The Raleigh Country


E. R. Delderfield

First Published 1949 by E.R.D. Publications Ltd. Exmouth, Devon

Indexed by

Ros Hickman

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In the author's own words "a brief history of Exmouth, East Budleigh, Otterton. Bicton, Budleigh Salterton, Sidmouth, Topsham and Lympstone, with a short life story of that great Englishman, Sir Walter Raleigh".

Adams John of Otterton, 13
Anne of Denmark, Queen, 73
Appendix of shipping activity, 157
Athelstan, 125
Attwater F.W., Carriage Hire, 38
Baker Mr. Stationer and lending library, 107
Bamphfield Jane of Lympstone, 12
Barber Mr. D.R. Observatory superintendent, 123
Barry William of Poltimore, 12
Bartlett James Perry, Minister at Parish meeting, 149
Bence William, buried at Littleham, 13
Bennetts Mr. S, Hansom Cab owner, 38
Bicton, 99
Blatchford Samuel, Minister at Parish meeting, 149
Blaze Bishop,, 55
Boddelig John de, medieval landowner, 47
Bodley Alice, wife of William, 129
Bodley Sir Francis, founder of Bodleian Library, 129
Boyle Robert- the great Earl of Cork, 67
Bradford, Bros., 16
Brice Mr., Lympstone shipbuilder, 153
Bristowe The Rev. J.B. at Parish meeting, 148
Browning Elizabeth, resident of Sidmouth, 120
Brummel Beau, 119
Brunel, Atmospheric Railway, 20
Brutton Mrs. Dawlish Warren, 19
Buckingham Countess of, 46
Buckingham Duke of, resident of Sidmouth, 120
Budleigh Salterton, 106
Burne The Rev. Charles at Parish meeting, 148
Bussell Mr. Robert at Parish meeting, 148
Bute Marquis of. resident of Sidmouth, 118
Bute, Marchioness of, 25
Buttell Benjamin, Topsham born Privateer, 127
Byron Ada, 25
Byron Lady, 25
Byron Lord, 25
Campbell John Esq. resident of Budleigh Salterton, 107
Carter G, Lieut. RN at Parish meeting, 148
Carter John, ferryman at Exmouth, 16
Castle Messrs, store, 25
Cecil Lord, 68
Chamberlain Mr. Joseph, friend of Collings, 30
Chapman Richard, shipbuilder, 73
Charles I, 46
Charles II, 71
Chown A. shopkeeper, 24
Churchill Lady Caroline, friend of Ball Hughes, 120
Churchill Sir Winston, 40, 100
Clarke Mary Anne, Mistress of Duke of York, 21
Clarke, Ellen daughter of Mary Anne, 24
Clarke, Mary Anne, Mistress of Duke of York, 22
Clinton Lady, 100
Clinton Lord, 59, 99, 109
Clinton, Lord, 35
Coles Mr. W.G. Chapel Trustee at Parish meeting, 149
Collings, Jesse, M.P. resident of Exmouth, 29
Collins James, Builder, 136
Connaught Duke of, resident of Sidmouth, 121
Conrad Joseph, Ships Master, 14
Cooper-Abbs G. of Exeter, 40
Courtenay Hugh, heir of Isabella, 126
Coutts Thomas, London Banker, 25
Creswell John B, Esq. at Parish meeting, 148
Crockford William, Gaming Club owner, 120
D` Urban Sir Benjamin, his father, 146
D`Orsay Count, 119
D`Urban General,, 146
Danby Francis A.R.A. Artist, 28
Danby Francis, Artist, 35
Davy Daniel Bishop Esq. at Parish meeting, 148
Davy F. Ship-owner of Topsham, 135
Davy Francis Esq. at Parish meeting, 148
Davy Frankie, resident of Topsham, 130
Davy Mr. Robert at Parish meeting, 148
Davy Robert Esq. at Parish meeting, 148
Davy Samuel Esq. at Parish meeting, 148
De Albemarle family, 152
Dinham Sir John, built Nutwell Court, 156
Drake, 152
Drake family of Littleham, 44
Drake Robert, local benefactor, 40
Drake Sir Francis, 40, 152
Drake Sir Francis 4th Baronet, 156
Drake Sir Francis 5th Baronet, resident of Nutwell, 156
Du Maurier, George, artist and author, 24
Du Maurier, Gerald, son of George, actor, 24
Du Maurier, Louis Busson, husband of Ellen, 24
Duckworth Admiral Sir John, M.I. in Church, 150
Duckworth Sir John Thomas B. at Parish meeting, 148
Duckworth Sir John, resident of Topsham, 146
Duke family, 76
Duke of Kent, 112
Duke Richard, 77, 78, 97
Duke Richard, Lord of the Manor, 50, 62
Dumas Alexandre Jnr., 120
East Budleigh, 47
Edward III, 110
Edward IV, Hid at Nutwell Court, 155
Edward VIII, 100
Egremont Earl of, resident of Topsham, 133
Elizabeth I, 63, 64
Ellenborough Lord, 25
Ellett Mr. Boat Builder, 16
Empress Eugenie, resident of Sidmouth, 120
Essex Lord, 66, 68
Evans Fanny, wife of Josiah Nesbit, 26
Exmouth, 11
Fairfax General, Parliamentarian, 127, 155
Farrant William of Topsham, 12
Fish T.L. resident of Sidmouth, 118
Fletcher The Rev. R at Parish meeting, 148
Flynn William, an Exmouth man, 13
Follett John, Minister at Parish meeting, 149
Follett Sir William Webb, Attorney-General, resident of Topsham, 146
Forest Sir Digory, resident of Exmouth, 29
Fortibus Isabella de, Countess of Devon, 126
Frederick Duke of York, 21
Freeman Mr. proprietor of the Feathers, 107
Fuller Major Trayton, nephew of Heathfield Lord, resident of Nutwell, 156
Gale George at Parish meeting, 148
George III, 21, 79
Gibbings Mr W.J., licensee Bridge Inn, 143
Gibbons Grinling, Stonemason, 140
Gibbons Maria, her daughter, parish nurse and Author, 53
Gibbons Mrs. Susannah, resident of Vicarsmead, 53
Gifford Lord, 25
Gilbert Adrian, 63
Gilbert Sir Humphrey, 63, 64, 106
Gilbert Sir John, 63
Gloucester Duke and Duchess of, 100
Grand Duchess Helene, resident of Sidmouth, 120
Graves Lord, father in law of Nesham, 29
Grenville, 152
Guenett Reverend, chaplain of Point-in-View, 42
Guiccioli, Countess of, lived with Shelley, 26
Guilford, Countess of, 25
Gwydir Lord, resident of Sidmouth, 120
Hamilton Alexander E. Kelso Esq. at Parish meeting, 148
Hamilton Alexander H. Esq. at Parish meeting, 148
Hamilton Emma, 26
Hamilton Sir Alexander, resident of Topsham, 146
Hamilton Sir William, husband of Emma, 26
Hamilton Squire, resident of Topsham, 138
Harris Eli, their old Butler, 53
Harris Mr. Charles at Parish meeting, 148
Harris Mr. employed at Bicton House, 100
Harris Robert of Topsham, 13
Harrison Mr.John S. at Parish meeting, 148
Hawkins, 152
Hawkins Miss, resident of Lympstone, 155
Hawkins Sir John, 65
Heathfield Lord, nephew of Sir Francis, resident of Nutwell, 156
Henry VIII, 76, 99
Hewson Capt. RN at Parish meeting, 148
Hewson Vice-Admiral, 127
Hill Isaac, Dyer and Fuller, 77
Hodder family - Crest, 150
Hodder George, Mariner and Merchant at Parish meeting, 149
Holland family, dukes of Exeter, residents of Topsham, 146
Holman Captain F.R. of Liverpool, 133
Holman John, Shipbuilder, 129, 131, 134
Holman Josias, 129
Holman Mr. John at Parish meeting, 148
Holman Richard, Master Mariner, 129
Holman William, 129
Holman Wilson, resident of Topsham, 131
Holman, Shipbuilders, 129
Holroyd, Mr. Justice, 25
Hoskins Capt. RN at Parish meeting, 148
Howard Lady, 25
Howard Lord, 73
Howerd Lord, 68
Hughes Edward Hughes Ball, resident of Sidmouth, 119
Hurdle and Sons, Coal Merchants, 137
Hurdle George, Dock owner, 133
Hutchinson Peter Orlando, 115, 117
Hutchinson Peter Orlando, Historian, archaeologist., 114
James I, 46, 68, 73
James II, 155
Jeffries Judge, 155
Jones Inigo, 46
Kean, Edmund, Edwardian tragic actor, 24
Kendall, a gentleman, 32
Keyser Pieter de, Dutch Sculptor, 46
King John, 102
Lackington Mr. Bookseller, 107
Lacy Mary, Churchwardens Accounts, 50
Lane Lupino, Gt. Nephew of Samuel Lane an Actor, 154
Lane Ralph, Governor of Roanoke Island, Florida, 152
Lane Samuel, Proprietor of the Britannia Theatre in London, 154
Lane Samuel, went to London, 153
Lang Mr. William at Parish meeting, 148
Lawrence, Sir Thomas, 28
Le Despencer Lord, resident of Sidmouth, 118
Lethaby, proprietor of the Sidmouth Journal and Directory, 113
Littleham village, 43
Lockyer Lady, 122
Lockyer Sir Joseph Norman, astronomer, 121, 124
Longridge Dr and Mrs. C.J.N., 57
Lurkas Thomas of Exmouth, 13
Lympstone and Nutwell Court, 152
Mann Mr. C. resident at Vicarsmead, 53
Mare Thomas of Otterton, 13
Matthew Mr. Boat Builder, 16
Mercandotti, Spanish dancer, wife of Ball Hughes, 120
Milbanke Miss, a wife of Lord Byron, 25
Millais Sir John, Artist, 40, 106
Monmouth Duke of, 77
Moore, Sir John, 22
Moresby Sir Fairfax, resident of Exmouth, 29
Mutter, Smuggler and cider shop owner, 31
Napoleon, 24
Nelson, 152
Nelson Lady, 26, 44
Nelson Lord, 26
Nelson, Frances Herbert Viscountess, M.I. Littleham, 27
Nesbit Josiah, son of Lady Nelson, 26
Nesham Admiral C.J.W. resident of Exmouth, 29
Newark, The Rt. Hon. John Leslie, Baron, resident of Exmouth, 29
Otterton, 75
Owens Mr. T. Jnr, Shipbuilder, 129
Owens Thomas, 130
Paget Lady Jane, one time financee of Ball Hughes, 120
Paine Mr. Thomas at Parish meeting, 148
Paine Mr. Thomas Jnr. at Parish meeting, 148
Parminter Jane, owned A la Ronde, 40
Parminter Mary, owned A la Ronde, 40
Payne Mr. Stationer and lending library, 107
Peake Margaret of Lympstone, 12
Periam Mr. Gilbert at Parish meeting, 148
Perriam Captain, resident of Topsham, 136
Perriam, Nancy, Naval Pensioner, 28
Phillips Godfrey, Tobacco Magnet, 72
Phillips Mrs. Boarding School proprietor, 107
Philpotts Eden, Author, 152
Pine William of Woodbury, 13
Pitts Aaron, Minister at Parish meeting, 149
Pollexfens Sir Henry, resident of Nutwell, 155
Pratt Mr. of The Rolle Arms, 107
Preedy Vice-Admiral George Wilson, memorial window, 56
Prideaux Mr., 62
Pridham Edward, a Doctor in Topsham, M.I. in Church, 150
Pridham Mr. John at Parish meeting, 148
Princess Royal, 100
Pyle The Rev. S. at Parish meeting, 148
Pym family, residents of Topsham, 137
Pym Mr. Bruce, Trinity House Pilot, 137
Queen Victoria, 112
Raleigh, 152
Raleigh Carew, son of Sir Walter, 71
Raleigh family, pews in Church, 54
Raleigh Jone, MI, 54
Raleigh Lady, 70
Raleigh Sir Carew, 63
Raleigh Sir Walter, 40, 58, 62, 64, 65, 66, 68, 70, 72, 73, 78, 106
Raleigh Sir Walter born in East Budleigh, 47
Raleigh Walter, son of Sir Walter, 69
Randle Thomas, Q.M. on HMS Victory, 127
Rattenbury, Jack, smuggler, 31
Redway, family, 17
Rolle Baron of Stevenstone, 102
Rolle Denys, 78
Rolle Denys M.I., 102
Rolle family, 76
Rolle Hon. Mark, 109
Rolle Lady, 57, 100, 101
Rolle Lady Gertrude, 109
Rolle Lord, 40, 107
Ross Francis W.L. Esq. at Parish meeting, 148
Rowe George, Q.M. on the Titanic, 127
Ruskin John, 106
Russell Mr, Coach proprietor, 37
Saunders Captain, Ships Master, 131
Saunders Mr. Shipbuilder, 129
Shelley, poet, 26
Short The Rev. Amos at Parish meeting, 149
Sidmouth, 110
Spenser Edmund, poet, 66
Sprinte Mr., 62
Stabback Abraham, Quay Master, 137
Stapleton Rev. A.A. Vicar of East Budleigh, 52
Stevens Mr. John at Parish meeting, 148
Stone Nicholas, born in Woodbury, 46
Swain Miss N. resident of Topsham, 140
Sweyn - King of the Danes, 11
Swollow Thomas of Littleham, 13
Tate Mrs., 106
Tavender Mr. William at Parish meeting, 148
Thackeray, author, 120
The Duke of Edinburgh, 112
Thorpe The Rev. Henry at Parish meeting, 148
Throckmorton Bessie, 67
Topsham, 125
Tothill Thomas C.Esq. at Parish meeting, 148
Touson Dr. Dean of Westminster, 69, 70
Towgood Stephen, Minister at Parish meeting, 149
Towneley Mrs. C. Churchwardens Accounts, 51
Tozer Mr. Richard at Parish meeting, 148
Travers George P. Esq. at Parish meeting, 148
Trevellion Henry of Axemouth, 13
Troake Mr. Marler at Parish meeting, 148
Trollope Anthony, author, 107
Trollope Thomas Aldophus, brother of Anthony, 107
Trout Mr. Daniel, Harbour Master, 136
Turnerelli P. Sculptor, 44
Vincent, local mariner, 107
Voysey family, 137
Voysey W. resident of Topsham, 135
Vynton Julian, Ship-owner of Topsham, 128
Walrond Colonel, M.P. resident of Topsham, 146
Walters Mr. proprietor of the baths, 107
Ward Mr. bought Kendalls property, 32
Warwick Earl of, Parliamentarian, 127
Webber, Messrs, Butchers, 35
Wesley John,, 29
Wesley, Samuel Sebastian, resident of Exmouth, 29
White J.S. Shipyard at Cowes I.O.W., 19
Whitworth The Rev. J. at Parish meeting, 148
William and Mary, 155
William of Orange, 127
William the Conqueror, 110
Williams "Gilly", 119
Williams Captain, resident of Lympstone, 154
Willing Mrs. E.M. a J.P. resident of Topsham, 150
Wilton Sarah, an actress, wife of Samuel Lane, 153
Windsor the Duke of, 59
Woodhouse Mr. John at Parish meeting, 148
Woodward Edward of Exmouth, 13
Wright The Rev. Francis at Parish meeting, 148
Yarde William Esq. at Parish meeting, 148
York Duke and Duchess of, 100