London and Provincial New Commercial Directory,

London, J. Pigot & Co. (1830)

BARNSTAPLE is a market, corporate and borough town in the hundred of Braunton; 192 miles from London, 39 from Exeter, and 9 from Bideford; situate on the east side of the river Taw, over which is a handsome stone bridge of sixteen arches. Barnstaple is a very ancient place, having been constituted a borough so early as King Athelstan; this monarch built a castle here, near the confluence of the North Yeo with the Taw, of which nothing remains except a high artificial mount; and at the time of the Conquest, as appears from the Domesday Survey, "there were forty burgesses within the borough, and nine without." The present corporation consists of a mayor, high steward, recorder, deputy recorder, two aldermen, 24 common council men, and other officers. Barnstaple sends two representatives to parliament, who are chosen by the members of the corporation and common burgesses; the number of voters being about 600; the present members are, Henry Alexander, Esq. of Upper Harley-street, London, and Frederick Hodgson, Esq. of St. James's-place, London. The free burgesses enjoy, by several charters, the like privileges and exemptions from toll as the citizens of London. Quarter sessions of the peace are held here, before the mayor, recorder and aldermen; who have the same powers given to them to try felonies, as the justices of the county possess. There is also a court of record held, on every alternate Monday, before the same justices or all two of them.

The woollen trade, formerly carried on here with considerable spirit, has of late been much reduced; the largest establishment in this branch now, is conducted by Messrs. Rennels and Co. Lace is made to a considerable extent; the principal houses in this trade, are Mr. J. Miller, of Stoney Bridge mill, and Messrs. Symons, at Newport. The importations of this town consist of coals, from Wales; timber, from America; wines, from Spain, &c. Its exportations comprise corn, oak bark, leather and coarse pottery. The malting trade in carried on here by a number of individuals, and there are ship building yards, in which are employed many hands. A silver lead mine is worked at Swinbridge, about four miles hence; the ore is extremely fine, and the prospects of ultimate profit very encouraging: some of the principal inhabitants, in the North of Devon are shareholders. Besides these sources of wealth, the pleasing character of the country around, and the comparative cheapness of this part of England have added greatly to its inhabitants by inducing many independent families to settle here entirely; a circumstance that renders Barnstaple one of the most genteel towns in North Devon; it boasts indeed of some marks of a metropolis, having a theatre, ladies' ball every Thursday, gentlemen's every Friday night; a musical society once a fortnight, and a subscription news room. A noble quay stretches along the river side to a great length; near the centre is a handsome piazza, on which is a statue of Queen Anne; and there is a beautiful walk between two rows of trees, joining Castle Quay and Mill End Quay, which is highly picturesque.

The church is an ancient Gothic structure, situated near the centre of the town; it possesses a remarkable fine toned organ, the largest in the West of England, except that in Exeter cathedral; it was presented to the borough by Sir George Amyard, Bart. in 1764, one of the then members. The living is a vicarage, in the patronage of Lord Bute; the present vicar is the Rev. Henry Luxmore. The other places of worship are for the presbyterians, Wesleyan methodists and baptists. The grammar school, which has been established upwards of three centuries, has acquired much celebrity for having been the place of the earlier education of several distinguished characters; John Gay, the poet and celebrated author of the Beggar's Opera, was a native of this place, and educated at the above school. Over the north gate is a charity-school for the education of 50 poor boys, with several small endowments; and another for girls, in Church-lane, with separate funds. The principal seats in the immediate neighbourhood of Barnstaple are, 'Castle-hill,' the beautiful residence of Earl Fortescue, 'Tawstock,' Sir Bouchier Wrey, Bart. and 'Tapeley,' Augustus Saltren Willett, Esq. The market-day is Friday, and the annual fair the 19th of September; there are also great markets held, for the show of North Devon breed of cattle, on the Friday before the 21st of April. and the second Friday in December. The borough and parish of Barnstaple contained, in 1821, 5,079 inhabitants.

Pilton, a parish and village in the same hundred as Barnstaple, is so little removed from that town as to be thought, by those travelling through it, to be a suburbial member of that borough; but it is a distinct parish, containing a population of 1,230 persons.

POST OFFICE, Cross-street, Richard Jones, Post Master.- Letters from LONDON, BRISTOL, &c, arrive every evening at half-past eight, and are dispatched every morning at six.- Letters from EXETER, OAKHAMPTON and CORNWALL arrive every morning at ten, and are despatched every afternoon at a quarter past three.- Letters from ILFRACOMBE arrive by penny-post every night at eight, and are despatched every morning at seven. - Office opens at eight in the morning, and closes at nine at night.


Acland Thos. Palmer, Boutport st
Barbor Geo. Acland esq. Church style
Barbor Mrs. Rawleigh house
Bassett Jno. Davie, esq. Heanton ct
Besley, Mrs, Boutport st
Bird Lieut. John R. N. Newport
Birtt Thomas, gent. High st
Blackmore Rev. William, Shirwell
Boyle Rev. John, Coxleigh
Bryan Rev. Richard, Boutport st
Budd Captain John, Willesley
Budd Robert, esq. Ebberley place
Budd the Misses, Cross st
Bury Mrs. Deniton house
Callander Alex. Smith, gent. Newport
Chichester Charles, esq. Hall
Chichester John Bruce Palmer, esq, Arlington court
Chichester Miss Amey, Square
Chichester Rev. James, Arlington Parsonage
Chichester Robt. esq. St. Branock's
Chichester Sir Arthur, bart. Youlston
Churchward Rev. Henry, Goodleigh
Clark Isaac, gent. High st
Copner Thos. gent. (coroner) Joy st
Cormick Henry, gent. High st
Cormick Mrs. High st
Culliford Mrs. Jane, Ebberley place
Cutcliffe Miss, Boutport st
Dew Rev. John, Horwood
Dillon Mrs. Pilton
Drake Lieut. Robt. Hacce, Newport
Drake the Misses, High st
Drake Zachary Hammett, esq. Springfield
Eastman John, esq. Swimbridge
Ferriers Mrs. Quay
Fisher Mrs. Boutport st
Fortescue the Earl, Castle hill
Fox Lieut. Col. John, Bear st
Furser Mrs. Sarah, Pilton
Gamble Mrs. Boutport st
Gamble Rev. Henry Boutport st
Gardiner Rev. Wm. H. Prospect pl
Gimingham Rev. Bratton, Fleming
Glaze Mrs. Newport
Gore Captain, R. N. Bickington
Graham Mrs. Newport
Greek Miss Mary, High st
Gribble Capt. Charles Besley, Cattle Market
Harding Thomas, gent. Pilton
Harding Thos. Wrey, esq. Upcott
Harris Mrs, Quay
Harris Thomas, gent. Boutport st
Heanton Rev. Charles Davie, Punchardan
Hiern Philip Welch, gent. Boutport st
Hill Rev. -, Fremington
Hogg Thomas, gent. Newport
Hole Capt. Charles, R.N. Bear st
Hole Capt. Henry, R.M. Newport
Horden John, esq. Braunton
Horwood Mrs. Tulies lane
Hutchings, Rev. -. Newport
Incledon Robt. Newton, esq. Yeotown-
Johnson Wm. gent, Litchdon terrace
Jones Bunnelle, esq. Cedar cottage
Karslake Mrs. Pilton
Kent Rev. Benj, (independent) Quay
Kikewich Rev. -, Linton
Kingson George, gent. Boutport st
Knight John, esq. Linton
Lack John, esq. Linton
Lassells -, gent. Prospect place
Laudon Rev. J. Lawton
Laudon Rev. J. Braunton
Lausdown Thomas, gent. Newport
Law Mrs. Esther, High st
Law William, gent. Bear st
Lowe Mrs. Bear st
Luke Mrs. Litchdon terrace
Luxmoore Rev. Hy. Vicarage house
Marsack Geo. Hartwell, gent. Trafalgar place
Marsh James gent. Ebberley place
Marsh Mrs. Sarah, Boutport st
Marshall Rev. Sampson, Joy st
May John, esq. Quay
May Rev. E. Thomson, Tremington
May Thomas, gent. Ebberley place
Metherell Richd. Rowe, gent. Quay
Mitchell Thomas, gent. Boutport st
Mortimer Mrs. Newport
Mules Rev. -, Marwood
Mullens Mrs. Ellen, Trafalgar place
Nial Captain, Prospect place
Nicholls Rev. Henry, Boutport st
Northcott Rev. -, Hanover house
Nott John, esq. Bydown house
Nott Miss, Newport
Overend William, gent. Pilton
Parker Mrs. Charlotte, Newport
Parkin George, gent. Boutport st
Payne -, gent. Mount Sandford
Pellewe Captain, Pilton
Pack Mrs. Elizabeth, Newport
Pilcher Mrs. Newport
Pyke Rev. Jno. Parracombe parsonage
Richardson Capt. Geo. Trafalgar pl
Riley Rev. Richard, Marwood
Roberts John, esq. Boutport st
Rooke Capt. Lewis, Trafalgar place
Ross Lieut. Charles, Newport
Ross Rev. Daniel, Newport
Sage. John, gent, Newport
Sampson Thos. gent. Litchdon terr
Sandford Wm, Asford, esq. Lifton
Sealy Mrs. Mary, Ebberley place
Servante the Misses, Cross st
Shepherd Miss Mary, Square
Snell Miss Elizabeth, Litchdon st
Stephen, Mrs. S. Quay
Sweet Rev. J. Kentisbury
Tamlyn Mrs. Square
Tasker Miss, Square
Thomas Mrs. Elizabeth, Boutport st
Thorne John, gent. Newport
Thorne. Richard, gent. Pilton
Timins Mrs. Boutport st
Toller Mrs. Mary, Cross st
Wavell William, esq. Horwood
Webber General, Buckland house
Weeks Josias, gent. Newport
Westbrook Richd. esq. Boutport st
Whyte James, esq. Pilton house
Wickey Admiral, Quay
Wilford Major Ernest, Boutport st
Williams Capt. Bickington
Wrey Rev. Bouchier Wm. Corffe
Wrey Sir Bouchier, bart. Tawstock house


Not otherwise described are Day Schools.

BLUE COAT (boys') Northgate - John Davie, master
BLUE COAT (girls') Church lane - Elizabeth Boyne, mistress
Bray Elias (boarding) Joy st
Carpenter William (boarding and day) Pilton
Finch Elizabeth, Pilton
Hedden Ann (boarding and day) Ebberley place
Henderson Margaret and Sisters, (boarding) Prospect place
INFANT CHARITY SCHOOL, Newport - Elizabeth Hamblen, mistress
Johnson George (boarding & day; Boutport st
Jones Frederick, Newport
Jones John, Quay place
NATIONAL SCHOOL, Potter's lane - Richard Newman, minister
Nicholls & Johnson (boarding and day) Boutport st
Noot Ann (boardg. & day) Litchdon terrace
Packer Arthur, Boutport st
Randall John, Cross st
Sellick Thomas. Workhouse lane
Snow William, Vicarage house
Tanner Eliz. (boardg. & day) High st
Whimple Jane, High st
Worsfold Samuel, High st


Bremridge Richard Boutport st
Draketty ({ town clerk) Cattle mkt
Gribble William, Square
Law William, Square
Leigh Charles, Northgate
Palmer Cadwallader Edwards (and notary public) Boutport st
Pugsley & Clay (and clerks to the magistrates) High st
Roberts & Carter, Square


Hearson George, High st
Hunt William, Boutport st
Stribling William, High st


Arnoll Mary, Paternoster row
Beer George, Pilton
Finch Mary, Boutport st
Flexman Henry, Holland st
Herring Edward, Joy st
Holloway William, Quay
Lock Thomas (& flour dealr) Bear st
Marshall Thomas, Bear st
Pearse Joseph, Newport
Phillips William, Boutport st
Setter Edward (and flour dealer) Boutport st
Simmons William, Pilton
Warminton Ann, Pilton


Drake, Gribble & Marshall (Barnstable Old bank) High st - (draw on
Sir Jas. Esdaile & Co.)
Pyke, Scott, Law & Bencraft (of North Devon Old Bank) High st -
(draw on Barclay, Tritton & Co. London)


Berry Thomas, Quay
Hamlyn & Son, High st
Holland Robert, Boutport st
Pridham George, Quay


Baker Richard, Boutport st
Delve William, Pilton
Dennis Samuel, Litchdon st
Gibbs James, Litchdon st
Harper Henry, Newport
Harris Humphrey, Boutport st
King Samuel, Green lane
Martin Jno. (whitesmith) Boutport st
Morgan Thomas, Potter's lane
Spurman John, Bradiford
Thorne Henry, Webber's court


Allen Theoph. (& library) High st
Avery John, Joy st
Brightwell Isaac, High st
Cornish Thos. (binder) Anchor la
Harris Emmanuel (stationer) High st
May George (binder) Boutport st
Purchase John, High st
Searle William, Boutport st


Bale John, Well st
Bridgeman William, Cross st
Burgess John, Anchor lane
East Samuel, Joy st
Edward Brian Baker, High st
Herepath William, High st
Hill James, Litchdon st
Hopkins John, Bear st
lncledon James, Well st
Jewell Wilmot, Boutport st
Moore George, High st
Parker John, Holland st
Petter George, High st
Pile William, Bear st
Rock Henry, High st
Roue George, Anchor lane
Shapcott Alexander, Joy st
Turner William, Silver st
Waldron Philip, High st
Watts Henry, Boutport st
Wellington William, High st
Woollacott William, Square
Worth Richard, High st


Baker John (& plumber) Northgate
Britton Wm. (& plumbr) Boutport st
Chapple Robert, Holland st
Gibbs Henry, jun. Quay
Herring Jas. (and plumber) Joy st
Knill Richard, Litchdon st
Lancey Richd. (& plumber) Joy st
Pawle William Chapple, High st
Rude William, High st
Young Wm. (& plumber) Boutport st


Dicker John, Boutport st
Westacott & Co. Newport


Knill Barbicom, Back lane
Lovering William, Boutport st


Turner Henry, Bear st
Turner William, High st


Davie Thomas, Litchdon
Gilbert Richard, Pilton
Goman William, Pilton
Gould John, Litchdon st
Harttree Henry, Boutport st
Hodge Philip, Ebberly st
Hooper John, High st
Mallett Henry, High st


Ackland William, Anchor lane
Andrew William, High st
Boynes William, Anchor lane
Clement John, Ebberly st
Davy William, Pilton
Daw George. Pilton
Greek James, Square
Hancock Richard, Greek lane
Harding George, Cattle market
Ireland William, Pilton
Martin Adam
Martin James
Martin John, Bear st
May Richard, Pilton
Moore John, Pilton
Moule John, Back lane
Pugsley George, High st
Richards Thomas, Boutport st
Snow Nicholas, Joy st
Ward William, Church lane
Western William, Pilton


Carter Robert Burgess, Baker's ct
Crook Richard (and upholsterer) Boutport st
Hancock John, Boutport st
Hearson Geo. (& upholsterer) Pilton
Hunt William, High st Pilton
Hutton William, High st
Jones Nicholas, Quay
Quick James, High st
Stribling Wm. (& upholsterer) High st
Westacott Samuel, Newport


Avery Richard, Cattle market
Bale, James (& bell hanger) Pilton
Bale William, Joy st
Beard Robert & William, Pilton
Davis George, Cattle Market
Davy Thomas, Litchdon st
Goman William, Pilton
Hartnoll Thomas & Philip, Pilton
Lee William, Bradiford
Prust John, Boutport st
Thomas John, Pilton
Westacott, John, High st


Cotton Gilbert Knill, High st
Flexman John, Pilton
Gregory Robert, High st
Harding Philip, High st
Linnington and Son, High st
Mackrell John, High st
Weeks William, Joy st


Pettle Thomas, Square
Woodman Richard, Well st


Arter William & Sons, Quay
Bentley John, Quay
Fairchild John, Quay
Gibbs Henry, Quay
Westacott Samuel (culm) Newport


Griffiths Eliza, High st
Harris John (& toy dealer) High st
Latey Thomas, High st
Shapcott Thomas, Joy st


Berry Francis (and land steward) Boutport st
Hunt Joseph W. Boutport st
Scott John, Holland st


Carter John, Pilton
Curtis William, Quay
Kelly George, Joy st
Petter James, Holland st
Thorne John, Quay
Wilkins Joseph, Boutport st


Hellyar Richard, High st
Hellyar William, Boutport st


Arter & Sons, Quay
Clark Samuel, Holland st
Cotton William & Sons, Cross st
Darke Charles, Holland st
Fry John, Holland st
Gribble William & Son, Quay


Baker Francis, High st
Baker Thomas, Litchdon st
Bentley John, Cattle market
Dunn William, Litchdon st
Marsh William, Anchor lane
Powle Thomas, Litchdon st
Rice Robert, Cross st
Rude John, High st


Powning Ambrose, Boutport st
Tucker John, Holland st


Ford John, Boutport st
Gribble Edward, High st
Lovering Fanny, Boutport st
Ormond John (and china & glass) High street
Packer Elizabeth, Quay
Randell, Jas. (manufacturer) Litchdon st


ATLAS, John Mackrell, High st
BRISTOL CROWN, William Cotton & Sons, Cross st
CROWN (fire) and PROVIDENT (life) Richard Jeve, Bear st
GUARDIAN, Sl. Linnington, High st
LAW, (life) Thos. Pugsley, High st
ROVAL EXCHANGE, Wm. Gribble and son, Quay
WEST OF ENGLAND, Jos. W. Hunt, Boutport st
WESTMINSTER, Cadwallader Edwards Palmer, Boutport st


Arnold William, Quay
Harding John, Cross st


Beer James, Newport
Burge William, Boutport st
Ireland John, Rumsom
Kelley Robert, Newport


Baller Benjamin, High st
Harttree George (& breeches maker) High street
Lake William, High st
Palmer Julius (& hosier) High st
Shapland Henry, joy st


(See also Shopkeepers, &c. and also Tea Dealers.)

Berry Samuel, Boutport st
Besley John, High st
Carpenter George Gould, Pilton
Challacombe Mary, Boutport st
Dennis James, High st
Gillard Humphrey, Cross st
Gregory Robert (& druggist) High st
Halls Lewis, High st
Leworthy Jane, Boutport st
Linnington & Son, High st
Lovering Fanny, Boutport st
Nickolls William & Co. Quay
Ormond John, High st
Partridge Robert Tanner, High st
Priscott James, High st
Seldon Thomas, Joy st
Thorne William Henry, High st
Weeks William, Joy st


Billing William Guy, Anchor lane
Blackmore Richard, High st
Bowen John, Joy st
Martin Philip, Joy st
Martin Richard, High st
Pickard Jasper, Boutport st


(See also Taverns & Public Houses.)

Castle, William Davis, High st
Fortescue Arms, Joseph Andrew Pearce, Boutport st
Golden Lion, Sarah Ashby, Boutport st


Willshire Thos. Lamb, Newport rd


Dennis Thomas, Boutport st
Dyer William, high st
Hearson Frances, High st
Hunt John Dennis, High st
King Thomas, Joy st
Mallett Henry, High st
Moon James (& bell hanger) High st
Parminter Joseph B. Joy st
Pawle William Chappell (& brazier) High street
Tyte George, Quay
Williams John, High st


Symons Henry & Co. Newport


Ley Thomas Cross St
Toms William, Boutport st


Dennis John, Boutport st
Law John & Co, Litchdon st


Avery William, Cross st
Buckingham John, High st
Carpenter George Gould, Pilton
Evans Joseph, High st
Harris Geo. (& mercer) High st
Loader Bernard, High st
Lock John, High st
ESTABLISHMENT, High st.- John Bartlett, agent
Pethebridge Anthony, High st
Symons Henry, High st
Willis & Son, High st
Wills Richard. High st
Wills Richard William, High st


Baker Mary, High st
Boyne Thomas, Quay
Pengelly Oliver Veale, High St
Wilkins Elizabeth, Boutport st


Arter William & Sons, High st
Badcock Henry, Pilton
Balsdon George, Boutport st
Brayley, Hugh, High st
Dallyn William, Well st
Darke Charles, Holland st
Densham Thomas, Boutport st
Dicker John, Boutport st
Fewing William, High st
Fisher John Morris, High st
Fry John, Holland st
Harris Thomas, Boutport st
Jones Thomas, Pilton
Lovering William, Boutport st
Lovering William jun. Boutport st
Lympaney Richard, Square
Seldon William, Boutport st
Souch Elizabeth, Boutport st
Squire Edward, Pilton
Street Hugh, Boutport st
Treble George, Pilton
Vickery George, Bradiford
Vickery William, High st
Warminton William, Pilton
White George, Boutport st
White Samuel, Boutport st
Williams John, Pilton


Bremridge High st
Gribble William & Son, Quay
Nickolls William & Co. Quay


Frost John, HALL'S MILL
Griffith Wm. PORT MILLS, Boutport st
Herring John, Landkey
Mogridge George, RAWLEIGH MILL
Rennels William, Bradiford
Rock Philip, Blakewell


Barnhouse Betty, Pilton
Blackmore Mary & Sarah, High st
Blackwell Eliza, Boutport st
Britton Elizabeth, Joy st
Brooke Jane, High st
Burge Elizbth. & Jane, Boutport st
Clarke Betsey, High st
Durant, Elizabeth, High st
Latey Mary Anne, High st
Mann Betsey & Sarah, Boutport st
Martin Ann, Joy st
Priscott Ann, Joy st
Richards Betsey, Boutport st
Snow Jane, High
Taylor Margery, Boutport st
Vellacott Gratiana, High st
Whimple Susan, High st
Woolacott Elizabeth, Square


NORTH DEVON JOURNAL (Thursday) John Avery, printer &
publisher, Joy st


Allen Theophilus, High st
Baker James, High st
Britton James, High st
Davis Wm. (& paper hanger) High st
Dowdall William, Gammon lane
Hancock Justinian, High st
Heale Henry, Cross st
Herring Robert, Anchor lane
Hill William, Litchdon st
Jewell Robert, Boutport st
Mills Thomas, Boutport st
Squire Humphrey, Diamond st


Baker James, Boutport st
Jacomb William, High st
Lock John Thomas, High st
Reed William, High st
Roue & Delling, High st
Treble Thomas, Pilton
Williams John, High st


Bignell John Beavis, Square
Britton J.G. Newport
Morgan James Gordon, Cattle mkt


Fasquette Lewis (French) High st
Harris Emanuel (music) High st
Huxtable Christr. (music) High st
Wildman Henry (music) High st


Blackwell Richard, Boutport st
Bryant William, Newport
Gilbert James, Pilton
Petter William, High st
Priscott James, High st
Stephen Edward, Square
Turner Joshua, High st


Chappell John, Pilton
Westacott John, Litchdon st


Abbott Ann, Litchdon st
Ball Susan. Cross st
Conyhear Daniel, Pilton
Folland Elizabeth, Newport
Goman William, Bradiford
Heal William, Litchdon st
Holland Richard, Diamond st
Jolliffe Orlando, Boutport st
Lock John, Quay
Parkin Betty, Holland st
Parminter James, High st
Quick George, Cross st
Reid Thomas, Quay
Sanders William Verney, Silver st
Shapcott Grace & Mary, Quay
Wadham Thomas, Litchdon st


Ching Elizabeth, Elephant lane
Collord James, Boutport st


Britton John, Holland st
Carter Philip, Prospect place
Coneybear George, Newport
Downing Richard, Bear st
Hulfe John, Quay
Oatway Richard, Prospect place


Bayley Betsey, Well st
Chapple Fanny, Holland st
Clarke Betsey, High st
Lake Elizabeth, Newport
Martin Ann, Joy st
Martin Elizabeth, Boutport st
Shapcott Mary, Boutport st
Taylor Margery, Boutport st
Thorne Mary, Bear st


Ames John, Cattle market
Blackmore Charles, Cross st
Cooper Edwin (to Infirmary) Joy st
Cooper James, High st
Cutcliffe Charles, Boutport st
Cutcliffe Charles, jun. Boutport st
Harding Robert, High st
Hiern Charles Henry, Boutport st
March James Colley, Boutport st
Owen Thomas, Square
Winter John (& apothecary) High st


Berry Francis, Boutport st
Northcote George, Holland st


Collard William, Litchdon st
Cotley Berry, Diamond st
Cutcliffe William, Pilton
Davis John, Joy st
Downing William, High st
Gribble Edward, High st
Harris David, Holland st
Harris Michael, Holland st
Huxtable William, Newport
Mackay William & Son, Boutport st
Marsh John (& draper) Cross st
Marsh William, High st
Northcott George (& draper) High st
Otway Robert, Pilton
Price James, Boutport st
Sanders William, Holland st
Shapland Henry, Joy st
Whitefield Jas. (& draper) Boutport st


Creek. Joseph, High st
Lovering William, jun. Boutport st
Smallridge William, High st
Williams John, Pilton


Baker John, Bear st
Davis John Leworthy, Boutport st
King & Son, Bradiford


Admiral Vernon, Wm. Hill, Maddon st
Angel, Richard Vicary, Quay
Bear, Nicholas Hancock, Green lane
Bell, Mary Payne, Quay
Black Horse, Elizabeth Thorne, Square
Boot, Joseph Herring, High st
Brickmakers' Inn, John Frost, Back lane
Brittannia, John Thorne, Quay
Bull, William Seldon, Boutport st
Commercial Inn, John Waldron, Boutport st
Crown & Anchor, Maria Hill, Litchdon st
Ebberley Arms, John Dowling. Bear st
Exeter Inn, James Tinson, Litchdon st
Falcon, John Gliddon, Joy st
Fountain, John Reed, Holland st
Fuller's Inn, William Whiteacre, High st
George Inn, Elizabeth Beer, Boutport st
Globe, Mary Wilmets, Boutport st
Golden Anchor, Robt. Chapple, Cattle market
Golden Ball, Wm. Symons, Boutport st
Green Dragon, Benj. Hutchings, Boutport st
Heart of Oak, Elizabeth Davey, High st
Horse & Groom, Roger Pengelly, Boutport st
Jolly Butchers, Richard Blackwell, High st
King's Arms, Henry Martin, King st
Lamb, William Rowcliffe, Boutport st
London Inn, Richard Arscott, Litchdon st
Mermaid, William Kingdon, Northgate
Nag's Head, George Pedlar, Anchor lane
New Inn, George Pugsley, Back lane
North Country Inn, John Randall, Boutport street
North Molton Inn, William Burgess, Bear st
Red Lion, Robert Blackmore, Quay
Ring of Bells, John Folland, Pilton
Ring of Bells, Wm. Trim, Anchor lane
Rising Sun, Sally Britton. Boutport st
Rose & Crown, William Pitt, Newport
Royal Exchange, Nicholas Snow, Joy st
Royal Oak, John Otway, Holland st
Salutation, Humphrey Britton, Cattle mrkt
Seven Stars, William Ford, Anchor lane
Sheep Market Inn, John Curtis, Holland st
Ship, John Parkin, Square
Shipwrights' Arms, Sebastian Hodge, Square
Smith's Arms, John Terry, Diamond st
Star, George Tyte, Quay
Sun, George Gould, Newport
Swan, John Thomas, Holland st
Theatre Inn, Nicholas Andrew, High st
Three Tuns, James Easton, High st
Town Arms, Jane King, Anchor lane
Unicorn, Benjamin Irwin, Pilton
Wellington Arms, Rd. Warminton, High st
White Hart.,Fanny Benley, Joy st
White Horse, Samuel White Boutport st
White Lion, Jas. Shobrook, Cattle markt


Baker Mary, High st
Cummings William, Boutport st
Milray James, Newport
Shannon Samuel Joy st


Finch John, Pilton
Westacott John, Litchdon


Gillard Samuel (& jeweller) High st
Hodge John, Boutport st
Mallett John (& silversmith) High st
Passmore Richd. (& jewellr) High st
Snell Jas. (& silversmith) High st


Down Richard, Green lane
Gabriel Richard, Holland st
Symons Richard, Boutport st


Cotton William & Sons, Cross st
Linnington Robert, High st
Partridge RobertTanner, High st
Trix & Ware, High st


Bremridge Samuel, High st
Lakeman John, Pilton
st, John Bartlett, agent
Rennels William and Co. HOPE MILLS, Bradiford


Carpenter George Gould, Pilton
Lakeman John, Pilton


Abbott William, woolcomber, Boutport st
Bowden James, plasterer, Bear it
Brooks Edward Robert, permit writer, Holland street
Cannon James, veterinary surgeon, Diamond st
Gilbert John, tawer, Pilton
Greenslade John, cloth dresser & presser, Anchor lane
Instin Charles, collector of excise, Joy st
Jewell William, carver & gilder, Square
Lemon John, block maker, Quay
Moon Thomas. pawnbroker, Joy st
NORTH DEVON INFIRMARY, Newport road - Right Honourable Earl
Fortescue, patron - Mr. Edwin Copner, house surgeon and apothecary
Oatway Henry, rope, &c. maker, Cattle market
Popham Henry, blacking mnfr. Boutport st
PUBLIC NEWS ROOMS, Boutport street - Charles Roberts, Esq.
Thorne Wm. paper manufacturer, Square
Watts Wm. law stationer, Boutport st
Webb John, worsted manufactr. High st
Wildman Henry, fancy repositry. High st
Wilkinson John, cheesemonger, Joy st
Williams John, turner, Quay


Collector, Edward R. Roberts, esq.
Collector's Clerk, Mr. Henry Rodd
Comptroller, Nicholas Glass, esq.
Landing Surveyor and Surveyor of Warehouses, Mr. Wm. C. Pawle
Landing Waiter, Searcher & Coast Waiter, Mr. William Lock.
Officer of the Coast Guard, Mr. John Andrews.


To LONDON, the Royal Mail, from the Fortescue Arms, every morning at six: goes through South Molton, Bampton, Wivelscombe, Taunton, Bridgewater, Glastonbury, Wells, Bath, Devises, Marlborough, Newbury, and Reading - and the North Devon Telegraph, from the Golden Lion, every morning at half-past seven; goes the same route as the Mail to Taunton, where it branches to Castle Cary, Somerton, Salisbury and Basingstoke.

To BRISTOL, the Freemason, from the Castle Inn, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at ten; goes thro' South Molton, Bampton, Wiveliscombe, Taunton, Bridgewater, &c.

To ILFRACOMBE, the Royal Mail, from the Fortescue Arms, every morning at 7.

To PLYMOUTH, the North Devon, from the Golden Lion, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at half-past seven; goes through Bideford, Great Torrington, Hatherleigh, Oakhampton and Tavistock.


To LONDON. BATH. BRISTOL, and all intermediate places, Whitemash, Wallington and Brown's Vans and Waggons, from the Bell, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

To BIDEFORD, Francis Purchase, from the Black Horse, daily - James Payne, from the Bell, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - and a Mail Cart, from the Angel, every evening at eight.

To BRAUNTON, Thomas Passmore, from the Bull, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

To CHUMLEIGH, John Rice, from the Bell, every Monday and Thursday.

To COOMBE MARTIN, William Reed, from the White Horse, every Friday.

To EXETER, Thomas Seldon's Waggons from his house, Joy st, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - James Chapple, from the Bell, every Wednesday & Saturday - and John Rice, every Monday and Thursday.

To GEORGEHAM, - Pyke, from the Bull, every Friday.

To ILFRACOMBE, John Pugsley, from his house, Lovering's court, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - and John Dadd and John Baker, from the Bell, every Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

To LINTON, Charles Fry, from the Wellington Arms, every Tuesday & Friday.

To OAKHAMPTON, a Mail Cart, from the Angel. every afternoon at three.

To PLYMOUTH. Thomas King, from the White Hart, every Tuesday - John Bowman, from the Bell, every Saturday - and John Baker, every alternate Sat.

To SOUTH MOLTON, George Flashman and John Hicks, from the Golden Anchor, and James Chapple, from the Bell, daily.

To TIVERTON. Philip Baker, from the Golden Anchor, every Wednes. & Sat.

To TORRINGTON and HOLSWORTHY, John Ward, from the Bell, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday - and Philip Curtis, every Saturday.


To APPLEDORE, James Rivals' Boat, every Monday, and Wednesday and Friday.


To LONDON, the Little Bray, Francis Brewer; Fanny, William Oram; and the Countess Fortescue, Wm. Edwards.

To BRISTOL, the Commerce, William Leworthy; Friends. J. Edwards; Regulator J. Smith; Torridge, R. Hartwell; and the Venus, Henry Whimple.

Transcribed - Brian Randell, 4 Nov 2002