Devon Record Office - Exeter Diocesan Records/Moger/Church Rates/[Parkham]

Transcribed by Arthur Dark

This transcript is made available in GENUKI/Devon, on the strict condition
that it is used only for research purposes and not for any commercial enterprise,
by kind permission of the Diocesan Registrar.

Note: The Parkham Poor Rate return of 1640 lists 79 names and the heading above the list contains these words: "authorised one whole year from the 19th April Anno Domini 1640 for this year following, to rate and paye every inhabitant or occupier of land within the said parish of Parkham to be payd monthly as followeth." The Church Rates of 1674 and 1675 contain similarly modest numbers of ratepayers; 45 in 1674 and 49 in 1675. It needs to be borne in mind, however, that the rating lists did not by any means cover all the inhabitants of Parkham, notwithstanding the phrase "all the inhabitants". There is some evidence that the poor, who were excluded from paying rates, constituted a substantial proportion of the population.

In the Hearth Tax Return of 1664 for Parkham, for example, the list of those chargeable for their hearths is mutilated and total numbers impossible to estimate accurately, but there are 38 names clearly readable in the list of those excluded from paying the tax by reason of poverty (none of whom had more than one hearth). The most accurate seventeenth century indicator of the size of the adult male population of Parkham seems to be the Protestation Oath Returns of 1642, which are complete and list 149 males as having subscribed to the Oath, thirteen as being recusants plus the 8 signatures of the parish officers; a total of 170. Multiplying this figure by a very conservative 2.5 (425) to include women and children suggests a bigger population than that which might be implied from rating lists alone and that a substantial proportion was living in poverty.

Item John Gifford Esq.1106
 Itemfor Bolland0106
  Giles Risdon Esq. for Bably Stert ground }  
  Blendolake Beares Downe Melberry }1400
  Downe Pames Moor }  
 Itemfor Hollimore0007
  John Baker gent0900
  Robert Vigures gent0404
  Robert Mill for Mr. Clarkes Tenemt0404
  Elizabeth Cleverdon widow0408
  John Shapley for the Southern Tenemt0206
 Itemfor the Northern Tenemt0106
  William Praunse for Kerswell0200
 Itemfor a tenemt that was Mathew Knells0102
 ItemFor Moor Tenemt0104
  Narcissus Hatherly for Stone Tenemt0204
 ItemFor Cabbacot Tenemt0108
  Mary Galsworthy for the home Tenemt0200
 ItemFor Herners0100
 ItemFor Waywood and voyd parkes0008
 ItemFor fox Downe0006
  John Galsworthy of Cabbacott0111
  Robert Hunncott for his home Tenemt0110
 Itemfor pte of Bochum0206
 Itemfor Glasses Tenemt0100
 Itemfor a Tenemt in Broad Parkham0106
  John Robins0100
  Elizabeth Robins for the home Tenemt0103
 ItemFor the mill0010
  Hugh Nicholls0100
  The occupiers of Nethercott0110
  A Tenemt in Broad Ash called the Kings land0100
  Elizabeth Risdon widow0203
  Alice Davy0206
  John Cleverdon gent for his home Tenemt0100
 ItemFor Mools hill and Mr Lees Justment0008
  Richard Robins for Hornes tenemt0200
  John Lee for two Tenemt in Stert and one Cottage at Lillivord0206
  John Saltern for waytowne0103
 ItemFor A Justment in Worthiat0101
 ItemFor Holliwell0009
 ItemFor Lawford0005
  James Smithson for Shountke pke0003
  Thomas Cary Clerke for fox Downe0103
  William Prance for Gulworthy0102
  The Occupiers of Keenes Tenemt0011
  William Galsworthy0006
  John Glover sen for higher worthiat0106
  Jasper Shutt0102
  Robert Whitefield for Shebbers Tenemt0010
  John Hooper Robert Hooper and Henry Hooper Brothers018
  Grace Berriman wid0100
  Thomas Berriman0003
  Hester Palmer0007
  George Palmer0005
  Wilmot Saltern0107
  William Southcott0106
  Degory Where0006
  Thomas Davy0200
  Richard Ranger0100
  Roger Molland0203
  Nathaniell Tardrew for Bakers mill0010
  Margaret Bentfield widow0104
  William Husband for Mr coffins Tenemt in Worthiat0110
  John Haines for Tucking Mill0111
 Itemfor Hore Mill0100

Brian Randell, 15 Oct 2011