Pearson's Gossipy Guide to Ilfracombe, Clovelly, Lynton and Lynmouth, Combmartin, Barnstaple, Westward Ho!, Bideford and the North Devon coast


Cyril Arthur Pearson

London, C.A. Pearson & Co. Ltd (1919), xxxiv; 174 pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

By about 1914, Ilfracombe and the general North Devon coastal region were well-established as a holiday playground for young and old from a wide range of social and geographical backgrounds. The region appeared to thrive on the variety of its experience, as residential and retirement functions also increased in importance. But in the new conditions of post-war society the expectations raised in its preceding Edwardian heyday proved illusory. In most essentials Ilfracombe, for example, remained the product of its 19th century creators: an inheritance that provides much of its present-day charm. The first (Introductory) section of this lavishly illustrated Guide Book focuses on hotels, cabs, railways and a variety of amusements. There is a General Index, pp 148-50. The remainder of the guide introduces Ilfracombe and is a compendium of information, for example, advertisements for the printer's products, deemed useful to the holidaymaker. The Gossipy Guidebooks series ran to 18 other Guide Books at the time of this book's publication. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally by Google from a copy in the University of California Library collection and can be downloaded from HathiTrust. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Alford, William50
Alfred the Great25
Amyand, Sir George Bt38
Anne, Queen34, 125
Athelstan, King23, 25, 44
Audleigh family2
Baden-Powell159, 167
Baker, James112
Baring-Gould, Rev Sabine128
Barnes, Rev Hanbury19
Bartlet, Rev W54
Bassett family24, 112
Bath, Earl of56, 66
Beauchamp, Sir Robert90
Becket, Thomas A30, 40, 127
Beecher-Stowe, Harriet163
Bennett, Rev W W20
Benson, Thomas108
Betts, Louis163
Biddle, Violetii
Blackmore, R D28, 122
Boleyn, Anne84
Bonville family2, 42
Bourchier family2, 66
Bowen, Captain RN18
Brannock, Saint58-9
Braund family81
Brock, H M163
Bromley, Rev H20
Bronescombe, Bishop38, 52
Buck family96
Bulmer, Sir Beavis66-7
Bunyan, John163
Byneham, Geoffrey de96
Camden18, 100
Capper, Alfred7
Cary family76, 78
Cary, Sir Robert76
Cary, William76, 78
Champernowne family62
Chanter, Rev John Mill18
Charles I76
Charles II34
Chichester family39, 63, 112
Chichester, Sir Robert39
Chievre, William de112
Chudleigh, General James55
Clarence, Duchess ofxviii
Clark, C E162
Clarke, Sir Edward KCxvi
Cleveland, Mr46
Coffin family83
Cooper, Montagueii
Connell, Jvi, 152, 161
Corelli, Marie69, 73
Crealock, Lieutenant General105
Crediton, Bishop of63
Cutliffe, Charles & Grace17
Dadd, S Tvi, 152, 161
Dale, Reuben69
Defoe, Daniel46
Digby, Colonel55
Dinham family (Dinant)95
Docton family98
Dodderidge family30
Dodderidge, Judge33
Doddridge, John36
Doddington, Sir Francis3
Doone, Lorna28, 116, 122
Downe, Viscountessxvi
Drake, Sir Francis25
Eadon, Mr P11
Edward I26, 46, 66
Edward II46, 92, 96, 106
Edward III2, 4, 25, 46, 92
Edward IV136
Edward VI33, 97
Edwards, Susannah55
Elizabeth I25, 33, 44, 46, 66, 75-6, 97
Exeter, Abbot John of96
Eyton, Mr48
Fairfax, General Thomas90
Fane family79
Fane, Nevill Hamlyn72
Fell, Mr92
FitzRoger, Sir Simon132
Ford, Herbertvi
Ford, Mr H J11
Fortescue family134, 136
Fortescue, Sir John136
Fortescue, Lord55
Fox, Fowler & Co17
Francillon, R E40
Friar, John98
Furniss, Harry7
Gaunt, John of24
Gay, John32-3
Germany, Emperor ofxvi
Giffard family63
Gifford family78, 136
Godwin, Earl94-5
Gould, F Carruthers33
Gould, Julia86
Gould, Simon86
Gower, Lord108
Grandisson, Bishop49
Green, Plunkett7
Grenville family46
Grenville, Sir Richard44, 46, 51, 54, 106
Grenville, Sir Theobald49
Grenville, Sir Thomas52
Grey family2
Grey, William58
Groser, Horace G166
Grossmith, George7
Hallesworth, Henry de112
Halsbury, Ladyxvi
Hamlyn family79
Hamlyn-Fane family79
Hamlyn-Williams family79
Hancock, William68
Handford, Chief Justice92
Hankford, Thomasin56
Harington, Baron John132
Harold, King94-5
Harris, Richard72
Harrison, Clifford70
Harrison, Mrs William (Lucas Malet)76
Harrison, Rev William76
Hastings, Marchionessxvi
Hawker, Miss43
Hawker, Rev R S128-30
Heaven, William Esq108
Henry I65
Henry II96
Henry V (Prince Hal)92
Henry VI56
Henry VII52
Hieritha, Saint63
Hill, Aaron32-3
Hilton, Mr G13
Hodgson, Mr31
Hohenlohe, HRH Princexvi
Holland, Clive155, 168, 173
Hopton, Sir Ralph55, 90
Howard, Lord26
Howill, Mr98
Hubba the Dane22, 88
Hudson, Thomas31
Husbande, George98
Hyne, C J Cutcliffe173
Incledon family58
Isabella, Queen92
Jacobs, W W173
James I31, 76, 98
James II75
Jeffery, Mr W11
Jewell, Bishop33, 42
Jewell, James72
John, King140
Kingsley, Charles4, 22, 44, 49, 51, 76, 80, 99, 137
Kingsley, Rev Charles snr76
Kingsley, Lucas Malet76
Kingsley, Mary76
Kipling, Rudyard137
Lacey, Bishop38
Lane, Rev A E19
Lathom, Earlxvi
Leigh, Amyas78, 82
Leigh, Eustace82, 130
Leigh, Frank82
Lloyd, Temperance55
Lucas, Mary76
Lyn, Reginald de112
Mariscoe family106, 108
Marriott & Coii
Martin, Sir A66
Martin family65, 68
Mathilda, Queen46
Meldrom, Mother116
Monmouth, Duke of4
Moreman, Dr99
Morris, Rev J20
Morris, Peter67
Mortimer, Roger92
Morwenna, Saint128-9
Musgrave, Dr33
Nectan, Saint95-6
Neilly, J Emerson159, 167
Nelson, Horatio18
Nerbert, Berry de (Herbert)42
Neville family2
Newnes, Sir George112
Ogden, C Kii
Parker, Mr H8
Passmore, Lucy100
Payne, Mrs31
Pearson, Mrs A Cyril166
Pearson, Messrs C Arthur Ltd157, 163-4
Pegram, Fred163
Pellow, Rev J20
Pemberton, Max173
Penrose family33
Penrose, John34
Percival, E Dixon159
Percival, Messrs & Sons15
Philpot, Rev T20
Plantagenet family42
Praga, Mrs162
Prideaux family33
Prussia, Prince Albrecht of34
Prynne, William31
Reynolds, Sir Joshua31
Richard II74
Risdon, Tristram23
Rivaz, Evaleen de172
Robert, Sir Walter76
Roberts, Lord166
Robinson, Rev A E19
Rock, Mr W F30-1
Rolle family63
Russell, Clark46
Salterne, Rose52, 100
Scott-Gatty, A S166
Scott-Gatty, A T S166
Scott, Sir Gilbert36
Scott, Mr J H15
Senn, C H172
Spenser de106
Stanley, Sir H Mxvi
Stapledon, Bishop38, 92
St Aubyn family86
Stirling, Antoinette7
Strange, John54
Stucley family96
Stucley, Sir Lewis83
Stucley, Sir William Lewis Bt96
Touchestone, Aylward112
Tours, Sir Martin de65-6
Tracy family30
Tracy, Louis173
Tracy, Oliver de88
Tracy, Sir William de40, 127
Trembles, Mary55
Victoria, Queen167
Wade, Colonel4
Wales, Prince ofxviii
Warden, Florence169, 173
Warner, Susan163
Wells, H G169, 173
Wentworth, Lord136
Whitfield, Rev John50
Wicalse family116
Wilbraham, Ladyxvi
William the Conqueror2, 26, 45, 65, 95, 112
William II46
Williams family76
Williams, Sir J H77
Wilson, Dr Andrew172
Winchester, Bishop ofxvi
Wolsey, Cardinal91
Woolacombe family140
Wrey, Sir Bourchier24, 57
Wrey family56