Proceedings at the Fifty-Fourth Annual Meeting held at held at Exeter, 
20th to 23rd July, 1915.

Trans. Devon. Assoc., vol.  47, (1915) pp. 26-37


Maxwell Adams (General Secretary)

Prepared by Michael Steer

The Devonshire Association (DA) is a learned society founded in 1862 by William Pengelly and modelled on the British Association, but concentrating on research subjects linked to Devon in the focal areas of science, literature and the arts. The first meeting was held in Exeter in 1862 with a membership of 69 and, except for 1942, meetings have been held annually in different locations around the county. An Association history as well as a comprehensive list of Presidents from 1863 to 2011 is available in Wikipedia. It was originally intended that the 1915 Meeting be held at Crediton, but due to the country being at War, the local authorities were obliged to withdraw their invitation to the Association. The Association Council then decided that the City of Exeter, the Association’s birthplace, would be a more suitable venue. The Exeter Meeting Proceedings can be found in a copy of a rare and much sought-after journal that can be downloaded from the Internet Archive. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Adams, Mr Maxwell29, 40
Andrew, Mr Sidney27, 35
Ann of Warwick, Queen33
Athelstane, King28
Bampfylde family37
Bonville, Cicely33
Bonville heraldry33
Bonville, Lord William33
Bosan heraldry38
Bourchier, Dorothy38
Bourchier heraldry33, 38
Brakespeare, Mr28
Brantyngham, Bishop36
Brewer heraldry36
Bronescombe, Bishop31, 37
Buckingham, Duke of33
Burnard, Mr Robert27
Butterfield, Mr31-2
Cadhay family34
Chanter, Rev J.F, F.S.A27, 37, 39
Charles I39
Clayden, Miss35
Clayden, Mrs34-5
Clayden, Principal A.W., M.A., F.G.S29-31, 34-7
Clifford, Colonel E.T29
Courtenay heraldry38
Dickenson, Rev J33
Dolland, Mr35
Dorset, Marquis of33
Drogo (Drew)39
Edward the Confessor31
Edward I34
Egmont, Count39
Elizabeth I33-4, 38-9
Edward VI34
Every heraldry34
Fitzurse heraldry38
Fitzwarren, John, Lord38
Florentius Junius39
Fulford, Baldwin39
Fulford, Lt Colonel Baldwin39
Fulford, Dorothy38
Fulford, Francis38
Fulford, Colonel Sir Francis38
Fulford family38
Fulford heraldry38
Fulford, Sir John38-9
Fulford, Sir John II38
Fulford, Miss38-9
Fulford, Sir Thomas38
Fulford, Ursula38
Gervayse, Walter36
Grandisson, Beatrix32
Grandisson, Bishop31-3, 36
Grandisson, Otho32
Green & Son, Messrs37
Grenville heraldry34
Grenville, Hugh34
Grey, Duke Henry33
Grey, Lady Jane33
Harbottle Reed, Mr27-8, 31, 35-7
Harpesfield heraldry38
Harrington heraldy33
Harvey heraldry34
Hastings heraldry33
Haydon heraldry34
Haydon, John34
Haydon, Richard34
Haydon, Robert34
Henry II39
Henry VIII33-4
Herschel, Sir John35
Holland family36
Kenn heraldry34
Lacy, Bishop38
Lacy heraldry36, 38
Lethbridge, Sir Roper27
Marshall heraldry36
Mary, Queen33-4, 38
Odell, Rev. O.J., R.N27
Oldham, Bishop33
Oldham heraldry36
Pearse, Mr28
Pearson, Dr35
Phillpotts, Bishop38
Poltimore, Lord37
Poulett heraldry34
Richard I38
Richard III33
Risdon, Tristram34
Rowley, Mr37
Ryse, John36
Southcott heraldry34
Stafford, Duke Henry33
Stafford, Earl Henry33
Stafford, heraldry33
St Ann32
St John the Baptist32
St Peter36
St Thomas the Martyr36
Suffolk, Duke of33
Tonar, Mr L. T28-9, 37
Veysey, Bishop33
Watkin, Mr Hugh R27
Whetham, Mrs33
Whetham, W.C.D. Esq, M.A., F.R.S33-4
Whitley, Mr H. Michell30-1
Williams, William Peere34
Wiltshire, Earl of33