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Help and advice for Bickleigh (Near Tiverton) 1801

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Devon Record Office Reference: DRO 2167A/PZ 1

Transcribed by Merv Goss

Persons Chiefly
Employ'd in

Henry Kingwell
William Palmer
Thomas Braddick
John Jordan
William Kingwell
Thomas Pitt
John Tarr
William Moxey
Thomas Parson
Henry Crook
John Morrell
Robert Harvey
Anthony Morrish
John Baker Sen'r
John Baker
William Rogers
Daniel Hooper
William Norman
Christopher Norman
Thomas Floyd
Aaron Floyd
Richard Wippell
Richard Gill
John Gill
James Marsh
William Rutley
Charles Wannell
Charles Brooks
Nicholas Braddick
Robert Hussey
James Reed
Joseph Reed
Thomas Gover
John Hucker
John Baker
John Cross
Thomas Harris
James Hucker
John Wyett
William Chubb
Robert Baker
John Goss
William Venn
John Channon
Abraham Lake
Robert Jordan
William Reed
John Reed
William Berry
John Thorne
William Holms
Robert Camp Sen'r
John Phillips
John Weslake
John Rowdon
Robert Jarman Jun'r
Elias Jarman
William Dart
Samuel Clements
James Fosper
Willaim Yard
Richard Weslake
John Frost

[Taken in 1801]

James Hall
John Jarman
John Down
Charles Phillips
Robert Hucker
William Abbot
Roger Ellis
William Kerslake
John Anstey
Robert Camp

Persons in Trade
and Handicrafts

John Goss
William Berry
John Serle
John Weeks
Joseph Weeks
Robert Beedell
Thomas Jordan
James Upton Sen'r
James Upton
John Upton
Matthew Bowbeer
William Gold
John Gold
Benjamin Gold
Robert Pullen
William Hele
Robert Venner
Samuel Lock
Robert Cook
John Thomas Sen'r
John Thomas
John Heard
John Vinicombe
William Dyer
Philip Radford
William Nitolls
George Stone
John Stone
George Goss Sen'r
George Goss
Samuel Holms
Robert Braddick
Henry Gorman
Willaim Hurley

All other persons
not comprised in the
two preceeding Classes

Rev'nd John Wes[t?] Carew
Humphrey Weeks
Richard Gold
John Ellis
James Holms
Samuel Upton
John Charles
Robert Cook
John Brooks
James Hucker

Robert Jarman
James Skinner
James Gibbins

Male Children

John Carew
John Wippell
H Holesworth Carew
Timothy Carew
Thomas Goss
Thomas Pitt
W Gibbins Moxey
Richard Baker
Benjamin Baker
John Easterbrook
Thomas Easterbrook
William Taylor
Richard Wippell
James Western
William Western
George Western
William Berry
Richard Berry
William Nitolls
Benjamin Nitolls
John Skinner
John Holms
Henry Cook
Robert Cook
George Weslake
John Cook
John Bennett
Robert Jarman
John Jarman
Richard Jarman
John Weslake
William Weslake
Henry Weslake
William Stone
Stephen Coleman
William Dart
John Dart
Thomas Dart
Thomas Hucker
Thomas Wyett
James Wyett
William Wyett

Women and Female

Mary Kingwell
Mary Hitt
Mary Broom
Ann Kingwell
Melener Goss Sen'r
Amy Goss
Melener Goss
Betty Goss
Betty Pitt Sen'r
Mary Pitt
Betty Pitt

Betty Weeks
Ann Worth
Elizabeth Warren
Sarah Crook
Mary Baker Sen'r
Mary Baker
Eleanor Baker
Jane Baker
Elizabeth Baker
Sarah Pedrick
Eleanor Burnett Sen'r
Eleanor Burnett
Ann Norman
Mary Easterbrook
Margaret Floyd
Betty Wippell
Mary Ann Wippell
Annamaria Wippell
Jane Wippell
Hannah Wippell
Ann Burn
Sarah Gill
Agnes Gill
Mary Dunscombe
Susanna Briley
Mary Braddick
Elizabeth Braddick
Mary Pring
Dorothy Chubb
Mary Chubb
Elizabeth Chubb
Sarah Chubb
Joan Pitt Sen'r
Joan Pitt
Betty Pitt
Elizabeth Cross
Mary Cross
Elizabeth Back
Elizabeth Western
Elizabeth Berry
Annamaria Berry
Mary Gold
Mary Gold
Annamaria Gold
Sarah Anstey
Mary Jordan
Sarah Jordan
Susanna Goss
Sarah Nitolls
Mary Nitolls
Grace Western
Eleanor Reed
Martha Berry
Elizabeth Skinner
Ellin Saunders
Mary Cook
Mary Bicknell
Ann Charles
Ann Griffin
Sarah Griffin
Sarah Short
Dorothy Pinkham
Elizabeth Heard
Grace Brooks Sen'r
Grace Brooks
Eleanor Brooks
Mary Bennet

Susanna Thomas
Jane Thomas
Susanna Thomas
Joan Vinicombe
Sarah Vinicombe
Frances Dyer
Elizabeth Manley
Mary Phillips
Hannah Hucker Sen'r
Hannah Hucker
Betty Dicker
Mary Upton
Sarah Upton
Charlotte Upton
Christian Weslake
Sarah Jarman
Elizabeth Weslake
Mary Weslake
Ann Weslake
Ann Rowdon
Mary Jarman
Mary Ann Jarman
Mary Western
Mary Webber
Elizabeth Cook
Catherine Willey
Mary Willey
Mary Thorne Sen'r
Mary Thorne
Charity Manley
Joan Holms
Elizabeth Underhay
Agnes Gorman
Mary Smith
Elizabeth Wyett
Grace Stone Sen'r
Grace Stone
Ann Stone
Jane Stone
Jane Hooper
Ellin Dart
Joanna Tancock
Mary Hucker
Sarah Hucker
Mary Ellis
Elizabeth Dart
Mary Dart
Joan Kerslake
Elizabeth Kerslake
Mary Oliver
Elizabeth Hucker
Mary Welland
Elizabeth Cross


Mrs Kingswell
John Goss
Mr Pitt
Humphey Weeks
Mr Moxey
Mr Baker
Mr Gill

John Willey
Mr Braddick
Mrs Pitt
Mr Cross
Mr Chubb
Thomas Floyd
Eleanor Burnett
William Norman
Mary Easterbrook
William Gold
William Nitolls
George Goss
Robert Jordan
James Skinner
William Berry
John Western
William Reed
Mary Upton
Richard Gold
John Ellis
Ellin Saunders
John Thorne
Willaim Holms
Robert Pullen
Robert Cook
John Thomas
John Vinicombe
John Charles
James Upton
Samuel Upton
Mary Davey
Robert Cook
Mr Heard
George Bennett
John Brooks
Mr Weslake
John Rowdon
John Wyett
Mr Robert Jarman
Mr Dart
Elizabeth Manley
Mr John Jarman
John Phillips
Mr Stone
Mrs Cross
William Kerslake


James Uptons
Sam Middletons
house on the hill
two at Venn

Population in
Males           135
Females        119

[This transcription attempts to mimic the layout of the original which uses six columns of a single wide sheet - so it is best viewed using a wide browser window.]