Transcribed by Lindsey Withers

The Source (MICH)

The original source was a notebook of several hundred pages, plus some extra loose sheets of notes, all concerning the genealogy of people named Mi(t)chell and some of their relatives. The material was compiled by the Rev. Arthur Tompson Michell, M.A. (1852 - 1923). This notebook and its addenda were loaned to Ian Mitchell by Arthur's great nephew François Michell, with kind permission to make the data available to all. Ian Michell scanned the complete contents, and transcribed some of the material, placing the results on a set of web pages on a CD. He also provided brief summaries of some of the wills on his website at http://www.devon-mitchells.co.uk/.


DWP's editing process

The details of any material in the notebook or on the loose sheets that concerned a will or administration were extracted and entered into our database - with a few exceptions. The author included lists of Mi(t)chell wills proved in most of the various Devon probate courts. Because, in some cases, these 'list entries' would merely duplicate entries already in our index (under FRYA and FRYB), only the lists relating to the courts of the Archdeacon of Totnes (TOT) and the Dean and Chapter of Exeter (PCDC) have been transcribed for DWP. However the loose sheets also included a number of very full extracts, or copies of wills and admons, plus some transcriptions, the details of all of which have been added into DWP.


Locating the source and acquiring photocopies of the scanned documents and transcriptions

Copies of Ian Mitchell's CD may be found at DHC, and the DFHS Tree House Library, both in Exeter. With regards to obtaining to photocopies of material on the CD Ian Mitchell makes the following statement:

Content and images on the following pages is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (you have to be online) and any use should be attributed to:-
           Rev. Arthur Tompson Michell M.A. (Oxford England) for the original work.
           François Michell Gordon Charles Michell (Milan Italy) for the loan of the original material and permission for its distribution.
           Ian Mitchell (Littleham, England) alverlin[at]gmail[dot]com for the copying, transcriptions and construction of this CD.

We ask that you respect this request, please, and contact Ian Mitchell if in any doubt.