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Help and advice for Barnstaple Directory, from White 1850

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White's Devonshire Directory of 1850

POST-OFFICE, 88, High Street. Mr. Wm. Petter, post-master. Letters despatched to London, Exeter, &c., 23 minutes past 3 afternoon; to the North at 9½ morning, and to Bideford, Ilfracombe, &c., at 8½ morning. The box closes half an hour before each departure, and foot posts are despatched to surrounding villages every morning. The town letter carriers are Thomas Lake, John Bolland, John Parker, and John Hopkins: Money Orders are granted and paid. There is a receiving box at Mr. Wm. Bryant's, NEWPORT, which is in Bishop's Tawton parish.

MISCELLANY of Gentry, Clergy, Partners in Firms, and others, not arranged in the succeeding Classification of Trades and Professions.

Abbott Miss E, Vicarage
Aldham Byron, supt. of police, 97 High street
Alldred Mrs My., Newport
Amier Mr Wm., Newport
Andrews Mrs E. 8 Salem pl
Annis Mr Mentor, 3 Salem pl
Avery Mr J., Summerland pl
Avery Mr Wm. draper; h Castle street
Baker James, overseer, 51 High street
Barry John, regr, Bear st
Bater Alfred, town crier, Bear street
Bealey Mrs. Bear street
Beard Rev Samuel, (Wes,) Boutport street
Beer Mrs Mary, Newport
Beevor Mrs E., Bear street
Bencraft, Lionel Thomas. solr., & town clerk, Castle st
Bencraft Rd. Incledon, solr. Quay
Besley Miss, Bear street
Bidders Miss M. Newport
Blackmore Miss Mary Ann, Pilton
Blackwell Mr Thos., Gammon's lane
Boteler Captain John, Gutterstone
Bowling Mrs Anne, Bellair
Boyne Thomas, accountant, &c., Holland street
Briley Miss E., Newport
Brabazon Captain William, Union terrace
Bray Elias, schoolmaster, High street
Bremridge Mrs A., Newport
Bremridge Rd. Esq, M.P., solicitor & county coroner, Castle street
Brice Henry, coach proptr., Newport
Britton Wm. optician, &c., 140 High street
Britton Miss Alice, Newport
Britton Thomas, serjeant at mace, Boutport street
Brooks Mr T.B., Litchdon tr
Brown Alexander J., bank manager, Square
Bryan Misses F & E., Pilton
Budd R. Esq, Ebberley pl
Butcher Miss Ann, Cross st
Butler Hon. Theobald Fitzwalter, Nelson terrace
Carpenter Wm. registrar, Pilton
Carter Charles, solr., Square
Carter Mr Wm. 26 High st
Carver Mr I Isaiah, Bellair
Challis Mr J.H., Barbican
Chanter John Roberts, solr. Square
Chapman Mr Rt. (Plymth. Brethren minister)
Chichester Mrs H., Pill
Chichester Robert, Esq, Hall, Boutport street
Churchward Mrs Harriet, Newport
Clarke Mrs E., North walk
Cooke Mrs Ann Maria, Barbican terrace
Cooksley Jas. road surveyor, Pilton
Corsar Mr John, Newport
Culliford Miss J, Bear st
Curtis Mrs C.A., Newport
Curtis Mr Wm., Newport
Cutcliffe Misses, Boutport st
Dallyn Jph. bellows maker, Holland Street
Davie Capt. C., Trafalgar pl
Davie Miss F., Newport
Davis Mr. G. 10 Salem pl
Davis Ignatius, Esq., Brdgt.
Davy Jon, land agt., Pilton
Day Mrs. Laura L., Newport
Dennis Mrs E., Boutport street
Dennis Mr Ths., Pilton bdg
Drake Mr Charles, Pilton
Draper Mr Thomas, Newport
Drummond Captain Henry A., Newport
Duprez Mons. John, teacher of languages, Litchdon st
Dyer Mr Wm. Newport
Edger John, grocer; house Pilton
Ellis Mrs, Newport
Evans, J., bailiff, 54 High st
Exter Mrs E., Newport
Featherstone Samuel, fishing tackle mkr., Newport
Finch Mrs Mary, Pilton
Fisher Misses, Barbican tr
Fisher John, spirit mert. 92 High street
Flexman Mrs Eliz,, Pilton
Free Mr R., Summerland pl
Freeling Lady, Trafalgar pl
Gabriel Wm., beadle, Sqr.
Geachsias John Geo, acct, Boutport street
Gent Wm., comptroller of customs, Barbican ter
Gidley Miss, Bear street
Gidley Mr Barth., Newport
Gilbert Mrs Jane, Pilton
Gilbert Jno. Pomeroy, bank manager, High street
Gilbert John, tax surveyor, Newport
Glass Misses, Summerld pl
Gordon Major Frederick, Newport
Gorrell Mr Isaac, Newport
Gotbed Miss, Bear street
Gotbed Wm gent., Trafalgar place
Grace Mrs Eliz., High st
Graham Mrs Jane, Union tr
Gregory Wm. Weeks, draper, High street
Gribble Mrs. Elizabeth, Summerland pl
Gribble Henry Ivie, Esq., Boutport street
Griffiths John Rogers, Esq., Pilton
Griffiths Mrs C., Newport
Hall Rev. Wm. Cradock, M.A. Incmbt. of Pilton
Hancock Joseph, supervisor, Bear street
Harding Thomas Wrey, Esq. Upcott
Harris John, excise officer, Bear street
Harttree George, glover, High street
Hatherly Lieutenant John, Summerland place
Heathcote Mrs. A., Newport
Hiern Mrs. Eliz., Newport
Hiern Mrs Hanh., Newport
Hiern Capt. J., R.N., Pilton
Hiern Mr P.W., Newport
Hodge Miss E., Bear st
Hodge Mr J., Victoria st
Hodge Mr S., Salem place
Hole Mrs M., Trafalgar pl
Horden John, gentleman, Rosehill villa
Hunt John Dennis, ironmonger, 36 High street
Hunt Jph. Wingyett, conveyancer,(and member of Inner Temple,) 46 Boutport street
Jackson J., gent. Newport
Jackson Capt. P., Newport
Jeve Eliiz., lessee of gas
Joce Thomas, spirit mert. 92 High street
Johnston Rev. Geo., B.D., master of Grammar schl.; house Boutport street
Johnson James, collector of inland rev., Boutport st
Jollyman Rev. Wm.(lndpt.) Bear street
Jones Daniel, constable, Tuly lane
Jones Miss E.D., Castle st
Jones Fdk., insptr. of weights & measures, Newport
Jones Mr Wm. Henry, Barbican terrace
King Miss, Bear street
Kingson John, gent. Bear st
Lambert Leut. Wm ., Newport.
Lang Miss F., Newport
Langdon Mrs My., Bear st
Lansdown Mrs A., Newport
Latham Wm. Frdk., gent., Trafalgar place
Law Mrs Francis, Square
Law Mr Wm., Bear street
Le Gallais Chas. T., gent., Litchdon street
Leworthy Mr Hmph., Pilton
List Wm. paper manufacturer, Quay place
Lister Mrs My. E., Broad Meadow
Lock Mrs Eliz., Boutport st
Loundes Mr E., Bear st
Loveday Mr Wm., Newport
Lewis Major Thos. Thornton, Newport
Luxmoore Rev Henry, vicar, Vicarage
Mackerell Mrs My. Union tr
Marsacke Mr Geo., Litchdon terrace
March John King, schoolmaster, Square
Marsh John, govr. Workhs.
Marshall J. esq., banker, 70 High street
Martin Mr. H. Boutport st
Matthews Rev. H., Bear st
Mathews Murry, Wm. gent Ralegh House
Maunder Fred., woolstapler, Boutport street
May Captain John, Broadgate House
May Miss N., Union ter
May John, lace manager, Barbican
Metherell Mrs E., Newport
Michelmore Miss, Bear st
Miller John, (Exors. of,) lace mfrs., Derby
Mills Mr Benj., Diamond st
Moon James, ironmonger, 76 High street
Munro Major C.A., Newport
Newnam Rev Saml. (Bapt.) North walk
Nihil Mrs S., Newport
Northcott Mr Roger, Boutport street
Nott Mr Wm., Newport
Nuthsll Mrs Chtte , Newport
Owen T. Esq., Square
Packer Mr A., Barbican ter
Parker Mrs Chtte., Bear st
Parker Captain Peter, R.N. North walk
Parminter Mr Joseph B., Salem street
Parminter James, draper, Cross street
Partridge Mrs. S., 41 High st
Passmore Susanna, porter mert. 97 High street
Pawle Mrs A., Newport
Peard G., solr., Castle st
Pedler Mr Chpr., Newport
Petter Mr Wm. postmaster, 88 High street
Phipps Mrs., Bear street
Pinkett Mr E., Trafalgar pl
Prendergast Captain James, Newport
Pridham & Lake, carriers, Joy street
Purchase Miss E., Joy st
Pycroft Rev James, M.A., incumbent of Mary Mgd. Mount Sandford
Pym Mr Edmd., Newport
Rafarel Wm. gas manager, Bear street
Ratcliff Mr Jas., Newport
Roberts Edward, Fort hill
Rook Mrs E., Pilton
Ross Miss E.,Newport
Savile Rev Bonchier Wrey, A M, incbt. of Newport
Savile Edw., Bourchier, solr. Boutport street
Scott Capt J., Trafalgar H.
Servante Miss S., Cross st
Shapland Edwin Hy., mail guard, Sion place
Shephard Mr Saml. Savile, Barbican terrace
Slade Miss E, Newport
Slater Rev. Wm. (Indpt.) Barbican terrace
Smith Wm., excise officer, Salem place
Smith Mrs M., Newport
Snell John, police officer, Square
Spurway Mrs A., 63 High st
Squire Miss Mary Ann, Union terrace
Stanley Captain M., Rosehill House
Stark Mr J.R., Raven's cft
Stephens Mr Rd., Salem pl
Stevens Capt. Rohert, R.N. Newport
Stiffe Mr Zacharia, Newport
Stribbling Mrs M., Back ln
Tetherley Mrs Eliz., Pilton
Thorne Mr John, Newport
Thorne J. , sheriff's officer, Boutport street
Thorne Rd., Esq, Pilton
Thorne Henry King, high bailiff of county court, High street
Thorne Wm. contractor, Sqr
Tinson Jno. relieving officer and regr. Newport
Tinson Wm. lath maker, Litchdon street
Toller Mrs Cath., Cross st
Toller John Henry, solr., and deputy coroner, Boutport street
Tossell Miss Mary, Bellair
Trawin Wm, Govr. of Gaol
Tucker Mrs T.H., Barbican terrace
Tucker John, draper, 87 High street
Tucker Mr P., Gammon's ln
Turner Mr Wm., Nelson tr
Turner John Coham, Dispensary
Venn Mr Hy., Newport
Ville Js., sexton, Anchor ln
Walters Geo., excise officer, Bear street
Ward Mrs My., Boutport st
Webb Mrs Eliz., Bear st
Webb Edward, registrar, Boutport street
Webber Mr A., Salem pl
Weeks Mr Josias, Vicrg. ln
White Rd., collr. of customs, Pilton
White Peter, gentleman, Westaway House
Whyte James Esq. Pilton house
Whyte Capt. Wm., Gorwell
Whitefield William, crier, Mallett's row
Widlake Pascal, draper, 64 High street
Wilford Major Jno., Pilton
Williams Miss Eliz., Pilton
Williams Capt J., Newport
Williams Capt W., Newport
Willis Mr John, Litchdon tr
Wills Mrs, Bear street
Willshire Thos., iron fndr., Newport
Wivell Mr Nathaniel, 67 High street
Woodward, Capt. Augustine, Newport
Woollaoott Miss J., Newport
Woollacott Mrs Eliza, 17 High street
Woollacott John, ironmgr., 7d High street
Wrey Sir B.P., Bart., Tawstock House


* take Borders.

Blue Coat Schools. William Quince, & Mary May
* Bray & Marsh, 66 High st
Dalton Charles, Joy street
Dart Sarah Ann, Back ln
Davie Mary, 58 Boutport
* Free Grammar School, Rev. Geo. Johnston, B.D.
* Heard Ann, 45 High st
* Henderson Mgt., Newport
Moore Eliz, Pilton
Narracott Mary, Castle st
National Schools, Geo. Hunt, Salem st; Eliz. Ogalbe, Castle st; Susan Brook, Trinity ch.; Wm. & Ann Cann, Newport; & Saml. Parsons, Pilton
* Ralph Hanh., Boutport st
Ratcliffe Ann, Newport
Rice Robt., Vicarage lane
* Sharland Rd., Union ter
Smith E & Misses, Pilton
* Snow Wm., Vicarage ln
Stevens Rd. Nelson ter
* Tanner Eliz., 103 Boutport street
Wills Mary, 93 High street
Workhs. School, John Oliver & Eliza Shapland


Gribble Jonthn. Ivie, Newport terrace
Prust Jph., Boutport street
Worsfield Saml., Castle st


Gould Rd. Davie, Boupt. st
Northcote Geo. & Son, 52 Boutport street


Bencraft Lionel & Incledon, Castle street
Bremridge, Toller & Savile, Boutport street
Carter & Chanter, square
Clay John Sherard, (union clerk, &c.,) High street
Dene Chas. Jno. (& proctor) Sqnare
Drake Alfd., (coroner & clk. to borough magistrate,) Castle street
Gribble Wm., (clerk of the peace,) Castle street
Kingdon Jph F., High st
Law Thomas Hooper, Litchdon street
Mortimer Rt., 53 High st
Palmer C. Edwards, Cross st
Peard & Liangdon, Castle st
Wills John, Square


Gould John, Joy street
Hearson Geo., Litchdon st
Mogridge John,Cross street
Stanbury John, Bowden
Stevens John, Bear street
Stribbling Wm., High st


Andrew Jno., Litchdon st
Arnoll Grace, Church lane
Arnoll Robert, High street
Baker Edw. S., Boutport st
Brannam John, Boutport st
Capern Edw., Derby
Conibear George, Newport
Cowell Lewis, Salem street
Day Wm., Pilton
Ford Hy., Aze's lane
Gaydon Agnes, Newport
Hobbs Stphn., 96 High street
Hooper Thos., Derby
Jarman John, Myrtle lane
Jones John, Back lane
Jones Eliz., Joy street
Leach Thomas, Joy street
Marshall J.B., Bear street
Otway Wm., Gaydon st
Pearce Philip, Newport
Phillips Eliz., Boutport st
Porter Wm., Joy street
Rowe Wm., High street
Shapland Wm., Back lane
Stribbling John, Holland st
Todd Wm., Back lane
Warmington Ann, Pilton
Williams Wm. (and plaster manufr.) Anchor lane


Drake, Gribble, Marshall, & Co (on Barnard & Co.) High street
National Provincial Bank of England, (on London and Westminster) J.P. Gilbert, manager, High st
West of England and South Wales District Bank, (on Glyn & Co) Alex. J. Brown, manager, Square.
Savings' Bank, Boutport st. Edwin Risdon Davy, sec.


Berry Thomas, Cross st
Dennis Wm., Holland st
Prideaux George, Anchor ln
Prideaux Rd. H., High st
Tucker Wm., Boutport st


Bailey Margt. 77 High st
Cook John, 108 High st
McKenzie Ann, High st
Trowbridge C.P., High st


Adey George, Newport
Ashton John, Boutport st
Baker Richard, High st
Harper Henry, Newport
Jones Wm., Pilton
King Samuel, Green lane
Morgan Thomas, Tuly lane
Oliver Wm., Silver street
Rowdon John, Litchdon st
Spurway John, Pilton
Squire David, Diamond st
Thorne Henry, (scale beam, &c. manfr.) Joy street
Watts George, Pilton


Cotton John & Son, Cross st
Yeo Wm., Quay place


Avery Wm., (printer & pub. of North Devon Journal,) 82 High street
Baker John, Boutport st
Brightwell Isaac, High st
Cornish Thomas, Joy street
Evans John, 54 High st
Harris Emanuel,(music & toy dlr.) High street
Hearson Thos. 89 High st
Jones John, (printer only,) Queen Anne's place
Searle Wm. & Son, 15 High st


Berry Robert, Newport
Blackmore John, Litchdon st
Bridgeman Jno. 91 High st
Bridgeman Rd. 27 High st
Clement Wm., Salem st
Coombes Wm., Newport
Curtis John, 76 High st
Dibble Wm., Pilton
Drew John, Well street
Edwards, Brian B. ll High st
Essery Thomas, Litchdon st
Geen Thomas, Bear street
Hancock James, 48 High st
Heard Thomas, Newport
Hobbs Richard, Bear st
Hunt James, Litchdon st
Jolliffe Orlando, Silver st
Jones Wm., Holland st
Knill Wm, Pilton
Lock Wm., 100 High street
Moore John, Pilton
Nicholls Wm, Gaydon st
Otway Geo. 82 Boutport st
Parminter Thos., Litchdon st
Pedler James, Pilton
Pile Wm., Bear street
Seldon Wm,, Newport
Wadham Jas., 32 High st
Wadham Mary, Litchdon st
Ward John, Pilton
Williams Thos. 84 High st
Woolacott Wm, Square


Britton Wm., High street
Chapple & Geen, Anchor ln
Chapple Wm., Joy street
Dinnicombe Robert, Pilton
King Thomas, Joy street
Knill Richard, Litchdon st
Lancey Richard, 17 High st
Mills John, 3 High street
Moon & Woollacott, 76 High st
Petter John, 68 High street
Seldon Henry, Salem st
Young Wm, Boutport st


Thorne John, Boutport st
Shapland Chpr., Newport


Brown George, Newport
Sanders Richard, Quay


Carter Philip, Boutport st
Davy Thomas, Litchdon st
Galliford Edw. 81 Boutport st
Galliford Wm., Victoria st
Gilbert Rd., Boutport st
Gribble Richard, Pilton


Ackland Geo. 7 Shambles
Ackland Grace, Anchor ln
Andrews John, 12 Shambles
Bowden Robt. 19 Shambles
Catford Robert, 1 Shambles
Copp Henry, 20 Shambles
Davis John, 23 Shambles
Davis John, Anchor lane
Fisher Fras., Boutport st
Ford James, 27 Shambles
Fry Wm. 13 Shambles
Galliford Wm. 30 Shambles
Gaydon John, 33 Shambles
Grigg James, 17 Shambles
Hancock Rd. 5 Shambles
Hoskins John, 11 Shambles
Hussell Wm. 21 Shambles
Huxtable Wm. 3 Shambles
Manning B., Shmbls. & Piltn
Martin Adam, Shambles
Parkin George, 9 Shambles
Parkin Geo. sen. 26 Shambles
Partridge Thos. 28 Shambles
Pugsley Mary, 4 Shambles
Richards Wm. 2 Shambles
Richards Ths. 18 Shambles
Rook Thos. 24 Shambles
Sanders Henry 8 Shambles
Sanders Thos. 10 Shambles
Snow John, 6 Shambles
Squire John, 15 Shambles
Tucker Geo. 25 Shambles
Ward Wm. 14 Shambles
Westacott Jno. 31 Shambles
Western Wm. 29 Shambles


Crook Henry, Nelson ter
Crook John, Boutport st
Hancock John, Boutport st
Hearson Geo., Litchdon st
James Nicholas, Boutport st
Ley John, Quay
Skinner Hugh, Boutport st
Stribbling Wm. 50 High st
Symons Philip,(& undertkr.) Boutport street


Bale James, High street
Bale Wm., Holland street
Bryant Thos., Boutport st
Copp Wm, Pilton
Dendle Jno. 110 Boutport st
Ellacott Rd., Holland st
Galliford Edw., Boutport st
Gammon Wm. Derby
Hartnoll John, 65 High st
Hartnoll Thomas, Pilton
Hartnoll Philip, Pilton
Oliver James, Cross street
Thomas John, Pilton
Thorne David, Anchor lane


Darby Hugh, 80 Boutport st
Fewing John, Boutport st
Jewell Wm. 72 Boutport st
Ley John, Quay


Batcheler Jno. Geo 1 High st
Cann Robert, 99 High st
Cotton Gilbt. Knill, High st
Hall John Hunter, High st
Hayman Alfred, Pilton
Mackrell Thos. 94 High st
Norrington John, 75 High st
Tatham John W., Joy st
Weaver John, 23 High st
Weeks John, Joy street


Glyde Samuel, 101 High st
Lord Fras. 54 Boutport st
Trestain John, Joy street
Walton Wm. 29 High st


Arundel Robert, Cross st
Bennett Geo., Boutport st
Hartnoll George, Joy st
Jones Philip, Derby
White Geo., Boutport st


Gibbings Wm., Boutport st
Pettle Henry, Diamond st
Symons Richard, Bear st


Arter Wm. & Sons, Quay
Baker John, 2 Boutport st
Bentley John, Castle street
Carpenter Wm., Pilton
Dalling George, Pilton
Densham Thos., Litchdon st
Gibbs Henry, Quay
Hancock John, Salem st
Rawle Samuel, Rolle's quay
Sanders Wm. V., Back ln
Snell Michl., Queen Ann's pl
Tamplyn Wm., Bear st


Arnoll Robert, 34 High st
Hobbs Stephen, 96 High st
Jones Elizabeth, Joy st
Lang Wm., Joy street
Newcombe John, Joy st
Rowe Wm. 105 High st
Thornby John, Boutport st


Barrow Thos., Holland st
Bevan Wm., Hartway head
Carter John, Pilton
Petter James, 39 High st


Arter Wm. & Sons, Quay
Baker Edw. Setter, Boutpt. st
Balsdon George, Boutport st
Cotton Jno. Knill & Son Crs. st
Drake Charles, Holland st
Fisher John M, Boutport st


Baker Edw. S., Boutport st
Hearneman James, Pilton


Adams Samuel, Bear st
Rice Robt. & Son, Cross st
Rude John, Derby
White James, High street


Hill Thomas, Bear street
Jones Wm., Salem street
Pearson George, Anchor ln


Jones Wm. Hill, 51 High st
Powning Ambrose T., High st


Bannam Thos., North walk
Rendell Elias D., Litchdon st


Lavis Thomas, Joy street
Robins Wm., Quay
Taylor John, Cross street
Weeden Hy. 59 Boutport st


Bidder Robert, Yeotown
Brown Thomas, Roborough
Bryant Wm., Pitt
Fisher Wm. B., Pottondon
Hancock Thomas, Pilton
Harris Wm., Waytown
Jones Philip, Boutport st
Lock Osmond Frank, Marsh
Marquis Jane, Newport
Northcote George,(and land agent,) Stoneyard
Parkin Wm., East Sowden
Pomeroy Rd., Maidenford
Ridd Reuben, Longstone
Sherwill George, Newport
Stanbury Jno. West Sowden
Stafford Saml. W., Tutshill
Western George, Westaway


Argus, Jno. K. Cotton & Son
Atlas, Wm. Searle & Son
British Coml., Geo. Hearson
Clerical & Medcl., Hy. Dene
County & Provdt., E.R. Davy
English and Scottish Law, Charles John Dene
General, John Weaver
Guardian, Robert Gregory
Great Britain, Thos. Hodge
Hand in Hand, Rt. Mortimer
Imperial, Edger & Carter
Industrial & Deposit, Ths. D. Thorne
Legal, &c. Widlake & Gold
London Corporation, John Henry Toller
National, Michael Snell
Norwich Union, Moon and Woollacott
Provident Clerks', John Geo. Geachsias
Rock, John S. Clay
Royal Exch., Jas. Whitefield
Royal Farmers', Lionel T. Bencraft
Standard, Edger & Carter
Star, Thomas King
Sun, Cotton and Son
Temperance Provident, Jno. Norrington
West of Engd., H.L. Gribble


Gribble Charles, Cross st
Lewis Wm., Silver street
Symons Philip, Boutport st
Woodman Samuel, Well st


Beer Wm., Quay
Clarke Mary, Cross Street
Lavis Thomas, Joy street
Leaker Philip, Boutport st
Prust Joseph, Boutport st
Weeden Henry, Boutport st


Allen Anthony, Dahlia cotg
Booth Alex. 55 High st
Burge Wm., Boutport st
Crang James, Newport
Ireland Jno. (nrsrymn.) Pltn
Harris James, Pilton
Mallett Wm. 48 Boutport st
Marshall Thomas, Bear st
Rowland Thomas, High st
Westacott Rt., Boutport st


Berry Samuel, Boutport st
Besley John, 98 High st
Bowden John, 41 High st
Channon John, 6 High st
Edger & Carter, 26 High st
Farleigh Rd., 14 High st
Gregory Robert, 78 High st
Hall Ths. Hunter, 63 High st
Manning Benjamin, Pilton
May Thomas, 78 High st
Mills George, 27 High st
Quick James, 102 High st
Quick Wm. Hean, Cross st
Rowe John, 49 Boutport st
Sanders Wm. V., Back ln
Seldon Thomas, Joy st
Souch Jas. S. 28 Boutport st
Thorne Susan, Joy street
Thorne Wm. Hy. 5 High st
Thorne W.H. jun. 30 High st
Veale James, 19 High st
Weeks John, Joy street
Yeo Wm., Quay place


Bridle James, 69 High st
Fraine Thomas, (and bird stuffer,) 52 High street
Webber James, Page's ln


Bament John, 1 Boutport st
Dalling Wm. 7 High st
Elson Robert, Joy street
Hill Wm. 69 High street
Laud Abraham, Maiden st
Parkin Wm., Back lane
Rendell John, Joy street
Williams James, Anchor ln


King John, Boutport st
Marshall Thos. 33 High st
Martin Richard, 90 High st
Pickard Jasper, Holland st
Trestain John, Joy street
White George, Boutport st


Bryant Thos., Boutport st
Geen George, Joy street
Hitchcock Wm., Holland st
Paterson Geo. Hy., Quay
Pettle Richard, Back lane
Seldon Wm., Boutport st
Stoneman Hy., Vicarage ln
Thorne George, Boutport st
Waldron John, Boutport st


Admiral Vernon, Chtte. Hill, Maiden street
Angel, Thos. Avery, Quay
Barley Mow, John Jenkins, Boutport street
Bear, John Bate, Green ln
Beehive, Js. Smith, Green ln
Bell, John Geen, Quay
Braunton Inn, Rd. Frayne, High street
Bull, Chas. Widden, Boutport street
Castle, Wm. Britton, High st
Chichester Arms, Thomas Hancock, Pilton
Commercial Inn, John Waldron, Boutport street
Crown and Anchor, James Hunt, Litchdon street
Ebberly Arms, John Cole, Bear street
Exeter Inn, Maria Tinson, Litchdon street
Falcon, Eliz. Gliddon, Joy st
Fortescue Arms, (& postg.) Wm. Cory, Boutport st
Tap, Jas Parkin, Well st
George & Shakspeare, Benj. Skinner, Boutport st
Golden Anchor, My. Chapple, Holland street
Golden Fleece, John Otway, Tuly lane
Golden Lion, (and posting,) John Marsh, Boutport st
Green Dragon, Philip Pyke, 130 Boutport street
Heart of Oak, John Delve, Boutport street
Horse and Groom, Wm. Seldon, Boutport street
Ilfracombe Inn, Jas. Priscott, High street
King's Arms, Fredk. Jefferey, 30 High street
Lamb, John Hartnoll, 31 Boutport street
London Inn, Wm. Sluman, Litchdon street
Mermaid, John Baker, Boutport street
Nag's Head, Thomas Hill, Anchor lane
Newport Inn, Jph. Perrien
North Country Inn, Sally Robins, Boutport st
North Molton Inn, Joanna Irwin, Bear street
Railway Hotel, Geo. Blight, Boutport street
Red Lion, Edw. Hooper, Quay
Ring Of Bells, Hy. Knill, Pilton
Ring of Bells, Dd. Thorne, Anchor lane
Rising Sun, John Berry, Boutport street
Rising Sun, Wm. squire, Newport
Rolle Arms, Michael Burgess, Bear street
Rolle's Quay Inn, Sl. Rawle
Rose & Crown, Wm. Baker, Newport
Royal Exchange, Thomas King, Joy street
Royal Oak, John Easton, Holland street
Salutation, Peter Camp, Castle street
Seven Stars, Richd. Beer, Anchor lane
Sheep Market, Humphrey Britton, Holland st
Ship, Thos. Bailey, Quay
Shipwrights' Arms, Thos. King, Square
Smiths' Arms, John Snell, Diamond street
Star, Geo. Henry Paterson, (fishmonger,) Quay
Swan, Wm. Slocombe, Holland street
Three Tuns, Jas. Easton, High street
Town Arms, Hy. Geyton, Anchor lane
Unicorn, Wm. Copp, Pilton
White Hart, Wm. Parkin, Joy street
White Horse, Wm. White, 29 Boutport street
White Lion, Rd. Rumson, Castle street


Bennett John, Derby
Bowden John, Salem st
Budd Robert, Silver st
Edwards John, Newport
Essery Rt., Boutport st
Featherstone Wm., Newpt
Gaydon Wm., Salem st
Greenslade John, Anchor ln
Grigg Mary, Pilton
Hancock Thomas, Pilton
Jones Charles, Derby
Mountjoy Mary, Silver st
Laramy Wm., Pilton
Norman Thomas, Salem st
Parminter John, Page's ln
Oliver Thomas, Back ln
Petherick John, Back ln
Oatway John, Hartway hd
Richards Eliz., Bear st
Robins Wm., Quay
Seldon Thomas, Salem st
Seldon Robert, Derby
Snow Charles, North walk
Stoyle John, Derby
Taylor John, Cross st
Ward Mary, Newport


Arter Wm. & Sons, Quay
Gibbs Henry, Quay
Hunt and Sons, 36 High st


Baker Rd., 103 High st
Hunt and Son, 36 High st
King Thomas, Joy st
Lancey, Rd. 17 High st
Moon and Woollacott 76 High street
Murch James, Bear st
Petter John, 68 High st
Williams John, 9 High st


Ballment Hugh, Boutpt. st
Shapland Chpr., Newport
Lauder My., Pottington Hs


Alcock Wm. 10 High st
Avery & Parminter, Cross st
Carter My. 107 High st
Clogg Nichs. 24 High st
Gray Isaac, 109 High st
Gregory & Tucker, High st
Harris John, (and stamp distributor,) High st
Haydon John, 1 Square
Hodge Thomas, 73 High st
Lily Wm. 79 High st
Pethebridge Anty. High st
Smyth Wm., Joy street
Vellacott Wm. & Jno. High st
Widlake & Gould, High st
Williams My. Ann, High st


Baker John, 2 High st
Balsdon Geo., Boutport st
Bight Geo., Boutport st
Carpenter Wm., Pilton
Cotton and Son, Cross st
Dallyn Wm., Back lane
Darke Charles, Holland st
Fisher Jno. M., Boutport st
Gaydon Henry, Newport
Hancock John, Salem st
Lympaney Richard, Quay
Seldon Thomas, Joy st
Slocombe Wm., Holland st
Souch Jas. S., Boutport st
Street Hugh, Boutport st
White Wm., Boutport st


Carter Philip, Boutport st
Bushel Wm., Summrld. pl
Down James, Salem st
Fleming John, Hartway hd
Gould John,(marble,) North walk
Horne Wm. & Son, Back ln
Knill Henry, Pilton
Norman Thomas, Salem st
Oatway Rd., Hartway hd
Parminter John, Page's ln
Pidler Thomas, Castle st
Todd Wm., Back lane
Turner Wm., Silver st


Ching Philip, Cross st
Ching Saml, Gammon's ln
Crossman Ths., Somerset pl
Edwards Wm, Holland st
Hawkins Mattw., Pilton
Hearson Henry, Newport
Lake Jas., Boutport st
Marshall Robt, Back ln
Nutt Wm., Back lane
Osborne Wm., Castle st
Williams Thomas, Salem st
Yeo Wm. Bear street


Arter Wm. & Sons, Quay
Ballment Hugh, Boutpt st
Cotton J.K. & Son, Cross st
Gregory Rt. 78 High st
Snell Michl., Qu. Ann's pl
Yeo Wm., Quay place


Avery S. and H., High st
Baker Sus. & Ann, Salem st
Carter Susanna, Joy st
Chugg Ann, 53 High st
Curtis Martha, Pilton
Down Eliza, 3 High st
Ellacott Misses, Holnd. st
Gardener E.S., Boutpt. st
Glover E. & M., Boutpt. st
Fleming H. & S., Boutpt. st
Gammon C.M., Pilton
Gliddon Ann, 10 High st
Gunn C. and E., High st
Greenway Dinah, Boutpt. st
Hancock Eliza, High st
Harris Eliza, High st
Hartnoll Miriam, High st
Hill Ann, Derby
Hobbs Eliz., Joy street
Horne E. and M., Back ln
Kingdon F. & A., 49 High st
Lake H. and M., Back ln
List Mary Ann, Joy st
McKenzie Ann, High st
Moore Ann, Pilton
Parkin Eliz, Aze's lane
Phillip's Eliz., Joy st
Prust M.J., Boutport st
Radmore E. and S., Pilton
Rew Mary Ann, High st
Rowdon A. & J., Litchdon st
Sanders My. A., Square
Stevens A. & E., 77 High st
Thorne Eliz., Hartway hd
Vellacott My., Boutport st
Ward Margaret, Bear st
Webber Penelope, Newport
Westacott B., Litchdon st
Widlake & Richards, Bpt. st


Edwards John, Newport
Harris Emanuel, High st
Huet Frs. Wm. (and dancing,) Litchdon ter
Huxtable Chpr., Newport
Nicklin Oliver Jph., Sqr
Slater Jas., Hartway hd


Allen Theophilus, High st
Baker James, 51 High st
Clarke Jno. Snow, Cross st
Davis Wm., 47 High st
Fleming Edw., Boutport st
Gilbert Wm., Boutport st
Hancock Thomas, Pilton
Hancock Chas., Boutport st
Heale Henry, Castle st
Hill John, Boutport st
Knill Robert, Bear st
Shapland Jno. G., Back ln
Skinner Michael, Back ln
Squire Hphy., Diamond st
Squire Mark, Salem st


King Samuel, Green lane
Moon James, Page's lane
Oxenham Sus., Boutpt. st


Bignell John Beavis, Litchdon terrace
Britton Simon Gage, King's close, Newport
Budd Richd., Boutport st
Copner Edwin, Boutport st
Newbolt Wm. Kent, Castle st


Baker Jas., 51 High st
King Thomas, Joy st
Lancer Rd., 17 High st
Mills John, 3 High st
Young Wm., 65 Boutport st


Shaddick Pp. Gaydon st
Tossell John, Quay


Baltus Jph., Holland st
Bryant Wm., Newport
Clarke Chas., 106 High st
Cowman Emanuel, Joy st
Cridland Edw., Boutport st
Davie Wm., 58 Boutport st
Davolls George, Pilton
Gayton Thomas, Square
Gould John, Joy st
Petter Edwin, 22 High street
Tanner Wm. Pilton


Westacott John and Son, Bridge wharf; h Square


Arter Wm., Cross st
Bate Mary, Newport
Beer Wm., Quay
Bennett Sus., Boutport st
Bowden John, Quay
Brannam John, Boutport st
Buzzacott Eliz., Derby
Cock John, Derby
Courtney John, Newport
Cowell Lewis, Salem st
Essery Robt., Boutport st
Furse John, Pilton
Gaydon Geo., Boutport st
Geen John, Green lane
Glover Thomas, Holland st
Hancock Mary, Anchor la
Hearn Wm., Castle st
Hoyle Mary Ann, Quay
Hutchings Sar., High st
Isaac James, Newport
Kerswell Thomas, Pilton
Lake Thomas, Back lane
Ley John, Quay
Maldram James, Pilton
Marshall Jno. B., Bear st
Mogridge John, Cross st
Murray Thomas, Derby
Oliver Wm., Silver st
Prust Jph., Boutport st
Quick, Wm., Pilton
Reddaway Elnr., Green la
Redmore Sally, Litchdon st
Rice John, Litchdon st
Rudd Mary, Newport
Snow Wm., Back lane
Squire Mark, Salem st
Steel Thomas, Derby
Street Hugh, Boutport st
Symons Wm., Derby
Tucker Wm., Salem st
Treble John, Back lane
Wadham My., Litchdon st
Westacott John, Derby
Winter Eliz., Quay
Wright John, Wells st


Carter Susanna, Joy st
Chugg Ann, 53 High st
Ching Eliz., Cross street
Clatworthy C., Boutport st
Collard Jas. R., Boutport st
Glover E. & M., Boutport st


Howell Wm., Newport
Hutchings John, Bear st
Hutchings Sus., High st
Spurway George, Pilton


Bater Mary Ann, Bear st
Clarke Caroline, Cross st
Fisher Jane, Boutport st
Goss P., Boutport street
Hunter Eliz., Church ln
Janes Mary, Boutport st
Mallett Sus., Boutport st
Mills Sarah, Back lane
Norman Emma, Back ln
Stevens A. & E. 77 High st


Cooke Michl., Boutport st
Curry Wm., Boutport st
Dene Wavell Arundel, Litchdon street
Harding Robt., High st
Hiern Chas. H., Bear st
Joce John, Union ter
Law Thos. Sheppard, Litchdon terrace
March Js. Colley, Boutpt. st
Morgan Mr., Infirmary
Parker Wm., Boutport st
Torr Thos. Berry, Boutport st
Winter John, 71 High st


Blackmore Edward & Son, 129 Boutport street
Borlase Wm. Grenfell, Barbican terrace
Tibbs John, Nelson ter


(Marked * Drapers also.)

*Beer John, 86 Boutport st
Bishop Edward, Pilton
Dennis George, Anchor ln
Fewings Robert, Pilton
Gribble Charles, Salem st
*Harris Michael and Son (Wm.) Holland st
Hartnoll George, Joy st
*Huxtable Wm., Boutpt. st
Holt Richard, Silver st
Jarvis Wm., Newport
Lock John, Green lane
Major Geo. H., Well st
*Marsh Wm., 2 High st
Oatway Robt. Holland st
*Rottenbury Geo., High st
*Sanders Wm., Square
Sanders Thos., Vicarage ln
Treble Wm., Silver st
Whitefield Jas., Boutport st


Channon John, 6 High st
Greek John, 20 High st
Hancock John, Salem st
Harris James, Pilton


Adams Samuel, Bear st
King John & Son, Pilton
Sanders Jno. & Sml, Pilton
Smyth Wm. G., Pilton bdg


Copland James, Bear st
Cummings Wm., Boutpt. st
Fallace John, 51 High st
Milroy John, Boutport st
Milroy Mary, Boutport st


Ballment Hugh, Boutpt. st
Finch Wm. H., Litchdon st
Gould John, North walk
How John, Rolle's quay
Sanders Wm. V., Back ln


Edgecombe Rd., Boutport st
Lee John and Co., Pilton
Manley John, Pilton
Williams John, Quay


Brewer Wm. Jno., Litchdn. st
Hewish John, Quay


Alexander Chas., High st
Delve John, Boutport st
Gordon John, 97 High st
Hunt John, (silversmith,) Joy street
Jones John Wm., 78 High st
Mallett John, (jeweller,) 4 High street
Pengelly John, 35 High st
Perryman John, 18 High st
Wherly Philip, (German clocks.) l Boutport st


Beard Robert, Anchor lane
Copp John, Potter's lane
Furse John, Pilton
Sargent Thomas, Newport
Steward John, Pilton
Symons Richard, Bear st
Ward John, Pilton
Webber Geo, Godleigh rd


Bowden John, 41 High st
Cotton J. K. & Son, Cross st
Fisher and Joce, High st
Pengelly Olvr. V., High st
Snell Michl., Qu. Ann's pl
Ware Samuel, Boutport st
Wilkinson John, Joy st
Yeo Wm., Quay place


Abbott Wm., Pilton
Spurway Wm., Pilton
Laramy Joseph, Pilton
Maunder Js. & Sons, Tuly la
Sanders Jno. & Sml., Pilton

Transcribed - Brian Randell, 4 Nov 2002