Insolvent Debtors - 1844

Articles from the London Gazette

Provided by Lindsey Withers


Pursuant to the Act for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors in England.


N.B. - See the Notice at the end of these Advertisements.

The following PRISONERS, whose Estates and Effects have been vested in the Provisional Assignee by Order of the Court, having filed their Schedules, are ordered to be brought up before a Commissioner on Circuit, to be dealt with according to the Statute, as follows:

London Gazette - Issue 20318 published on the 20 February 1844

At the Court-House, at Exeter, in the County of Devon, on Thursday the 14th day of March 1844, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon precisely.
Edward Dean Davis, late of Barrington-street, Tiverton, Devon, previously of Bampton-street, Barnstaple, previously of Barrack-street, Bridport, Dorsetshire, previously of Dorchester, previously of Barrington-street aforesaid, previously of North-walk, Barnstaple aforesaid, previously of Cathedral-yard, Exeter, previously of Bridgewater, previously of East Reach, Taunton, Somersetshire, previously of Barnstaple aforesaid, previously of Bridport, previously of Taunton, previously of Barnstaple, Tiverton, Bridgwater, Taunton, and Southmolton, Devon, previously of Barnstaple, Ilfracombe, Bridgewater, Barnstaple, Bridgewater, and Taunton, Tiverton, Bridport, Taunton, and formerly of Barnstaple, Comedian.
Edmund Hicks, late of the Vomer's Mansion-house, Torquay, Devon, Gentleman's Servant.
George Lee Mitchell, late of Fore-street, Collumpton, Devon, Linen Draper and Hatter, formerly in no business.
James Elliott, late of Dartmouth, Devon, Attorney at Law, previously of No. 2, Upper Belmont-place, Wandsworth-road, Surrey and Kingston New-town-upon-Thomas, Surrey, therefore of No. 40, Great Ormond-street, Middlesex, and No. 4, Oakley-square, Chelsea, and No. 25, Notting-hill-square, Kensington, Middlesex, Attorney's Clerk.
John Clement, late of Baulport-street, Barnstaple, Devon, Butcher, his wife a Huckster, in the name of John Shute, previously of Higher White Cross-street, City-road, Middlesex, Labourer, previously of No. 10 Silver-street, golden-square, Westminster, in no business, his wife a Huckster, under the name aforesaid, previously of Beer-street, Barnstaple, Butcher, and formerly of Hurstan's-court, High-street, Barnstaple aforesaid, Butcher.
Edward Heath, late of Fore-street, Totness, Devon, Boot and Shoe Maker.
Charles Howse, late of No. 26, Waterloo-street, Devonport, previously of No. 3, Paradise-row, Devonport, Superannuated Clerk in the Stamp Office, previously of Chichester-place, Wandsworth-road, Lambeth, Surrey, previously of Villier's-cottage, Wandsworth-road, and formerly of No. 5, Princes-row, Lambeth aforesaid, Clerk in the Stamp Office, Somerset-house, London.
Joel Martin, late of Oxminster, Devon, out of business, previously of New Inn, Lyme Regis, Dorsetshire, Innkeeper, and formerly of the new Inn, Oxminster aforesaid, Innkeeper.
James Smith, late of No. 7, Cowick-street, Saint Thomas the Apostle, Devon, Draper.
Thomas Mitchell, late of Fore-street, Collumpton, Devon, Hair Dresser, Perfumer, Stationer, Stamp Distributor, and Post-office Keeper.
William Welch Collyns, late of Kenton, Devon, Surgeon, previously lodging at the White Hart Inn, Saint Thomas the Apostle, Devon, out of business, previously of Dalverton, Somersetshire, and Kenton aforesaid, Surgeon.
William Hunkin, late of Barrington, Devon, Higgler, previously Farmer.
Edward Penny, late of Martwell Farm, Devonshire, Farmer.
Joseph Francis Kilner, late of Higher Nutwell-house, Lympstone, Devonshire, previously residing at Sneid's-house, Chittlehampton Holt, Devon, in no business previously of Snowdon-villa, Lympstone, previously of Cundy's-house, Lymjpstone, and No. 87, South-street, Exeter, in copartnership with James Murch, under the firm of Murch and Kilner, Wine and Spirit Merchants, previously of Parson's Style-cottage, Woodburn, Devon, previously of Mount Pleasant-terrace, Plymouth, Devon, and formerly of Athenaeum-terrace, Plymouth, in no business.
John Rendell, late of the North-walk, Pottery, Barnstaple, Devon, Dealer in Coals, Potatoes, and Malt.
Thomas Cowell Smerdon, late of the Woolborough-street, Newton Abbott, Devon, Butcher.
Thomas Kemp, late of the Victoria Inn, Tormoham, Devon, Innkeeper.
Richard Luscombe, late of Torquay, Devon, Printer and Land Surveyor, his wife a Straw Bonnet Maker.
John Mitchell, late of the Rising Inn, Crabtree, Buckland, Devon, Innkeeper, previously lodging in South-street, Exeter, out of business, previously of the Salutation Inn, Coombe-street, Exeter, Labourer and General Shopkeeper.
Joseph Moore, late of Ottery Saint Mary, Devon, previously of Woodbury, Devon, out of business, and formerly of Moor's and Laman's-farm, Woodbury, Farmer.
Thomas Bradridge Searle, late of Staverton, Devon, Labourer, previously of Cornwood, Devon, Farmer, and formerly of Staverton aforesaid, Farmer.
James Full, late of Ugborough, Devonshire, Labourer and Innkeeper.
William Frost, late of Dartmouth,l Devon, Master Mariner.
William Middleweek, late of Millbry, Plymouth, Devon, Butcher, previously of Saint Sidwell, Exeter, Butcher, and formerly of Pargiston, Devon, Butcher.

At the Court-House, at the City of Exeter, on Thursday the 14th day of March 1844, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon precisely.
William Trimming Lethbridge, late of Saint Sidwell-street, Exeter, Drawer of Stone and Coals.
John Weeks, late of George-street, Exeter, Broker, previously of South-street, Broker, and late of Goldsmith-street, Exeter, Broker.
William Attwood, late of King-street, Exeter, China and Glass Dealer.
Robert Palmer, late of Preston-street, Exeter, Plumber and Keeper of a Beer-shop, and late of Goldsmith-street, Exeter, Plumber.
Henry Otton, late of Albert-place, Coombe-street, Exeter, Cabinet Maker, and formerly of South-street, Exeter, Cabinet Maker and Grocer.
Francis Kenwood, late of No. 8, South-street, Exeter, Tailor and Draper.
John Mortimore, late of Paul-street, previously of No. 108, Fore-street, formerly of Goldsmith-street, all in Exeter, Brush and Patten Maker, Dealer in Toys, and late Lodging Housekeeper.
John White, late of No. 45, previously of No. 22, Magdalene-street, Exeter, Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, and Lodging Housekeeper.
William Dight Gay, late of No. 251, High-street, Exeter, and formerly of Castle-street, Exeter, Hosier and glover.
Samuel Millward, late of Russell-street, Exeter, Boot and Shoe Maker, previously of Mill-street, Ottery Saint Mary, Devonshire, Boot and Shoe Maker, and formerly of Alfred-place, Chandos-street, Covent-garden, London, Boot and Shoe Maker.
Edwin Ridge, late of Lawrence-court, High-street, Exeter, previously of the Cathedral-yard, out of business previously of No. 16, Cavendish-street, Middlesex, previously of No. 44, Bryanstone-street, Portman-square, Middlesex, previously of No. 92, Milton-street, Dorset-square, Middlesex, previously of No. 57, Stanhope-street, Clare-market, Westminster, out of business, previously of Verney-place, Exeter, previously of Pair-street, Exeter, previously of Castle-green, Taunton, Somersetshire, previously of Fore-street, Taunton aforesaid, and previously of High-street, Taunton, Tailor.
George Roberts, late of Fore-street, Totnes, Devonshire, Victualler, previously of Bridgetown, near Totnes aforesaid, Tailor.

London Gazette - Issue 20361 published on the 9 July 1844

At the Court-House, at the City of Exeter, on Thursday the 1st day of August 1844, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon precisely.
John Passmore, late of Cowich-street, Saint Thomas the Apostle, Devonshire, out of business, previously of the Ferry-house on the Quay, parish of the Holy Trinity, Exeter, Mariner, Renter of the Ferry Tolls and Boat, and Keeper of a Beer-shop.
Robert Bowden, late of the Corn Exchange Tavern, Fore-street, Exeter, Innkeeper and Vendor of Morrison's Patent Medicines, residing in Goldsmith-street, Exeter, Butcher, previously of Nos. 36 and 38, Paris-street, Exeter, Butcher, Tea Dealer, and Vendor of Medicines, also Clerk in the employ of a Solicitor.
George Squires, late of Saint Mary, Archer-street, Exeter, Dealer in Pork and Coals and Wood, and formerly of Catherine-street, Exeter, Gentleman's Servant.

Robert Palmer, late of Preston-street, Exeter, Plumber and Keeper of a Beer-shop, and formerly of goldsmith-street, Exeter, Plumber.

At the Court-House, at Exeter, in the County of Devon, on Thursday the 1st day of August 1844, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon precisely.
Philip Heaward, late of Shaldon and Woolborough-street, Newton Abbot, Devonshire, Superannuated officer of Excise.
James Breayley, late of Coffin's-tenement, Chittlehampton, Devonshire, Cattle Doctor, and formerly of Barnstaple Inn, Coffin's-tenement aforesaid, Innkeeper and Cattle Dealer.
Edward Stradling, late of Burleigh, Willington, Somersetshire, previously of No. 25, High-street, Stonehouse, Devonshire, out of business, previously of the Red Cow Inn, Barrack-street, Devonshire, Innkeeper, previously on board Her Majesty's ship Druid, in China, Master at Arms, previously of the several Toll-gates near Plymouth, Devonshire, Toll Collector, previously of Richmond-street, Plymouth, Sail Cloth Maker and formerly of Webbington aforesaid, Labourer and Retired Sergeant of Marines.
John Puddicombe, late of Dartmouth, Devonshire, Surgeon and Apothecary.
John Holman Wheeler, late of George-street, Torquay, Devonshire, in business in Market-street, Torquay and formerly of No. 8, Braddow's-row, Torquay, Boot and Shoe Maker.
William Langman, late of Cliff-cottage, Exmouth, Devonshire, previously of Starcross, Devonshire, and formerly of No. 3, Albert-place, Saint David, Exeter, Merchant and Commission Agent.
Benjamin Barker Smark, late of Honiton, Devonshire, Attorney at Law.
James Soper, late of Underwood, Plympton Saint Mary, Devonshire, Builder, Quarryman, Baker and Dealer in Flour.
Richard Davey, late of Saint Mary Church, Devonshire, Builder.
Tobias Augustus May Browne, late of Stoke Court, Somersetshire, occasionally in Worcester College, Oxford, Petersport, Guernsey, and Mount Dorand, St. Martin's, Guernsey, and at Asply-house, Tiverton, Devonshire, in no business.
Mark Whiteway the younger, of Laurence-place, Torquay, Devonshire, Linen Draper.
Thomas Norris, late of Culmstock, Devonshire, Butcher and Shoe Maker, previously in partnership with Robert Churd, as Butchers and formerly of Court-house-farm, Bishop's Lydeard, Somersetshire, Farmer.
John May, late of Bampton, Devonshire, Labourer, previously of Oakhampton, Devonshire, Journeyman Currier and Labourer, previously of Brook-street, Bampton, Currier and Leather Cutter and formerly of No. 81, Old-street, City-road, London, Journeyman Currier.
Charles Haddy Norrington, late of Ottery Saint Mary, Devonshire, Builder, Surveyor and Blind Manufacturer, previously of the King's Arms Inn, Victualler.
John Short, late of Alphington, Devonshire, Boot and Shoe Maker, and formerly of the King's Arms, Shillingford Abbot, Exminster, Devonshire, Innkeeper.
John Jenkins, late of Orchard-hill, Northam, Devonshire, previously of Bideford, Devonshire, formerly of No. 5, Chatterton-square, Bristol, Master in the Royal Navy.
Peter Barrett, late of Saint Andrew-street, Tiverton, Devonshire, Butcher and Shopkeeper, and formerly of Barrington-street, Tiverton, Devonshire, Butcher.
John James Hoskins, late of Honiton, Devonshire, Boot and Shoe Maker.
Ann Clapp, late of Cowich-street, St. Thomas the Apostle, Devonshire, Dress Maker and Schoolmistress.
John Warren, late of No. 88, Union-street, Torquay, Devonshire, Carver and Gilder, previously of Higher Union-street, Torquay aforesaid, formerly of Newton Bushell, Devonshire, before then of Bruddon's-row, Torquay aforesaid, then of No. 88, Union-street aforesaid, and Nos. 9 and 10, Paradise-row, Torquay aforesaid, Carver and Gilder.
William Hodder, late of Fore-street, Topsham, Devonshire, Plumber, Glazier and Paper Hanger.


1. If any Creditor intends to oppose a Prisoner's discharge, notice of such intention must be given to the said Prisoner, in writing, three clear days before the day of hearing, exclusive of Sunday and exclusive both of the day of giving such notice and of the said day of hearing.
2. But in the case of a Prisoner, whom his Creditors have removed, by an order of the Court, from a gaol in or near London for hearing in the country, such notice of opposition will be sufficient if given one clear day before the day of hearing.
3. The petition and schedule will be produced by the proper Officer for inspection and examination at the Office of the Court in London, between the hours of Ten and Four; and copies of the petition and schedule, or such part thereof as shall be required, will be provided by the proper Officer according to the Act, 1 and 2 Vict. cap. 110, sec. 105.

N.B. Entrance to the Office in Portugal-street, Lincoln's-inn-fields.

4. The duplicate of the petition and schedule and all books, papers, and writings filed therewith, will be produced for inspection and examination by the Clerk of the Peace, Town Clerk, or other person with whom the same shall have been directed to be lodged for such purpose, at the Office of such Clerk of the Peace or other person, and copies of the petition and schedule, or such part thereof as shall be required, will be there provided according to the Act, 7 Geo. 4, c. 57, sec. 77, or 1 and 2 Vict. c. 110, sec. 106, as the case may be.