Will of Mathew Wreford, of Bishopp Morchard, Devon, dated October 30, 1671

Provided by John Moore

This is extracted from "Records and Pedigree of the Wreford Family of Devonshire", compiled by George Wreford of Gray's Inn, Barrister-at-Law, 2nd ed. Printed for circulation amongst Family Subscribers (1909) 90pp + 44 charts.

By his will he gives as follows:
To his wife Margaret his best bed and bedstead, "with the furniture belonging thereunto." Also the bed used by his daughter Dorothy.
To his said wife the crock and "panne" which she had before marriage, also "haulfendeale" of all his pewter and brass.
To his said wife the "Eastern shippinge and Tallett," also one third of his wood and corn, and "woodden vessells." . . . Also a chest, box and Coffer, and "one little bord and one cubbord in the higher house" for her life.
To his son William Wreford, £30, and the higher house orchard and garden "att" the lower end of Stone Park, with right of access thereto, also his "second best crocke and "best brass panne."
To his daughter Dorothy, £20 and his "third best crocke."
To his daughters Elizabeth and Mary, each £20 and "one panne one podger one platter and one sawcer."
To his daughter Johane Blackmore, "one brass pann wch hath a cracke in the brym of it."
Referring to certain lands and houses called the Shillacre, held upon the lives of his son Matthew and daughter Johane Blackmore, he gives the same to his son Matthew and his issue, and in default of issue to his son William, his executors and assigns.
To his son Matthew, all his estate and interest in three parcels of land called Stone Park, Westerdowne, and the great meadow, with remainder to his issue, and in default to his son William.
Item: "Whereas my grandfather Matthew Wreford gave 40/- unto the poore of the parish of Morchard which 40/- was not paid unto the said poore my will is that my Executor shall pay the same unto the said poore together with tenn shillings more which I doe give unto the said poore."
The testator gave the residue of his estate to "Matthew Wreford my sonne whom I doe make my executor."
Witnesses: Robert Bond, Stephen Drake.
Proved January 2, 1671-2.