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The Land that Changed its Face:

The Evacuation of Devon's South Hams, 1943-44


Grace Bradbeer

published in 1973 by

David & Charles, Newton Abbot, Devon

ISBN 0-7153-5781-6

Name Index prepared by Robin Kinloch, <Roblock[at]email.msn[dot]com>

The area that was evacuated covered: "A triangle from Torcross to Blackpool Sands and stretched uphill to Blakawton at its apex. [It] included the villages of Torcross, Slapton, Strete, Blackawton, East Allington, Sherford, Stokenham, and Chillington".
Name Place Date Event Page
Crawford, Capt.W.G. Dartmouth 1954 Reception 132
Daw, Sir John Blackawton 1943 Evacuation meetings 47
Elles, Sir Hugh Exeter 1943 Evacuation meetings 45
Exeter, Bishop of South Hams 1943 Notices on churches 69
Fortescue, Lord East Allington 1943 Lord Lieutenant 47
Fortescue, Earl Slapton 1954 Slapton memorial 132
Harper, Mr. Exeter 1943 Deputy of Sir H. Elles 46, 101
Hawkins, Lady Judith Slapton 1945 Damage to memorial 124
Hawkins, Sir Richard Slapton 1945 Damage to memorial 124
Hawkins, Sir John Slapton 1945 Damage to memorial 124
Horne, Frank R. Slapton Ley 1943 Botanist, Seal Hayne Agric. College 55, 96
Jarvis, Edward Slapton 1918-39 Blacksmith 22
Jeffrey, Andrew Stokenham 1945 Will preserved at church 129
Marie Louise, Princess South Hams 1943-45 Walking near area 77
Mitchelmore, Mrs. Ethel Slapton 1943 Photo: packing house 34-35
Rayner, Major Ralph   1943 MP for Totnes 49
Read, Hugh Blackawton 1943 Photo: removing church screens 52-53
Southcote, Mr. Stoke Fleming 1770s Cultivation of sea kale 21
Spark, Rev. Richard Blackawton 1945 Tomb at church 128