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On the Original Map of the Royal Forest of Dartmoor, Illustrating the Perambulation of Henry III, 1240

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 5, (1872) pp. 510-548.


C. Spence Bate

Prepared by Michael Steer

In 1240 King Henry III ordered by a writ dated the 13th of June that the lands of his brother Richard of Cornwall should be confirmed by a boundary perambulation. The lands in question were the Forest of Dartmoor and the Manor of Lydford that he had granted to Richard in 1239. It was decreed that the Sheriff of Devon and 12 "lawful knights of the country" should undertake the mission. This paper, presented at the Association's July 1872 Exeter meeting focusses on the map that recorded the event. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the Princeton University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Albamoor, Baldwin Earl of 515
Atkyns, Mr J 547
Audley, Bishop 512
Augustus, Caesar 511
Avezac, Monsieur de 511-2
Bickford, John 518
Bolley, Hugonis de (also Bolhay) 513, 516-7
Bot (also Boton; Botour) 513, 516-7
Bray, Rev E A 546
Breverlyn, Adonis de 513
Bruwer, William de la 513, 516-7
Brytteuile, Guydon de 513, 516-7
Burges, Henrie 518
Camden 540
Cauvelo, Walter de 514
Cornwall, Richard Earl of 513
Chenny, William de 515
Chubbe, John 518
Cole, Roger 518
Connocke, Richard Esq 518
Cosdowne, Hogam de 516
Crey, Roger de 515
Drake, Roger 518
Durant filius Bot (also Durat) 513, 516
Edmond, Richard 518
Elford, Hugh 518
Essex, Guffredo filius Joel 515
Essex, Joel Earl of 515
Ferrar, Earl de 515
FitzHenry, Henry 513, 516-7
Gaye, Gregory 518
Gerrys, Johis de 515
Gregory, Pope 538
Gyffarde, Richard 513, 516-7
Haldingham, Richard of 511
Hannaford, Robert 518
Harrer, Philip de 516
Harryes, Ellies 518
Haywood, Andrew 518
Heamton, Nicholas de 513, 516-7
Hele, John 518
Hele, Walter 518
Henry I 514
Henry III 513-4, 516-7, 520
Herford, Henry Earl of 515
Hine, Mr James FRIBA 547
Ilbert, William 518
James I 518, 523
John, King 513-7
Jones, Mr Winslow 547
Kilkenny, William de 515
Lafford, Richard of 511
Lane, Mr T 547
Lillicrappe, Walter 518
Luinsteur, Roblo de 515
Maltrever, Walter de 514
Marescall, William 514
Masye, John 518
Melkeleia, Robert de 512
Merewether, Dean 512
Moore, Robert Esq 518
Moreton, John Count of 512-3
Morin, Falco 514
Morin, Gilberto 514
Morleghe, William de 513, 517
Mortem, Roberto de 514
Morym, Radulpho 514
Mudge, William 518
Muller, Max 546
Nerall, Hugo de 515
Nicodoxus 511
Norreys, Robert de 515
Northleigh, William de 516
Novoburgo, Rogero de 514
Paddon, Robert gent 518
Paddyshill, Simon de 515
Pall, Barth 515
Parer, Phillippi 513, 517
Paris, Matthew 512
Parnell, John 518
Policlitus 511
Prasells, Ingel de 514
Priscian 512
Priwier, William 515
Pycroft, Mr George 511
Ridell, Stephano 514
Risdon, Tristram 516, 520-1, 523, 527-8, 531-3, 537
Roolande 513, 532
Rowe, Rev Samuel 516, 518, 520-3, 527-33
Saband, Petro 515
Sar, William Earl of 514
Saru, Lord Bishop Roger 515
Searell, William 518
Seville, Isadore de 512
Siwardi (also Silward; Sywardi) 513, 516-7, 532, 542
Skirrett, Edward 518
Sogoe, Gilbert de 515
Solinus 512
Spiy, Richard de 515
Strode, William, Knt 518
Taverner, Stephen 518
Taylor, Rev Isaac 525-6
Theodotus 511
Thurulsdon, Thomas 540
Tookerman, Walter 518
Trencharde, William de 513, 516-7
Treverby, Odonis de 516-7
Turges, Thomas 518
Valoin, Hamonde de 514
Vans, Huberto 515
Vern, William Earl of 514
Vrace, William de 515
Walrond, Robert 515
Wenn, William de 514
Wickett, Roger 518
Willes, John 518
Wright, Mr 512
Wydeworthy, William de 513, 516-7
Wyld, Mr 510
York, Robert Archbishop of 515