Walter Hearder, Grant of Administration, 1626/7

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Principal Probate Registry, Somerset House

Transcribed by Ian Hearder

Walter Hearder
On the Third day a grant issued forth to Prudence Hearder, natural and lawful sister, of Walter Hearder, bachelor, lately deceased in parts beyond the seas having etc (goods sufficient to found the jurisdiction of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury),
To administer the goods, rights and credits of the said deceased,
Well etc (and faithfully to administer the estate),
By the power and grant before Bartholomew Moore, priest, in this regard or for this grant (duly authorised),

Marginal notes: In partibus [in (foreign) parts].
                             Astend [to be allowed to stand]
                             Blasii 1627 [Blaise's. This is a common entry in PCC administrations            
                                                  but I am not sure of its significance.

                                                 St Blaise's day is 3rd February.]