Will of Samuel Milford Windeatt of Bridge Town Berry Pomeroy - 1828

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National Archives Catalogue Reference: PROB 11/1747

Transcribed by Sandra Windeatt

[This transcription has been made from the scanned image held at The National Archives, and is a copy of that in my Windeatts on the Web pages, where much more information is available. I have made this very rough transcription and it was difficult to read and probably contains lots of errors. Check the original for complete accuracy. I have changed the surnames to uppercase to aid family historians.]

I Samuel Milford Windeatt
of Bridge Town Berry Pomeroy do give and bequeath to my Daughter Sophia Wilton WINDEATT all my property and should she live to receive the money given to me and my heirs by my late Uncle Milford of Bath I desire that on receipt of such property, she will give something to my Cousin Jno WINDEATT of Totness and to Mrs. TOZER and her children and to my Cousins Betsy and Mary and Thomas WINDEATT of Bridgetown Witness my hand

Samuel Milford WINDEATT 28 September 1826 Witnesses James Cowden WALLACE Robert LAMPEN

On 7th October 1828 Admon with the Will annexed of the goods chattels and credits of Samuel Milford WINDEATT late of Bridge Town Berry Pomeroy in the Co. of Devon a Widower deceased was granted to Sophia Wilton WINDEATT Spr [Spinster] the Daughter and the Universal legatee named in the said Will having been first sworn duly to admin. [looks like Deo Gracias?]