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Cullompton - Burials (January 1774 - December 1777)

Transcribed by Elizabeth Howard

Made available here by kind permission of the Rev. Philip Sourbut


Joseph Greenslade 7th Jan 1774
Samuel Sheppard [date unreadable]
Anne dau of Sam ? Sarah [rest unreadable]
Margaret Hake 23rd Jan
William Searle 23rd Jan
Mrs Anni Glynn 4th Feb
Sarah Bazeley 9th Feb
George Short 13th Feb
Robt Mitchell 14th Feb
Abrhm son of Abrm Dyer 17th Feb
Sar'h dau of Jno Ash 20th Feb
Mrs Mary Wright 23rd Feb
Grace Harward 27th Feb
Sarah Baker 27th Feb
Sarah Watson 27th Feb
Henry son of Thomas Forse 6th March
Hugh Searle 11th March
Jane dau of Jno Worth 14th March
Elizabeth Norman 16th March
Joan Diment 16th March
John son of Humph'y Beere 20th March
Thomas Carnal 20th March
Jno son of Joseph Seymour 22nd March
Sarah Taylor 25th March
Eleanor Willey 25th March
Will'm Clogg 3rd April
Henry son of Henry Joice 3rd April
Mary Richards 10th April
Morrice Evans 10th April
Joseph Willey 13th April
Joan Pidgeon 14th April
Mary Trump 21st April
A son of John Knight 21st April
Thomasin Mills 25th April
Elizabeth Prigge 25th April
Mary Prigge 1st May
Elizabeth dau of Abel Down 3rd May
Elizabeth Taylor 3rd May
Mary Morgan 15th May
Samuel Voizey 15th May
Simon Williams 22nd May
Mary Allen 22nd May
Anne Simonds 22nd May
George Rossiter 3rd June
Joan Toller 8th June
Rachael Westcombe 19th June
Eleanor Rawlins 20th June
John Upcott 18th July
William Edwards 24th July
John son of Paul Rogers 24th July
Thom's son of Eliz'th Ash 27th July
Anthony Codner 31st July
Anne Vinicomb 2nd Aug
John son of Wm Denham 15th Aug
Elisha Taylor 31st Aug
Mary Templeman 11th Sept
Eliz'th dau of Sam Templeman 16th Sept
Elizabeth Seaman 23rd Sept
Susannah dau of John Taylor 9th Oct
Elizabeth Sayer 10th Nov
William Seymour 11th Nov
Elizabeth Hyatt 13th Nov
Mary Chappell 23rd Nov
John son of Chris Taylor 24th Nov
William Stark 2nd Dec
Sarah Savoury 4th Dec

Sarah Mitchell 6th Jan 1775
Thomas son of John Isaac 8th Jan
Mrs Sarah Sheere 11th Jan
Mary Luxton 15th Jan
John Podger 29th Jan
Anne Hake 13th Feb
Charles Trump 19th Feb
Nicholas Old 26th Feb
William Coles 26th Feb
Henry Fulford 3rd March
Susannah dau of Wm Gay 3rd March
.[blank] of Joseph Thomas 3rd March
Eliz'th dau of Chris Taylor 6th March
Eliz'th Rogers 13th March
Eliz'th James 17th March
Henry Broome 14th March
dead born child of John Martin 24th March
James Short 26th March
Robert Wright 28th March
Margaret Blackmore 2nd April
Mary Cornish 9th April
Anne dau of Josias Herbert 16th April
Elizabeth Drewe 17th April
Elizabeth Warren 15th May
Betty Crosse 18th May
Edw'd Tozer 18th May
James Olvell a stranger 18th May
Anne Griffen 23rd May
John Arlott 22nd May
Hannah Wright 23rd May
Margaret Symes 1st June
Robert Pring 11th June
Joan Drewe 11th June
James Keene 18th June
Thomas Willey 18th June
Anne Short 18th June
Elizabeth Griffen 20th June
Mary Prigge 21st June
Margaret Fry 23rd June
George son of Jos'h Hornsey 23rd June
Anne dau of James Pannell 28th June
Leonard Peek 20th Aug
Richard Taylor [date unreadable] Sept
Thomas Palmer 24th Oct
Mary Bidgood 6th Nov
Mary Baker 6th Nov
Henry Blackmore 12th Nov
John White 12th Nov
Richard Parkhouse 7th Nov
William Holland 14th Nov
Henry son of Thos Forse 24th Nov
Anne Goodhind 30th Nov
Thomas Rookley 3rd Dec
William Sayer 4th Dec
Mary Hart 11th Dec
Timothy Barley 17th Dec
Mary Hart 23rd Dec
Mary Ash 24th Dec
A stranger 24th Dec

Mary [surname and date unreadable] Jan 1776
Elizabeth Comyns [date unreadable] Jan
Mary Dyer [date unreadable] Jan
Mary [surname and date unreadable] Jan
Thomas [surname and date unreadable] Jan
George Hammett 28th Jan
Jane Goodhind 29th Jan
Robert Cording 1st Feb
Henry Bazeley 2nd Feb
Joanne Fouracres 5th Feb
William son of Elias Bazeley 5th Feb
Benjamin Nichols 8th Feb
Humphrey Bowering 18th Feb
Mary Rossiter 19th Feb
Jonn Stark 27th Feb
Sarah Turner 29th Feb
Emlin Pratt 3rd March
Mary Dodge 4th March
Joan Cording 10th March
Sarah Norman 16th March
Mrs Sarah Serle 21st March
Thomas son of Wm Baston 21st March
Mrs Hannah Whitby 21st March
William Taylor 26th March
Katherine Hyatt 31st March
George Radford 15th April
Susannah Blackmore 18th April
Edward Sayer 21st April
Joseph son of Robert Templeman 2nd May
Eleanor Gore 5th May
Jehu Blackmore 10th May
Robert Cross 13th May
Elizth dau of Paul Rogers 14th May
Mary dau of Anne Short 20th May
Eleanor Allen 24th May
Mary May 2nd June
Anne Lambrey 2nd June
Susan'h dau of John Ash 6th June
Mary Clogg 9th June
John Carrick 12th June
Jane Norman 13th June
Rebecca Baker 19th June
Mary Richards 26th June
Samuel Sheppard 28th June
Simon Vinicombe 30th June
Mary Trump 12th July
Sarah dau of Francis Drake 14th July
Anthony Palmer 15th July
William son of Wm Gill 2nd Aug
John son of Anne Leat 8th Sept
Sus'h dau of Simon Mills 8th Sept
James Keene 19th Sept
Mary Norman 20th Sept
Sarah Gay 15th Oct
Mariah dau of Mariah Evans 22nd Oct
Mr John Crosse 4th Nov
Mary Blackmore 10th Nov
Elizabeth Hyatt 17th Nov
Elizth Voisey 1st Dec
Elizabeth Broome 6th Dec
William son of Wm Poole 8th Dec
Mary Burton 8th Dec
Mariah Pring 13th Dec
Alice Norman 15th Dec

Anne Edwards 5th Jan 1777
Joseph son of Thos Willey 12th Jan
Christopher Commins [date unreadable]
Mary son [as written] of Robert Coombe 30th Jan
Samuel Elworthy 30th Jan
Elizth Manley 2nd Feb
Wm son of Wm Price 7th Feb
Mary Ma[rest unreadable]
Katherine Axhorne [date unreadable]
John Haydon [date unreadable]
John [surname and date unreadable]
Elizth wife of Anthony Trump [date unreadable]
John Mitchell [date unreadable]
Elizth dau of David Stevens [date unreadable]
[name unreadable] of Paul Rogers [date unreadable]
John Eyeres 18th March
Mary Croden 20th March
Thomasin Galpin 22nd March
Sarah Wynne 23rd March
Henry son of Richard Goodhind 25th March
Robert Matthews 25th March
William Norman 25th March
Edward Harvey 1st April
Elizabeth Chave 7th April
Elizabeth Trump 13th April
Richard Rice 20th April
Henry Edwards 20th April
Elizabeth Ellicott 20th April
Mary Stout 20th April
William Crosse 27th April
Martha Heard 27th April
John Symes 29th April
Grace Dunn 1st May
Grace Frost 4th May
Mary Sellwood 7th May
Ruth Dyer 11th May
James son of James Norman [date unreadable]
Philip Taylor [date unreadable]
William son of Francis [surname and date unreadable]
[no name] dau of John [surname and date unreadable]
Sarah Searle [date unreadable]
Jane dau of [name and date unreadable]
Roger son of Roger Venn [date unreadable]
John son of John Sheppard [date unreadable]
Nathaniel son of John Ta[rest of name and date unreadable
Thomas son of Thomas [surname and date unreadable]
John Hall [date unreadable]
Mary Pulman [date unreadable]
Alice Gore 3rd July
Sarah Chappell 13th July
Sarah Prescott 17th July
Elizabeth Taylor 20th July
Mary Bidgood 20th July
John Reynolds 28th July
John Chilcott 3rd Aug
Mary Mitchell 10th Aug
Anne Mortimer 26th Aug
Anne Cornish 31st Aug
Mary Seymour 31st Aug
William Symonds 1st Sept
Thomas Frost 13th Sept
Joseph Pannell 16th Sept
Robert Serle 21st Sept
Richd Parkhouse 24th Sept
Joseph Galpin 5th Oct
Anne Galpin 5th Oct
Mariah Evans 5th Oct
William son of William Pugh 12th Oct
John Joyce 19th Oct
William Bray 19th Oct
Henry Forse 20th Oct
Sarah Hole 23rd Oct
Joan Allen 10th Nov
John Rice 12th Nov
Mary Coles 18th Nov
Mary Blackmore 19th Nov
[name left blank] dau of Mr Westron 30th Nov
Richard Langham 30th Nov
John May 1st Dec
Robert Willey 7th Dec
John Harley 8th Dec
Mrs Mariah Pring 10th Dec
Mary dau of Wm Bray 14th Dec

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