Kelly's Directory Devon 1893



Transcribed by Jonathan Frayne

[Suffixes to names, e.g. M.B., Bart., J.P., etc., are ignored; prefix titles are retained, e.g. Maj., Rev. etc. These are then listed in Kelly's before all others with the same name. Many women only gave their title, e.g. Miss, Mrs, and not a forename. A few women also gave their husband's forename, e.g. Mrs John Smith. These entries are indexed as though the title was a forename. No abbreviations other than those in Kelly's have been added, some have been expanded. N.B. All addresses are transcribed as given, except where the name of person managing etc. is given later in the entry in which cases the entry is reformatted to give the person's name first.

All data are 'comma separated' in order to facilitate export into spreadsheet or database format, therefore apparently extra commas are included for a purpose and should not be deleted. The fields are: Surname, Forename(s), Occupation, Street Number/House Name, Business Address, Area/Hamlet.]

Adams, William, shopkeeper, , Smallridge,
Aplin, John William, grocer and agents for W. & A. Gilbey wine merchants, , Victoria place,
Barnes, George, surgeon and public vaccinator, Castle Hill house,
Batstone, Thomas George & Co., grocers and drapers, , Trinity square,
Berry, Edwin, blacksmith, , Abbey gate,
Biffen, Eliza (Miss), dress maker, , Castle hill,
Board, George, shopkeeper, , Castle hill,
Brewer, Joseph, brewer's agent, , Chard street,
Brice, Henry, George family & commercial hotel & posting house, ,
Brown, Job, lodging house, , Castle hill,
Bucknole, John Smith, cabinet maker & appraiser, , West end,
Bunce, Alfred Henry, boot dealer, , Lyme street,
Burrows, Dinah Ann (Miss), dress maker, , South street,
Cann, Capt. John jun., Devonshire Regiment 3rd Volunteer battalion (H Company), Drill hall, Castle hill,
Carter, William Bridle, nurseryman, , South street,
Carter, William Bridle, nurseryman, , Western road,
Causley, Charles, shopkeeper, , Smallridge,
Chaffey, John, gardener to Lady Tulloch, Hill cottage, Lyme road,
Chapple, W. E. P., captain, Axminster Fire Brigade, West street,
Chapple, William Edwin Pitfield, solicitor, , Trinity square,
Clarke, George, carpenter, , South street,
Clarke, John, carpenter, , South street,
Coate & Co., , brush manufacturers,
Collard, Alice (Miss), dress maker, , Chard street,
Collard, Mary (Miss), dress maker, , Chard street,
Collier, Eli, farmer, Park,
Copp, Walter Lewis, proprietor, Gas Works,
Copp, John, manager, Gas Works,
Cox, George Tom, harness maker, , South street,
Cox, William Hooke, town crier & bill poster, general shipping agent to White Star and other lines, Fern cottage,
Crabb, Charles, cooper, , South street,
Dare, James Walter, farmer, Black hacks,
Davis, Felic, , Lamb P. H., Lyme road,
Davis, John, lodging house, , Castle hill,
Dawkins, Edwin, draper grocer & ironmonger, , Victoria place,
Elston, George, farmer, Old barn,
Enticott, Benjamin, marine store dealer, , Castle hill,
Enticott, Frank, greengrocer, , Lyme street,
Enticott, Harriet (Mrs), shopkeeper, , Lyme road,
Enticott, William John, plumber, , Castle hill,
Ford, William Charles, veterinary surgeon, , South street,
Forsey, Francis, shopkeeper, , Silver street,
Forsey, John, slaughterman, , Castle hill,
Forward, William, secretary to Burial Board, Cemetery, Chard road,
Forward, William, solicitor & registrar of county court & clerk to the magistrates-the guardians etc.,
Foster, Miss Julie, matron, Axminster Cottage Hospital, Silver street,
Fowler, Eliza (Mrs.), milliner, , Lyme street,
Frost, Alfred, contractor, , South street,
Fry, Alfred, boot & shoe maker, , Trinity square,
Fry, George, landscape gardener, , Lyme street,
Gage, Benjamin, auctioneer surveyor valuer & estate agent, , North street,
Gage, John, auctioneer surveyor valuer & estate agent, , North street,
Gapper, William, wheelwright, Sektor,
Gapper & son, , coach builders & wheelwrights, , South street,
Gerrish, John, manager, Wilts. & Dorset Bank Limited,
Gill, William James, confectioner, , Chard street,
Griffin, Samuel, relieving and vaccination officer, , South street,
Hackett, James, chimney sweeper, , Castle street,
Harris, Gaius, baker, Churchill,
Harris, William, confectioner, , Trinity square,
Harvey, Edward, farmer & assessor & collector of income tax, , Castle hill,
Hastings, Sergeant John, Devonshire Regiment 3rd Volunteer battalion (H Company), Drill hall, Castle hill,
Hayman, John, secretary, Axminster & District Liberal Club, Chard street,
Hayman & Son, , drapers, , Trinity square,
Heal, George, Green Dragon P. H. and iron founder, , Castle hill,
Heal, Thomas Bull, timber merchant, Millbrook saw mills,
Hellier, John Samuel, accountant & high bailiff & registrar of marriages, , South street,
Henley, Robert, monumental mason & insurance agent & secretary to Western Mutual Benefit & Provident Society, , Lyme road,
Hitchcock, Amos, shoe maker, , Lyme road,
Hoare, John, farmer, Wyke,
Hoare, William, farmer, Hunthay,
Holt, David, Trout inn, Millbrook,
Hooper, Frank, farmer, Higher Beaver,
Hooper, William, farmer, Old Park farm,
Hoyle, Thomas William, baker, South street,
Hutchings, Mary Ann (Mrs.), fancy repository, , Trinity square,
Imber-Parsons, Henry, chemist & druggist, , Chard street,
Jefferd, William John, manager, Dorsetshire Bank (Williams & Co.),
Johnson, John, farmer, West water,
Knight, William Henry Barnes, solicitor, , Lyme street,
Langran, william, surgeon medical officer & vaccinator, , Belle vue,
Lentell, Robert, carpenter & builder, Purzebrook,
Lentell, Robert, carpenter & builder, , Silver street,
Lock, William Thomas, registrar of births & deaths,
Long, John, farmer, Furzeley,
Loring, Charles, carpenter, Trinity buildings,
Loud, John Aplin, butcher, , Victoria place,
Loud, Samuel Hencher, cheese factor , , Lyme street,
Loveless, Samuel George, agent Bradford & Sons coal & general merchants, Railway station,
Loveridge, James farmer, Sisterhood farm,
Loveridge, James Gill, farmer, Wyke,
Loveridge, John Stamp, inspector of water works, , South street,
Lumbard, Lot, fly proprietor & horse dealer, , South street,
Lumbard, William, The Red Lion general posting house & livery & bait stables & mail cart contractor, , Lyme street,
Manfield, Thomas, farmer, Undercleave,
Marley, Edwin, farmer & post office, Smallridge,
Marley, Edwin Tom, farmer, Frogwell,
Marley, George, carpenter, Smallridge,
Matthews, Richard, wheelwright, , Abbey gate,
Matthews Brothers, , ironmongers, , Lyme street,
Matthews Brothers, , ironmongers, , Silver street,
McNaught, John, drapers, , Market square,
McNaught, Alexander, drapers, , Market square,
McNaught, William, general draper, , Chard street,
Mitchell, William farmer, New Park,
Moass, Frederick William, agent for the London & South Western Railway, New Commercial Inn, Trinity square,
Morgan, James, , Western hotel, Western road,
Morrish, Henry & Son, millers (steam & water) & corn cake & manure merchants, Weycroft roller flour mills,
Moulding, William, shopkeeper, , Musbury road,
Newberry, James Moore, photographer, , South street,
Newberry, Sarah Jane, shopkeeper, , South street,
Newberry, Abraham Skinner, dairyman & farmer, , South street,
Newberry, George Henry, baker, , Lyme street,
Newberry, Mary (Miss), shopkeeper, , Chard street,
Newberry, William, carpenter, , Church street,
Nicholls, Elias, hair dresser & fancy repository, , Victoria place,
Norman, Charles, baker, , Market square,
Norris, John, dairyman, Millbrook,
Osborne, Caleb, farmer, Jackleigh
Osborne, Charles, farmer, Wood house,
Otton, Frank, plumber & glazier house decorator gas & hot water fitter, , Chard street,
Overmass, John, deputy superintendent registrar & assistant clerk to the guardians,
Overmass, Walter, tailor, , Trinity square,
Overmass & Son, , tailors, , Trinity square,
Padbury, George John, surgeon, , Lyme street,
Palmer, William, fish & fruit dealer, , Poplar mount,
Parsons, Ann (Mrs.), dress maker, , South street,
Parsons, John, coachbuilder, , West street,
Parsons, John, coachbuilder & smith, , Lyme street,
Parsons, William Berry, builder & contractor, , South street,
Partridge, Thomas James Harris, newspaper correspondent, , Musbury road,
Patterson, Henry, cattle dealer, , Rose mount,
Patterson, John, butcher, , Victoria place,
Patterson, Robert, cattle dealer, , Rose mount,
Paul, Alexander, painter & glazier, , Silver street,
Perryman, Francis, carpenter & builder, , South street,
Phillips, Alfred Samuel, farmer, Weycroft,
Phillips, Philip, farmer, Lodge,
Phillips, William, farmer, Millbrook,
Phippen, Thomas, boot & shoe maker, , Castle hill,
Pile, George, saddler &c., , Victoria place,
Pinney, William Henry, merchant: coal corn timber bricks tiles cement &c., Railway station,
Pinney & Son, , architects & surveyors, , South street,
Plummer, James, beer retailer, , Lyme street,
Pope, Jane Beviss (Miss), ladies boarding & day school, Buckland house, South street,
Potter, Henry, beer retailer, Smallridge,
Ramsey, Thomas, boys' school, Oak house,
Reece, Eliza Holy (Miss), ladies school, Heyop house, Silver street,
Reece, Annie (Miss), ladies school, Heyop house, Silver street,
Restorick, George, butcher & game dealer, , Lyme street,
Rundle, Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, , Western road,
Ryall, Robert But, butcher, , Castle hill,
Sampson, George, refreshment rooms & tailor, , West street,
Sanger, Mark, farmer, Wyke,
Seager, Sarah Jane (Miss), dress maker, , Castle hill,
Seaward, William, farmer, Bagley hill,
Shephard, Frederick William, photographer, , Silver street,
Sibley, Edward, beer retailer, , Castle street,
Silk, Frank, boot & shoe maker, Trinity buildings,
Smith, William, farmer, Woodbury,
Smyth, James, grocer & wine & spirit merchant, , Lyme street,
Smyth, James, grocer & wine & spirit merchant, , South street,
Smyth, James, grocer & wine & spirit merchant, Old Flour mills,
Snell, Edwin, agent, Devon & Exeter Savings Bank,
Snell, Arthur, painter & game dealer, , Chard street,
Snell, Edwin, printer stationer & bookseller fishing tackle, , West street,
Snell, James, farmer, Weycroft,
Snell, James, dairyman, Great Hill dairy,
Snell, Robert, auctioneer land agent surveyor & valuer, , Trinity square,
Southwood, Richard, wine & spirit merchant, , Castle hill,
Spiller, Henry, farmer, Chubbs,
Spiller, Richard, farmer, Chubbs,
Spiller, Samuel, farmer, Pennsylvania,
Stevens, George R., secretary, Axminster Conservative & Constitutional Club, Silver street,
Stevens, George Richard, station master L. & S. W. R. Co.,
Stocker, Fraser Dight, cabinet maker, , Lyme street,
Stocker, John George, grocer & agent to Sutton & Co., , South street,
Stocker, Madeleine (Mrs.), apartments, Bank house, Lyme road,
Stone, John, farmer, West water,
Stone, Mary Laura (Mrs.), apartments, , Lyme street,
Stone, Thomas, wine & spirit merchant, , Trinity square,
Stoodley, William, china & glass dealer, , Lyme street,
Stuart, George & Son, plumbers, , Chard street,
Stuart, James George, beer retailer, , Silver street,
Studley, Henry, Black Lion Inn & blacksmith, , Castle hill,
Sutton, John, Old Bell family & commercial hotel & posting house livery & bait stables, , Trinity square,
Swain, Edwin, assistant overseer, , South street,
Swain, George, farmer, Wellands,
Swain, Henry, farmer, Higher abbey,
Swain, Julia Penny (Mrs.), shopkeeper, , South street,
Swain, Reuben, farmer, Wetlands,
Swain, James, farmer, Balls & Slymlakes,
Swain, Reuben jun., farmer, Lower abbey,
Tapscott, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs.), postmistress, , Chard street,
Trenchard, John, farm bailiff to Alexander John Knight, Lower Beavor,
Tucker, William, dairyman, Westwater,
Vivian, Richard, shoe maker, Churchill,
Wakley, John, shoe maker, , Lyme street,
Webber, Thomas Nichols, music teacher & organist, , Lyme road,
Welch, John, teazle merchant, Churchill,
Welch, Levi, dairyman, Purzebrook,
Welch, Thomas, farm bailiff to Messrs. Sparks of Crewkerne, Great Trill,
Western, Maria (Mrs.), shopkeeper, , Musbury road,
Williams, Luke, blacksmith, Millbrook,
Willis, John Henry, cycle repairer, , Lyme street,
Willis, Louisa (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, , Lyme street,
Wilmott, George, watch & clock maker, , Chard street,
Wilmott, George, watch & clock maker, , Victoria place,
Withington, William Bamforth, watch maker, , West street,
Witts, Frank, drap