Oswyn Murray Wills


In 1942 the Exeter Probate Registry was bombed and all the Devon wills were destroyed.

Before the war Sir Oswyn Murray had made abstracts of a number of wills for families in which he had an interest. The abstracts are in a number of volumes in the Westcountry Studies Library and provide a source of information for some lucky family historians, a source which the LDS has microfilmed in its entirety.

The table below lists the Oswyn Murray LDS films, indicating the names each film covers, and providing accesses to the indexes that have created to date.

The wills are arranged in alphabetical order by surname so no index is required if you visit the library. Rather, these indexes are being created for those of us who can't visit the library, but who instead are using the LDS films of these volumes.

Many of the wills were proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC). These wills are available on-line from The National Archives. Also the wills & admons are available on film from the LDS. Most admons contain no more family information than the abstract and before 1733 admons were usually in Latin.

PCC and Nuncupative wills are noted. The latter were made orally and written down later by the witnesses.

1    Abbot-Belworthy      FHL BRITISH Film 917257
2 Bence-Bywater FHL BRITISH Film 917258
3 Cabell-Clay FHL BRITISH Film 916897
4 Clegg-Cutting FHL BRITISH Film 916898
5 Dabernon-Dyer FHL BRITISH Film 916899
6 Eales-Futts FHL BRITISH Film 916900
7 Gallard-Gyst FHL BRITISH Film 916901
8 Hacche-Hazill FHL BRITISH Film 916902
9 Heaman-Holmore FHL BRITISH Film 916903
10 Holway-Kymmyng FHL BRITISH Film 916904
11 Lackyngton-Lynne FHL BRITISH Film 916905
12 Mabanke-Mysand FHL BRITISH Film 916906
13 Nanscawen-Persey FHL BRITISH Film 916907
14 Peter-Prust FHL BRITISH Film 916908
15 Puddicombe-Ryse FHL BRITISH Film 916909
16 Saffin-Smith FHL BRITISH Film 916910
17 Snell-Symons FHL BRITISH Film 916911
18 Tack-Vye FHL BRITISH Film 916912
19 Waad-Young FHL BRITISH Film 916913
20 2nd and 3rd series A-Z FHL BRITISH Film 916914