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Cullompton - Burials (January 1778 - December 1797)

Transcribed by Elizabeth Howard

Made available here by kind permission of the Rev. Philip Sourbut


1st Jan 1778, Elizabeth Allen
4th Jan 1778, Robert Westcombe
7th Jan 1778, Elizabeth Ash
7th Jan 1778, Thomas Mitchell
18th Jan 1778, Eleanor Martin
18th Jan 1778, Mary dau of John Pannell
18th Jan 1778, Robert Wright
19th Jan 1778, Christoph Seaman
4th Feb 1778, Anne Goodhind
8th Feb 1778, Mary Ellis
15th Feb 1778, Mary Short
15th Feb 1778, John Short
18th Feb 1778, Elizabeth Norman
8th March 1778, John Langbridge
8th March 1778, Sarah Hake
22nd March 1778, Mary James
5th April 1778, George Hellens
12th April 1778, Sarah Beere
3rd May 1778, William son of Elias Baziley
3rd May 1778, Anne Johnsling
17th May 1778, Mary dau of Jas Vinnicombe
20th May 1778, Ann Glass
20th May 1778, John son of Nathl Davey
24th May 1778, Charles Skinner
7th June 1778, Joanna May
14th June 1778, Mary dau of John Tribute
17th June 1778, Mrs Mary Trump
17th June 1778, Hannah Rutley
21st June 1778, Mary dau of John Bishop
28th June 1778, Anne dau of William Willey
12th July 1778, John son of Wm Martin
14th July 1778, Thomas Barons
22nd July 1778, Betty Reed
29th July 1778, Mr Humphrey Bliss
9th Aug 1778, John son of Thomas Tribute
9th Aug 1778, Thomas son of Sarah Morrish
11th Aug 1778, John Frost
11th Aug 1778, John son of Thos Middle
30th Aug 1778, Mary dau of Willm Rossiter
30th Aug 1778, Frances Richards
4th Oct 1778, William son of Thomas Ellicott
11th Oct 1778, Joseph son of Jos Palmer
18th Oct 1778, Mary dau of Thoms Harding
18th Oct 1778, Alice Dunn
1st Nov 1778, Thomasin Mitchell
2nd Nov 1778, Henry Blackaller drowned
8th Nov 1778, John Facey
10th Nov 1778, Mary Wey
12th Nov 1778, Elizabeth Rice
22nd Nov 1778, Clement Haydon
24th Nov 1778, Joan Hill
6th Dec 1778, Joseph Keene
6th Dec 1778, Francis son of John Ellis
9th Dec 1778, William Mills
26th Dec 1778, Samuel Searle
26th Dec 1778, Mrs Dorothy Fowler
3rd Jan 1779, Eliz dau of William Gay
17th Jan 1779, George son of George Ward
18th Jan 1779, John How
24th Jan 1779, Mary Leat
31st Jan 1779, Richard son of Robert Rutley
31st Jan 1779, John son of John Joice
5th Feb 1779, Thomas son of Joseph Pannell deceased
10th Feb 1779, Agnes dau of Peter Parkhouse
14th Feb 1779, Nicholas Marshall
14th Feb 1779, Mary Mordell
16th Feb 1779, Abraham Coleman
28th Feb 1779, William Allen
28th Feb 1779, Henry son of Henry Way
7th March 1779, John son of John Coles
17th March 1779, Sarah Vinicomb
21st March 1779, Ruth Howe
21st March 1779, Henry Richards
18th April 1779, Betty dau of John Holland
22nd April 1779, Mr John Fowler
23rd April 1779, Anne wife of Tho Barons junr
25th April 1779, Elizabeth dau of Wm Gay
7th May 1779, Edward Willey
10th May 1779, Anne Norman
13th May 1779, Richard Voisey
19th May 1779, Susannah May
19th May 1779, Mary Down
2nd June 1779, William Crosse
9th June 1779, Elizabeth Stokes
13th June 1779, Richard Radford
16th June 1779, Bridget Marsh
18th June 1779, Sarah Rowe
11th July 1779, Thomas Westron
16th July 1779, Mary wife of John Lock
25th July 1779, John Hake
26th July 1779, John son of Henry Murch
27th July 1779, John Till
28th July 1779, Mr James Fowler
7th Aug 1779, James Drewe
3rd Sept 1779, Peter son of Peter George
19th Sept 1779, William Goodhind
19th Sept 1779, Margaret dau of Peter Parkhouse
23rd Sept 1779, Michael Ellicott
5th Oct 1779, Francis Bidgood
13th Oct 1779, Elizabeth Westcomb
24th Oct 1779, Stephen Blackmore
27th Oct 1779, Mrs Slorch ?
29th Oct 1779, James son of Jas Salter
29th Oct 1779, Sarah Hart
31st Oct 1779, Samuel Quick
8th Nov 1779, Mr John Marsh
24th Nov 1779, William Hill
28th Nov 1779, James Hill
28th Nov 1779, John son of Richard Rice
13th Dec 1779, Sarah Willey
3rd Dec 1779, William Vicary
5th Dec 1779, Anne Leat
11th Dec 1779, Thomas Andrews
22nd Dec 1779, Margaret Ratcliffe
2nd Jan 1780, Sarah Glass
5th Jan 1780, Mary Moggeridge
6th Jan 1780, Eliz dau of Roger Hayward
14th Jan 1780, ..........son of John Holland
16th Jan 1780, Philip Drake
16th Jan 1780, Elizabeth dau of Thomas Evans
21st Jan 1780, Peter Axhorne
23rd Jan 1780, Mary James
26th Jan 1780, Samuel Ash
28th Jan 1780, Christr Langham
30th Jan 1780, Thomas Maunder
2nd Feb 1780, Mary Maunder
2nd Feb 1780, Rachael Maunder
3rd Feb 1780, Nathl Davy
4th Feb 1780, Mary Keene
6th Feb 1780, Elizabeth Leat
7th Feb 1780, Anne Keene
9th Feb 1780, Mary Norman
11th Feb 1780, John Lock
20th Feb 1780, Anne Hayman
27th Feb 1780, Joseph Keene
28th Feb 1780, Margaret White
29th Feb 1780, Anne Ellicott
17th March 1780, Sarah Gill
22nd March 1780, Mary Escott
26th March 1780, John son of John Croden
2nd April 1780, John Reed
2nd April 1780, Robert Seaman
11th April 1780, Dorothy Mitchel
16th April 1780, Samuel Ellicott
16th April 1780, William son of Tho Harding
30th April 1780, Sarah dau of Thomas Evans
7th May 1780, Nathaniel son of Nathl Westron
17th May 1780, Elizabeth Graves
28th May 1780, Mary Giles
6th June 1780, Mrs Rebecca Weare
11th June 1780, Eleanor Bradford
25th June 1780, Frances Quick
27th June 1780, Mary dau of Samuel Wood
2nd July 1780, Philip Perram
16th July 1780, John Haydon
16th July 1780, Hannah Cox
17th July 1780, William Venman
9th August 1780, Charlotte dau of the Revd Mr John Burton vicar
20th August 1780, Susanna Mills
27th Sept 1780, Sarah Matthews
16th Oct 1780, George Blackmore sexton
17th Oct 1780, Mary wife of Thos Mann
20th Oct 1780, James Williams
22nd Oct 1780, Sarah dau of Elias Bazeley
23rd Oct 1780, Sarah Salter
23rd Oct 1780, Thomas Forse
12th Nov 1780, Elizth dau of James Baker
22nd Nov 1780, John Budd
24th Nov 1780, Mary Carryl
14th Dec 1780, Jane dau of Mr Joseph Brutton of Exeter
17th Dec 1780, Beccy ? Dau of Samuel Shiles
22nd Dec 1780, William Norman
24th Dec 1780, John son of John Andrews
31st Dec 1780, Thos son of Thos Elworthy
2st Jan 1781, Thomasin Merson
17th Jan 1781, Mr Thos Bilbie
28th Jan 1781, Jane Salter
4th Feb 1781, James Purnell son of Avis Layman
7th Feb 1781, William son of Dorothy Endicott
7th Feb 1781, Margaret Cann
8th Feb 1781, Mary dau of Mr Joseph Brutton of Exeter
18th Feb 1781, Sarah Bazeley
18th Feb 1781, Maria dau of Dorothy Endicott
18th Feb 1781, James son of John Heard
20th Feb 1781, John son of Tamsden Mills
4th March 1781, Esther Drewe
11th March 1781, Susannah dau of John Dunn
18th March 1781, John son of John Sheppard
18th March 1781, Thomas Flewelling
20th March 1781, John Rowe
25th March 1781, William son of John Palmer
25th March 1781, John Griffen
1st April 1781, Anne dau of Mary Sayer
2nd April 1781, Margaret Molton
7th April 1781, Elizabeth wife of the Revd John Veryard Brutton, vicar
12th April 1781, Mr Robert Whitby
13th April 1781, Andrew Hurd
15th April 1781, Anne dau of James Hunter
22nd April 1781, Thomas Ballyman
22nd April 1781, Mary Matthews
29th April 1781, Sarah Pearce
6th May 1781, Aaron son of Richard Holcomb
10th May 1781, Anne Rossiter
13th May 1781, Abraham son of Abraham Dyer
20th May 1781, Alexander Harris junr
27th May 1781, Sarah Pile
3rd June 1781, Joseph son of Mr Joseph Jones
8th June 1781, Thomas son of Margt Coleman
13th June 1781, John Mondy
15th June 1781, William Bliss
15th June 1781, Henry White
21st June 1781, Mary Upcott
22nd June 1781, Elizabeth Murch
29th June 1781, Mr Thomas Martin
1st July 1781, Susanna dau of William Denham
8th July 1781, ..........Dunn
26th July 1781, Mary dau of James Salter
29th July 1781, George Upham
30th July 1781, ..........Reed
29th Aug 1781, ..........Leat
5th Sept 1781, Dorothy Marchant
9th Sept 1781, Sarah Searle
16th Sept 1781, George son of Mr George Gilbert
21st Sept 1781, Elizabeth dau of Roger Parker
23rd Sept 1781, Joan Hyett
28th Oct 1781, Jane dau of Edward Sanders
1st Nov 1781, Harriett dau of Mr Robt Ellicott junr
2nd Nov 1781, Sarah Sayer
10th Nov 1781, Mary dau of Thos Luxton junr
11th Nov 1781, Samuel son of John Dummett
12th Nov 1781, Robert Baker
18th Nov 1781, Joseph Tayler
25th Nov 1781, Elizabeth Hayden
25th Nov 1781, Mary Giles
28th Nov 1781, Edward Coomb
4th Dec 1781, Mary Denham
19th Dec 1781, Henry Holmead
23rd Dec 1781, William son of Mary Cleave
28th Dec 1781, William Govier
30th Dec 1781, Alice wife of Samuel Cross
6th Jan 1782, Mary Govier
13th Jan 1782, Elizabeth Merson
15th Jan 1782, Mary Willey
27th Jan 1782, Elizabeth dau of Demas Hodge
27th Jan 1782, John son of Joseph Mitchell
3rd Feb 1782, Sarah dau of Samuel Shiles
3rd Feb 1782, John son of Geo Bridgment
10th Feb 1782, Ann dau of Roger Pitt
20th Feb 1782, Richard Venman
22nd Feb 1782, Mrs Mary Fry
24th Feb 1782, Elizabeth dau of Samuel Sloman
4th March 1782, Robert Salter
10th March 1782, Sarah May dau of Sarah Venman
15th March 1782, Sarah dau of Henry Cousins
24th March 1782, Mary dau of Thomas Salter
28th March 1782, Alice Voisey
5th April 1782, Thomas Mann
14th April 1782, Sarah dau of William How
14th April 1782, .........dau of Mr James Martin
21st April 1782, Mary dau of William Johnson
14th May 1782, Simon Mills
26th May 1782, Susannah dau of Henry Ellworthy
29th May 1782, Joan Baker
9th June 1782, Mary Land
11th June 1782, Thomas Frost
19th June 1782, John Bull
23rd June 1782, Anne Eyres
26th June 1782, Joseph Mitchell
27th June 1782, Mr Thos Serle
27th June 1782, Joanna Dunn
30th June 1782, George Old
4th July 1782, John Blackmore
7th July 1782, Ann dau of Abrhm Hammett
18th July 1782, Joseph Jones
18th July 1782, Mary Mitchell
31st July 1782, ............of .............. ( no names entered)
6th Aug 1782, Mary Way
9th Aug 1782, Joan Prigge
25th Aug 1782, Mary Dunn
25th Aug 1782, Thomas Blackmore
28th Aug 1782, Mary Palmer
1st Sept 1782, Elizah Drewe
4th Sept 1782, Joan Forse
12th Sept 1782, Sarah dau of Jno Miller
5th Oct 1782, Robert son of Mr John Palmer
20th Oct 1782, William son of Wm Willey
21st Oct 1782, William Eales
23rd Oct 1782, Grace Bidgood
24th Oct 1782, Robert Coomb
24th Oct 1782, ...........son of Roger Parker
26th Oct 1782, Samuel son of Abraham Ware
10th Nov 1782, Anne Sheppard
19th Nov 1782, Mary Cornish
19th Nov 1782, Christian Johnsling
5th Dec 1782, Constant Bridgment
15th Dec 1782, John son of John Coles
17th Dec 1782, Mary dau of Henry Cornish
29th Dec 1782, Henry son of Thomas Galpin
5th Jan 1783, Hannah Case
5th Jan 1783, Ann Hodge
5th Jan 1783, John Matthews
19th Jan 1783, Sarah Hunter
19th Jan 1783, Joan Langbridge
22nd Jan 1783, John Mordell
5th Feb 1783, John Rosseter
7th Feb 1783, Mary Wood
9th Feb 1783, Samuel son of William Voisey junr
10th Feb 1783, Honor King
14th Feb 1783, Jane Trump
25th Feb 1783, Sarah Cooksley
12th March 1783, Mary Turner
23rd March 1783, Humphrey Drewe
23rd March 1783, James Crosse
26th March 1783, John son of John Miller
26th March 1783, Mary Baker
30th March 1783, Honor Auther
30th March 1783, Elizabeth wife of Mr James Martin
11th April 1783, Elizabeth dau of Mr William Upcott
13th April 1783, Hannah Baker
20th April 1783, ............dau of Henry Ellworthy
29th April 1783, Joan Lock
4th May 1783, Sarah dau of Roger Hayward
5th May 1783, Anne Rogers
5th May 1783, Humphrey Pring
5th May 1783, Mrs Mary Upcott
8th May 1783, Mr Thomas Rosseter
11th May 1783, Joseph Murch
15th May 1783, Mr Samuel Serle
16th May 1783, Thomas son of Mr Wm Price
18th May 1783, ...........Kessell
25th May 1783, Samuel son of Joseph Martin
25th May 1783, ........dau of William Voisey
25th May 1783, Thomas Coleman
29th May 1783, Elizabeth dau of Mr Joseph Seaman
2nd June 1783, Mary Minifie
2nd June 1783, ..........dau of John Palmer
4th June 1783, William son of William Pearce
13th June 1783, Joan Govier
15th June 1783, Joan Leat
15th June 1783, Elizabeth dau of Elizth Pearcey
21st June 1783, John Skinner
22nd June 1783, William son of John Prigge
24th June 1783, Mary Tayler
26th June 1783, Martha James
1st July 1783, George Mitchel
2nd July 1783, Sarah dau of John Holland
6th July 1783, Elizabeth Dixson
6th July 1783, Sarah dau of Thos Elworthy
8th July 1783, Sarah Hake
10th July 1783, Anne dau of Saml Goodhind
11th July 1783, Elizabeth dau of John James
16th July 1783, Dorothy Foster
21st July 1783, Richard son of Saml Goodhind
24th July 1783, Martha Hake
27th July 1783, Henry son of Henry Ellis
27th July 1783, John son of Henry Way
29th July 1783, Mary Chave
29th July 1783, ..........dau of .......Frost
3rd Aug 1783, Eliz dau of William How
8th Aug 1783, Sarah dau of John Selwood
10th Aug 1783, Elizabeth Colman
10th Aug 1783, Elizabeth dau of Christop Tayler
10th Aug 1783, George son of Joseph Mitchel
10th Aug 1783, Mary Frost
10th Aug 1783, Sarah dau of Thos Hake
15th Aug 1783, Elizabeth Way
17th Aug 1783, William son of Willm Westcomb
24th Aug 1783, Samuel Pearle
24th Aug 1783, Susannah Bliss
26th Aug 1783, William son of Will Hooper
27th Aug 1783, Ann Vincent
27th Aug 1783, Mary Wright
31st Aug 1783, Robert Chave
2nd Sept 1783, Samuel son of Wm Hoare
4th Sept 1783, William son of Christopher Tayler
7th Sept 1783, Elizabeth Salter
10th Sept 1783, Richard Harvey
10th Sept 1783, Mary Hunter
14th Sept 1783, .........son of James Leat
21st Sept 1783, ..........dau of John Marchant
25th Sept 1783, Sarah Tucker
25th Sept 1783, .........of Wm Hake
28th Sept 1783, Molly Frost
5th Oct 1783, Mary dau of Philip Skinner
5th Oct 1783, Elizabeth Bidgood
5th Oct 1783, Henry Chapman son of William Frost
7th Oct 1783, Susannah Heathfield
12th Oct 1783, John Turner, paur
19th Oct 1783, ..........dau of Wm Gay
19th Oct 1783, ...........dau of .........Rice
19th Oct 1783, Leonard son of George Porke
20th Oct 1783, William Dixson
31st Oct 1783, James son of John Forse
2nd Nov 1783, Richard son of Robert Rutley
4th Nov 1783, Robert son of James Forse
9th Nov 1783, Sarah dau of Henry Upcot paur
16th Nov 1783, Mary Shore paur
17th Nov 1783, Henry Voisey paur
17th Nov 1783, Anne Lock
19th Nov 1783, William Tayler paur
19th Nov 1783, ..........son of Tayler paur
23rd Nov 1783, Agnes ? Vincent
23rd Nov 1783, Elizabeth dau of John Symes
25th Nov 1783, Jane Clarke paur
25th Nov 1783, Robert son of Mr James Pannell
27th Nov 1783, Mary Wolland
30th Nov 1783, Elizabeth Prigge
1st Dec 1783, ..........son of James Baker
21st Dec 1783, Anne dau of Jams Vinicombe
25th Dec 1783, Elizabeth Blackmore paur
25th Dec 1783, Elizabeth Hart paur
4th Jan 1784, John son of George Bridgement
9th Jan 1784, Mary Lake
11th Jan 1784, ..........son of Wm Rossiter
11th Jan 1784, ..........Philip Bridgment
16th Jan 1784, Thomas son of Thos Serle
18th Jan 1784, Sarah dau of Thos Maple
18th Jan 1784, Mary Dummet
22nd Jan 1784, Joseph son of Thomas Galpin paur
26th Jan 1784, Mary East paur
31st Jan 1784, James Johnson ?
1st Feb 1784, Thomas Norman
1st Feb 1784, Sarah dau of James Hunter
1st Feb 1784, son of Toogood paur
4th Feb 1784, Joseph Thomas
7th Feb 1784, John Pring
8th Feb 1784, Mary Forse
17th Feb 1784, Mary Blackmore
23rd Feb 1784, John Searle sexton
29th Feb 1784, Penelope Vinnicombe
29th Feb 1784, Ann dau of Robt Minson
7th March 1784, Grace Marshall
7th March 1784, Frances Car....ld paur
7th March 1784, Elizabeth Palmer
8th March 1784, Samuel Waters
9th March 1784, Wm son of James Westron
12th March 1784, ........Westron
21st March 1784, ....dau of Joseph How
24th March 1784, dau of John Blackmore
24th March 1784, George Taylor
31st March 1784, dau of Thos Middle paur
7th April 1784, dau of George Reed
11th April 1784, Simon son of Joseph Mills paur
11th April 1784, Ann dau of John Dunn
11th April 1784, Martha May
13th April 1784, William Cretchet
16th April 1784, Sarah dau of James Thomas
18th April 1784, Ann Mondy paur
19th April 1784, John Way
20th April 1784, George son of George Taylor
27th April 1784, Alice dau of Henry Flewellin paur
2nd May 1784, ....son of Thomas Bridgman paur
2nd May 1784, ....dau of Robert Frost
9th May 1784, Elizabeth Sayer paur
16th May 1784, Mary Potter paur
19th May 1784, William son of Richard Taylor paur
20th May 1784, Joan Allen
23rd May 1784, ...son of Willm White
1st June 1784, Mr James Huish
6th June 1784, Edward Chappel paur
13th June 1784, William and Thomas sons of William Bazeley paur
13th June 1784, John Marley
27th June 1784, George Gore
28th June 1784, Allice Osmond paur
1st July 1784, ......dau of William Wescombe
13th July 1784, William son of Simon Mills
2nd Aug 1784, Mary Knight paur
4th Aug 1784, Mary Warren paur
12th Aug 1784, dau of Tho Ellice paur
15th Aug 1784, son of William Hoare
5th Sept 1784, Mary Pulman paur
19th Sept 1784, dau of William Cross
26th Sept 1784, John Knight
26th Sept 1784, dau of Francis Prigge paur
28th Sept 1784, George Matthews paur
1st Oct 1784, Mrs Mary Pincent
10th Oct 1784, son of Savoury paur
13th Oct 1784, William Hake paur
17th Oct 1784, George Vincent
31st Oct 1784, Samuel son of William Hake paur
2nd Nov 1784, Mary dau of Henry Allen
5th Nov 1784, Lucy dau of Mr Robert Ellicott
10th Nov 1784, Thomas son of John Sellwood
14th Nov 1784, Mary Holland
14th Nov 1784, dau of Sarah Hunter paur
23rd Nov 1784, Mary Leigh paur
1st Dec 1784, Matthew Ellicott
7th Dec 1784, Mary Norman paur
10th Dec 1784, Ann dau of Richard Goodhind
19th Dec 1784, Rebecka Stevens paur
19th Dec 1784, Thomas son of Thomas Lemon
19th Dec 1784, Agnes Simpson paur
19th Dec 1784, Alice Sheppard paur
20th Dec 1784, dau of Thomas Elworthy
3rd Jan 1785, Catherine Langbridge
4th Jan 1785, Mary Fry
9th Jan 1785, Elizabeth dau of James Fone
10th Jan 1785, Sarah Bidgood paur
20th Jan 1785, Margeret Bliss
24th Jan 1785, George Bridgman paur
26th Jan 1785, George Bidgood paur
6th Feb 1785, John son of John Merchant
6th Feb 1785, dau of Roger Parker
13th Feb 1785, Ann Rabjohns paur
13th Feb 1785, Sophia dau of Robert Ruttley
18th Feb 1785, John Palmer
22nd Feb 1785, dau of Sumption
24th Feb 1785, Ann Where paur
25th Feb 1785, Sarah Bilbie
27th Feb 1785, Mrs Sarah Clark
27th Feb 1785, Mrs Allice Sellick
27th Feb 1785, Elizabeth Pearce
6th March 1785, James Lewis
7th March 1785, Richard Rabjohns paur
13th March 1785, Thomas Marchant
13th March 1785, Richard son of John Tayler paur
14th March 1785, Sarah Sheppard paur
20th March 1785, Sarah Monday
27th March 1785, Henry Elworthy
31st March 1785, Sarah Lock
3rd April 1785, Thomas Ellicott
4th April 1785, Mary Parkhouse paur
6th April 1785, Edward Cann paur
6th April 1785, John son of Thomas Burrows
8th April 1785, John Forse
10th April 1785, John Baker
17th April 1785, Thomas Galpin paur
18th April 1785, John Middle paur
20th April 1785, William Crowden paur
24th April 1785, Elizabeth dau of John Symes
29th April 1785, Agnes Prigge paur
6th May 1785, Richard Bidgood paur
6th May 1785, Thomas son of Thomas Hornsey
12th May 1785, Margaret Coleman
13th May 1785, Hugh Legg paur
17th May 1785, Thomas Whitney paur
18th May 1785, Charity Bidgood paur
18th May 1785, Thomas son of Richard Bidgood paur
19th May 1785, Grizel Cook
22nd May 1785, Margaret Johnslin
29th May 1785, Jane Cross
3rd June 1785, John Parker paur
3rd June 1785, George son of Richard Bidgood paur
13th June 1785, Thomas Forster paur
14th June 1785, Martha Alway
19th June 1785, Mary dau of George Hill
21st June 1785, Ann dau of John Parker paur
23rd June 1785, Sarah Parker
26th June 1785, Martha Pool paur
26th June 1785, Elizabeth Sprague paur
1st July 1785, Sarah Case
3rd July 1785, Ann Podger paur
3rd July 1785, Ann dau of Thos Prigge
24th July 1785, Mary Keen paur
27th July 1785, Ann dau of Mary Pearin
31st July 1785, Hannah Holland paur
12th Aug 1785, Sarah dau of George Reed paur
20th Aug 1785, Sarah dau of John Voisey
7th Sept 1785, John son of Francis Prigge paur
11th Sept 1785, Joseph son of Henry Elworthy paur
18th Sept 1785, Allice dau of John Bazley paur
25th Sept 1785, Sarah dau of William Hole
25th Sept 1785, Henry Winter paur
27th Sept 1785, John Keen paur
28th Sept 1785, Mary Blackmore
6th Oct 1785, Mary dau of Nicodemus Hodge
9th Oct 1785, Rebecka dau of Rebecka Saunders P
12th Oct 1785, Ann Borne
13th Oct 1785, Mary dau of Thomas Facey paur
13th Oct 1785, Mary Short paur
16th Oct 1785, Thomas son of George Parker paur
26th Oct 1785, Thomas Dunn
30th Oct 1785, Joseph Parker
4th Nov 1785, Mrs Jenny Shore
10th Nov1785, Miss Mary Cross
2nd Dec 1785, John Sayer paur
7th Dec 1785, George Glass paur
22nd Dec 1785, Samuel Ellicott
27th Dec 1785, Scipio Alway paur
1st Jan 1786, William Legg
3rd Jan 1786, William son of Robert Parham
4th Jan 1786, Joseph Mills
4th Jan 1786, John Short paur
9th Jan 1786, Robert son of Mr Ambrose Shere
11th Jan 1786, Margaret Way paur
12th Jan 1786, Hannah Goodhind paur
15th Jan 1786, Mary dau of John Tribute
15th Jan 1786, William son of Thomas Andrews paur
22nd Jan 1786, Samuel Pearce paur
29th Jan 1786, Thomas son of John Bennett
5th Feb 1786, Mary dau of Richard Holcomb
5th Feb 1786, Thomas son of John Selwood
5th Feb 1786, William son of Robert Baker
13th Feb 1786, Samuel May paur
16th Feb 1786, Mary Ruttley paur
1st March 1786, Joan Hake
7th March 1786, Joseph son of Thomas Bridgment
7th March 1786, Sarah Martin paur
12th March 1786, Margaret Abbott paur
12th March 1786, Henry son of John Martin
22nd March 1786, Joan England paur
2nd April 1786, Richard Walrond paur
2nd April 1786, Sarah Upcott paur
5th April 1786, Henry Hake
9th April 1786, William Norman paur
19th April 1786, Mary Willey paur
23rd April 1786, Ann Vincent paur
26th April 1786, Elizabeth dau of Samuel Goodhind paur
29th April 1786, Joseph son of Mr Joseph Brutton
30th April 1786, Joan Langbridge
30th April 1786, Robert son of Ann Burrows paur
5th May 1786, Elizabeth Venman paur
7th May 1786, William Rabjohns paur
15th May 1786, John Jewell
15th May 1786, Mrs Mary Bilbie
16th May 1786, Ann Parker paur
19th May 1786, Elizabeth Alway paur
21st May 1786, Thomas son of Thomas Hake
21st May 1786, Jane Chapple paur
29th May 1786, John Dyer
4th June 1786, .......son of John Button
18th June 1786, Francis Palmer paur
18th June 1786, Elizabeth Palmer paur
24th June 1786, Richard son of Richard Wyatt
25th June 1786, Susannah Bridgment
23rd June 1786, Mary dau of William Wescombe
25th June 1786, William Johnslin paur
25th June 1786, Elizabeth dau of Phillip Martin
2nd July 1786, ......dau of George Bridgment
2nd July 1786, John son of John Searle paur
10th July 1786, Edward James paur
16th July 1786, John son of John Merchant
19th July 1786, Ann dau of Joseph Frost
23rd July 1786, Thomas son of Jenny Commins paur
6th Aug 1786, John son of John Dunn
9th Aug 1786, Mary Baker
10th Aug 1786, Simon son of Simon Beer
11th Aug 1786, Henry son of Henry Williams
27th Aug 1786, Ann dau of James Eveleigh
27th Aug 1786, Thomas son of Thomas Bidgood
20th Sept 1786, Sarah Voisey
21st Sept 1786, William Wescombe Paur
1st Oct 1786, Sarah dau of John Gibbins
15th Oct 1786, Mary dau of Sarah Matthews Paur
20th Oct 1786, Thomas Steward
5th Nov 1786, Willm Haycraft son of Elizabeth Bilbie
8th Nov 1786, Agnes Salter paur
16th Nov 1786, William Clarke
23rd Nov 1786, Susannah Bliss
6th Dec 1786, Elizabeth Clarke
8th Dec 1786, Ann Govier paur
17th Dec 1786, Thomas son of Thomas Saunders
24th Dec 1786, John Cross paur
31st Dec 1786, Henry son of William White paur
5th Jan 1787, John son of John Bliss
7th Jan 1787, Henry Chapman paur
17th Jan 1787, Constant Coleman
21st Jan 1787, .........dau of Henry Barrett
28th Jan 1787, Ann Graine paur
4th Feb 1787, Allice Allen
5th Feb 1787, Temperance Quant paur
7th Feb 1787, John Allen
11th Feb 1787, James son of John England paur
11th Feb 1787, Thomas Land paur
13th Feb 1787, Mrs Elizabeth Sydenham
18th Feb 1787, William son of William Hole
18th Feb 1787, Elizabeth Webber
18th Feb 1787, Rebecca dau of Abraham Hammett
4th March 1787, William son of Robt Frost
13th March 1787, William Battin paur
15th March 1787, Henry Hake
6th April 1787, Mary Taylor
8th April 1787, Moses son of James Webber paur
8th April 1787, Martha Bampton paur
15th April 1787, Thomas son of James Blackmore
20th April 1787, Elizabeth Clegg paur
4th May 1787, Thomas Bowering paur
9th May 1787, Elizabeth dau of William Barton
15th May 1787, Mrs Priscilla Nelson
20th May 1787, Elizabeth Perry paur
30th May 1787, John son of James Bazeley
10th June 1787, Allice Flewellin paur
24th June 1787, Maria dau of Edward How paur
28th June 1787, William Marshal Hooper P
8th July 1787, Elizabeth Dunn paur
17th July 1787, Tamzin Galpin
17th July 1787, Mrs Mary Mason
29th July 1787, Mrs Jane Skinner
22nd July 1787, Mary dau of Abraham Dyer paur
12th Aug 1787, Joseph son of William How paur
18th Aug 1787, Mrs Mary Brice
29th Aug 1787, Margaret Bazeley paur
2nd Sept 1787, Rebecca Salter paur
8th Sept 1787, Thomas son of John Heathfield
9th Sept 1787, Robert son of Richd Holcombe
14th Sept 1787, William Marshal son of Willm Hooper decd paur
30th Sept 1787, Mary dau of Henry Williams
12th Oct 1787, Abraham Where paur
21st Oct 1787, Jane Saunders paur
28th Oct 1787, Thomas son of Elias Baker
5th Nov 1787, Nathaniel Pearse
6th Nov 1787, Susanna Baston
11th Nov 1787, Ann Blagon
18th Nov 1787, Elizabeth dau of Thomas Prigge paur
4th Dec 1787, Sarah ? Heritage ?
13th Dec 1787, Mary Sweet paur
13th Dec 1787, Elizabeth Isaac
6th Jan 1788, Susannah Baker paur
27th Jan 1788, Sarah Merchant
31st Jan 1788, William Gratland paur
10th Feb 1788, Elizabeth Wheadon paur
17th Feb 1788, Joseph son of William Voisey paur
22nd Feb 1788, Amy dau of Thomas White paur
24th Feb 1788, Tamar Baker paur
2nd March 1788, Edward Salter paur
3rd March 1788, Elizabeth Short paur
6th March 1788, Mary Collard, paur
7th March 1788, Emblin Pedlar
16th March 1788, Mary dau of Agnes Hyatt paur
16th March 1788, Moses Giles paur
21st March 1788, Mary Luxton paur
24th March 1788, Maria dau of Morish Evans paur
30th March 1788, John son of George Bridgman
11th April 1788, Richard Walrond paur
13th April 1788, Thomas and Francis two sons of Thos White paur
14th April 1788, Daniel Daw paur
20th April 1788, Sarah dau of Thomas Perriam paur
27th April 1788. Cano Palmer paur
6th May 1788, Elizabeth dau of Simon Beer
11th May 1788, Henry Way paur
11th May 1788, Elizabeth dau of Elizabeth Dyer paur
11th May 1788, Elizabeth Giles
11th May 1788, John Upcott paur
15th May 1788, Peter son of Thos Luxton
25th May 1788, William Hake
25th May 1788, James son of Robert Frost
29th May 1788, John son of William Knapp
5th June 1788, Mrs Mary Murch
8th June 1788, Thomas son of Thomas Hake
8th June 1788, Elizabeth Goodhind paur
17th Jun 1788, Sarah Frost paur
22nd June 1788, Richard son of Ricd Parrott paur
22nd June 1788, Sarah dau of Thos Prigge paur
6th July 1788, Ann dau of Edwd Chamber
6th July 1788, Elizabeth dau of William Parham
10th July 1788, William son of Joseph Taylor
13th July 1788, Ann dau of Amos Vinnicombe paur
18th July 1788, Elizabeth Dunn
27th July 1788, Thomazin Taylor paur
3rd Aug 1788, Maria dau of Edwd How paur
7th Aug 1788, Anna dau of Richard Coles
24th Aug 1788, John son of Joseph How paur
3rd Sept 1788, Sarah dau of Richd Squire
3rd Sept 1788, William son of Wm Leat paur
5th Sept 1788, John son of John Miller
7th Sept 1788, Thomas Graves paur
10th Sept 1788, Joan dau of Henry Hill
14th Sept 1788, Ann dau of George Luxton
14th Sept 1788, Maria dau of George Reed
18th Sept 1788, Dorothy Rossiter
26th Sept 1788, Richard Goodhind junr
3rd Oct 1788, John Rogers a stranger paur
5th Oct 1788, Mary Harvey
14th Oct 1788, William Osmond paur
16th Oct 1788, Susannah White paur
29th Oct 1788, James son of Thomas Andrews
2nd Nov 1788, Christopher Mogford paur
2nd Nov 1788, Richard Hyatt paur
9th Nov 1788, Ann dau of Mary Pearce paur
9th Nov 1788, Elizabeth dau of Wm Ellicott
12th Nov 1788, Thomas Rossiter paur
23rd Nov 1788, Simon son of Simon Beer
30th Nov 1788, Sarah dau of John Reed paur
30th Nov 1788, Elizabeth dau of Samuel Savory paur
1st Dec 1788, Mr Nehemiah Upcott
7th Dec 1788, Elizabeth Prowse paur
9th Dec 1788, John Whitby
14th Dec 1788, Sarah dau of James Dixon
14th Dec 1788, Elizabeth Parker paur
16th Dec 1788, James Melhuish
21st Dec 1788, Robert son of Jno Palmer pr
23rd Dec 1788, Ann dau of Wm Wolland
26th Dec 1788, Hawtrey Longdon
28th Dec 1788, Elizabeth dau of Jno Marson
2nd Jan 1789, Ann Noods paur
4th Jan 1789, John Miller
18th Jan 1789, Robt ? Ash paur
18th Jan 1789, Ann dau of Roger Barker
21st Jan 1789, Lidia Parrott paur
21st Jan 1789, Ann Baker paur
22nd Jan 1789, Michael Toogood
27th Jan 1789, Hannah Wright paur
8th Feb 1789, William Upton paur
8th Feb 1789, Henry Goodhind paur
22nd Feb 1789, John son of Hannah Winter paur
25th Feb 1789, Sarah dau of William Voisey
1st March 1789, Mary Horrell paur
1st March 1789, Elizabeth dau of John White paur
5th March 1789, John Morson paur
8th March 1789, Henry son of Wm Blackmore
8th March 1789, Elizabeth French
20th March 1789, Thomas Frost
22nd March 1789, Thomas Crowden
22nd March 1789, Philip Toogood paur
25th March 1789, .. Dau of Wm Water
27th March 1789, John Holland
29th March 1789, Samuel son of Agnes Clark
19th April 1789, Ann Pring paur
23rd April 1789, Roger son of Roger Parker paur
23rd April 1789, William Snow
26th April 1789, Sarah dau of William Lock
3rd May 1789, Thomas Blackmore paur
3rd May 1789, James son of John Joice paur
4th May 1789, Richard Borne
10th May 1789, Mary Tayloer paur
15th May 1789, Elizabeth dau of Samuel Plumpton
17th May 1789, Ann Andrews paur
17th May 1789, ...dau of Richd Tayler paur
24th May 1789, Martha dau of Thos Webber paur
24th May 1789, Elizabeth dau of Roger Parker paur
24th May 1789, Joseph son of Joseph Painter paur
27th May 1789, Mary dau of John Voisey
27th May 1789, Robert Carnal
29th May 1789, Simon Kingman
3rd June 1789, James son of Thos Burrow
5th July 1789, Bettsey Robertson
19th July 1789, Mary dau of Mr Nehemiah Upcott junr
26th July 1789, Joseph Morson paur
28th July 1789, Morrice Evans paur
2nd Aug 1789, Emmy White paur
2nd Aug 1789, Thomas Facey paur
2nd Aug 1789, Thomas son of Wm Voisey paur
9th Aug 1789, Emmy dau of Thos White paur
9th Aug 1789, Maria dau of Roger Parker
9th Aug 1789, Sarah dau of Thos Hornsey
17th Aug 1789, John Rawlins paur
20th Aug 1789, Richard Collard paur
21st Aug 1789, Elizabeth Langham paur
23rd Aug 1789, Mary dau of Mr Henry Skinner
13th Sept 1789, John son of John Sheppard paur
16th Sept 1789, Richard Ellis paur
21st Sept 1789, Mr Frank Brown
23rd Sept 1789, Anthony Reed paur
29th Sept 1789, Susanna Byrd paur
4th Oct 1789, Ann Dixon paur
11th Oct 1789, Jemima dau of Saml Sheppard paur
8th Nov 1789, Mary dau of Henry Elworthy deceased paur
8th Nov 1789, Susanna Blackmore
15th Nov 1789, Martha dau of Jno Plumpton pr
21st Nov 1789, Henry son of Henry Pollard wool sorter
29th Nov 1789, .........dau of Wm Bidgood paur
30th Nov 1789, John son of Mary Crowden paur
3rd Dec 1789, Mary Ash paur
9th Dec 1789, Mary dau of Joseph Tayloer
13th Dec 1789, Joan Beer paur
25th Dec 1789, Dorothy Bidgood paur
23rd Jan 1790, Elizabeth Old paur
24th Jan 1790, Elizabeth dau of John Bridgment
27th Jan 1790, William Lewis
31st Jan 1790, John son of Dinah Toogood paur
9th Feb 1790, Mary Hake paur
14th Feb 1790, Margaret Frank paur
15th Feb 1790, Joan Hinom paur
16th Feb 1790, Susanna Bussell paur
19th Feb 1790, John and Sarah two children of Roger Parker
21st Feb 1790, John Heard paur
21st Feb 1790, Sarah dau of John Dyer deced paur
11th March 1790, Thomas Shore paur
12th March 1790, John son of Solomon Upcott
25th March 1790, John Parrott paur
25th March 1790, Ann dau of Thos Prigge paur
25th March 1790, Elizabeth dau of Joseph Barrett
28th March 1790, Henry son of Henry Barrett
28th March 1790, William son of Mary Trump
31st March 1790, Elizabeth Morrish alias Evans paur
4th April 1790, Henry Griffen
4th April 1790, Sarah dau of Wm Wescombe
6th April 1790, Nicholas Morson
11th April 1790, Elizabeth dau of Wm Pool paur
18th April 1790, John Elworthy
18th April 1790, Ann James paur
18th April 1790, William son of Thos Hake
18th April 1790, Alexander Harris paur
9th May 1790, Sarah Prigge paur
9th May 1790, Robert Lock
16th May 1790, Mary Facey
16th May 1790, Peter son of Samuel Plumpton
18th May 1790, Elizabeth Middle paur
20th May 1790, Mary Ash paur
23rd May 1790, Mary Ellis paur
23rd May 1790, Sarah dau of John Lock
13th June 1790, ...son of Roger Ward paur
18th July 1790, John Middle
18th July 1790, Elizabeth dau of William Barrett
22nd July 1790, Mr William Fowler
26th July 1790, Mrs Mary Upcott
28th July 1790, Elizabeth Forse paur
8th Aug 1790, Susanna dau of Wm Sayer paur
15th Aug 1790, Mary Upton paur
15th Aug 1790, Wm Luxton paur
29th Aug 1790, Samuel Bidgood paur
12th Sept 1790, ....son of John Andrews
12th Sept 1790, Mary Webber paur
14th Sept 1790, Joseph son of James Eveleigh
14th Sept 1790, Robert son of John Palmer
14th Sept 1790, Leah dau of Samuel Plumpton
26th Sept 1790, Mary Baker paur
3rd Oct 1790, Robert son of Robert Blogden
5th Oct 1790, Sarah dau of Wm Loaring paur
17th Oct 1790, Mary Perriam paur
24th Oct 1790, Sarah Snow
11th Nov 1790, John Eveleigh paur
16th Nov 1790, Sarah dau of Laurence Hake
18th Nov 1790, Thomazine Howard
20th Nov 1790, Anna dau of Richd Coles
23rd Nov 1790, John Palmer paur
28th Nov 1790, Elizabeth dau of John Blackmore
9th Dec 1790, Joan Witney paur
15th Dec 1790, John Hagley paur
15th Dec 1790, Elizabeth dau of Henry Voisey
19th Dec 1790, James son of John Forse paur
24th Dec 1790, Susanna Williams
26th Dec 1790, Mary dau of Thomas Parrot
26th Dec 1790, Rachel dau of Jno Mills
27th Dec 1790, John son of John Rice
30th Dec 1790, Catherine Potter paur
30th Dec 1790, Mary Luxton paur
5th Jan 1791, ...... Dau of Elizabeth Reynolds decd paur
5th Jan 1791, ....dau of John Sheppard
12th Jan 1791, Elizabeth Dunn paur
13th Jan 1791, Rachel Searle paur
19th Jan 1791, Mary Waters paur
27th Jan 1791, Humphrey Stack
5th Feb 1791, James Hunter junr
20th Feb 1791, Ann Smith paur
27th Feb 1791, John Woodrow paur
27th Feb 1791, Joseph Watson paur
2nd March 1791, Thomas Blackmore
4th March 1791, Dorothy Fowler
6th March 1791, Richard son of Robert Whyatt
15th March 1791, Lewis Smale son of the Revd Wm Tanner
16th March 1791, John son of Thomas Fouracres
3rd April 1791, Mary Holland paur
3rd April 1791, Sarah dau of Wm Poole paur
3rd April 1791, Elizabeth dau of Richard Taylor paur
6th April 1791, Mary Pearce paur
10th April 1791, Mary dau of John Keen paur
12th April 1791, Mary Bennett paur
17th April 1791, Elizabeth Frost
1st May 1791, Mary Cross paur
8th May 1791, Susanna Richards
8th May 1791, Barbara Endicott
11th May 1791, Joan Coombe
17th May 1791, Elizabeth dau of Joan Norman paur
19th May 1791, Joshua son of George Crook
24th May 1791, Silvester Wolland
26th May 1791, Ann dau of John Poole paur
26th May 1791, Mary dau of Roger Hannover
29th May 1791, Mary Marley paur
29th May 1791, Mary Poke
31st May 1791, Elizabeth Hammett paur
1st June 1791, William Poole paur
2nd June 1791, Sarah Weeks
3rd June 1791, Henry son of William Toogood
14th June 1791, Susanna Sayer paur
19th June 1791, Dorothy Mitchell
21st June 1791, Mary Joice
24th June 1791, Richard Mason
26th June 1791, Mary Palmer paur
29th June 1791, John Galpin
29th June 1791, Jenny dau of Ambrose Shere junr
30th June 1791, Ann dau of James Langham pr
3rd July 1791, Nicholas son of Roger Parker
10th July 1791, James Hearn
10th July 1791, William son of William Toogood
11th July 1791, William Hart paur
21st July 1791, Thomas Bazely paur
24th July 1791, Ann Bridgment
24th July 1791, Joan Ruttley paur
25th July 1791, Sarah Burnett
31st July 1791, George Prowse paur
11th Aug 1791, John son of William Parkhouse
21st Aug 1791, William son of Roger Rowe
21st Aug 1791, Ann dau of Solomon Upcott
28th Aug 1791, Jane dau of Jane Tuck paur
4th Sept 1791, Thomazin dau of Thomas Galpin paur
4th Sept 1791, Mary Knight
5th Sept 1791, Mary Reed
16th Sept 1791, Thomazin Langbridge paur
18th Sept 1791, Sarah dau of John Mordle
18th Sept 1791, Joan Where paur
25th Sept 1791, Sarah dau of Thos Tribute paur
25th Oct 1791, John Coleman paur
25th Oct 1791, George son of Thomas Crowden
3rd Nov 1791, Mrs Dorothy Allen
13th Nov 1791, William Drake miller
18th Nov 1791, Elizabeth Langham paur
25th Nov 1791, Thomas Savory
27th Nov 1791, Elizabeth Hornsey paur
2nd Dec 1791, Sarah Cross paur
2nd Dec 1791, Mrs Rebecca Pannell
12th Dec 1791, Elizabeth Prigge paur
13th Dec 1791, Joseph Hammilton glazer
15th Dec 1791, Joan Smith
18th Dec 1791, Philip Lock paur
25th Dec 1791, Hugh Cross paur
8th Jan 1792, John son of Willm Voisey paur
3rd Feb 1792, Mrs Mary Pring
5th Feb 1792, Martha Searle paur
10th Feb 1792, Susanna dau of Jno Baston
12th Feb 1792, Ann Graves paur
13th Feb 1792, Ann Norman
17th Feb 1792, Elizabeth Pannell
19th Feb 1792, Mary dau of John ? Jehu Blackmore
22nd Feb 1792, Richard Hellier paur
5th March 1792, Thomas Blackmore paur
25th March 1792, William son of Wm Where paur
28th March 1792, William Forse paur
28th March 1792, Elizabeth Parrott paur
1st April 1792, William Hake paur
4th April 1792, Mary Toogood
6th April 1792, Ann dau of Henry Williams
8th April 1792, Roger Parker paur
8th April 1792, Jane Saunders paur
10th April 1792, Dina dau of William White Pr
13th April 1792, Mary Evans
16th April 1792, Peter Milton paur
22nd April 1792, Elizabeth dau of John Bussell
22nd April 1792, John Battin
24th April 1792, Elizabeth Chapman paur
3rd May 1792, Sarah Drake
6th May 1792, Jane Worth paur
13th May 1792, Elizabeth dau of George May
13th May 1792, John son of Wm Bidgood paur
15th May 1792, Ann Barrance paur
29th May 1792, Mary Bazely paur
10th June 1792, Agnes Lock
24th June 1792, John Forse paur
29th June 1792, William son of Wm Kelly paur
9th July 1792, Mary Upcott
11th July 1792, John son of Wm Pidgeon
11th July 1792, John son of George Luxton
22nd July 1792, Jane dau of Solomon Upcott
5th Aug 1792, John son of John Dunn
12th Aug 1792, Hannah dau of Wm Poole paur
24th Aug 1792, John Herd paur
24th Aug 1792, Mary Andrews
14th Sept 1792, Mr Thomas Bishop
16th Sept 1792, David son of Solomon Baker
23rd Sept 1792, Robert Rawlins paur
3rd Oct 1792, John Luxton pr
3rd Oct 1792, Joan dau of Thomas Luxton junr pr
21st Oct 1792, Mary Carnal
21st Oct 1792, Elizabeth Blackmore pr
4th Nov 1792, Thomas Williams paur
8th Nov 1792, Joseph Norman paur
24th Nov 1792, Izett Hayman paur
25th Nov 1792, James Bampton paur
25th Nov 1792, Sarah dau of Edward Fry
6th Dec 1792, John Norman, mason
7th Dec 1792, Thomas Job paur
11th Dec 1792, William Lock paur
23rd Dec 1792, John son of William Abbott pr
25th Dec 1792, Elizabeth Painter
25th Dec 1792, Richard Langham paur
28th Dec 1792, William Rogers paur
31st Dec 1792, Betty Collard
6th Jan 1793, Mary Ann dau of Jno Bridgment
8th Jan 1793, Elizabeth dau of Philip Martin junr
15th Jan 1793, Joseph son of Wm Bidgood pr
24th Jan 1793, Mary Tayler paur
3rd Feb 1793, ..........dau of ?Scipio Luxton paur
6th Feb 1793, Elizabeth Radford paur
16th Feb 1793, Anstis May paur
11th Feb 1793, Mr Edward Monson
12th Feb 1793, Joan Salter paur
17th Feb 1793, Elizabeth Lane paur
17th Feb 1793, Sarah Parkhouse paur
25th Feb 1793, Grizzel Carnal
25th Feb 1793, Thomas Hornsey paur
3rd March 1793, William Richards
5th March 1793, Joan Whilby
10th March 1793, Susanna dau of Mary Willey
17th March 1793, John son of John Plumpton
17th March 1793, Ann Eveleigh paur
24th March 1793, Mary Bray
27th March 1793, Jane Carnal
29th March 1793, Richard Taylor paur
29th March 1793, Sarah Rice paur
30th March 1793, Henry Matthews
3rd April 1793, John son of Nichodemus Hodge
4th April 1793, Margaret Wey paur
26th April 1793, Elizabeth Jewell paur
2nd May 1793, Jenett dau of Benjamin Hindar private in the North Gloucester Militia
5th May 1793, William Monday
5th May 1793, Adam Norman paur
7th May 1793, Solomon Upcott pr
8th May 1793, Mellony Godfrey
8th May 1793, Mr John Blackmore
12th May 1793, James Hunter paur
22nd May 1793, William son of Richd Hill pr
26th May 1793, Ann dau of William Voisey pr
28th May 1793, Henry son of William Voisey pr
2nd June 1793, Joseph Pidgeon
4th June 1793, Mary Hornsey paur
6th June 1793, William Henry son of Joseph Pidgeon
9th June 1793, Clement Eades paur
23rd June 1793, Mary Pearce paur
7th July 1793, Thomas son of Thomas Hart paur
21st July 1793, William Williams
4th Aug 1793, William son of John Joice paur
11th Aug 1793, Catherine Tayler
11th Aug 1793, Ruth dau of John Andrews paur
13th Aug 1793, ...........dau of Robt Beals
27th Aug 1793, Mary Willey paur
29th Aug 1793, Anstis dau of William Richard
1st Sept 1793, John son of John Wright paur
8th Sept 1793, James son of John Palmer paur
9th Sept 1793, James Codnor junr
15th Sept 1793, Thomas Perham paur
17th Sept 1793, Miss Anna Pring
5th Oct 1793, John Matthews
24th Oct 1793, Humphrey Blackmore
25th Oct 1793, John son of Mr Wm Blackmore
1st Nov 1793, Elizabeth dau of James Parker paur
3rd Nov 1793, Julianna dau of John Wellington
10th Nov 1793, Henry son of William Blackmore
10th Nov 1793, Charles son of William Pearce
10th Nov 1793, Elizabeth Willey paur
13th Nov 1793, Mary Seaman
15th Nov 1793, Mr John Channon
18th Nov 1793, Mary Baker pr
25th Nov 1793, Sarah dau of Richd Squire
1st Dec 1793, William son of James Cross pr
8th Dec 1793, Henry Bazeley pr
8th Dec 1793, Agnes dau of Samuel Fry junr
19th Dec 1793, Sarah dau of Thomas Bidgood pr
12th Jan 1794, Mary dau of Daniel Borne pr
12th Jan 1794, Joseph son of Joseph Blackmore
12th Jan 1794, John Gill paur
14th Jan 1794, William son of William Baker paur
16th Jan 1794, John Furlong paur
16th Jan 1794, ...........Jewell paur
16th Jan 1794, ...........Rogers paur
6th Feb 1794, Elizabeth Fry pr
8th Feb 1794, John son of John Axon
16th Feb 1794, William Sheppard pr
23rd Feb 1794, Thomas Graves pr
23rd Feb 1794, Thomas Morish paur
2nd March 1794, James Morrish paur
2nd March 1794, Miriam Commings paur
2nd March 1794, Elizabeth Rabjohns paur
13th March 1794, Eleanor Smith
24th March 1794, James Symes
30th March 1794, Mary Middle
13th April 1794, Thomas son of Wm Hole
22nd April 1794, Thomas Facey
30th April 1794, Lucy dau of Saml Goodhind junr pr
6th May 1794, William Lock
6th May 1794, Grace dau of Samuel Blackmore pr
16th May 1794, James Cook
22nd May 1794, John Inch a private in the Cornwall Militia
25th May 1794, Thomas Whitby
25th May 1794, William Tayler ( Foolish) paur
3rd June 1794, Mary dau of Joseph Frost
4th June 1794, James Short paur
8th June 1794, William Greenslade (Bollman ?Bellman) paur
22nd June 1794, Ann dau of Susanna Matthews
4th July 1794, Mary and Ann daus of William Langham
9th July 1794, Henry son of Henry Williams
16th July 1794, Mary dau of Mary Hele?
17th July 1794, Mary Berry pr
27th July 1794, .........son of John Baker
3rd Aug 1794, Sarah dau of James Blackmore pr
7th Aug 1794, John Worth
10th Aug 1794, Elizabeth of John Joice par
19th Aug 1794, Elizabeth Voisey pr
27th Aug 1794, ............son of Robt Beals
31st Aug 1794, Hannah dau of Thomas Prigge
31st Aug 1794, Sarah dau of Fanny Bidgood pr
31st Aug 1794, James son of Risdon Whitby pr
7th Sept 1794, Elizabeth Neels pr
7th Sept 1794, Susanna Leat pr
1st Oct 1794, Sarah Pulman
5th Oct 1794, John son of Henry Heard
7th Dec 1794, Ann Drake
21st Dec 1794, John son of John Baker
22nd Dec 1794, Robert Kipples
22nd Dec 1794, William Voisey
22nd Dec 1794, ............son of Giles Bennett
26th Dec 1794, Mary Mildon
31st Dec 1794, Thomas Mills son of the late Joseph Mills
7th Jan 1795, Sarah Holcombe ( Blind)
8th Jan 1795, ..........dau of Saml Pyke
11th Jan 1795, ............dau of Thomas Prigge
11th Jan 1795, Elizabeth Parker
11th Jan 1795, Elizabeth Eveleigh
12th Jan 1795, George Greenslade
14th Jan 1795, Thomas son of James Maunder
14th Jan 1795, Mary Shackle
15th Jan 1795, Margaret Starke
18th Jan 1795, William Hole
25th Jan 1795, Mary Cross (formerly Carnel )
25th Jan 1795, Mary Baston
25th Jan 1795, Elizabeth Hill
28th Jan 1795, Mary Forse
2nd Feb 1795, John Stonman ( waggoner)
3rd Feb 1795, Jane Rossiter
7th Feb 1795, James and Benjamin two sons of Robert Coombe
8th Feb 1795, Robert Andrews
10th Feb 1795, Mary Short
10th Feb 1795, Samuel Pyke ( chaise driver )
11th Feb 1795, Frances Jerdin
11th Feb 1795, .......dau of George Bidgood
12th Feb 1795, Ann Allen
1st March 1795, Ellenor Hoare
3rd March 1795, Henry Worth
15th March 1795, Elizabeth Musgrove
25th March 1795, Mary Mann
25th March 1795, Henry Mildon
3rd April 1795, John Vinnicombe
5th April 1795, William Mills
7th April 1795, Philis Beale
9th April 1795, Richard Drewe
10th April 1795, Elizth Facey
12th April 1795, Edmund Frost
12th April 1795, Ann dau of Thos Matthews
12th April 1795, William Norman
19th April 1795, James and Susanna son and dau of Solomon Baker
21st April 1795, Jane Luxton
21st April 1795, ...........son of Mr James Martin
22nd April 1795, Peter Luxton (miller)
23rd April 1795, James Bennett
29th April 1795, John Helllings
10th May 1795, Elizth dau of James Dyer
12th May 1795, Elizabeth Lock
13th May 1795, Mrs Elizabeth Seaman
17th May 1795, Sarah Johnslin
21st May 1795, Jane dau of Robert Hodge
22nd May 1795, Mary Blackmore
24th May 1795, Joan Salter
27th May 1795, John son of George Dunn
29th May 1795, Ellenor Mann
1st June 1795, Elizabeth Brock
2nd June 1795, Abraham Rice
7th June 1795, William son of William Burnard
7th June 1795, Mary How
7th June 1795, Josia son of Thomas Fry
9th June 1795, William Brutton esq of St Pauls Exon
9th June 1795, Sarah dau of Thos Burrows
10th June 1795, Joan Plumpton
16th June 1795, Thomas son of Thomas Tribute junr
21st June 1795, Samuel son of Silas Frost
21st June 1795, Richard sonof Richard Wyatt
23rd June 1795, John son of Robert Hodge
23rd June 1795, Thomas son of Thos Searle P clerk
28th June 1795, Mary Gratland
28th June 1795, Wililam son of Robert Brooks
5th July 1795, ..........son of ....Collard
8th July 1795, Christian dau of ..........Ellis
8th July 1795, Henry Trump
12th July 1795, Josia Fry
17th July 1795, Thomas Burton, serjt in the 93 Regimt of Foot
19th July 1795, Thomas Bazely
21st July 1795, John Frost
22nd July 1795, Susanna dau of Willm Forse
26th July 1795, Thomas son of Thomas Croaden
3rd Aug 1795, Frances Cross
6th Aug 1795, Mary dau of William Wey
9th Aug 1795, John son of Willm Rabjohns (Husbm)
9th Aug 1795, Sarah dau of Thomas Searle
9th Aug 1795, Elizabeth dau of Thomas Fry
11th Aug 1795, Ann Norman
11th Aug 1795, Joanna dau of James Langham
11th Aug 1795, Mary dau of John Bridgment
12th Aug 1795, Daniel son of Henry Galpin
20th Aug 1795, Benjamin son of Wm Ruttley
23rd Aug 1795, John son of William Dummett
23rd Aug 1795, John son of William Taylor
27th Aug 1795, Ann dau of Joseph Blackmore
30th Aug 1795, George son of Richard Taylor
30th Aug 1795, Richard son of Thomas Hatchel
2nd Sept 1795, Ann Cox
6th Sept 1795, James Vinnecombe
6th Sept 1795, Mary dau of Mellony Darby
8th Sept 1795, John son of John Wellington
10th Sept 1795, Thomas Sheppard
20th Sept 1795, Anstis dau of William Willey
24th Sept 1795, John Blackmore junr (weaver)
26th Sept 1795, Samuel Willey
4th Oct 1795, Samuel Bird
6th Oct 1795, Humphrey Beals
8th Oct 1795, Mary Blackmore
18th Oct 1795, Mr John Isaac senr
18th Oct 1795, John Dadd
19th Oct 1795, Ann Pring
22nd Oct 1795, John Wey
22nd Oct 1795, Robert Leat
25th Oct 1795, Margarett Brice
26th Oct 1795, Bridget Knight
28th Oct 1795, John Hayman junr
28th Oct 1795, Thomas Pierce
28th Oct 1795, Elias Major
1st Nov 1795, Ann dau of John Sheppard
5th Nov 1795, William Leat
5th Nov 1795, Elias Jarman esq Captain of the Cullompton Loyal Volunteers
6th Nov 1795, John Coleman
8th Nov 1795, Mary dau of William Alexander junr
10th Nov 1795, Samuel Norman
10th Nov 1795, Margaret Vinnecombe
19th Nov 1795, James son of John Symes
20th Nov 1795, Mr Charles Trump
4th Dec 1795, Ann Upcott
9th Dec 1795, Jane dau of John Andrews
10th Dec 1795, John Saunders ( a sailor and stranger)
10th Dec 1795, Elizabeth Salter
13th Dec 1795, Sarah dau of John Taylor
13th Dec 1795, Susanna Elworthy
17th Dec 1795, Ann dau of Elizabeth Elworthy
20th Dec 1795, Robert son of Thomas Salter
21st Dec 1795, Jonathan Richards
24th Dec 1795, Mr Thomas Seaman
25th Dec 1795, Roger son of Roger Ward
3rd Jan 1796, Mary Taylor
7th Jan 1796, Mary Pearce
10th Jan 1796, Catherine Maunder
11th Jan 1796, Samuel Pearce
22nd Jan 1796, John Edwards junr
24th Jan 1796, Grace Hoare
2nd Feb 1796, Elizabeth Coles
3rd Feb 1796, Mrs Sarah Pannell
4th Feb 1796, Mrs Ann Boddington Vye wife of the Revd John Vye
7th Feb 1796, Robert Abraham ( miller)
12th Feb 1796, Emblin dau of William Whitby
15th Feb 1796, Mrs Mary Fowler
18th Feb 1796, Hannah Winter
22nd Feb 1796, Sarah Elworthy
28th Feb 1796, Abraham Cann /Dann
28th Feb 1796, Edward son of Abraham Hammett
6th March 1796, Elizabeth Bidgood
6th March 1796, Thomasin Frost
13th March 1796, John Ellicott
25th March 1796, Elizabeth Wescombe
3rd April 1796, Mary dau of John Dunn
3rd April 1796, Hannah Savoury
10th April 1796, Elizabeth Evans (alias Worth)
10th April 1796, Susanna Elworthy
12th April 1796, Emblin dau of Samuel Sheppard
17th April 1796, George son of Robt Ruttley
17th April 1796, Mrs Susanna Martin
18th April 1796, Humphrey Bowring
19th April 1796, Wm son of Robert Bragg
25th April 1796, Thomas Hake (miller)
29th April 1796, Mrs Ozatt Nicholls
1st May 1796, Sarah Podger
1st May 1796, Mary dau of John Whire
1st May 1796, Mrs Ann Pannell
5th May 1796, Frances dau of John Eveleigh
8th May 1796, Elizabeth dau of Joseph Bradford
15th May 1796, William Searle
17th May 1796, Elizabeth Hart
22nd May 1796, Mary Vinnecombe
23rd May 1796, James Codnor
26th May 1796, Rebecca dau of ........Bazely
27th May 1796, William and Edward two sons of William Howe
5th June 1796, Henry Drake
8th June 1796, Daniel Whiddon
12th June 1796, Elizabeth Dunn
12th June 1796, Mrs Mary Moore (formerly Allen)
14th June 1796, George Dunn (husband of ye above Elizabeth Dunn)
14th June 1796, Sarah wife of Peter Parkhouse
21st June 1796, Robert Carnal
23rd June 1796, Humphrey Carnal (father of sd Robt)
26th June 1796, Mary dau of William Davy (tanner)
26th June 1796, Frances dau of Mary Middle
10th July 1796, Mary dau of Joseph Prigge
17th July 1796, John Wood
24th July 1796, Keziah dau of Robert Bartlett
29th July 1796, Wm son of Nathaniel Westron
25th Aug 1796, Juliana dau of John Carnal
28th Aug 1796, Thomasina Norman
28th Sept 1796, Elizabeth Ash
1st Oct 1796, Elizabeth dau of Thomas Burrow (taylor)
7th Oct 1796, Jane Woodrow
9th Oct 1796, Thomas son of Susanna Elworthy (decd)
9th Oct 1796, Mrs Mary Bishop
6th Nov 1796, Thomas Searle (husbandman)
14th Nov 1796, Elizabeth dau of William Wolland
16th Nov 1796, Mary dau of James Tapscott
16th Nov 1796, Ann dau of James Farr
21st Nov 1796, Mrs Southcotte
27th Nov 1796, Ann Gaydon
30th Nov 1796, Ann Shallice
1st Dec 1796, John son of Thomas Andrews
4th Dec 1796, John son of George May
5th Dec 1796, Ann Commings
7th Dec 1796, Elizabeth Kingman
8th Dec 1796, Mary Ann dau of ........Bartlett ( a stranger)
14th Dec 1796, Mary dau of William Dodd
14th Dec 1796, John son of James Tapscott
18th Dec 1796, Peter Luxton ( comber)
22nd Dec 1796, Mr Joseph Tayler
23rd Dec 1796, Mary dau of William James
27th Dec 1796, William Greenslade
1st Jan 1797 Mary dau of John Tucker
12th Jan 1797, Henry son of Susanna Miller
29th Jan 1797, Martha Hole
29th Jan 1797, Robert Ebbles
5th Feb 1797, Elizabeth dau of Thomas Fry (mason)
19th Feb 1797, William son of John Hellings
25th Feb 1797, William son of Hannah Ellis
3rd March 1797, Ann Ellicott
5th March 1797, Ferdinando Blampin
21st March 1797, Rebecca Dunn
29th March 1797, Sally dau of Elias Bazely junr
31st March 1797, Sarah Bazely
2nd April 1797, Mary Stark
5th April 1797, John son of John Elworthy
9th April 1797, Richard Voisey
16th April 1797, Henry Flewellin
22nd April 1797, Mr Robert Pring
23rd April 1797, Elizabeth Ruttley
25th April 1797, Elizabeth Evans
26th April 1797, Mrs Heathfield
30th April 1797, William son of William Dixon
30th April 1797, Cornelius Poke
2nd May 1797, Ann Facey
14th May 1797, John Mondy (smith)
18th May 1797, Sarah dau of James Bidgood
21st May 1797, Elizabeth Burrough
21st May 1797, Mary dau of the late Peter Luxton (miller)
30th May 1797, Elizabeth dau of Thomas Prigge Serjeant of the Cullompton Volunteers
31st May 1797, William son of Mary Borne
4th June 1797, Sarah dau of Hannah Burrows
18th June 1797, Dorothy Gaydon
18th June 1797, Charles Salter son of Mary Toogood
16th July 1797, Peter Plumpton
16th July 1797, James Leat
18th July 1797, Christopher Seaman
18th July 1797, Mr Samuel Martin
27th July 1797, James Luxton
30th July 1797, Humphrey son of Simon Mills ( papermaker)
3rd Aug 1797, Phillis Facey
4th Aug 1797, Francis Taylor
6th Aug 1797, Susanna Beer
3rd Sept 1797, Joseph Frost
24th Sept 1797, George son of John Dawe
4th Oct 1797, John Hodge who was killed by the falling of the new bridge called Last Bridge
6th Oct 1797, John son of Philip Smith (Plumber )
24th Oct 1797, Mary Hake
24th Oct 1797, Mary dau of Elizabeth Hake
2nd Nov 1797, William Galpin
10th Nov 1797, Ann Taylor
18th Nov 1797, Sarah Lock
28th Nov 1797, William Vinnecombe
3rd Dec 1797, Nichodemus Hodge
3rd Dec 1797, Mary Taylor
4th Dec 1797, Ann Searle
10th Dec 1797, Henry Cousins
10th Dec 1797, Ann White
29th Dec 1797, Sarah Venman
30th Dec 1797, Isaac Dyer
31st Dec 1797, Thomas son of Mary Searle

Brian Randell, 21 Dec 2005