Dalwood: A Short History of an East Devon Village


G.M. Chapman

Creeds the Printers, Broadoak, Bridport ISBN 0 9508568


Prepared by Julie Anning Fletcher

(E-mail: brookend[at]westnet.com[dot]au)

All events are for Dalwood unless stated otherwise

Illustrations & photographs available as follows:

Dalwood Map 1834. Detailed sketch map from book cover, including farms & occupants names [see Index]
Dalwood Church in 1890 p. 2
Dalwood Enclosure Map 1834 p. 26-7
Hutchins Barton including footbridge 1900 p. 53
Old Town Court Farm House, demolished 1969 including Old Palmers cottage p. 53

Kingston north
of Taunton

1851 Census  Trades statistics40
Andrewshayes 1896One of four old farmhouses burnt down31
Andrewshayes Farm  Named Merryfield36
Andrewshayes FarmShute Hill Field name 'Brake', 'Sheepsleights'39
Anning WilliamFlaxomede1540The Miller, to make a satisfactory floodgate 'towards Flaxomede'17
Anning William 1542Dalwood muster list - William, the miller20
Anning William 1541Manor Court Rolls Dalewood, juror fined, 'unjustly took excessive tolls'50
AthelstanMilton Abbas Saxon King gave Stockland to minster church at Middleton (Abbey)8
att Doune Laurence 1350Enquiry18
att Wode John 1350Enquiry18
atte Doune Laurence 1350Swore oath
Lived at Dalwood Down
atte Doune Richard 1350Tenements held
Lived at Dalwood Down
atte Wode John 1350Swore oath
A wood where he lived
Augusta Ada 1835-1852Wife of William King, only daughter of Lord Byron,
poet, bestowed Manor of Dalwood
AxminsterDevon Dalwood 3 miles west of7
Aylward Mr. & Ms. M.J. 1989Older buildings and farms6
Bagatons  Alehouse, Danes Hill38
Baker Sarah  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Baker Thomas  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Barnes William  Dorset Poet, author of 'Linden Lea'44
Bartlett William 1658Will, described as 'weaver'42
Baseley Walter 1462-63Paid rent
BaselyStockland1685Combined Monmouth Rebellion list Stockland & Dalwood23
Basley 1540-41Jurymen16
Bazel [Basel] John  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Beare John 1540-41Common baker and selling bread by unjust weights.'

Beckford Bridge  Edge of parish11
Best Kept Village 1980Award46
Black Prince, Prince of Wales 1346Son of Edward III Earldom of Cornwall, made a Duke9
Blackdown HillsDevon Dalwood lies between7
Board Daniel  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Board Jno  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Bonvil John 1540-41Free tenant19
Bonvil Sir William 1461Executed battle of St. Albans, son & grandson killed 146019
Bonvil Thomas 1540-41Fined, held property19
BonvilsShute1465-1483[Hutchins] Held manor of Dalwood 1465-1483 incorrect,
Wars of the Roses
Bonvils 1369Manor of Burgh, from the Warres, then Burrow19
Booby Elijah 1730Deeds, described as 'clothier'42
Boswell's Civil DivisionCounty of Dorset1833Member of Liberty of Fordington8
Bramblecombe  Hamlet & farm , north of west of Dalwood11
Bramblecombe 1350Farm name mentioned in inquiry into
William de Chantemerle's possessions
Bramblecombe  See Field name 'Sheepwash',
'Coney' at Cunninger Copse
Court Rolls

Brays 1350Farm name mentioned in inquiry into
William de Chantemerle's possessions
Brays Farm  Near Beckford Bridge11
Bremelcombe William 1350Swore oath11
Bremelcombe, Brays,
Dalwood Marsh
  Included in the lord of the manor's waste
Brimblecombe 1639Surname appears in parish register11
British Library 1989Dalwood fairs6
Brook Cottage 1838Built in 183834
Broom[e]field Rob't  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Brunyng John 1350Steward of the Manor of Fordington10
Bubb DownMelbury Bubb Church19
Bull 1540-41Jurymen16
Burrow  Field name39
Burrow Farm  'Burgh' once a mediaeval estate [see p.19]36
Burrow Farm  Field name, 'Rags'39
Burrow Knap Way  Parish boundary, referred to in the Court Rolls44
Bush Mr R.J.E.  Somerset Records Office, transcribed Dalwood Court Rolls5
Carpenters  Now modern house near Carters Cross36
Carpenters  Alehouse, Carters Cross38
Carters Cross  Tannery, Tanyard Road, 'Tanyard Plot', 'Tanyard Orchard'42
Carters Farm 1573Mentioned in document36
Carters Farm  Once called Marsh Road38
Carters Farm  See p. 40 'Crowlands'40
Case William 1622Will, described as 'tucker'42
Cayne MarkAndrewshayes1462'Andrewshayes' was leased to for life16
ChantemerlesFrome St. Quentin Originally came from Dorset19
ChantmarleMelbury Bubb Chantmarle 17th Century mansion belonging
to Robert de Chartemerle
Chapman Miss M.E. 1982Authors sister, help with research5
Church [place name]  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Church Parade 1892Axminster Company and Company Band48
Close Mr. & Mrs. G.R. 1989Older buildings and farms6
Cockroad [place name]  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Cockroad Farm  Near Lea Cross, place of the woodcock40
Colman Robert 1541Manor Court Rolls Dalewood juror50
Combshead Farm  Old farm house37
Commemorative Trees  King George VI, Dalwood Womens Institute,
Men of Trees Society
Cook Mr. R.J.Dalwood School1982Parish Council minutes and School Log Books5
Corry Brook  A tributary of the Yarty, which is tributary of the Axe7
County Archivist of Wiltshire 1989Saxon origin document c.901 Dalwood farm name6
County Archivists of Surrey 1989Dalwood fairs6
Court Tenament 1678-1795Later known as Culverwells,
mentioned in old records, have disappeared
Cousins Mr. F.L. 1989Copy of original photograph old footbridge6
Crapgent AliceAndershaye1540Widow, claimed land called 'Andershaye' for son William.
Fined for overstocking Dalwood Downe
Crosse John 1497Perkin Warbeck's Rebellion22
Culverwells 1678-1795See Corut Tenament, belonged to the Palmers
[see Mary Palmer]
Cunninger Copse  See p. 40 Bramblecombe40
Curnow Mr. & Mrs PeterMapleton, Queensland1989Information re farm name6
Dalewode JohnStockland1358Dorset Feet of Fines11
Dallwood Manor Court Rolls 1574-5Rent paid to court of Queen Elizabeth8
Dalwode Richard 1350Swore oath10
Dalwood Bridge 1927New bridge over the Corry46
Dalwood Church  Earliest history25-28
Dalwood Common  See Dalwood Down11
Dalwood Common  Dalwood hill39
Dalwood Court Rolls 1540Naish's lane, 'the land of Nayshe'45
Dalwood Down  Known as Dalwood Common, now Dalwood Hill11
Dalwood Fair 1345Granted to William de Chantemerle12
Dalwood Farm, DintonNear Salisbury1989Owned by George Wyndham's father6
Dalwood Green  Part of the Lord of the Manor's 'waste',
meadow known as The Island, Church Path
Dalwood Green Road  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Dalwood Hill  See Dalwood Down11
Dalwood Institute 1982Field Names 
Dalwood Marsh  Between the Corry & Lea Road38
Dalwood Mill 1350Possession of William de Chantemerle [see pge 11]35
Dalwood Mill  Field names Marsh Close, Marsh Hay39
Dalwood Mill  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Dalwood musters 1542-1569Names Anning, Chapple, Denning, Turner & Tucker20
Dalwood Parish Registers 1815-1826Trade statistics42
Dalwood Vineyard Australia 1989No connection6
Dancing 1900-1928
Axminster Company of the Volunteers
'New Palm' Orchestra
'on the green'
Danes Hill  Field name, near Thorny Cleeves, 'Dry Piece', 'Genesis'39
Danne John 1350Tenements held11
Dare 1540-41Jurymen16
DareStockland1685Combined Monmouth Rebellion list Stockland & Dalwood23
Dare Thomas 1541Manor Court Rolls Dalewood, juror50
DaveyStockland1685Combined Monmouth Rebellion list Stockland & Dalwood23
Davey  Names from Tudor Muster Rolls48
de Albarmarlia Michael 1310Sighted in a hearing13
de Bitlesgate John 1310Sighted in a hearing13
de Bremelcombe Roger 1350Swore oath11
de Chantemerle John 1330Dalwood manor, freeholder9
de Chantemerle JohnFordington1330Non attendance at court13
de Chantemerle Robert 1209Granted the manor of Dalwood8
de Chantemerle William 1345
Right to hold an annual fair
Presented non attendance at court of Fordington
Enquiry into possessions
de Chauntemerle Johannes 1327Paying subsidy13
de Combe John  Nephew, heir of William de Chantemerle10
De Combe John and wife
De Combe Alice
 1370Claimed the manor and declared the heirs of John & Alice
were Richard and Joan Warre and their descendants
de Ilministre Nicholas 1310Sighted in a hearing13
De Meryet JohnHestercombe See John La Warre19
de Neville Testa 1330Record of property8
de Ramesham William  Nephew, heir of William de Chantemerle10
de Stokes John 1335Court investigation, de Stokes described as Magister 'cleric'
of 'waste of property', prostrated hall, sold timber - fined.

Denning 1540-41Jurymen16
Denning  Names from Tudor Muster Rolls48
Denning William 1569Muster list, horseman20
Dennynge Richard 1541Manor Court Rolls Dalewood, 'white ewe sheep - stray - feast of
St. James'
Tenement 'of lord of this manor Richard Warre, knyght'
Denslow Sarah  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Diamond Jubilee 1871Celebration, 'near the corn mill', Cotleigh Band48
Dicken's Marsh  See also p. 39 'Appletree Mead', 'Cowlease',39
Dicken's Marsh  Old Soap House42
Dolfyn John 1350Tenements held11
Downe John 1540Common' tapsters and selling ale by unlawful measure
Downe John 1541Manor Court Rolls Dalewood juror,
'- -obstructed the way beyond
Northelands - -'
'is a common tapster - - sold ale by unlawful measures - - '
DowningStockland1685Combined Monmouth Rebellion list Stockland & Dalwood23
Downing family 17th -18th CenturyAppears in Parish Registers21
Downing family 17th - 18th CenturyProsperous yeoman farmers, clothiers & tanners33
Downing William 1630'Old Larkshayes' oldest house mentioned in will32
Duchy of Cornwall  Dalwood part of Duchy9
Durk William 1540Court of 1540 to cut back their hedges 'against Brays

Earl of Cornwall 1156Richard Earl of Cornwall uncle of King Henry II9
Easton James 1677Old Yew Cottage mentioned in will33
Edmund, Earl of Cornwall  Son of Richard of Cornwall9
EdwardsStockland1685Combined Monmouth Rebellion list Stockland & Dalwood23
Edwards George 1653Will of Yeoman, held lease Tuckes Ground,
granted from William Fry
Edwards Jno  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Edwards Mr. C.R. 1989Older buildings and farms6
Elford Farm 16th CDanes Hill37
Empire Day  Celebrations47
Enclosure Act of 1834 1834Dalwood Downs, Dennings Hill, Thorny Cleaves,
Piers Down,Twinhayes, Dicken's Marsh,
Dalwood Marsh, Dalwood Green, Danes Hill,
Dalwood Downs, Dalwood

Common, Dalwood Hill, Shute Piers or Pillars.
'Wastes' belonging to
lord of the manor

Enclosure Award 1834 1834Dwellings42
Farms - Brays Pit,
Dalwood Marsh
and Bremelcome
 1573-74Mentioned in court rolls18
Farms - Naish's,
Brays, Burrow,
 Early 19th centuryOut-lying farms18
Festivals 1893-1900Annual fair, May Day Revels, Punky Lantern Parade

Harvest Festival 1893

Field names  'Lower, Middle & Higher Breach', near Taunton Road. 'Higher
Lea', 'Wheat Close', 'Wheat Lea', 'Barley Arish', 'Mowbars', 'Flax
Field', 'Lassie's Field', 'Pease Plot', 'Potato Plot', 'Nappy
Close'. 'Appletree Mead', 'Withy Bed', 'Ash Plot', 'Mazard Field',
'School Field', 'Cowlease', 'Ox Close', 'Calves Close'
Field names  'Shiphay', 'Sheephouse', 'Sheepwash', 'Horse Plot', 'Pigsloose
Mead', 'Pigsloose Inn', 'Gooselands', 'Goosemoor', 'Coney',
'Crowlands', 'Pitlondes Orchard', 'Rack Close'
Tanyard Plot', 'Tanyard Orchard'

Fire of 1825 1825Twelve cottages consumed by fire34
Fletcher Mr & Mrs C.H.  Old titles deeds5
Football & Cricket 1885Mr Newbery, Carters Cross47
Ford Farm  See Field name 'Pigsloose Mead'40
Fordington Court Rolls 1335William son of John de Chantemerle9
French familyKilmington1654
As surname, Kilmington Baptist congregation
[see Palmer, Culverwells]
Owned Culverwells
French Samuel  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Fry Elizabeth  Only child, sole heir of Robert Fry21
Fry familyYarty1726Possibly acquired the Manor of Dalwood21
Fry Robert 1698Daughter married12
Fry Robert 1698-1721See Elizabeth Fry21
Gaylord Robert 1497Perkin Warbeck's Rebellion22
Gosling Joel 1777Deeds to cottage & garden30
Gould ? [Lane End]  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Gould Jn'o  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Gould William 1850Whites Directory, 'tanner'42
Green End House 1850Farm name west of churchyard 150 acres, entirely disappeared36
Green End House 1834See Enclosure Award42
Guildford Muniment Room 1989Dalwood fairs6
Guppy JohnSidbury Father of of Jonas Guppy, Estate in North Mincombe33
Guppy JonasSidbury1691Marriage settlement, Joan Downing Dalwood33
Hane Hen 1542Muster list, bowman [see also Henry Hanne]20
Hanne Henry 1540Reeve20
Hanne Henry 1549Prayer Book Rebellion [see Henry Hayne]29
Harvest Holiday 1915Summer holiday49
Hawley Bottom  Field name Soggy Bottom
Court Rolls
Hawley Farm 16th CFarm37
Hayne Henry 1549Prayer Book Rebellion29
Hemming Anne  Illuminated original royal charter for Dalwood fair12
Henley John  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Henry VIII  Dissolved the monasteries8
Higher Lea  See Field name 'Horse Plot'40
Hill Farm 1327Mentioned in document36
Hill Head  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Hill Head way  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Hill Mrs. C 1989Older buildings and farms6
Hodges Samuel 1774Deeds, described as 'tanner'42
Hodges Tenement  Marsh Road farm36
Hollings Agnes 1686Wife of William Tucker32
Holmes Miss M.E.  County Archivists of Dorset5
Hutchens William 1573-74At the court
Hutchins  Farm house in village36
Hutchins Barton & RidgeStockland Tannery42
Hutchins Farm 1573Mentioned in document36
Hutchins William  Possible original Hutchins Barton36
Island Meadow  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Ivy Green  Alehouse, Moorcox Lane38
Joan [another] of John de Combe  Married John Warre14
Joan the Fair Maid of Kent  Widow of Black Prince9
John Clement 1540Was twice warned by the court17
John Downe, 1540-41Charged with obstructing the way
John Gerard 1350Deputy steward of the Manor of Fordington10
John the ParsonFarway1310Implicated in a hearing13
John Toker 1539See William Tuck
John Tuck 1540[perhaps a relative of William] and John Downe 'common'
tapster, selling bread by unjust weights

King Edward I 1275Inquiry to tax occupiers land14
King Henry III 1225Rewarded his brother Richard with Earldom of Cornwall9
King Hon. P.J .L.  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
King Hon. P.J.L.  Brother of last Lord King22
King James  See Peter King22
King of Germany 1300Death9
King PeterExeter
Ockham, Surrey
 First Lord King, son of James King, Exeter grocer, Lord High
Chancellor of England, Baron Ockham [Surrey]
King William 1838Earl of Lovelace, Scotland22
Knyght John 1541Manor Court Rolls Dalewood juror50
La Warre John  Married Elizabeth, daughter heir of John de Meryet, lord of
Lamb Farm  Aleshouse, Stockland Hill road38
Lamb Farm  Field name at Hawley Bottom, 'Dry Close'39
Lane End  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Le Bray 1350Tenements held11
le Prouz Hugh 1310Broke into Wiliam de Chantemerles HOUSE13
Lea Farm 1451Mentioned in document36
Lepper Miss B & Mr D  Old title deeds5
Ley [place name]  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Ley Cross [place name]  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Liberty of FordingtonDorchester Now part of Dorchester8
Locke John  Uncle of Peter King, philospher22
Long Robert  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Lord KingKilmington1726Acquired Manor of Dalwood after marriage Elizabeth Fry
[see pge 21]
Lord King 1852Owned four farms, Burrow, Elford, Millwater & Brays, rented
Searle's Tenement
Lord King  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations]22
Loring John 1540-41Fined in court17
Loring John 1540Fined, illegally brewing ale20
Loring John 1541Manor Court Rolls Dalewood, 'fined, '- -felled three small oaks'51
Loring junior 1541Manor Court Rolls Dalewood, fined, 'is a common tapster -
-sells ale by unlawful measures- -'
Loring, John [2] 1540-41another John Loring, illegally felling trees.17
Loughwood  See Field name 'Gooselands', 'Goosemoor'40
Loughwood Chapel 1668Baptist Chapel introduced by Huguenot refugees from France,
Chapel history
Loughwood Cottage  See p.38 Pigloose Inn38
Lower Lea  Field name, 'Rug'39
Lugg Richard 1648Deeds, described as 'tanner'42
Lugg, 1540-41Jurymen16
Lugge John 1540'Presented' to the court, charged17
Lugge John 1541Manor Court Rolls Dalewood juror50
Manor Court and Compotus Rolls 1462-63
Reeves accounts during 'War of the Roses' Last of Manor Court
Manor Court Rolls Dalewood,
1st April. 32 Henry VIII
 1541Lawday court, specimen page, names50
Marsh Close  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Marsh Close  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Marsh Hay  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Martin Mr A.E.  Old title deeds5
Mayne Zachary 1631-1694Schoolmaster, 1671 Inscription churchyard
10 children died in infancy
Merryfield  See Andrewshayes Farm36
Merrymouth John 1569Muster list, horseman20
Metcalfe Mrs. J.E. 1989Older buildings and farms6
Methodist Chapel 1815Non-conformists amalgamated with Methodists34
Mighell [Mitchell?]William 1569Muster list, horseman20
Mill Lane  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Millwater 1714Deed of sale, malt mill replaced corn mill35
Millwater  Farm house in village36
Millwater Lane  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Mitchell  Names from Tudor Muster Rolls48
Naish's Farm 1540Mentioned in Court Rolls36
Naish's Farm  Field name Danes Hill, 'Scab Acre', 'Rags'39
Nevyle Nicholas 1350Swore oath10
New Larkshayes  See p.39 Near Danes Hill, 'Wheat Close', 'Wheat Lea'39
Newberry 1540-41Jurymen16
Newberry Richard 1695Will, 'the weaving shop of my house'41
Newberry Robert 1540Court of 1540 to cut back their hedges 'against Brays
NewberyStockland1685Combined Monmouth Rebellion list Stockland & Dalwood23
Newbery  Names from Tudor Muster Rolls48
Newbery family 17th -18th CenturyAppears in Parish Registers21
Newbery Mr  Cricket played after haymaking47
Newbery Robert 1497Perkin Warbeck's Rebellion22
Newbery Robert 1774Deeds, described as 'tanner'42
Newbery William Esq & others  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Newenham AbbeyAxminster Victims of plague10
Newenham AbbeyAxminsterAfter 1638Source of building material37
  1. Hock Day. The second Tuesday after Easter Sunday.
2. View of Frankpledge. Saxon system of groups of ten men, called
tithings which became a territorial unit.
3. Tithingman, elected annually, attended court from which a jury
was chosen.
4. Tithingman - produced measures, checked that 'vendors of
commodities were giving good measure'.
William Anning, see p. 17-51.
5. 'In Mercy' -- ie. Liable to a fine.
6. 'Common' applied to brewer or baker, sold to the public.
7. Copyholders, tenants of Manor Court Rolls
8. The Warres held certain lands in Kilmington
Old Larkshayes  Tudor farmhouse37
Palmer BatholomewLea1780Churchwarden, inscribed on bell, freeholder died 1646, owned
house called Lea Hans
Palmer family 1588Appears in Parish Registers, influential family21
Palmer family  Possibly owned 'Old Palmers' cottage21
Palmer family 17th - 18th CenturyProsperous yeoman farmers, clothiers & tanners33
Palmer John 1780Churchwarden, inscribed on bell21
Palmer John  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Palmer Mary  Married yeoman named French, farmed Culverwells [see
Palmer Richard 1688Clothier, freeholder died 162421
Palmer Richard 1688Deeds, described as 'clothier'42
Parish Council 1910-1930Coming of the Motor Car, Church Path, Naish's Lane45
Parsons John 1541Manor Court Rolls Dalewood, 'white ram in custody . . .
feast of Annciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary'
Pembrey Mrs K.A. 1989Older buildings and farms6
Perry Mr. & Mrs. G.W. 1989Older buildings and farms6
Phelps Mrs. M. R.  Old title deeds5
Pigloose Inn  See p.38 The Sun38
Pitlands  See p. 41 the Cloth Trade41
Pitt familyDorset18th CCoat of arms Dalwood church, owned Liberty of Fordington21
Population1989 Under 500, 18507
Pullman's Weekly 1982'News from the Past' feature5
Queen IsabellaFordington1285Grandmother to Prince of Wales died9
Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee 1897Celebrations48
Queen's Silver Jubilee 1977Celebrations48
Rapsey Joseph  Changed name to Tuckers Arms32
Reading Room 1903-4Celebrations, grand concert47
Rendall John 1541Manor Court Rolls Dalewood juror50
Richard Downing  Will15
Richard Powre 1462-63Court Rolls of 1462-6318
Ridout Benjamin  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Rising Sun  Farm disappeared [see p.20]36
Rising Sun Farm  Alehouse38
Rising Sun Lane  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Rivendell  Old farm house37
Roger WarreHestercombe1624Set up Downing Charity15
Roman roadDorchester to Exeter Shute Pillars, Dalwood Hill, Moorcox Cross, Whiteslades Goyle.
Danes Hill, Brays Lane
Rope FactoryStockland Pennyhill Farm42
Scott Mr. & Mrs C. 1989Older buildings and farms6
Smith ? [Lane End]  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Smith Rich'd  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Spiller 1540-41Jurymen16
SpillerStockland1685Combined Monmouth Rebellion list Stockland & Dalwood23
Spiller  Names from Tudor Muster Rolls48
Spyller John 1541Manor Court Rolls Dalewood juror50
Starre Margaret 1540-41The reeve of the manor16
Stocker family 17th -18th CenturyAppears in Parish Registers21
Stocker family 17th - 18th CenturyProsperous yeoman farmers, clothiers & tanners33
StocklandDorset1844Part of Dorset8
Stockland & Dalwood Ploughing
& Labourers' Friend
 1965Encouraged agricultural skills, Membury joined in 189337
Stone mason 1462-63Mentioned in Court Rolls31
Stony Moor  Field names above Bramblecome, 'Stony Piece', 'Rough Moor'39
Stroud William 1835Honiton Inn Keeper13
Summer Lane Gate  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Sunday School Treat 1906Horse drawn trip to Seaton47
Taillyour Roger 1350Swore oath10
Tap Yard Road  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Tatham William  Nephew, heir of William de Chantemerele10
Tawte William 1541Manor Court Rolls Dalewood juror50
Telegraph CottageStockland1805Signal station38
The Book of Axe  Pulman, description of Dalwood42
The Cloth Trade 1573-74Manor Court Rolls, 'Pitlondes Orchard'41
The Parish Magazine July 1891Steam engines on banks of Corry41
The Royal Arms  History29
The Ship  Alehouse, Stockland Hill road38
The Sun  Alehouse, later Pigsloose Inn, now Loughwood Cottage38
Tithe Map 1840Fields42
Toker Robert 1541Manor Court Rolls Dalewood juror50
Tooker Barnard 1648Deeds, described as 'tanner'42
Town Court 1969Private dwelling demolished36
TrimStockland1685Combined Monmouth Rebellion list Stockland & Dalwood23
Trotting match 1884Horses owned by proprietor of Moorcox Hill Inn48
Tuck John 1541Manor Court Rolls Dalewood juror50
Tuck WilliamBurrow Farm
1539Burrow Farm Gardens today Tuck; 'unjustly keeping 3 pounds of
wool from John Toker
Tucker 1540-41Jurymen16
Tucker family 17th -18th CenturyAppears in Parish Registers21
Tucker family 17th - 18th CenturyProsperous yeoman farmers, clothiers & tanners33
Tucker William 1 1686See Agnes Hollings32
Tucker William 2 1946Descendant of William Tucker 1 bought Tuckers Arms 1834, known
as New Inn
Tucker William Esq.  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Tuckers Arms  Mediaeval site of 'court of the lord'18
Tuckers Arms 1834See Enclosure Award42
Tucking Mill 1697Corn mill burn down in 1909 [see page 41]35
Turner 1540-41Jurymen16
Turner Robert 1541Manor Court Rolls Dalewood juror50
Valdez Jose Lucius Travassos  Aide de Camp to Duke of Wellington, Count de Bomfim, Prime
Minister of Portugal [see Pedro Valdez]
Valdez Pedro de Alcantara
Travassos [Dom Pedro]
 1827-1887Grave inscription, 6th son of
Prime Minister of Portugal, lived
with Mr. Edwards at Danes Villa
Village Hall 1833-1970History30
Village Post Office 1908-
Trading hours49
Volunteers  Axminster Company of 3rd Volunteer, Battalion of the Devonshire
Regiment, later Territorials
Wakley James  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Wakley John  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Walnut Cottage Cockroad Farm  Shallow mounds in field near Sunnylands [Lea Cross]36
War of the Roses  Dalwood church, white rose fragments stained glass, Bonvil
& Warres, Yorkists
Warre family1348-1370New Lord of the Manor14 
Warre John 1345Kinsman and heir of William de Chantemerle12
Warre JohnSomerset and Dorset1414 & 1429High Sheriff15
Warre Matthew 1635.Last year of Warre mentioned in Dalwood15
Warre Richard 1607Freeholder of Dalwood9
Warre Richard 1572Parish registers15
Warre RichardShute1483Held manor of Dalwood 148319
Warre Richard 1541Manor Court Rolls Dalewood, 'knyght' see John Parsons50
Warre RobertShute1466Held manor of Dalwood 146619
WarresFrome St. Quentin Originally came from Dorset19
WarresMelbury Bubb Church, family arms - 'Yorkist' white rose19
WarresHestercombe 14th Century19
Warres family  See [NOTES]51
Waryn John 1497Perkin Warbeck's Rebellion22
Waterfall Cottage  Cider bar, near Millwater38
Webbeare John 1350Swore oath10
White A.J.  Hill Farm, annual ploughing match37
White Mr & Mrs N.J.  Old Parish Magazines & records Annual Ploughing Match5
White Mr..& Mrs N.J. 1989Original photograph of old footbridge6
White Thomas  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Whitemore Richard 1549Prayer Book Rebellion, reeve 154029
Whyte Richard 1350Swore oath10
Whytemore Robert 1541Manor Court Rolls Dalewood juror50
Whytmore RichardNaish's Farm
on Danes Hill
Lease of the tenement called 'Naysshes'
Named reeve, man of substance
Whytmore Richard 1534Reeve20
William Anning 1541Juryman, miller see p.17 'presumably acquiesced in fining
Wilmot Mrs. F.E.  Old title deeds5
Woodhayes [place name]  See p. 39 'Calves Close'39
Woodhayes Farm 16th COld farm house37
Woolley Mr & Mrs. H.B.  Old title deeds5
Wyatt Susannah  Dalwood Map 1834 [see Illustrations] 
Wyndham GeorgeAustralia1827Emigrated6