Estate Duty Office Will of Betty Farrant

of Westown in the parish of Hemyock, Widow (1852)

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Devon Heritage Centre 1078/IRW/F/54

Transcribed by  Art Ames

Will of Betty Farrant of Westown Hemyock.

Death 24th December 1851, proved 12th March 1852 by Sussanah Lutley of Westown Hemyock, Sole Executrix

This is the Last Will and Testament of me Betty Farrant of Westown in the parish of Hemyock Devonshire widow of Samuel Farrant of the same place deceased made the ninth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty two. 

I give to my late husbands nephew Samuel Farrant son of Robert Farrant of Tidborough in Hemyock aforesaid all my household goods and furniture except my best bed performed two pairs of chests of drawers and my silver and plated articles

And I give all my said silver and plated articles and the said two pairs of chests of drawers and best bed performed to my niece Susannah Lutley daughter of my brother Edward Lutley absolutely to her own disposal. 

Also I give all sum and sums of money due and payable to me under my said husbands Will or otherwiswe and all other estate effects and property whatsoever and hereinbefore given and which shall remain after payment of my just Debts and funeral and Testamentary expences unto my brother John Lutley and the said Robert Farrant in trust for my said niece Susannah Lutley to be paid and assigned or made over at her age of twenty one years or day of marriage which shall first happen to and for her own absolute use benefits and disposal. 

Provided and my will is that in the meantime my said trustees shall and may advance and pay or make over the whole or any parts of the trust monies and premises as ?? principal and interest in or towards her maintenance and education or otherwise for her benefits in such manner as they shall think fit

And in case the said Susannah Lutley shall die under the age of twenty one years without having been married, then my will is that my said Trustees do and shall stand possessed of the said trust monies and premises or so much thereof as shall then remain undisposed of (if any) Upon Trust to pay and divide the same in the following proportions namely one hundred pounds to my nephew Charles Lutley Hodges son of my sister Thomazin, one hundred pounds to my niece Eliza Hodges, daughter of my said sister, one hundred pounds to my niece Joan Blackmore Lutley, daughter of my said brother Edward and the remainder  therof to my husbands said nephew Samuel Farrant to whom respectively I give the same sums or residue (if any) in proportions to these sums provided

And I hereby direct that the said John Lutley and Robert Farrant and the survivor of them his executors or administrators shall and may at their or his discretion call in and receive the Trust monies or any part thereof and lay out and invest the same in or upon government Securities or upon Real or Personal Securities at Interest and from time to time until the Trust aforesaid shall be fully performed, change alter and vary all or any of such securities for others of the like nature as often as shall be thought expediant 

And also that it shall be lawful to and for the said trustees to reimburse themselves and each other out of the said Trust monies and costs and expences which may be incurred by them in the execution of the Trusts aforesaid or any Will in relation thereto. And that neither of them shall be answerable for the other of them or for the acts deeds receipts neglects disbursements or defaults of the other of them nor for involuntary losses nor for any more money than what they shall respectively receive by virtue of the trusts aforesaid

And I do hereby appoint my said niece, Susannah Lutley sole Executrix of this my Will when and as soon as she shall attain the age of twenty one years and in the meantime I appoint the said John Lutley and Robert Farrant Executors of this my said Will during the minority of the said Susannah Lutley. 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand the day and year first hereinbefore written

Betty Farrant

Signed by the said Betty Farrant the testator to be her last will and Testament in the presence of us being present together at the same time and we have at her request and in her presence subscribed our names 

As witnesses hereto in the presence of each other

Richd Bowerman Solr Uffculme

Henry Manley clerk Uffculme

Proved 12th March 1852 in the principal Registry of the Lord Bishop of Exeter by the oath of Susannah Lutley the sole Executrix to whom probate was granted - Testator died 24th December 1851 Effects worth under £800

Ralph Barnes Dep Registrar