Bideford Burials 1813-1837

transcribed by

Elizabeth Howard

Provided here by kind permission of the Ven Mike Edson of St Mary's Bideford

Mary Arthur Bideford Jan 3rd aged 1 year
William Thomas Bideford Jan 3rd [no age given]
Nicholas Baker Bideford Jan 1st aged 65
Mary Ann Essery Bideford Jan 8th aged I week
Mary Handcock Bideford Jan 13th aged 70
Elizabeth Prust Bideford Jan 13th aged 77
John Kidwill alias Cotton Bideford Jan 23rd aged 53
William Henry Griffey Bideford Jan 28th aged 3
[all Bideford unless othewise noted, and all entries signed by Rev W Walter, Rector, unless otherwise noted]
George Bains Feb 18th aged 37
Sarah Palmer Feb 27th aged 70
Honor Cook Hamlyn March 1st aged 27
Susan Mansfield March 2nd aged 9
John Barry March 11th aged 69
Ann Saunders Northam March 12th aged 11
Mary Goodwin March 31st aged 72
Abraham Spearman Rooker April 4th aged 3 months
William Holman April 6th aged 6 months
Mary Mayne April 8th aged 79
Samuel Henry Facey April 16th aged 8
Dorothy Carder April 25th aged 65
Sarah May May 1st aged 21
James Rooke May 9th aged 20
Jane Willmot May 12th aged 82
Margaret Tucker May 13th aged 14
Daniel Mackay May 13th aged 78 ["Danl Campbell, minister of Buckland Brewer as per certificate "]
Mary Perryman May 19th an infant
Elizabeth Mitchell Bognes [?Boyses] May 19th aged 31
Elizabeth Sampson May 19th aged 26
John Gawtrey May 20th aged 43
Richard Taylor May 26th aged 14
Richard Wren June 5th aged 34
Richard Heard June 9th aged 60 (D. Campbell)
Ann Rooke June 16th aged 17
Elizabeth Jose June 13th aged 54
Benjamin Ulph June 15th aged 32
Henry Miles June 18th aged 74
John Towell June 19th aged 86
Mary Ann Clarke June 25th aged 3 months (D C)
Grace Williams July 5th aged 87
Henry Baller Grant July 13th aged 34
Sarah Hernaman July 23rd aged 74
Grace Stevens October 3rd [no age]
Elizabeth Pim Oct 6th aged 11
John Prust Oct 10th aged 52
Charlotte Nichols Oct 13th aged 34
Elizabeth Nichols Oct 15th aged 6
Mary Jewell Oct 24th aged 72
Elizabeth Thorn Oct 29th aged 47
Richard Ashton Nov 5th aged 57
Mary Saunders Nov 7th aged 72
Francis Maine Nov 8th aged 82
John Rooke Nov 21st aged 22
John Short Nov 24th aged 63
Mary Johns Nov 29th aged 37
Rebecca Clark Dec 6th aged 27
Jane Hicks Dec 11th aged 95
William Squire Dec 31st aged 30

Jane Air Jan 12th aged 88
Emily Grosard Jan 20th aged 3
Grace Crocker Jan 22nd aged 77
Susannah Baker Jan 31st aged 9 weeks
Elizabeth Waldron Feb 2nd aged 28
Richard Eastman Feb 7th aged 8 months
William Lake Feb 8th aged 8 months
Frances Jane Burnard Feb 19th aged 9 months
Ann Jeffery Feb 23rd aged 23
Sarah May Feb 24th aged 42
Henry May March 2nd aged 3 months
Ann Galsworthy Mar 11th aged 37
William James Tyeth Mar 12th aged 3
Elizabeth Mitchell Boyses Mar 14th aged 11 months
Deborah Gorrill Mar 22nd aged 84
Mary Morgan Mar 23rd aged 63
Mary Cadd Apl 6th aged 72
Sarah Holman Apl 8th aged 43
Priscilla Bird Apl 13th aged 80
John Copner Apl 14th aged 50
Lewis Jenkins May 13th aged 3
Peter White May 14th aged 58 (Richard Walter, assist Minister)
Thomas Davey June 10th aged 48
Grace Major June 12th aged 65
John Heal June 17th aged 60
Robert Stevens July 12th aged 14 days
William Adderley esq Northam July 14th aged 46
William Rooke July 27th aged 75 (Richard Keats assist Minister)
Harriet Clark Aug 5th aged 21
Joseph Rooke Aug 10th aged 15
John Smith Aug 19th aged 1
William Stevens Aug 24th aged 10
Susannah Pickard Sept 4th aged 3 weeks
Elizabeth Passmore Sept 5th aged 75
Degory Williams Sept 29th aged 2 weeks
Joseph Penphrase Oct 4th aged 85
Eliza Murphy Oct 7th aged 3
Susannah Daniel Parkham Oct 13th aged 80 (Thomas Mill, Offict Minister)
Catherine Hopkins Oct 17th aged 80
John Lee Oct 19th aged 2
Robert Nichols Nov 5th aged 14 months
William Edward Bartlett Nov 6th aged 'a few days'
Thomas Samm Nov 15th aged 68
William Handford Dec 17th aged 23
Susannah Macdonald Dec 17th aged 35
Simon Madge Dec 22nd aged 2
James Elson Dec 24th aged 67
Hugh Davy Littleham Dec 28th aged 42

William Basset Jan 11th aged 57
Frances Nichols Jan 12th aged 83
Richard Gilbert Jan 13th aged 18 months
Mary Ann Taylor Jan 15th aged 7 months
John Hookaway Jan 22nd aged 88[?85]
Sarah Davy Jan 29th aged 80
Stephen Willcock esq Feb 10th aged 49
John Curtis Feb 20th aged 78
Elizabeth Britton Feb 20th aged 24
Elizabeth Cracknell March 1st aged 81
Robert Rooke Mar 5th aged 16
John Arnold Mar 12th aged 78
Catherine Holman Mar 15th aged 65
Thomas Chanter Mar 24th aged 77
Rebecca Gloyns Mar 26th aged 30
Susan Gayton Apl 2nd aged 21 months
Moses Cole Apl 12th aged 35
Elizabeth Clarke Apl 18th aged 57
Thomas Jose Apl 20th aged 65
William Buckler Apl 24th aged 27 (T Ebrey, as per certificate)
Lucy Holman Apl 28th aged 75
Susannah Harbour Apl 30th aged 35
John Piper May 3rd aged 6 months
George Harris May 16th aged 48
Theodosia Coombe May 17th aged 91
Thomas Moon May 19th aged 48
Thos Short June 4th an infant [Query in margin]
Catherine Mock June 5th aged 1 year
William Cann June 6th aged 30
Elizabeth Pritchard Vernon June 20th aged 44
Elizabeth Routcliffe June 25th aged 59
Margaret Smith June 28th aged 60
Richard Moon Cadd July 2nd aged 42
Thomas Carder Dyer July 3rd aged 1 (Richard Lloyd as per certificate)
Ann Lance July 4th aged 67
Sarah Stevens Aug 24th aged 68
Ann Marks Bennison Sept 10th aged 25
John Hodge Sept 17th aged 85
Mary Northcott Sept 30th aged 67
Nicholas Brannam Oct 14th aged 66
William May Oct 31st aged 46 (Richard Keats)
Elizabeth Harris Nov 12th aged 75 (Richard Lloyd)
Ann Harbour Nov 19th aged 2
John Dalling Nov 22nd aged 41
John Popham Nov 22nd aged 18
William Robins Nov 29th aged 64
William Basset Dec 18th aged 23
Elizabeth Hogg Dec 27th aged 22
Susannah Doidge Dec 20th aged 20

William Davis Jan 18th aged 70
Samuel Gregory Feb 7th aged 50 [?60?80]
Susanna Thompson Feb 9th aged 95
Maria [?Marie?Marice] Pickard Feb 14th [no age given: query in margin]
Catherine Down Feb 26th aged 28
James Kirkman esq Feb 28th aged 57
Rev A.w[?] Mosse Feb 29th aged 35
William Parish Bowen March 1st an infant
James Nicholls A Vagrant Mar 4th aged 31
Mary Bawden Mar 4th aged 80
Mary Oram Mar 7th aged 64
Richard Gent Mar 10th aged 19
Mary Clark Mar 18th aged 83
Sarah Curtice Mar 19th aged 67
Sarah Haywood Mar 20th aged 54
Harriet Hookaway Mar 21st an infant
William Bear Mar 24th aged 10 months
John Bishop Apl 6th aged 76
James Southwood Apl 11th aged 45
Thomas Jeffery Lee Apl 15th aged 8 months
Margaret Hall Apl 21st aged 76
Elizabeth Morrish Apl 21st aged 69
John White Waldon Apl 26th aged 16 months
Harriet Johnson May 17th aged 16
Margaret Jordan May 24th aged 64 [Bize? - In margin]
:Louisa Griffey May 30th an infant
William Brannam Harrison June 5th aged 20 months
John Williams June 15th aged 85
James Higgs June 21st aged 47
Joanna Maria Norman June 22nd aged 6 months
Benjamin Ulph June 23rd aged 91
John Dark [unreadable underneath name[ June 30th aged 16 months
Mary Pugsley [as above] July 3rd aged 83
Susanna Parrott July 7th aged 87
Mary Ann Cole July 8th aged 30
Jane Anthony July 11th aged 75
Thomas Jenkins Aug 4th aged 14 months
Eleanor Manning Aug 25th aged 55
Thomas Martin Aug 27th 'a few days'
George Brookes Sept 8th aged 49
Mary Joce Sept 14th aged 44
Elizabeth Shaddock Sept 23rd aged 108
George Richards Sept 27th an infant
Elizabeth Boynes Sept 30th aged 4
John Joshua Phillipa Oct 4th aged 9 weeks
John Heard Oct 8th aged 66
William Champion Oct 8th aged 16
George Cole Oct 18th aged 64
Thomas Williams Oct 29th aged 4
Jane Prust Oct 31st aged 57 (Richard Lloyd)
Jessie English Nov 3rd an infant
John Land Nov 12th aged 39
Ellen Henrietta Wall Nov 13th aged 38
Ann White Nov 18th aged 23
John Inch Nov 20th aged 36 (Daniel Campbell)
Mary Barrett Dec 1st aged 56
Elizabeth Watts Dec 4th aged 64
George Goss Dec 5th aged 66
William Bishop Dec 9th aged 5 months (Thos Mills)
Bridget Huxtable Dec 10th aged 77 (Jos P Prust)
Mary Jane Tucker Dec 15th aged 4 [Query written in margin]
Mrs Bridget Birch Dec 21st aged 80
Richard Prust Jan 3rd aged 17

Grace Northcott Jan 20th aged 76
Henry Jewell Jan 22nd aged 56
John Trick Jan 26th aged 18
Josias Wren Jan 30th aged 75
William Shackson Feb 2nd [no age given]
William Mock March 2nd aged 5
Thomas Harris March 24th aged 3 (John Pitman)
Sarah Wren April 18th aged 72
Mary Turner April 24th aged 29 (J H Hutton)
Joseph Major Apl 26th an infant
John Saunders Apl 30th aged 64
Ann Barfett May 1st aged 48
Philip Rook May 2nd aged 46
Elizabeth Warmington May 7th aged 93 (J H Hutton)
Elizabeth Cadd May 8th aged 10 (J H Hutton)
Elizabeth Davis May 10th aged 87
Elizabeth Madge May 11th aged 2
Henry Pickard May 11th aged 67
Sarah Wood June 23rd aged 68 (N Mill)
Philip Jenkins July 5th aged 5 weeks
George Breach July 10th aged 31
William Manning Northam July 11th aged 24
William Goss July 18th aged 29
Mary Towell July 27th aged 84
Sarah Ann Babb July 31st aged 4
Robert Stone Aug 3rd aged 15
Henry Hawkes Aug 8th aged 92
Louisa Friendship Aug 8th aged 2
Moses Cole Aug 11th aged 84
William Smith Aug 11th aged 46
Henry Congdon Aug 20th aged 3
Isaac Williams Aug 28th aged 43
Richard Ching Aug 31st aged 46
Mary Turnbull Northam Sept 17th aged 56
Mary Griffey Sept 18th aged 56
Thomas Found Sept 18th aged 7 months
Mary Mogg Sept 23rd aged 64
John Yeo Jenn Sept 27th aged 7 months
Alfred Griffiths Oct 8th aged 11
Noah Taylor Oct 8th aged 5
John Ley Oct 14th aged 77
Catherine Jewell Oct 16th aged 4
Esther Backway Oct 17th aged 85
William Henry Hall Oct 24th an infant
Elizabeth White Nov 16th aged 6
Elizabeth Brookes Nov 28th aged 78
Thomas Blake Dec 8th aged 34
Maria Tanner Dec 10th aged 3
Ann Lawder Dec 16th aged 70
Mary Buckler Dec 27th aged 35 (T H Hutton)
Mary Richards Dec 29th aged 82
John Walker Dec 31st aged 4 months

Ann Dennis Jan 3rd aged 58
John Gowman Jan 6th aged 27
Richard Elliot Jan 17th aged 80 (F H Hutton)
Dorothy Way Jan 31st aged 21
Elizabeth Rook Jan 31st aged 77 (F H Hatton)
Ann Slocombe Feb 2nd aged 36
Elizabeth Northcott Feb 4th aged 15 days
Mary Ann Williams Feb 23rd aged 2 years(T H Hutton)
Ann Bright March 1st aged 37
Samuel John esq Mar 6th aged 79
Peter Upjohn Mar 9th aged 63
Mary Newcombe Mar 23rd aged 61 (T H Hutton)
Thomas Pridham Mar 25th aged 2 (F H Hutton)
John Ayles Mar 30th aged 59
William Griffey Apl 3rd aged 6 weeks
Elizabeth Essery Apl 5th aged 5 months
William Fry Apl 8th aged 45
Emma Jane [?I'ans] Burnard Apl 13th aged 8 months
Richard Hookway Apl 18th aged 84 (F H Hutton)
Elizabeth Cadd May 17th aged 51
James Prust May 24th aged 45 (John Dene, Rector of Horwood)
William Buse Croscombe May 28th aged 15 days
Thomas Watkins May 28th aged 74 (F H Hutton)
Robert Main May 30th aged 84 (F H Hutton)
Ann Vinson June 4th aged 40 (F H Hutton)
Saml Squire June 6th aged 16 (F H Hutton) [query written in margin]
John Griffey June 7th aged 67 (Johne Dene, Rector of Horwood)
Catherine Buck June 13th an infant
Mary Geyton July 11th aged 16
Mary Croscombe July 12th aged 65
Priscilla Lang Aug 2nd aged 15
Jane Jewell Aug 9th aged 11
Edward Underhill Aug 11th aged 3
Henry Ulph Aug 11th aged 32
Martha Clark alias Boyce Aug 12th aged 4 months
Richard Lake Aug 14th aged 3 weeks
Elizabeth Williams Aug 19th aged 1 week (F H Hutton)
John Martin Aug 22nd aged 5 months
James Wood Aug 26th aged 3 (F H Hutton)
Ann Franklin Aug 26th aged 64 (F H Hutton)
Sarah Brannan Sept 1st aged 1 (F H Hutton)
Joseph Williams Sept 2nd aged 62
Philip Brook Sept 2nd aged 71
Jane Elizabeth Phillips Sept 6th aged 5
Richard Martin Chidsley Sept 13th aged 9 months
Grace Baker Sept 14th aged 71 (F H Hutton)
Edward Williams Sept 17th aged 75
Catherine Eastman Sept 27th aged 43
Ann Eliza Stapleton Sept 30th aged 2 (F H Hutton)
Betty Elliott Oct 1st aged 63
Peter Stanton, esq accidentally drowned ; of Halsannery, in the parish of Northam
Oct 10th aged 36
Susan Pedlar Oct 7th aged 18
James Cole Oct 13th aged 73
Oliver Bligh Oct 14th aged 11 months
John Saunders Oct 20th aged 11 months
Elizabeth Holwill Oct 20th aged 5
William Jenkin Oct 22nd aged 8
Elizabeth Brayley Oct 22nd aged 1
Jeremiah Ley Oct 28th aged 57
Edward England Jenn Oct 28th aged 7 months
Francis Edward Lee Oct 30th an infant
Anthony Essery Nov 3rd aged 1
Thomas & William Trick (twins) Nov 16th infants
Mr Moses Chanter Nov 24th aged 45
Rebecca Underhill Nov 19th aged 32 (F H Hutton)
Sarah Wilson Nov 25th aged 23
Robert Boyne Nov 25th aged 8 (D Nantes)
Henry Marsh Nov 29th aged 3
Catherine Major Nov 29th aged 82 (F H Hutton)
Mary Ann Wray Dec 13th aged 19
George Jewell Dec 18th aged 7

William Watkins Jan 10th aged 65
Mary Langmead Jan 24th aged 16
Elizabeth Stevens Jan 24th aged 77
Elizabeth Davie Jan 29th aged 74
Edward Farley Feb 7th aged 59
Mary Lock Feb 8th aged 66
Mr James Ley Feb 12th aged 85
Mary Churchill Feb 14th aged 75
Miss Mary Hiern Feb 15th aged 79
Susan Geyton Feb 24th aged 1
Elizabeth Jewell Feb 25th aged 70
Richard Bond Mar 2nd aged 9th
Mary Boyne Mar 8th aged 73 (F H Hutton)
William Morgan Mar 10th aged 73 (F H Hutton)
Thomas Gilbert Mar 16fh an infant
Ann Walters Mar 17th aged 53 (F H Hutton)
Peternell Westlake Mar 25th aged 95 (F H Hutton)
Patience Shapley Mar 25th aged 75
Thomas Curtis Mar 25th [no age given ;query written in margin]
Benjamin Clifton Apl 2nd aged 22
William Cragg Apl 2nd an infant
William Ackford Apl 6th aged 69
John Griffith Apl 10th aged 13
Joshua Phillips Apl 17th aged 6 months
Grace Halls May 12th aged 71
Mary Heard May 12th aged 72 (F H Hutton)
William Shebbear Hockin May 15th aged 1 (F H Hutton)
George Lance May 20th aged 63 (F H Hutton)
Mary Phillips May 31st [no age given]
James Fulford June 20th aged 19
John Gooding July 8th aged 65 (Rev N Mill)
Thomas Darch Aug 2nd [no age given]
Elizabeth Hortop Aug 5th aged 75
William Lake Aug 8th aged 1 (F H Hutton)
John Baker Seaton Aug 13th aged 1 (F H Hutton)
Mary Llewellin Aug 22nd aged 1 (F H Hutton)
Edward Taylor Aug 22nd aged 1 (F H Hutton)
Mary Llewellin Sept 2nd aged 4 (F H Hutton)
James Cock Sept 5th an infant
Sarah Fowler Sept 10th aged 76 (F H Hutton)
Hannah Marks Jarrell Sept 16th aged 16 months
Mary Bright Sept 16th aged 10 (F H Hutton)
Jane Pickard Sept 18th aged 16 days
Maria Hockin Sept 26th a few days (Dvd Dene)
George Whitaker Osborne Oct 6th aged 10 months (F H Hutton)
Catherine Jenkins Oct 13th aged 2
William Handford Oct 22nd aged 5 (F H Hutton)
Richard Heddon Oct 27th aged 55
Mary Stocker Nov 2nd aged 16
Joseph Jordan Nov 26th an infant (F H Hutton)
Frances Trick Dec 1st aged 20
William Oatway Dec 3rd aged 47
Samuel Weldon Eastman Dec 8th an infant
Catherine Ann Vicary Ellis Dec 24th aged 15 months (F H Hutton)
Mary Willcox Dec 30th aged 23 (F H Hutton)
William Bridgman Dec 31st aged 35 (F H Hutton)

Henry Johns Jan 9th aged 47
Mary Hobbs Jan 12th aged 46
Mary Croscombe Jan 12th aged 44
William Croscombe Jan 14th aged 31
Humphrey Williams Jan 14th aged 58
Joseph Willmot Jan 15th aged 83
Joan Mitchell Jan 19th aged 83
Mary Spiller Jan 31st aged 88
Mary Ann Croscomb Feb 2nd aged 3
Richard Elliot Feb 8th aged 5weeks(F H Hutton)
Mrs Anne Buck Feb 11th aged 90
Susannah Lugg Feb 16th aged 70
Grace Johns Feb 24th aged 36
Jane Carder March 1st aged 78
William Major Mar 1st aged 49
Mrs Stavely Mar 8th aged 85
Dorothy Miles Mar 2nd aged 64
Jacob Littlejohns Mar 3rd (F H Hutton)
Philip Whitelock Mar 16th aged 78
Ann Lampin Mar 21st aged 42 (F H Hutton)
Ann Bright Mar 22nd aged 11 (F H Hutton)
Ruth Morrish Mar 25th aged 58
Mary Webster Mar 30th aged 73
Mary Masan Apl 2nd aged 2
John Elson Apl 5th aged 72
Alice Abbott Apl 7th aged 66
Philip Bishop Apl 13th aged 2
John Morrish Apl 13th aged 42 (F H Hutton)
William Haze Apl 22nd aged 18 months
Isabella Taylor Apl 29th aged 3
Mary Mallett Apl 30th aged 33 (F H Hutton)
John Melhuish May 3rd aged 52
Mrs Susanna Huish May 4th aged 82
Richard Bragg May 7th aged 2
Narcissus Hatherly esq May 13th aged 74
Elizabeth Pugsley May 19th aged 44 (J Pitman)
Charles Major May 21st aged 14
William Shearam May 21st aged 45
John Smith May 21st aged 19
Ann Essery May 24th aged 33
John Rawle May 31st aged 51 (D Campbell)
Elizabeth White June 7th aged 88
William Lock June 18th aged 38
Beata Spencer June 22nd aged 24
Mary Smith June 24th aged 73
John Rickard June 29th aged 76 (A Burgh)
Henry Johns senr July 3rd aged 78
William Squire July 14th aged 46
Mary Williams Aug 1st aged 35
Michael Crispin Aug 2nd aged 35 (F H Hutton)
Thomas Croscombe Aug 10th aged 11 months
Sally Clark Aug 11th aged 67
Prudence Sage Aug 16th aged 52
Thomas Chanter Aug 25th aged 11
Hannah Marks October 12th aged 77? (D Campbell)
Abinidab Phillips Oct 13th aged 3 (D Campbell)
Mary Bright Oct 31st an infant
Edward Sarell Nov 8th aged 16 months
Jane Williams Nov 9th aged 3 (F H Hutton)
Christian Thorn Nov 12th aged 72
George Eastman Nov 16th aged 2 days
Robert Males esq Nov 18th aged 57
Ann Eastman Dec 1st aged 50 (F H Hutton)
Elizabeth Madge Dec 10th aged 13 months
William Mock Dec 10th aged 14 months
John Paul Dec 12th aged 2
Mary Fewings Dec 17th aged 45

Elizabeth Gilbert Jan 3rd aged 22
Eliza Stevens Jan 4th aged 10 weeks (R Keats)
Francis Spiller Jan 6th aged 58
John Nicholls Jan 8th aged 79
John Lake Jan 18th aged 4 (D Campbell)
Elizabeth Holman Jan 20th aged 67 (D Campbell)
Thomas Pridham Jan 27th aged 74
Richard Symons Feb 2nd aged 60 (F H Hutton)
John Pedlar Feb 14th aged 47
Robart Stogles Feb 18th aged 20
George Saunders Feb 23rd aged 7 months
Maria Ley Feb 23rd aged 14
Bridget Harris Mar 1st aged 82 (Rev F H Hutton)
John Trick Mar 11th aged 55
Sarah Parrott Appledore, Northam Mar 20th aged 76 (F H Hutton)
James Jenkins Mar 21st aged 22 (F H Hutton)
Mary Hearn Mar 23rd aged 65 (Rev T Mill)
Mary Chidley Apl 2nd aged 29
Jane Phillips Apl 8th aged 42
Thomas Taylor Apl 14th aged 66
Mary Davy Apl 24th aged 60
George Brook May 11th aged 20
William Chanter May 11th aged 3
Elizabeth Phillips May 12th aged 61
James Jenkins May 23rd aged 6
Elizabeth James June 3rd aged 52
Miss Caroline Ley June 9th aged 8
Ann Pim June 18th aged 46 (Rev D Campbell)
George Lawden June 21st aged 73 (Rev T Mill)
Robert Hall June 25th aged 2 (Rev D Campbell)
Mary Ann Griffiths June 28th aged 27 (Rev D Campbell)
Elizabeth Lock July 7th aged 7
John Harvie July 10th aged 76
John Slocomb July 18th aged 11
Isabella Susan Isaac Aug 1st aged 4
Mary Morrish Aug 4th aged 55
Richard Greening Wren Aug 4th aged 15 (Rev T Mill)
Richard Harris Aug 5th aged 8 (Rev F H Hutton)
Maria Louisa Tyeth Aug 11th an infant
Jane White Aug 17th aged 62 (Rev D Campbell)
Mary Shepher Aug 30th aged 22
Mary Jackson Sept 25th [no age given]
A stranger drowned Oct 12th [no age given]
George Jewell Oct 14th aged 4
Thomas Major Oct 18th aged 73
Elizabeth Lake Nov 2nd aged 9 months
Caroline Gordon Nov 6th aged 5 months
Maria Griffiths Nov 7th aged 18
Frances Grace Hatherly Nov 10th aged 24
Mary Bright Nov 11th aged 5 weeks
Charlotte Hogg Nov 17th a few days
Charles Berkley Money esq Major in the Royal Marines Nov 19th aged 61
Josh Gordon Nov 23rd aged 2
John Ellis Nov 25th aged 73
Mary Miles Dec 2nd aged 54
Sarah Williams Dec 2nd aged 78
William Fisher Dec 3rd aged 3 months
Mary Joseph Luxmoore Dec 18th aged 63
Elizabeth Bayly Dec 25th aged 4 weeks

Henry Heal Jan 2nd aged 21 months
Catherine Stapleton Jan 6th aged 3
Robert George William Spencer James Rice Williams Jan 19th aged 52
Elizabeth Madge Jan 29th aged 6 months
Ann Pickard Feb 17th aged 37
James Corrick Feb 17th aged 39 (Daniel Campbell)
Mary Knill Feb 24th aged 74
Catherine Cook Feb 25th aged 15 months
John Day Mar 3rd aged 66 (Daniel Campbell)
Mary Rayment Mar 19th aged 61
John Squire Apl 15th aged 3 days
John Hoar May 12th aged 27
Grace Baker May 16th aged 5
Jane Rooke May 23rd aged 48
Susan Haynes May 31st aged 58
Thomas Charles Pridham June 13th aged 27 (Arthur Forbes Lloyd)
Elizabeth Gillard June 18th aged 72
William Edwards June 26th aged 78
Susanna Dart June 27th aged 22
William Baker June 30th aged 75
Sarah Wakefield? July 1st aged 74
Elizabeth Williams July 11th aged 48
John Lake July 18th aged 1
Thomas Lock Aug 5th aged 7 months
Class Mountjoy Aug 8th aged 75 (F H Hutton)
Catherine Willis Aug 13th aged 70
John Davy Aug 14th aged 1
William Daniel Aug 16th aged 26
William Hooker Aug 30th aged 17
Esther Ellison Sept 2nd aged 64 (Rev A F Lloyd)
Elizabeth Andrew Sept 3rd aged 65 (Rev T Paul) [?]
Michael Lane Sept 8th aged 15 days
John Hooper Sept 8th aged 17
Henry Tucker Oct 7th aged 26
John Petherick Oct 17th aged 5 months
Joseph Nichols Nov 6th aged 54
William Short Nov 14th aged 6 weeks
George Heard Nov 16th aged 4 weeks
Nicholas Tyke Dec 1st aged 67
William Backway Dec 6th aged 79
Josiah Lock Dec 26th aged 72

William Waldon Jan 3rd aged 82
Mary Haynes Jan 4th aged 78
Mary Plaise Jan 5th aged 83
William Easton Jan 13th aged 18
Rebecca Blight Jan 14th aged 70
Catherine Stanbury Jan 27th aged 18
Mary Pontin Jan 28th aged 74
Julia Heal Feb 1st aged 40
Elizabeth Hopkins Feb 3rd aged 83
Sarah Barry Feb 13th aged 74 (Francis Harriman Hutton)
Ann Beckford Griffiths Feb 18th aged 17
Elizabeth Griffey Feb 22nd aged 17 months
Ann Lewis Feb 22nd aged 10
John Hobbs Feb 23rd aged 76 (Rev J Campbell)
Elizabeth Downing Feb 26th aged 77 (Rev J Campbell)
Elizabeth Lake Mar 1at aged 9 months
Catherine Pickett Mar 2nd aged 80
John Williams Mar 5th aged 71
Mrs Sarah Evans Mar 7th aged 77
Elizabeth Sampson Mar 12th aged 2(Rev D Campbell)
Charlotte Barfitt Mar 14th aged 62 (Rev D Campbell)
Thomas Yendale Mar 16th aged 24
Ann Pincombe Mar 16th aged 24 (Rev D Campbell)
William Daniel Mar 21st aged 5 months
Ann Griffiths Apl 19th aged 57
Mary Ann Bartlemy May 17th aged 7 weeks
Ann Stevens May 19th aged 45
Susanna Bartlemy May 22nd aged 3 (Rev D Campbell)
John Pascoe May 23rd aged 36
Elizabeth Cadd June 6th aged 52
William Lewis Shepherd June 7th aged 6
Peter Jones June 20TH AGED 55
John Wackerell June 25th aged 95
Elizabeth Brown May June 30th aged 28 (Rev D Campbell)
Richard Eastman Plymouth July 3rd aged 7 (Rev D Campbell)
John Graham July 3rd aged 3 (Rev D Campbell)
Robert Baker July 4th aged 7 (Rev D Campbell)
Sarah Tallin July 10th aged 95(Rev D Campbell)
Ann Taylor July 10th aged 61 (Rev D Campbell)
Samuel Taylor July 29th aged 22
George Gent July 30th aged one month
William Haycraft Aug 1st aged one year (Rev F H Hutton)
Mary Hutchings Aug 3rd aged 78
Mary Ann Taylor Aug 8th aged 2
William Taylor Aug 18th aged 73
Eliza Ann Ocksman Aug 20th aged 10
Miss Ellen Catherine Buck Daddon Sept 4th aged 2 yrs
John Hammond M D Sept 4th aged 53
William Curtis Baker Sept 14th aged 7 weeks(Rev F H Hutton)
Miss Anne Bettina Buck Daddon Sept 16th aged 14 yrs (Rev Daniel Campbell)
Hannah Hawkesly Sept 16th aged 83 (Rev D Campbell)
Catherine Hoyle Sept 24th aged 94
Mary ?Marg Brown Oct 12th aged 23
Elizabeth Bate Oct 19th aged 71
Samuel Waldon Oct 28th aged 81
Thomas Burnard, Esq Oct 28th aged 55
Hannah Rickard Nov 5th aged 80
Frances Mountjoy Nov 26th aged 73
Sarah Burnard Nov 26th [no age given]
Mrs Fothergill Nov 27th aged 84
Thomazin Carder Nov 28th aged 88
Samuel Freeman Dec 10th aged 54
Thomas May Dec 14th aged 59
Lucy Griffiths Dec 29th aged 19

John Andrew Jan 5th aged 71
Mr Lawrence Pridham Jan 8th aged 75 (Rev D Campbell)
Elizabeth Mugford Jan 26th aged 46
David Clark Feb 1st aged 74
Miriam Moase Feb 5th aged 87
Elizabeth Inch Feb 10th aged 73
Charles Jenkins Feb 10th aged 15 weeks
George Buckingham Feb 29th aged 9 yrs
Mr John May Mar 5th aged 47
Elizabeth Stacey Mar 7th aged 5
Mary Lewis Mar 8th aged 40
Mary Monkleigh Mar 25th aged 1
Thomas Cole Mar 30th aged 9 months
Elizabeth Shirshill Mar 31st aged 7 years
Rowland Moase Apl 3rd aged 2
Lavington Rooker Apl 7th aged 19
John Berry Apl 8th aged 45
Mary Gent Apl 12th aged 69
Thomazin Wood Westleigh Apl 14th aged 65
Jane Phillips Apl 15th aged 19
John Farley Apl 23rd aged 15(Rev D Campbell)
Edward Grigg Apl 24th aged 72
Eliza Slewman May 2nd aged 20
John Herne May 5th aged 82(Rev F H Hutton)
William Daniel May 14th aged 44(Rev D Campbell)
James Cook May 15th an infant
John Jewell May 16th aged 78
Catherine Yeo May 17th aged 73 (Rev D Campbell)
Caroline Kingsford Smale May 24th aged 3 months(Rev D Campbell)
Susannah Peakcomb June 6th aged 78
William Spencer June 9th aged 70
Mary Wackerell June 12th aged 90
Elizabeth Southwood June 14th aged 68
Walter Ley June 22nd aged 83
Robert Butler June 28th aged 71
Catherine Madge July 20th aged 27 (Rev R Lloyd)
Mary Ley July 25th aged 57 (Rev D Campbell)
Grace Keen Aug 1st aged 67 (Rev F H Hutton)
Mary Ann Folland Aug 6th aged 19 (Rev D Campbell)
Thomas Prust Aug 7th aged 5weeks
Mary Bartlett Aug 7th aged 7 weeks
Elizabeth Carder Aug 9th aged 90
Ann Way Aug 10th aged 14
Matilda Rook Aug 15th aged 1 month
William Denbow Aug 17th aged 51
Elizabeth Bartlett Aug 19th aged 50
Jacob Bayliss Aug 21st aged 61
Elizabeth Rumsan Aug 29th aged 21
Mary Amelia Barrett Sept 4th aged 5 months
Esther Mare Haynes Sept 7th aged 24 (Rev F H Hutton)
Rebecca Lendon Sept 11th aged 22
Caroline Labbott Sept 11th aged 2 weeks
Mary Lisle Sept 12th aged 48
Henry Broom Sept 13th aged 83 (Rev F H Hutton)
Robert Grant Oct 3rd aged 20
Mary Price Hegdah? Oct 6th aged 73
Ann Hall Oct 7th aged 56
Ann Cragg Oct 9th aged 70
Susannah Metherall Oct 19th aged 32
Catherine Tanton Bridgeman Oct 20th aged 7 months
George Robert Down Oct 27th an infant
William Bartlett Oct 29th aged 15 months
James Harris Nov 4th aged 80
John Lake Nov 4th aged 1
Thomazin Morrish Nov 9th aged 32
Mary Hooper Nov 21st aged 19
Francis Ash Nov 29th aged 1
Elizabeth Brown Nov 30th aged 19
Nathaniel Lilly Dec 2nd aged 47
Richard Clarke Dec 5th aged 41 (Rev F H Hutton)
William Hopkins Hogg Dec 7th aged 2 yrs & 9 months
Elizabeth Tyeth Dec 11th aged 69
Ann Poole Stavely Dec 13th aged 19
Georgiana Honeycomb Smith Dec 15th aged 20
Mary Ann White Dec 20th aged 20 (Rev D Campbell)
Thomas Ballhatchet Dec 22nd aged 11
Benjamin Griffiths Dec 25th aged 24
Mary Taylor Dec 26th aged 5

William Forbes Berry Jan 8th aged 8 months
Ann Hatherly Jan 14th aged 80
Elizabeth Howell Jan 16th aged 54
Ann Stoyle Jan 20th aged 21
Stafford Hatherly Jan 21st aged 11 months
John Morish Jan 22nd aged 13 weeks
John Griffey Feb 4th aged 72
Sarah Jane Pedlar Newman Feb 6th aged 5
Elizabeth Underhill Feb 9th aged 17
Ann Bardon Branton Feb 13th aged 64
Robert Elliot Feb 14th aged 7 weeks
John Edward Owen Lillicrap Feb 23rd an infant
Thomas Slocombe Feb 23rd aged 14 months
Mary Sophia Ball Feb 28th aged 23 weeks
Sarah Richards Mar 2nd aged 83
Emma Emerton Newman Mar 2nd aged 7
John Ferrers Mar 4th aged 21 months
Bridget Davy Mar 6th aged 65
Elizabeth Hatherly Mar 9th aged 86
Mary Ulph Mar 9th aged 79
John Handford Mar 12th aged 45
Elizabeth Cawsey Mar 13th aged 10 months
Thomas Chanter Mar 13th aged 2 yrs
Henry Brooks, senr Mar 14th aged 82
Lawrence Lee Mar 15th aged 86
Betsy Williams Mar 21st aged 30 (Rev Daniel Campbell)
John Seaton Mar 23rd aged 5
Elizabeth Furzier Apl 1st aged 83
Thomas Daniel (accidentally drowned) Apl 2nd aged 6
Thomas Farley Apl 11th an infant
Ann Wicketts Apl 11th 78
Elizabeth Ford Apl 24th aged 84
Thomas Haynes May 1st aged 22
James Harris May 16th aged 42
Charlotte Lake June 6th aged 3
Henry Handford June 8th aged 2
Israel Doidge junr June 18th aged 21
Sarah Scott June 19th aged 90
Grace Lee June 21st aged 56
Maria Ward Lake June 22nd aged 4
Ann Whitelock June 25th aged 80
John Boyns July 4th aged 80
Susannah Oram July 7th an infant
James Jenkins July 8th aged 53
Elizabeth Stocker July 12th aged 21
William Henry Pow July 18th an infant
John Hearding July 21st aged 20
Elizabeth Ellis (accidentally drowned) Aug 2nd aged 25
Thomas Holman Aug 21st aged 57
John Willcock esq Woodtown in the parish of Alverdiscott Aug 24th aged 89
Mary Tardrew Aug 31st aged 25
Edward Jenkins Sept 1st aged 3
William Oliver Sept 10th aged 60
William Carder Sept 11th aged 59
George Lewis Sept 15th aged 52
Charles Goss Sept 15th an infant
Henry Davies Sept 21st aged 87
William Gregory Sept 23rd aged 17 months
William Eastman Sept 25th aged 78
Aaron Hern Sept 26th aged 71
Mary Elizabeth Anthony Oct 3rd aged 15
Henry Farley Oct 3rd an infant
Elizabeth Goss Oct 13th aged 61
Ann Thomas Oct 19th aged 19
Thomas Farley Oct 23rd an infant
Sarah Stavely Oct 26th aged 67
Charles Major Nov 2nd an infant (Rev Cha Lloyd)
Joanna Abbott Nov 3rd aged 73
Thomas Croscombe Nov 20th aged 66
John Budd Dec 1st aged 2
John Underhill Dec 9th aged 55
Mary Carder Dec 10th aged 90
Mary Brown Dec 15th aged 61
Ann Barry Dec 17th aged 88
William Thorn Dec 18th aged 2
William German Dec 20th an infant

William Stemman Jan 3rd aged 2
William Henry Baker Jan 4th aged 23 months
Ciza Fursman Jan 5th aged 8 (Rev Charles Lloyd)
Thomas Saunders Jan 5th aged 3 (Rev C Lloyd)
Nicholas Brannan Jan 6th aged 52 (Rev Charles Lloyd)
Gertrude Barfitt Jan 7th aged 77(Rev Charles Lloyd)
William Thorne Jan 8th aged 9 months (Rev Charles Lloyd)
Ann Harris Jan 9th aged 33 (Rev D Campbell)
Thomazine Andrew Jan 15th aged 1
Thomas Fogarty Jan 17th aged 1
Robert Glover Jan 19th aged 1
John Williams Jan 20th aged 80
Daniel Pridham Jan 21st aged 85
John Hatherly Jan 22nd aged 56
Elizabeth Ellis Jan 22nd aged 6
Jane May Jan 22nd aged 4
Mary Cawsey Jan 22nd aged 1
Elizabeth Sutton Jan 25th aged 2
Mary Lock Jan 27th aged 9
William Scott Gribble Jan 27th aged 6 months
Joan Mitchell Jan 27th aged 92
Sarah May Fevb 1st aged 2
John Grigg Monkley Feb 5th aged 1
Sarah Brannan Feb 6th aged 15
Richard Griffey Feb 6th aged 77 (Rev F H Hutton)
Catherine Baker Feb 8th aged 6
Mary Bear Feb 19th aged 89
Josiah Lock Feb 20th aged 47
Fanny Ackland Feb 21st aged 8
Charles Jeremiah Vellacott Feb 25th aged 2
Ann Gilbert Mar 6th aged 5
Mary Hancock Mar 12th aged 84
James Bear accidentally burnt in Lime kiln Mar 13th aged 59
Ann Gorrell Mar 16th aged 4
Henry Chanter Mar 19th aged 56
Mary Jane Gilbert Mar 20th aged 2
Eleanor Cole Mar 23rd aged 75
Catherine Harris Mar 30th aged 71
Prudence Webb Apl 2nd aged 34
Louise Barrett Apl 5th aged 8
Jane Honeywell Apl 6th aged 9 months
James Galsworthy Apl 7th aged 9 months
James Wicketts Apl 13th aged 4 months (Rev F H Hutton)
Elizabeth Cutland Barrett Apl 14th aged 6 months (Rec F H Hutton)
Thomas Tucker Apl 20th aged 83
Elizabeth Farrell Apl 21st aged 77
William Tanner Apl 21st aged 19
Francis Griggs Apl 30th aged 59
John Hogg May 6th aged 53
Rebecca Eastman Baker May 7th aged 20 months
William Hernaman Northam May 13th aged 55
Christopher Sutton May 14th aged 58
Robert Johnson senr May 20th aged 92
Robert Bright May 21st aged 3
William Fogarty May 22nd aged 72
Mary Saunders May 25th aged 80 (Rev James Arthur)
Thomas Stone May 28th aged 21 (Rev James Arthur)
William Goss May 28th aged 1 (Rev James Arthur)
William Branch June 8th aged 4 months (Rev James Arthur)
Eleanor Weekly June 21st aged 1
Daniel Morrish June 22nd aged 10 days
James Bear Lee July 15th aged 23
Henry Nantes July 16th aged 22
George Bate July 26th aged 25
William Dickenson senr July 27th aged 78
John Heard Aug 3rd an infant
Harriet Heath Aug 6th aged 12
Samuel Netherway Aug 6th aged 66
Matilda Davis Ellis Aug 19th aged 5 months
John Laker Aug 24th aged 7 months
Roger Chope Sept 2nd aged 66
Samuel Passmore Sept 2nd aged 45
William Bale Sept 5th aged 15 months
Mary Ford Sept 6th aged 19 yrs
Mary Taylor Ogilby Sept 9th aged 20 yrs
William Bridgeman Eastman Sept 13th aged 4
William Mose Lendon Sept 15th aged 4
Charles Jenkins Sept 16th aged 30
Thomas Lake Oct 7th aged 2
Ann Slocombe Oct 7th aged 10 months
Margaret Moss Oct 15th aged 49
Robert Pow Oct 18th aged 36
Rebecca Dyer Oct 23rd aged 34
Mary Cadd Oct 26th aged 55
Eliza Sanders Oct 27th aged 19
Louisa Horwood Oct 28th an infant
Margaret Vincent Oct 30th aged 6 months
James Lendon Nov 1st aged 5
Margaret Major Nov 9th aged 32
Mary Lethbridge Nov 25th aged 31
Grace Shadick Nov 27th aged 29 (Rev D Campbell)
John Chope Dec 9th aged 94 (Rev F H Hutton)
William Prust Dec 10th aged 6 months
William Rowe Madge Dec 13th aged 2
James Buckinham Dec 21st aged 60
Richard Watkins Dec 22nd aged 65
Sarah Davey Dec 24th aged 52
Thomas Shambrook Dec 25th aged 2
Robert Elliott Dec 27th aged 30
Grace Berrey Dec 29th aged 6 months

James Sampson Jan 3rd aged 2
John Williams Jan 4th aged 81(Rev D Campbell)
Charity Isaac Jan 8th aged 74
Arthur Halls Jan 9th aged 79
Margaret Bridgeman Jan 12th aged 68
Betsy Wood Johnson Jan 28th aged 5 month
John Hutchings Jan 31st aged 75
Richard German Feb 1st aged 19
Ann Davey Feb 5th aged 64
Catherine Thomas Feb 5th aged 1
Fanny Sampson Feb 7th aged 9
Mary Hartop Feb 11th aged 50
Jane Dalling Feb 15th aged 22
John Morrish Feb 16th aged 10 days
William Hill Feb 19th aged 70
Eliza Phillips Feb 20th aged 5 months
Sarah Bowen Feb 26th aged 84
Jane Griffey Feb 26th aged 76
Grace Davey Feb 27th aged 76
Sarah Boyce Mar 2nd aged 53 (Rev H Alford)
Robert Major Mar 12th aged 51
John Avery Mar 13th aged 79
Elizabeth Bale Mar 19th aged 4 months (Rev H Alford)
Edward Tardrew Apl 7th aged 8 (Rev H Alford)
William Branham Apl 9th aged 36
Mary Bridgeman Apl 12th aged 78
Sarah Larndon Apl 19th aged 78
John Moss Apl 20th aged 6 days
Thomas Crossman Apl 20th aged 72
Catherine Griffiths Barnstaple May 5th aged 26
Henry Godwin May 5th aged 74
John Braunton Burden May 7th aged 73
Alexander Delgatty May 19th aged 66
Mary Churchill May 26th aged 24
Mary Reeves June 4th aged 78
Anthony Lake June 12th aged 10 months
Richard Skewes June 16th aged 20
Jane Fry June 26th aged 3 weeks
William Morrish June 30th aged 37
Thomas Anthony July 7th aged 59 (Rev H Alford)
Thomas Bartlett July 18th aged 76
Elizabeth Hooper July 27th aged 26
Charles Hatherly Vinson Aug 1st aged 1 (Rev H Alford)
Richard Moise Aug 5th aged 34 (Rev H Alford)
Richard Jeffery Aug 6th aged 49
William Mock Aug 6th aged 47
Dorothy Labbett Aug 7th aged 65
Grace Watkins Sept 1st aged 86 (Rev H Alford)
Jane Harris Sept 20th aged 80
Wilmot Gillard Oct 17th aged 72
George Dennoe Tawstock Nov 3rd aged 68
Robert Ackland Nov 3rd aged 43 (Rev H Alford)
Mary Marsh Nov 10th aged 79
John Morrish Nov 15th aged 13 months
James Holman Nov 26th aged 74
Elizabeth Halls Nov 30th aged 85
Daniel Bartlett Dec 7th aged 89
Ann Hillman Dec 14th aged 94
Mary Haycraft Dec 15th aged 74
Mary Davis Dec 20th aged 52
Mary England Dec 27th aged 80

Saml Taylor Jan 10th aged 64
William Hooper Jan 16th aged 13 months
Betsy Way Jan 21st aged 23
John Evans Jan 21st aged 43
Elizabeth Brannan Jan 28th aged 83 (Rev H Alford)
Elizabeth Perryman Jan 30the aged 47
Mary Ann Stevens Feb 2nd aged 18 months
Benjamin Way Feb 7th aged 26
Ancilla Thorn Feb 7th aged 15 months
Samuel Collins Feb 7th aged 52
Thomas Smith esq Feb 8th aged 72
Elizabeth Smith Feb 9th aged 49
Sarah Jeffery Feb 11th aged 60
Jane Heard Feb 11th aged 70
Betty Rawle Feb 13th aged 89
Susanna Ellis Feb 14th aged 77
Elilzabeth Trick Feb 15th aged 42
Mary Bailey Feb 17th aged 26
William Screws Feb 18th aged 62
Sarah Griffin Feb 20th aged 59
William Knill Feb 20th aged 96
Elizabeth Lake Feb 22nd aged 44
Joseph Raymet Mar 6th aged 70
Henry Holloway accidentally burnt in a Lime Kiln Mar 11th aged 30
Thomas Chambers Mar 16th aged 84
William Huxtable Mar 22nd aged 6 months
John Snell Apl 2nd aged 28
Ann Colmer Apl 5th aged 18
William Frost Greenwood Apl 5th aged 2 months
John Jenn Apl 14th aged 2
Elizabeth Bartlett Apl 18th aged 77
John Arnold Crossman Apl 18th aged 2
Samuel Richards Apl 21st aged 25
William Richards Apl 22nd aged 2
George Taylor Apl 25th aged 6 months
John Eastman Apl 28th aged 30
Elizabeth Mary ?Cadd Ackland Apl 30th aged 27
Ann Bartlett May 3rd aged 75
Mary Ann ? May 12th aged 6? (Rev H Alford)
Isaac Daniels May 12th aged 11?(Rev H Alford)
George Arnold Parkham May 15th aged 55 (Rev W C Hill)
Ann Fowler May 16th aged 65 (Rev Henry Alford)
John Bayley May 23rd aged 75
Samuel Jenkins May 26th aged 7
Fanny Stevens May 26th no age given
Grace Guscott May 31st aged 33
Mary Ann ?anyer June 1st aged 7 months
John Parkhouse June 7th aged 20
Elizabeth Bartlett June 17th aged 66
William Jeffery June 23rd aged 21
Mary Dark June 23rd aged 4 months
Mary ?Jerend June 25th aged 22(Rev Henry Alford)
Josiah Lock June 26th aged 9
Naomi Hernaman July 2nd aged 63
John Heard Buse July 6th aged 15 months (Rev Henry Alford)
William Paul July 18th aged 16
Robert Gorrill July 19th aged 5 months
Sarah Gribble July 22nd aged 40 (Rev Henry Alford)
Edward Harris July 25th aged 18 months (Rev Henry Alford)
James Benbow Aug 3rd aged 83
Elizabeth Pridham Aug 5th aged 9
James Squire Aug 11th aged 23 (Rev Henry Alford)
Thomas Hookway Aug 15th aged 7 months (Rev Henry Alford)
Elizabeth Branch Aug 16th an infant (Rev Henry Alford)
Richard Cadd Sept 5th aged 15
Henry Symons Sept 22nd aged 1
Mary Harris Oct 1st aged 70
George Horwood Oct 4th aged 5 months
Catherine ?Slatery? Oct 6th? Aged 58?
John Celry? Oct 11th aged 3
Rlizabeth Northcote Oct 15th aged 67
James Brooks Oct 17th aged 34
Susanna Neal Oct 20th aged 35
Edward Major Oct 22nd aged 8 months
Margaret Handford Oct 27th aged 19 (Rev Henry Alford)
Betsy Ellis Nov 1st aged 2?
Mary Barncles Nov 3rd aged 56
Miss Mary Jane Wilcock Nov 10th aged 23
Richard Phillips Nov 13th an infant
Mary Ann Essery Nov 13th aged 83
Susan Martin Nov 22nd aged 14 months
Margaret Daniel Dec 3rd aged 82
Mary Major Dec 4th aged 62
George Brown accidental death Dec 9th aged 39
William Croscombe Dec 10th aged 31
Ann Thomson Dec 20th aged 1 (Rev Henry Alford)
Eliza Heard Dec 24th aged 13
Henry Cadd Dec 27th aged 6 months

Mr Thomas Ellis Jan 3rd aged 66
George Phillips Jan 9th aged 10 months
George Arundle Jan 10th aged 73
Mary Heale Jan 10th aged 78
John Warman Jan 12th aged 39
William Davis Jan 16th aged 55 (Rev Charles Gregory)
Grace Griffey Jan 16th aged 42 (Rev Charles Gregory)
Thomas Stevens Jan 17th aged 6weeks (Rev Charles Gregory)
Susanah Brooke Jan 19th aged 76
John Gibbs Jan 23rd aged 7
Jane Philips Jan 24th aged 72
James Short Jan 24th aged 3 (Rev Harry Alford)
Robert Rutley Jan 26th aged 17 months
John Tardrew Jan 28th aged 1
Andrew Cock Jan 28th aged 63
Mary Branch Jan 30th aged 3
James Shackson Jan 31st aged 4
Elizabeth Baller Feb 2nd aged 44
Mary Ann Major Feb 2nd aged 19 months Mary Baker Feb 5th aged 77
William Henry Coles Feb 5th aged 6 months
Diana Gay Feb 6th aged 3
Mary Ann Taylor Feb 6th aged 7 months
Susanna Isaac Feb 7th aged 79
John Sinick Feb 7th aged 14 months
Tamsilla Johnson Feb 9th aged 28 years
John Metherel Feb 9th aged 7
Margaret Lock Feb 14th aged 1
Mary Richards Feb 14th aged 27
William Bear Ocock[?] Feb 16th aged 9 months
Thomas King Barns Feb 20th aged 16
George Greenaway Feb 20th aged 6
Elizabeth Craggs Feb 29th aged 15 months
Thomas Short March 2nd aged 1
Mary Taylor Mar 6th aged 76
John Bartholomew Mar 6th aged 9
Ann Elizabeth Barns Mar 11th aged 10 months
Mary Nicholls Mar 14th aged 8
Mary Gorrill Mar 17th aged 8
Jane Honeywell Mar 18th aged 2
Ellen Martin Mar 21st aged 1
Mrs Ann Ironmonger Mar 24th aged 63
William Mugford Mar 31st aged 3 weeks
Mary Elliott Apl 4th aged 82
James Cooke Lowther Apl 9th aged 21 months
William White Apl 18th aged 85
William Towell Pidlar Apl 18th aged 2
Clara Hardham May 4th aged 14
John Hutchings May 11th aged 2 (Rev Henry Alford)
William Curtis May 12th aged 56 (Rev Henry Alford)
Martha Williams May 13th aged 56 (Rev Henry Alford)
John Cadd May 13th aged 1 (Rev Henry Alford)
Honor Walker May 21st aged 76 (Rev Henry Alford)
Charlotte Stavely May 23rd aged 26
Elizth Short May 28th aged 6 months
Joan Trace June 4th aged 77
William Hernaman June 8th aged 94
John Daniel June 13th aged 16
William Morris accidental death ?mine June 13th aged 29
John Stapledon June 16th aged 45
Elizabeth Wollacott June 26th aged 8
Samuel Pontin June 29th aged 75
Priscilla Pilgrim July 1st [no age given]
William Bennett Youlston in the parish of Shelwill July 7th aged 51
Mary Brannan July 7th aged 45
Ann Ackland July 8th aged 46
William Thorn July 20th aged 84
Elizabeth Robins July 20th aged 1
Elizabeth Hase Aug 8th an infant
Mary Spry Aug 19th aged 7
Mary Emberry Aug 20th aged 60
Prudence Pugsley Sept 3rd aged 17 (Rev Henry Alford)
Elizabeth Jenkins Oct 2nd aged 48
William England Oct 15th aged 84
Elizabeth Bowden Oct 26th aged 72
Jane Shopland Nov 6th aged 64
Jane Shambrook Nov 16th aged 2
Susan Burgess Nov 23rd aged 74
Eliza Labbett Nov 30th aged 3
Susan Fogaty Dec 17th aged 6 weeks
John Dyer Dec 26th [no age given]
George Thomas Dec 30th aged 7

Thomas Rendle Jan 2nd aged 79
Richard Frost Jan 8th aged 5 months
James Robins Jan 9th aged 85
Elizth Harris Jan 16th aged 90
Thomas Trace Jan 18th aged 78
Richard Bowden Jan 21st aged 65
Grace Salter Jan 22nd aged 80
Mary Brannan Jan 22nd aged 50
James Ricketts Jan 27th aged 10 months
William Coxbook? Feb 1st aged 1wk?
Jane Mullery Feb 5th aged 77 (Rev Henry Alford)
James Callaghan Feb 9th aged 63
Robt Cann Feb 12th aged 11 months (Rev Henry Alford)
Susan Moon Feb 19th aged 60
Susan Pedlar Feb 20th aged 2
Mary Ann Short Feb 23rd aged 5 weeks
Christopher Sutton Feb 26th aged 26
George Jenkins Mar 5th aged 24
Thomas Grigg Mar 8th aged 66
John Hooper Mar 11th aged 39
Mary Ann Gayton Apl 3rd aged 7 months
Charles Jewell Apl 9th aged 9
Ann Budd Apl 19th aged 39
Jane Griffey accidentally drown'd Apl 25th aged 14
Grace Williams Apl 29th aged 63 (Rev Henry Alford)
John Hooper May 1st aged 70
Louise Clarissa Spiker May 11th aged 46
Grace Gibbs May 14th aged 71
Mary Holman May 22nd aged 65
Susanna Lashbrook May 29th aged 70 (Rev Henry Alford)
Sarah Moase June 2nd aged 11 months
Eleanor Hooper June 3rd aged 21
Jane Down June 21st aged 38 (Rev Henry Alford)
Mary Dickinson June 25th aged 77 (Rev Henry Alford)
Mary Ann Bishop July 1st aged 2 months
Mary Risdon Ash July 2nd aged 17 months
Ann Webber July 5th aged 84 (Rev Henry Alford)
William Brooks July 7th aged 3
William Scott July 10th aged 58
Elizth Branch July 14th aged 64
William Barns July 17th aged 1
Jane Jones July 21st aged 25
John Lovring July 24th aged 67
John Pearson Aug 6th aged 9 months
Capt R Buck Res Bideford Aug 12th aged 44 (Rev Henry Alford)
Isabella Moase Aug 13th [no age given]
John Stevens Aug 23rd infant (Rev Henry Alford)
Charlotte Cann widow Watermouth in the parish of Berrynarbour Sept 1st aged 49
Ann Doidge Sept 9th aged 22
John Lake Sept 23rd aged 10 months (Rev Henry Alford)
Thomas John Willcock Sept 25th aged 29
William Frost Oct 4th aged 56
Josh Jordon Oct 5th aged 60
Elizth Heard Oct 13th aged 78
Sarah Elizabeth Morgan Oct 24th aged 3
Mary Ann Short Nov 4th aged 4
William Maine Nov 13th aged 23 (Rev Henry Alford)
William Dickerston Nov 14th aged 51 (Rev Henry Alford)
Mary Ellis Nov 16th aged 74 (Rev Henry Alford)
Geo McNamara Nov 24th infant
Prudence Bayliss Nov 28th aged 78
Susan Down Dec 2nd aged 25
George Palmer Dec 4th aged 4
Richard Nichols Dec 7th aged 3
Joseph Berry Dec 15th aged 2
Abigail Stoat Dec 17th aged 73
Ann Griffey Dec 22nd aged 84 (Rev Henry Alford)
Jane Ellison Dec 23rd aged 32
George Pugsley Dec 23rd aged 70
Mary Pollard Dec 23rd infant
Wm Balch Dec 27th aged 3
Henry Oil accidentally drowned Dec 30th aged 3

Edward Western Jan 7th aged 1 month
Hannah Jones Jan 8th aged 80
Sarah Mills Jan 17th ?young?query
Thomas Spry Jan 24th aged 58
Mary Barrett Jan 29th aged 51
Mary Cracknel Feb 7th aged 78
Susan Fogaty Feb 7th aged 4
William McArthur Feb 7th aged 4 months
John Pascoe Feb 18th aged 16
Marie Ford Feb 18th aged 3
Samuel Carder Feb 22nd aged 64
Ann Prior Feb 25th aged 71
Henry Parker Douglas Shilton Mar 15th aged 1 yr 9monts
William Harger Mar 16th aged 26
Jane Scott Mar 19th aged 44
Mary Gowman Apl 12th aged 76
Eleanora Bligh Apl 21st aged 14
Sarah Cadd May 7th aged 22 months
Sarah Hobbs June 10th aged 85 (Rev Henry Alford)
Samuel Lavington Rooker June 22nd aged 23
John Crossman June 23rd aged 10 months
Elizth Charles June 25th aged 58
Francis William Pedlar ? June 29th aged 17 yrs
Thomas Grant esq July 6th aged 85
Rooker Haseldene July 7th aged 46
Joseph Northcote July 7th aged 77
Ann Parkhouse July 10th aged 20
Elizth Short July 20th aged 84
William Morris July 25th aged 55
John Warmington July 26th aged 68
John Walker July 29th aged 9 yrs
Daniel Walker July 30th aged 80 (Rev H Alford)
Eliza Jones July 30th aged 24 (Rev H Alford)
Ann Parkhouse Aug 5th aged 1 month
Henry Robins Aug 15th aged 1 year (Rev H Alford)
Mrs Clara Hardham Aug 20th aged 45 (Rev H Alford)
John Petherick Aug 30th aged 81
Mrs Hannah Spicker Sept 2nd aged 95
Mary Jones Sept 12th aged 10 days
John Lee Sept 15th aged 55
William Frederic Colmer Sept 19th aged 29
William Paddon Sept 20th aged 61 (Rev H Alford)
Thomas Hughes Sept 23rd aged 54
Richard Lake Oct 3rd aged 50 (Rev H Alford)
Emma Clark Oct 12th aged 14 months
Sarah Cook Oct 14th aged 33
Maria Andrews Oct 15th aged 3 days
Robert Blight Oct 24th aged 80
William Kinsman Oct 29th aged 51
Louisa Lock Nov 1st aged 8 months
Mary Ellis Nov 3rd aged 52
James Lemon Nov 12th aged 24
Sarah Churchill Nov 19th aged 54
Dorothy Faussett Nov 22nd aged 74
Joseph Frost Nov 24th aged 39 (Rev H Alford)
Miss Elizth Keats Nov 28th aged 69 (Rev H Alford)
Michael McAlister Dec 1st aged 10 weeks
George a stranger Dec 2nd age unknown
Mrs Cath'ne Lewis Dec 8th aged 83
George Goss Dec 9th aged 17

Maria Elizth Lendon Jan 10th aged 13 months
Mary Pyet Jan 11th aged 44
Elizth Jenkins Jan 11th aged 81
Mary Harris Jan 14th aged 80
Mary Snell Jan 16th aged 90
Mary Vicary Jan 23rd aged 89
Enoch Farley Jan 28th aged 4
William Spearman Feb 2nd aged 68
Samuel Cotton Feb 3rd aged 70
Samuel Down Feb 7th aged 14 months
William Robins Feb 10th aged 2
Eleanor Thorne Feb 23rd aged 2 yrs 7 months
Ann Heal Feb 24th aged 20 months
Elizth Smith Feb 25th aged 26
Robt Honeywell Feb 27th aged 45
William Spear Feb 27th aged 26 (Charles Gregory)
Mr Alexander Row Mar 5th aged 26
Mary Ellis Mar 5th aged 67
Charles Brannan Mar 5th aged 2 months
Elizth Towell Mar 6th aged 87
Emma Heard Mar 10th aged 83
Beata Spencer Mar 12th aged 86
George Eastman Mar 14th aged 9 months
James Angel Mar 14th aged 24
William Bridgman Mar 19th aged 8 months
Mary Underhill Mar 19th aged 65
William Tremere Mar 20th aged 9 months
Miss Jane Bill Bruton Mar 22nd aged 59
Martha Turner Mar 24th aged 79
William Backway Mar 26th aged 54
Mary Down Apl 5th aged 97
John Major Apl 9th aged 31
James Burrows Apl 14th aged 6 months
John Parker Apl 21st aged 47
Susan Swaine Apl 23rd aged 3
Susan Ashton Brannan Apl 28th aged 16
Elizth Brayley May 1st aged 3
Jane Walker May 12th aged 80
Ann Gowman May 12th aged 77
Christopher Lee May 21st aged 68
John Beer May 22nd aged 78
John Obrey May 29th aged 13 (Henry Alford)
Charles Frederick Jewell June 1st aged 11 months
Elizth Harris June 4th aged 77
Ann Vinson June 15th aged 2 months
Frances Seaton June 20th aged 45
Antonia Foster Fernandez June 25th aged 10
John Haycroft June 27th aged 75 (Henry Alford)
Mary Griffey June 28th aged 42
Joanna While June 30th aged 78
Jane Lewis July 3rd aged 7 months
John Sillifant Johnson Aug 1st aged 14 days
Eliza Jenkins Aug 3rd aged 6 months
Rev Saml Hooker Aug 13th aged 64
Nicholas Yelland Aug 15th aged 72
Mary Dyer Aug 26th aged 2
Mary Ellis Sept 4th aged 33 (Rev T Mills)
Thomas Brooke Sept 5th aged 32
Fanny Williams Sept 6th aged 18 months
Henrietta Maine Sept 7th aged 28 yrs
Mary Yeo Sept 13th aged 28
Elizth Berry Sept 14th aged 19 months (Henry Alford)
Elizth Bowden Sept 29th aged 50
Anne Skelton Oct 8th aged 10weeks
George Pollard Oct 9th aged 26 (Henry Alford)
Thomazin Chanter Oct 19th aged 54
John Heard Oct 22nd aged 3/4 yr (P Kelland)
Mary Griffey Nov 3rd aged 7
William Tucker Nov 8th aged 27
Thomas Westacott Nov 8th aged 4
Elizth Branton Nov 10th aged 80
Thirza Jones Nov 10th aged 10 days
John Newell Nov 13th aged 71
William Jenkins Nov 19th aged 82
William Parkhouse Nov 29th aged 33
John Ley Dec 6th aged 80
Catherine Lake Dec 10th aged 48 (Charles Lloyd)
Sarah Jane Hutchings Dec 10th aged 9 (Charles Lloyd)
John Bartlett Dec 20th aged 79 (Henry Alford)
Thomas Petherick Dec 24th aged 3
Jane Barset Dec 26th aged 16 months (Henry Alford)
Mary Ann Morrish Dec 28th aged 27 (Rev H Alford)
Mary Lee Dec 29th aged 64
Rowland Moore Dec 31st aged 38

Thomas Parkhouse Jan 3rd aged 70
Mary Hatherly Jan 3rd aged 70
Robert Grant Jan 4th aged 58
Jane Stevens Jan 12th an infant
John Ford Abbotsham Jan 21st aged 75
Elizabeth Breach Jan 21st aged 18
Philip Davy Huxtable Jan 22nd aged 5 months
William Trott Jan 24th an infant 19 months
Elizabeth Ann Brayley Jan 29th an infant
George Slocombe Feb 1st aged 6 yrs
Thomas Stevens Feb 9th aged 56
Elizabeth Gibbett Feb 11th aged 84 (Henry Alford)
Elizabeth Branch Feb 13th aged 71
William Henry Colley Mar 2nd aged 9 months
Samuel Wakely Mar 7th aged 3
Elizabeth Hopgood Mar 8th aged 57
William Cawsey Mar 8th aged 17
John Blight Mar 16th aged 3 weeks
Ann Cadd Mar 19th aged 64
Florence Cawsey Mar 21st aged 54
Mary Oliver Mar 23rd aged 80
William Rickard Mar 25th aged 75
Mary Lugg Mar 30th aged 50
Elizabeth Spearman Apl 3rd aged 67 (Rev H Alford)
John Greenaway Apl 6th aged 40
Mary Holman Apl 8th aged 70
Henry Heal Apl 9th aged 45
Abraham Scott Apl 12th aged 74
Henry Cadd Apl 15th aged 7
William Phillips Apl 17th aged 59
Philip Fallin Apl 19th aged 87 (Henry Alford)
William Tinson Apl 22nd aged 74
Henry Williams (accidentally drowned) Apl 24th aged 18
James Rapson (accidentally drowned) Apl 24th aged 16
John Evans Apl 26th aged 62
Thomas Michael Gilman Apl 26th aged 20
John Leacher Apl 27th aged 29
Samuel Facey Apl 29th aged 59
Priscilla Murphy Apl 29th aged 90
Ann Cawsey May 6th aged 16
Ann White May 7th aged 44 (Henry Alford)
Mary Woolacott May 8th aged 67
Elizabeth Ann Heard May 16th aged 14 (Rev C Burne)
Edward Handiford May 18th aged 37
Sarah Anne Brooks May 27th aged 20 (Charles Burne)
William Hall May 28th age 50
Susan Cowls Stevens June 5th aged 6 (Henry Alford)
Ann Littlejohns June 8th aged 26
Thomas Davy junr June 25th aged 33
Elizabeth Prust June 25th an infant
John Burnacle July 1st aged 72
Edward Ellis July 13th aged 6 weeks
Catherine Robins July 16th aged 79
Mary Baker July 17th aged 66
Charles Filby July 26th aged 33
Mary Handford Aug 2nd aged 45 (Henry Alford)
Peter Passmore Aug 17th aged 69
William Popham Harbour Aug 22nd aged 7 months
Susanna Gliddon Aug 23rd aged 93 (Henry Alford)
George Vicary Aug 26th aged 9 months
Richard Nichols Aug 26th aged 5 months (Henry Alford)
Sarah Pickard Aug 31st aged 26
George Alfred Ellis Aug 31st aged 3
Jane Collacott Sept 2nd aged 3
John Griffey Sept 4th aged 3
Mary Underhill Sept 6th aged 88
John Morrish Sept 12th aged 1 (Henry Alford)
Robert Ackford Sept 17th aged 8 months
Mary King Sept 19th aged 82
Thomas Ackford Sept 19th aged 15 months
Charles Pedlar Sept 19th aged 10 months
Ann Hutchings Sept 21st aged 2 weeks
Mary Ann Morrish Sept 28th aged 4
James Major Sept 28th aged 18 months
James Horwood Oct 8th aged 2 months
Mary Fogarty Oct 12th aged 47
John Sarell Oct 15th aged 57
Jane Short Oct 18th aged 18
Elizabeth Baker Oct 19th aged 3
Ellen England Oct 21st an infant
Harriet Dyer Oct 24th aged 55 (P Kelland)
Thomas Campbell Graham Oct 25th an infant
Eliza Oatway Oct 26th aged 22 months
William Wilson Oct 28th aged 36 (H Alford)
Henry Finch Nov 1st aged 79
James Adams Nov 4th aged 60
Henry Harbour Nov 4th aged 2
Grace Grylls Nov 8th aged 74
Harriet Bartlett Nov 11th aged 5 months
Joanna Pickard Nov 23rd aged 98
Susanna Miles Nov 25th aged 86 (Henry Alford)
Martha Kirkman Nov 30th aged 80(Henry Alford)
John Jenn Dec 3rd an infant
Daniel Jewry Dec 3rd aged 34
Jane Taylor Dec 6th aged 70
Hannah Maria Lake Dec 11th aged 9 weeks
William Friendship Wray Dec 11th aged 6 (Henry Alford)
Samuel Hoar Dec 16th aged 8
John Gilbert Dec 19th aged 68 (Henry Alford)
Alfred Smale Dec 21st aged 2
Mary Bale Jan 4th aged 18

John Breach from Barnstaple Infirmary Jan 4th aged 22
Grace Smith Jan 15th aged 69
Roger Buckler Jan 15th aged 80 (Henry Alford)
John Nichols Jan 17th aged 65
Mary Eastman Frithelstock Jan 21st aged 82
Mrs Catherine Hatherly Jan 22nd aged 53
David Hutchings Jan 25th aged 9 weeks
Elizabeth Hutchings Jan 29th aged 19
Mary Philkins Jan 31st aged 2 weeks
Thomas Gilbert Feb 5th aged 32
Agness Williams Feb 20th aged 1
Ann Horwood Feb 21st aged 44
James Heal Feb 21st an infant
John Gowman Feb 26th aged 78
Sarah May March 12th aged 3
Martha Croscombe March 13th aged 43
Thomas Croscombe March 22nd aged 67
John Darch March 26th aged 40 (Henry Alford)
Mrs Mary Ellis March 27th aged 77
Mary Ford March 29th aged 76
James Peard Vicary March 31st aged 9
Charles Baglow March 31st aged 82
Ellen Reed Cooper Apl 3rd aged 4 months
Mary Yeo Apl 4th aged 14
Frederick Williams Marsden Apl 7th aged 5
William Vinson Apl 9th aged 76 (Henry Alford)
John Wray Apl 12th aged 68 (Henry Alford)
Harriet Hookway Apl 23rd aged 8 months
Elizabeth Brooks Apl 29th aged 39
Margaret Hill May 1st aged 62
William Curtis May 10th aged 33
John Sweet May 15th aged 2 days (Henry Alford)
Mary Ann Lane May 21st aged 5 (Henry Alford)
Fanny Prior May 28th aged 33
Joanna Sharem?Sharcm May 29th aged 70 (Thos Snell)
Elizabeth Shaxton June 2nd aged 88 (Henry Alford)
James Bailey June 10th an infant (Henry Alford)
Charlotte Ticket June 11th aged 53 (Rev F R Begbie)
Ann Warmington June 26th aged 72
William Williams June 30th aged 24
John Sampson July 7th aged 20 (B Kelland)
John Berry July 8th aged 15 days
Jane Hogg July 11th aged 79
William Holman July 11th aged 1 yr 9 months
Mary Thomas July 28th aged 60
Arthur Rodd July 28th aged 43
Amy Hogg Aug 1st aged 10
Mary Trick Aug 2nd aged 77 (J B Clyde)
Elizabeth Croscombe Aug 4th aged 8
Mary Ann Edmonds Aug 13th aged 42
Ann Gorrill Aug 23rd aged 69
Elizabeth Slocombe Aug 26th aged 18
William Cawsey Aug 29th aged 48 (Henry Alford)
Ann Ackford Aug 31st aged 88
Ann Haycroft Sept 5th aged 74 (Francis R Begbie)
Ann Augusta Buse Sept 17th aged 9 months
Robert Wilson Sept 17th aged 67 (Henry Alford)
William Stapledon Sept 20th aged 72
Patience Heard Sept 24th aged 80
Richard Eastman Sept 26th aged 49
John Major Oct 4th aged 3 months
William Potter Oct 4th aged 72
William Hobbs Oct 22d aged 54
Dorothy Williams Nov 1st aged 82
Francis Cutland Nov 3rd aged 24
James Moses Milsome Nov 3rd aged 1
John Cadd Nov 4th aged 72
James Griffey Nov 7th aged 3 weeks
Mary Pedlar Nichols Nov 7th aged 4 months
Grace Ackford Nov 8th aged 4 yrs (Henry Alford)
Ann Jewell Nov 11th aged 60
Archibald Winter Nov 15th aged 7 months
William Taylor Nov 15th aged 82
George Roberts Nov 15th aged 18 months
Philip Morris Nov 20th aged 78 (FR Begbie)
Henry Leaker Nov 21st aged 2
Henry Lee Nov 22nd aged 3 weeks
Alford Thomas Cummings Nov 22nd aged 3 months
Thomas Vincent Nov 24th aged 75 (F R Begbie)
Ann Maria Elliott Nov 24th aged 13 months (F R Begbie)
John Stapleton Nov 26th aged 80
Sarah Brawn Nov 27th aged 70
Sarah Hobbs Nov 27th aged 2
Frances Backway Nov 29th aged 68
Mary White Dec 1st aged 33 (C Lloyd)
Elizabeth Colmer Dec 5th aged 65
Ann Rickard Dec 8th aged 59
Richard Grundy Dec 10th aged 5 weeks
William Philips Dec 10th aged 77
Henry Branch Dec 15th aged 4 months
William Tanner Dec 16th aged 54
William Carder Dec 17th aged 60
Ann Prior Dec 19th aged 4
Susannah Cadd Dec 23rd aged 9 weeks
John Gayton Dec 24th aged 87
Frances Clyde Dec 26th aged 87
Frances Burden Dec 27th aged 84

John Tilke Jan 3rd aged 79
Grace Pritchard Jan 9th aged 85
Elizabeth Wyatt Jan 10th aged 1
John Penhorwood Jan 17th aged 26
Mary Chapman Jan 23rd aged 84
Theresa Mary Ann Walker Jan 30th aged 3
Grace Hooper Jan 30th aged 78
William Cadd Feb 4th aged 63
Mary Bear Feb 4th aged 82
William Fulford Feb 5th aged 72
Mathew Williams Feb 14th aged 78
Enoch Morris Feb 21st aged 4
Samuel Squire Feb 25th aged 15
Dorothy Shapland Mar 5th aged 73
Charity Major Mar 7th aged 62
James Clifton Mar 10th aged 87
Edward Fitzgerald Grey Hopgood Mar 18th aged 16 months
James Branch Mar 21st aged 38
Mary Ann Fishley Mar 23rd aged 4
William Essery Gammaton Mar 27th aged 56
Henry George Nichols Apl 1st aged 3
Mr Thomas Whately Apl 3rd aged 87
Sarah Short Doidge Apl 4th aged 45
William Baglow Apl 17th aged 47
Edward Lee Apl 20th aged 19
Jonathan Frost a sojourner in the parish of Barnstaple Apl 22nd aged 48
Sarah Berry Apl 23rd aged 48
Bridget Pridham Apl 29th aged 77
Rebecca Underhill accidentally burnt May 4th aged 16
Robert Burden May 11th aged 77
John Prance May 19th aged 67
William Henry Goss May 20th aged 4 (Henry Alford)
Daniel Backway May 23rd aged 1 month
Elizabeth Brooks June 1st aged 10 (F B Begbie)
Sarah Harris June 11th aged 78
Ursula Cotton June 13th aged 70
Sarah Lee June 20th aged 2 yrs 7 months
Jane Hookway June 22nd aged 75 (Henry Alford)
Jane Cann June 22nd aged 72 (Henry Alford)
Mary Robins June 24th aged 18 months (Henry Alford)
John Squire July 7th an infant
Ann Burden Branton July 13th aged 16
Harriet Williams July 15th aged 7 weeks
William Murphy July 16th aged 60
Thomas Hughes Basset July 18th aged 3 weeks
Charlotte Philkins July 22nd aged 27
Hannah Martin July 30th aged 85 (FR Begbie)
Mary Ann Berry Aug 13th aged 12
Elizabeth Yeo Aug 24th aged 27
Richard Bridgman Aug 29th aged 76
Grace Passmore Aug 31st aged 6 months
Henry Harvey Braund Sept 7th aged 22 months
Elizabeth Ann Joce Sept 15th an infant
Thomas Hutchings Sept 19th aged 22 months
Thomas Cook Passmore Sept 21st aged 22
William Woolacott Oct 1st aged 21
James Morrish Oct 3rd aged 8 months
Elizabeth Wakely Oct 5th aged 10
Harriet Bartlett Oct 16th aged 18
Ellen Burrows Fewings Oct 20th an infant
Mary Williams Oct 24th aged 86
Walter Carter Oct 24th aged 10
Ann Anthony Oct 29th aged 55
Thomas Mitchell Oct 29th aged 49
James Short Nov 7th aged 48
Elizabeth Hatherly Nov 14th aged 78
James Newman Nov 20th aged 3 months
Isaac Peackome Nov 20th aged 88
Richard Knill Isaac Nov 28th aged 17
Thomas Major Dec 3rd aged 33
Elizabeth Ackford Dec 4th aged 27
John Shopland Dec 24th aged 83

Eleanor Philips Jan 1st aged 81
Ellen Gerrard Jan 1st aged 10
William Turton MD Jan 2nd aged 73
Phillippa Baker Jan 4th aged 41
Maria Ann Petherick Jan 11th aged 10m
John Balch Jan 15th aged 34 (W S DuSautoy)
Ann Spearman Jan 16th aged 39 (W S DuSautoy)
Benjamin Rice Jan 19th aged 50
Elizabeth Tucker Jan 21st aged 79
Samuel Saunders accidentally drowned Jan 23rd aged 45
Mary Macdonald Jan 29th aged 88 (George Carwithen)
Elizabeth Davy Feb 9th aged 42
Thomas Baker Feb 18th aged 59
Elizabeth Burt Feb 19th aged 81
William Potter Feb 22nd aged 11 weeks
James Williams Feb 29th aged 28
Ann Agness Crocker Mar 3rd aged 13 months
John Swaine Harris Mar 3rd aged 37
William Cann Mar 5th aged 82
Elizabeth Westacott Mar 12th aged 73
Mary Taylor Baker Mar 25th aged 9
Mary Brown Mar 28th aged 83
John Henry McArthur Mar 30th aged 9
Elizabeth Moase Apl 19th aged 63 (W Keats Walter)
Eliza Heal Apl 21st an infant (W Keats Walter)
Hussey Pound Apl 22nd aged 70 (W Keats Walter)
James Major Apl 25th aged 16 (W Keats Walter)
Susan Essery Apl 27th aged 24 (W Keats Walter)
William Shambrook Abbotsham Apl 28th aged 21 months (W Keats Walter)
Henry Clarke WH Apl 30th aged 64 (W Keats Walter)
Elizabeth Horwood May 4th aged 16
Henry Hains May 5th aged 18m (W Keats Walter)
Ann Phillips May 6th aged 77
Nathaniel May May 7th aged 84
Elizabeth Croscombe May 11th aged 77 (W Keats Walter)
Elizabeth Branton May 24th aged 60 (W Keats Walter)
Grace Taylor May 27th aged 82 (W Keats Walter)
Charles Fisher June 4th aged 82 (W Keats Walter)
Mrs Jane Grant Northam in this county June 9th aged 84
Margaret Bridgeman June 15th aged 13
John Bright June 16th aged 13 months
John Tucker June 20th aged 61
William Parsons June 20th aged 3 months
John Gliddon June 25th aged 13 months
Mary Lake July 4th aged 28
[note the initials WH to show the person died in the workhouse of this parish]
James Baker July 14th aged 64
Ann Pethrick July 16th aged 76 (W Keats Walter)
Mary Parsons WH July 20th aged 26
Elizabeth Gliddon WH July 21st aged 26
Thomas Aldred late of St Margaret's Rochester July 21st aged 29
Henry Gliddon July 23rd aged 11 days
Elizabeth Stevens Aug 1st aged 71
Grace Waldron Aug 19th aged 75 (Wm S D DuSautoy)
George Moase Aug 24th aged 86
John Griffey? Aug 27th aged 40
Samuel Philpot Sept 1st aged 72
Catherine Carder Sept 10th aged 63
Ann Tossel Sept 12th aged 20
Ellen Ley Northam Sept 17th aged 17 (Thos Mill vicar of Northam)
Nathan Kenna Murphy Sept 17th aged 34
Mary Jewell Sept 19th aged 4
Christiana Faning Sept 22nd aged 82 (Wm S DuSautoy)
Eliza Lacy Ley Sept 24th aged 15 months
John Towell Sept 27th aged 4
Jane Griffiths Sept 28th aged 42
Ann Wood Sept 30th aged 92
Betty Vinson Oct 22nd aged 76 (Henry Alford)
Elizabeth Wallis Oct 27th aged 6 (W Keats Walter)
John Jenkins Oct 29th aged 3
Anthony Crocker Nov 8th an infant
Susan Tucker Nov 9th aged 45
George Kinsman WH formerly of Buckland Brewer Nov 11th aged 70
Elizabeth Gregory Nov 23rd aged 55
Frances Maria Powe Nov 24th aged 9
Elizabeth Bartholomew WH Nov 30th aged 6 months (W Keats Walter)
Mary Jane Roberts Nov 30th aged 22 months (W Keats Walter)
William Jellings WH late of Welcomb Dec 15th aged 50
Elizabeth Dyer Dec 15th aged 84
Elizabeth Ann Brayley Dec 21st aged 2 yrs (W R K Walter)
George Sergeant Dec 23rd aged 38
James Petherick Dec 26th aged 57 (Hinton Castle Smith)
Mary Rendle Dec 28th aged 48
Ann Bartholomew Dec 28th aged 21
Sarah Jane Mugford Dec 31st an infant

Elizabeth Bartholomew WH Jan 4th aged 23
John Westlake WH late of Northam Jan 4th aged 3
Sarah Monkley Jan 7th aged 8 months
Nicholas Westcott Jan 9th aged 22 (W R Keats Walter)
Sarah Gosling Jan 14th aged 60 (W R Keats Walter)
Prudence Tardrew Jan 18th aged 23
Richard Barnes Jan 19th aged 67 (W R Keats Walter)
Matilda Daniel Jan 22nd aged 14 months (W R Keats Walter)
Elizabeth Passmore Jan 22nd aged 66 (W R Keats Walter)
Thomas Davy Jan 27th an infant
John Western Baker Jan 27th aged 3
Mrs Elizabeth Hughes Jan 28th aged 29
Elizabeth Holman Jan 28th aged 74
Jabin Bayly Illmain Jan 30th an infant
Mrs Elizabeth Kerr Feb 4th aged 44
Timothy Croscombe Feb 4th aged 46
Elizabeth Finch Feb 4th aged 78
Mary Witheridge Feb 4th aged 26 (W R Keats Walter)
Margaret Williams Feb 4th aged 74 (W R Keats Walter)
Catherine Ranbery late of Exeter Feb 4th aged 74
Sarah Darch Feb 6th aged 68
Margaret Cocks Feb 7th aged 11 months
John England Feb 8th aged ??Months
Patience Shapley Crocker Feb 9th aged 30
John Jewell Feb 9th aged 57
William Bond WH Feb 9th aged 76 (W R Keats Walter)
Class Brook Feb 10th aged 80 (W R Keats Walter)
Dorothy Whately Feb 10th aged 70 (W R Keats Walter)
Ann Piper Feb 10th aged 77(W R Keats Walter)
Abigail Tilke Feb 11th aged 82
Dorothy Stapledon Feb 11th aged 66
Mary Ann Piper Feb 13th aged 26
Ann Carder Feb 15th aged 63
Henry Pike WH Feb 16th aged 83
Ann Godding WH Feb 21st aged 78 (W R Keats Walter)
Susannah Woolacott Feb 22nd aged 47 (W R Keats Walter)
Susannah Bawden Feb 27th aged 65 (W R Keats Walter)
James Williams Mar 1st an infant
Rebecca Baker Mar 2nd aged 7 (W R Keats Walter)
John Blackmore Mar 4th aged 92
Elizabeth Grigg Mar 6th aged 88
Richard Crocker Mar 9th aged 71 (W R Keats Walter)
Susannah Bailey Mar 9th aged 6
Sarsah Tawton Mar 13th aged 85
Mary Marly Mar 15th aged 45
John White Mar 15th aged 75
James Adams WH Mar 16th aged 9mo
Mary Ann Anthony Mar 18th aged 43
Sarah Pickard Mar 27th aged 81
Mary Pollard Apl 5th aged 2 (Rev T Mill)
George Turner Apl 6th aged 25
John Drew? Apl 7th aged 15
John Field WH Apl 20th an infant
William Foggaty WH Apl 21st aged 58
Mary Simmons Apl 25th aged 85
Harriet Stafford Apl 26th aged 43
John Bartholomew Apl 28th aged 2
Grace Harbour ...ard Hill, Northam May 1st aged 74
James Thorn May 3rd aged 20 months
Gertrude Oram May 5th aged 60
William Henry Carder May 10th aged 6 months (W R Keats Walter)
Grace Bond WH late Abbotsham May 12th aged 70
Elizabeth Scott Vine May 17th aged 52 (W R Keats Walter)
Mary Oatway May 27th aged 42 (W R Keats Walter)
Ann Dyer June 1st aged 43
James?Shapley? June 7th aged 78
Richard Short ? June 9th aged 67 (W R Keats Walter)
William Williams ? June 26th aged 24 (W R Keats Walter)
Fanny Ridaway June 27th aged 3
Elizabeth Crocker Aug 9th aged 5
Henry Cadd Aug 12th aged 71 (Henry Alford)
Elizabeth Major Aug 12th an infant (Henry Alford)
Mary Narraway Aug 31st aged 71 (W R Keats Walter)
Noah Eastman Sept 11th aged 81
Elizabeth Jewry Sept 23rd aged 21 months (W R Keats Walter)
Charley Lacy Oct 7th aged 78 (W R Keats Walter)
Ann Hinks Oct 19th aged 60
Louisa James Oct 23rd aged 9
Robert Moise Oct 28th aged 7 weeks
Ann Green WH Nov 6th aged 75
Mary Ann Mugford Nov 6th an infant
Simon Shelkery ? Nov 18th aged 37
Samuel Elliott Nov 23rd aged 51
William Churchill WH Nov 25th aged 74 (W R Keats Walter)
Mary Lang WH Dec 5th aged 70
Edwin Shaddock Dec 9th aged 13 months
Mary Harber Dec 31st aged 10 months (W R Keats Walter)

William Hoil Jan 1st aged 6 weeks
William Henry Robins Jan 1st aged 6

Brian Randell, 27 Jan 2007