Name Index


Third Report of Committee on Devonshire Celebrities.

Trans. Devon Assoc., vol 11 (1879), pp. 112-116.


Rev. Treasurer Hawker

Prepared by Michael Steer

The brief report, presented at the Association's July 1879 Ilfracombe meeting reported a list of Devon's defence force officers in Armada year and added a number of celebrity names and biographic information to the Committee's expanding catalogue. The Committee's aim was ostensibly to collect memoirs of deceased Devonshire celebrities, and as well, verify the accuracy of the information, thereby "smoothing the path of future enquirers". Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the Princeton University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Baring, John MP 114
Bartholomew, Bishop 114
Bathe, Earl of 113
Bedford, Francis 2nd Earl of 116
Bidder, George CE 114
Bretland, Joseph 114
Calwodeley, Thomas 114
Carew, Sir Gawen, Knt 114
Carew, Sir Peter Knt 114
Champernoune, Arthure 113
Champernoune, Richard 113
Charles I 115
Cirencester, Richard of 114
Clifford, William Kingdon 114
Coffin, Edward 114
Colleton, Sir John Bt 114
Cook, Captain James 114
Courtenay, Sir Willyam 113
Denys, Edwarde 113
Denys, Sir Robert 113
Douglas, Earl James 112
Downman, Hugh MD 114
Dyer, Gilbert 114
Dymond, Jonathan 114
Dymond, Mr Robert 112-3
Ffulford, Thomas 113
Fortescue, Hughe 113
Froude, William FRS 114
Frye, John 113
Fuller 112
Furneaux, Dr Philip 114
Furneaux, Captain Tobias 114
Gandy, James 114
Gandy, William 114
Gifforde, Arthure 113
Gilbert, Adrian 113
Gilbert, Sir John 113
Hakewell, George DD 114
Harte, Arthure 113
Hawker, Rev Treasurer J Manley 112-3
Hayne, C Seale Esq 113
Heard, Sir Isaac Knt 115
Heath, Benjamin DD 115
Heath, Benjamin, LLD, DCL 115
Heath, George DD 115
Henrietta, Anne, Duchess of Orleans 115
Hole, Rev Richard LLB 115
Holwell-Carr, Rev William BD 115
Hooper, William Harvey 115
Howard 116
Izacke, Richard 115
James VI 112
Jones, Pitman 115
Karkeek, Mr P Q 112
Kendall, John 115
Kendall, William 115
Kennaway, Sir John H, Bt 112, 115
King, Richard John 112, 115
Lely, Sir Peter 115
Locke, Matthew 115
Luxmore, Rt Rev Dr John 115
Merivale, Herman 115
Merivale, John Herman 115
Mitchell, Sir William Knt 115
Monck, Anthony 113
Moxhay, Edward 116
Northcote, Sir John Bt 116
Odger, George 116
Oliver, Dr 114-6
Orleans, Duchess of 115
Palk, Sir Robert Bt 116
Parr, Rev John 116
Perry, Captain 115
Pollard, Hughe 113
Quivil, Bishop Peter 116
Russell, Margaret 116
Shillingford, John 116
Sibthorpe, Humphrey MD, MA 116
Stowford, William 113
Tindal, Dr Matthew 116
Towgood, Micaiah 116
Trewman, Robert 116
Trosse, George 116
Venning, Walter 116
Vilvain, Robert MD 116
Walker, John DD 114, 116
Wallis, Captain Samuel 114
Walter, John Rolle MP 116
Weston, Rev Stephen, BD, FRS, FSA 116
Weston, Bishop Stephen 116
Windeatt, Mr Edward 112, 115-6
Worth, Mr R N 112-3
Yeo, William 113
Yonge, Sir George KB 116
Yonge, Walter MP 116