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Help and advice for The Justices of the Peace for the County of Devon under Charles I and Oliver Cromwell - Index

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Name Index


The Justices of the Peace for the County of Devon under Charles I and Oliver Cromwell

Trans. Devon Assoc., vol 10 (1878), pp. 269-275.


A.H.A. Hamilton

Prepared by Michael Steer

JPs constituted a major element of the English (later British) governmental system. The JP system has been termed the squirearchy (i.e., dominance by the land-owning gentry). Depending on the jurisdiction, JPs' dispense summary justice or merely deal with local administrative applications in common law jurisdictions. JPs were appointed or elected from the citizens of the jurisdiction in which they served, and are (or were) usually not required to have any formal legal education to qualify for the office. Being unpaid, undertaken voluntarily and sometimes more for the sake of renown or to confirm the justice's standing within the community, the JP was typically a member of the gentry. JPs' conducted arraignments in criminal cases, and tried misdemeanours and infractions of local ordinances and bylaws. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the University of California Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Acland family 311
Acland, John Esq 310
Arscott, Edmund Esq 310, 312, 314
Arscott, John 313
Ashford, Henry Esq 310
Bagg, Sir James 310
Bampfield 312
Bampfield, John Esq 310, 312
Bampfield, Sir John 311-2
Bampfield, Thomas Esq 314
Bastard, William Esq 310, 313
Bath, Earl of 309
Beare, John 313
Bedford, Earl of 309
Beecher, Lionel 313
Bennett, Robert Esq 314
Berry, Bartholomew Esq 310
Berry, Humfrey Esq 310
Bevis, Peter 313
Blackmore, John Esq 314
Blundell, John Esq 314
Boone, Thomas Esq 313
Bradshawe, John Esq 311, 313
Browne, Samuel 312
Bury, John 312-3
Cabell, Richard Esq 310
Calmady 312
Calmady, Josiah 312
Calmady, Sir Shilston 310, 313
Carew 312
Carew, John 313
Champernowne, Arthur Esq 310
Champnes, John 312-3
Charles I 309-10, 312
Charles II 312
Chichester, Sir John 310
Chichester, Viscount 309
Chudleigh, Sir George 309, 312
Clifford, Dr Thomas 310
Copleston, Henry 313
Coplestone, John Esq 314
Coplestone 312
Cory, William Esq 310
Cotton, Archdeacon Edward 310
Crewes, Henry Esq 314
Crimes, Elizeus 312
Cromwell, Oliver 309, 311, 313
Cruwys 312
Davie, John Esq 310
Davy, Sir John Bt 311-3
Davyes, Ed 312
Dennis, Philip 313
Desborough, Major General 311
Desborowe, John 313
Doddridge, John 313
Drake 312
Drake, Sir Francis Bt 309, 311-3
Drake, John 312-3
Drake, Thomas Esq 313-4
Ducke, Richard 313
Duke, Robert 312-3
Earle, Sir Walter 312
Edgcumbe, Sir Richard 310
Elford, John 313
Erisey, James 313
Ford, Thomas Esq 310
Fortescue 312
Fortescue, Arthur 313
Fortescue, Hugh 312-3
Fortescue, John 312-3
Fowell 312
Fowell, Edmond 313
Fowell, Sir Edmund 310-2
Fowell, William 313
Fry, Nicholas Esq 310
Fry, William 312-3
Fulford family 311
Fulford, Sir Francis 310
Geare, John 312
Giles, Sir Edward 310
Glanvill, Sir Francis 310
Glyn, John Esq 313
Godbold, John 312
Gorges, Sir Ferdinando 310
Grenvile, Sir Richard 310
Hales, John Esq 314
Hall, Bishop Joseph 309
Harris, John 312
Hatch, Thomas 312
Hatsell, Henry 313
Hele, Elias Esq 310
Hele, Sampson Esq 310
Henley, Henry 313
Hunkyn, Joseph 313
Keble, Richard 313
Kelly, John 313
Kent, Earl of 312
Killigrew, Sir Robert 310
Leach, Sir Simon 310
Lenthall, William Esq 310-3
Lisle, John 313
Luttrell, Nicholas Esq 310
Manchester, Earl of 310-1
Marshll, John Esq 314
Martin, Christopher Esq (also Martyn) 312-3
Martin, Sir Nicholas Knt 310-2
Maurice, William 313
Maynard, Alexander Esq 310
Maynard, John 312
Montgomery, Earl of 312
Morris, William 313
Northcote, Sir John 311-12
Northcott, John Esq 310
Northcott, William 313
Northumberland, Earl of 310, 312
Norton, Sir Gregory 312
Oliver 312
Pembroke, Earl of 312
Penyman, Arthur 313
Perriman, Arthur 313
Peterson, Dr William 310
Pole, Sir John 309
Polexfen, Henry 313
Pollard family 311
Pollard, Sir Lewis 309
Poole, Sir John 312
Prestwood, George 313
Prideaux 312
Prideaux, Edmund 312-3
Prideaux, Sir Peter 309
Pruz, Humphry Esq 310
Putt, William Esq 313-4
Quicke 312
Quicke, John Esq 312-4
Roberts, Lord 312
Reynell 312
Reynell, Richard Esq 310
Reynell, Sir Richard 310
Reynell, Thomas 312-3
Risdon, Thomas Esq 310
Rolle 312
Rolle, Henry 312-3
Rolle, John 312
Rolle, Robert 313
Rolle, Sir Samuel 310-2
Rosewell, Sir Henry 310-3
Rous, Anthony 313
Rous, Francis Esq (also Rowse) 311-3
Row, John Esq 314
Saunders, Thomas Esq 314
Savery, Christopher 312-3
Savery, Robert 312
Savery, Servington 313
Say, Earl of 310, 312
Searle, John Esq 314
Seymour, Sir Edward 309
Shapcott, Robert 312
Sheereman, Gideon Esq 314
Sidenham, Sir Ralph 310
Skippon, Philip Esq 311, 313
Southcot, Sir George 310
Speccot, Sir John 310
Speccott, Peter 312
St John, Alexander 309
St John, Oliver 311-3
Strode, Sir William 310
Sweete, Richard Esq 314
Trevillion, Hugh 312
Tyrlinge, John (also Tirling) 313-4
Upton, Arthur 312-3
Upton, John Esq 310
Vicary, Richard Esq 314
Victoria, Queen 312
Vincent, Sir Francis 309
Waddon, John 312
Walrond, Henry Esq 310, 312
Waltham, Richard Esq 310
Welsh, James Esq 310
Whiddon, Roland 313
Whitchalse, John 313
Whitelocke, Bulstrode 311, 313
Wood, Christopher 313
Wood, John Esq 310
Woolcombe, William Esq 314
Woollacombe, John 312-3
Worth, Henry 312
Wychalse 312
Wylde, Serjeant 312
Yarde, Walter 312
Young, Sir John Knt 311-3
Young, Walter Esq 310, 312