Exeter and Plymouth Gazette, Saturday 15 February 1845

COPY OF RETURNS made pursuant to 7 & 8 Vic., c. 32

Provided by Lindsey Withers

[Note - The West of England & South Wales District Bank Records are held in the Lloyds Banking Group Archives (London)]



Persons Of Whom The Company Or Partnership Consists.

Name. Residence. Occupation.
Sarah Abbott Plymouth Executors of
Jesse Adams Stoke Gent
Andrew L. Adams Plymouth Draper
Edward Allen Plymouth Merchant
James Anderson Haslan M.D.
Henry Andrews Modbury Land Surveyor
Joseph Arnold Devonport Ironmonger
James Atkins Sheerness H.M. Yard
John Avent, jun. Modbury Solicitor
Benjamin Balkwill Plymouth Druggist
William Baker Plymouth Gent
Eliza Barnes Stoke Widow
Francis Barratt St Austell Wine Agent
Joseph Bellamy Cawsand R.N.
John N. Bennett Plymouth Solicitor
Charles Bennet Fowey Surgeon
Thornton Bentall Totnes Executors of
William P. Billing Devonport Merchant
Frederick Billing Stonehouse Solicitor
Robert Bishop Plymouth Draper
Frederic Bone Plymouth R.N.
John Boswowa Plymouth Accountant
John Bowhay Devonport Ironmonger
Robert Bowden Plymouth Clerk
William Browne Totnes Banker
Tosesol Browne Tavistock Banker
William Barnell Plymouth Merchant
Mary Ann Barnell Plymouth Spinster
Benjamin Butland Plymouth Butcher
John Butcher, sen. Plymouth Baker
John Butcher, jun. Devonport Baker
John D. T. Carbis St. Austell Merchant
Nicholas Carter Plymouth Executors of
Thomas Carter Plymouth Gent
Elizabeth Chapple Plymouth Widow
Edward Chubb Woodpark Rope Manufacturer
Peter C. Clarke Devonport Banker
William Clark Devonport Merchant
James Cole Aston, Wallingford Clerk
Ralph Cole Plymouth Gent
William Collier Plymouth Merchant
Jane Collier Plymouth Spinster
Susan Collier Plymouth Spinster
Mary H. Collier Plymouth Spinster
Joseph C. Cookworthy Plymouth M.P.
William Coad Kingsbridge Executors of
Thomas Cuming Devonport Gent
William B. Cudlip Tavistock Gent
Charles H. Dawe Tavistock Draper
David Derry Plymouth Banker
Samuel Derry Plymouth Surgeon
John Derry Totnes Surgeon
Richard Derry, jun. St. Austell Accountant
James Dennis Kingsbridge Executors of
Elizabeth Dobson Plymouth Widow
Jacob H. Drew St. Austell Gent
Robert Dymond Exeter Engineer
John Dymond Exeter Banker
William Dymond Penzance Executors of
William Eales London Merchant
John H. Eccles Plymouth Executors of
John Eddy Kingsbridge Builder
Henry Eddy Kingsbridge Builder
Ann Eddy Plymouth Spinster
Rebecca Eddy Plymouth Spinster
Mary Elliott Liskeard Widow
John Elliott Liskeard Banker
William Evens Ridgeway Gent
William H. Evens Stoke Brewer
Robert Ellis Devonport Baker
John E. Elworthy Plymouth Solicitor
Samuel Fice Ermington Miller
John Foster Devonport Draper
George Fox Kingsbridge Banker
Dorothy Fox Plymouth Spinster
Eliza C. Fox Plymouth Spinster
Louisa Fox Plymouth Spinster
Ellen K. Fox Plymouth Spinster
Richard Garland Plymouth Watchmaker
Hubert M. Gibson Plymouth Solicitor
Thomas Gill Plymouth Executors of
Prothesia S. Goss Kingsbridge, Modbury Spinster
France H. Gray Kingsand Surgeon
William C. Haley Kingsbridge Solicitor
Susannah Hallett Plymouth Poulterer
Joseph Harn Fowey Gent
John V. Harris Modbury Executors of
Edmund Hambley Wadebridge Solicitor
Robert T. Head Exeter Solicitor
Sarah Head Devonport Widow
Catherine P. Hingston Plymouth Widow
Alfred Hingston Plymouth Banker
Charles Hingston Plymouth M.D.
Joseph Hingston Kingsbridge Merchant
Richard Hingston Liskeard Surgeon
Mary Hine Plymouth Spinster
John Harvey Stonehouse Dairyman
John Hare Stonehouse Brewer
John D. Haswell Plymouth R.N.
John Hinton Plymouth Gent
Anny A. Hinton Plymouth Spinster
Thomas Holman Plymouth Draper
John Holman Plymouth Druggist
William Howy Tavistock Gent
John Hooper Kingsbridge Coal Merchant
John Hyne Jersey Merchant
Susan J. Holditch Plymouth Spinster
William Jackman Stoke Gent
Clement Jackson East Looe Surgeon
George Jackson Plymouth Solicitor
Charles Jeffery Torpoint Gent
Moses W. Jeffery Devonport Chemist
John Jones Liskeard Appraiser
Abraham Joseph Plymouth Gent
Frederick Johns Devonport Merchant
John Kent Plymouth Baker
Peter Kitt Plymouth Grocer
John Killingley Stonehouse Innkeeper
Richard Lethbridge Plymouth Executors of
Richard Luscombe Plymouth H.M. Customs
Thomas Luscombe Plymouth Coal Merchant
John Luxmore Okehampton Solicitor
Mary Leroo London Widow
Charles H. Mackintosh Torquay M.D.
Richard Martyn Saltash Maltster
John Martin Stoke R.N.
Aymes Martin Tavistock Spinster
William G. Mason Stonehouse R.N.
John R. May Stoke Gent
Sophia Medland St. Austell Spinster
Joseph May Devonport Surgeon
William Newton Devonport Upholsterer
John Moore Plymouth Solicitor
James Moore Plymouth Gent
John Munday Plymouth R.N.
John Murch Plymouth Gent
Anna Newton Plymouth Widow
John Nicholson Kingsbridge Banker
William Nichols St. Keyne Gent
Isabella Nicholls Modbury Widow
Richard J. Parrott Modbury Gent
John Paull Tavistock Gent
William Paull St. Austell Mine Agent
Edmund Pearse Tavistock Surgeon
John Pearce Tavistock Ironmonger
Thomas S. Petherbridge Plymouth Baker
William Petherick St. Austell Banker
John Pillar Plymouth Grocer
Thomas Pinsent Devonport, Greenhill Gentleman
William Pitts Plymouth Maltster
James Plimsaul Plymouth Gentleman
George H. Pocklinghorne Plymouth Brewer
William Prance Plymouth Gentleman
William Henry Prance Plymouth Solicitor
Sarah B. Prideaux Plymouth Widow
Charles Prideaux Plymouth Banker
George Prideaux Modbury Grocer
Charles Prideaux Kingsbridge Gent
Anna Prideaux Kingsbridge Spinster
George Prideaux Plymouth Gent
Thomas Pillar Morice Town Baker
John Quarene Kingsbridge Executors of
William Radmore Plymouth Innkeeper
Benjamin M. Ramsey Devonport Solicitor
Jonathan Ramsey Stoke Gent
James M. Rendell Westminster Engineer
Peter Rennell Plymouth Gent
Jane Richards Plymouth Spinster
George Rowland Plymouth Gentleman
James Sansom Tideford Miller
John Saunders Plymouth Accountant
Jane D. Schon Plymouth Widow
Thomas B. Sheppard Plymouth Gentleman
John Shepheard Plymouth Gentleman
James Shute Bristol R.M.
Thomas Shutter London M.D.
Thomas Scardon Millbrook Gentleman
John Skinner Tavistock Merchant
Thomas Shanks Stoke R.N.
Maria Smith Devonport Spinster
Isaac Sparke Devonport Draper
William Spillon Devonport H.M. Yard
John C. Street Stonehouse Clerk
George Stephen London Commercial Traveller
Nathaniel Stephens Bodmin Gent
Edward Stocker St. Austell Ironmonger
William Stuart Plymouth H. M. Breakwater
William Spearman Plymouth Draper
Henry Stanbury Stonehouse Baker
Ann Sweetland Exeter Spinster
Margaret Sweetland Exeter Spinster
Sarah Sweetland Exeter Spinster
John Symons Plymouth Builder
George Tincombe Plymouth R.N.
John H. Thorn Plymouth Innkeeper
John Townshend Devonport Innkeeper
Joseph Treffry Plymouth Merchant
Joseph Treffry, jun. Plymouth Merchant
Henry Treffry Exeter Tea-dealer
Joshua Treffry Plymouth Tea-dealer
Cornelius Trine Devonport Surgeon
Eliza Trowt Plymouth Spinster
William Tucker Plymouth Gent
Sarah Tuckett Looe Executors of
John D. Tuckett Plymouth Gent
Charles H. Turner Exeter Solicitor
Eliza Tucker Alphington Spinster
John Trege, jun. Plymouth Accountant
Richard Neale St. Austell Gentleman
William Neale St. Austell Merchant
Andrew H. Veale St Austell Merchant
Peter Vosper Stonehouse Wine-merchant
Alfred Vallack Torquay M.D.
Joseph Vian Devonport Draper
Roxana Vian Devonport Wife of Draper
John Walkie Devonport R.N.
Matthias Watts Stoke Merchant
John Webb Kingsand Gentleman
James Westaway Tavistock Druggist
John M. Wilcocks Exeter Gentleman
George Wolte Plymouth Major R. M.
Henry Woollcombe Plymouth Solicitor
Richard Wyatt Plymouth Accountant
Francis W. Wilson East India Major General
Samuel Wroth Bigbury Yeoman
Thomas E. Weekes Plymouth Professor of Music

Names Of Places Where The Business Is Carried On.
Collumpton, Devon    Tavistock, Devon
Devonport, Devon    Totnes, Devon
Exeter, Devon    Bodmin, Cornwall
Kingsbridge, Devon    Launceston, Cornwall
Newton Abbot, Devon    Liskeard, Cornwall
Plymouth, Devon    St. Austell, Cornwall


Persons Of Whom The Company Or Partnership Consists.

BROWN, Alexander Johnston Barnstaple Banker
MAYHEW, Irenaeus Exeter Gentleman
MANLEY, Jas (dec.) Exeter A Verger of St. Peter's Cathedral
MOXAN, John Exeter Innkeeper
MARSH, James Alphington, near Exeter Esquire
NEWBERY, Walter May Exeter Linen Draper
OWEN, Thomas Exeter Esquire
O'DRISCOLL, William Henry Clarence Villa, near Devonport Esquire
OLDRIDGE, Thomas Exeter Gass Fitter
PRIDEAUX, Chas. Boxhill Kingsbridge, Devon Gentleman
PRIDEAUX, Anna, jun. Kingsbridge, Devon Spinster
PRIDEAUX, Elizabeth Sarah Kingsbridge, Devon Spinster
PARMINTER, Joseph Barzey Newport, near Barnstaple Gentleman
PATTINSON, Robert Exeter Accountant
PADLEY, Mary (dec.) Woodside, Plymouth Spinster
PIKE, Ann Exeter Spinster
PATTERSON, William Exeter Innkeeper
PITT, John Bideford Gentleman
PEARSE, William Exeter Linen Draper
PIKE, Richard Exeter Accountant
PILBROW, Tycho Exeter Music Seller
PEARCE, Robert Heavitree, near Exeter Gentleman
ROPER, Rev. Charles Rodwell Exeter Clerk
ROBERTS, Edward Hunt Exeter Solicitor
ROOKER, James Bideford, Devon Solicitor
ROBERTS, Penelope (deceased) Upton Pyne, near Exeter Widow
ROBERTS, Edward Hunt Exeter Solicitor
ROBERTS, Lionel Upton Pyne, near Exeter Gentleman
RATCLIFFE, Rev. Thomas Chudleigh, Devon Clerk
SMALE, Ann (deceased) Topsham, Devon Widow
SMALE, Mary Moretonhampstead, Devon Spinster
SMALE, Jane Moretonhampstead, Devon Widow
SLOMAN, Samuel George Exeter Gentleman
SMITH, Eliza Exeter Spinster
STONEMAN, Catherine Sophia Exeter Spinster
STEVENS, John Heavitree, near Exeter Esquire
SLOMAN, Elizabeth Carne, and SLOMAN, Louisa Maria Exeter Spinsters
SNELL, Ann Exmouth, Devon Spinster
SANFORD, Thomas Exeter Share Broker
SALMON, Sarah Topsham, Devon Spinster
STRINGER, Thomas Exeter Gentleman
TOMBS, William Exeter Banker
THOMAS, Sarah Broadclist, near Exeter Widow
TUCKER, Walter James Kelland Exeter Watchmaker
TANNER, Thomas Exeter Capt. H.E.I.C. Navy
TANNER, Maria Exeter Spinster
VEAL, Samuel Barnstaple Tea Dealer
VARDER, Rev. John (dec.) Ottery St. Mary Clerk
WILKEY, John Fry Exeter Commission Agent
WEST, Rev. Thomas William Devonport Minister
WINTER, Rebecca Topsham, Devon Widow
WILLIAM, Rachel Exeter Spinster
WHITE, Susannah Moretonhampstead, Devon Widow
WILKEY, Jane Exeter Spinster
WHITE, James Plymouth Gentleman
WEBBER, Arthur Lewis Incledon Barnstaple Gentleman
WILCOCKS, James Carrall Exeter Esquire
WRENTMORE, William Exeter Linen-draper
WILLS, Betty Barnstaple Widow
WILLIAMS, Richard, jun. Exe Island, Exeter Gentleman
WHITNEY, Francis Dartmouth, Devon Esquire
YULE, Rev. John Carslake Duncan.   Bradford, Holsworthy, Devon Clerk

Names of Places Where The Businesses Carried On.
Barnstaple, Devon
Exeter, Devon



Persons Of Whom The Company Or Partnership Consists.

Name. Residence. Occupation.
William Bur Kingsbridge Merchant
Owen Cole Wolstone Yeoman
Owen Cole, the younger Wolstone Yeoman
Richard Newman Cornish East Portlemouth Surgeon
William Crimp Dodbrooke Grocer
George Cole Bigbury Yeoman
Jacob Davie Kingsbridge Merchant
Jonathan Goss Kingsbridge Bootmaker
Robert Hurrell Salcombe Merchant
Robert Hurrell, the younger Kingsbridge Solicitor
Jarvis Hewitt Tokenham Yeoman
Robert Hooppele Bigsbury Gent
Thomas King Loddiswell Mill Miller
John Kingwell Heavitree, Exeter Gent
William Luscombe Coombe, East Allington Gent
Gabriel Beer Lidstone, Dodbrook Solicitor
Robert Langworthy Flear, East Allington Gent
John Lidstone Dodbrooke Gent
John Lidstone Modbury Yeoman
John Lidstone Wolston Yeoman
Thomas Morgan Instowe, East Allington Yeoman
Richard Pound Dodbrooke Hatter
Richard Sherriff Buckland, Thurlestone Yeoman
John Paine Stone Addicombe, Sherford Surgeon
William Treble Burough, Chivelstone Yeoman
Josiah Wyatt Buckland Quarry Quarryman
John Thomas Dodbrooke Rope manufacturer
Joseph Walters Buckland, Slapton Yeoman
Thomas Wills South Brent Grocer
George White Whitty, Thurleston Yeoman
George Yabsley Knighton, East Allington Yeoman

Name Of Place Where The Business Is Carried On.
Kingsbridge, Devonshire

Persons Of Whom The Company Or Partnership Consists.

Name. Residence. Occupation
GILL, John Hornbrook Bickham, parish of Buckland Monachorum Banker                                  
RUNDLE, John Tavistock Banker

Names Of Places Where The Business Is Carried On.
Tavistock, Devon
Launceston, Cornwall

Persons Of Whom The Company Or Partnership Consists.

Name. Residence. Occupation
VIVIAN, Edward Woodfield, Torquay Banker
KITSON, William, the younger Vaughan Parade, Torquay Banker and Solicitor

Names Of Places Where The Business Is Carried On
Torquay, Devonshire.

Persons Of Whom The Company Or Partnership Consists.

Name. Residence. Occupation
GREEN, William Brixham Ship Owner &c.
VITTERY, Edward Brixham Ship Owner &c.

Names Of Places Where The Business Is Carried On
Brixham, Devon

Persons Of Whom The Company Or Partnership Consists.

Name. Residence. Occupation
Harry Bulteel Harris Radford, Devon No Occupation
Richard Zachariah Mudge Buckwood No Occupation
Thomas Hillersden Bulterd Plymouth No Occupation
Christopher Harris Thorncott No Occupation
Jos. Hayne Dave Plymouth No Occupation

Name of Place Where The Business Is Carried On.
Plymouth, Devon

Persons Of Whom The Company Or Partnership Consists.

Name. Residence. Occupation
George Braginton Great Torrington Merchant
Thomas Goldie Harding Monkleigh Gentleman

Name Of Place Where The Business Is Carried On.
Torrington, Devon.

Persons Of Whom The Company Or Partnership Consists.

Name. Residence. Occupation
William John Watts Teignmouth Solicitor and Banker
Samuel Whiteway Fishwick House, near Kingsteignton Merchant & Banker
Charles Kelson Hennon House, near Teignmouth Magistrate for Devon & Banker

Names Of Places Where The Business Is Carried On.
Newton Abbot, Devon
Teignmouth, Devon

Persons Of Whom The Company Or Partnership Consists.

Name. Residence. Occupation
Christopher Samuel Flood Bramble Hill, Honiton Banker
Harry Buckland Lott Tracey House, Awliscombe Banker

Name Of Place Where The Business Is Carried on.
Honiton, Devon

Persons Of Whom The Company Or Partnership Consists.

Name. Residence. Occupation
Sanders, Joseph Barnes Colleton-crescent, Exeter Banker
Sanders, Edward Andrew Stoke House, Exeter Banker
Barnes, William St Leonards, Exeter Banker
Sanders, Ralph Colleton-crescent, Exeter Banker

Name Of Place Where The Business Is Carried On.
Exeter, Devon

Persons Of Whom The Company Or Partnership Consists.

Name. Residence. Occupation
Milford, John Coaver, near Exeter Banker
Snow, Thomas Franklyn, near Exeter Banker and Wine and Spirit Merchant
Collins-Splatt, Henry Brixton, near Plympton Banker
Milford, Frederick Coaver, near Exeter Banker
Snow, Thomas Martland Franklyn, near Exeter Banker

Name Of Place Where The Business Is Carried On.
Exeter, Devon

Persons Of Whom The Company Or Partnership Consists

Name. Residence. Occupation
Dunsford, Henry Tiverton Gentleman
Dunsford, jun., Henry Tiverton Gentleman
Barne, John Tiverton Solicitor

Name Of The Place Where The Business Is Carried On.
Tiverton, Devon


Stamps and Taxes, 8th February 1845
P. Deans, Registrar of Bank Returns.