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Help and advice for 12 Dec 1835

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Game List, County of Devon

Western Times - Saturday 12 Decemeber 1835

Transcribed by

Lindsey Withers

PERSONS who have obtained GAME CERTIFICATES, for the year 1835.
List (1) GENERAL CERTIFICATES at £3 13s. 6d. each.
Acland, Sir T. bart., Broadclist  
Acland, T. D., Broadclist  
Agassez, J. D., Dawlish  
Adams, Nicholas, Marlborough  
Adams, Richard, Marlborough  
Adams, William, Dodbrook  
Adams, Edw. H., Exeter  
Archer, William, Doddiscombsleigh  
Adney, John, Lympstone  
Anning, James, Awliscombe  
Arscott, Thos., Chudleigh  
Arnold, John, Southtawton  
Ashford, F. R., Broadclist  
Ashford, John, Broadclist  
Ayshford, A. M., Culmstock  
Bartlett, Wm., St. Mary Church  
Bawden, John, Bovey Tracey  
Barne, John, Tiverton  
Blackaller, Jacob, Tiverton  
Blacklet, John, Widworthy  
Baker, George, South Brent  
Bastard, Wm., Slapton  
Bastaqrd, John, Ashprington  
Bray, Edmd. M., Thurlstone  
Blakely, Edward, Plymouth  
Bate, David, Stoke Damerel  
Baxter, Edmd., Tamerton Foliott  
Bray, Elias, Peter Tavy  
Branscombe, Wm., Exeter  
Bartlett, E., St. Leonard  
Blanchford, H., Drewsteignton  
Battishill, John, Spreyton  
Battishill, W. H., Spreyton  
Bragge, John, Thorncombe  
Bartlett, R. C., Axminster  
Blackburn, Thos., Honiton  
Blackwell, Isaac, Bicton  
Baker, William, Bishopsnympton  
Band, E. W., Awliscombe  
Band, W. D., Awliscombe  
Blake, W. A., Uffculm  
Bere, Richard, Morebath  
Bere, John, Morebath  
Bezzi, G. A., Tormoham  
Besley, George, Tiverton  
Bennett, W. B., Harberton  
Berry, John, Exeter  
Bellew, Henry, Honiton  
Beavis, John, Bicton  
Briggs, Thos., Stoke Damerell  
Briggs, Thos., Egg Buckland  
Brighton, George, Beerferris  
Bridgman, J. V., Moretonhamstead  
Biscoe, Joseph, Sidmouth  
Binford, Thomas, Clist Honiton  
Boarder, R. T., Bovey Tracey  
Brown, Edward, Welland  
Bovey, John, Ashburton  
Bowden, Chas., Staverton  
Browse, H. J., Highweek  
Browse, Geo., Marldon  
Bogue, J. R., Cornworthy  
Bowden, Wm., Totnes  
Bone, Edward, Stonehouse  
Broomfield, John, Monkton  
Brook, __, Plymouth  
Bowring, Chas., St. Leonard  
Brown, Hugh, Up Ottery  
Brooke, Wm., Whimple  
Brooke, Geo. jun., Whimple  
Brown, Francis jun., Uffculm  
Buckingham, J., Doddiscombsleigh  
Buller, Sir J. B. Y., bt., Brixham  
Burrington, Gilbert, Chudleigh  
Butter, John, Plymouth  
Burne, C., Tedburn St. Mary  
Burrough, Richard, Luppitt  
Bustard, Philip, Honiton  
Buckland, Walter, Axminster  
Buller, James, Whimple  
Buller, T. W., Strete Raleigh  
Butter, Jacobus, Woodbury  
Buckingham, Rd., Kingsnympton  
Carew, Sir W. P. bt., Coombeignteignhead  
Caunter, John, Ashburton  
Caunter, Geo., Ashburton  
Calley, Wm., Harberton  
Carew, Thomas, Rattery  
Carew, Henry, Rattery  
Clrke, W. K., Buckland Tout Saints  
Clark, Ewing, Egg Buckland  
Cann, William, Chawleigh  
Clarke, James, Heavitree  
Carter, J. M., Harpford  
Carrington, R. P., Bridford  
Clack, W. C., Moretonhampstead  
Cann, W. C., Spreyton  
Chave, Philip, Tiverton  
Chapple, Wm., Tiverton  
Chave, R. J., Sampford Peverell  
Carslake, John, Sidmouth  
Carew, Henry, Sidmouth  
Clarke, James, Salcombe  
Clay, C. E., East Worlington  
Creed, John, Abbotskerswell  
Cresswell, Fred., Plymouth  
Crewys, G. T., Crewys Morchard  
Chilcott, Henry, Brixham  
Codner, Richard, Kingskerswell  
Coward, J. T., St. Nicholas  
Croft, Rd., Buckland Monachorum  
Cole, John, Peter Tavy  
Crossing, James, Peter Tavy  
Cross, Coplestone, Duryard, near Exeter  
Cornish, John, Christow  
Coniam, John, Chagford  
Courtenay, F. J., North Bovey  
Cobham, Thomas, Musbury  
Comer, Wm., Culmstock  
Collier, James, Culmstock  
Coles, James, Churchtaunton  
Coombe, Thomas, Churchtaunton  
Cosway, William, Tiverton  
Crosse, Robert P., Cullompton  
Cockburn, J. P., Salcombe  
Cowd, G., East Budleigh  
Cornish, Charles, Salcombe  
Cock, Joseph, Ottery  
Coney, W. J., Exmouth  
Comins, Wm., Rackenford  
Comins, Wm., Witheridge  
Cumyns, J. jun., Bishopsteignton  
Churley, Nicholas, Uffculm  
Crudge, Wm. jun., Oakford  
Daniell, J. W., West Allington  
Drake, Sir T. T. F. E. bt., Buckland Monachorum  
Dawe, Chas., Stoke Damerel  
Dawe, J., Buckland Monachorum  
Davey, D. B., Topsham  
Day, Samuel, Holcombe Burnell  
Dadd, John, St. Thomas  
Davey, __, Whimple  
Denton, Thomas, Plymouth  
Denner, Thomas, Honiton  
Denning, Edward, Halberton  
Denicombe, Wm., Huntsham  
Denning, John jun., Ottery  
Devon, Charles, Rackenford  
Dicker, D., Shute  
Divett, E., Colaton Raleigh  
Divett, J., Colaton Raleigh  
Dorrington, F., Stoke Damerell  
Dommett, Thos., Luppit  
Dugdale, Chas., Kingskerswell  
Dunning, John, Southtawton  
Dunning, James, Throwleigh  
Dunsford, Henry, Tiverton  
Dunsford, H. jun., Tiverton  
Edwards, John, Powderham  
Eales, Richard, Dawlish  
Eales, Chas. Thos., Dawlish  
Edwards, Thos., Staverton  
Eales, John, Stoke Fleming  
Easterbrook, Jas., Rattery  
Elliott, __, Plymouth  
Elliott, Wm. Hugh, Mamhead  
Ellis, John A., Mamhead  
Elworthy, F., St. Thomas  
Edmonds, Thos., Ashprington  
Farwell, Arthur, Stoke Fleming  
Farwell, Christ., Totnes  
Farrant, Samuel, Clayhidon  
Fenton, J. T., Clist Lawrence  
Fisher, __, Plymouth  
Friend, Wm., St. Thomas  
Fisher, Alex., Bishopsnympton  
Forster, Francis, Bishopsteignton  
Fortescue, W. B., East Allington  
Fortescue, John, St. Budeaux  
Fortescue, Hon. J., Poltimore  
Forward, E. C., Axminster  
Frost, Henry, Broadhembury  
Ford, John, Branscombe  
Ford, Nicholas, Branscombe  
Follett, Edmund, Salcombe  
Fulford, Baldwin, Dunsford  
Fulford, Baldwin, jun., Dunsford  
Fursdon, E., Cadbury  
Garland, Rich., South Poole  
Gattey, Wm., Harefield  
Gamlin, W. H., Tiverton  
Gale, Henry, Tiverton  
Garrett, J., Clist Satchfield  
Garrett, J. jun., Clist Satchfield  
Glanvill, T., Ottery St. Mary  
Gennys, Edm. H., St. Budeaux  
Gervis, J. T., Hemiock  
Greenwood, __, Colaton Raleigh  
Gillard, Nich., Brixham  
Gifford, G. M., St. Budeaux  
Geyon, C. L., Luppitt  
Gifford, Chas., Withycombraleigh  
Gould, John, Poltimore  
Gordon, Chas., Southleigh  
Gordon, Chas. jun., Southleigh  
Guppy, Edw., Farway  
Harris, Wm., Bovey Tracey  
Harris, George, jun., Bovey Tracey  
Hatchwell, Robert, Woolborough  
Hardy, William, jun., Harberton  
Hazard, J. H., Dodbrooke  
Harris, Henry, Beerferris  
Hart, John, Exeter  
Hallett, R. S., Axmouth  
Hayman, Henry, Honiton  
Hall, C., jun., Topsham  
Harvey, M. W., Moretonhampstead  
Harrison, W. M., Clayhanger  
Hall, Francis, Tiverton  
Hatswell, Horatio, Witheridge  
Hawkins, John, Rackenford  
Harris, Charles, Oakford  
Helmore, F., South Poole  
Heberden, Wm., Broadhembury  
Hewett, James, Burliscombe  
Hill, John, Culmstock  
Hill, Christopher, Nether Exe  
Hill, John, Woolfardisworthy  
Hole, Wm.m Bovey Tracey  
Holman, Wm., Stoke Damerel  
Hole, Samuel, Membury  
Holdsworth, Rich., Axmouth  
Horrell, George, Pinhoe  
Hodge, Wm., Churchtaunton  
Hooper, Hry. jun., Seaton  
Hunt, Thomas, Paignton  
Huxham, John, Bishopsteignton  
Hunt, William, Brampford Speke  
Hudson, Alderson, Alphington  
Hucker, Robert, Whitstone  
Hurley, Thomas, Tiverton  
Huyshe, John, Clisthydon  
Hyne, Saml., Brixham  
Ibetson, S. B., Exeter  
Jackson, George, Templeton  
Jackman, Wm., Burliscombe  
Jenkins, Wm., Sidmouth  
Jewell, John, Bovey Tracey  
Jellard, Andrew L., South Huish  
Jenner, __, Plymouth  
Jones, Thomas, St. Thomas  
Johnson, J. R., Harberton  
Julyan, Richard, Egg Buckland  
Kerr, Lord Henry, Dittisham  
Kelly, J., Tedburn St. Mary  
Kemble, R., Tedburn St. Mary  
Kent, S., Sidmouth  
King, Thomas, North Huish  
Kingdon, Wm., Exeter  
Langley, James, Bovey Tracey  
Lavers, Roger, Deptford  
Langston, Sam., Exeter  
Lambert, John, Drewsteignton  
Large, Edward, Tiverton  
Landon, George, Branscombe  
Lane, Wm., Bicton  
Leach, Robert, Stokefleming  
Leach, George, Stoke Damerel  
Ley, H., Kenn  
Ley, John, jun., Kenn  
Leach, John, Washford, Pyne  
Lidstone, Wm., South Huish  
Lidstone, John, South Huish  
Little, Wm., Maker  
Little, John, Maker  
Liddon, M., Colyton  
Loye, William, Marldon  
Lovis, S. M., Blackawton  
Lowe, John, South Brent  
Lopes, Sir R., bart., Maristow  
Longmore, Jas., Cadleigh  
Loveland, Thos., Bishopsnympton  
Luxmore, J. C., Alphington  
Luxton, John, Witheridge  
Mann, Edw., Staverton  
Mason, Charles, Harberton  
Maxwell, J. G., Buckfastleigh  
Maunder, Wm., St. Thomas  
Maunder, Rob., St. Thomas  
Mallock, Thos., Axminster  
Matthew, Jonah, Tallaton  
May, Rich., jun., Halberton  
Marker, W. H., Aylesbeare  
Marker, J. T., Aylesbeare  
Matthew, John, Clisthaydon  
Melhuish, John, Exeter  
Merchant, John, Withcombrawleigh  
Miller, Henry, Stoke Damerel  
Mitchell, Wm., Cotleigh  
Moysey, J. D., Dartington  
Mounsteven, J. B., Beerferris  
Moore, J. B., Exeter  
Mortimore, Rich., Ide  
Moxey, James, St. Thomas  
Morgan, George, Uffculm  
Mortimore, Rich., Cullompton  
Marker, H. W., Aylesbear  
Napean, __, East Stonehouse  
Newberry, John, Membury  
Newton, Thomas, Up Ottery  
New, John, Uffculm  
Netherton, John, South Huish  
Netherton, H. N., Stoke Fleming  
Neat, Thomas, Exeter  
Newman, R. W., Mamhead  
Nicholas, Thomas, Plymouth  
North, Robert, Bampton  
Norman, Thos., Bicton  
Northcote, S. C., Upton Pyne  
Owen, C. G., Dodbrooke  
Oliver, Richard, Stoke Cannon  
Ormond, F., Kingsbridge  
Passmore, Rd., Woolfardisworthy  
Parkin, Goerge, Oakford  
Parkin, William, Oakford  
Parker, M. E. N., Chudleigh  
Parker, John, Chudleigh  
Parr, Codrington, Dawlish  
Parkin, James, Bampton  
Pratt, Richard, Clist Hydon  
Parsons, J. G., Shute  
Petherick, John, Chudleigh  
Prettejohn, Nich., Loddiswell  
Prettejohn, Edw., Loddiswell  
Prettejohn, Philip, Loddiswell  
Prettejohn, Nath., Chivelstone  
Pennington, John, Christow  
Peard, George, Exminster  
Pearse, W. G., Luppitt  
Pearse, George, Bradninch  
Pearse, J. F., Whimple  
Perring, Richard, Exmouth  
Pinsent, Thomas, Hennock  
Prideaux, George, Kingsbridge  
Prideaux, Walter, Kingsbridge  
Pitts, Thomas, Exeter  
Pitman, James, Dunchideock  
Pitman, James Sam., Dunchideock  
Pidsley, William, Sowton  
Pidsley, Thomas, Sowton  
Pitts, Edwin, Drewsteignton  
Prickman, Robert, Tiverton  
Pitt, Thomas, Halberton  
Phillips, __, Withycombrawleigh  
Prideaux, Sir E. S., Farway  
Poltimore, the Right Hon. Lord, Poltimore  
Portbury, Edw., Heavitree  
Ponsford, Luke, St. Thomas  
Ponsford, Wm., Drewsteignton  
Pople, Richard, Honiton  
Proby, __, Seaton  
Pole, W. E., Shute  
Pole, F. R., Shute  
Plumpton, Peter, Cullompton  
Pym, Edm. L., Plymouth  
Physick, Tristram, Tiverton  
Pyle, Thomas, Rockbeare  
Rainsforth, Wm., East Teignmouth  
Radcliffe, W. C., Tamerton Foliott  
Rendell, Rob., Coombeinteignhead  
Reed, Alexander, Tallaton  
Reeve, A., Gittisham  
Read, John, Musbury  
Richards, W. H., Axminster  
Rolle, Rt. Hon. Lord, Bicton  
Rodd, James, Doddiscombsleigh  
Rodd, E. G., Doddiscombsleigh  
Roper, C. R., St. Leonard  
Roberts, Joseph, Whitestone  
Rooke, A. P., Sidmouth  
Rowe, Francis, Withcombraleigh  
Robinson, Henry, Offwell  
Russell, Thomas, St. Nicholas  
Rundle, William, Harberton  
Smale, J. W., Kingsteignton  
Shath, Daniel, Thurlestone  
Stranger, Richard, South Brent  
Sanders, C. R., Exeter  
Salter, T. M., Heavitree  
Salter, James, Willand  
Stamper, Robert, Broadhembury  
Salter, John, Ottery  
Stapleton, __, Salcombe  
Salter, C. R., Ottery  
Salmon, J, Woodbury  
Sanders, R., Aylesbeare  
Smark, B. B., Honiton  
Shapton, Henry, Axminster  
Shapcott, Wm. H., Kingsnympton  
Searle, Richard, Staverton  
Seale, H. P., Townstall  
Stephens, J. W., Beerferris  
Snell, Thomas, Exeter  
Shepherd, Benj., Exeter  
Swete, J. B., Kenton  
Stephens, R., Holcomb Burnell  
Searle, John, Sidbury  
Sivewright, C. F., St. Mary Church  
Skinner, Charles, Broadhempston  
Skinner, W. jun., Broadhempston  
Smith, J. P., Ashburton  
Smith, John, Exeter  
Smith, George, Uffculm  
Smith, C. W., Salcombe  
Smith, G., Sidbury  
Smith, A., Clist Honiton  
Smith, A. jun., Clist Honiton  
Skinner, Joseph, Rockbeare  
Smith, William, Seaton  
Stooke, George M., Bovey Tracey  
Soper, Richard, Totnes  
Strong, Samuel, Buckfastleigh  
Strong, William, Dunchideock  
Short, F. B., Kenn  
Shortt, William, Heavitree  
Snow, Thomas, St. Thomas  
Stowey, Augustus, Exminster  
Strong, C. B., Tiverton  
Stogdon, Thomas, Woodbury  
Stocker, Thomas, Axmouth  
Southcott, E., Roseash  
Studdy, F., Ipplepen  
Square, John, Thurlestone  
Square, Joseph E., Plymouth  
Surridge, John, Sampford Peverell  
Shute, Richard, Witheridge  
Spry, Thomas, Peter Tavy  
Sydenham, J. P., Bickleigh  
Taylor, T. W., West Ogwell  
Taylor, Henry, South Poole  
Talbot, John, Holcombe Rogus  
Talbot, Hugh, Holcombe Rogus  
Talley, William, Tiverton  
Tanner, John, Witheridge  
Tanner, James, Kingsnympton  
Treveylan, __, Tormoham  
Templer, N. T., Seaton  
Trickey, Samuel, Stoke Damerel  
Tincombe, William, Topsham  
Triggs, J., Tedburn St. Mary  
Torr, E. jun., Buckland Tout Saints  
Toll, H. L., Kenn  
Trodd, Edward, Exminster  
Troyte, E. B., Huntsham  
Tosswill, John, Farringdon  
Thomas, W. H., Broadclist  
Thorne, John, Stoodleigh  
Tucker, John, Dean Prior  
Tuckerman, T., West Allington  
Tuckett, James, Exeter  
Turner, George, Exminster  
Tucker, Comyas, Tiverton  
Tucker, M., Up Ottery  
Tucker, Wm. jun., Kilmington  
Tucker, M., Harpford  
Tucker, W. C., Washford Pyne  
Venn, John, Payhembury  
Vicary, Thomas, Cadbury  
Walsh, Theobald, Dawlish  
Warren, William, Tiverton  
Wakley, Henry, Membury  
Wreford, Robert, Uffculm  
Westcott, William, Clist Honiton  
Wheaton, Thomas, Salcombe  
Webber, Richard, Exmouth  
Whidborne, T. V., East Ogwell  
Whitebread, T. W. C., Berry Pomeroy  
Whiteway, S. jun., Kingsteignton  
Whiteway, Walter, Kingsteignton  
Whiteway, Mark, Tormoham  
Whiteway, William, Tormoham  
Wills, William, Highweek  
Wise, R. A., Woolborough  
Wise, John, Littlehempston  
Williams, Richard, Exeter  
Williams, Edwin, Exeter  
Wright, H. P., Heavitree  
White, Edward, St. Thomas  
White, John, Churchtaunton  
White, John, jun., Axminster  
Williams, William, Sidmouth  
Wright, J. T., Lympstone  
Woodley, James, Ashburton  
Woolmer, Edward, Exeter  
Woolcombe, W., Christow  
Wood, George, Halberton  
Wood, John, Clayhidon  
Woodward, William, Honiton  
Woolcott, John, Salcombe  
Yelverton, Thomas, Ven Ottery  
Yelverton, James, Ven Ottery  
Yelverton, James, Ottery  
(To be continued.)
By order of the Board
Stamps and Taxes. CHARLES PRESSLY, Secretary

Brian Randell, 15 Mar 2012