Canadian Emigrants

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Marlene Ball


The MacMillan Dictionary of Canadian Biography (ed. W. Stewart Wallace). 3rd edition. (The Macmillan company of Canada, 1963) 822 pp.



Henry TaylorBoveyb 1852    Dev   Eng
BenjaminBowringb 1778Exeter Eng
WilliamBuckinghamb 1832 DevEng
JamesCarterb 1831DartmouthDevEng
George HenryCornishb 1834Exeter Eng
William NicholCresswellb 1822 DevEng
EdwardCridgeb 1817Bratton Fleming   DevEng
JohnDartb 1837 DevEng
EdgarDewdneyb 1835 DevEng
MichaelFrancklinb 1720 DevEng
FrancisFulfordb 1803SidmouthDevEng
JamesGayb 1810ClovellyDevEng
Sir HumphreyGilbertb 1539DartmouthDevEng
MichaelHannafordb 1832Stoke GabrielDevEng
RobertHaymanb 1579 DevEng
CharlesHill-Toutb 1858BucklandDevEng
JohnHordenb 1828Exeter Eng
JohnJenkinsb 1813Exeter Eng
SamuelLarcombeb 1852MusburyDevEng
Thomas SLinscottb 1846 DevEng
Sir William Frederick   Lloydb 1864StockportDevEng
Charles EbenezerMoyseb 1852TorquayDevEng
JohnPrideauxb 1718 DevEng
WilliamSaundersb 1836 DevEng
HenryScaddingb 1813DunkeswellDevEng
Mrs Mary EllenSmith (née Spear)b 1862TavistockDevEng
Sir Brook BartWatsonb 1735Plymouth Eng
Charles JonesWayb 1835Plymouth Eng
Sir RichardWhitbourneb 1579ExmouthDevEng
William CharlesWhiteb 1873 DevEng
Sir William VallanceWhotewayb 1828 DevEng


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