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Help and advice for Kingsbridge, Will of Elizabeth Higman (1810)

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Will of Elizabeth Higman

Dated 1810, Proved 1810

© Crown Copyright

PROB 11/1514, File Reference: 595,
Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Collingwood Quire Numbers: 401 - 448

Transcribed by Kathryn Barnett

[Note by K. Barnett - there is no punctuation in the original document. Where a word is difficult to read, I have placed my best guess in square brackets, thus [ ]. Where a letter or letters within a word cannot be deciphered, I have placed a dash, thus - . There is also extensive and consistent use of the ampersand [&] in the original which is duly copied here.]

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The last Will & Testament of me Elizabeth Higman Widow of Thos Higman late of Kingsbridge in the county of Devon Gent deceased made this 29th day of June in the year of our Lord 1810 in manner following that is to say first I do give & bequeath unto Elizabeth Pedrick Daughter of William Pedrick of Truro in the County of Cornwall by his wife Elizabeth Sister of my said husband all that my Messuage & tenement of or called [Denas] situate within in the parish of Merther in that County To hold to her the said first named Elizabeth Pedrick her Exors & Admors & Assigns for & during all my Estate Right Tithe Term of Years & Interest in & to the same or any part thereof subject nevertheless to one [th--] annuity or yearly rent charge of [--ve] pounds unto Mary Brimmicombe another Sister of my said late husband & her Assigns during so many years or so much of the Terms of years Estate & Interest which I have in the said tenement called [Denas] as shall run out in the lifetime of the said Mary Brimmicombe & which annuity or yearly rent charge I Give to and direct to be so paid to her or her assigns by even quarterly payments from my death by the said Elizabeth Pedrick and in case the same shall be unpaid by the space of 20 days next after any such quarterly payments shall become due being lawfully demanded it shall be lawful for the said Mary Brimmicombe and her assigns so often to enter on the said tenement and to distrain the Cattle Goods and Chattels to be thereon found and to sell and to dispose thereof for levying and paying the said annuity or yearly rent charge in such manner as the Law allows in cases of distress for rent reserves on Leases or common [demises] & I do declare that if the said Mary Brimmicombe shall outlive all the lives upon which I now hold the said tenement called Denas then from & after the death of the Survivor of such Lives I Give and bequeath to her a like [chr--] yearly Sum of five pounds which I direct to be paid to her or her assigns by quarterly payments during the remainder of her life by my Residuary Legatee & Executrix hereinafter named Also I do Give and bequeath unto said Mary Brimmicombe the Sum of ten pounds Sterling Also I do Give and bequeath unto the said first named Elizabeth Pedrick the Sum of one hundred pounds of like money to be paid to her when & if she shall live to attain her full age of 21 years Also I Give and bequeath unto my said husbands Brother Benjamin Higman & to his Sister the said Elizabeth Pedrick the full Sum of twenty pounds each Also I do Give and bequeath unto my said husbands Brother Wm Higman & to Mary his wife & also to their several Children now living the Sum of twenty pounds apiece of like Money Also I do Give and bequeath to Sarah Higman of Kingsbridge Widow the Sum of Fifty pounds of like Money & to John Higman her Son
Sum of twenty pounds of like money Also I do Give and bequeath unto my Brother Nathaniel Cranch the Sum of ten pounds & to his son Denbow Cranch & to his daughter Jane Cranch fifty pounds apiece of like money Also I Give and bequeath unto my Brother Jeremiah Cranch the Sum of one hundred pounds & to his daughters Joanna Lavers & Elizabeth Cranch fifty pounds apiece of like money Also I do Give and bequeath unto Jane Cranch of Exeter Widow the Sum of fifty pounds & to her son John Cranch now of Kingsbridge & to her daughter Matilda Cranch the Sum of

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fifty pounds each of like Money all which several pecuniary Legacies except that to Elizabeth Pedrick the daughter as aforesaid I will & direct to be paid at the end of twelve calendar Months next after my decease by my Executrix hereinafter named & as concerning all Messuages Lands tenements closes of Land Heredits & premises whatsoever & wheresoever situated of which I am or any person or persons In trust for me or for my use is or are & stand seized or possessed of any estate of Freehold & Inheritance whatsoever I do hereby give devise limit & appoint the same & every part thereof with the Appurts unto my most affectionate Niece Charlotte Cranch who resides with me To hold the same Messuages Lands Tenements Closes of Land Heredits & premises & every part thereof with the Appurts unto & to the only use & behoof of the said Charlotte Cranch her heirs & assigns for ever & to whom I direct the same to be granted & conveyed accordingly by the person or persons in whom the same or any part thereof is or are now vested In trust for me or for my use & all the rest & residue of my Goods Chattels Personal & Testamentary Estate & Effects whatsoever & wheresoever ( subject to the payment of my Debts Legacies & yearly Sum aforesaid to her & if the same become due & payable as aforesaid & my funeral charges) I do hereby give & bequeath unto my said Niece Charlotte Cranch all Exors Admors & Assigns absolutely & do hereby name & appoint her to be my sole Executrix & I do hereby revoke & declare to be null & void & of none effect all & every will or writing in nature of a will which I have at any time or times heretofor made In Testimony whereof I the said Elizabeth Higman the Testatrix have hereunto set my hand & seal the day & year first above written Eliz. Higman
Signed Sealed Published & declared by the above named Elizabeth Higman as & for her last Will & Testament in the presence of us who at her request & in the presence of her & of each other have subscribed our names as Witnesses thereto John Nicholson Ann Evans Eliz Nicholson

Proved at London 14th August 1810 before the Judge by the Oath of Charlotte Cranch Spinster the Niece & Sole Executrix