Name Index


Sir George Carew's Scroll of Arms

- With Additions from Joseph Holland's Collection of Arms, 1588

Devon Notes & Queries, Vol. 1, pt. 2. (Jan. 1900 to October 1901) illus. 152 pp.


Sir G. Carew

Prepared by Michael Steer

This index does not include Holland's additions, which are given separately.
George Carew, 1st Earl of Totnes (29 May 1555 - 27 March 1629), known as Sir George Carew between 1586 and 1605 and as The Lord Carew between 1605 and 1626, served under Queen Elizabeth I during the Tudor conquest of Ireland and was appointed President of Munster. Carew had a considerable reputation as an antiquary and was a friend of William Camden, John Cotton, and Thomas Bodley. He gathered a large collection of materials relating mostly to Irish history and pedigrees, which he left to his secretary, Sir Thomas Stafford. This important scroll of arms collected mainly from churches in Devon is part of that legacy. The folio of arms made by Mr Joseph Holland in 1579 was devised to the Bodleian Library and is believed to be the earliest heraldic manuscript relating to Devon in existence.

Although the common law courts in Great Britain do not regard coats of arms as either property or as being defensible by legal action, armorial bearings are a form of property nevertheless, generally described as insignia of gentility. Armorial bearings according to the Law of Arms are incorporeal and impartible hereditaments, inalienable, and descendable.

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  Carew provides indexes by entry number in his manuscript for:

Persons mentioned in the armorial, pp.135-147;

Places mentioned in the armorial, pp. 148-152.


Abbott arms41
Aclond arms (also Ackland; Acklond)71, 86, 98
Ackelond, Mr John99
Adelston, Radulphus60
Adeston arms (or Adelston)60
Alabalister arms (also Balister)76
Alberton arms (also Albertoma)78
Albomonasterus, John de70
Albomonasterus, Reginald de70
Alley, Bishop13
Alsace, Simon de81
Apleton arms42, 58
Amadas arms40, 76
Ameredith arms (or Meredith)19
Amory, Sir Rogerus de79-80
Amorye arms (also Amorie)79
Amorye, Sir Richard de, arms79
Anioy, Duke of35
Appledor arms4
Archdekne, John66
Archedecon, Warinus de65
Argentine arms56
Arscot arms44
Arundell arms5, 28
Arundell, Bishop5
Ashe arms63
Ashfilde arms79
Ashford arms64
Askwithe arms27
Asseton, Sir Richard35
Asheton arms94
Aston arms (also Ashton)35, 62
Aston, Thomas62
Atbeare, John48
Atwoode arms12
Audley, Lord William69
Auncell arms19
Avenell arms69
Baa or Bathe arms3-4, 59
Baa, Augustine de92
Baa, Henry de59
Baa, Sir Walton de59
Babington arms59
Babington, Sir John de59
Bagh arms37
Balum arms80
Bamfeld, John de88
Bamfield arms (also Bampfield; Bamfylde)6, 15, 47, 50, 64, 88, 98
Barkley arms26, 57-8
Barne arms15
Barnhouse arms45, 49, 72, 95
Baron arms55
Baron, Eustachius le55
Barret Lizth21
Barrie arms68
Barstaple, Thomas Prior of, arms82
Basset arms8, 18, 80-1
Basset, John18
Basset, Thomas80
Bassett, Sir Arthur Kt61, 68, 80, 92
Bassinghorne arms54
Batcombe, Jordanus31
Bathe, Earl of38, 54, 91
Bathe, Thomas de59
Battcombe, Josianus31
Battishill arms (also Bathhill)31
Baumfield, Master Thomas88
Beare, Alex48
Beare arms48
Beares, John at48
Beauchamp arms72, 80, 99
Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, arms24, 72
Beaucombe arms31
Beaumes, William de63
Beaumont, Constance80
Beaumount arms (also Beaumont)8, 80
Beauple, Sir Robert Kt86
Becket, Archbishop Thomas48, 89
Bedford, Earls of7, 58, 66, 79, 89, 98
Bedford, Francis Earl of6
Bedford's roll98
Bedlowe arms12, 71, 88
Bekington arms44
Belhouse arms8
Bellew arms (also Bedlowe)70
Bello Campo, John de80, 99
Bello Monte, Rosellin de80
Bello Prato, John de (Beaupre), arms12
Belmarshe arms69
Belston arms25
Bendvile arms (also Bonvile)60
Benolt, Mr Clar (Mr Cl B)42, 45, 52, 60-3, 68-9, 71, 88-9, 98
Berkley, Lord26
Berry, Duke of35
Besket arms94
Beverley arms32
Bevile arms44
Bickeley, William arms28
Bigbury arms97
Bikebury, John de (also Bigbury)97
Bletsoe, Lord St John95
Blewit, Bishop Robert97
Blomenter, Sir Remond de70
Blominster arms70
Blominster, Sir Kenard de70
Bloumountcy arms70
Bluett arms (also Blwett)29, 47, 57, 97
Bodley, Thomas1
Bodringan (also Bodrugan)32, 84
Bodrugan, Lord Nigell84
Bodrugan, Otto de84
Bohun arms5
Bohun, Earl William6
Bolter arms77
Bonifant arms75
Bonvill, William Lord95
Booth, Bishop John, arms45
Bosco arms26, 39
Bosco, John de26, 39-40, 48
Bosco, William de40
Bosonne arms77
Bostocke, Mr95
Boswell arms (Bosswell)8-9, 13-6, 21, 28, 33, 38, 64, 73, 75, 81, 83, 86, 93-5, 99
Bosswell, Mr55-6, 58, 67, 71, 82
Botterell55, 63, 72
Botterell, Joan6
Botterells, Sir Renard de, arms63, 72
Botterells, Sir William de63
Bottiler arms90
Bottreaux, William Lord, arms21
Boucher, Mr98
Bourchier arms52, 91
Bowden arms39
Bowerman arms47
Bowes arms76
Boys arms (also Boyes)21, 40, 58, 63
Boys, Sir Richard de63
Brawse, William de80
Brawston, William arms (also Brawton; Broughton)100
Brent arms20
Brent, Falco de20
Brenttingham, Bishop, arms55
Breouse arms12
Brett arms11-12, 70, 97
Brett, Erminins de la (Eurmenious)11
Brewer, Earl Richard83
Brian of Ireland61
Briane, Guy de61
Brightley arms68, 90
Brixton arms27, 46
Brodston arms (also Bradstone)46
Brogge, John, arms53
Broke, Sir Thomas43
Bronescombe, Bishop arms40, 55
Browne arms93
Bruer, William48, 83
Bryan of Devon61
Buckerell arms42
Bucketon arms42
Bucton, Jodo de42
Budocshead arms43, 85
Bunavile arms (also Burravile)23
Burdon arms55
Burdon, Nicolaus55
Burghe arms22
Buril arms88
Buril, William43
Burleigh arms68
Burnbye arms27, 81, 82
Burnell arms31
Burnford arms30, 32
Burnlye arms72
Burrill arms43
Burton arms46
Burton, Mr Clement (Mr C.B.?)22, 72, 74, 78
Burton, Robertus7
Bury arms35, 38-9, 78
Bushell, William91
Butler arms40
Callard arms15, 29, 51, 73
Calle, Rogerus de88
Calley arms88
Calmadye arms (Calmady)35, 41, 44
Calverley arms89
Calwodeley (also Cawodlegh)72-3
Camden, William1, 59, 85
Camell arms21
Campo Arnulphi. William de8-9
Cantelupe arms14, 36
Cantelupe, Georgius de36
Carew arms (also Carewe)21, 56, 59, 65, 77
Carew, George, Baron Carew of Clopton & Earl of TotnesFrontespiece, 1-5, 29, 58, 63, 65, 100
Carew, Nicholas de17
Carew, Sir Peter34, 77
Carew, Richard1
Carew, Thomas1
Carewe, Sir Gawen Kt17
Carmino arms82
Carslake arms45
Carswill arms82
Carswill, William82
Carwythen arms36
Cary, John34
Carye arms (also Karie)33-5, 41, 61, 71, 94
Cauker arms (also Coker; Cawker)89
Cavile arms44
Challoner, Thomas2
Chalons arms19, 28
Claons, Sir Robert Kt28
Clare, Gilbert de65
Champernown arms6, 8, 64, 84
Champernown, Henry de (Campo Arnulphi)8
Champernown, Richard de (Campo Arnuphi)9
Champernown, Otys de8
Champernown, Richard de8
Chandos arms61
Chandos, Sir John61
Charls arms98
Charles, Sir Edward98
Cheddelwoode arms29
Chedder arms92
Chester arms8
Chester, Mr8, 10, 12-3, 15, 18, 22, 24, 31, 33, 35-6, 40, 46, 48, 60, 62, 64-5, 67, 69, 71, 73, 78, 88-9, 91-2, 99
Cheyney arms69, 93
Chichester arms14, 39, 60-1, 71
Chichester, Sir John Kt, arms14, 16, 23, 63, 71, 80, 86. 100
Chideoke arms28
Chiderley, John52
Chidley, Mr38
Chidleygh arms (also Chiderley)11, 14, 52
Chitver, William82
Chudleigh, Johannes de14
Churchill arms12
Clere arms93
Clevedon arms92
Clevedon, Bartholomew92
Clifford arms72, 82
Clifford, Rogerus72
Clobery arms31
Clopton arms83
Clotworthy arms39
Cobham arms18
Cobham, Johes de18
Cobham, Lord22, 43, 88
Cobleygh arms30
Cocktree arms30
Coffen arms95
Coffen, Gibtus96
Coffen, Sir William96
Cogan arms38
Cogan, John38
Cogan, Richard38
Colampton, John arms98
Colebrooke arms12
Cokeram arms37, 50
Colet family7
Columbar arms81-2
Columbariis, Phillippus de81
Colyne arms31
Come, Walter of47
Cooke arms17, 31, 41
Cooksworthy arms30
Coole arms44
Coole, William44
Copleston arms (also Copston)10, 53, 56-8, 70, 72, 76, 81, 95, 98
Copleston, John, arms49
Copston arms10, 37
Cornew arms53
Cornube, Galfridus de53
Cornwall, Earl of6, 12
Cortuther arms94
Cosynton arms32
Cottell, Sir Elias81
Cottell, Thomas81
Cotterell arms81
Cotton, John1
Courtenay family42
Courtenay arms22-3, 35, 54-5, 59, 67, 88
Courtenay, Earl Hugh59
Courtenay, John91
Courtenay, Robert de80-1, 96
Courtenay, Sir William Kt5, 59
Courtney, Peter de59
Cousi, Ingram de80
Coykayn, Sir Reynard de (also Cokinges)85
Cradocke arms46
Crathorne arms8
Crescy arms38
Creswell, Mr18
Crevequer arms23
Crewker arms23
Crewker, Sir Robert23
Crewys arms (also Crewes)22, 87
Crofton arms20
Croker arms31, 38, 92
Croker, Sir Jon31
Crooke arms37
Crues, Alexander de87
Crues, Richard de87
Crus, Robertus87
Culleye arms42
Culme arms46-7
Culme, Hugh arms30
Culme, Mr25, 86, 96
Cumpton arms (also Compton)29
Cyrencester, John de71
Dabern arms94
Daberna, John de75
Dalton arms75
Damarell, Galfrid de Albermard94
Damarle, John94
Daunsill, John93
Davells arms36-7
Daw, William74
Dawney arms38
Dawney, Nicholas38
Degon arms21
Denbowe, John76
Deneys, John le75
Denneys, William de74
Dennis (also Dennys) arms12, 22, 38, 74-5
Dennys, Sir Robert Kt (also Deney)26, 42, 52, 75, 83, 94
Dennys, Walter le75
Dillon arms13, 71
Dimock, Mr C B16
Dinge, John arms98
Dinham, Johannes Lord68
Denshill arms93
Doone arms27
Dowdenhay arms82
Dowman arms48
Dowman, Sir William48
Downe arms43
Dowrishe arms83
Drake arms20
Drake, Sir Francis94
Drew, Laurence15
Drew, Sir Thomas15
Drewe arms15, 73
Drewell arms39
Duke arms32, 39, 60
Dune arms26-7
Dune, Radolphus de27, 43
Dunstanvile, Walterus de, arms18
Durnforde arms47-8
Dymocke arms16
Dynham arms52, 68
Dyrywyne arms (also Dirwin)23
Earle, Thomas93
Eaton arms89
Edgecombe arms46-7, 89, 92
Edmonds arms47
Edward, the Black Prince43
Edward I12-4, 21, 48, 52, 63, 66-8, 71, 75-7, 82-3, 85, 90-1, 95-7, 99
Edward II28, 48, 59, 63, 66-7, 72-3, 80-6, 90, 92, 94-7, 99
Edward III3, 5-6, 17, 48, 61, 81, 83, 90, 96, 98
Edward IV75, 80, 83, 91, 98
Edward VI17
Egerton arms76
Elchfilde arms79
Elizabeth I3, 7-8, 11, 14, 18-9, 23-4, 27-8, 52, 55, 57, 61, 66-7, 69-70, 75, 88, 94
English, Raignold14
Englishe arms14
Englishe, Sir John le14
Ercedekne, Sir Thomas le66
Ermye arms92
Especk, Walter le97
Especk, William le97
Esse arms (also Ash)63
Esse, Sir Radu de63
Eston arms20
Eveleigh arms52
Exeter, Duke of (also Exon)17, 34, 78
Faber arms50
Fareway, John92
Faringdon arms27
Farington, William27
Farwaye arms92
Fauconer arms99
Fawell arms92
Felnel arms (also Falnell)91
Ferrers arms (also Ferres)87
Ferrers, John87
Filley arms24
Fishacre arms73
Fishacre, Petri de73
Fitz arms (also Fytz; Fith)24, 47, 51
Fitzbarnard arms95
FitzBernard, Sir Thomas le95
Fitzelrington arms91
Fitzherbert arms14
FitzJohn, Matthew54
FitzJohn, William54
FitzRoger14, 29
FitzRoy arms22
FitzStevens arms96
FitzUrse arms (also FitzWase)48, 89
FitzUrse, Sir Leonard48
FitzUrse, Sir Richard89
FitzWarren, Foulke, Lord54
FitzWilliam Radus69
FitzWilliam, Sir William, arms69
Fleere, John76
Fleminge arms71
Floyer arms (also Fleare)37, 76
Foliot, Robert arms81
Forde arms32
Fortescue arms7, 21, 24-5, 32, 34, 40, 53-4, 58, 70, 74, 77, 83, 85, 91, 93
Fountayne arms18
Fountayne, Mr31
Fowell arms96
France, King Leuys (Louis)59
French arms73
Fraunceys arms96
Frauncys, Henry96
Frye arms27
Fulford arms6, 25 46, 64, 77, 88
Fulford, Sir Baldwin46, 64
Fulkeroye arms (also Fokerey)17, 71
Furnival Lo Nevil8
Furse, Obitron19
Fursland arms (also Furse or Furland)19
Fylegh, Nicholas de24
Gainsford arms54
Gale arms30, 33
Gale, Sir Thomas30, 71
Gambon, Walterus51
Gambun arms51
Garland arms25, 39
Garth arms31
Gaveston, Earl Petrus28
Geare arms50
Gibbes arms75
Gifford arms18, 30, 35, 68, 88
Gilbert arms33
Gilbert, Sir Humphrey2, 12
Gilbert, Sir John Kt58
Gilbert, Jane33
Gilbert, Sir John, arms12, 29, 33
Gilberts, William33
Giles, Mr21
Goldford, Sir John67
Gorge arms (also Gorges)41, 56-7
Gorge, Elizabeth41
Gorge, Theobald41
Gorges, Radus de56
Gorges, William56
Gough, Sir Matthew13, 98
Goughe arms (also Gove or Goffe)13, 98
Gounborne arms53
Grandisson (also Gransson) arms23, 61-2, 87
Grase arms37
Graunson, Bishop William arms87
Graunt arms18
Gray, Lord83
Grendfeld, Sir Richard (also Greenfyld) arms13, 55-6
Grenefeld arms (also Grenfield)7, 9, 11, 41, 44, 52, 60, 82, 90
Grey, Lord2
Griffen, Owen ap23
Gurney arms61
Gyles arms (also Giles)19
Gyles, Mr89
Gyll arms (also Gill)11
Haccambe, Stephanus de85
Haccomb, John de85
Haccombe arms85
Hale arms46, 81
Hall arms (also Halle)60, 78
Hall, Mr57
Hals arms6-7, 47, 51, 59, 88, 99
Hals, Bishop John51
Halse, Elizabeth3
Halse, Richard3, 51
Hambly arms78
Hame, John67
Haney arms43
Handcock arms32
Hankeford arms63
Hankeford, Sir William Kt63
Hardinge arms31, 89
Harington arms69-70
Harlywine arms (also Harling)36, 58
Harris, Mr13
Harrys arms94
Harte arms36
Harteford, Earl of (also Hertford)14, 72, 80, 89
Hartlowe arms67
Harvy, Mr52
Harvey arms38
Hatche arms16
Hathey arms99
Hatlyng, Sir Robert36
Haukeridge arms86
Haukewoode arms93
Haunt arms (also Haund)25
Hawkeridge arms98
Hawkyns, William, arms (also Hawkins)20
Hawley arms53, 76
Haydon arms90
Haydon, Petrus de90
Hayes arms62
Haynes arms29, 83
Heaton arms89
Hele arms49
Hele, Richard de49
Hele, Rogerus de49
Heligan arms61
Henry I65-6, 70, 79-81, 86, 90
Henry II17, 55, 68-9
Henry III14, 48, 59, 68-9, 73, 78, 80-3, 99
Henry IV24, 30, 48-9, 56-7, 62, 66, 70-1, 80, 86, 90
Henry V35, 51, 63, 67, 88, 97
Henry VI7, 9, 11, 13, 19, 24, 28, 33, 51, 59, 62, 66, 68, 78, 80, 83, 88, 90-1, 95
Henry VII45, 68
Henry VIII46, 64, 96
Henscott arms49
Herle arms29
Herle, Baron William de29
Hewis arms14, 70-1
Hext arms40, 75, 99
Hill arms (also Hull)9-10, 91
Hillary arms26
Hillersdon arms (also Hillerden)6, 15, 45-6, 89, 92
Hillersdon, Andrewe45
Hillersdon, William45
Hilton arms82
Hingston arms74, 77
Hinstocke (Hymstoke)15
Hodge, William67
Hody, William88
Hoker, Mr (also Hooker)7, 9, 25-6, 29-31, 34, 36-9, 41-2, 49-50, 52, 54-5, 58, 62-3, 68-9, 73-5, 81-4, 92, 94, 99
Hokesham, William de6
Holbeam, John62
Holbeame arms36, 51, 53, 62
Holcombe arms50-2
Holland, Andrew arm.3, 11, 59, 81, 92
Holland arms3, 16-7, 33, 59, 84
Holland of Weare arms4
Holland, Elizabeth3
Holland, Earl John, arms16-7
Holland, Joseph3-4, 10, 15, 29-30, 43, 58, 63, 65, 67, 75-6, 94, 100
Holland, Earl Thomas, arms16
Holland, William3
Hollingshed (also Hollenshed)6-8, 12-5, 27-8, 31, 37, 41, 48-9, 56, 58-61, 64, 75, 78, 83, 89-90, 97-8
Holloway arms (also Holways)10, 94
Holme, Randle2-3
Holwell arms88
Hooper arms99
Huckmore arms32
Hudday arms67
Huddefield arms45
Huddelston, Sir Edward70
Huddy, William67
Hull arms10-11, 31, 78
Hull, Sir Edward78
Humet arms7
Humfrevill, Earl William26
Hungerford, Lord21, 59
Hungerford, Sir William59
Hunstone arms46
Huntingdon, Earl of17, 29, 61, 90-1
Huntingtonie, Hennricus83
Hunychurch arms96
Hurst arms94
Huxham arms58
Hydon arms57, 59
Hydon, Fioda Ricardi de59
Iscanius, Bishop Bartholomew, arms73
James I20
Janitor, John le55
Jewe, Rogerus le12
Jewers, Mr Arthur J3
John, King6, 16, 26, 29, 35, 48, 54, 57-8, 61, 63, 67, 68, 71-2, 76-7, 80-2, 84, 97
Kellaway arms41
Kelly arms57, 78
Kelley, John57
Kelley, Thomas57
Kendall arms82
Kendall, Sir Robert de82
Keyes, Mr55
Kilvington alias Colbrooke13
Kingdone arms31
Kirkallen arms67
Kirkham arms14, 36, 39, 69, 74-5, 93
Kirkley arms18
Knoles arms32, 77
Lacy arms51
Lacy, Bishop Edmund51
Lamburne arms64
Laneherne arms66
Langford arms18-9
Langford, John de18
Langford, Rogei de19
Laplod arms47
Larder arms7, 61
Larderio, Galfridus de61
Larmouth arms69
Latymer arms6, 24
Latymer, Lord William24
Laurence, John arms87
Lega, Radus de19
Legh, Mr19
Leicester, Earl of80
Leigh arms19
Leigh, G62
Leigh, Thomas de19
Lemmime, William de78
Levermore arms39
Levian, Mr Edward2
Lewes arms22, 70, 89
Lewes, Hirden70
Ley, Mr26, 62, 94
Leyholm, Sir John (also Legdin)36
Leyton arms53
Limpenny arms20, 34
Lions arms11
Lippingcott arms13, 20
Lloid, Mr56
Lodwicke arms30
Lomen arms78
Lorayne arms85
Loveys arms32
Loweman, Blacksteine arms78
Lucye arms73
Lutterell arms28
Lyons, Sir John11
Maleherbe, Galfridus39
Maleherbe, Henry39
Malherbe arms39
Mallet arms23, 52, 91
Mallet, Lord91
Malston arms69
Manningford arms (also Mannyfold)33
March, Earl of54-5
Mareschallus, Rogerus53
Marney arms10-11
Marney, James10
Marshall arms53
Marsham arms73
Martin arms81
Martin, Martini67
Martin, Nicolaus67
Martyn, William67
Marwoode arms40, 47
Massy arms100
Matravers arms70
Mayhewe alias Mayo arms57
Maynard arms78
Maynwaring arms67
Medvile arms (also Medvyle)74
Meriett, Sir John de, arms79
Merstede, Sir Andrewe de92
Merton arms3, 24, 93
Merton, Richardus de84
Metsted arms3
Mewey or Meauy arms (also Mewe; Mevye)4, 99
Mewye, Richard de99
Michell arms (also Mychell)30
Michilstowe arms73
Milles arms (also Mylles)24
Millington arms (also Milliton)74
Mohun arms23, 34, 77
Mohun, Baron John23
Moigne, Rogerus le48
Moigne, Sir William le (also le Moyne)48
Moleford arms30, 43
Moleford, Mr John43
Moleford, Mr Thomas30
Moles, John de60
Moles, Rogerus de60
Molins arms61
Molins, Richard Lord61
Molis, Michaelis de60
Molto, Sir John de68
Molton arms71
Molton, Sir James de71
Molton, Sir Thomas de68, 71
Monke arms (also Mounke)6, 78
Monte acuto, William de96
Monterey, Sir Theobald de62
Monthermer, Earl of Salisbury, arms27
Moore arms (also More)37, 50
Mordatt, Sir Thomas70
Mortymer, Mortimer, Earl of March, arms54
Moules, Sir John de60
Mountague arms96
Mountgomery, Sir William98
Mowbray arms5
Moyle arms (also Mule)27, 60
Moyle, Jane33
Moyle, John33
Munke (also Mounke)18, 77-8
Newcourte arms98
Newnam arms97
Nichols arms76
Nicolas, N Harris11
Noble arms19
Norleighe arms33, 42
Northwood, Johes de23
Norton arms9, 25, 29. 62
Norwood arms23
Novo Mercato, Jacobi de6
Offleigh arms68
Okeston arms54
Okeston, Alexander de54
Oldeham, Bishop, arms32
Orchard arms41
Ormound, Butler Earl of90
Otoste arms24
Oxford, Earl of (Veer)12
Paganell, Richardus99
Pagani, Robertus filius99
Page arms4, 99
Palton arms32
Paltona, Radus de32
Parker, John arms44
Pasmore arms36, 41, 50, 89
Pateshull arms62
Pawlett arms (also Paulett)40, 42, 61, 95
Pawlett, Sir Amias61
Pawlett, Sir John61
Pawlett, Sir Thomas61
Pawndfoot arms15
Peynell, John99
Pederton arms15
Pempawnee arms (also Penpaunce)22
Penals arms (also Penhale)74
Penfowe arms77
Penwarren arms35
Pepparde arms (also Pipparde)54
Percy family (Earls of Northumberland)5
Periham arms49
Perry arms17
Peter arms34
Peter, Sir John Kt34
Petit arms11
Peverell arms90
Peverell, Hugo90
Peverell, Thomas90
Peytonyn arms65
Phillipps, Mr (Mr Phil.)22, 33, 35, 40, 49, 53, 63, 76, 82, 94, 98
Phillpott arms83
Pillonde arms35
Pillonde, Thomas ( also Pillone; Pilland)35, 97
Pino, Sir Thomas de42
Piper arms31, 54
Piperell arms42
Piperells, Richard42
Pollard arms29, 55, 92, 95
Polles, Mr40
Pomeroy arms (also Pomereye)21, 60, 89
Pomeroy, Henricus12
Poole arms11
Poole, Mr6-7, 9-10, 12-20, 25-7, 29, 36, 39-42, 44-5, 47-9, 51, 54-5, 57-8, 62, 64, 68-9, 71, 73-5,78-9, 81, 83, 85-6, 88-90, 92-4, 96-7
Poole alias de Hagne, William11
Power arms60
Poyntington arms37
Prale arms (also Prawle)13
Prawle, William de13
Predice arms52
Prestwoode arms19
Preuz, Sir William le14
Pridice, Sergeant52
Prideaux arms (also Pridieux)98
Prideaux, Mr Richard95
Pridieux, Rogerus62
Prince, Rev John2
Prouz, Hugo, Kt14
Prowse arms10, 14, 29, 41
Prydeux arms (also Prideaux)60, 62, 67-8, 88
Puntyngton, John37
Purye arms29
Putehisdon, John, arms30
Pychard, Sir Myles93
Pyne arms (also Pynne)16, 41-3, 58, 93
Pynne, Herbertus de42
Pypard, Thomas54
Quyney arms75
Radeway arms31
Radford arms13
Radford, Nicholas13
Radford, Radus de13
Ralegh arms52, 54, 64, 86
Ralegh, Sir Symond86
Ralegh, Sir Walter1, 15, 20, 29, 33, 70, 84, 92
Ratcliffe arms (Earl of Suffolk)52, 81
Repryne arms46
Reynell arms (also Reynold; Raynell)25, 45, 60, 69, 90
Reynell, Robert90
Reynell, William90
Reyney arms72
Richard I18, 24, 80-1
Richard II8, 14, 16-9, 24, 26, 48-9, 54-5, 57-8, 61, 64, 68, 70, 78, 82, 84-5, 89, 92-3, 96
Richmonde, Mr (Herald)7-8, 11, 13, 18-9, 21-4, 26, 31, 42, 46, 48, 60-1, 67, 69, 76, 86, 89, 91, 96
Risdon, Mr Giles77
Rivers, Earl of Devon15, 33
Rivers, Baldwin de5, 20
Robert, Gilbert6
Rogus arms57
Rolles arms20
Roos, Sir Walter de91
Rosecarocke arms33, 35
Rosemaryne arms33
Rouse (also Rowse)72, 98
Rowe arms47
Rowe, Sergeant47
Rowe, J Brooking4
Rugeway alias Peycocke arms40
Russell, Joan6
Russell, Lord6
Russell, Rad6
Rysdone arms77
Sachville arms76
Sackebye arms21, 53-4
Sainsburye arms75
Sale arms16
Sanforde arms28
Sapcottes arms58
Sapton arms (also Sapperton)46
Sauelake arms45
Savery arms52
Savile arms100
Savoy, Duke of22
Say arms65
Scobell arms36
Scrope, Lord, arms82
Sebelton arms (also Seuelton)79
Seint Clere arms11, 95
Seintgeor, Sir Thomas6
Selley arms (also Swilley)65
Selley, Reymonde de65
Semarke arms7
Sentclere arms69, 93
Senthill arms50
Sent Leger, Sir John Kt63
Serensford, Sir Richard97
Sernesford arms97
Servington arms44
Sewarde arms50
Sewye arms (also Gewye)10
Shakesburgh arms95
Sharpe arms93
Shillingford arms82
Shilson arms9
Shrewsbury, Earl of13
Sideham, Amaricus de47
Silley, Johes de, arms65
Singleton arms65
Sitta Villa, Robertus de76
Slader arms27-8
Slanning arms90
Smart, John49
Smarte arms49
Smyth, Mr98
Smythe arms58
Snape, Elizabeth6
Snape, Nicholai6
Somerset, Earl of (Mohun)34
Somersett, Mr (Herald)7, 10-16, 18-9, 21-3, 28-9, 31, 33-4, 36, 38, 42-3, 45-6, 50-1, 53-4, 56-8, 60-5, 67, 71-3, 76, 78-9, 81-2, 84-5, 90-1, 93-4, 96-100
Southcote arms (also Sothcoat)6, 32, 51, 63
Southampton, Earl of18
Speake, Sir George Kt71, 88
Speckatt arms (also Specott)10, 21, 25, 36, 38, 53, 70, 82
Specott, Baldwine de25
Speake, Sir George97
Speke arms58, 97
Speke, William le97
Spencer arms88
Spencer, Earl Hugh de85
Spencer, John88
Spineto, Walterus de (Gualf)15
Stafford, Bishop Edmond, arms64
St Amande arms70
St Amando, Almericus de70
Stanton arms70
Stapledon, Bishop Walter84
Stapleton arms (slso Stapledon)6, 84
St Aubyn arms7
Staunton, Henry de70
Staunton, Lord Robert de70
Staveley arms44
St Awbyn, Mr Som.7
St Claire, Sir John de11
Stephen, King5
Stevenston arms77
Stigill arms60
Still alias Stighull60
Stighull, William60
St Leiger, Sir John arms71
St Lowe arms93
St Maur arms64
St Maur, Nicholas de64
St Maure, Lawrence de64
Stockhay arms63
Stoford alias Kellaway arms41
Stokeheys, Robert de63
Stowell, Sir John Kt24, 92
Stowell, Sir Matthewe24
Stowill arms (also Stowell)64, 84
Strange arms16
Strange, Lord16
Strangman, Mr96
Stretchley arms32, 37-8
Stretcheley, John37-8
Strickland, Sir Walter91
Strode arms (also Stroode; Strowde; Stroode)44, 53, 74, 96-7, 100
Stukeley (also Stukeld) arms14, 26, 33, 35, 41
Stukeley Sir John41
Stukeley, Sir Nicholas41
Sturmy, Mr Treswell14
Sturmyne arms14
Sturton, Lord59, 89
Suffolk, Earl of23
Sumyster arms58
Sydnam arms47, 66
Sydnam, Sir John Kt47, 86
Talbot arms70, 78
Talbott, Sir William78
Tapeley (also Talpley)18
Tatshull arms100
Thomond arms6
Thorber arms25
Thorne arms15, 31
Till arms40
Todenham, Olyver61-2
Todenham, Sir Robert61-2
Todewell, Richard de95
Todwell arms95
Tonke arms67
Toteshull, Sir Robert de, arms (also Tatshull)23
Tothill arms19
Tracye arms83
Trayleboyes arms53
Tregarthyne arms92
Tregoose arms18, 29
Tremayne arms77, 92, 95
Trerise arms66
Tresawell arms46, 50
Treswell, Mr8-10, 12, 19, 22, 24, 26-8, 31-3, 35-6, 38, 42-4, 46-8, 51, 57, 62, 66, 68, 70, 76, 79, 82, 88-9, 91, 93-4, 98-9
Trevalward arms85
Trevarge arms85
Trevett, Monsieur Thomas58
Trevilian arms22, 27, 30, 76, 78, 84, 86
Trevitt arms (also Trevet)57
Treyven arms67
Trobridge arms56
Trowe, Prioress Margaret arms66
Twinstede arms7
Tyrell arms64
Ufculm, John30
Ufflete arms26
Ufflete, Lord26
Ufford arms23
Ufford, Robert Lord23
Umfrevile, Gilbertus de, arms26
Underdon arms34
Upcott arms34, 45
Upcott, Johes de45
Upton of Lacton arms7, 74
Upton, Mr21, 23, 68, 80
Valla Torta, Reginaldus de84
Vavel, John64
Vawtort arms95
Vedell, Geffry80
Vele, Sir William de89
Verdon arms10, 69
Verdon, Sir Theobald69
Verdone, Sir Thomas10
Vermoore, John le39
Villers arms7
Villers, Sir Nicholas de7
Vindale arms46
Vowell alias Hoker, John16, 77
Vyerdo, Viscount11
Wadame arms (Wadham)33, 40
Wadhame, M de33
Wagett arms7
Walcott arms91
Waldron arms26, 73-4
Walesborogh arms84-5
Waller arms40-1
Waller, Sir Walter40-1
Walleys arms3, 81
Walleys, Sir John de81
Wallopp arms81
Walrond arms45
Walrond, John45
Warburton arms64
Warren, Hamelyn Earl41
Warwick, Sir Guy de72
Warwick, William Earl of24
Waterwill, Sir John de65
Waterwill, Sir Roger de65
Wattes, John arms86
Waye arms (also Wey)74
Weare arms25, 85
Weekes (also Wekes; Wiks)30-1, 69, 75
Weele, William de98
Welands brothers7
Weldon, Sir Anthony1
Wele arms98
Wenard arms (also Wynyard)88
Wendon arms7
Weston arms66-7
Weston, Sir John de66-7
Weyland, Sir William de7
Whiddon arms (Whydon)9, 34, 42, 45, 76
Whiteacre arms69
Whitefild arms25, 60
Whitleyghe arms (also Whitleigh)60, 92
Whitlighe, Rogerus de60
Whyte arms74, 89
Whytyng arms74, 89
Wickham arms33
Wiks arms69
Wilford arms49
Wilington, Radus Kt8
William I (also W.C)5, 72, 91-2
William II Rufus8
Williams arms52
Willoughbie, Lord John, arms23
Windsor, Mr92
Wingfield arms73
Winscote arms68
Winslade arms99
Wise arms66
Wise, Thomas66
With arms22
Wivell arms67
Wodeham arms33
Wodland, Sir Walter43
Wolfe, Walterus de, arms22
Wollacombe arms68, 73
Wolrington arms15, 51-2
Wolrington, Matthew de52
Wolvedon arms48
Wolvengton, William de15
Wonwell arms (also Wombwell)25
Wood, Mr40
Woode arms (Wood)26, 38-9, 45, 48, 74, 79, 89
Woode, John (also Johannes)39-40
Woodland arms43, 88
Worth arms (also Worthe)22, 73, 96-7, 100
Wortham arms52
Wotton arms (also Wolton)9-10
Wotton, Robert de10
Wrey arms11, 75
Wyarde arms33
Wychehale arms94
Wykes, Richard de75
Wynard arms (also Wenard)44
Wyvell (also Wyvile)27, 68
Yeard arms87, 91
Yeard, Thomas at91
Yearthe arms (also Yearworthe)44
Yeo arms12, 29-30, 76
York, Edrick Earl of11
Ysmaye arms24
Zouch, Alanus le58
Zouche arms4, 58, 64
Zouch, Lord64