Index to Paupers in Workhouses 1861

compiled by

Lindsey Withers 

Names relating to Devon from this collection - RETURNS "from each WORKHOUSE in England and Wales, of the Name of every ADULT PAUPER in each WORKHOUSE who has been an Inmate of the Workhouse during a continuous Period of Five Years; stating the Amount of Time that each of such Inmates shall have been in the Workhouse, and the Reason assigned why such Persons are unable to maintain themselves........"

Name of UnionNameAmount of Time each Pauper has been in the WorkhouseReason why Pauper is unable to maintain Himself/HerselfWhether Pauper has been brought up in a District or Workhouse School
AxminsterElizabeth Bucknole15 yearsIdiotcyNo
 William Palmer17 yearsIdiotcyNo
 Mary Gatch14 yearsIdiotcyNo
 Eliza Wade15 yearsIdiotcyNo
 Mary Spencer5 years 6 monthsImbecilityNo
 William Long14 yearsDebilityNo
 Mary Harris6 yearsImbecilityNo
 Ann Wilkins16 years 6 monthsImbecilityNo
 John Hall5 yearsParalyticNo
 Ellen Harner5 years 6 monthsImbecilityNo
 Maria Phippen15 yearsIdiotcyNo
 Elizabeth Knight14 yearsIdiotcyNo
BarnstapleSusan Tucker23 yearsAge and InfirmityNo
 Elizabeth Elliott23 yearsAge and InfirmityNo
 Richard Coucher10 yearsBlindNo
 Philip Jones6 yearsCrippledNo
 Betsy Saunders10 yearsFitsNo
 John Harding6 years 6 monthsAge and InfirmityNo
 Elizabeth Rudd10 yearsHas several bastard childrenNo
 Elizabeth Slocombe14 yearsAge and InfirmityNo
 Ann Griffiths20 yearsAge and InfirmityNo
 Agnes Triggs6 yearsCrippledNo
 John P. Harris10 yearsAge and InfirmityNo
 Sarah Bramble14 yearsGeneral DebilityNo
 Mary Grigg18 yearsAge and InfirmityNo
 Jane Dendle6 years 6 monthsAge and InfirmityNo
BidefordJames Griffiths8 yearsFits and IdioticWorkhouse School
 Ann Moise12 yearsFitsNo
 James Prouse8 yearsBlindNo
 Thomas Austin8 yearsIdioticNo
 Mary Hortop20 yearsIdioticNo
 Eliza Ewer11 years 6 monthsFitsNo
 Thomas Cock14 yearsIdioticNo
 William Lord10 yearsInfirmityNo
 Elizabeth MacbethSince formation of unionInfirmityNo
 Joseph Lake5 years 6 monthsIdioticNo
 Elizabeth Dark5 yearsAge and InfirmityNo
CreditonJane Mugford20 yearsInfirmity, subject to fits, &c.No
 Elizabeth Henrie9 yearsIdioticNo
 Ann Harding17 yearsInfirmityNo
 Andrew Cann13 yearsIdioticNo
 Elizabeth Bicknell5 yearsAgedNo
 Samuel Currall19 yearsIdioticNo
 Mary Osmond19 yearsIdioticNo
 Jane Tucker15 yearsIdioticNo
 James Daw5 yearsCrippleNo
 William Bolt6 yearsIdioticNo
 Joseph Bowdon14 yearsParalysedNo
 Grace Bowdon14 yearsParalysedNo
East StonehousePhilip Vine13 yearsSuffering from bad legNo
 Thomas Hillier12 yearsSuffering from ulcerated legNo
 Jane Crossman11 yearsAge and InfirmityNo
 Lucy Marsh15 yearsAge and InfirmityNo
 Jane Corse9 yearsAge and InsanityNo
 Hannah Dawe9 yearsAge and InsanityNo
 Richard Marsh15 yearsAge and InsanityWorkhouse School
 Joanna Moore6 yearsAge and a crippleNo
 Jane Yeam6 yearsAge and InfirmityNo
 Elizabeth Bumpas6 yearsAge and InfirmityNo
ExeterElizabeth Alford5 years 6 monthsPast LabourNo
 Robert Alsop20 yearsMental InfirmityNo
 Mary Bright13 yearsDebility and Old AgeNo
 Sarah Blackmore11 yearsDebility and Old AgeNo
 Ann Braginton11 yearsDebility and Old AgeNo
 Elizabeth Campion6 yearsDebility and Old AgeNo
 Emma Cox5 years 6 monthsDebilityNo
 Mary Connett7 yearsDebilityNo
 Mary Ann Clark15 yearsDeserted by HusbandNo
 Frederick Drew10 yearsPartialNo
 Jane Davey6 yearsDestituteNo
 Mary Edwards30 yearsWidow, with a familyNo
 Richard Elson6 yearsInfirmNo
 Jane Elson, his wife6 yearsRheumatismNo
 Elizabeth Finch20 yearsParalyticNo
 Caroline Gauntlett7 yearsPregnancyNo
 Ann Garry6 yearsPregnancyNo
 Susan Gardener7 yearsOld Age and DebilityNo
 Elizabeth Green6 yearsImbecileNo
 Ellen Gay6 yearsAsthmaNo
 Susan Hill5 years 6 monthsFitsNo
 Sarah Houseman9 yearsBad legsNo
 Johanna Hollaway5 years 6 monthsOld Age and DebilityNo
 Elizabeth Hellier8 yearsDiseased HipNo
 Robert Hanne15 yearsCrippleNo
 Samuel Hexter6 yearsOld Age and DebilityNo
 Andrew Hayne14 yearsOld Age and DebilityNo
 Harriett Heath7 yearsDeformedNo
 Micaijah Hicks7 yearsImbecileNo
 Ann Jones8 yearsUnsound MindNo
 Mary Jury16 yearsOld Age and DebilityNo
 Ann Jenkins7 yearsLost the Use of one ArmNo
 Elizabeth Lucraft8 yearsOld Age and DebilityNo
 Susannah Lethbridge20 yearsDeaf and DumbNo
 Mary Lee8 yearsInfirmNo
 Charlotte Lee11 yearsImbecileNo
 Ann Mayes7 yearsInsaneNo
 Thomas Micham6 yearsBad legsNo
 William Massey13 yearsInfirmNo
 Ann Massey, his wife13 yearsInfirmNo
 Ann Morgan17 yearsOld Age and General DebilityNo
 Rebecca Morris5 years 6 monthsParalyticNo
 Charlotte Maddocks15 yearsDiseased LungsNo
 Thomas Oakford16 yearsImbecileNo
 Esther Pepperell20 yearsBad LegsNo
 Elizabeth Powell8 yearsCrippleNo
 Mary Peppiam10 yearsOld Age and DebilityNo
 Elizabeth Payne10 yearsParalyticNo
 James Porter9 yearsIntemperanceNo
 Jane Pearce6 yearsInfirmNo
 John Phillips5 yearsDropsyNo
 Mary Quaintance9 yearsCrippleNo
 Mary Richardson26 yearsAsthmaNo
 Elizabeth Snell20 yearsInfirmNo
 Nancy Salter8 yearsBlindNo
 Joseph Salter20 yearsParalyticNo
 Ann Turner7 yearsAsthmaNo
 Edwy Tucker6 yearsFitsNo
 William Taylor6 yearsAsthmaNo
 Robert Woodhouse6 yearsInfirmNo
 Mary Wood7 yearsInfirmNo
HonitonJohn Darke19 yearsCrippleNo
 John Leat22 yearsWeak IntellectNo
 Charles Merson15 yearsWeak IntellectWorkhouse School
 Jane Clarke16 yearsSubject to FitsNo
KingsbridgeAgnes Weeks9 yearsInfirmNo
 Richard Lethbridge11 yearsBad legsNo
 Joseph Basset6 yearsInfirmNo
 William Putt Gillard5 yearsWeak MindNo
 Jane Luggan6 yearsWeak MindNo
 Thomas Osborn8 yearsBad SightNo
 Mary Ann Ford6 yearsInfirmNo
 Mary Ann Sullock9 yearsBad SightNo
 Elizabeth Wills6 yearsWeak MindNo
 Jane Trute11 yearsInfirmNo
Newton AbbotSusan Thorne8 yearsOld AgeNo
 Thomas Hore7 yearsCrippledNo
 Ann Morgan6 yearsOld AgeNo
 Uriah Stancombe5 yearsCrippledNo
 Mary Tancock10 yearsOld AgeNo
 Mary Dymond12 yearsIdioticNo
 Elizabeth Steer10 yearsIdioticNo
 Mary Taverner11 yearsEpileptic FitsNo
 John Williams6 yearsOld AgeNo
 William Parsons12 yearsCrippledNo
 Richard Back11 yearsIdiotNo
 George Stadden11 yearsIdiotNo
 Elizabeth Nunn6 yearsOld AgeNo
 Mary Millar12 yearsIdiotNo
 Mary Vallance10 yearsOld AgeNo
 Richard Tregale12 yearsCrippledNo
 Ann Mirst12 yearsIdiotNo
 Thomas Camall6 yearsNearly BlindNo
 John Wright6 yearsOld AgeNo
 Elizabeth Warren9 yearsWeak IntellectNo
 Ann Chadwood6 yearsOld AgeNo
 William Milward10 yearsDeaf and DumbNo
 Sarah Grimes12 yearsOld AgeNo
 Edward Mills12 yearsOld AgeNo
 James Vinning12 yearsTendency to InsanityNo
 Jane Bovey7 yearsOld AgeNo
 Elizabeth Monk6 yearsTendency to InsanityNo
 John Drew6 yearsOld AgeNo
OkehamptonRichard Littlejohns14 years 3 monthsCrippledNo
 Dinah Voyzey20 yearsWeak-minded, IdioticNot Known
 Betsy Piper9 years 3 monthsParalysedNo
 Elizabeth Macey21 yearsIdioticDistrict School
 Thomazine Seaward22 yearsIdioticDistrict School
 Mary Seaward13 years 9 monthsIdiotic and WeaknessWorkhouse School
 Robert Phillips11 years 3 monthsSore LegsDistrict School
PlymouthElizabeth Anderson6 years 8 monthsIdiotNeither
 Ann Beedell6 years 8 monthsInsaneNeither
 Elizabeth Burt6 years 8 monthsIdiotNeither
 Mary Bowden6 years 8 monthsOld AgeNeither
 Esther Batten6 years 8 monthsInsaneNeither
 Elizabeth Backlake6 years 8 monthsInfirmNeither
 John Brown6 years 7 monthsCrippleNeither
 Phoebe Burnett6 yearsInfirmNeither
 George Bowhay6 years 2 monthsOld AgeNeither
 Alice Bowhay6 years 2 monthsOld AgeNeither
 Joseph Bruford5 years 5 monthsOld AgeNeither
 John Carter6 years 8 monthsNervous DebilityNeither
 Samuel Cousins6 years 8 monthsOld AgeNeither
 Rerbecca Collihole6 years 8 monthsInfirmNeither
 Mary Cowell6 years 8 monthsOld AgeNeither
 Susan Craven6 years 8 monthsInsaneNeither
 Mary Dunn6 years 8 monthsIdiotNeither
 Jane Dunn6 years 8 monthsInfirmNeither
 Susan Dove6 years 8 monthsIdiotNeither
 Susan Dyke6 years 8 monthsInsaneNeither
 Ann Downing6 years 8 monthsIdioticNeither
 Sarah Eastley6 years 8 monthsIdiotWorkhouse School
 William Earl5 years 8 monthsOld AgeNeither
 Maria Fowler6 years 8 monthsOld AgeNeither
 Mary Gribble6 years 8 monthsInfirmNeither
 Thomas Guswell5 years 3 monthsParalysedNeither
 John Hodge6 years 8 monthsidiotWorkhouse School
 Eliza Hingston6 years 8 monthsIdiotNeither
 Ann Hart6 years 8 monthsInfirmNeither
 Mary Haliday6 years 8 monthsParalysedNeither
 Ann Hambly6 years 8 monthsIdiotNeither
 Jane Kenny5 years 3 monthsOld AgeNeither
 John Lethbridge6 years 8 monthsParalysedNeither
 William Macey6 years 8 monthsIdiotNeither
 John Matthews6 years 8 monthsCrippleNeither
 Sarah Neale6 years 8 monthsInsaneNeither
 Catherine O'Donnell6 years 8 monthsInfirmNeither
 Mary Pomeroy6 years 8 monthsInfirmNeither
 Josiah Rogers6 years 5 monthsFitsNeither
 George Rickard6 years 8 monthsidiotNeither
 Jane Rowe6 years 8 monthsIdiotNeither
 Thomas Rich5 years 4 monthsCrippleNeither
 Elizabeth Spurr6 years 8 monthsInsaneNeither
 Ann Sherman6 years 8 monthsInfirmNeither
 John Savage6 yearsOld AgeNeither
 Catherine Tippett6 years 8 monthsParalysedNeither
 Jane Teague6 years 8 monthsOld AgeNeither
 Marina Worrell6 years 8 monthsInsaneNeither
 Thomas Williams6 years 7 monthsFitsNeither
 Samuel Wyatt6 years 4 monthsInfirmNeither
 Catherine Wilson6 years 8 monthsInsaneNeither
 Eliza Willis6 years 1 monthInfirmNeither
Plympton, St. MaryWilliam Hodge10 yearsOld AgeNo
 Francis Cumming10 yearsEpilepsyNo
 Joseph Sobey6 yearsLamenessNo
 John Andrews7 yearsDebilityNo
 William Scott5 yearsOld AgeNo
 William Bickle5 yearsDebilityNo
 William Hacker17 yearsidiotYes
 Richard Carkeet14 yearsIdiotNo
 Thomas Mildon8 yearsOld AgeNo
 Elizabeth Stephens6 yearsEpilepsyNo
 Louisa Wotton9 yearsUnable to maintain her childrenNo
 Elizabeth Kelland12 yearsEpilepsyNo
 Amy Moles9 yearsOld AgeNo
 Elizabeth Arscott5 yearsIdiotNo
SouthmoltonJoseph Widgery18 years 5 monthsHarmless IdiotNo
 Mary Bridgman11 yearsHarmless IdiotNo
 Sarah Stevens5 years 8 monthsHarmless IdiotNo
Stoke DamerelMary Ann Anderson19 yearsInfirmityNo
 Maria Andrews15 yearsImbecilityNo
 Jane Bovey19 yearsInfirmityNo
 John Budge14 yearsDrunkennessNo
 Celia Blight6 yearsSyphilisNo
 Ann Bassett6 yearsInfirmityNo
 Richard Batten7 yearsOld AgeNo
 Catherine Bartlett8 yearsInfirmityNo
 Catherine Burke10 yearsInfirmityNo
 John Bowden6 yearsSicknessNo
 Grace Bell8 yearsWidowNo
 Jane Bartlett5 yearsIllegitimate ChildrenNo
 Mary Best8 yearsLamenessNo
 Amy Banks7 yearsDeserted by HusbandNo
 Caroline Channon41 yearsImbecilityNo
 Jane Coleman8 yearsSicknessNo
 Maria Clarke11 yearsIllegitimate ChildrenNo
 William Chivall6 yearsOld AgeNo
 Elizabeth Cole6 yearsImbecilityNo
 Ann Collings6 yearsOld AgeNo
 William Cossentine10 yearsOut of EmployNo
 Mary Ann Crawley11 yearsIllegitimate ChildrenNo
 John Daily12 yearsImbecilityNo
 Jane Daily5 yearsImbecilityNo
 James Dawe7 yearsImbecilityNo
 Sarah Dawe6 yearsA WidowNo
 James Doubtfire6 yearsOut of EmployNo
 John Dunn10 yearsOld AgeNo
 Mary Ann Doidge5 yearsImbecilityNo
 Catherine Donovan10 yearsA ProstituteNo
 Caroline Eddy10 yearsA ProstituteNo
 Jane Farrell5 yearsBlindnessNo
 Mary Frederick20 yearsA WidowNo
 Roger Fursdon8 yearsOut of EmployNo
 Eliza Fuller5 yearsIdiotcyNo
 Elizabeth Frost6 yearsDrunkennessNo
 Catherine Gray5 yearsInsanityNo
 John Grylls30 yearsLamenessNo
 Susannah Grylls30 yearsLamenessNo
 Peter Gunn12 yearsIdiotcyNo
 Helen Gibson14 yearsA WidowNo
 John Griffin15 yearsLamenessNo
 Thomas Hooper12 yearsLamenessNo
 isabella Hooper12 yearsLamenessNo
 Henry Honey8 yearsLamenessNo
 Jane Heyden8 yearsImbecilityNo
 Jane Hocking5 yearsA WidowNo
 Agnes Jope40 yearsDrunkennessNo
 Thomas Kealy5 yearsDrunkennessNo
 Jane Legg13 yearsBad CharacterNo
 William Lucas10 yearsLamenessNo
 Elizabeth Lewis20 yearsIdiotcyNo
 Adelaide Lidyard7 yearsInfirmityNo
 Harriett May5 yearsOld AgeNo
 Jane McLeary14 yearsIllegitimate ChildrenNo
 Mary Ann Miller7 yearsInfirmityNo
 Sarah Morcombe5 yearsImbecilityNo
 Elizabeth Martin8 yearsBad CharacterNo
 Isabella Nance21 yearsA WidowNo
 Jane Niles9 yearsA WidowNo
 Hannah Maria Niles9 yearsOrphanNo
 Mary Ann Niles9 yearsOrphanNo
 Johanna Netting8 yearsA WidowNo
 George Orchard6 yearsInfirmityNo
 Harriet Osborne6 yearsImbecilityNo
 Susan Ogelvie20 yearsA WidowNo
 Harry Pascoe20 yearsLamenessNo
 Grace Poole10 yearsA WidowNo
 Jane Perkins10 yearsA WidowNo
 Susan Payne12 yearsA WidowNo
 Elizabeth Pardon13 yearsA WidowNo
 Andrew Pope11 yearsOld Age and InfirmityNo
 Helen Palmer6 yearsIdiotcyNo
 Alice Pearse11 yearsA WidowNo
 William Rodgman20 yearsIdiotcyNo
 Grace Ross30 yearsA WidowNo
 William Rickard10 yearsParalysisNo
 William Rowe12 yearsOut of EmployNo
 Mary Rock7 yearsOut of EmployNo
 Amelia Rowe10 yearsIllegitimate ChildrenNo
 Ann Sweet20 yearsInfirmityNo
 Maria Soper17 yearsSicknessNo
 Mary Ann Stewart10 yearsA WidowNo
 Mary Sargent12 yearsA WidowNo
 John Stanbury10 yearsInsanity of WifeNo
 Mary Studiford8 yearsA WidowNo
 Thomas Soper20 yearsLazinessNo
 Elizabeth Sale48 yearsInfirmityNo
 Thomas Tozer13 yearsImbecilityNo
 Mary Timson9 yearsA WidowNo
 Mary Triblett9 yearsLamenessNo
 James Thomas12 yearsLamenessNo
 Charles Vivian7 yearsLamenessNo
 Matilda White20 yearsImbecilityNo
 Joseph Webb7 yearsInfirmityNo
 Mary Westlake15 yearsDrunkennessNo
 Jane Woodley14 yearsInfirmityNo
 Margaret White10 yearsInfirmityNo
 Jane Williams6 yearsOld AgeNo
 Mary White5 yearsOut of EmployNo
 Francis Welman6 yearsOld AgeNo
 Jane Wright5 yearsInfirmityNo
 Eliza Wills12 yearsDrunkennessNo
 Grace Wilkinson35 yearsInfirmityNo
TavistockJohn Skinner20 yearsSubject to FitsNo
 Cornelius Simmons11 yearsInfirmity from Old AgeNo
 Peggy Cole22 yearsOld Age, and being a CrippleNo
 Rosamond Mears20 yearsOld AgeNo
 William Miles19 yearsDefective Hearing and SightYes
 Emily Strike16 yearsWeak IntellectYes
 William Cudlipp15 yearsInsanity (harmless)No
 Richard Riddalls5 yearsOld Age and InfirmityNo
 George Dinnaford14 yearsWeak IntellectNo
 Mary Ann Hicks14 yearsA CrippleNo
 Angelina Harris7 yearsWidow with three children; one illegitimate born in widowhoodNo
 Daniel Vallett23 yearsOld Age and Infirmity; nearly blind, and subject to diseaseNo
 Jane Halfyard9 yearsIdiotcyNo
 Daniel Coram9 yearsParalysisNo
 Jane Dawe6 yearsInsanity (harmless)No
 Elizabeth Mears7 yearsSubject to FitsNo
 Mary Coram16 yearsDeaf and DumbNo
 Jane Bennett8 yearsIdiotcyNo
 Margaret Hockin11 yearsUnable to maintain herself from illnessNo
 Richard Muffle9 yearsOld Age and InfirmityNo
Thomas, St.Mary Cade6 yearsAge and InfirmityNo
 Ann Kennicott5 yearsSicknessNo
 John Dingle8 years 6 monthsAge and InfirmityNo
 Richard Milford7 years 6 monthsImbecileNo
 Reuben Lamacraft5 years 6 monthsAge and EpilepsyNo
 Ann Please23 yearsWeak IntellectNo
 Henry Dawe6 yearsWeak IntellectNo
 William Collins24 yearsWeak IntellectNo
 Eliza Ford11 yearsWeak IntellectNo
 Elizabeth Jarman5 yearsDestitutionNo
 Sarah Gillett7 years 6 monthsAge and InfirmityNo
 George Emmett11 years 6 monthsWeak IntellectNo
 Mary Harding5 yearsSicknessNo
 William Marden5 yearsSicknessNo
 John Addison6 yearsSicknessNo
 Martha Bodley6 years 6 monthsWeak IntellectNo
 Mary Harwood5 yearsDestitutionNo
 Elizabeth Farrant9 yearsWeak IntellectNo
 Charity Ware5 yearsAge and InfirmityNo
 James Coplestone9 yearsAge and InfirmityNo
 Ellen Holding5 yearsWeak IntellectNo
 Michael Davey7 years 6 monthsSicknessNo
 Elizabeth O'Brien5 years 6 monthsOld AgeNo
 Mary Brown5 years 6 monthsInfirmityNo
 Mary Hellier7 years 6 monthsAge and InfirmityNo
TivertonEliza Drewe23 yearsImbecilityNot Known
 Robert Melhuish10 yearsImbecility and FitsNot Known
 Elizabeth Windsor6 yearsCrippledNot Known
TorringtonCharity Sutton22 yearsIdiotNo
 Elizabeth Gould10 yearsCrippleNo
 Sally Williams5 yearsPartially IdioticNo
TotnesWilliam Hannaford5 years 6 monthsBad LegsNo
 John Gribble5 years 6 monthsBad LegsNo
 John Dew12 yearsSeizureNo
 James Parker7 yearsFistulaNo
 Richard Goodridge6 yearsWeakness of MindNo
 Mary Searle6 yearsOld AgeNo
 Elizabeth Manly6 yearsRuptureNo
 Elizabeth Eales7 yearsLameness and BlindNo
 Mary Callard6 yearsCrippleNo
 Jane Arscott8 yearsDeformedNo