Plymouth & West Devon Record Office Ref No: 890/1

Made available in GENUKI by permission of the PWDRO

Transcribed by David A. Davy

© Copyright 2002 & 2006

This document is an attempt to transcribe all baptisms recorded in the parish records for Marystowe, Devon between the years 1648 and 1716. It is not surname specific, and no baptism entries have been intentionally excluded from the transcription. All names transcribed are spelt as recorded in the original register. Surnames have been capitalized to aid in readability regardless of whether they appear this way in the original Parish Register or not. No attempt has been made to cross check the transcription entries with the bishop's transcripts. All entries are transcribed in the year in which they were recorded in the parish register, and no attempt has been made to convert the year of baptism. Please note that year conversion is only of concern for entries made pre 1752 when the Julian calendar was in effect.

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, the transcriber assumes no responsibility for any errors contained in this document. Please remember to check the transcibed entries against the original parish register.

This transcription is for private research only, and is not intended to be used for commercial purposes.

PLEASE NOTE that in additon to the names of the parents, THEIR TITLES ie. junr., gent:, vicar have also been included in the column. It is hoped this doesn't cause too much confusion, but if it does, please accept my sincerest apologies!


[] = Square brackets and contents are transcriber's additions which may not be contained in the original text.

... = Difficulty in interpretation of original document whether due to age related deterioration or penmanship.

p/o = parish of


SURNAME(S)Given Name(s)FatherMotherDate of BaptismSexDate of BirthAbodeNotesTranscriber's remarks/comments
        The Sixt Day of May 1654The first 5 entries (see this column below) are found on the first page of the 1654 to 1716 register book. They were likely copied here from an earlier register book.
        David HAM was approved & Sworne the p[ar]ish regist[r]er in Maystowe - Will MoriceEntries 6 to 13 (see this column below) are also found on the first page of the 1654 to 1716 register book. These were almost certainly copied here from later pages of this same register book. As this document is a trans. of the 1654 to 1716 book, please look further below for a comparison.
        Thos ROSE VicrVicar of Marystowe 1667 to 1696
HAMRichardDavidJoan26 Apr 1654son   1
BLACHFORDEdmondEdmond 01 Jun 1651son   2
CHOLWILLElizabethJohn 02 Jan 1648dau  [child #] 13
CHOLWILLMaryJohn 15 Jan 1650dau  [child #] 24
CHOLWILLHonnerJohn 01 Mar 1652dau  [child #] 35
CHOLWILLJohnJohnElizabeth son29 May 1655 [child #] 46
CHOLWILLBeatenJohnElizabeth10 Feb 1657dau  [child #] 57
CHOLWILLBartholomewJohnElizabeth13 Aug 1660son  [child #] 68
CHOLWILLRogerJohnElizabeth25 Mar 1663son  [child #] 79
CHOLWILLThomasJohnElizabeth26 Apr 1664son  [child #] 810
CHOLWILLGraceJohnElizabeth25 Nov 1666dau  [child #] 911
CHOLLWILLEdwardJohn 29 Oct 1669son  [child #] 1012
CHOLWILLPenelopeJohnElizabeth17 Sep 1671dau  [child #] 1113
        Hereafter ffolloweth The Register Book ffor the p[ar]ishe of Maristow.The register recorded births for the period 1654 to 1660
        Made the Sixt Day of May Anno dom 1654Beginning in 1661, the register recorded baptisms
GRILLSJohnJohn  son18 May 1654   
BASLYJohanGiddeon  dau11 Mar 1654   
SARGENTSamuellJames  son24 Apr 1655   
BORROWAbrahamJohn  son10 May 1655   
CHOLWILLJohnJohn  son29 May 1655  See this column above for first page entries numbered 1 to 13.
HEALEPhilip[a]Samson  dau01 Jun 1655   
DAVYJohanGeorge  dau09 Aug 1655   
STERTMarie(Mst) Thomas  dau27 Oct 1655   
WOOLLRIDGEPresillaThomas  dau14 Feb 1655   
WALKEYRichardThomas  son23 Jun 1656   
CARKITEElezebethWilliam  dau08 Jul 1656   
SARGENTJamesJames  son09 Jul 1656   
HAMDavidDavid  son09 Jan 1656   
GRILLSMaryJohn  dau25 May 1657   
DAVYHonnerGeorge  dau11 Jul 1657   
BASLYMargretGiddeon  dau15 Jul 1657   
CHOLWILLBeatonJohn  dau10 Feb 1657  See this column above for first page entries numbered 1 to 13.
BORRUGHSRichardJohn  son09 Apr 1658   
STERTMargery(Mst) Thomas  dau27 May 1658   
WOOLRIDGEElezebethThomas  dau27 Dec 1658   
MARTINJohnJohn  son14 Mar 1658   
MOHUNThomas(Mst) Runnall[Runnall = Reynold?]  son04 Aug 1659   
CONGDONMaryMartin  dau26 Sep 1659   
GRILLSJohanGeorge  dau04 Oct 1659  Johan written above a crossed out name
STERTHenry(Mst) Thomas  son02 Mar 1659   
HAMJohanDavid  dau20 Mar 1659   
BASLYMaryGiddeon  dau05 Apr 1660   
GREGORYSaraThomas  dau16 Jul 1660   
DAVYGeorgeGeorge  son08 Aug 1660   
CHOLWILLBartholomewJohn  son13 Aug 1660  See this column above for first page entries numbered 1 to 13.
ROWSEHonourEdward  dau17 ...[Sep ?] 1660   
GLASSEMarthaJohn 11 Aug 1661dau    
CERKITEJohnWilliam 09 Nov 1661son    
OLIVERWilliamChristopher 27 Nov 1661son    
COOMEHonourJohn 31 Dec 1661dau    
HILLGraceWilliam 14 Jan 1661dau    
HILLAgnesArthur 22 Jan 1661dau    
HOOPERJohnJohn 04 Jul 1662son    
PENGELLYMarthaRichard 13 Jul 1662dau    
MAYNARDJacobRichardPhillip[a]11 Feb 1661son  baptized at BrentorDated 1661 but appears among the 1662 entries
HAMPhillip[a]DavidJoane04 Jan 1662dau    
CHOLWILLRogerJohnElizabeth25 Mar 1663son   See this column above for first page entries numbered 1 to 13.
COOMEPrescillaJohnThomsin27 Apr 1663dau    
ROWSEMaryEdwardSibell11 Apr 1663dau    
BENNETAgnesStevenAgnes27 Aug 1663dau    
GLASSEJohnJohnMary30 Aug 1663son    
PENGELLYJohnWilliamGane15 Sep 1663son    
FOSTERMaryBeniaminAgnes16 Oct 1663dau    
HILLGraceWilliamMary23 Feb 1663dau    
GRILLSElizabethJohnAnne12 Mar 1663dau    
JACKEMENTAlceJohnDorothy20 Mar 1663dau    
PRICHETTMary  19 Oct 1663dau  a base child; in the thirteenth yeare of her age 
REEDJosephJohnElizabeth12 Apr 1664son    
CHOLWILLThomasJohnElizabeth26 Apr 1664son   See this column above for first page entries numbered 1 to 13.
GRILLSRobertGeorgeAnne30 Jul 1664son    
PENGELLYRichardRichardMargaret01 Dec 1664son    
HAMGarteretDavidJohane24 Jan 1664dau    
HOOPERAndrewJohnPenelope06 Jun 1665son    
HOOPERGraceJohnPenelope06 Jun 1665dau    
FFOSTERElizabethBeniamynAgnis30 Aug 1665dau    
GLASSESamuellJohnMary01 Nov 1665son    
ROWSERalphEdwardSibell26 Nov 1665son    
HORWELLEdwardPearceElizabeth10 Dec 1665son    
BICKLEJosephRobertElizabeth26 Dec 1665son    
REEDJamesJohn 31 Dec 1665son    
HILLBartholomewWilliamMary06 Jan 1665son    
VEALEJohaneMyehaell 06 Jan 1665dau    
...John ............ 1665son   A very faint entry, John may have had a second given name
BENNETTJaneJohnJane17 Apr 1666dau    
PODEElizabethArthurMary05 Jun 1666dau    
JAKEMENTJohnJohnDorothy29 Apr 1666son    
COMBEElizabethJohnThamasin12 Aug 1666dau    
CHOLWILLGraceJohnElizabeth25 Nov 1666dau   See this column above for first page entries numbered 1 to 13.
HAMMaryDavidJohan24 Feb 1666dau    
BENNETTSusanStephenAnne25 Feb 1666dau    
WISEThomas(Hon[oura]ble Sir) Edward(Lady) Arrabella13 Apr 1667son  of the noble order of the bath & knight 
PENGELLYHonnerRichardMargaret25 Apr 1667dau    
GREGORYJames GregoryThomasAlce01 Sep 1667son   Not clear if Gregory is a given name or a surname only
FFOSTERDorcas FfosterBeniamynAgnis06 Feb 1667dau   Not clear if Ffoster is a given name or a surname only
MAYNARDMaryRobertElizabeth07 Sep 1667dau    
PODECatterinArthurMary28 Apr 1668dau    
VEALEJosephMychaellPhillep[a]27 Jun 1668son    
BLACHFORDJohnRichardAnne12 Sep 1668son    
OLIVERMaryChristopherSusan12 Sep 1668dau    
JAKEM[EN]TMaryJohnDorothy09 Dec 1668dau    
WALLISMaryRobertMary02 Feb 1668dau   Given name and day somewhat unclear
BENNETTRichardRobertSible20 Feb 1668son   Given name and day somewhat unclear
HAMMarthaDavidJohane05 Apr 1669dau    
BASELYElizabethGideonJoane18 Apr 1669dau    
TOOKERElizabethJohnElizabeth19 Apr 1669dau p/o Milton Month difficult to read
BENNETThomasStephenAnne05 May 1669son    
WISEFfrances(Hon[oura]ble Sr.) Edward(Lady) Arabella18 May 1669dau  Kt. of the noble Order of the Bath 
GRILLSSusannaGeorgeAnne14 Jun 1669dau    
HOOPERPhillep[a]JohnPenelope04 Jul 1669dau    
HILLRichardWm.Mary30 Aug 1669son    
ROWSESusanaEdwardSible25 Jul 1669dau   day not very clear
CHOLWILLEdwardJohnElizabeth29 Oct 1669son   month rather faded; See this column above for first page entries numbered 1 to 13.
BORROUGHElizabethWilliamJohane05 Feb 1669dau Milton abbot  
MAYNARDGraceRichardPhillep[a]29 Mar 1670dau    
EDGCOMBEPhillep[a]ThomasFfrancis25 Apr 1670dau    
BLACHFORDEdmondJohnElizabeth08 Jul 1670son    
WORTHDorothyRichardThamasyn10 Sep 1670dau    
COMBETemporanceJohnThamsyn11 Sep 1670dau    
WILLSElizabethRichardMartha22 Oct 1670dau    
HAWKYNSGraceJohnMargery05 Nov 1670dau    
HAMMaryDavidJohane05 Mar 1670dau    
BLACHFORDThomasRichardAnne12 Mar 1670son    
JAKEMANAgnesJohnDorothye26 Jul 1671dau   day of month could be 16th
BASELYEWilliamGideonJoane06 Aug 1671son    
CHALLWELLPenelopyeJohnElizabeth17 Sep 1671dau   See this column above for first page entries numbered 1 to 13.
COOMBEAliceJohnTamsen03 Mar 1671dau    
FURSEElyasJohnBridgett10 Jun 1672son   day overwritten - could be 16th
HAWKINGSPhillep[a]JohnMargerye12 Jun 1672dau   Baptisms of daughters Phillep and Mary recorded in a single register entry
HAWKINGSMaryJohnMargerye12 Jun 1672dau   Baptisms of daughters Phillep and Mary recorded in a single register entry
ROSEAgnes(vicr:) ThomasAgnes10 Jul 1672dau    
SKELLYEMaryeJohnTamsen11 Sep 1672dau    
WORTHJohnRichardTamsen31 Dec 1672son    
WILLSRichardRichardMartha25 Mar 1673son    
MARTYNAgnesRoger 19 Jan 1673dau p/o Milton Abbott  
ROSEDorothye(vicr:) ThomasAgnes13 Mar 1673dau    
EDGCOMBEThomasThomasFrancis16 Mar 1673son p/o Milton Abbott  
BURROUGHDionisiaWm:Joane07 Feb 1673dau p/o Milton Abbot  
SKELLYEJohnJohnTamsen05 May 1674son    
HAWKINSMargeryJohnMargery09 Aug 1674dau    
COOMBEGraceJohnTamzin25 Oct 1674dau    
TRENOWJohnJohnMargeret17 Nov 1674son    
FFOSTERElizabethHugh 13 Dec 1674dau    
FFURSEDorothyJohnBridget13 Feb 1674dau   Baptisms of daughters Dorothy and Mary recorded in a single register entry
FFURSEMaryJohnBridget13 Feb 1674dau   Baptisms of daughters Dorothy and Mary recorded in a single register entry
MONKEMaryConstantineAnne24 Apr 1675dau Milton Abbott  
COLEUlaliahRobbertAnne11 Sep 1675dau Milton Abbott  
ROSEShutte(vicar) ThomasAgnes22 Dec 1675son    
WILLSMarthaRichardMartha01 Mar 1675dau    
NUTEStephenWilliamMary14 Mar 1675son    
TRENOWThomasJohnMargarett14 Jan 1676son    
BASELYEJohnNicholasJoane23 Jan 1676son    
SKELLYEThomasJohnTamsen31 Jan 1676son    
MONKERichardConstantineAnne02 Feb 1676son p/o Milton Abbott  
COLLINSMaryWalterMary04 Feb 1676dau    
HAWKINGSJohnJohnMargerye11 Feb 1676son    
BURROUGHHenryWilliamJoane24 Jun 1676son    
LAUNDERPhillep[a]PeterElizabeth23 Oct 1677dau p/o Milton Abbott  
FFURSEJohnJohnBridgett02 Feb 1677son    
SERJEANTSamuelJamesGrace12 Feb 1677son    
SKELLYEArthurJohnTamsen28 Feb 1677son    
TRENOWJoyceJohnMargarett02 Jul 1678dau    
NEWTThomasWilliamMary21 Jul 1678son    
WILLSMarthaRichardMartha06 Aug 1678dau    
COLLINGSMathewWalterMary20 Oct 1678son    
SALTARMargeryeAndrewElizabeth25 Feb 1678dau    
BURROWDanyelJohnSusanna09 May 1679son p/o Milton Abbot abode added in with a caret
DOTTRIDGEThomasThomasLoveday17 May 1679son p/o Milton Abbott  
COOMBEJohnJohnTamsen28 May 1679son    
SERGENTPenelopeJamesGrace12 Oct 1679dau    
NEWTMiriamWm:Mary03 Jan 1679dau   a line below this entry is crossed out
LANDERMaryPeterElizabeth24 Feb 1679dau p/o Milton Abbott  
DODGEJoaneGeorgeSusanna07 Mar 1679dau p/o Milton Abbott  
BICKLEJohnGeorgeMary27 Apr 1680son    
COLLINGSWalterWalterMary01 Jun 1680son    
BASELYGideonNicholasJone29 Aug 1680son    
SKELLYMaryJohnTamsen04 Jan 1680dau    
BURROUGHElizabethWm.Joane18 Jan 1680dau p/o Milton Abbott Abbott added with a caret
NEWTAnneWm.Mary22 Jan 1680dau    
FFURSEEdwardJohnBridgett01 Mar 1680son    
TRENOWJamesJohnMargarett15 Mar 1680son    
BRAYMaryWillm.Hannah06 Apr 1681dau p/o Milton Abbot  
EDGCOMEJohnWm.Grace10 May 1681son p/o Milton Abbot  
BLATCHFORDSymonSymonElizabeth29 Aug 1681son    
SEARGENTSampsonJamesGrace13 Dec 1681son    
FFURSEGeorgeJohnBridgett26 Feb 1681son    
GEAKEMarthaJohnBeaton21 Mar 1681dau p/o Kellye  
COLLINMaryWalterMary06 Jun 1682dau    
DOTTRIDGEJaneThomasLoveday19 Aug 1682dau p/o Milton Abbott  
COLLINGSJohnRichardLeah27 Aug 1682son    
BICKLEElizabethRobbertMary27 Aug 1682dau    
BRAYJaneWillm. (the younger)Hannah03 Sep 1682dau p/o Milton Abbott  
KNIGHTWilliamWilliamRebecca26 Oct 1682son    
FFOSTERElizabethHughElizabeth11 Nov 1682dau    
ASCOTTPhillep[a]JohnJone19 Dec 1682dau p/o Milton Abbott  
WIVELLDorothyeGeorgeSusannah31 Jan 1682dau    
NEWTElizabethWillm:Mary03 Feb 1682dau    
LAUNDERElizabethPeterElizabeth02 Jun 1683dau p/o Milton Abbott  
VEALEMaryRichardMary20 Nov 1683dau p[ar]ish Milton Abbott  
HARRISWilliamJamesChristian29 Jan 1683son    
SERGENTGraceJamesGrace05 Feb 1683dau    
WIVELLGeorgeGeorgeSusannah16 Mar 1683son    
TRENOWMaryeJohnMargerett23 Mar 1683dau    
DODGEJohnGeorgeSusannah29 Mar 1684son p/o Milton Abbott  
BASELYNicholasNicholasJone20 Apr 1684son    
NEWTJaneWillm.Mary02 Oct 1684dau    
SKELLYHonnorJohnTamsen26 Oct 1684dau    
COLLINGSAbramRichardLeah11 Nov 1684son    
BONDCharlesPascoeHannah11 Nov 1684son p/o Milton Abbott  
BLATCHFORDElizabethSymeonElizabeth05 Jan 1684dau    
BICKLEJohnRobertMary01 Mar 1684son    
BICKLEElizabethJohnMary22 Sep 1684dau p/o Milton Abbott  
COLLINGJohnWalterMary27 Apr 1684son    
ARSCOTTRogerJohnJoane31 May 1685son    
HARRISJohnJohnJoane04 Aug 1685son    
HARRISEdwardJamesChristian09 Jun 1685son    
BICKLERobertJohnMary23 Nov 1685son p/o Milton Abbott  
WYVILLWilliamGeorg  son29 Dec 1685  clearly reads born and not baptized; month not too clear
SARGENTMargeryJamesGrace14 Dec 1685dau    
SARGENTJohnSamuellSusannah1685son01 Mar [1685] Baptized at ThrusheltonSqueezed in at the end of year; space was reserved for day & month of baptism
KNIGHTJohnWilliamRebecca11 Apr 1686son    
COLLINWinnifrideWalterMary02 May 1686dau    
HAMJoaneRichardPriscilla05 May 1686dau    
NEWTJamesWillm.Marye01 Aug 1686son    
HARRISElizabethJohnJoane16 Dec 1686dau   day could be the 26th
BASELY[C]atherineNicolasJoane27 Dec 1686dau   January crossed out and December written above
DAVYEWeymouthGeorgePhillep[a]11 Jan 1686son    
ARSCOTTJamesJohnJoane25 Jan 1686son p/o Milton Abbott son added with a caret
SARGENTMaryJamesGrace02 Feb 1686dau    
BICKLEGeorgeGeorgeMary08 Feb 1686son    
COOMBESymonJohnMary10 Feb 1686son   wife added with a caret
WIVELLMarthaGeogeSusannah05 Mar 1686dau    
FFURSEJoaneJohnBridgett28 Mar 1687dau    
COLLINSLeahRichardLeah28 Mar 1687dau    
FFEUGETamsenJohnTamsen29 Mar 1687dau p/o Milton Abbott  
HARRISJamesJamesChristian24 Apr 1687son    
TRENOWSusannahJohnMargarett31 May 1687dau    
TREMEERSamuellHenryDamaris20 Sep 1687son p/o Milton Abbott  
BICKLEPenelopeJohnMary08 Jun 1687dau p/o Milton Abbott  
HOOPERMaryJohnKatherine15 Nov 1687dau    
BRAYJohnWillm.Hannah24 Jan 1687son p/o Milton Abbott  
BICKLEMaryRobertMary10 Jul 1687dau    
SARGENTMargarettSamuelSusannah02 Feb 1687dau    
PENGELLYWilliamJohnElizabeth01 Mar 1687son    
SARGENTElizabethJamesGrace08 Mar 1687dau    
HAMDavidRichardPriscilla18 Mar 1687son    
BONDHannahPascoeHannah27 Mar 1688dau p/o Milton Abbott Elizabeth crossed out and Hannah (mother's name) written above
NEWTPhillep[a]WilliamMary23 Jun 1688dau    
WIVELLJohnGeorgeSusannah20 Nov 1688son    
COLLINCharityNicholasAnne05 Feb 1688dau   a few words crossed out in front of father's name; wife added with a caret
BICKLEJohnJohnMary05 Mar 1688son p/o Milton Abbott  
HARRISJaneJamesChristian24 Apr 1689dau    
FFEUDGEWilliamJohnTamsen16 Apr 1689son p/o Milton Abbot  
SARGENTSamuelSamuelSusannah21 Aug 1689son    
HOOPERAnneJohnKatherine12 Nov 1689dau    
ROSIERAgnesJohn (Gent:)Agnes03 Jan 1689dau p/o Chumley  
SARGENTKatharineJamesGrace22 Apr 1689dau    
COLLINSGraceRichardLeah11 Mar 1689dau    
NEWTWilliamWilliamMary13 Apr 1690son    
PENGELLYDorcasJohnElizabeth21 Apr 1690dau    
HAMMaryRichardPriscilla04 May 1690dau    
TREMEERMaryHenryDamaris19 May 1690dau p/o Milton Abbott  
JAKEMANAlceAnthonyeMargarett24 May 1690dau p/o Milton Abbott  
BICKLEThomasRobertMary25 May 1690son   March crossed out and May written above
ASCOTTRogerJohnJoane05 Jul 1690son    
HAWKINGJohnDaniellMary09 Aug 1690son    
BRAYJoaneWilliamHannah28 Oct 1690dau p/o Milton Abbott  
HARRISElizabethJamesChristian15 Jan 1690dau    
WIVELLMaryGeorgeSusannah18 Mar 1690dau    
BICKLEElizabethJohnMary25 Mar 1691dau p/o Milton Abbott  
SKELLYElizabeth Thomasin (widdow)29 Mar 1691dau    
PIERCEJohnWillm:Mary09 Apr 1691son p/o Milton Abbott  
FFUDGEWalterJohnTamsen19 Dec 1691son living in the p/o Milton Abbott  
HOOPERSusannaJohnKatherine16 Sep 1691dau01 Sep 1691  Written much smaller than the surrounding entries; month of baptism unclear
TREMEREDamarisHenryDamaris19 Jan 1691dau p/o Milton Abbott  
BURROWJoneThomasSusannah27 Jan 1691dau p/o Milton Abbott  
JAKEMANWillm.AnthonyMargarett13 Apr 1692son p/o Milton Abbott  
COLLINMaryNicholasAnne10 May 1692dau    
HAMElizabethRichardPriscilla14 Aug 1692dau    
CRIPSONElizabethJohnSusannah16 Aug 1692dau p/o Milton Abbott  
HAWKINGRebeccaRichardElizabeth03 Sep 1692dau p/o Milton Abbott  
ROWSEHonorRalphPhillep[a]30 Oct 1692dau    
HARRISThomasJohnElizabeth08 Nov 1692son    
ASCOTTWillm.JohnJone18 Dec 1692son p/o Milton Abbott  
NEWTRobertWilliamMary07 Feb 1692son   Baptisms of sons Robert and Henry recorded in a single register entry
NEWTHenryWilliamMary07 Feb 1692son   Baptisms of sons Robert and Henry recorded in a single register entry
EDWARDSMarthaJamesCharitye14 Mar 1692dau p/o Milton Abbott  
BICKLEThomasJohnMary16 Mar 1692son p/o Milton Abbott  
HARRISJohnJamesChristian02 Apr 1693son    
SARGEANTBartholomewJamesGrace18 Apr 1693son    
TREMEERJohnHenryDamaris18 Apr 1693son p/o Milton Abbot  
WYVILLRebeccaGeorgeSusannah21 Apr 1693dau    
BURROWKatherineThomasSusannah10 Jul 1693dau    
COLLINGSRichardRichardLeah08 Nov 1693son    
DAVYGeorgeGeorgePhillep[a]19 Dec 1693son    
HOOPERJohnJohnKatharine24 Dec 1693son    
BRAYPhillep[a]WilliamHannah26 Dec 1693dau p/o Milton Abbott  
PENGELLYElizabethJohnElizabeth27 Feb 1693dau    
HAMPriscillaRichardPriscilla22 Apr 1694dau    
ROWSEEdwardRalfePhillep[a]15 May 1694son   son added with a caret
JAKEMANElizabethAnthonyeMargarett29 Sep 1694dau p/o Milton Abbott  
FFUDGEElizabethJohnTamsen10 Nov 1694dau living in the p/o Milton Abbott day of baptism could be the 20th
BICKLEMaryJohnMary27 Jan 1694dau p/o Milton Abbott  
TREMEREDamarisHenryDamaris23 Jul 1695dau p/o Milton Abbott  
ASCOTTJoneJohnJone30 Jun 1696dau p/o Milton Abbott year of baptism could be 1695
MAYJohnMossesElizabeth20 Aug 1696son    
HOOPERKatherineJohnKatherine12 Jan 1696dau27 Dec 1696   
EDGCOMBEJohnRogerGrace28 Dec 1696son    
CRIPSONGraceJohnSusan14 Jan 1696dau Milton Abott abode added with a caret; February overwritten with January
BURROWThomasThomasSusanna22 Mar 1696son p/o Milton Abbott  
HAMPhillep[a]RychardPrescylla05 Apr 1697dau    
HALLETAbelAbelGertrude08 May 1697son    
HARRISMaryJohnMary27 Jul 1697dau    
ROWSERalphRalphPhilep[a]07 Nov 1697son27 Oct 1697   
ARSCOTTEPhillep[a]John (Junr)Jane03 Jan 1697dau Milton Abbotte  
SARGENTElizabethJamesElizabeth08 Mar 1697dau15 Feb 1697   
COLLINSSamuellRichard (Junr)Mary22 Mar 1697son06 Mar 1697  Junr added with a caret
HOOPERBenedictAndrewHannah09 Jul 1698son25 Jun 1698   
BICKLEMaryJohnMary20 Aug 1698dau08 Aug 1698Milton Abbotte  
BURROWNicholasRichardAudry27 Sep 1698son09 Sep 1698   
WIVELLSusannaGeorgeSusanna30 Oct 1698dau05 Oct 1698   
MAYMosesMosesElizabeth08 Nov 1698son25 Oct 1698   
HARRISElizabethJohnMary03 Dec 1698dau20 Nov 1698   
ROWSEJohnRalphPhillep[a]07 Feb 1698son19 Jan 1698   
EDWARDSElizabethJamesCharity04 Mar 1698dau Milton Abbotte  
BURROWElizabethThomasSusanna19 Mar 1698dau Milton Abbottebaptized here by request 
TOOKERWilliamStevenDorothy13 Apr 1699son04 Apr 1699   
WILKEYDaniellHenryMary29 Mar 1699son Milton Abbottebaptized here by request 
HAMJohnRichardPriscilla14 May 1699son07 May 1699   
COLLINSRichardRichard (Junr)Mary23 May 1699son05 May 1699   
HAWKINSGraceDaniellMary29 Jul 1699dau13 Jul 1699   
SYMONSJohnSampsonMary05 Aug 1699son20 Jul 1699   
SARGENTHannahJamesElizabeth01 Jan 1699dau10 Dec 1699   
EDGECOMBEMarmadukeJohnGrace28 May 1700son04 May 1700   
MAYDavidMosesElizabeth29 Oct 1700son11 Oct 1700   
DYNHAMGeorgeGeorgeJoane23 Nov 1700son31 Oct 1700   
COLLINSMaryRichard (Junr:)Mary19 Dec 1700dau04 Dec 1700   
ROWSEStephenRalphPhillep[a]31 Dec 1700son13 Dec 1700   
TREMAYNArthurArthur (Esq.)Anne06 Mar 1700son23 Feb 1700 High sheriffe of the County 
TOOKERRichardNicholasMartha16 Apr 1701son28 Mar 1701   
HAMPhillep[a]RichardPriscilla20 Jul 1701dau11 Jul 1701   
NEWTJohnStevenJoane29 Sep 1701son10 Sep 1701   
HALLETTJoaneAbellGertrude03 Nov 1701dau22 Oct 1701   
BOLEJohnJohnThomasin03 Jan 1701son12 Dec 1701   
SYMONSAgnesSampsonMary03 Jan 1701dau18 Dec 1701   
SEARGENTJamesJamesElizabeth12 Feb 1701son21 Jan 1701   
ROWSEPhillipRalphPhillep[a]19 May 1702son29 Apr 1702   
TOOKERElizabethNicholasMartha18 Mar 1702dau06 Mar 1702   
CLERKEGeorge(Mr) George HelliarAnne08 Jul 1703son Somersetshireborn att Sydenhamlikely Sydenham manor in the parish of Marystowe
CAUNTERWilliamGeorgeDorothy31 Aug 1703son16 Aug 1703   
MAYSamuellMosesElizabeth23 Nov 1703son08 Nov 1703   
PALMERMargaretPhillipMary05 Jan 1703dau28 Dec 1703   
BOLEJohnJohnThomasin18 Apr 1704son02 Apr 1704   
JEFFRYMaryJohnAnne09 May 1704dau25 Apr [1704] born in Milton; his settlem[en]t being in Marystowe 
HAWKINSElizabethEdward (Junr.)Philippa27 May 1704dau12 May [1704] born in Milton 
CRIPSONSusannaJohnSusanna04 Jul 1704dau p/o Milton Abbotteupon their request & paying the vicr. of Marystow for the same 
EDWARDSJohnJamesAnne15 Jul 1704son p/o Milton Abbotteupon request & paying the vicr. of Marystow for his paines 
NEWTJoanStevenJoane14 Aug 1704dau27 Jul 1704   
SEARGENTSusannaJamesElizabeth27 Sep 1704dau01 Sep 1704   
DYNHAMPhillippaGeorgeJoan13 Nov 1704dau22 Oct 1704   
ARSCOTTEJoaneConstantine 20 Mar 1704dau p/o Milton Abbottupon his request & paying the vicar of Marystow for his paynes 
LANGThomasOliverEulalia09 Jul 1705son p/o Milton Abbotteupon their request & paying the vicar of Maristow for his payns 
CORNELIUSSamuellNicholasRachell16 Jul 1705son08 Jul 1705   
MAYJohnMosesElizabeth13 Aug 1705son28 Jul 1705   
JACKMANMichaellAbrahamTemperance12 Sep 1705son04 Sep 1705   
CAUNTERElizabethGeorgeDorothy18 Sep 1705dau05 Sep 1705   
ROWSEJosiasRalphPhillep[a]13 Nov 1705son26 Oct 1705  looks like Jolias; wife added with a caret
COLLINSWilliamRichardMary20 Nov 1705son30 Oct 1705   
BOLEThomasenJohnThomasen09 Apr 1706dau26 Mar 1706   
HAWKINSGraceEdward (Junr)Philippa16 Apr 1706dau01 Apr [1706] born in Milton 
TOOKERRebeccahNicholasMartha08 May 1706dau22 Apr 1706  March crossed out and May written above
EDWARDSJoaneJamesAnne05 Oct 1706dau p/o Milton Abbotupon their request, & paying the vicar of Marystow for his paynes 
JACKMANJohnAbrahamTemperance03 Nov 1706son24 Oct 1706   
JEFFRYRobertJohnAnne10 Dec 1706son27 Nov 1706   
ROWSELeonardRalphPhillippa17 Dec 1706son27 Nov 1706   
BLACHFORDJoaneThomasJoane01 Feb 1706dau p/o Milton Abbottupon their request, & paying the vicar of Marystow for his pains 
STITSONElizabethRichardElizabeth14 Apr 1707dau30 Mar 1707   
NEWTWilliamStephenJoane1...[12] May 1707son23 Apr 1707  A badly faded entry - dates hard to read
CORNELIUSElizabethNicholasRachell25 May 1707dau... May 1707  A badly faded entry - dates hard to read
ARSCOTTEElizabethConstantineGrace05 Jul 1707dau p/o Milton Abbotteupon their request, & paying the vicar of Marystow for his paines 
DYNHAMJoanGeorgeJoan10 Sep 1707dau1707  Space reserved for full date of birth, but never filled in
MAYElizabethMosesElizabeth07 Oct 1707dau20 Sep 1707   
GIDDYMaryJohnPascho23 Dec 1707dau p/o Milton Abbotteupon their request, & paying the vicar of Marystow for his paynes 
CAUNTERRobertGeorgeDorothy11 Feb 1707son29 Jan 1707   
BOLESybellaJohnThomasin19 Feb 1707dau04 Feb 1707   
LANGSarahOliverEulalia03 May 1708dau p/o Milton Abbotteupon their request, & paying the vicar of Marystow for his paynes 
DOIDGEJohnJohnSusanna18 Sep 1708son p/o Milton Abbotteupon request & paying for it 
HAWTONElizabethGeorgeMargery03 Oct 1708dau30 Sep 1708   
COLLINSAudryRichardMary25 Oct 1708dau02 Oct 1708   
TOOKEREmmanuellNicholasMartha01 Dec 1708son    
NEWTPeter Jane01 Dec 1708   a base child; ordered upon ...[Brentor?]ordered upon ... added with a caret
HAZARDYGrace  19 Dec 1708dau  left upon this parish in her infancy & not knowing whether she had been baptized; being about 14 years old 
JEFFERYCatharineJohnAnne15 Jan 1708dau    
CRIPSONMargeryJohnSusanna30 Jan 1708dau p/o Milton Abbotteupon their request, & paying the vicar of Marystow for his paines 
DOIDGEAgnesAndrewJane13 Mar 1708dau p/o Milton Abbotteupon their request, & paying the vicar of Marystow for his pains 
EDWARDSThomasJamesAnne15 Mar 1708son p/o Milton Abbotteupon request, & paying the vicar of Marystow for his paines 
ARSCOTTEGraceRichardElizabeth26 Mar 1709dau p/o Milton Abbotteupon their request, & paying the vicar of Marystow for his paines 
CORNELIUSNicholasNicholasRachell23 May 1709son16 May 1709   
BLACHFORDElizabethThomasJoan28 May 1709dau Miltonupon their request, & paying the vicar of Marystow for his paynsday could be the 25th
SYMONSSampsonSampsonPenelope06 Aug 1709son23 Jul 1709   
WIVELLJohn Mary18 Dec 1709 11 Dec 1709 a base child; Mary dau of George WIVELL living in the Church House; reputed father was Samuell MABYN a married man of this parish 
VEALEElizabethRichardCatherine19 Feb 1709dau p/o Milton Abbottupon their request & paying the vicar of Marystow for his pains 
HAWTONEdwardGeorgeMargery14 May 1710son04 May 1710   
BOALEPhillipJohnThomasin22 Jul 1710son07 Jul 1710   
COURTICERichardThomasJoane01 Nov 1710son22 Oct 1710   
CAUNTERThomasinGeorgeDorothy15 Nov 1710dau29 Oct 1710   
PENGELLYMargarettWilliamMargarett26 Dec 1710dau03 Dec 1710   
STITSONJohnRichardElizabeth09 Jan 1710son29 Dec 1710   
DOIDGENicholasJohnSusanna29 Jan 1710son p/o Milton Abbotteupon their request, & paying the vicar of Marystow for his paines 
SARGENTAudryJamesElizabeth08 Feb 1710dau08 Feb 1710 Baptisms of twin daughters Audry and Mary recorded in a single register entry 
SARGENTMaryJamesElizabeth08 Feb 1710dau08 Feb 1710 Baptisms of twin daughters Audry and Mary recorded in a single register entry 
ARSCOTTEAudryConstantineGrace27 Feb 1710dau p/o Milton Abbotupon their request, & paying the vicar of Marystow for his payns 
ROWSEJosiasRalphPhillippa05 Nov 1711son20 Oct 1711   
HAWTONJohnGeorgeMargery25 Nov 1711son09 Nov 1711   
COURTICESusannaThomasJoane28 Nov 1711dau12 Nov 1711   
DOIDGEJohnJohnHannah09 Apr 1712son    
BOALEJoannaJohnThomasin03 Jul 1712dau22 Jun 1712   
NEWTSamuellStevenJoane12 Jul 1712son29 Jun 1712  nineth written above a crossed out word
PENGELLYJaneWilliamMargarett01 Sep 1712dau15 Aug 1712   
NEWTJohnJamesMargery18 Oct 1712son30 Sep 1712  day of baptism could be the 15th
BICKELLMaryJohnElizabeth26 Jan 1712dau25 Jan 1712   
CAUNTERJoanGeorgeDorothy04 Feb 1712dau26 Jan 1712  George added in with a caret
LANGMaryOliverEulalia21 Mar 1712dau p/o Milton Abbottupon their request, & paying the vicar of Marystow for his paynes 
STITSONMaryRichardElizabeth15 Apr 1713dau29 Mar 1713   
PENGELLYJohn Mary11 May 1713   a base child; whose reputed father was one Wm CROCKER of Stowford 
SARGENTSusannaJamesGrace11 May 1713dau05 May 1713   
TYNTEGraceRobert (Esq)Susanna07 Jul 1713dau06 Jul 1713   
BRAYHannahJohnJoane06 Jan 1713dau Milton Abbotupon request, & paying the vicar of Marystow for his pains 
COURTICEPriscillaThomasJoan02 Mar 1713dau12 Feb 1713   
SKELLYThomasinAurtherPhillep[a]17 May 1714dau28 Apr 1714   
PENGELLYElizabeth HarrisWilliamMargaret26 May 1714dau28 Apr [1714]   
DOIDGERichardJohnHannah25 Jul 1714son14 Jul [1714]   
BICKLEElizabethJohnElizabeth30 Oct 1714dau13 Oct [1714]   
ARSCOTGraceConstantineGrace01 Dec 1714dau p/o Milton abbotupon their request, & paying the vicar of Marystow for his pains 
SARGENTNicholasJames (Junr)Grace07 Dec 1714son22 Nov [1714]   
SARGENTSamuellJohnMary14 Dec 1714son23 Nov [1714]   
BICKLEMaryJohnJoan15 May 1715dau p/o Milton Abbotupon their request, & paying the vicr. of Marystow for his pains; privately baptized; received into the church 31 [May 1715] 
COLLINSElizabethRichardMary19 Jun 1715dau   day appears to be overwritten
BICKLEGeorgeGeorge (junior)Mary13 Aug 1715son22 Jul [1715]   
SKELLYMaryArthurPhilipa11 Oct 1715dau01 Oct [1715]   
SMITHWilliamJohnJoan24 Dec 1715son  paying for the same 
DOIDGEWilliamDaniellEulalia20 Jan 1715son Milton abbotupon their Request & paying for the same; received into the church 14 Feb [1715] 
HAWTONGeorgeGeoMargery19 Feb 1715son05 Feb [1715]   
NEWTElizabethStephen 18 Apr 1716dau08 Apr [1716]   
PENGELLYJohnWmMargarett24 Apr 1716son04 Apr [1716]   
SARGENTPriscillaJohnMary12 May 1716dau25 Apr [1716]   
CAUNTERGeorgeGeorgeMargaret12 Jun 1716son   record accidently omitted in my original index
HAMMargeryDavidRebecka25 Oct 1716dau    
DOIDGEHannahJohnHannah08 Jan 1716dau    
COURTIESJoanThomasJoan09 Jan 1716dau    
HOIDGEJohnWilliamElizabeth11 Feb 1716son    
BICKLEAliceJohnJoan19 Mar 1716dau p/o Milton Abbotupon their Request & paying the vicar of Marystow for his pains