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Help and advice for Second Report of Committee on Devonshire Celebrities. - Index

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Second Report of the Committee on Devonshire Celebrities.

Trans. Devon Assoc., vol 10 (1878), pp. 108-109.


Rev. Treasurer Hawker

Prepared by Michael Steer

The brief report, presented at the Association's July 1878 Paignton meeting added a number of celebrity names with biographic information to the Committee's expanding catalogue. In addition the muster roll of the Dartmouth Independent Volunteer Field Artillery, and a list of the officers and men of the Associated Corps for the Defence of Dartmouth were added. The Committee's aim was ostensibly to collect memoirs of deceased Devonshire celebrities, and as well, verify the accuracy of the information, thereby "smoothing the path of future enquirers". Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the University of California Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Adams, Cholwil 109
Adams, William 109
Alpross, John 109
Banfill, George 109
Bartlett, William 109
Beer, William 109
Bridgman, George 109
Bridgman, J O 109
Brimage, Abraham 109
Brooking, Nicholas, jnr 109
Burgess, William 109
Burgoin, Robert 109
Burgoin, William 109
Cawley, Thomas 109
Chasty, Richard 109
Chastey, Richard 109
Cholwich, Samuel 109
Cholwich, William 109
Clouter, James 109
Coggins, John 109
Cove, Richard 109
Cranford, George 109
Cranford, Robert 109
Davy, John 108
Dimond, John 109
Dymond, Mr Robert 108
Eales, William 109
Earl, Samuel 109
Edwards, Robert 109
Efford, William 109
Egg, Thomas 109
Egg William 109
Ferris, Henry 109
Fford, William Terry 109
Fooks, Isaac 109
Ford, John 109
Ford, Joseph 109
Fox, Thomas 109
Gloyn, Joseph 109
Goodridge, George 109
Graham, Francis 109
Gripe, Richard 109
Hamlyn, Joseph 109
Hannaford, Richard 109
Harding, Thomas 109
Hardy, Robert 109
Harris, Robert 109
Harvey, John jnr 109
Harvey, John snr 109
Hawker, Rev Treasurer J M, MA 108
Head, John 109
Heath, William 109
Hele, John 109
Howe, Jacob jnr 109
Hyne, Robert 109
Issiel, James 109
James, Thomas 109
Jarvis, Stephen 109
Jiffard, William 109
Karkeek, Mr P Q 108
Kelland, Samuel 109
Kemp, Thomas 109
Kennaway, Sir J H 108
Kine, Abraham 109
King, Mr R J 108
Lake, Thomas jnr 109
Langmead, William 109
Lee, Arthur 109
Lee, Richard 109
Lee, Thomas 109
Lee, William 109
Libby, William 109
Lidstone, Samuel 109
Linnington, Samuel 109
Light, Edward 109
Lock, Thomas 109
Luke, John 109
Luke, John jnr 109
Manning, William 109
March, Benjamin 109
March, Benjamin jnr 109
Mardon, James 109
Martin, Henry 109
Mitchelmore, John 109
Mitchelmore, William 109
Mortimore, Nicholas 109
Mortimore, Robert 109
Narramore, Robert 109
Newman, Henry 109
Newman, Lydstone 109
Newman, Richard 109
Newman, Robert 109
Newman, William Esq 109
Newman, William jnr 109
Norman, John 109
Norman, Joseph 109
Norris, Timothy 109
Nott, John 109
Nott, Samuel 109
Ougier, Peter jnr 109
Paige, John 109
Paige, William Lang 109
Parinton, Nicholas 109
Pearce, Joseph 109
Peek, Robert 109
Peek, Robert jnr 109
Penny, John jnr 109
Pentecost, William 109
Perring, Allen 109
Perry, Arthur 109
Perry, John 109
Petherbridge, William 109
Phillips, John 109
Pike, Nathaniel 109
Pillar, John 109
Port, Bartholomew 109
Prideaux, Bishop John 108
Quick, John 109
Reed, Richard 109
Roads, Robert 109
Robsart, Amy 108
Rogers, Peter 109
Roope, ___ 109
Roope, Harris 109
Roope, William 109
Rowe, Henry 109
Rowe, Joseph 109
Saunders, William 109
Shapley, Thomas 109
Sharman, Samuel 109
Simmons, John 109
Skedgil, John 109
Snell, John 109
Spark, George snr 109
Sparke, George jnr 109
Sparke, Robert 109
Stevens, John 109
Stevens, Richard 109
Studdy, Henry Esq 108-9
Taylor, Isaac 109
Teage, John 109
Thomas, William 109
Towl, Edward 109
Traies, James 109
Veale, Jarvis 109
Walters, Richard 109
Way, Thomas 109
White, Henry 109
Wills, John 109
Wilson, William 109
Wootten, Richard 109
Worth, Mr R N 108
Windeatt, Mr Edward 108