Name Index


Ships and Harbours of Exmoor

Exmoor Press, 11 High Street, Dulverton, Somerset, (1970)

ISBN-13: 978-0900131158


Graham Farr

Prepared by Fenella Rook

Paperback, 48 pages covering the Exmoor coast of Devon and Somerset from Barnstaple to Watchet.
Ship names are shown in Italic.

Agnes1903Ketch of 72 tons, rebuilt from originally named Lady Acland, photo at Ilfracombe24, 25
Alarm1810Revenue cutter transferred from Barnstaple to Ilfracombe19
Alexandra1884Newhaven-Dieppe iron-built two funnelled packet, based at Ilfracombe21
Allen, Albert1902Of Watchet, co-owner of Naiad47
Allen, Stephen1902Of Watchet, co-owner of Naiad47
Allen, William Robert1902Of Watchet, co-owner of Naiad47
Arran Monarch1953Coal carrier at Watchet47
Arthur, Williamc.1778Of Pennard, Glamorgan, smuggler18
Auspicious182237 foot Pilot cutter built at Pill39
Babb, William1776Master of Betsy37
Bassett, Rev.Arthur Crawfurth Squire at Watermouth33
Ben Rein Steamer with cargo of coal23
Bennett, Arthur1922Co-Owner of Cicelia23
Bennett, Fred1922Co-Owner of Cicelia23
Betsy1773Sloop, 29 tons, built at Lynton37
Blackmore, William1785Ropemaker of Ilfracombe, part owner of Diana12
Blossom Bristol packet owned by Harvey42
Bonita Ketch owned by Reuben Chichester of Braunton37
Bouchier family, Barons of Fitzwarine, Earls of Bath.  8
Bouquet, Michael Author of "No Gallant Ship"42
Bourchier Wrey, Sir, Baronet1760Ilfracombe pier enlarged8
Boyle, Vernon Author of "Devon Harbours"35
Braginton, Georgec.1854Of Bideford, ship buyer.17
Bristol1824Of Swansea20
Bristol Galleyc.1778Pilot boat involved in smuggling18
Busy1806Cutter-rigged craft of Exeter, involved in smuggling, seized by Lottery19
Ceresc.1803Jersey privateer13
Challacombe, Captain George1840Ropemaker, shipyard partner in Ilfracombe17
Chichester, Reuben Of Braunton, owner of ketch Bonita37
Cicelia1867Ketch of 79 tons, built in Jersey23
Cloffock1865Schooner of 101 tons, built at Ilfracombe17
Combmartinc.1840Schooner, 94 tons built at Combe Martin by John Dovell34
Cook, Thomas1840sShipyard in Ilfracombe17
Cornwall1778Boat owned by John Lovering, involved in smuggling18
Coronella1854Barque, three masted square rigger of 328 tons, built at Ilfracombe by Charles Dennis17
Courtney, Captain Captain of Diana13
Crockford, William Owner of smack Eliza42
Crocombe, Captain Richard Owner of sloop Molly37
Crocombe, John1805Co-owner of Nautilus, tavern keeper37
Cruiser1866Cargo sloop Cruiser built by Symons at Watermouth, rigged as ketch in 188133
Cutcliffe, Richard Took sheep to Swansea33
Cuthbertson, Alexander1785Gentleman of Ynisgerran, Glamorgan, part owner of Diana12
Defoe Author45
Democrat1950Coal carrier boat39
Dennis, Charles1846Merchant, shipyard partner in Ilfracombe17
Dennis, William1805Built sloop Trader, 57 tons, at Ilfracombe17
Diana1785Brigantine, 154 tons, built at Ilfracombe12, 15
Diligence1752Sloop built at Minehead42
Dispatch1800Sloop of 58 tons20
Dolfyn Of Holstein, trading from Spain to Minehead41
Dolphinc.1786Owned by Lee and Compnay12
Dovell, John1868Prominent merchant of Combe Martin, ship owner33, 34
Dovell, Richardc.1840Yeoman of Parracombe34
Dover1800Naval armed cutter18
Duke of Lancaster1822Bristol to Cork steamboat20
Dyar, Mr. William1572Owned merchant ship George in Ilfracombe9
Edward1735Brigantine of 60 tons, built at Ilfracombe15
Edward II1326Close Rolls34
Eilian1908Steel schooner of Barnstaple, built at Amlwch, Anglesey24
Eliza Smack owned by William Crockford42
Elizabeth I  9
Elizabeth Mary Smack owned by Captain George Ley of Combe Martin35
Emma Louise Ketch, photo at Minehead, owned and sailed by Captain Philip Rawle29, 43
Endeavour1800Sloop of Bideford, involved on smuggling, seized by Dover18
Endeavour1816Boat built at Minehead42
Erin-go-Bragh Decked fishing boat owned by Henry James42
Etna Tartar Wooden steamer23
Fair Trader Bristol packet owned by Lavinia Forrester42
Fanny1753Coaster built at Aberthaw38
Feliz Restoracion1817Portugese schooner, involved in smuggling19
Ferret1789Excise Board cutter18
Fishley, George1785Tidesman, discovers contraband at Watermouth33
Fitz Wareyn, Lorde1463Ilfracombe squire8
Flor de Mar1803Portugese sumaca14
Florence Steamer with cargo of coal23
Flying Foam Schooner 85 tons, built in France, owned by Edward Perkins39, 43
Foam1878Small sailing craft built at Ilfracombe17
Forrester, Lavinia Owner of Bristol packet Fair Trader42
Fortescue, Hon Matthew1805Of Holnicote, owner of sloop Harriet42
Fosse, John1785Clerk of Arlington, part owner of Diana12
Fosse, Peter1781Collector of Customs at Ilfracombe17
Fosse, Williamc.1786Collector of Customs, mariner of Ilracombe, part owner of Diana12
Four Brothers1789Sloop of Mevagissey, involved on smuggling, seized by Ferret18
Frederica Marianna1803Dutch brig under French flag13
Friends Smack owned by John Williams42
Geen, George Shipbuilder at Watchet47
Geen, George Escott Shipbuilder at Watchet47
George1572Ilfracombe merchant ship owned by Mr.Willm. Dyar, xvi tonnes9
George, Richard1832Of East Chinnock, Somerset17
Gerard of Trent1633Traveller, visited Minehead41, 45
Glamorgan1824Of Swansea20
Godwinsson, Haroldc.1080Plunders the area around Porlock38
Gribble, William1785Mariner of Ilfracombe, part owner of Diana12
Gurnet Decked fishing boat owned by Henry James42
H.M.S. Rodney1833Launch at Milford Haven21
Hancock, Captain John1875Of Heanton Punchardon, bought Little Western22
Harding, Thomas1785Gentleman of Pilton, part owner of Diana12
Harriet1805Sloop owned by Hon. Matthew Fortescue of Holnicote42
Harte Boat 5 tons, of Watchet45
Harvey Owner of Bristol packet Blossom42
Henry IIIc.1230Ordered fleet for Irish expedition8
Heroc.1778Pilot boat involved in smuggling18
Heureuse Marie1779Privateer of St. Brieuc13
Hole, William Co-owner of brigantine Mary46
Hope1800sCustoms cutter19
Hope1801Sloop involved in smuggling35
Hoyle, John and wife1827Farmer suspected of smuggling35
Huxtable, Richard1866Bought all shares in Little Western22
Huxtable, William1805Built sloop Trader, 57 tons, at Ilfracombe17
Increase Of Minehead38
Industry Of Ilfracombe, Ireland to Minehead trade41
James, Henry Owner of fishing boats Gurnet and Erin-go-Bragh42
Jane1817Brigantine, involved in smuggling19
Jhon1572Ilfracombe merchant ship owned by Jhon Wyatt, x tonnes9
John Of Minehead38
John and William1858Smack built at Porlock by William Pulsford of Minehead, owned by Thomas Kent Ridler38, 43
King James1604Withdrew Minehead harbour charter40
King John1208Patent and Close Rolls ordered fleet for Ireland7
Knight, Mary1773Co-owner of Betsy37
Kossuthc.1852Originally Maggie, built at Ilfracombe17
La Blonde1803Bordeaux privateer13
Lady Acland1835Built at Bude, Port of Bideford, rebuilt as Agnes24
Lady Margaret1884Pleasure steamer21
Lady Rodney1824First excursion to Minehead43
Lancashire1803Liverpool privateer schooner13
Le Massager1792Brigantine of Bayonne14
Le Sieur de la Baillaye le Gay1644Visited Minehead41
Lee, James1785Shipwright of Ilfracombe, part owner of Diana12
Lewis, Professor Editor of Port Books of Wales45
Lewis, William1880sBuilt cutter Saucy Lass at Hele23
Ley, Captain George Owner of smack Elizabeth Mary35
Ley, Thomas Of Combe Martin, Owner of Three Sisters and ketch Mistletoe39
Lily1916Ketch owned by Alfred Oxenham, coal merchant37
Little Western1838Smack of 31 tons built by George Harris at Ilfracombe22
Lock, John1805Co-owner of Nautilus37
Lock, William1773Prominent merchant in Lynton, co-owner of Betsy37
Looe Owned by Thomas Kent Ridler43
Lord Beresford1840sSteam packet making excursions to Ilfracombe21
Lovering, John1778Owner of boat Cornwall18
Lukey, John Owner of smack Prudence and Ann42
Lundy Pilotc.1778Pilot boat involved in smuggling18
Luttrell family Of Minehead40
Luttrell, Colonel Alexander Improved Minehead harbour41
Luttrell, Geoffrey Fownes1951Sold Minehead harbour to the Council43
Luttrell, George1616Built Minehead pier41
Luttrell, Lucy Fownes Co-owner of brigantine Mary46
Luttrell, Sir Hugh Of Minehead40
Maggie1852Barque, three masted square rigger of 335 tons, built at Ilfracombe by Charles Dennis17
Marisco, Sir William1242Arrest and execution8
Mary1463Basque ship, of Guipuscoa8
Mary Brigantine 92 tons, owned by William Hole, George Royall, Lucy Fownes Luttrell46
Mary ffortune1572Ilfracombe merchant ship owned by Mr.Jhon Stuff, xxx tonnes9
Mary Stewart1876Ketch, iron, built at Montrose, photo at Ilfracombe24, 25, 43
Maude1930Ketch, Photo at Ilfracombe26
Mistletoe1890Ketch built at Plymouth for Thomas Ley of Combe Martin, photo at Porlock27, 39
Molly1759Sloop, 29 tons, built at Countisbury36
Morning Star1789Open pilot skiff of Bristol, involved on smuggling, seized by Ferret18
Naiad1867Iron vessel built at Llanelly46, 47
Nancy1797Full rigged ship, 150 tons, owned by Thomas Needs42
Nautilus1805Boat owned by John Lock and John Crocombe37
Needs, Thomas1797Owner of Nancy42
Needs, Thomas (younger)1797Master of Nancy42
Neptune Of Minehead, Ireland to Minehead trade41
Old Pitt1817Disabled Naval seaman on Jane19
Orestes Coal carrier owned by Thomas Kent Ridler43
Oxenham, Alfred1916Owner of ketch Lily37
Packet1816Sloop, Ilfracombe to Swansea20
Palmerston1833Steam packet21
Passmore, George1877Owner of brigantine Princess Royal46
Pedder, Edward Of Lynmouth, co-owner of Penguin39
Penguin Built in Scotland owned by John Red and Edward Pedder39
Perkins, Edward Owner of schooner Flying Foam39, 43
Perriton1881Schooner 80 tons, built at Minehead by Benjamin Williams of Watchet, owned by Thomas Kent Ridler42, 43
Pile, Widow1838Shareholder in Little Western22
Pitt1778British ship taken by Vainquer13
Pollard, James1871Purchased pilot cutter Auspicious39
Pollard, William1870sBuilder of small craft in Ilfracombe17
Polly1780Of Nantes13
Polly1893Small sailing craft built at Ilfracombe17
Polly1789Of Cardiff, involved on smuggling, seized by Ferret18
Postillion1779French ship13
Prebendary Hancock Minehead historian39
Pretty Peggy Ireland to Minehead trade41
Princess Royal1877Brigantine 180 tons, owned by George Passmore46
Prudence and Ann Smack owned by John Lukey42
Puffin1868Steam yacht built by Symons at Watermouth33
Pulsford, William1858Builder of smack John and William38
Queen Elizabeth1758Wrecked at Ilfracombe11
Queen Elizabeth I  40
Ranger Pilot boat39
Rawden, General1860Builer of Rhenish Tower in Lynmouth36
Rawle, Captain Philip Owner and master of ketch Emma Louise43
Red, John Co-owner of Penguin39
Resolution1800sExcise cutter19
Revenge1778Of London13
Ridler, Thomas Kent Shipowner and coal merchant of Minehead43
Rodd, Thomasc.1786Owned sloop Thomas and Mary12
Rosse Boat 15 tons, of Watchet45
Royall, George Co-owner of brigantine Mary46
Rumsam, John1870sBuilder of small craft in Ilfracombe17
Rushlight Steamer at Watchet47
Saucy Lass1880sCutter built by William Lewis at Hele23
Shark1803Revenue cruiser, Customs cutter of Barnstaple14, 19
Simon Of Minehead38
Smith, Captain Henry1902Of Charlestown, Cornwall, co-owner of Naiad47
Smith, Thomas1785Mariner of Combe Martin, part owner of Diana12
Snowflake Steamer with cargo of coal23
Snowflake Steamer37
Sphynx1778French ship taken by Revenge13
Squire, Prudence1773Co-owner of Betsy37
Stuff, Mr. Jhon1572Owned merchant ship Mary ffortune in Ilfracombe9
Success1789Sloop of Padstow, involved on smuggling, seized by Ferret18
Susannah Owned by Thomas Kent Ridler43
Symons1866Built cargo sloop Cruiser and steam yacht Puffin at Watermouth33
Thomas and Maryc.1786Sloop owned by Tomas Rodd12
Three Friends1789Of St. Ives, involved on smuggling, seized by Ferret18
Three Sisters Purchased by Thomas Ley39
Tippetts, Henry Gardiner1785Surgeon of Bernstaple, part owner of Diana12
Torridge1843Steam boat taking passengers between Bideford and Bristol21
Trader1805Sloop of 57 tons, built at Ilfracombe17
Vainquer1778French ship13
Velindra1870Photo at Ilfracombe25
Volunteer1735Snow of 60 tons, built at Ilfracombe15
Vye family1830sShipyard in Ilfracombe17
Waterlily1868Yacht sold to John Dovell of Combe Martin33
Westcote, Thomas1630Devon historian7, 9, 34, 36
Whitworth Of Minehead, Ireland to Minehead trade41
William Of Porlock, Ireland to Minehead trade41
Williams, Benjamin1881Of Watchet, builder of schooner Perriton42
Williams, John Owner of smack Friends42
Wyatt, Jhon1572Owned merchant ship Jhon in Ilfracombe9
Wyndham, Sir William, Bart.17th centLord of the Manor, Watchet45
Young Jacob1783Of Altona14