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Help and advice for Plymouth - The observations of Sir Richard Hawkins (1848) - index

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The observations of Sir Richard Hawkins, Knt. in his voyage to the South Sea in the year 1593

C.R. Drinkwater Bethune, Capt. RN. (Ed.).

London: The Hukluyt Society (1848, Reprinted from the edition of 1622) xvi, 246pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

Sir Richard Hawkins 1562?-1622, English admiral, son of Sir John Hawkins served under Sir Francis Drake in the 1585-86 expedition to the West Indies, commanded the Swallow in the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588, and served under his father in 1590 in an unsuccessful expedition against Portugal. In 1593 he set out on an expedition in the ship Dainty, sailed down the Brazilian coast and through the Strait of Magellan, plundered Valparaiso, and took a number of prizes. However, he was captured (1594) by two Spanish ships, taken to Peru, and sent to Spain (1597), where he remained in prison until 1602. He was knighted (1603), served in Parliament (1604), and as vice admiral of Devon was active in defending the Devonshire coast from pirates. He also served in a disastrous expedition (1620-21) against the Barbary pirates. This rare book, held in the Leland Stanford Junior Library Collection was produced from a digital copy that can be downloaded from, with a search by either author or title. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.
Aborrawh, Master William 102
Anson 142
Anthony, Captain William 14, 24
Arthur, King ix
Austria, Albertus, Archduke 228
Austria, Donna Anna of 36
Barrow, Mr xv
Beaumont 145
Beke, Charles T v
Berry, Markes 204
Betancourt, Jean de 43
Bethune, Captain C.R. Drinkwater v
Blanch, William 118, 213
Briggs, Major General J v
Bullock, Captain F v
Burney, Admiral xv
Burrow, Sir John (Burrough) 11
Candish, Master Thomas (Cavendish) 14, 27-8, 90, 103, 117, 126, 130, 144, 156,
Carew, Captain 14
Carlisle, Christopher 48
Castro, Don Beltran de 143, 152, 192, 223, 229, 234, 240-1
Castro, Donia Teruzia de 152
Castro, Don Rodrigo de 240
Cave, Captain George 14
Cecil, Sir Robert (Cecill) 13
Charles V, Emperor 139, 192
Cockes, Captain Abraham 88, 140
Coleridge 58
Contreres, Captaine Iuan 152
Cook, Captain James 60
Cooley, William Desborough Esq v
Corney, Bolton Esq v
Cornish, Hugh 24, 152
Courton, Master Henry 24, 136, 207
Cotgrave 90
Cumberland, Earl of 11, 14, 27-8, 129,
Darwin, Charles Esq v
Dormish, Hugh (Cornish?) 183
Downton, Captain Nicholas 14
Drake, Sir Francis vii-viii, 14, 48, 109, 133, 141-2, 144, 153
Elizabeth I vii, xv, 108
Ellis, Captain John 24
Ellis, Sir Henry v
Escalante, Pedro de 89
Essex, Earl of 66, 218
Fenton, Master Edward 129
Filipon, Michael Angell 192, 226, 235
Fitzroy, Captain 106, 110, 143
Fletcher 145
Forster, John Esq v
Fox, Captain Luke ix, xi
Furbusher, Sir Marton (Forbisher) 11
Gomes, John 224
Gray, G. Esq v
Gray, Thomas 64
Greenfeild, Sir Richard (Greenville) 10, 20-1, 69
Halse, Greenfield 204
Hamilton, W R Esq v
Hampton, Master Thomas 34
Harman, Sir John 91
Hawkins, Lady 8
Hawkins, Sir John 7, 9-10, 13, 20, 23, 36, 63, 80, 167, 201,
209, 240  
Hawkins, William 130
Hazlelocke, Master John 64
Hodgkin, T Esq v
Horsburgh 77
Howard, Lord Charles (Effingham) 66, 139
Howard, Lord Thomas 21, 27
Howard, William 36
Jaggard, John 1
Lediard 11, 21, 48, 91
Lemos, Conde de 225, 234
Magellan 23
Maires, Hugh 224
Major, R H. Esq v
Malcolm, Sir Charles v
Mansel, Sir Robert xv
Mary, Queen 36
Mendoa, Don Garcia Hurtado de 172
M'Grigor, Sir James, Bt v
Milman, Rev H H v
Milnes, R Monckton Esq v
Morgan, Captain M 48
Motezanna 111
Murchison, Sir Roderick Impey v
Nottingham, Earl of (Howard) 139
Oxnam, John (Oxenham) 204, 209, 235-7
Palmer, Sir Henry 18
Parrot, Sir John 9
Perezbueno, Alonso 151
Philip II, King (Spain) 36, 109, 192, 228
Pineda, Juan Gomes de 223
Powel, Captain 48
Prior 26
Pulgar, Pedro Alveres de 225
Raleigh, Sir Walter (Rawley) 11, 13
Reymond, George 28, 204
Richard I 192
Richardson, Sir J v
Sampson, Captain J 48
Sanders, Thomas 222
Serades, Manuel 48
Sarmiento, Pedro 109, 156
Shyrley, Sir Anthony 48
Smith, Andrew Esq v
Soto Mayor, Don Alonso de Sota 152
Staunton, Sir George T, Bt v
Stevens, Dr 60
Stokes, Captain 129
Tharlton, Robert 102
Thomson, Master 16
Tooke, Horne 67
Turner, Dr 133
Vavisor, Captain (Vavasour) 21
Vibeo, John 209
Vidal, Captain, RN 41
Wales, Charles, Prince of 3, 5
Waterton 76
Wattes, Master 38
Watts, Dr 44
Widdrington 159
Wilson, Master Edward 10
Winter, Captain 133
Wolstonholme, Sir John xi
Ydelaluca, Don Beltrian de Castro 172
Zuniga, Don Alozso d'Ercilla y 146