Game List, County of Devon

Western Times - Saturday 24 October 1840

Transcribed by

Lindsey Withers

PERSONS who have obtained GAME CERTIFICATES, for the year 1840.
List (1) GENERAL CERTIFICATES, at £4 0s. 10d. each.
Acland, T. P., Charles
Adams, E. H., Heavitree
Adney, R., Halberton
Amery, Jasper, Lustleigh
Bassett, F. W. D., Heanton Punchardon
Bassestt, A., Atherington
Babbage, G., Burrington
Blanchford, H., Drewsteignton
Bragg, Geo., Moreton
Battishill, W. H., Spreyton
Ball, Wm., South Milton
Bartlett, J., West Teignmouth
Blackaller, E., Stokeintinhead
Bear, Thos., Kenton
Bear, Geo., Frithelstock
Beazley, J. jun., Woolborough
Beckford, I., East Stonehouse
Bevan, Robt., Brideston
Bennett, Elisha, Hemiock
Boles, James, Highampton
Bower, John, Bruanton
Brook, Robt., Okehampton
Bowring, C. jun., St. Leonard
Brown, Geo., Marldon
Brown, Willis, Plymouth
Buller, James, Whimple
Buckingham, J., Burrington
Buckingham, J., Burrington
Burrows, S., Ipplepen
Butland, Thos., Diptford
Budd, Robt., Barnstaple
Budd, Christian, Northtanton
Clack, W. C., Moreton
Clack, W. C. jun., Moreton
Cann, W. C., Spreyton
Cann, Wm., Chawleigh
Camp, J. jun., Ilfracombe
Carrington, R. P., Bridford
Call,B., Plymouth
Carew, Henry, Sidmouth
Clarke, Thos., Tiverton
Clarke, Chas. James, Heanton Punchardon
Clarke, John, Linton
Carwithen, W. H., Challacombe
Cheriton, Wm. jun., Down St. Mary
Chichester, Sir A., Sherwill
Chichester, Sir J. P. B., Arlington
Chichester, George, Arlington
Courtenay, Hon. W. H., Mamhead
Courtenay, F. J., North Bovey
Courtier, John, Moreton
Cowley, Thos., Kenn
Cockey, Wm., Ashburton
Crockwell, H., Coffinswell
Crofts, Henry, Exeter
Cross, Coplestone, Exeter
Cotton, G. K., Barnstaple
Cox, Charles, Linton
Clogg, Geo., Ilfracombe
Copp, John, St. Giles
Crocker, S., Fremington
Croote, Wm. jun., Lapford
Davy, D. B., Topsham
Day, Saml., Holcomb Burnell
Drake, C. C., Ashford
Drake, Z. H., Heanton Punchardon
Drew, Charles, Bradninch
Dennis, John, Pilton
Dene, Arthur, Horwood
Dickinson, Wm., Tiverton
Dickinson, J. W., Tiverton
Dovell, Philip, Parracombe
Dovell, Joseph, Parracombe
Dodd, John, St. Thomas
Duckworth, Sir J. T. B., Bart., Topsham
Dunning, R. jun., Southtawton
Dunning, Thos., Throwleigh
Ellis, J. E., Mamhead
Elliott, W. B., Mamhead
Elliott, John, South Brent
Elworthy, F., St. Thomas
Fellowes, The Hon. Newton, Wemworthy
Friend, Wm., St. Thomas
Foss, A. jun., Diptford
Fortescue, The Honble. John, Poltimore
Fulford, Baldwin, Dunsford
Fulford, Baldwin, jun., Dunsford
Furlong, W. H., Exeter
Furse, John H., Dolton
Fry, Wm., Countisbury
Graddon, T., Chittlehampton
Garrow, Joseph, Tormoham
Gale, Henry, Tiverton
Germon, John, Moreton
Greening, R., Bideford
Griffiths, Chas., Trentishoe
Gill, Robt., High Bickington
Gould, John, Poltimore
Gould, R. F., Ilfracombe
Goodland, Saml., St. Giles.
Harris, Henry, Braunton
Harding, Robt., Barnstaple
Harvey, M. W., Moreton
Hallifax, R. D., Exeter
Hamilton, A. H., Topsham
Hart, John, Alphington
Hare, H., Diptford
Hawkins, Wm., Wemworthy
Hex, Thomas, St. Thomas
Hex, John, St. Thomas
Hext, __, Manaton
Heath, V. H., Totnes
Honeychurch, S., Southtawton
Howey, Wm., Pilton
Hodder, Rd., Marlborough
Hodge, Saml., Stokegabriel
Hole, Francis, Georgeham
Hole, A. R., Great Torrington
Hole, John, Bow
Hunt, Chas. H., Tiverton
Hyne, Saml., Brixham
Iles, Richd., Braunton
Johnson, W. C., Diptford
Judd, Francis, Beaford
Kemble, Robt., Tedburn St. Mary
Kekewich, S. T., Exminster
Kingson, G. E., Barnstaple
Lambert, J., Drewsteignton
Landon, J. W. R., Braunton
Ley, Wm., Kenn
Ley, Henry, Kenn
Ley, George, Kenn
Ley, Henry, Kenn
Ley, George, Marwood
Linch, Jas. P., Charles
Lopes, Sir R., Bart., Maristow
Lopes, M. L., Maristow
Lopes, R. L., Maristow
Luxton, G. R., Brushford
Luxmoore, J. C., Alphington
Lynne, Walter, Kenton
Mallock, Z., Cockington
Mann, Edwd., Staverton
Marshall, John, Barnstaple
May, Saml., Fremington
Matthew, J., Clisthydon
Meek, James, Ilfracombe
Mortimore, /Geo., Dunsford
Mortimore, Rich., Ide
Mortimore, R. S., Burrington
Moysey, Rich., Ugborough
Morgan, __, Beerferris
Murch, Geo., Cheriton Bishop
Mudge, John, Brampford Speke
Mules, John, Marwood
Neck, Simon, Moreton
Nicholas, B., Devonport
Northcote, S. C., Upton Pyne
Oliver, Richd., Stoke Canon
Owen, Thos., jun., St. Thomas
Owen, Thomas, Barnstaple
Palmer, Chas., Wear Giffard
Partridge, John, Northtawton
Palk, Lawrence, Kenn
Petherbridge, A., Fremington
Pethyrick, John, Chudleigh
Peard, __, Bruanton
Prickman, Thos., Northtawton
Pidsley, Wm., Sowton
Pidsley, Thomas, Sowton
Pinsent, John, Abbotskerswell
Pinsent, Albert, Barnstaple
Pitts, Edwin, Drewsteignton
Pitman, James S., Dunchideock
Phillott, W. D., Ide
Ponsford, Geo., Drewsteignton
Ponsford, William, Drewsteignton
Poltimore, the Right Hon. Lord, Poltimore
Prout, Wm., Townstall
Pole, Edwd., Templeton
Pyke, John, Parracombe
Rainforth, W., Alphington
Rendle, J. E., Plymouth
Reed, John, Abbots Bickington
Rew, Henry, Heavitree
Roberts, Joseph, Whitstone
Roberts, E. G., Upton Pyne
Roberts, Charles, Fremington
Rowell, George, Ilsington
Rowe, W. E.,Bideford
Roe, T. L., Countisbury
Saunders, John, Wemworthy
Sanders, Fredk., Exeter
Sanders, E. A., Heavitree
Salter, T. U., Heavitree
Stranger, Rd., Zeal Monachorum
Seale, H. P., Townstall
sleeman, Richard, Swymbridge
Sweet, John, Zeal Monachorum
Swete, J. B., Kenton
Seccombe, Thomas, Bradwoodwidger
Sent Leger, R. A., Kenton
Shepherd, Joseph, St. Leonard
Stevenson, J. N., Alphington
Stephens, Richard, Holcomb Burnell
Shirreff, Clifford, Pinhoe
Skinner, John, Northtawton
Skinner, Charles, Broadhempstone
Smith, James, junr., Parracombe
Strong, Wm., junr., Drewsteignton
Strong, Wm., Dunchideock
Sloley, John, Great Torrington
Sloley, John, Fremington
Stowey, Augustus, Exminster
Somers, Henry, Tawstock
Short, F. B., Kenn
Shortt, W. P. T., Heavitree
Snow, Thomas, St. Thomas
Snow, T. M., St. Thomas
Sloman, Richard, Mary Church
Spry, Thomas, Petertavy
Tapley, Lewis, Torrington
Templer, I. L., Ugborough
Trinder, Frank, Northam
Torr, Henry, Westleigh
Tonge, J. H., Exeter
Trood, Edward, Exminster
Trood, Edward, junr., Exminster
Toye, Wm., junr., South Milton
Tout, Michael, Burrington
Turner, George, Exminster
Twose, William, Hemiock
Veysey, George, St. Thomas
Vye, Geo., Ilfracombe
Vye, W. B., Ilfracombe
Walters, Thos., Ilfracombe
Weeks, Henry, Diptford
Webber, George, Chagford
Webber, George, Hittisleigh
Western, Thomas, Brushford
Wheler, James, Bradford
Wreford, Samuel, Bow
Wreford, Samuel, junr., Bow
Wreford, Wm., Clannaborough
Wills, Thomas, Lustleigh
Wills, Joseph, Ilsington
Wills, Joseph, Stokeinteignhead
Williams, Montague, Heavitree
White, Arthur, Ugborough
White, T., Ashburton
Winter, Robt., Ugborough
Willett, A. S., Winkleigh
Woods, G. H., Kenton
Woolway, Wm., Ashreigney
Wyiatt, H. W., Landkey
Whyte, M. B., Pilton
Whyte, Robt. Chas., Pilton
Yeo, A. W., Fremington
List (2) GAME KEEPERS not being Assessed Servants,
at £4 02. 10d each.
Mingo, John, TopshamFor the Manor of Newcourt, &c.
Saffin, Thos., DunsfordFor Melhuish, Eggbeer, and Cockworthy.
List (3) GAME KEEPERS, being Assessed Servants, at £1 7s. 6d. each.
Ball, Wm., KennBy Sir L. V. Palk, Bart., for Tormoham, Trusham, Bridfford, Christow,
 Hennock, &c.
Bolt, John, Cheriton BishopBy Seth Hyde, Esq., for Medland, &c.
Comer, James, SherwillBy Sir Arthur Chichester, Bart., for Youlston, Sherwill, &c.
Hews, Robert, PoltimoreBy the Right Hon. Lord Poltimore, for Poltimore, Huxham, Pinhoe, Polsloe,
 and West Clyst.
Holman, William, KennBy Sir L. V. Palk, Bart., for Dunchideock, Halscombe, Matford, &c.
Jones, Jno., MonkleighBy Wm. Tardrew, Esq. (not stated)
Richards, John, FilleighBy the Right Hon. Earl Fortescue, for Castle Hill, &c.
Robins, John, Tedburn St. MaryBy R. H. Tuckfield, Esq., for Tedburn St. Mary, Collihole, &c.
Staddon, Thomas, KennBy H. L. Toll, Esq., for Blackawton, &c.
Taylor, George, ArlingtonBy Sir J. P. B. Chichester, Bart., for Arlington Court, &c.
Toogood, Hy., PowderhamBy the Earl of devon, for the Manor of Poderham, &c.
Wills, Thos., DunsfordBy B. Fulford, Esq., for the Manors of Fulford and Dunsford.
Names of Persons LICENSED to DEAL in GAME.
Bartlett, John, jun., Great Torrington
Brewer, John, East Stonehouse
Chambers, James, Exeter
Chamberlain, Abm. (two licenses - for his shop, and at the market stall), Exeter
Courtice, Wm., Devonport
Davey, Michael Hy., Exeter
Dennis, John, Great Torrington
Fradd, Charles, Devonport
Hawkins, T., East Stonehouse
Hole, James, Exeter
Manning, Robert, Exeter
Mountseton, John, Exmouth
Robins, Jacob, Devonport
Ryder, Robert, Totnes
Spark, Robert, Exeter
Spark, Robert, Tormoham
Stephens, Sarah, Exeter
Westaway, Ann, Exmouth
Woodley, Henry, Tormoham
Made up from the 14th of September, to the 17th of October, 1840.
By order of the Board                
Stamps and Taxes.Secretary
The Commissioners of Stamps and Taxes hereby give Notice, that every person taking, killing, or pursuing Game
without first obtaining a Certificate, incurs a penalty of £20, and is also liable to be surcharged in double the amount
of the Certificate Duty.
Any person in pursuit of Game refusing on being duly required to produce his Certificate, or to permit the same to be
read, or a copy thereof to be taken, or refusing to declare his true name and place of residence, also incurs a penalty
of £20.
Gamekeepers are desired to take notice that a Certificate at the rate of £1 7s. 6d. will not authorize any person to kill
Game beyond the limits of the Manor for which he is deputed; and, in order that a Certificate at such rate of Duty
may protect a Gamekeeper, it is requisite, not only, that he should be deputed by some Lord or Lady of a Manor or
reputed Manor, but also that such Deputation should be registered with the Clerk of the Peace, of the Gamekeeper
will be liable to be surcharged in double the Duty of £4 0s. 10d. and also to be prosecuted by any common Informer
for the penalty of £20.
N.B. It is the intention of the Commissioners of Stamps and Taxes to publish in a separate List the names and
residences of all persons surcharged in double Duty for sporting without Certificates.

Brian Randell, 10 Apr 2012

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