838Luke Elliott, Sth Normanton, aged 22ELLIOTT
29 October 1838Martha Battison, Sth Normanton, aged 62BATTISON
10 December 1838Stephen Gascoign, Sth Normanton, aged ?GASCOIGN
14 December 1838Ann Ball, Sth Normanton, aged 46BALL
9 January 1839Joseph Marriott, Tibshelf, aged 35MARRIOTT
18 January 1839Hannah ? Sth Normanton, aged 69 
19 January 1839George Hill, Sth Normanton, InfHILL
27 January 1839Ann Burnham, Sth Normanton, InfBURNHAM
3 February 1839John Ballison, Sth Normanton, InfBALLISON
6 February 1839George Green, Sth Normanton, InfGREEN
17 February 1839Amelia Battison, Sth Normanton, aged 23BATTISON
20 February 1839Edmund Vardy, Sth Normanton, aged 14VARDY
22 February 1839Ann Ellis, Sth Normanton, aged 5ELLIS
24 February 1839Betsy Alvey, Sth Normanton, aged 4ALVEY
28 February 1839Frederick Vardy, Sth Normanton, aged 1VARDY
6 March 1839Thomas Dobb, Sth Normanton, InfDOBB
10 March 1839Elizabeth Marple, Sth Normanton, InfMARPLE
21 March 1839Geroge Haywood, Sth Normanton, InfHAYWOOD
25 April 1839Ann Powell, Sth Normanton, aged 25POWELL
1 May 1839Thomas Moore, Sth Normanton, aged 50MOORE
4 May 1839William Wilson, Sth Normanton, aged 36WILSON
9 May 1839Thomas Duffield, Sth Normanton, aged 1DUFFIELD
26 May 1839William Wilkinson, Sth Normanton, aged 28WILKINSON
3 June 1839Alice Battison, Sth Normanton, aged 26BATTISON
9 June 1839William Hodson, Sth Normanton, aged 68HODSON
22 June 1839James Brooks, Sth Normanton, aged 3BROOKS
4 July 1839Ann Hollingworth, Sutton in Scarsdale, aged 13HOLLINGWORTH
6 July 1839Samuel Bacon, Sth Normanton, aged 15BACON
8 July 1839Thomas Clark, Riddings, aged 6 monthsCLARK
4 August 1839Sarah Vardy, Sth Normanton, aged 34VARDY
15 August 1839George Ball, Sth Normanton, aged 90BALL
6 September 1839Samuel Duffield, Sth Normanton, InfDUFFIELD
8 September 1839Mary Jane Buxton, Sth Normanton, aged 3BUXTON
24 September 1839Augustine Ball, Sth Normanton, InfBALL
27 September 1839Mary Wood, Sth Normanton, InfWOOD
29 September 1839Matilda Thorpe Bugg, Sth Normanton, InfBUGG
5 October 1839John Holmes, Sth Normanton, InfHOLMES
16 November 1839Sarah Ball, Sth Normanton, aged 21BALL
5 December 1839Mary A Ball, Sth Normanton, InfBALL
5 December 1839Elizabeth Stocks, Sth Normanton, InfSTOCKS
13 December 1839Thomas Bamford, Sth Normanton, aged 18BAMFORD
17 December 1839Elizabeth Ball, Sth Normanton, aged 23BALL
18 December 1839Samuel Boot, Sth Normanton, aged 1BOOT
22 December 1839Joseph Jephson, Sth Normanton InfJEPHSON
28 December 1839Pauline Fox, Sth Normanton, aged 3FOX
29 December 1839Joseph Clark, Sth Normanton, aged 61CLARK
1 January 1840William Jephson, Sth Normanton aged 1JEPHSON
7 January 1840Catherine Mountaney, Sth Normanton, InfMOUNTANEY
7 January 1840George Gascoign, Sth Normanton, InfGASCOIGN
9 January 1840Elizabeth Stocks, Sth Normanton, aged 29STOCKS
14 January 1840Benjamin Walker, Sth Normanton, InfWALKER
15 January 1840Samuel ? Sth Normanton, Inf 
31 January 1840Elizabeth Stocks, Sth Normanton, InfSTOCKS
31 January 1840? Gascoigne, Sth Normanton, aged 3GASCOIGNE
4 February 1840Alfred Kite, Sth Normanton, InfKITE
14 February 1840Sarah Page, Sth Normanton, aged 64PAGE
20 February 1840Esther Brown, Sth Normanton, aged 51BROWN
23 February 1840John Brown/ Bacon Sth Normanton, aged 75BROWN/BACON
2 March 1840Peter Rowe, Sth Normanton, aged 43ROWE
8 March 1840Joseph Needham, Sth Normanton, aged 4NEEDHAM
29 March 1840Jane Battison, Sth Normanton, aged 30BATTISON
12 April 1840Hannah West, Sth Normanton, InfWEST
4 May 1840Joseph Wright, Sth Normanton aged 50WRIGHT
24 May 1840Lydia Wilson, Sth Normanton, aged 17 monthsWILSON
9 July 1840Joseph Wilson, Cornfield Hall, Sth Normanton, aged 64WILSON
21 August 1840Frances Smedley, Sth Normanton, aged 22SMEDLEY
21 August 1840Hannah Moore/Moon, Portland Rd, Kirkby, InfMOORE/MOON
30 September 1840George Marples, Sth Normanton, aged 24MARPLES
30 September 1840Edward Slack, Sth Normanton, aged 25SLACK
8 October 1840John Wasses? Sth Normanton, aged 66WASSES?
15 October 1840Ann Moore, Foals Row, Selston, aged 19MOORE
30 October 1840George Waiton, Sth Normanton, InfWAITON
9 November 1840Thomas Bower, Sth Normanon, InfBOWER


[Contributed by Carol Ryan on 20th October 2007]