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Devoniana, Part II: Art in Devonshire

Trans. Devon Assoc., Vol. 15, (1883), pp. 447-452.


J.T. White

Prepared by Michael Steer

This paper, read at the Association's August 1883 meeting at Exmouth, ostensibly provides information about a small number of well-known artists then residing in Torquay, who were overlooked by Association member Mr Pycroft in a paper on art in Devonshire, read at the 1882 meeting. The aim of Pycoft's earlier paper was to honour all Devonshire men who had in any way made themselves noteworthy in Art. Curiously, the present paper also includes a detailed description of a well-section at Torquay and an account of the Prince of Orange's arrival at Newton Abbot. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the Princeton University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Acclam, Thomas 197
Ç¢lfricus, Bishop 194
Ç¢thelgar, Bishop 193
Athelstan 193
Barforth, John 197
Barforth, Robert 197
Boniface, Saint 192-3
Booth, Bishop John 197
Bradman, John 197
Brewere, Bishop 196
Brihtric 193
Burton, Mr John 197
Carew, Sir Gawen 198
Carew, Sir Peter 198
Chanter, John alias Barforth 197
Charles I 198
Cromwell, General 198
Darcy, Sir Thomas 195
Darine, Nicholas of 196
Davidson, Mr 195
Doduca, Bishop 194
Dunscombe, Mr 197
Dunsford, Osbert of 196
Dunstan, Saint 193-4
Eadnoth, Bishop 194
Ealdredus, Bishop 194
Editha, Queen 194
Edrinus, Archbishop 194
Edward the Confessor, King 194
Edward the Martyr, King 194
Exeter, Bishop of 195, 197
Fordton, Thomas of 196
Freeman, Dr 192
Froude 197
Grandisson, Bishop 192, 196
Gregory, Saint 193
Hartic, Harry 197
Herimanus, Bishop 194
Holecombe, Osbert of 196
King, Richard John 191-2
Landbertus 194
Leland 193, 195-6
Leo IX 194
Leofric, Bishop 193-4
Livingus, Bishop 194
Mary, Queen 195
Milman, Dr 192
Moore, Hugh 197
Morchard 195
œdulphus, Bishop 193
œlfwold, Bishop 193
œlfwold II, Bishop 194
Oliver 195
Orey, Thomas 196
Osbert 196
Parson, William 196
Perrer, Master Philip 196
Plegmund, Archbishop 193
Posberi, William of 196
Richard 196
Rodbertus, Bishop 194
Rupert, Prince 198
Searle, Walter 197
Sideman, Bishop 194
Smale, Phillippa 197
Spelman 194
Srigge, Master Joshua 198
Stapeldon, Bishop 196
Stigand, Bishop 194
Stubbys, John 197
Sylke, William 197
Tettburne, Thomas 195
Tetteburne, William Parson of 196
Thomas chaplain 196
Trobrigge, Richard of 196
Turberville, James 195
Vesey, Bishop 195
Walsh, Nicholas 197
Westcote 197
Willibald 192
Willoughby, Edward 197
Wynfrith 192