Ashreigney - Baptisms 1754-1812

Transcribed by Greg Sheere

Disclaimer: Although these records are published with the permission of the incumbent of the said Parish, they were the responsibility of the researcher concerned and the Incumbent and Parochial Church Council accept no responsibility for any inaccuracies in the material thus published. The records may be used by individuals for research purposes only and must not be used in any way that is not consonant with the faith, teachings and practice of the Church of England. The researcher also accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies in the material thus published.

NameSexParentsDay - monthYear
Hill, JohnMMichael and Mary1-Jan1754
Cudmore, JohnMHugh and Joan12-Jan1754
Cole, WilliamMArcheleous and Frances29-Jan1754
Bragg, JamesMGeorge and Anne16-Feb1754
Gowman, WilliamMWilliam and Elizabeth19-Feb1754
Norris, WilliamMPhilip and Anne27-Feb1754
Cudmore, WilliamMWilliam and Anne12-Mar1754
Lane, AnneFPhilip and Mary13-Mar1754
Catcliffe, Charles George [B: 02-16]MJohn and Mary4-Apr1754
Parkhouse, AnthonyMWilliam and Elizabeth12-May1754
Kemp, SarahFCaleb and Mary9-Jun1754
Payne, DorothyFFrancis and Dorothy26-Jun1754
Bather, ThomasineFRobert and Thomasine1-Jul1754
Cole, FrancisMFrancis and Ester15-Jul1754
Joslyn, AnnFJohn and Ann6-Aug1754
Farling, ThomasMThomas and Mary13-Aug1754
Hearding, WilliamMJames and Mary26-Sep1754
Vicary, BenjaminMRoger and Mary28-Oct1754
Saunders, ElizabethFArthur and Mary16-Dec1754
Jury, EdwardMWilliam and Loveday28-Dec1754
Lydden, ThomasineFPhilip and Agnes14-Jan1755
Wotton, JoanFAbraham and Grace30-Jan1755
Babbage, SusannaFJohn and Jane26-Feb1755
Mitchell, JamesMJames and Thomasine1 to 22-Apr1755
Short, ThomasMWilliam and Mary22-Apr1755
Hamett, SusannaFFrancis and Elizabeth28-Apr1755
Jones, ThomasMJohn and Charity29-Apr1755
Harris, JohnMWilliam and Mary13-May1755
Catcliffe, Mary [B: 04-03]FJohn and Mary21-May1755
Saunders, RichardMWilliam and Rose24-Jun1755
Ford, MaryFGeorge and Susanna6-Jul1755
Davy, HughMHugh and Mary29-Jul1755
Blackmore, GeorgeMJohn and Christian5-Aug1755
Paddon, JohnMMoses and Calin14-Sep1755
Banbury, GeorgeMRichard and Alice26-Sep1755
Pitwood, FrancisMFrancis and Anne30-Sep1755
Lock, SamuelMWilliam and Jane9-Oct1755
Banbury, JaneFJane Banbury [unwed]19-Oct1755
Cudmore, AnneMWilliam and Anne26-Oct1755
Arnold, MaryFJohn and Anne26-Nov1755
Perkin, AnneFWilliam and agnes1-Jan1756
Isaac, JohnMWilliam and Grace1-Feb1756
Farley, AnneFJohn and Anne8-Feb1756
Saunders, RichardMArthuer and Mary17-Feb1756
Luxton, SamuelMSamuel and Joan17-Mar1756
Gowman, RachelFWilliam and Elizabeth27-Apr1756
Parkhouse, ThomasMWilliam and Elizabeth27-Apr1756
Ellcott, JamesMWilliam and Mary9-May1756
Short, ElizabethFRichard and Elizabeth15-May1756
Hill, EdmondMEdward and Mary23-May1756
Bragg, ElizabethFGeorge and Anne21-Jun1756
Snell, ElizabethFWilliam and Elizabeth29-Jun1756
Saunders, ElizabethFWilliam and Mary10-Jul1756
Ford, MaryFGeorge and Susanna8-Aug1756
Lane, JoanFPhilip and Mary15-Aug1756
Hill, ElizabethFAnthony and Elizabeth5-Sep1756
Jocelyn, MaryFFrancis and Thomasine-Oct1756
Achey ?, DorothyFEdward and Anne12-Dec1756
Farley, AnneFThomas and Mary29-Dec1756
Harris, WilliamMHugh and Mary5-Jan1757
Josceline, GraceFJohn and Anne31-Jan1757
Cole, JaneFFrancis and Ester7-Feb1757
Babbage, JohnMJohn and Jane6-Mar1757
Vicary, JohnMSusanna Vicary [unwed]13-May1757
Molland, ElizabethFSarah Mitchell [unwed]12-Jun1757
Paddon, WilliamMMoses and Emlin15-Jun1757
Cole, MaryFJohn and Hannah29-Jun1757
Boone, AnneFWilliam and Amy18-Aug1757
---?, ElizabethFRobertAug to Dec1757
Cudmore ?, JohnMWilliam and AnneAug to Dec1757
Saunders ?, ElizabethFWilliam and RoseJan to Mar1758
Ford, JohnMJohn and AnneJan to Mar1758
Isaac, AndrewMJohn and Mary-Mar1758
---?, BernardMWilliam and MaryMar or Apr1758
Mitchel, WilliamMJames and Thomasine12-Apr1758
Blackmore, ThomasMJohn and Christian3-Jun1758
Arnold, MargaretFJohn and Ann2-Jul1758
Hearding, WilliamMJames and Mary23-Jul1758
Perkin, JohnMJohn and Elizabeth13-Sep1758
Gowman, GraceFWillim and Elizabeth17-Sep1758
Mare, SamuelMValentine and Elizabeth26-Sep1758
Saunders, JohnMArthure and Mary30-Sep1758
Pitwood, JohnMFrancis and Anne3-Oct1758
Perkin, SarahFWilliam and Agnes16-Nov1758
Luxton, JohnMJohn and Mary29-Nov1758
Short, AnneFRichard and Elizabeth10-Dec1758
Parkhouse, JohnMWilliam and Elizabeth17-Dec1758
Partridge, WilliamMJohn and Alice9-Jan1759
Paddon, MaryFCaleb and Mary28-Jan1759
Snell, WilliamMWilliam and Elizabeth12-Mar1759
Hill, SusannaFAnthony and Elizabeth15-Mar1759
Babbage, WilliamMJohn and Jane18-Apr1759
Hanlake, JohnMRobert and Grace29-Apr1759
Farley, SarahFThomas and Mary8-May1759
Ellacott, MaryFWilliam and Mary10-Jun1759
Norris, HonourFPhilip and Anne24-Jun1759
Jury, DorothyFJohn and Susanna2-Jul1759
Symands, JamesMThomas and Elizabeth22-Jul1759
Vicary, RichardMRobert and Mary1-Aug1759
Josceline, GraceFFrancis and Thomasine12-Aug1759
Farley, GeorgeMJohn and Anne11-Sep1759
Mitchel, AnneFJames and Thoasine2-Oct1759
Boone, WilliamMWilliam and Amy14-Oct1759
Lane, ThomasineFPhilip and Mary17-Oct1759
Mitchel, ElizabethFJohn and Mary2-Dec1759
Josceline, JoanFFrancis and Susanna13-Jan1760
Josceline, HannahFJohn and Anne16-Jan1760
Bird, MaryFMark and Sarah19-Feb1760
Hill, JohnMEdward and Mary11-Mar1760
Ford, GeorgeMGeorge, Susanna12-Mar1760
Saunders, RoseFWilliam and Rose7-Apr1760
Molland, JohnMJohn and Wilmot9-Apr1760
Amory, RichardMRichard and Elizabeth15-Apr1760
Cole, JohnMSamuel and Elizabeth3-May1760
Partridge, JaneFJohn and Alice3-May1760
Cole, AbrahamMJohn and Hannah17-May1760
Vicary, MaryFGeorge and Amy16-Jun1760
Darch, MaryFThomas and Margaret29-Jun1760
Western, JohnMJohn and Elizabeth24-Jul1760
Hancock, HughMRobert and Mary16-Aug1760
Nott, MaryFJames and Loveday7-Sep1760
Heard, WilliamMWilliam and Wilmot24-Sep1760
Arnold, JohnMJohn and Anne19-Oct1760
Marles, JohnMElizabeth Marles [unwed]19-Oct1760
Cudmore, ElizabethFWilliam and Anne26-Oct1760
Carter, JohnMWilliam and Joan5-Nov1760
Gowman, JohnMWilliam and Elizabeth10-Nov1760
Blackmore, JamesMJohn and Christian14-Dec1760
Perkin, SarahFJohn and Elizabeth29-Dec1760
Hill, JohnMAnthony and Elizabeth16-Jan1761
Short, JohnathanMWilliam and Mary13-Feb1761
Mullins, HenryMJohn and Jane27-Feb1761
Ford, JohnMJohn and Ann1-Mar1761
Mitchell, GeorgeMGeorge and Joan9-Mar1761
Mare, JamesMValentine and Elizabeth5-Apr1761
Carter, AgnesFJohn and Joan8-Apr1761
Isaac, AaronMJohn and Mary11-Apr1761
Corney, WilliamMWilliam and Mary11-Apr1761
Hanlake, ThomasMRobert and Grace14-Apr1761
Saunders, MaryFArthur and Mary19-Apr1761
Shute, WilliamMJohn and Rose28-Apr1761
Parkhouse, MaryFWilliam and Elizabeth21-Jun1761
Perkin, ElizabethFWilliam and Agnes28-Jun1761
Paddon, PhilipMCaleb and Mary5-Jul1761
Josceline, JohnMFrancis and Thomasine5-Jul1761
Webber, AnneFPhilip and Anne10-Jul1761
Western, ElizabethFJames and Thomasine3-Aug1761
Farley, JohnMThomas and Mary16-Aug1761
Mitchel, ThomasineFJames and Thomasine26-Sep1761
Partridge, SusannahFJohn and Alice4-Oct1761
Vicary, WilliamMJoan Vicary [unwed]18-Oct1761
Manning, JohnMMary Manning [unwed]8-Nov1761
Molland, WilliamMJohn and Wilmot3-Dec1761
Babbage, RichardMJohn and Jane9-Dec1761
Rattenbury, SusannahFJames and Elizabeth7-Feb1762
Pitwood, AnnFFrancis and Ann14-Feb1762
Nott, AnnFJames and Loveday28-Feb1762
Arnold, SamuelMJohn and Ann21-Mar1762
Boone, AnnFWilliam and Amy18-Apr1762
Heard, AliceFWilliam and Wilmot6-May1762
Hill, JohnMEdmond and Mary9-May1762
Hancock, HughMRobert and Mary10-Jul1762
Cole, ThomasMSamuel and Elizabeth22-Aug1762
Snell, MaryFWilliam and Elizabeth29-Aug1762
Josceline, ThomasMJohn and Anne4-Oct1762
Darch, MargaretFThomas and Margaret4-Oct1762
Stevens, WilliamMJohn and Ann24-Nov1762
Josceline, AmyFFrancis and Susanna15-Dec1762
Josceline, ElizabethFThomas and Elizabethafter 15-Dec1762
Gowman, ThomasMWilliam and Elizabethafter 15-Dec1762
Hill, AnnFAnthony and Elizabeth12-Jan1763
Payne, MaryFJohn and Margaret16-Jan1763
Shute, WilliamMJohn and Rose19-Jan1763
Cudmore, DorothyFWilliam and Ann2-Feb1763
Wotton, AbrahamMAbraham and Grace13-Mar1763
Vicary, ElizabethFGeorge and Amy14-Mar1763
Isaac, JohnMJohn and Dorothy17-Mar1763
Gay, WilliamMWilliam and Jane17-Apr1763
Cole, FrancisMArcheleous and Frances17?-Apr1763
Parker, WilliamMWilliam and Mary20-Apr1763
Cole, SamuelMAaron and Mary1-May1763
Partridge, MaryFJohn and Alice17-May1763
Saunders, ArthurMArthur and Mary22-May1763
Cole, AnnFJohn and Hannah25-May1763
Farley, EdwardMJohn and Ann21-Jun1763
Corney, RobertMWilliam and Mary3-Jul1763
Pasmore, WilliamMJohn and Ester3-Jul1763
Cudmore, JohnMMary Cudmore [unwed]13-Jul1763
Carter, ThomasMJohn and Joan17-Jul1763
Perkin, ThomasMJohn and Elizabeth4-Sep1763
Skinner, BenjaminMMichael and Elizabeth4-Sep1763
Perkin, RobertMWilliam and Agnes23-Oct1763
Blackmore, RichardMJohn and Christian5-Nov1763
Saunders, JohnMWilliam and Rose5-Nov1763
Rattenbury, ElizabethFJames and Elizabeth20-Dec1763
King, JohnMGrace King [unwed]20-Dec1763
Western, WilliamMWilliam and Margaret27-Dec1763
Molland, JamesMJohn and Wilmot17-Jan1764
Western, JamesMJames and Thomasine4-Mar1764
Mitchel. ThomasineFJames and Thomasine28-Mar1764
Diamond, WilliamMMary Diamond [unwed]29-Mar1764
Ford, WilliamMJohn and Ann23-Apr1764
Jury, JohnMJohn and Susanna2-May1764
Parkhouse, JoanMWilliam and Elizabeth15-Jul1764
Mitchell, HannahFJohn and Mary5-Aug1764
Banbury, MaryFRobert and Jane19-Aug1764
Wotton, SarahFAbraham and Grace30-Nov1764
Cole, ElizabethFSamuel and Elizabeth26-Dec1764
Hearne, MaryFWilliam and Mary26-Dec1764
Isaac, MaryFRichard and Catherine16-Jan1765
Ellacott, WilliamMRichard and Joan27-Jan1765
Skinner, SusannaFJohn and Mary17-Feb1765
Hunt, AnnFJohn and Elizabeth2-Mar1765
Gowman, ElizabethFWilliam and Elizabeth17-Mar1765
Bird, MarkMMark and Sarah24-Mar1765
Payne, WilliamMJohn and Margaret24-Mar1765
Gale, MaryFRichard and Susanna8-Apr1765
Parker, MaryFWilliam and Mary3-May1765
Babbage, JaneMwidow Jane Babbage [unwed]5-May1765
Norris, JoanneFPhilip and Anne12-May1765
Norris, ElizabethFPhilip and Anne12-May1765
Partridge, MaryFJohn and Alice12-May1765
Corney, JohnMWilliam and Mary17-May1765
Isaac, JohnMJohn and Dorothy22-May1765
Lee, ElizabethFWilliam and Elizabeth9-Jun1765
Joceline, DorothyFFrancis and Susanna16-Jun1765
Cole, WilliamMJohn and Elizabeth16-Jun1765
Amory, SarahFWilliam and Sarah14-Jul1765
Saunders, AnnFWilliam and Mary21-Jul1765
Mitchell, HannahFWilliam and Margery23-Jul1765
Josceline, ThomasMThomas and Elizabeth29-Jul1765
Hill, WilliamMAnthony and Elizabeth18-Aug1765
Vicary, WilliamMGeorge and Amy14-Sep1765
Rattenbury, MaryFJames and Elizabeth14-Sep1765
Carter, MaryFNicholas and Mary16-Sep1765
Darch, AnnFThomas and Margaret18-Sep1765
Gay, CharityFWilliam and Jane18-Sep1765
Pitwood, HenryMFrancis and Ann13-Oct1765
Molland, ThomasMFrederic and Dorothy4-Dec1765
Isaac, MaryFJohn and Mary8-Dec1765
Josceline, HannahFJohn and Ann25-Dec1765
Cole, MaryFAaron and Mary1-Jan1766
Handford, MaryFWilliam and Elizabeth1-Jan1766
Joceline, NathanialMAnn Joceline [unwed]1-Jan1766
Shute, JohnMJohn and Agnis21-Jan1766
Pasmore, JohnMJohn and Ester26-Jan1766
---?, MaryFThomas and Mary27-Jan1766
Perkin, ---??---?9-Feb1766
Molland, ---??John and Wilmot9 to 28-Feb1766
---- take note ------ Micro fiech shot out of focus by Devon R. O.Feb to Dec1766
Skinner, JohnMMichael and Elizabeth16-Mar1766
Jury, JohnMJohn and Susanna16-Mar1766
Couch, WilliamMBartholomew and Grace17-Mar1766
Western, Francis ?MJames and Thomasine23-Mar1766
Cole, Hannah ?FJohn and Hannah11-May1766
Pitwood, ---?FWilliam and Mary18?-Jun1766
Corney, JohnMWilliam and Mary6-Jul1766
Parker, HughMWilliam and Mary6-Jul1766
Saunders, JohnMArthur and Mary2-Sep1766
Parkhouse, ---?FWilliam7-Oct1766
Cudmore, AmyFJohn and Alice26-Oct1766
---?, ElizabethMJohn and Alice26-Oct to Dec1766
---?, ---?MWilliam and Ann26-Oct to Dec1766
Carter, ---?MRichard and Susanna-Dec1766
Western, ThomasMWilliam and Margaret20-Jan1767
Mitchel, HannahMWilliam and Margery8-Feb1767
Mitchel, WilliamMJames and Thomasine23-Feb1767
Saunders, JohnMWilliam and Rose15-Mar1767
Trevissick, ThomasMThomas and Mary16-Mar1767
Molland, SamuelMJohn and Mary29-Mar1767
Cole, SamuelMSamuel and Elizabeth-Apr1767
Bird, SarahFMark and Sarah20-Apr1767
Hearding, ArthurMJohn and Mary17-May1767
Skinner, JohnMJohn and Mary24-May1767
Jones, GraceFJohn and Mary5-Jun1767
Isaac, MaryFJohn and Dorothy5-Jun1767
Way, GeorgeMJohn and Joanna26-Jul1767
Rattenbury, AmyFJames and Elizabeth16-Aug1767
Hill ?, MaryFAnthony and Elizabeth23-Aug1767
Carter, SarahFJohn and Elizabeth4-Oct1767
Molland, WilliamMFrederick and Dorothy25-Oct1767
Amory, AnnFWilliam and Sarah25-Oct1767
Lee, WilliamMWilliam and Elizabeth27-Dec1767
Ellacott, JohnMRichard and Joan-Jan1768
Cole, SamuelMSamuel and Elizabeth-Jan1768
Mollins ?, PriscillaFRichard and Priscilla-Jan1768
Shute, RobertMJohn and Rose1-Feb1768
Vicary, RobertMRoger and Amy8-Feb1768
Josceline, FrancisMFrancis and Susanna1-May1768
Molland, ElizabethFJohn and Wilmot15-May1768
Cudmore, JohnMHugh and Thomasine28-May1768
Saunders, SarahFWilliam and Mary6-Jun1768
Saunders, MaryFWilliam and Mary6-Jun1768
Alford, RobertMJacob and Joan14-Jun1768
Isaac, JohnMJohn and Mary19-Jun1768
Cole, MaryFWilliam and Sarah29-Jun1768
Payne, DorothyFJohn and Margaret29-Jun1768
Perkin, MaryFJohn and Elizabeth27-Jul1768
Gowman, RoseFWilliam and Elizabeth27-Jul1768
Jury, ElizabethFJohn and Elizabeth14-Aug1768
Carter, JaneFNicholas and Mary2-Oct1768
Isaac, OliverMJohn and Dorothy23-Oct1768
Partridge, DorothyFJohn and Alice6-Nov1768
Corney, MaryFWilliam and Mary27-Nov1768
Mitchel, MaryFJohn and Margaret11-Dec1768
Saunders, JohnMWilliam and Rose12-Dec1768
Darch, ThomasMThomas and Margaret25-Dec1768
Cole, Dorothy ?FJohn and Hannah30-Jan1769
Gidley, AmyFJohn and Mary8-Feb1769
Pasmore, MaryFJohn and Hester12-Feb1769
Perkin, ThomasMWilliam and Agnes13-Feb1769
Western, BenjaminMWilliam and Margaret25-Feb1769
Rattenbury, CatherineFJames and Elizabeth5-Mar1769
Vicary, WilliamMSusanna Vicary [unwed]12-Mar1769
Simons, BenjaminMBenjamin and Sarah12-Mar1769
Skinner, MichaelMMichael and Elizabeth19-Mar1769
Ford, WilliamMJohn and Mary26-Mar1769
Bird, RobertMMark and Sarah25-Apr1769
Way, AnnFJohn and Joanna28-May1769
Short, JosiahMJane Short [unwed]3-Jun1769
Halse, ElizabethFArthur and Mary4-Jun1769
Gay, JohnMWilliam and Jane27-Jun1769
Parkhouse, ElizabethFWilliam and Elizabeth6-Jul1769
Saunders, ElizabethFArtur and Mary17-Sep1769
Amory, MaryFWilliam and Sarah1-Oct1769
Carter, JohnMJohn and Joan22-Oct1769
Mitchell, AnnFJames and Thomasine4-Dec1769
Skinner, SarahFJohn and Mary25-Dec1769
Ashplant, MaryFThoms and Ann6-Jan1770
Davy, MaryFJohn and Sarah7-Jan1770
Pitwood, AnnFWilliam and Mary14-Jan1770
Jury, AnnFJohn and Elizabeth28-Jan1770
James ?, CharityFJohn and Mary30-Jan1770
Saunders, GeorgeMGrace Saunders [unwed]11-Feb1770
Ellacott, JamesMRichard and Joanna18-Feb1770
Symonds, JohnMJerimiah and Elizabeth18-Feb1770
Harris, WilliamMJohn and Joan11-Mar1770
Josceline, WilliamMThomas and Elizabeth11-Mar1770
Skinner, MaryFNicholas and Grace12-Apr1770
Molland, AnnFJohn and Wilmot15-Apr1770
Towte, EdmundMEdmund and Elizabeth17-Apr1770
Cole, AaronMAaron and Mary3-May1770
Cole, ElizabethFAaron and Mary3-May1770
Bater, CharlesMRobert and Thomasine6-May1770
Shute, JohnathanMJohn and Rose9-May1770
Bird, JohnMSarah Bird [unwed]1-Jun1770
Carter, MaryFJohn and Elizabeth1 or 2-Jun1770
Cole, JohnMSamuel and Elizabeth3-Jun1770
Molland, AgnesFFrederick and Dorothy11-Jun1770
Cole, JosephMSamuel and Elizabeth17-Jun1770
Pasmore, GeorgeMWilliam and Joan17-Jun1770
Corney, FrancesFWilliam and Mary17-Jun1770
Vicary, AnnFGeorge and Amy8-Jul1770
Sage, MaryFJoan Sage [unwed]16-Jul1770
Isaac, ThomasMJohn and Mary12-Aug1770
Harris, SimonMSimon and Elizabeth9-Sep1770
Skinner, MaryFMichael and Elizabeth16-Sep1770
Partridge, AliceFJohn and Alice14-Oct1770
Isaac, GraceFOliver and Ann14-Oct1770
Gidley, BartholomewMJohn and Mary10-Nov1770
Symonds, ThomasMJohn and Ann22-Nov1770
Parker, ElizabethFWilliam and Mary25-Nov1770
Symonds, JohnMBenjamin and Mary29-Nov1770
Parkhouse, WilliamMWilliam and Elizabeth9-Dec1770
Friend, MaryFThomas and Grace15-Jan1771
Lee, MaryFWilliam and Elizabeth24-Jan1771
Symonds, MaryFJeremy and Elizabeth17-Mar1771
Ashplant, JaneFThomas and Ann24-Mar1771
Ford, JohnMJohn and Mary30-Mar1771
Joslin, GraceFFrancis and Susanna5-May1771
Alford, JacobMJacob and Joan24-May1771
Jury, WilliamMJohn and Elizabeth25-May1771
Cole, ElizabethFJohn and Hannah9-Jun1771
Western, BenjaminMWilliam and Margaret7-Jul1771
Bradford, RoseFWilliam and Elizabeth7-Jul1771
Isaac, MaryFJohn and Dorothy14-Jul1771
Gale, WilliamMRichard and Susanna21-Jul1771
Payne, MargaretFJohn and Margaret4-Aug1771
Saunders, JohnMWilliam and Mary18-Aug1771
Mitchel, WilliamMWilliam and Margery2-Sep1771
Hanlake, IsaacMRobert and Grace9-Oct1771
Perkins, WilliamMJohn and Elizabeth8-Nov1771
Pasmore, JamesMJohn and Ester15-Nov1771
Mitchel, ElizabethFJohn and Margaret25-Dec1771
Harris, MaryFJames and Ann29-Dec1771
Day, JohnMJohnnand Hannah23-Feb1772
Farley, JohnMSidwell Farley [unwed]1-Mar1772
Comey, FrancesFWilliam and Mary2-Mar1772
Hele, JoanFCharles and Mary22-Mar1772
Western, ThomasineMJames and Thoamsine15-Apr1772
Hancock, MaryFRobert and Agnis20-Apr1772
Babbage, CharlesMJane Babbage [unwed]26-May1772
Rattenbury, JamesMJames and Elizabeth31-May1772
Shute, ElizabethFJohn and Rose2-Jun1772
Saunders, JamesMWilliam and Rose7-Jun1772
Molland, RichardMRichard and Mary8-Jun1772
Cole, PhilipMSamuel and Elizabeth22-Jun1772
Pitwood, AmyFWilliam and Mary5-Jul1772
Marsh, JamesMRobert and Sarah21-Jul1772
Partridge, SusannaFJohn and Alice31-Aug1772
Isaac, WilliamMOliver and Ann12-Sep1772
Vicary, SusannaFGeorge and Amy29-Sep1772
Down, MaryFJoseph and Martha1-Nov1772
Isaac, RichardMJohn and Mary5-Nov1772
Rattenbury, AnthonyMJohn and Dorothy [of Winkliegh]23-Nov1772
Cudmore, JoanFJames and Elizabeth23-Nov1772
Isaac, JohnMThomas and Joan20-Dec1772
Webber, WilliamMPhilip and Ann23-Dec1772
Harris, JeremiahMJames and Ann25-Dec1772
Harris, ElizabethFSimon and Elizabeth6-Jan1773
Bird, RobertMMark and Sarah19-Jan1773
Molland, FrederickMFrederick and Dorothy27-Jan1773
Jocelyn, ElizabethFThomas and Elizabeth9-Feb1773
Cole, WilliamMWilliam and Sarah11-Feb1773
Cudmore, HughMGeorge and Grace25-Feb1773
Symonds, MaryFBenjamin and Sarah9-Mar1773
Ellacotte, RichardMRichard and Joan19-Mar1773
Westcott, JohnMJohn and Judith [of Wembworthy]22-Mar1773
Jones, WilliamMJohn and Mary2-Apr1773
Sheere, AnnFWilliam and Betty5-Apr1773
Skynner, ElizabethFNicholas and Grace12-Apr1773
Pasmore, JamesMWilliam and Joan18-Apr1773
Harris, JohnMJohn and Joan7-May1773
Cudmore, JoanFHugh and Thoamsine11-May1773
Parkhouse, BetsyFWilliam and Elizabeth31-May1773
Jory, SusannaFJohn and Elizabeth13-Jun1773
Carter, SusannaFJohn and Elizabeth30-Jun1773
Alford, RobertMJacob and Joan19-Jul1773
Alford, AnnFMary Gidley [unwed]20-Aug1773
Saunders, JohnMArthur and Mary12-Sep1773
Pyncombe, AgnesFJohn and Mary22-Sep1773
Carter, JoannaFNicholas and Mary17-Oct1773
Snell, GraceFJohn and Dorothy20-Oct1773
Corney, AmyFWilliam and Mary7-Nov1773
Baker, RichardMGrace Baker [unwed]7-Nov1773
Cole, JohnMAaron and Mary15-Nov1773
Jones, AmyFSamuel and Elizabeth30-Nov1773
Western, ThomasMWilliam and Margaret26-Dec1773
Bradford, RogerMWilliam and Elizabeth19-Jan1774
Bradford, AgnesFWilliam and Elizabeth19-Jan1774
Lane, JoanFJoan Lane [unwed]26-Jan1774
Cawsey ?, MaryFRobert and Mary19-Feb1774
Jones, WilliamMRichard and Mary19-Feb1774
Joscelyn, JamesMFrancis and Sussanna20-Feb1774
Parker, JohnMWilliam and Mary27-Feb1774
Handcock, RobertMRobert and Agnes2-Mar1774
Turner, GabrielMPhilip and Ann13-Mar1774
Molland, MaryFRichard and Mary4-Apr1774
Sheere, WilliamMWilliam and Betsy11-Apr1774
Saunders, JohnMWilliam and Mary17-Apr1774
Gay, JohnMWilliam and Jane24-Apr1774
Rippen, WilliamMRichard and Joan8-May1774
Ford, ThomasMJohn and Mary8-May1774
Harris, WilliamMJames and Ann15-May1774
Harris, MaryFAnn Harris [unwed]16-May1774
Davey, HughMJohn and Sarah12-Jun1774
Perkin, EleanorFJohn and Elizabeth9-Jul1774
Farley, AnneFWilliam and Amy24-Jul1774
Jones, ElizabethFJohn and Mary31-Jul1774
Mitchel, JohnMJohn and Margaret7-Aug1774
Lee, JohnMWilliam and Elizabeth1-Oct1774
Hele, CharlesMCharles and Mary30-Oct1774
Way, JoannaFJohn and Joanna6-Nov1774
Bowden, JohnMJohn and Elizabeth9-Nov1774
Pasmore, GeorgeMJohn and Ester19-Nov1774
Marsh, JohnMRobert and Sarah29-Dec1774
Isaac, CatherineFJohn and Mary8-Jan1775
Gater, WilliamMWilliam and Mary29-Jan1775
Isaac, AnnMThomas and Joan5-Feb1775
Clark, JohnMJohn andElizabeth5-Feb1775
Cole, MaryFSam and Elizabeth5-Feb1775
Pasmore, MaryFJames and Mary5-Feb1775
Isaac, AnnFOliver and Ann5-Mar1775
Lock, ElizabethFWilliam and Joanna5-Mar1775
Lane, JohnMThomas and Elizabeth26-Mar1775
Jury, MaryFCatherine Jury [unwed]9-Apr1775
Vicary, RobertMRobert and Thomasine16-Apr1775
Skinner, BenjaminMJohn and Mary16-Apr1775
Mitchel, MaryFWilliam and Margery28-May1775
Symond, AlexanderMSymond and Elizabeth11-Jun1775
Jury, JohnMJohn and Elizabeth11-Jun1775
Pitwood, WilliamMWilliam and Mary18-Jun1775
Skinner, GraceFNicholas and Grace25-Jun1775
Isaac, BettyFPhilip and Dorothy16-Jul1775
Sheere, JennyFWilliam and Betsy30-Jul1775
Alford, JoanFJacob and Joan30-Jul1775
Vicary, RogerMGeorge and Amy30-Jul1775
Gill, EleanorFRichard and Susanna17-Sep1775
Corney, AnnFWilliam and Mary15-Oct1775
Hammett, ElizabethFFrancis and Rachel-Nov1775
Western, JohnMWilliam and Margaret1-Feb1776
Bird, AnnFMark and Sarah6-Feb1776
Molland, DorothyFFrederick and Dorothy10-Mar1776
Western, JamesMSarah Joscelyn (unwed)12-Mar1776
Hancock, PrisciliaFRobert and Agnes15-Mar1776
Bradfod, JohnMWilliam and Elizabeth31-Mar1776
Ellacott, JoanneFRichard and Joan14-Apr1776
Pasmore, ElizabethFWilliam and Joan20-Apr1776
Harris, JoanFSimon and Elizabeth28-Apr1776
Alford, JohnMAnn Cudmore (unwed)30-Apr1776
Short, MaryFWilliam and Dinah12-May1776
Symonds, JamesMBenjamin and Sarah9-Jun1776
Western, JaneFSimon and ?16-Jun1776
Jones, JhnMSamuel and Elizabeth7-Jul1776
Losceline, JohnMThomas and Elizabeth25-Jul1776
Dobb?, GeorgeMCharles and Mary4-Aug1776
Cudmore, ElizabethFWilliamm and Elizabeth11-Aug1776
Cole, DorothyFJohn and Hannah27-Aug1776
Davie, MaryFJohn and Sarah15-Sep1776
Harris, JerimiahMJohn and Joan22-Sep1776
Clark, RobertMJohn and Elizabeth9-Nov1776
Sheere, ElizabethFWilliam and Elizabeth8-Dec1776
Harris, JohnMJames and Ann15-Dec1776
Farlay, JaneFWilliam and Ann22-Dec1776
Jury, MaryFEdmond and Joanna25-Dec1776
Cole, JohnMAaron and Mary26-Jan1777
Isaac, MaryFOliver and Ann1-Feb1777
Bowden, RichardMJohn and Elizabeth3-Feb1777
Lane, ThomasMThomas and Elizabeth9-Feb1777
Ford, GeorgeMJohn and Mary16-Feb1777
Cole, AbrahamMSamuel and Elizabeth22-Feb1777
Isaac, ElizabethFJohn and Mary7-Mar1777
Symond, AnnFSimon and Elizabeth16-Mar1777
Way, WilliamMJohn and Joan4-Apr1777
Symonds, ElizabethFWilliam and Ann28-May1777
Molland, PhilipMJohn and Wilmot30-May1777
Pitwood, JohnMWilliam and Mary22-Jun1777
not readable?George ---?9-Jul1777
Mitchel, WilliamMJohn and Margaret10-Jul1777
Skinner, MaryFJohn and Mary27-Jul1777
Alford, RoseFJacob and Joan10-Aug1777
Reppin, HenryMRichard and Joanne20-Dec1777
Shears, WilmotFWilliam and Elizabeth25-Dec1777
Parkhouse, JohnMJohn and Joan11-Jan1778
Isaac, ThomasMThomas and Joan1-Feb1778
Joans, JohnMJohn and Mary2-Feb1778
Hayman, MaryFWilliam and Elizabeth3-Feb1778
Jops ?, ElizabethFRobert and Joanna22-Feb1778
Lock, JoannaFWilliam and Joanna8-Mar1778
Joans, SamuelMSamuel and Elizabeth8-Mar1778
Isaac, GraceFJohn and Mary22-Mar1778
Hill, AnthonyMAnthony and Sarah30-Mar1778
Payne, GraceFJohn and Margaret19-Apr1778
Short, ElizabethFWilliam and Dianna26-Apr1778
Lee, ThomasMWilliam and Elizabeth3-May1778
Isaac, AnnFPhilip and Dorothy24-May1778
Corney, ElizabethFWilliam and Mary31-May1778
Hales ?, ElizabethFArthur and Mary21-Jun1778
Turner, JamesMJoh and Ann20-Jul1778
Cudmore, HughMHugh and Thomasine20-Jul1778
Jury, HenryMJohn and ElizabethJul or Aug1778
Heale, WilliamMCharles and Mary-Aug1778
Parker, AnnFWilliam and Mary16?-Aug1778
Hancock, ElizabethFRobert and Agnes30-Aug1778
Farson, JohnMn/a and Grace8-Nov1778
Josceline, EliabethFn/a and Mary6-Dec1778
Jury, WilliamMEdward and Hannah25-Dec1778
Symonds, MaryFJohn and Mary11-Feb1779
Ellacott, JohnMRichard and Joan12-Feb1779
Harris, MaryFWilliam and Ann14-Feb1779
Joans, JohnMRobert and Mary4-Apr1779
Lane, RobertMThomas and Elizabeth2-May1779
Joslyn, BartholomewMThomas and Elizabeth2-May1779
Symonds, JohnMBenjamin and Sarah2-May1779
Molland, RichardMFrederick and Dorothy23-May1779
Isaac, OliverMJohn and Mary23-May1779
Marles, JaneFAbraham and Mary13-Jun1779
Sheere, ChristopherMWilliam and Elizabeth27-Jun1779
Short, ElizabethFWilliam and Dianna27-Jun1779
Saunders, ElizabethFWilliam and Elizabeth28-Jun1779
Joss ?, WilliamMWilliam and Mary30-Aug1779
Hellins, RobertMRobert and Grace16-Sep1779
Ford, ElizabethFElizabeth Short (unwed)18-Sep1779
Harris, WilliamMJohn and Joan26-Sep1779
Vicary, GuinefridFRoger and Mary3-Oct1779
Farley, WilliamMWilliam and Amy17-Oct1779
Symonds, MaryFSimon and Elizabeth17-Oct1779
Marsh, RobertMRobert and Sarah24-Oct1779
Raddon, MaryFSimon and Jene24-Oct1779
Hagman, RobertMWilliam and Elizabeth14-Nov1779
Vicary, JaneFGeorge and Amy14-Nov1779
Cole, DianaFAaron and Mary28-Nov1779
Short, JohnMRichard and Grace5-Dec1779
Tought, JohnMEdmond and Elizabeth7-Feb1780
Isaac, ThomasineFHugh and Joan26-Mar1780
Skinner, FrancesFJohn and Mary9-Apr1780
Ware, RobertMMary Saunders (unwed)9-Apr1780
Molland, WilmotFJohn and Wilmot28-Apr1780
Cruwys, John,John and Dorothy30-Apr1780
Harris, William,Simon and Elizabeth7-May1780
Goss ?, GregoryMRobert and Joanna4-Jun1780
Carte, JoanFThomas and Amy4-Jun1780
Western, DorothyFSamuel and ----?18-Jun1780
Hill, ElizabethFAnthony and Sarah25-Jun1780
Beaple, FrancesFJohn and Joan25-Jun1780
Davie, GraceFJohn and Sarah16-Jul1780
Diamond, WilliamMWilliam and Catherine23-Jul1780
Gay, JamesMWilliam and Jane22-Oct1780
Perkins, GraceFRobert and Grace3-Nov1780
Payne, SamuelMJohn and Margaret26-Nov1780
Isaac, JohnMJohn and Mary24-Dec1780
Alford, JohnMSamuel and Elizabeth25-Dec1780
Shere, JohnMWilliam and Elizabeth25-Dec1780
Symonds, ThomasMWilliam and Ann25-Dec1780
Hancock, JohnMRobert and Agnes30-Dec1780
Cudmore, MarthaFGeorge and Grace30-Dec1780
Joans, WilliamMSamuel and Elizabeth1-Jan1781
Partridge, WilliamMJane Partridge (unwed)14-Jan1781
Lock, WilliamMWilliam and Joan21-Jan1781
Lee, JohnMWilliam and Elizabeth4-Mar1781
Anstis, ThomasMJohn and Mary1-Apr1781
Jury, JoannaFEdward and Hannah15-Apr1781
Harris, ElizabethFWilliam and Ann15-Apr1781
Joans, MaryFJohn and Mary22-Apr1781
Parkhouse, WilliamMJohn and Joan10-May1781
Corney, JohnMWilliam and Mary27-May1781
Short, ThomasMRichard and Grace3-Jun1781
Isaac, PhilipMJohn and Mary3-Jun1781
Lane, ElizabethFThomas and Elizabeth24-Jun1781
Towel, WilliamMWilliam and Mary5-Aug1781
Molland, RoseannonFRichard and Mary15-Sep1781
Symonds, JohnMWilliam and Mary2-Dec1781
Harris, GraceFRobert and Grace23-Dec1781
Arnold, JohnMMargaet Arnold (unwed)1-Jan1782
Way, JesableFJohn and Isable6-Jan1782
Hayman, JohnMWilliam and Elizabeth15-Jan1782
Symonds, RichardMRichard and Mary20-Jan1782
Sheere, SamuelMWilliam and Elizabeth27-Jan1782
Molland, JohnMFrederick and Dorothy24-Feb1782
Ellacott, MaryFRichard and Joan7-Apr1782
Marles, MaryFAbraham and Mary14-Apr1782
Lyddehyd?, ThomasineFPhilip and Mary25-Apr1782
Crau?, JohnMJohn and Dorothy28-Apr1782
Lawrence, FancisMJohn and Joan5-May1782
Isaac, JoannaFThomas and Joan26-May1782
Carter, AnnFJohn and Amy3-Jun1782
Symonds, ThomasMJohn and Elizabeth9-Jun1782
Harris, JohnMJames and Mary20-Jun1782
Rattenbury, WilliamMJohn and Eleanor8-Jul1782
Beeple, MargaretFJohn and Joan14-Jul1782
Goss, ElizabethFRobert and Joanna15-Jul1782
Josceline, HenryMFrancis Josceline4-Aug1782
Harris, JamesMJohn and Joan3-Oct1782
Vicary, BenjaminMGeorge and Emy?20-Oct1782
Foss?, MaryFWilliam and Mary3-Nov1782
Cole, JohnMAbraham and Mary25-Dec1782
Short, BonnieMRichard and Grace5-Jan1783
Hanisek, ThomasMRobert and Agnes19-Jan1783
Manning, ThomasMRichard and Elizabeth3-Feb1783
Lock, JaneFWilliam and Jaon9-Feb1783
Cole, WilliamMAaron and Mary6-Apr1783
Cudmore, AmyFGeorge and Grace13-Apr1783
Towel, SamuelMWilliam and Mary25-May1783
Molland, WilliamMMary Molland (unwed)25-May1783
Babbage, JohnMJohn and Ann23-Jun1783
Lane, MaryFThomas and Elizabeth9-Oct1783
Jones, ElizabethFSamuel and Elizabeth23-Nov1783
Mitchel, JohnMJane Mitchel (unwed)7-Dec1783
Isaac, AaronMJohn and Mary25-Dec1783
Mitchel, MaryFJames and Sarah25-Dec1783
Isaac, GraceFJohn and Mary25-Dec1783
Paddon, JohnMPhilip and Dorothy28-Dec1783
Harris, MaryFJohn and Joan14-Jan1784
Vicary, AnnFRoger and Mary18-Jan1784
Shere, SamuelMWilliam and Elizabeth22-Feb1784
Trigger, JohnMWilliam and ElizabethFeb-291784
Lyddon, ThomasineMPhilip and Mary8-Mar1784
Jury, JoannaFEdmond and Joanna14-Mar1784
Harris, AmyFJohn and Ann12-Apr1784
Hayman, WilliamMWilliam and Elizabeth25-Apr1784
Newcombe, MaryFThomas and Mary30-May1784
Vicary, MaryFElizabeth Vicary (unwed)6-Jun1784
Ford, RobertMRobert and Elizabeth13-Jun1784
Bapel, MargaretFJohn and Joan27-Jun1784
Western, JaneFWilliam and Mary25-Jul1784
Ford, FrancesFGeorge and Elizabeth8-Aug1784
Partridge, IsaacMJane Partridge (unwed)22-Aug1784
Harris, RobertMWilliam and Mary29-Aug1784
Symonds, WilliamMSymond and Elizabeth19-Sep1784
Molland, DorothyFJohn and Wilmot10-Oct1784
Carter, AmyFThomas and Amy17-Oct1784
Symonds, WilliamMWilliam and Ann24-Oct1784
Vicary, RichardMGeorge and Amy24-Oct1784
Short, JohnathanMRichard and Grace31-Oct1784
Chrispin, Mary ElizabethFCharles and Grace7-Nov1784
Symonds, JohnathanMJohn and Mary21-Nov1784
Parkhouse, RobertMJohn and Joan21-Nov1784
Lee, RobertMWilliam and Elizabeth28-Nov1784
Vicary, GeorgeMGeorge and Mary26-Dec1784
Isaac, RichardMThomas and Joan26-Dec1784
Towel, JohnMWilliam and Mary23-Jan1785
Symonds, WilliamMRichard and Mary6-Feb1785
Lawrence, WilliamMJohn and Joan6-Feb1785
Raddon, AnnFSimon and Jane (Ann ch: 04 - 10 privately)19-Mar1785
Pitwood, JohnMJohn and Ann20-Mar1785
Hancock, AgnesFRobert and Agnes20-Mar1785
Bonnie, Mary AnnFChristopher and Mary28-Mar1785
Cole, SamuelMThomas and Ann10-Apr1785
Short, WilliamMWilliam and Dinah5-Jun1785
Hill, GraceFAnthony and Sarah12-Jun1785
Babbage, MaryFJohn and Ann24-Jun1785
Ford, WilliamMGeorge and Elizabeth26-Jun1785
Harris, JamesMJohn and Ann17-Jul1785
Johnson, John [B: 7- 16]MRev. John Topel and Mary30-Jul1785
Clarke, ThomasineFWilliam and Ann21-Aug1785
Ellacott, AnnFRichard and Joan11-Sep1785
Goss, JoannaFRobert and Joanna6-Nov1785
Vicary, WilliamMWilliam and Rose4-Dec1785
Cole, SusannaFAbraham and Dorothy4-Dec1785
Farley, AmyFWilliam and Ann1-Jan1786
Short, JaneFBernard and Mary29-Jan1786
Ford, JohnMRobert and Elizabeth12-Feb1786
Jones, CharityFSamuel and Elizabeth16-Feb1786
Rattenbury, ThomasineFJohn and Eleanor19-Mar1786
Hanlake, JohnMJohn and Mary (of Winkliegh)2-Apr1786
Ware, JoanFRobert and Mary16-Apr1786
Hele, MaryFCharles and Mary30-Apr1786
Josling, Robert VicaryMGrace Josling (unwed)16-Jul1786
Hammet, FrancisMFrancis and Rachael30-Jul1786
Mitchell, ElizabethFJames and Sarah6-Aug1786
Crispin, AnnFCharles and Grace20-Aug1786
Baple, PatienceFJohn and Joan27-Aug1786
Western, MaryFWilliam and Mary10-Sep1786
Molland, JamesMFrederick and Dorothy10-Sep1786
Cole, AbrahamMJohn and Susanna24-Sep1786
Jury, RichardMJohn and Elizabeth1-Oct1786
Hayman, ThomasMWilliam and Elizabeth12-Oct1786
Alford, WilliamMSamuel and Elizabeth5-Nov1786
Cruwys, GeorgeMJohn and Dorothy7-Jan1787
Lawrence, RichardMJohn and Joan24-Jan1787
Harris, RobertMWilliam and Ann18-Feb1787
Vicary, SusannaFRoger and Mary25-Feb1787
Short, ElizabethFRichard and Grace11-Mar1787
Isaac, WilliamMThomas and Joan11-Mar1787
Carter, ElizabethFThomas and Ann25-Mar1787
Hill, MaryFBenjamin and Joan24-Apr1787
Paddon, MaryFPhilip and Dorothy6-May1787
Johnson, Peter [B: 4-17]MRev John Topel and Mary7-May1787
Ford, JohnMGeorge and Elizabeth20-May1787
Symonds, JamesMWilliam and Ann11-Jun1787
Short, GeorgeMElizabeth Short (unwed pauper)11-Jun1787
Corney, ElizabethFWilliam and Sarah25-Jun1787
Harria, WilliamMJohn and Ann1-Jul1787
Snell, Dorothy FordFMary Snell (unwed)1-Jul1787
Hill, AnnFAnthony and Sarah8-Jul1787
Mitchell, ThomasineFJohn and Mary23-Jul1787
Short, AnnFBernard and Mary29-Jul1787
Cole, SusannaFAbraham and Dorothy16-Sep1787
Jury, AnnFEdward and Hannah30-Sep1787
Reynold, JamesMWilliam and Mary7-Oct1787
Skynner, ElizabethFSusanna25-Dec1787
Warre, JohnMRobert and Mary6-Jan1788
Vicary, RichardMWilliam and Rose20-Jan1788
Thorne, JohnMJerimiah and Mary (of Roborough)27-Jan1788
Cole, WilliamMSam and Elizabeth11-Apr1788
Jones, MaryFSam and Elizabeth13-Apr1788
Hammett, RachaelMFrancis and Rachael26-Apr1788
Parkhouse, AnnFJohn and Elizabeth11-May1788
Harris, JamesMWilliam and Susanna27-May1788
Lane, EdwardMEdward and Joan28-Jun1788
Symonds, MaryFJerimiah and Elizabeth20-Jul1788
Hancock, AnnFRobert and Agnes27-Jul1788
Cudmore, AnnFWilliam and Jane3-Aug1788
Symonds, ElizabethFSimon and Elizabeth9-Aug1788
Corney, MaryFWilliam and Sarah24-Aug1788
Snell, MichaelMJohn and Dorothy24-Aug1788
Western, ThomasMWilliam and Mary14-Sep1788
Short, GraceFRichard aand Grace27-Sep1788
Short, MaryFRichard aand Grace27-Sep1788
Farley, JohnMWilliam and Amy23-Nov1788
Clark, AnnFWilliam and Ann7-Dec1788
Lane, AnnMThomas and Elizabeth14-Dec1788
Hill, AnnFBenjamin and Joan14-Dec1788
Hill, AliceFBenjamin and Joan14-Dec1788
Joslin, AmyFGrace Joslin (unwed)21-Dec1788
Short, MaryFAnn Short (unwed)21-Dec1788
Lawrence, Richard HeleMJohn and Joan4-Jan1789
Harris, MaryFThomas and Mary15-Jan1789
Short, MaryFBernard and Mary18-Jan1789
Ford, WilliamMRobert and Elizabeth1-Feb1789
Hayman, MaryFWilliam and Elizabeth8-Feb1789
Harris, AnnFJohn and Ann22-Feb1789
Norris, RichardMWilliam and Mary22-Feb1789
Johnson, George [B: 3-11]MRector John Topel Johnson and Mary13-Mar1789
Ellacott, ElizabethFRichard and Joanna5-May1789
Diamond, JohnMSarah Diamond (unwed)24-May1789
Clark, WilliamMJohn and Amy11-Jun1789
Carter, ThomasMThomas and Amy15-Oct1789
Saunders, JohnMArthur and Ann25-Oct1789
Isaac, JaneFThomas and Joan8-Nov1789
Hill, JohnMAnthony and Sarah29-Nov1789
Towell, JamesMWilliam and Mary29-Nov1789
Harris, WilliamMWilliam and Ann27-Dec1789
Jones, RobertMSamuel and Elizabeth27-Dec1789
Cudmore, GraceFGeorge and Grace11-Jan1790
Lane, JohnMEdmond and Joan24-Jan1790
Lee, AnnFWillian and Elizabeth2-Feb1790
Vicary, RoseFWilliam and Rose7-Feb1790
Parkhouse, JohnMJohn and Elizabeth28-Feb1790
Warre, MaryFRobert and Mary28-Feb1790
Paddon, PhilipMPhilip and Dorothy7-Mar1790
Symonds, RachaelFWilliam and Ann7-Mar1790
Michell, William LeeMJane Mitchell (unwed)14-Mar1790
Snell, JoshuaMJohn and Dorothy21-Mar1790
Boon, JohnMChristopher and Mary28-Mar1790
Harris, JohnMThomas and Mary28-Mar1790
Ford, DorothyFGeoge and Elizabeth11-Apr1790
Bird, PeterMRobert and Jane11-Apr1790
Thorne, WilliamMJerimiah and Mary18-Apr1790
Chrispin, JohnMGrace Crispin23-May1790
Cole, AbrahamMAbraham and Dorothy6-Jun1790
Skynner, MaryFSusanna Skynner (unwed)6-Jun1790
Corney, WilliamMWilliam and Sarah20-Jun1790
Hearn, ThomasMJohn and Ann18-Jul1790
Budd, GraceFJohn and Mary18-Jul1790
Clark, AnnFJohn and Amy18-Jul1790
Western, GraceFThomasine Western (unwed)25-Jul1790
Harris, SusannaFWilliam and Susann1-Aug1790
Short, GraceFBernard and Mary22-Aug1790
Symonds, JamesMRichard and Mary26-Sep1790
Newcombe, AnnFThomas and Mary10-Oct1790
Marles, ElizabethFAnn Marles (unwed)17-Oct1790
Rennell, RobertMWilliam and Mary7-Nov1790
Hill, BenjaminMBenjamin and Joan9-Jan1791
Short, RichardMRobert and Grace16-Jan1791
Saunders, ThomasMElizabeth Saunders (unwed)16-Jan1791
Western, AnnFWilliam and Mary10-Mar1791
Cole, AaronMSamuel and Elizabeth18-Mar1791
Jury, SusannaFEdward and Joanna20-Mar1791
Harris, JohnMJohn and Ann24-Apr1791
Marles, MaryFRichard and Eleanor14-May1791
Marshal, ThomasineFThomas and Agnes22-May1791
Symons, AmyFJohn and Mary5-Jun1791
Lane, SusannaFThomas and Elizabeth19-Jun1791
Hayman, GeorgeMWilliam and Elizabeth26-Jun1791
Clarke, MaryFWilliam and Ann7-Aug1791
Harris, AnnFThomas and Mary7-Aug1791
Lawrence, AnnFJohn and Joan25-Sep1791
Bater, RobertMWilliam and Elizabeth30-Oct1791
Clarke, AnnFJohn and Amy20-Nov1791
Palsford, ThomasMThomas and Mary24-Nov1791
Hearding, JamesMSarah Hearding (widow)1-Dec1791
Hearding, MaryFSarah Hearding (widow)1-Dec1791
Skynner, AnneFMary Skynner [unwed]2-Mar1792
Jones, GraceFSamuel and Elizabeth16-Mar1792
Saunders, MaryFArthur and Ann25-Mar1792
Way, GeorgeMGeorge and Mary26-Mar1792
Harris, AnnFWilliam and Susanna8-Apr1792
Hearn, WilliamMJohn and Ann16-Apr1792
Harris, WilliamMWilliam and Mary22-Apr1792
Leg, MariaFWilliam and Elizabeth16-May1792
Cole, ThomasMAbraham and Dorothy16?-May1792
Warre, WilliamMRobert and Mary26-May1792
Harris, JohnMWilliam and Ann27-May1792
Symonds, BenjaminMRichard and Mary3-Jun1792
Symonds, AnneFWilliam and Ann13-Jun1792
Isaac, JamesMThomas and Joan17-Jun1792
Snell, SarahFJohn and Dorothy24-Jun1792
Vicary, ElizabethFWilliam and Rose22-Jul1792
Snell, AbrahamMWilliam and Elizabeth22 to 29-Jul1792
Parkhouse, SusannaFJohn and Elizabeth29-Jul1792
Paddon, MaryFGrace Paddon [unwed]15-Aug1792
Hill, WilliamMWilliam and Eleanor23-Aug1792
Cudmore?, HughMGeorge and Mary?23-Aug1792
Mitchell, AnnFJohn and Mary2-Sep1792
Short, ThomasMThomas and Charity7-Oct1792
Hamet, WilliamMFrancis and Rachael7-Oct1792
Short, GraceFRichard and Grace16-Dec1792
Molland, AnnFJohn and Joan16-Dec1792
Alford, SamuelMSamuel and Elizabeth25-Dec1792
Cudmore, HughMHugh and Grace20-Jan1793
Paddon, ThomasMPhilip and Dorothy3-Feb1793
Cole, JohnMSamuel and Elizabeth17-Mar1793
Cruwys, WilliamMJohn and Dorothy31-Mar1793
Bird, ? JohnMJohn and Mary4-Apr1793
Ford, JamesMRobert and Elizabeth21-Apr1793
Carter, JohnMThomas and Amy28-Apr1793
Pethebridge, GeorgeMHenry and Mary5-May1793
Western, JamesMWilliam and Mary2-Jun1793
Corney, ElizabethFWilliam and Sarah5-Jun1793
Philston, JohnMThomas and Mary7-Jul1793
Clarke, DorothyFJohn and Amy7-Jul1793
Harris, MaryFJohn and Ann21-Jul1793
Marles, MaryFAnn Marles (unwed)23-Jul1793
Newcombe , JaneFThomas and Mary28-Jul1793
Harris ThomasMThomas and Mary4-Aug1793
Snell, SamuelMJohn and Dorothy22-Sep1793
Mitchell, PhilipMPhilip and Grace4-Oct1793
Gidley, JohnMBartholomew and Mary27-Oct1793
Lawrence,? GeorgeMJohn and Joan8-Nov1793
Jones, SarahFSamuel and Elizabeth11-Nov1793
Chrispin, Susanna ?FGrace Chrispin22-Nov1793
Lane, WilliamMThomas and Elizabeth3-Jan1794
Harris, WilliamMWilliam and Susanna5-Jan1794
Marles, ----?MRichard and Eleanor12-Jan1794
Short, GraceFBernard, and Mary19-Jan1794
Hill, AnthonyMWilliam and Sarah16-Mar1794
Thorne, JerimiahMJerimiah and Mary20-Apr1794
Symonds, MaryFRichard and Mary21-Apr1794
Farley, JenevieveFEdward and Elizabeth4-May1794
Rendle, RachaelFWilliam and Mary4-May1794
Jury, EdwardMEdward and Joanna4-May1794
Hagman, ElizabethFWilliam and Elizabeth11-May1794
Skynner, John VialMSusanna Skynner (unwed)11-May1794
Ford, MaryFGeorge and Elizabeth18-May1794
Cole, WilliamMAbraham and Dorothy28-May1794
Warre, DanielMRobert and Mzary1-Jun1794
Isaac, RichardMElizabeth Isaac (unwed)8-Jun1794
Cole, ElizabethFJoseph and Mary14-Jun1794
Vicary, RobertMWilliam and Rose22-Jun1794
Hill, EdwardMAnthony and Sarah13-Jul1794
Bater, RobertMWilliam and Elizabeth13-Jul1794
Hill, ThomasMWilliam and Eleanor21-Aug1794
Isaac, SarahFThomas and Joan14-Sep1794
Saunders, ElizabethFArthur and Ann19-Oct1794
Diamond, RobertMCatherine Diamond16-Nov1794
Alford, JohnMWilliam and Ann16-Nov1794
Harris, JohnMJerimiah and Elizabeth7-Dec1794
Carter, MaryFJohn and Mary13-Jan1795
Norrish, JohnMWilliam and Mary1-Feb1795
Isaac, DianaFJohn and Sarah1-Feb1795
Hearne, AnnFJohn and Ann22-Feb1795
Western, JamesF yesThomasin Western (unwed)4-Mar1795
Parkhouse, WilliamMJohn and Elizabeth5-Apr1795
Harris, HughMWilliam and Ann5-Apr1795
Mitchell, AnnFWilliam and Joanna12-Apr1795
Cudmore, GraceFGeorge and Mary12-Apr1795
Clarke, MaryFJohn and Amy19-Jul1795
Harris, RobertMRobert and Mary26-Jul1795
Corney, ElizabethFHugh and Elizabeth2-Aug1795
Snell, GilesMJohn and Dorothy23-Aug1795
Lawrence, IsrealMJohn and Joan4-Oct1795
Berry, BenjaminMThomas and Mary28-Oct1795
Hill, JohnMWilliam and Eleanor8-Nov1795
Gidley, MaryFBartholomew and Mary3-Jan1796
Palston, WilliamMThomas and Mary10-Jan1796
Mitchell, MaryFJohn and Mary31-Jan1796
Cole, ElizabethFJoseph and Mary2-Mar1796
Vial, AnnFJohn and Ann2-Mar1796
Darch, MaryFThomas and Elizabeth27-Mar1796
Cole, ThomasMSamuel and Mary3-Apr1796
Harria, RobertMJohn and Ann27-Apr1796
Warre, ElizabethFThomas and Elizabeth (of Winkleigh)1-May1796
Hammett, StephenMStephen and Mary1-May1796
Cudmore, GraceFGeorge and Grace2-May1796
Harria, WilmotFJerimiah and Elizabeth26-Jun1796
Newcombe, ElizabethFThomas and Mary10-Jul1796
Marles, AnnFAnn Marles (unwed)10-Jul1796
Cruwys, DorothyFJohn and Dorothy31-Jul1796
Harris, JamesMThoms and Mary21-Aug1796
Symonds, JamesMRichard and Mary4-Sep1796
Farley, ThomasMEdward and Elizabeth18-Sep1796
Lane, JaneFThomas and Elizabeth18-Sep1796
Marles, RichardMRichard and Eleanor9-Oct1796
Warre, ArthureMRobert and Mary10-Oct1796
Farley, JaneFJohn and Mary13-Nov1796
Harris, JamesMWilliam and Jane13-Nov1796
Saunders, MaryFJohn and Mary19-Dec1796
Rendell, SimonMWilliam and Mary8-Jan1797
Hill, WilliamMAnthony and Sarah22-Jan1797
Carter, MaryFJohn and Mary22-Jan1797
Alford, JacobMWilliam and Ann29-Jan1797
Pasmore, EsterFMary Pasmore (unwed)26-Mar1797
Cole, ElizabethFSamuel Cole (junr) and Mary2-Apr1797
Berry, FrancesFThomas and Mary3-Apr1797
Symonds, MaryFWilliam and Ann23-Apr1797
Saunders, AnnFArthur and Ann21-May1797
Short, BernardMBernard and Ann28-May1797
Mitchell, WilliamMWilliam and Hannah4-Jun1797
Sampson, WilliamMWilliam and Philippa30-Jul1797
Vicary, MaryFWilliam and Rose30-Jul1797
Bather, ElizabethFArthure and Ann6-Aug1797
Short, MaryFRichard and Grace13-Aug1797
Turner, JohnMWilliam and Mary27-Aug1797
Dart, JohnMRichard and Rose3-Sep1797
Parkhouse, ElizabethFJohn and Elizabeth8-Oct1797
Harris, JamesMRobert and Mary5-Nov1797
Harris, ElizabethFJohn and Ann12-Nov1797
Gidley, MaryFBartholomew and Mary12-Nov1797
Harris, AnnMWilliam and Mary12-Nov1797
Cudmore, WilliamMGeorge and Mary26-Nov1797
Joslin, WilliamMWilliam and Elizabeth1-Dec1797
Clark, WilliamMJohn and Amy3-Dec1797
Harris, MaryFWilliam and Ann18-Dec1797
Harris, ElizabethFWilliam and Susanna24-Dec1797
Alford, RobertMJacob and Agnes31-Dec1797
Skynner, JohnMSusanna Skynner (unwed)31-Dec1797
Warre, ThomasMThomas and Elizabeth7-Jan1798
Cole, SamuelMAbraham and Dorothy21-Jan1798
Ford, MichaelMGeorge and Elizabeth21-Jan1798
Callard, MaryFWilliam and Ann28-Jan1798
Lane, JoanFEdward and Joan28-Jan1798
Hill, PhilipMWilliam and Eleanor11-Mar1798
Harris, MaryFWilliam and Ann11-Mar1798
Cole, SamuelMSamuel and Mary25-Mar1798
Cudmore, JohnMJohn Alford Cudmore and Elizabeth22-Apr1798
Manning, AnnFAndrew (junr) and Grace6-May1798
Isaac, SarahFJane Isaac (unwed)13-May1798
Isaac, JohnMJohn and Sarah26-May1798
Short, SusannaFBernard and Ann3-Jun1798
Palsford, ? RichardMThomas and Mary10-Jun1798
Cole, JohnMJoseph and Mary8-Jul1798
Harris, WilliamMThomas and Mary5-Aug1798
Saunders, MaryFJohn and MAry31-Aug1798
Molland, EliabethFJohn and Joan12-Nov1798
Jury, EdwardMEdward and Joanna2-Dec1798
Cowle, ElizabethFJohn and Anna16-Dec1798
Harris, JohnMJerimiah and Elizabeth26-Dec1798
Pasmore, AnnFJohn and Frances26-Dec1798
Cole, ElizabethFAaron and Martha6-Jan1799
Molland, WilliamMWilliam and Elizabeth20-Jan1799
Callard, JohnMGeorge and Mary10-Feb1799
Parkyns, AgnesFThomas and Ann10-Feb1799
Lane, DorothyFThomas and Elizabeth17-Feb1799
Tout, EdmondMJames and Joan25-Feb1799
Harris, AnnFWilliam and Jane12-May1799
Farley, AnnFEdwin and Elizabeth19-May1799
Alford, WilliamMWilliam and Ann26-May1799
Alford, RobertMWilliam and Ann26-May1799
Hill, SarahFWilliam and Eleanor23-Jun1799
Lawrence, NathanialMJohn and Joan23-Jun1799
Lake, ThomasMEdwin and Joan23-Jun1799
Harris, ThomasMJohn and Ann30-Jun1799
Molland, JamesMJames and Mary15-Jul1799
Sardler, Ann (died)FJohn (deceased) and Ann (his widow)-Aug1799
Sampson, Mary AnnFWilliammand Phillippa-Aug1799
Jocelyn, MaryFElizabeth Jocelyn (unwed)25-Aug1799
Hill, MaryFAnthony and Sarah22-Sep1799
Harris, JohnMRobert and mary20-Oct1799
Carter, JohnMJohn and Mary27-Nov1799
Mitchell, WilliamMWilliam and Joanna7-Dec1799
Joslin, JohnMJohn and Dorothy8-Dec1799
Parkhouse, WilmotFJohn and Elizabeth5-Jan1800
Cole, MaryFJoseph and Amy12-Jan1800
Lane, ElizabethFElizabeth Lane of Winkleigh (unwed)12-Jan1800
Warre, ThomasMThomas and Elizabeth19-Jan1800
Callard, AnnFWilliam and Ann26-Jan1800
Harris, SarahFThomas and MAry26-Jan1800
Cole, ThomasMPhilip and Ann2-Feb1800
Cudmore, GeorgeMGeorge and Mary16-Feb1800
Babbage, MaryFCharles and Mary16-Feb1800
Vicary, RogerMWilliam and Rose17-Feb1800
---?, Mary AnnFJohn and Elizabeth23-Mar1800
Marshall, ElizabethFThomas and Agnes24-Mar1800
Carter, AnnFJohn and Mary27-Apr1800
Cole, DorothyFAbraham and Dorothy4-May1800
Saunders, GraceFArthur and Ann1-Jun1800
Hagman, JaneFWilliam and Elizabeth1-Jun1800
Manning, JaneFAndrew (junr) and Grace8-Jun1800
Cole, JohnMWilliam and Anne6-Jul1800
Clarke, AmyFJohn and Amy13-Jul1800
Pasmore, JamesMJohn and Frances20-Jul1800
Cudmore, WilliamMJohn Alford Cudmore and Elizabeth3-Aug1800
Harris, JerimiahMWilliam and Susanna (wife deceased)14-Oct1800
Cole, JohnMSamuel and Mary16-Oct1800
Warre, ----?FRobert and Mary30-Oct1800
Harris, ElizabethFJerimiah and Elizabeth30-Oct1800
Hill, JohnMAnthony and Sarah21-Dec1800
---?, MaryFWilliam and Elizabeth28-Dec1800
Heywood, MaryFWilliam (junr) and Priscilla11-Jan1801
Vial, JohnMJohn and Ann19-Jan1801
Gidley, BartholomewMBartholomew and Mary25-Jan1801
Tout, EdmondMJohn and Joan2-Feb1801
Newcome, SarahFThomas and Mary1-Mar1801
Jury, JohnMHannah Jury (unwed)22-Mar1801
Marles, FrancisMRichard and Eleanor5-Apr1801
Parkhouse, EsterFThomas and Ester26-Apr1801
Cole, AaronMAaron and Martha17-May1801
Harris, ElizabethFWilliam and Jane27-May1801
Clark, RobertMJohn (junr) and Mary31-May1801
Callard, MaryFGeorge and Mary14-Jun1801
Alford, ElizabethFWilliam and Ann24-Jun1801
Pilsford, RobertMThomas and Mary6-Jul1801
Cole, ElizabethFPhilip and Ann2-Aug1801
Short, RichardMBernard and Ann16-Aug1801
Isaac, WilliamMJohn and Sarah19-Nov1801
Norrish, MaryFWilliam and Mary13-Dec1801
Sage, AnnFJames and Elizabeth28-Dec1801
Knight, HannahFRobert and Dorothy24-Jan1802
Cudmore, ElizabethFJohn Alford Cudmore and Elizabeth24-Jan1802
Cole, SarahFWilliam and Ann28-Feb1802
Saunders, ElizabethFJohn and Elizabeth28-Mar1802
Perkin, GraceFThomas and Ann3-Apr1802
Cupper, GeorgeMHannah Cupper (unwed)2-May1802
Alford, JohnMJohn and Ann16-May1802
Parkhouse, ThomasMThomas and Ester23-May1802
Joslin, ThomasMJohn and Dorothy23-May1802
Warre, MaryFThomas and Elizabeth27-May1802
Harris, ThomasMRobert and mary30-May1802
Cooke, ElizabethFWilliam and Dorothy30-May1802
Hill, ThomasMWilliam and Eleanor20-Jun1802
Manning, ElizabethFThomas and Joan1-Aug1802
Ford, GeorgeMGeorge and Elizabeth15-Aug1802
Hasman, RichardMWilliam and Elizabeth22-Aug1802
Farles, MaryFEdward and Elizabeth (of Bideford)5-Sep1802
Symond, ElizabethFJohn and Elizabeth4-Oct1802
Callard, ElizabethFWilliam and Ann10-Oct1802
Ford, RobertMJohn and Mary10-Oct1802
Saunders,,JoanFArthur and Ann17-Oct1802
Newcome, WilliamMWilliam and Joan7-Nov1802
Manning, WilliamMAndrew and Grace14-Nov1802
Clarke, Mary AnnFJames and Thomasin5-Dec1802
Cole, AbrahamMSamuel and Mary26-Dec1802
Harris, AnnFJerimiah and Elizabeth2-Jan1803
Vicary, AnnFWilliam and Rose30-Jan1803
Heywood, WilliamMWilliam and Priscilla18-Feb1803
Joslin, ElizabethFBartholomew and Elizabeth18-Feb1803
Cole, WilliamFPhilip and Ann20-Feb1803
Clarke, JohnMJohn and Amy20-Feb1803
Short, PhebeFBernard and Ann18-Mar1803
Carter, JohnMJohn and Mary18-Mar1803
Molland, MaryFElizabeth Molland (unwed)4-May1803
Berry, ThomasMThomas and Mary8-May1803
Hill, JohnMWilliam and Elizabeth22-May1803
Pasmore, JohnMJohn and Frances12-Jun1803
Saunders, GraceFJohn and Mary12-Jun1803
Harris, MaryFWilliam and Jane13-Jun1803
Molland, JohnMPhilip and Hannah26-Jun1803
Babbage, JaneFCharles and Mary (als: Lock)3-Jul1803
Western, ThomasMThomas and Mary4-Jul1803
Parkin, WilliamMThomas and Ann17-Jul1803
Parkhouse, JohnMJohn and Mary7-Aug1803
Knight, DorothyFRobert and Dorothy24-Aug1803
Cudmore, AnnFJohn Alford Cudmore and Elizabeth25-Aug1803
Cole, ThomasMJoseph and Mary28-Aug1803
Marles, AnthonyFRichard and Elizabeth11-Sep1803
Cudmore, ElizabethFJoan Cudmore (unwed)25-Sep1803
Alford, ElizabethFJohn and Ann2-Oct1803
Hammett, WilliamMMary Hammett (unwed)13-Nov1803
Ford, ElizabethFJohn and Mary27-Nov1803
Symonds, JamesMJames and Elizabeth11-Dec1803
Tout, JamesMJames and Joan18-Dec1803
Harris, JohnMAgnes Harris (unwed)22-Jan1804
Callard, JamesMGeorge and Mary5-Feb1804
Isaac, JohnMJohn and Elizabeth (of Burrington)15-Feb1804
Harris, EmanualMWilliam and Jane26-Feb1804
Pasmore, ElizabethFMary Pasmore (unwed)1-Apr1804
Rather, William (Bater?)MWilliam and Elizabeth1-Apr1804
Molland, JohnMJames and Mary (wife deceased)5-Apr1804
Farley, SusannahFEdward and Elizabeth15-Apr1804
Cole, WilliamMWilliam and Ann15-Apr1804
Lee, WilliamMJohn and Mary15-Apr1804
Marshal, MaryFThomas and Agnes15-Apr1804
Warre, WilliamMThomas and Elizabeth23-Apr1804
Tout, JohnMDorothy Tout (unwed)27-May1804
Vial, WilliamMJohn and Ann4-Jun1804
Manning, AndrewMThomas and Joan24-Jun1804
Isaac, WilliamMJohn and Sarah-Jul1804
Harris, WilliamMRobert and Mary3-Aug1804
Isaac, JaneFJoan Isaac (unwed)5-Aug1804
Hancock, RobertMRobert and Frances26-Aug1804
Rendle, WilliamMWilliam and Joan23-Sep1804
Cole, AnnFAaron and Martha14-Oct1804
Clarke, ElizabethFJames and Thomasine18-Nov1804
Short, RebeccaFBernard and Ann21-Nov1804
Cole, AbrahamMPhilip and Ann28-Nov1804
Ford, AnnFGeorge and Elizabeth28-Nov1804
Joceling, BartholomewMJohn and Dorthy9-Dec1804
Callard, WilliamMWilliam and Ann30-Dec1804
Hill, WilliamMWilliam and Elizabeth20-Jan1805
Newcombe, ThomasMThomas and Mary24-Feb1805
Cole, JaneFJohn and Jane24-Feb1805
Heywood, RobertMWilliam and Priscilla25-Feb1805
Manning, JohnMAndrew and Grace3-Mar1805
Skynner, MaryFJohn and Mary10-Mar1805
Symonds, WilliamMThomas and Elizabeth24-Mar1805
Cole, SamuelMSamuel and Mary3-Mar1805
Western, Priscilla BirdFThomas and Mary27-Apr1805
Western, MaryFThomas and Mary27-Apr1805
Beere, MaryFJoan Beere (unwed)7-May1805
Bulleid, ? SamuelMRichard and Joan7-May1805
Pickard, MariaFJohnathan and Honour19-May1805
Cole, AbrahamMJoseph and Mary22-May1805
Vicary, JohnMWilliam and Rose2-Jun1805
Harris, MaryFJerimiah and Elizabeth16-Jun1805
Cudmore, WilliamMJohn Alford Cudmore and Mary7-Jul1805
Parkhouse, MaryFJohn and Mary27-Jul1805
Saunders, JohnMJohn and Mary11-Aug1805
Turner, WilliamFMary Turner (unwed)1-Sep1805
Jury, WilliamMHannah Jury (unwed)15-Sep1805
Parkhouse, HesterFThomas and Hester13-Oct1805
Harris, WilliamMJoanna Harris (unwed)20-Oct1805
Lane, JohnMThomas (junr) and Mary10-Nov1805
Isaac, WilliamMMargery Isaac (unwed)17-Nov1805
Saunders, MaryFArthur and Ann1-Dec1805
Corney, AmyFWilliam and Mary1-Dec1805
Pasmore, WilliamMJohn and Francis12-Jan1806
Jerman, NathanielMNathaniel and Elizabeth19-Jan1806
Warre, ThomasineFThomas and Elizabeth2-Feb1806
Callard, Phebe HellinsFGeorge and Mary2-Mar1806
Manning, Amy ?FThomas and Joan2-Mar1806
Marles, ElizabethFRobert and Eleanor2-Mar1806
Cole, HannahFAbraham and Dorothy12-Mar1806
Knight, RobertMRobert and Dorothy30-Mar1806
Skynner, JohnMJohn and Mary13-Apr1806
Symonds, WilliamMJames and Elizabeth20-Apr1806
Molland, PhilipMPhilip and Hannah25-May1806
Babbage, WilliamMCharles and Mary15-Jun1806
Jury, ? ElizabethFEdward and Elizabeth (of Bideford)22-Jun1806
Carter, ElizabethMJohn and Mary29-Jun1806
Harris, JosephMAgnes Harris (unwed)12-Aug1806
Harris, MaryFAgnes Harris (unwed)12-Aug1806
Cole, AnnFPhilip and Ann5-Oct1806
Cudmore, MariaFJohn Alford Cudmore and Mary9-Nov1806
Alford, AnnFJohn and Ann16-Nov1806
Norrish, ElizabethFWilliam and Mary28-Dec1806
Manndry, ? WilliamMAndres and Grace11-Jan1807
Harris, MaryFRobert and Mary18-Jan1807
Hill, RobertMWilliam and Elizabeth25-Jan1807
Jocelin, WilliamMJohn and Dorothy1-Feb1807
Jury, ElizabethFWilliam Rendle Jury and Joan8-Feb1807
Lee, ThomasMWilliam and Mary22-Feb1807
Cole, AnnFJoseph and Mary17-May1807
Way, RobertMGeorge and Mary31-May1807
Vicary, WilliamMJohn and Elizabeth31-May1807
Callard, SusannaFWilliam and Ann14-Jun1807
Short, WilliamMBernard and Ann4-Jul1807
Knight, WilliamMJohn and Ann30-Aug1807
Tout, ElizabethFJohn and Mary1-Nov1807
Heywood, JohnMWilliam and Priscilla8-Nov1807
Parkhouse, AnthonyMThomas and Hester22-Nov1807
Skynner, BenjaminMJohn and Mary29-Nov1807
Harris, JerimiahMJerimiah and Elizabeth27-Dec1807
Western, ThomasMJames and Mary3-Jan1808
Treble, SarahFThomas and Grace10-Jan1808
Parkhouse, JohnMJohn and Mary10-Jan1808
Saunders, WilliamMJohn and Mary24-Jan1808
Callard, ElizabethFGeorge and Mary31-Jan1808
Corney, AnnFWilliam and Mary31-Jan1808
Symonds, SarahFJames and Elizabeth21-Feb1808
Rippin, MaryFWilliam and Elizabeth28-Feb1808
Heale, CharlesMCharles and Elizabeth6-Mar1808
Bater, JohnMWilliammand Elizabeth20-Mar1808
Vicary, JohnMWilliam and Rose ?20-Mar1808
Cudmore, Mary AnnFJohn Alford Cudmore and Mary14-Apr1808
Jones, SamuelMJohn and Martha29-May1808
Shaddick, JohnMJohn and Mary3-Jul1808
Saunders, RebeccaFArthur and Ann10-Jul1808
Clarke, WilliamMJames and Thomasine31-Jul1808
Short, AnnFJohnathan and Susanna31-Jul1808
Lock, WilliamMWilliammand Elizabeth12-Aug1808
Jerman, ElizabethFNathanial and Elizabeth28-Aug1808
Jones, JohnMElizabeth Jones (unwed)25-Sep1808
Babbage, JohnMJohn and Rebecca20-Oct1808
Cole, PhilipMPhilip and Ann6-Nov1808
Alford, William PitwoodMJohn and Ann18-Dec1808
Lee, JohnMJohn and Mary19-Feb1809
Farley, JohnMRoman and Elizabeth26-Feb1809
Cradlock, PhillippaFJohn and Jane26-Feb1809
Moore, JamesMAmy Moore (unwed)26-Feb1809
Lane, Ann JenettFRobert and Mary26-Feb1809
Jocelin, RichardMJohn and Dorothy2-Apr1809
Marles, AnthonyMRichard and Eleanor9-Apr1809
Rendle, MaryFWilliam and Joan9-Apr1809
Ford, WilliamMWilliam and Grace18-Apr1809
Hill, SarahFWilliam and Elizabeth23-Apr1809
Bradford, WilliamMAgnes Bradford (unwed)30-Apr1809
Harris, ElizabethFRobert and Mary30-May1809
Cole, AmyFJoseph and Mary17-Jun1809
Tout, ElizabethFJames and Joan18-Jun1809
Lee, ElizabethFRobert and Charity21-Jul1809
Saunders, MariaFJohn and Mary23-Jul1809
Pasmore, JamesMMary Pasmore (unwed)30-Jul1809
Knight, RobertMJohn and Ann6-Aug1809
Hill, WilliamMJames and Ann Davie13-Aug1809
Callard, RobertMWilliam and Ann25-Oct1809
Cole, JamesMAaron and Martha26-Nov1809
Babbage, CharlesMCharles and Mary (commonly called Lock)3-Dec1809
Parkhouse, WilliamMJohn and Mary1-Jan1810
Jones, WilliamMJohn and Martha1-Jan1810
Cole, WilliamMWilliam and Susanna25-Feb1810
Mitchell, JohnMJames and Mary4-Mar1810
Lee, WilliamMWilliam and Mary11-Mar1810
Alford, MaryFJohn and Ann18-Mar1810
Skynner, SebastianMJohn and Mary8-Apr1810
Jury, ? ThomasMLoveday Jury ? (unwed)8-Apr1810
Babbage, LawrenceMJohn and Rebecca13-May1810
Harris, AndrewMJ---? and Elizabeth20-May1810
---?, PriscillaFJohn and Jane27-May1810
Pasmore, GeorgeMJohn and Frances13-Jun1810
Corney, JohnMWilliam and Mary12-Aug1810
Shaddick, WilliamMJohn and Mary19-Aug1810
Clark, AnnFJames and Elizabeth9-Sep1810
Tout, Mary AnnFJohn and Mary30-Sep1810
Cudmore, RobertMJohn Alford Cudmore and Mary30-Oct1810
Rippin, JohnMWilliam and Elizabeth11-Nov1810
Heywood, ThomasMWilliam and Priscilla25-Nov1810
Manning, MaryFAndrew and Grace9-Dec1810
Molland, Mary AnnFPhilip and Hannah25-Dec1810
Jones, ElizabethFElizabeth Jones (unwed)30-Dec1810
Hill, AnthonyMWilliam and Elizabeth1-Jan1811
Turner, JohnMJohn and Ann13-Jan1811
Alford, Mary PitwoodFElizabeth Alford (unwed)29-Jan1811
Harris, WilliamMRobert and Elizabeth11-Feb1811
Miller, RobertMJohn and Ann (of Winkleigh)10-Mar1811
Callard, Ann Hellins ?FGeorge and Mary7-Apr1811
Towell, MaryFJohn and Amy10-Apr1811
Cole, SamuelMJoseph and Mary14-Apr1811
----? DorothyFJohn and Dorothy12-May1811
Parkhouse, RobertMRobert and Ann (of Winkleigh)12-May1811
Ford, JohnMWilliam and Gace7-Jul1811
Harris, WilliamMElizabeth Harris (unwed)28-Jul1811
Bisset, SimonMJohn and Elizabeth4-Aug1811
Saunders, AnneFJohn and Ann25-Aug1811
Skynner, FrancisFJohn and Mary10-Nov1811
Rendle, GraceFWilliam and Joan24-Nov1811
Blake, John WilliamMMary Blake (unwed)24-Nov1811
Manning, ThomasMThomas and Joan-Jan1812
Jones, RobertMJohn and Martha2-Feb1812
Parkhouse, JoanFJohn and Mary12-Feb1812
Crispia,? ElizabethFElizabeth Crispia (unwed)9-Mar1812
Jury, WilliamMWilliam and Grace17-Mar1812
Knight, JohnMJohn and Ann22-Mar1812
Parkhouse, MaryFJames and Ann22-Mar1812
Vicary, WilliamMWilliam and Mary4-Apr1812
Cole, JohnMJohn and Jane19-Apr1812
German, SamuelMNathanial and Elizabeth19-Apr1812
Mitchell, JamesMJames and Mary10-May1812
Cudmore, ElizabethFJohn Alford Cudmore and Mary14-Jun1812
Clarke, JamesMJames and Elizabeth4-Aug1812
Harris, WilliamMJohn and Alice10-Oct1812
Davey, EleanorFJames and Anne1-Nov1812
Boundy, JamesMWilliam and Ann22-Nov1812
Ford, MaryFGeorge and Elizabeth29-Nov1812
Harris, MaryFRobert and Elizabeth20-Dec1812
Cole, DorothyFJoseph and Mary22-Dec1812