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Help and advice for Devonians involved in The Monmouth Rebellion, 1685

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Devonians involved in The Monmouth Rebellion, 1685

Extracted from:

Wigfield, W.M. The Monmouth Rebels, 1685. Somerset Record Society, vol. 79 (1985).

Transcribed by Michael Steer

Between June, when the Duke of Monmouth landed at Lyme Regis in Dorset, and 6 July, 1685 when his army was defeated at Sedgemoor, a significant proportion of the population of West Dorset, East Devon and Somerset rose against the government of James II. This well-researched book is a 'roll call' of almost 4000 names of Monmouth rebels from lists made either in preparation for, or during the Assizes conducted throughout the West Country in September and October 1685. The ultimate section of the book provides an index of the West Country places of origin of the rebels, from which only the places and names of the Devonians have been extracted.
Note: The Somerset Record Society have raised no objections to the provision within GENUKI of this extract, but inform me that copyright in The Monmouth Rebels rests with the estate of the late W. Macdonald Wigfield, and that they have lost touch with the family. Needless to say if any objections are received from the estate to the continued provision here of this extract it will be immediately removed.
Ashwood, John
Bacalar, Ric.
Bates, John
Beales, John
Beasley, Hen. (Shute).
Beaway, Wm.
Bimstone, Abr.
Blatchford, Geo.
Blatchford, Wm.
Bond, John (Shute).
Bovett, Thos.
Brewer, John
Browne, Jas. jun.
Bull, John
Bull, Rob.
Champ, Ric.
Clarke, Abr.
Clarke, Rob.
Clewes, Geo. sen.
Cogan, Ric.
Coombe, Wm. (?)
Cross, Rob.
Davy, Ric.
Denning, Ric.
Dttee, Hen.
Drower, Rob.
Dunnett, John
Edwards, John
Enticott, Jas.
Fort, Geo.
Fowler, Wm.
Giles, Wm.
Gold, Rob.
Grange, John
Guppy, Wm.
Hamlyn (Hambler), John
Harvey, John
Harvey, Sam.
Harvey, Tristram
Harvey, Wm.
Hitt, Jas. sen
Hitt, Jas. jun.
Hitt, Nat.
Hodder, John
Hooper, Sam.
Hurley, Enoch
Irish, Hen.
Irish, Jos.
James, Hen. jun.
Lane, Thos.
Legg, John
Lincole, Ric.
Long, John
Love, John
Loveridge, Bernard
Lyddon, John
Mallack, Malachi
Matthews, Nic.
Moore, Nic.
Newton, Wm.
Noon, Hen.
Oliver, John
Oliver, Rob.
Parrick, Fras, jun.
Phippen, Wm.
Pinney, Azariah
Quinton, Wm. (Shute).
Ransome (Rempson), Sam.
Raymond, Arth.
Read, David
Renway, Wm.
Rockett, Phil.
Rowe, Wm.
Salisbury, John
Searle, Geo.
Sellwood, Ric.
Selway, John (Shute).
Seward, David
Seward, John
Seward, Ric.
Seward, Ric.
Seward, Wm.
Slade, Edw.
Smith, Ric.
Spearing (Spiring), John
Sprake, John
Sprake, Thos. sen.
Sprake, Thos. jun.
Spurway, Rob.
Street, Hugh
Stroud, Jas.
Sweatland, John
Taylor, Jas.
Thompson, Ric.
Toogood, Stephen
Verrier, John
Warren, Thos.
Williams, John
Williams, John, sen
Williams, John, jun.
Williams, Rob.
Williams, Wm.
Wryard, John
Wyatt, Wm.

Baker, Bart.
Bartlett, Josiah
Bowditch, Nat.
Bragg, Caleb
Browne, Wm.
Browne, Wm. jun.
Clarke, John, sen.
Clarke, John, jun.
Coade, Geo.
Coleman, John
Coleman, Jos.
Cox, Jas.
Cox, John
Cox, Rob.
Deeme, John
Ford, John
Gaitch, Ben.
Gape, Wal.
Grove, Abel
Hacker, Jos.
Hacker, Solomon
Howard, Edw.
Hunt, Abr.
Lidden, John
Limberry, John
Limberry, Wm.
Lyddon, John
Oliver, John
Quick, John
Quick, Rob. sen.
Quick, Rob. jun.
Quick, Wm.
Tanner, John
Tanner, Wm.
Teape, Wal.
White, John
Wood, John

Bennett, John

Badcock, John
Berry, John
Bowden, Thos.
Carnell, John jun
Davis Isaiah
Fudge, Ric.
Hall, Wm.
Hill, John
Hole, Art.
Hole, Wm.
Hooper, Paul
Muxworthy, John
Redd, Art.
Redd, Laurence
Sheppard, John
Sheppard, Thos.
Slade, John
Tooker, Matt, sen.
Tooker, Matt. jun.
Williams, Seth
Yendall, Jas.
Yendall, Rob.
Yendall, Wm.

Chamberlaine, John

Lee, John

Chamberlaine, John

Shoelith, Fras.

Browne, Thos.
Budge, John
Chapman, Thos.
Clode, Edw.
Collier, Rob.
Dabinett, John
Gillett, Nic.
Knight, Hen.
Lorcombe, Stephen
Manly, John
Parrish, Thos.
Phippen, Ric.
Pinney, Geo.
Pinney, John
Rowe, Hen.
Savory, Geo.
Searle, John
Smith, Thos.
Speed, John
Spiller, Ric.
Staple, John
Willia, Thos.

Abrahams, Isaac
Abrahams, John
Bagwell, Amos
Bagwell, Fras.
Bagwell, John
Bagwell, Peter
Bagwell, Wal.
Bagwell, Wm.
Barrett, Osmond
Basleigh, Rob.
Battins, Jas.
Blackmore, Wm. sen.
Blackmore Wm. jun.
Butcher, John
Butter, Bart.
Clapp, John
Clegg, Wm.
Cooke, Joshua
Cooke, Rob.
Cox, Phil.
Cox, Thos.
Daniel, Abr.
Daniel, Ric.
Dare, John
Davy, Miles, jun.
Drover, Isaac
Drover, Zachery
Duce, John
Dyer, Rob.
Facey, John
Farrant, Geo. jun
French, Dan
French, John
French, Rog.
Greenway, Thos. jun.
Greenway, Wm.
Hale Benedict
Hall, Ric.
Halson, Rob.
Hawler (Hawkier), John
Hayman, Rob.
Heathfield, John
Hewes, John
Hoare, Nic.
Knowles, John
Knowles, Percival
Layton, Thos. sen.
Lodge, Jas.
Lowman, Bernard
Lucas, Rob.
Macey, Geo.
Marthers, Wm.
Marwood, John
Maxey, Thos.
Mayder, Wm.
Mitchell, Humph.
Moggridge, John
Mullins, Wm. jun.
Newton, John
Newton, Phil.
Payne, Jonathan
Pease, Jas.
Pitt, Jos.
Purchas, Fran.
Pyes, Jas.
Restorick, Jos.
Roberts, Fras.
Robertson, Geo.
Rowsell, John
Rust, Argentine
Sands, Rob.
Satchell, Rog.
Savage, John
Seaward, Geo.
Seaward, Wm.
Seller, Wm.
Skiffes, John
Soundy, ___
Speed, Jos.
Spiller, Geo.
Sprake, John
Stadith, John
Starr, John
Teape, Rob.
Thompson, Nic.
Thorne, Rob.
Ticken, Peter
Toogood, John, sen.
Toogood, John, jun.
Toope, Dan.
Truren, John
Turner, Geo.
Turner, John
Venn, Edw.
Warren, Nic.
Whicker, Ben.
Whicker, John
Whicker, Sam. sen.
Wilmott, Ric.
Willsman, Wm.
Woolmington, John

Lambert, Humph.
Larke, Sampson
Saunders, Wm.
Searle, John
Sweetland, Dionisius
Way, Moses

Cox, John
Crew (Crow), Ben.
Fowler. Hen.
Loring, David
Newell, Ric.
Pinnell, Abel.
Sandford, Ben.
Stocks, Geo.

Bond, Sam. (Sandford).
Brooke, Thos.
Mey, John
Moore, Thos. (Sandford).
Pearce, Thos. (Sandford).
Reeve, Rob.
Trumpe, Humph. (Sandford).

Bertram, Peter
Chaffer, Sam.
Comins, Nic.
Cotterell, Emanuel
Dyer, Ric.
Ellworthy, Sam.
Norcott, Dan.
Pottle, Nat.
Richards, Rob.
Row, Chris.
Thomas, Merricke
Tottle, Sam.

Tapscott, Wm.

Skinner, Thos.

Bovett, Edm.
Meade, John
Gaylard, Jos.
Harte, Hen. (South Quarter).
Poole, Wm.
Roper, Wm. (St. David's).
Timothy, John
Tricks, Lewis

Capron, Chris.
Connett, Jas.
Connett, John
Connett, Matt.
Connett, Ric.
Redwood, John
Redwood, Thos.
Seller, Hen.

Hillary, Weston
Moore, John or Rob.
Palmer, Nic.
Parricke (Parris), John
Phippen, Wm.
Sansome, John

Abbott, Mic.
Abbott, Wm.
Baker, alias Wood, John
Bond, Josiah (Northcote).
Brownsey, Wm.
Bucknoll, Wm.
Bull, Thos.
Bussell, John (Northcote).
Clarke, Adam
Clarke, Geo. (Northcote).
Clarke, Jas.
Clarke, Jas. (Northcote).
Clarke, Rob.
Clarke, Tristram
Clatworthy, Reg.
Cooper, Chris.
Crabb, _____ (Northcote).
Croote, John, jun.
Dillany (Dilling), Wm.
Dolbeare, Sam.
Dolbeare, Thos.
Every, Jas.
Foweracres, Jas. (Northcote).
Foweracres, John
Fowler, Jas.
Foxwell, Fras.
Hocombe, John
Hollett, John
Jewell, Chris.
Knight, Chris.
Knight, Edw.
Lee, Nic.
Levermore, Phil.
Loder, John (Northcote).
Lowman, Phil.
Marchant, Emanuel
Marchant, Ric.
Marchant, Wm.
Martin, Wm.
Meade, Thos.
Minifie, John
Moggeridge, Tim.
Parker, John
Pilling, Wm.
Pine, Ric. (Northcote).
Pinsent, Sam.
Prouse, Sam.
Redwood, Hen. (Northcote).
Reynolds, Jas. (Northcote).
Skinner, John
Skinner, John, jun.
Slade, Humph. sen.
Slade, Humph. jun
Smith, Fras.
Smith, John
Thomas, Abr.
Thomas, Sam. (Northcote).
Thomas, Thos. (Northcote).
Trood, John (Northcote).
Worthell, John (Northcote).
White, John
Whorwood, John

Eastabrooke, Hen.

Cooke, Thos.
White, John

Bird, Bernard
Bird, John
Bird, Nat.
Braddick, John
Bradley, Geo.
Bradley, Jas.
Broome, John
Browne, John
Burrough, Ezekial
Burrow, John (Wick).
Coleman, Jas.
Coombe, John
Dare, Gideon
Deeme, John, sen.
Deeme, John, jun.
Evans, Edw.
Farmer, Jas.
Ferrer, Jos.
Francklin, Thos.
Hamme, Edw.
Huggins, John
Huggins, Jos.
Huggins, Ric.
Lambert, John, jun.
Lowman, Geo.
Middleton, John
Pulman, Thos. jun.
Quick, Thos.
Rogers, Chris.
Sheppard, John
Thomas, Moses
Thomas, Phil.
Willcox, Phil.
Woodroffe, John

Bovett, Thos.
Bowditch, John. sen.
Bowditch, John, jun.
Brinsdon (Brunsdon), Wm.
Bucknell (Buckerell), Thos.
Dare, Geo.
Fyldy, Edm.
Harris, Wm.
Harvey, Wm. sen.
Harvey, Wm. jun.
Long, Bernard
Long, Wm.
Mitchell, John
Mitchell, Mic.
Mitchell, Nic.
Newberry, John
Newberry, John
Newberry, Sam.
Parsons, Thos.
Quick, Thos.
Sprake, Edw.
Viddy, Edw.
Walter, Wm.

Ashford, Ambrose
Baker, John
Bird, John
Browne, Ric.
Butcher, Ric.
Cox, Ric.
Cox, Thos.
Cox, Wm. sen.
Cox, Wm. jun.
Cross, Jonas
French, Ric.
French, Wm.
Hoare, Dan.
Hobbes, Oliver
Hutchins, Humph.
Loveridge, Bernard
Loveridge, Sam.
Loveridge, Thos.
Loveridge, Wm.
Rockett, Rob.
Salter, Jas.
Smith, Aaron
Standerwick, Jos.
Trevitt, Edw.
Willcox, Peter

Hawker, Emanuel
Turner, Joshua

Beard, Ric.
Bond, Thos.
Burch, Edw.
Carter, Jas.
Channon, John
Dodridge alias Spiller, John
Forward, Nic.
Kent, Peter
Knight, Wm.
Leacott, Ric.
Stockdale, Wm.
Turner, Jacob
Ware, Wm.

Cockney, Thos.
Stone, Thos.

Davy, Jacob

Cantlebury, John

Daniel, Ric. (Beer)
French, Rog.
Lucas, Rob.
Parsons, Edw. (?Beer).
Parsons, Edw. jun. (?Beer).
Parsons, John (?Beer)

Baker, Mark
Baker, Wm.

Beavis, John
Clapp, Edw.
Luppincott, Thos.
Perkins, John
Searle alias Jackson, Edw.
Searle, Thos.
Tratt, John
Waldron, Sam.
Warren, Edw.

Carter, Thos.
Clapp, Thos.
Clapp, Wm.
Cookney, Thos.
Darby, Phil.
Ebden, John
Elliott, Matt.
Harrison, Wm.
Lane, John
Legg, Geo.
Lyde, Geo.
Mitchell, John (near)
Mullens, Rob.
Pykes, Rog.
Vauter, Rob.

Baseley, Ric.
Bovett, Wm.
Carter, Rob.
Collins, Emanuel
Dare, Wm
Davey, Ric.
Davey, Wm.
Denning, Nat.
Ford, Thos.
Goffe, Rog.
Hearne, Wm.
Knight, Wm.
Lane, John
Lucas, John
Newberry, John
Sedgemore, Art.
Spiller, John
Trim, Peter
Westcombe, John

Wells, Geo.

Rowe, Peter

Greenway, Geo.

Beedle, Hen.
Bridgood, Humph.
Chilcott, John
Churchouse, Thos.
Cockram, Jas.
Collins ?Phil.
Finnimore, John
Glover alias Tucker, John
Holben, Phil.
Jones, John
Marwood, John
Mellard, John
Pearce, Ric.
Philamore, Thos.
Pitt, Rob.
Rookes, hen.
Snow, Geo.
Theadrock, John
Wooldridge, Wm.

Greene, Fras.
Jacob, Ric

Wadham, Ric.

Collier, Hen.
Collins, Wm.
Collyer, Geo.
Gates, John
Hoare, Thos.
James, John
Loveridge, Bernard
Miller, John
Pomeroy, Jas.
Shale, Rob.
Wyatt, John, sen.
Wyatt, John, jun.

Berry, Jos.
Bishop, Thos.
Bond, Thos.
Clode, Rob.
Collins, John
Coombe, Hugh
Davy, Wm.
Donnett, Jas.
Donnett, Sam.
Ham, Jos.
Hutchins, Wm.
Nolston, Nat.
Palfrey, Sampson
Quick, Hen. sen.
Quick, Hen. jun.
Quick, Wm.

Bushells, John
Hooper, Edw.
Hooper, Wm.
Searle, Wm.

Ellis, Thos.
Bovett, Clement
Braine, Hen. jun
Newberry, John
Newberry, John
Newberry, Sam.
Somerhaies, Ric.
Sweetland, Geo.
Note: The Somerset Record Society have raised no objections to the provision within GENUKI of this extract, but inform me that copyright in The Monmouth Rebels rests with the estate of the late W. Macdonald Wigfield, and that they have lost touch with the family. Needless to say if any objections are received from the estate to the continued provision here of this extract it will be immediately removed.