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List of inhabitants of Ottery St. Mary, c.1700

Devon Record Office (DRO 3327 A-1/PZ 4)

Transcribed by Ros Haywood

Provided here by kind permission of Anne Willoughby, the Archivist at Ottery St Mary Parish church.

Ottery St Mary, A List of the inhabitants of the towne there
Name Occ No Name Occ No Name Occ No
John Oake     Walter Pulman   94 John Tristeene   78
John Searle   102 John Bayley   93 Christo[pher]: Pope   77
John Butson Miller 101 Thomas Michell   92 Mrs Cooke Wid  
Eliza[beth]: Saunder Wid   Tristram Flood     John Norrington   76
Mary Ware Wid   Charles Parsons     Barbaroh White Wid  
Richard Bayley     Peter Streatchley     Tho[mas]: Lane als Poynter   75
Thomas Ebdon     Hugh Couch   91 William Bond    
Abra[ham]: Amery   100 William Hixe[?]   90 Rob[er]t Baker als Warren    
Susan Hall Wid   ux [wife of] Feriott     W[illia]m Commons    
Sam[uel]: Clapp     Henry Couch   89 John Pipper [?]    
Ellis Thomas     Richard Buckland   88 Henry Marser Jn   74
Christian[a] Farrent Wid   Mrs Hues     Mary Cornellius Sen    
Richard Cheeke Jn     Richard Whitten     Marke Webb   73
Johan Beard Wid   Ierrum Whitten     Johan Knight wid 72
John Salter     Charles Crabb     Sam[uel] Isacke Jn   71
Thomas Couch     Sam [uel]: Isacke Sen[ior]   87 Christo[pher] Mortifeild    
Francis Halce   99 Christo[pher]: Mathew   86 Abra[ham]: Tund [?]    
Michaell Parsons   98 John Blackmore     John Ayshford Co[o]per  
Michaell Ayshford   97 Walter Dorch   85 Barard [?] Lange    
William Dunster     Ann Welch wid   Rob[er]t Wills   69
John Swaddell     Daniell Potter   84 Mary Smyth wid 68
John Abbott     Rubin Clarke     Nicho[las]: Ames    
Ambro[se]: Aysh     Edward Ebdon   83 Gatherin [?] Baker wid  
Eliza[beth]: Arundell wid   James Conant     Grace Brooker    
John Dotson     Geo[rge]: Dorch   82 John Thomas    
Hillery Moyer     Hani: [?] Follett Sen   81 Margery Sprague wid  
John Pastcoo [?]     William Woode Jn     John Pery Smyth    
John Renes     John Duddridge     Mrs Lathtropp wid 67
John Farrent   96 Thomas Smyth     John Smyth Sen   66
John Hardyn     John Bond     Mr Myles Eveleigh   65
Ambro[se]: Lonerridge   95 John Tremlett   80 Tobyas Thomas    
Doro[thy]: Cruchett     Edward Crose   79 Thomas Baker   64
Thomas Churchill     Thomas Burd     Thomas Gibbons    
Grace Mathews wid   Doro[thy]: Cheeke wid   Joseph Hull   63
Robert Bragg     Daniell Seyward     William Culliford   62
      John Lee Com     Nicho[las]: Hancocke   61
      John Westcott     Roger Eveleigh    
      John Gregery     Jesper Tucke    
1:     2:     3:    
Christo[pher]: Wyatt     Mrs Mary Harris wid   Hum[phrey]: Braddon    
Rich[ard]: Isacke   60 Richard Norman     John Searle Sen    
Leo[nard]: Old     Christo[pher]: Greedy   46 John Axe    
Thomas Herd     Peter England     Rich[ard]: Burgass    
Henry Restorricke     Abra[ham]: Blackmore     Robert Brown Sen    
John Reggs     William Norrington   45 Grace Hoop wid  
William Ware     Mathew Chubb     Stephen Gosse    
Mrs Seyward wid   William Farrent     James Tyller   36
Debo[rah]: Rottenbury wid   Thomas Pidgeon   43 Geo[rge]: More    
Robert Martyn     Richard Trapnell     Stephen Holland    
Israell Stoford   59 James Strong Sen   44 Mary Thatcher Sen wid  
Robert Ellett     Bartho[lomew]: Wilsdon     James Pole    
Jane Stoford wid   Rich[ard]: Lane   41 Johan Davis    
Henry Marser Sen   58 Geo[rge]: Lane     Edward Maye    
Hugh Salter   57 William Pound   42 James Saunder    
Thomas Simms [?]   56 Rich[ard]: Jellard     Rich[ard]: Rottenbury    
Ann Phillips     Geo[rge]: Spiller     William Cheeke    
Fra[ncis]: Dunn     Eliza[beth]: Rowe     Hani:[?] Follett Jn   35
William Blackmore     Geo[rge]: Powell Garter     Rob[er]t Underdowne    
Tobyas Dowell     Fra[ncis]: Martyn     Simon Kent    
John Rutley     Richard Martyn     Hum[phrey]: Tyller    
Daniell White     Edw[ard]: Churchill     John Channon    
Rich[ard]: Butcher   55 Rich[ard]: Whitten   40 William Norman    
Mrs Hurd     Mosses Purchass     Roger Channon    
Mrs Clode wid   William Carriage     Rob[er]t Menifey    
Thomas Bussell     John Purchase     George Hill    
Edward Clode   54 Simon Holmead   39 John [?] Rutley    
John Lee Sen   49 James Streguse Sen     Thomas Channon    
Mrs Stoford     Rich[ard]: Knowles     William Bradley    
Mr Hussey   53 Peter Allyn     John Browne    
Tho[mas]: Francke Jn   52 Mary Huddy wid   Edw[ard]: French    
Thomas Bastine     Thomas Purchase     Ephra[im]: Boone    
Sam[uel]: Squier   51 Margar[et]: Baker wid   Geo[rge]: Tucke    
William Churchill     John Rewallyn   38 Walter Lane    
Hum[phrey]: Stoford   50 John Bastyn     John Eveley Y. Son  
George Wills     Phi[lip]: Bond     John Gosse   34
John Lee Jn   48 Cha[rles]: Martyn          
Eliza[beth]: Duddridge wid   Tho[mas]: Salmon   37      
Richard Edmonds   47 William Allyn          
      William Gosse          
4:     5:     6:    
Robert Elsworthy     George Heweard     Walter Cheeke    
Joseph Eveleigh     Sam[uel]: Blackmore     Henry Hardyn    
Rob[er]t Eveleigh     William Potter   29 William Wood Sen    
William Fookes     Doro[thy]: Martyn wid   Robert Bond    
Richard Powell Jn   33 Stephen Westcott     John Hardyn    
Richard Powell Sen   32 Ralph Rewalyn     Cha[rles]: Parsons    
William Essworthy widr   Antho[ny]: Batt     Roger Kinsman    
Jane Holland     John Wary   28 Thomas Riggs    
Walter Bastyn     Charles Eveleigh     John Bolster    
George Bastyn     Amos Kent     Marke Bolster    
Dorothy Bonn wid   Christo[pher]: Jarnell     Edw[ard]: Barbor    
Bartho[lomew]: Wyndon     John Powell     Tho[mas]: Dyer Sen    
Christo[pher]: Hudy   31 John Mills     Simon Menifey    
John Barons     Mr Evans   27 William Burd    
Elnor Vynicombe wid   Tho[mas]: Dyer Jn     John Powell    
William Fynche     Tho[mas]: Blackmore     William Taylor    
Ambro[se]: Henley     Mrs Blackaller     Ellepannde [?] Bradley    
William Gossworthy     Mr Sweete   26 John Carnell    
Hugh Body     John Collyer     Gideon Old    
Cha[rles]: Harris     John Smyth Jn     Tho[mas]: Cheeke   105
Henry Peryam     Thomas Garden [?]     Rich[ard]: Barthlett Sen   104
Mary Bayley     Mr Rob[er]t Dyer   24 Rich[ard]: Barthlett Jn   103
Rob[er]t Hudy     Tho[mas]: Gans     Sam[uel]: Banks    
Rob[er]t Cheeke     Mrs Judeth Isacke wid   Robert Carter   23
Rich[ard]: Lecott     Mr Rich[ard]: Teape   25 Eliza[beth]: Ware wid  
Rich[ard]: Bastyn     Tho[mas]: Rottenbury     John Downe   22
Eliza[beth]: Norrington wid   Rob[ert]t Woode     Mr Thomas Hull Sen   21
John Pound     Johan Skynn [?] Sen     Grace Pidgeon wid  
Mary Isley wid   John Baker   106 John Saunder    
Giles Taylor     Nich[olas]: Prest     Geo[rge]: Potter    
Fra[ncis]: Burch   30 Richard Saunder     John Potter   20
Luce [?] Richards     Walter Burch Sen     Rich[ard]: Hare    
Patience Carriage     Sam[uel]: Aysh     John Ames    
Mr Jno Staple     John Peaton     Mathew Streatchley   19
Geo[rge]: Gosse     Roger Searle     Justin Harris    
George Iles     Nich[olas]: Whiteway     Isaiah Farrington   18
      Rich[ard]: Baker     John Searle [?]    
            Allex[ander]: Waldron    
            Eliza[beth]: Pruse    
7:     8:     9:    
Mr William Lodgingham   17 John Mann [document damaged]          
John Langham Esqr   1 Mich[ael] Lutton Sen   6      
Mr Rob[er]t. Collins   2 Lawrence Bicknell   7      
Rob[er]t Oate     Sam[uel] Kyrridge          
ux [wife of] Poynter     John Haman          
Mary Rutley     Sam[uel]: Drue          
Thomas Bishopp     Nich[olas]: Butcher          
Rich[ard]: Evans     Mr John Buckland          
Peter Churchill     Mrs Stoford          
widr [?] Moone     John Gillard          
Mary Greeneway wid   Thomas Edwards          
Mr Tho[mas]: Hull Jn   14 Christo[pher]: Lutton          
Mr Tho[mas]: Osmond   15 John Streatchley          
Edward Mathew   13            
Mary Hull wid              
Tho[mas]: Peane                
Mr John Saunder mercer 16            
Gilb[er]t Hare   12            
Rich[ard]: Cole                
Tho[mas]: Francke Sen   11            
Warwicke Lodgingham Esqr   3            
Rodg[er] Cornish                
Sam[uel]: Pardon   4            
Tho[mas] Lane                
Christo[pher]: Taylor   10            
Joseph Taylor   11            
Polly Hent                
Jno Taylor   12            
Mary Warren wid              
Sam[uel]: Couch                
John Scarr                
John Bond                
Tho[mas]: Rewallyn                
Geo[rge]: Bridle                
John Charles                
Rich[ard]: Ellett                
Sam[uel]: Cheeke   9            
Rich[ard]: Cheeke   8            
Rob[er]t Ware   5            
William Cheeke                
John Eveley                
William Warren                
John Lutton                
John Spiller                
10:     11: